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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to confusion and a lawsuit. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> afghanistan war vet and purple heart reaccept yent is suing the city. the attorney says police detained him for having a seizure. but what officers did after wards sparked the federal lawsuit. sam brock has been speaking to the veteran. he's live. >> this incident happened about a block from where i'm standing in a field across the street. andy said he was trying to help a homeless woman with her belongings and blacked out from a seizure. police officers arrested and detained him. and pursuing legal action after that. stemming from an epileptic seizure. >> february 12, 2018.
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>> it's such a blur. i was on the way to see the va for a neurology appointment. >> war veteran doesn't remember much. his attorney has body cam video from that day. to demonstrate what he says was at least a 15 officer effort to detain ford. after police confused him for being drunk. >> his ankles are tied to his wrist. and bending his arms and crying. >> a lawsuit filed in federal court monday isn't about excessive use of force. >> after i was released they walked me through the hospital with handcuffs. to bring me to jail. >> what happened after wards. when the man who spent a year in afghanistan. >> talking to the village elder. >> specializing in communication. and building trust. says he had his trust broken by police. who brought him to the hospital
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with a black bag over his head and to jail. >> i don't hold the goerns them. it was once the paramedics told them of my background. and dealt with me before. and that he's having a seizure. that's where the betrayal sits in. >> police told us they can't comment on the pending litigation. and calls to the city attorney office went unreturnedment fords attorney wants to know why the district attorney charged him with resisting arrest. and battery of an officer. before dismissing the case. >> that's what where we put a purple heart veteran thank you for your service. don't sue us. but we'll put you in jail and make you a convicted felon. >> if you are convicted of resisting arrest. you can't sue for what happens after wards. i got a call and they haven't
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been served yet. once they are, they would be happy to talk about what happened. >> thank you. a notable day for a notable prisoner. tomorrow the former man known as the american taliban will walk out of prison a free man. a federal prison in indiana has been his home for 17 years. john walker lincoln converted to islam and went to the middle east for instruction. weeks after the 9/11 attacks he was arrested and pleaded guilty to aiding the taliban. his lawyer says he will live in northern virginia. >> a brutal crime in san francisco involving a 74 year-old woman. she went for a walk and was kidnapped, beaten and raped for hours. we are live from the sheriffs department. where the suspect is held. >> according to police not only
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did 47 year-old rape and beat that woman. she was also attacked by his roommate's pit bull. >> this is the first time i heard something like this. i'm surprised. >> mario walks his dog in crocker amtz neighborhood every morning and never seen or heard of anything as disturbing as what police officer say happened here. almost two weeks ago. a 74 year-old woman tells police she was walking to a friends house in the area. when a man forced her into the house and sexually assaulted her for five hours. she says it happened at 8:00 in the morning. >> to me it makes it worse. we're not safe. at any time. >> according to police, he left the elderly woman on a sidewalk a few doors down from the house where he assaulted her. that's where someone found her and called 911.
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neighbors are horrified. telling us they don't want to discuss it on camera. he was arrested a week later. tonight the district attorney is pushing to keep him in jail. without bail. until he goes to trial so he doesn't do it to somebody else. >> we don't take such motions lightly. we're asking to hold somebody before they're found guilty of a crime. due to the severe nature of the offenses alleged, we felt it's appropriate. and important to protect public safety. >> he's facing several charges including rape, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping. he's due in court tomorrow. >> okay. thank you. a missing person report ends with a gruesome diskrovr ri in san francisco. 73 year-old last night. at the home in the outer mission. officers say there was a funny smell coming from inside so they
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got a warrant. inside, they found a dismembered body. and a bloody saw. neighbors talked to us about the victim. >> he's really nice guy. yes. every morning i saw him and say good morning. really nice. >> the medical examiner will determine if the body belongs to ching. no suspects no arrests. >> a rare deal between california and the trump administration over high speed rail. the billion dollars they took from the project woentd get sent to any other projects until a judge ways in. this week california filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop the trump administration from taking back $929 million. in federal grants. today the add mirs agreed not to give it to any other project until it's resolved. we have been tracking the many problems with the project. for several years now. our exclusive reporting online.
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>> a neighborhood in the south bay struggling with the city project many say makes them feel less safe in their homes. that have been building a 100 mile trail system. downtown to the outer regions. a key part a pedestrian bridge is designed soon. the strong community fear and anger too. live in san jose. what's the issue with the bridge? >> well, we're here in the area where the pedestrian bridge would be built. it is all part of the trail master plan. about 60 miles has been built and connected. it is time to build that pedestrian bridge. which would connect to the other side. to the shopping centers. but some people point out it opens up the neighborhood for criminals to come and go. >> the proposed bridge that could cross over the river and ponds would start and end near
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his home. he says he can see the future. >> increase foot traffic. we have enough problem already with the homeless. and that will increase the access. >> the local neighborhood association officially supported the bridge when it was part of the ranch project. in 2012. now the concerns around the pedestrian traffic parking and the possible access in and out of the area by criminals. has the association waffling. and upcoming meeting with the city they'll bring up the $1.4 milli $1.4 million design price tag. >> we are on the fence about it. spend the money on the bridge or other things. infrastructure. like the street lights. street repair. things like that. >> to make the neighborhood safe. >> the city project manager says studies show bridges improve safety. and community convenience. >> bridges like that allow people to both yusz the trail
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system and get to neighborhoods and shopping and transportation. great resources. >> the two sides get a chance to persuade the other at a meeting on may 29. at the pearl avenue library. under the topic climb and safety. >> okay thank you. turns out technology and viewers who saw the story helped catch a suspected serial burglar. police arrested her after they say she had been burglarizing homes for months. two weeks ago we reported technology to try to break the case. they knew the name of the burglar. so they took surveillance video of her breaking into a home. and used data filtering to find all the son ya's in the area. and pinpointed who they were looking for. with the help of the public, they found their suspect. >> accused of waving a fake gun at shoppers in two different
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peninsula malls while claiming to be a cop. tonight he's back on the street. surveillance shows allen. the gun or what looks to be a gun. it's a fake. he's waving it inside the san mateo jam baa juice. last weekend. today one ocht employees spoke with us. telling us he just tried to stay calm. >> it was just an instat moment of shock. oh, yeah, he has a firearm. he's pointing it around. >> police arrested him at the laurel woods shopping center. the 27 year-old is accused of doing the same thing at the hillsdale shopping ner earlier in the day. in 2011, he pled no contest to impersonating a cop after he out fitted his truck with sirens and tried to pull people over. and no contest to charg of propositioning a 15 year-old girl at the shopping center. >> dirty dining in concord. health department closed three
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restaurants in the past week. due to rodents and cockroaches. facilities shut down. due to problems. two of the restaurants have reopened. >> one by one the a's continue to take the necessary steps to build the new ballpark at the howard terpal. today, a bill unanimously passed in the state assembly supporting building the terminal for a ballpark and affordable housing to be built in the area. the move comes as a week of votes at the state cap kol. the senate will vote on the bill next. >> coming up. taking the fight to the school board. the rally going on now. by parents and students in support of teachers on strike in the local district. >> she plunged 400 feet down a cliff. and lived to tell about it. what officers in napa say
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stopped her from falling further. >> developing weather right now. we have storms over the sierra that could bring rain drops tonight. the best chance is coming up. a
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a woman crashed her car off the side take a look at this. a dangerous rescue. a woman crashed her car off the side of a cliff.
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it happened yesterday morning on a are mote stretch of highway 121. a cyclist was passing by and called 911. you see the helicopter lowering the paramedics. they removed the cars windshield and were able to get the woman out of the car. the car would have plunged further bufs stopped by a tree branch. she's expected to be okay. >> empty classrooms busy picket lines. day three of a strike. teachers and students and parents are descending on the school board meeting. union city right before the school board meeting. it comes at a terrible time. finals for students are right now. >> three weeks away from summer vacation. the classrooms might be empty but the school board room won't be. hundreds of teachers and parents and students. i met some adorable protestors
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here. 7 year-olds in first grade. >> where did all the money go! >> you can hear. the cars honking. here's a look. teachers are demanding a 10% pay raise over two years. this is the last offer. a one time 3% raise payment. plus a 1% raise for the next year. the union president says the strike will not end today. they expect to return to the table tomorrow afternoon. the district says thousands of students stayed home today. only 14% of the students showed up for school. not all students are enjoying the time off. we spoke to a high school freshman who says he hopes the strike ends soon. so he can take the math final he's been cramming for. >> i'm in advanced math. and i'm not doing the best.
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and i really need that grade bumped. i'm failing. >> it is our hope that after we have one more talk. tomorrow morning. to get that common ground in place. we are hoping to expect the true bargain session to begin tomorrow afternoon. >> given the timing of this strike. most of the parents that are there in support of the teachers. or what is it they hope to accomplish tonight? >> the parents are in support of the teachers and i spoke to parents who will be here at the meeting today. and they're planning to sign up for public comment. which is usually saved after the agenda. they said last time there was a school board meeting before the strike started, there was 75 people who signed up to voice their thoughts about this upcoming strike. and tell me from the looks of it there will be more parents here. tonight. to share their thoughts about this strike. it's very likely this meeting
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will fwo very late into the evening. >> with students caught in the middle. thank you. >> rolling hills a growing restaurant scene and wineries. morgan hill is growing up and now a luxury hotel downtown gearing up for a building boom. starting on first street with the construction of the hotel. you see the frame work. it will both about 60 luxury rooms a spa and expected to bring a combination of tourist dollars and increase traffic downtown. many people said they're ready for the sleeping town to wake up a bit. >> i think it's an inevitable growth. it was bound to happen. it's a great gem. and it has been discovered. >> it is a gem. the secret is out. the hotel is set to open in 2021. officials say this is likely just the first step towards a grander expansion. >> still fuming over vandalism.
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destroying his farm. a former 49ers player is increasing the reward to catch the people responsible. up to $15,000. he wants to track down whoever wrecked 2,000 newly planted cherry trees. they were ripped out. and can't be replanted. the area makes finding witnesses or clues a challenge. >> two decades of frustration ended in oakland. she lost her treasured keepsake a ring when her first husband died in world wa 2. she knew where she lost it. where you see her standing. she had the ring for a week. and it didn't fit. >> i started talking to my neighbor. and started throwing the ball to the dog behind me. so the dog would leave me alone. and it flew off. >> she gave me a hug. >> it was in the in her yard. of the whole time. in the bushes. >> crazy.
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>> her landscaper found it. nice work. the bush next to her front door finally yielded the ring and hit with the leaf blower. she rented a medal detecter and never found it. >> 18 years. it's meant to be. >> i think about all the storms and wind. >> the bush has been cut town a bunch of times. right? >> great story. luck. >> the sun was just glorious. >> the weekend forecast. >> let him work. >> big plans sunday. we have the possibility of showers moving our way this weekend. we are going to talk about that coming up. i want to take yo outside. we have developing weather that we're keeping a close eye on in the past 45 minutes. cloud cover has really started to increase across the south bay. you can see it right here. it's part of activity over the sierra. 69 degrees currently. through tonight we keep the
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cloud cover with us. i want to get to the interesting stuff. and you can see it where the cloud cover is coming from. the fast moving storms over the sierra. some of the blow off from the clouds moving right now over the south bay. and there's a slim chance the way it looks now we could see some heavier rainfall move in. by 10:30 tonight. and a little bit of this might make it toward the south bay. morgan hill and gilroy. of course we'll be bringing that to you any coverage of rainfall. on our 11:00 news. the better bet would be for the central valley. a slight chance we could get that spilling over. tomorrow sunshine returns. warm temperatures. 80 concord. 74 san jose. 79 in napa. san francisco a cool breeze and 64. looks really good through thursday. into friday. change is coming our way this weekend. saturday looks like the better day of the weekend.
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by sunday there's the chance of some showers from the storm system. that now looks like it will be moving to the south. we'll talk about how much we could get out of this. that's coming up in 25 minutes. >> okay. thank you. up next the this might make you think twice before you take your next uber. what your ride share maybe dirtier than you expected.
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despite growing publish amazon will continue to send its facial recognition technology to governments and police departments. today shareholders rejected proposals surrounding the. one called for banning the sale of the technology. on the risk of government using facial recognition. you might recall last weeg san francisco became the first major city in the country to ban the use of the technology by local law enforcement. citing privacy concerns. >> okay. you may want to carry the hand
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sanitizer for the next uber ride. the car you're getting into maybe dirtier than a toilet seat. 35,000 times dirtier. according to a study. researchers took swabs. findings, filthy. ride shares are dirtier than cabs and rental cars. in addition to the germs many cars. more than one in six of uber and lift vehicles have unrepaired defects. >> a happy day for some families. they gathered for a family reunification day. celebrating family and community coming together it raise awareness about the importance of family reunify fact for families in foster care. this is the ninth year. >> a brief meeting at the white house turned into a war of words. what the president did that has house speaker nancy pelosi sayiheng s praying for him. >> plus.
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serious health concerns. that's what some are saying about the location of brand new school in silicon valley. we investigate what the school was built next to that has students scared to play on the playground. new york governor, "w
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cuomo", is expected to sign a bill, passed today, giving congress access to new york governor is expected to sign a bill passed today giving congress access to new york state tax returns. the bill doesn't name donald trump.
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but his refusal to release his tax returns inspiring this bill in new york. also today a federal judge ruled two banks can turn over trump organization documents to congress. the president and his three oldest children are expected to appeal. >> this is part of an expelosi i day at the white house. the president upset after nancy pelosi emerged from a private meeting with democrats stating they believe he's engaged in a cover up. later when she and chuck schumer arrived on a house meeting for infrastructure. the president stormed out. >> it would make your jaw drop. >> he just took a pass. and it makes me wonder why he did that. in any event i pray for the president. >> i want to do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it. you know what, you can't do it under these circumstances. >> democrats say the president preplanned the walk out from the meeting into the rose garden for
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a arranged news conference. what's most outrageous ask for him to say he'll stall all legislation. the peoples business. unless democrats cancel their many investigations. >> months after a racist photograph surfaced possibly showing virginia governor it in it. an investigation ended with little explained. he apologized for being in the racist photograph. from his 1984 yearbook. at eastern virginia medical school. a day later the governor reversed course and said it wasn't him. today a law firm finished the investigation saying it was unable to determine who was in the photograph. or who published it. >> we could not determine the identity of the either individual. >> a governor released a statement today apologizing and denying being in the quote racist and offensive photograph. >> parents and students were thrilled about a new school in the's bay.
6:32 pm
families are worried about the children's health. >> how government agencies created to help keep us safe are now being blamed for putting children at risk. >> reporter: you can love the flay ground. they're afraid of the one at their school. she is 8 years old. >> some of the kids started breathing really fast. and whimpering. >> because their scared? >> yes. >> sometimes i just run. >> he's five. >> i run to everybody and i warn them. >> reporter: it's coming. he and his classmates get scared when they see something strange float over the fence onto their playground. >> it makes me nervous. >> why? >> because it might make me sick. >> reporter: what they're seeing are plumes of dust. from a nearby concrete plant.
6:33 pm
private school a new multi-million dollar elementary and middle school was built right next to the plant. the process of making concrete can send chemicals into the air and cause respiratory problems and heart disease according to the federal government. >> how many of you have seen the dust? all of you. when you start to see the dust in the air what do you do? >> cover my mouth. but i cover here. >> their parents have serious health concerns. >> it's really shocking to us. >> i saw the dust coming up. >> i could smell the diesel. i had to close my nose. >> at fist they didn't realize the plan was next door. it was being built the parents say they thought it was one giant construction site. the plant even supplied the concrete to build the school. it wasn't until after the school
6:34 pm
opened in august when parents saw this view from inside one of the classrooms. >> okay. wow. it's like right up against it. >> we showed photographs to the doctor. who sent 30 years studying the impact of air pollution and heads the air quality research center. >> are their dangers of having a concrete plant directly next to a school? >> any kind of air pollution source next to a school is a bad idea. their lungs may not grow properly. most from the dust and the facility. and from the exhaust from the tractors and trucks. >> the founder of the schools, declined our repeated interview request. in a statement she says it paid for months of testing. which showed air quality at the school met state standards. for the majority of school days. and let kids opt out of recess.
6:35 pm
>> how did the city let this happen? a school right next to a concrete plant. our investigative unit learned the planning department based it on wrong information. >> they hired an air quality testing firm to determine the potential safety risk. they looked at how much concrete the plant produces. reported making 268 tons last year. it turns out the plant actually made more than 350 times that amount. that's 98,000 tons. meaning the real safety risk is likely higher. the school firm only looked at that lower number. since that's what the concrete plant wrote on air quality permit applications. but the plant now admits it had been filling out the permit forms incorrectly. for more than 30 years.
6:36 pm
>> it was obviously confusion. >> she owns the plant. >> i don't feel like we falsely reported. we just reported the best of our knowledge. and that was not necessarily accurate. >> making a mistake is one thing. this is an error you all have made for years. >> it was never brought to our attention we were reporting incorrectly. >> the bay area air quality management district should have caught the error. but didn't. >> we have fault here. >> a top deputy with the agency. and says the concrete plant misreported its production, on the permit forms. his agency has been documenting the correct figures through routine inspection. >> we look at the actual records on site. >> which is why he says the city of fremont should have called the air quality office directly. instead of using what turned out to be incorrect figures posted on the web site. >> the web site is supposed to
6:37 pm
be for informs. not planning purposes. >> you're telling people your own web site shouldn't be trusted. >> no. just saying there's a use for the particular web site. it was used wrong in the particular case. >> if you're saying that information shouldn't be used. isn't that dangerous you're making it available to the public? >> we're looking at that. and evaluating that. >> this seems to be exposing a larger issue. of how businesses are permitted. in this community. at best. it seems like incompetence. >> i don't know. what i would say is that there's some lack of communication. >> planning and zoning commission declined to speak with us on camera. in statement said the city had no reason to believe that the data in the assessment was incorrect. the blame game still leaves hundreds of children in the middle of the mess. created entirely by adults. >> i don't want anyone getting hurt at school. it's lies.
6:38 pm
>> many parents have already pulled their kids out of the school. the plant has yet to face penalty for the reports. one month after the school opened here the plant was cited. for making about 20% more concrete last year than what the permit allowed. the air district is deciding what changes if any the plant should have to make to reduce air pollution. >> thank you. if you have a story for anyone in the investigationive unit. call. or visit our web site. >> up next. from the the local high school robotics team getting a big honor. in sacramento. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. hasn )t changed in 85-years. but now-- it might. last call at california bars hasn't changed in 85 years. now it might. since 1935, california bars have closed at 2:00 a.m. but this week the state senate
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approved moving last call to 4:00 a.m. now, it goes to the assembly. it would be temporary. a five year pilot program. and in just in ten cities. l.a., fresno, san francisco, and oakland are all on the list. not san jose. governor newsom is expected to sign it. he favored a similar bill as mayor of san francisco. >> a new commute may cost a penny pretty. a round trip ride would cost riders more than $15. expected to approve the ticket price tomorrow. it may seem a lot. that's what it would cost to drive and park or take the train. there will be affordable options for low income riders. it's look lg like the end of the year. >> students show off their skills to the governor today. honoring the high school robotics team for winning the international first robotics competition earlier in the year.
6:42 pm
3,000 teams, they were one of the four winning california teams. how about that. the students are considered world champions for their robotic programming. and design. mountain view also placed in other divisions. remember the old days we talk about the football and basketball teams? now we talk about the robots. >> they used to make the card board cars. >> the little derby. >> phenomenal. >> amazing what they can do. future google and apple employee. >> for sure. >> we have some more rain chances coming up in the 7-day forecast. we'll detail that for you. and immediately it's dangerous at the coast. ten to 20 foot waves. best advice stay out of the water. we'll have details on the rain chance. >> new dishwasher did the dishes and the ton of damage to their home. we respond. next. ther house!
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she asked consumer east buy woman says a new dishwasher flooded part of her house. >> she asked us to help clean up the mess. with the installers. that could get dicey. >> and expensive. real fast. their new dishwasher there it is. they bought for their home back in august. they hired a crew from best buy to ip stall it. months later the couple found water damage around the kitchen. this is the view from the kitchen into the next room. that's the carpet. that's the padding and the sub floor. that is the mess left over from the flood. from the dishwasher. it was leaking. soaking the floors as well as the wall. and the base cabinet in the kitchen. they spent months going back and forth with the manufacturer and installer. we contacted everyone involved including the store. a few weeks later the insurance company agreed to pay for the repairs and the new dishwasher.
6:46 pm
totalling $8,000. we asked best buy for a statement. but it didn't provide one. if you suspect a leaky appliance don't waste any time. at all. unnoticed water damage gets worse every day and can lead to mold. an even bigger problem. huge repair bill there. take action immediately. snap photographs. just like they did. just in case you have to file a claim. the installer or all of the above. perhaps send them to us. if you have an appliance problem call us any time. or online. and submit the photographs. >> have you ever dealt with mold? >> nasty. the worst. >> having to pay the professionals to come in. they earn their money. >> and it's a health risk. >> the dmv working to fix a
6:47 pm
mistake. earlier this year homeland security determined they issued millions of cards without asking customers to provide a second proof of residency. now they are sending out letter to those customers asking them to confirm address and mail it back. the return letter will serve as the second document to meet the federal guidelines. >> jeff back with us. we're talking about memorial day weekend. big plans. it will be up and down. >> saturday will be the best day. i know you have plans on sunday. but it doesn't look like it will be a rain out. certain will showers if you have plans on sunday. if you don't want to get wet, you might want to use a tent. we'll talk about those totals here coming up. i want to bring you to the most immediate thing. that is on the satellite ray day picture. we have had thunderstorms today. quite a bit of blow off from the cloud cover moving from the sierra over the south bay.
6:48 pm
at the current moment. also the east bay. there's a slim chance models just started to pick up on this. earlier this evening. that we might get some stronger rain moving in. again isolated activity. we might get this spilling over. right around 10:30 this evening. we'll keep an eye on it. anything pops up of course we'll be here to track it for you tonight. after this, we'll still have high clouds cover tomorrow morning. nothing we can't handle. a cool start temperatures in the low to mid-50s. for the south bay peninsula and trivalley. east bay and san francisco. with temperatures in the 50s. so we start pretty good tomorrow. and by all accounts we're still expecting a lot of sunshine to move in on thursday. and comfortable temperatures. it will feel warm outside again. 74 here in downtown san jose.
6:49 pm
75. a breeze. and that afternoon sunshine. just feels amazing. after upper 50s to start the week for ta time highs. 80 concord. 79 pittsburg. closer to the bay we have that bay breeze. 70 here in oakland. the peninsula 73 redwood city. daily city you can see the difference the ocean breeze makes. 64 in daily city. san francisco around the mission or that's where numbers will be the mildest. with 69 in the mission. across napa. i have it up to 80. 79 napa. and towards mill valley closer to the bay you're at 73. so really a ten on the forecast. the way things have looked lately. perfect again tomorrow. we'd like this to continue through the weekend. the way it's unfolding it doesn't look like that will be possible. here's the reason why. we have the storm system over the west. for the next six days producing
6:50 pm
rainfall. we're getting lucky at this point on not getting continuous rainfall chl the new change in the forecast. as of today, it looks like this storm system will move more off to the out. closer to the bay area. bring us the possibility of showers on sunday. it's not a lot. i have trace amounts to 5 hundredths of an inch on sunday. scattered showers. and by monday and tuesday some slight chances we'll keep temperatures in the 50s and low 60s in san francisco. inland valley up to 75 on friday. we drop down to the 60s this weekend. eventually back up into the 70s. so not a lot. but certainly not the best sunday if you have plans. jess. what'd you decide to do? >> i'll get a tent. like you said. >> move it to saturday. >> i can't. >> it's not a rain out. >> it's the weather. >> monday. holiday. >> all sort of options.
6:51 pm
>> it's a tough month. record setting rain. >> up next get ready for the big event the u.s. open is in a few weeks. out of pebble beach. a former bay area baseball star making a miraclous shot. one of
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm coming to pebble beach. the u-s open is three weeks from tomorrow. one of golfs biggest events. the u.s. open three weeks from tomorrow. we'll see if it's raining. >> this is your event. pebble beach. u.s. open. a big deal. it will be fancy. today celebrities and a big group of former bay area proathletes played the course. we saw a hole in one. >> as you'd expected the fare ways have tightened up and the rough is getting taller and thicker. all in anticipation of the 119th u.s. open. taking place june 10 through the 16. talk about the elements but a hole in one is possible here. just ask former giants out fielder. who hit one today. on number of seven. >> incredible feeling. it's so nice. t to be out here. the conditions are amazing
6:55 pm
shape. i'm so pumped for the u.s. open this year. it will be incredible. and to hit a hole in one on number 7. the most iconic hole in golf. par 3. first ever by the way is pretty amazing. >> he played with part of the giants contingent. niners had alumni here. and the sharks. and the a's. i'm here with general manager david force. enjoying a nice round. did your group get an ace? >> we didn't. we had a couple birdies. we had a great day. >> what's harder, playing this course in these conditions or running a major league baseball team? >> my back feels better running the team. this is tough. i don't envy the guys. >> you're playing good. six win in row today. it's about to happen. >> i hope you're right. we have a few innings left. we're on a good streak. finish the road trip strong and
6:56 pm
get hope friday. >> unbelievable. great to be out here. thanks for having us. >> he doesn't get to do this often. he appreciates it. >> that's right. >> thanks for the time. >> okay. coming up tonight. a type of cyber crime hitting silicon valley hard. how young gamers are hacking into smart phones and stealing millions of dollars. we investigate tonight. >> jeff back with us talking about tonight and tomorrow morning. >> we have high clouds moving in right now. there's a very slim chance in morgan hill gilroy. a spotty shower tonight. we are dry thursday friday. temperatures in the 70s. weekend comes temperatures cool off. a chance of spotty showers on sunday. not a big storm. trace amounts possible. memorial day looks fairly good. tonight looks gorgeous. >> thanks. thanks for joining us.
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tonight at 11.
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now on "extra." >> brad and leo's rare new interview together. >> we truly grew up in this industry together. >> the superstars taking cannes by storm with margot robbie. why they are talking tom cruise. >> hats off to tom. leo and his model girlfriend on the french riviera inside the after party. and margot's transformation to play murdered manson victim sharon tate. wendy williams husband and son in a physical brawl. punches thrown, one them in a headlock. what triggered the fight that sent cops to the scene. "dance moms'" abby lee miller assaulted leaving prison. >> horrific.


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