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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ right now, at 11:00, the push to fly the gay pride flag. and then it got you goy. the comments that caught social media on fire. >> we invest kids can hijack your sdpoen steal your money. and outrage over a dying wish. why a woman had her dog
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euthenized even though the animal was healthy. good evening, is he too dangerous to release. we begin with new concerns about the man known as the american taliban. john walker lind, set to be released from prison in a matter of of hours. >> he was arrested in afghanistan 18 year ago, and we are hearing about his support of isis from behind bars tonight. we arer where he went to high school and his father still lives. terry? sfwl >> reporter: and it was here that he joined islam in the 90s as a teenager. since then he was radicalized. joined the taliban and joined isis, and getting out of prison tomorrow and the american officials are saying, he has not changed. jon walker lind arrested eed
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afghanistan, he fought for the tal pan and then al qaeda leader, bin laden. we have learned that an internal memo circulated last week that he remains a committed jihadist. >> he still holds his beliefs by all accounts much. >> reporter: he tearfully reannounced terrorism, but they say he continues to advocate global jihad while in prison. written correspondence from 2014 and 2015, seen for the first time. lind writes he felt honored to have taken part in the afghan jihad, and was asked if he believes that isis represents islam and yes, he answered, and they are doing a spectacular job. through armed struggle, which is
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the only correct method. lind grew up in morin county, and his father's neighborhood, this neighbor trying to stay positive. >> let's hope he can, you know, go on to lead a better life from here on out. it appears that lind will are not return to morin, his parents have arranged for him to stay in virginia. and it's safe to assume you that the fbi will keep tabs on him. u.s. officials say that up to 90 terrorists convicted all the years ago, will be released in the united states over the next ten years. >> terry. thank you, new details in the case in san francisco. a 73-year-old man was reported missing earlier this week and when they checked his home, they found a dismembered body.
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more on the search for suspects here, jean. >> reporter: police showed up to check on the 73-year-older and they found the murder scene. tonight, sources with knowledge of the investigation say they believe they know who is behind the killing and they are working on tracking them down. crime scene tape and a police car, remind neighbors that a gruesome crime happened here, where people say they knew something was wrong before if police showed up. >> we saw him coming and going from home to work, and we have not seen him in a week. >> reporter: they say it was unusual to not smileand wave. someone reported him monday when officers arrived a smell triggered a criminal investigation and a search
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warrant. inside the home, police sources say investigators found a dismembered body and a bloody saw. >> unsettling. >> reporter: shocked neighbors said there were unexplained noises at the home. >> heard arguing and a couple of bangs or booms or something. >> reporter: they say his daughter and son-in-law moved in, and have left before the police showed up. >> his son-in-law came to visit and they disappeared monday. >> reporter: police sources say they don't feel the killing was random and are searching for the suspects. an update to a story we first brought you last night about an injured pet, he needed 50 stitches to the tune of $900 after his owner said he was injured by a dog walker.
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the pet care provider has been suspended. >> what happened with the cherry trees. a former 49ers star is increasing the reward, trying to find out who vandalized his farm in brentwood. $59,000 is being awarded to those that help find who did it. so far no, arrests and no suspects. >> new at 11:00, from inclusive to insulting, the debate of flying the gay pride flag, at issue is what should go on the flag pole and what came out of some people's mouths. we are live with the fall out from both sides. >> reporter: well, the problem is, there's no policy that dictates what types of flags can fly on the poles you see here in front of city hall. last night, the debate was passionate and tonight, people
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are talking. >> it's the flag poles that are sacred to people in the city. >> reporter: so sacred that they voted to fly the gay pride flag. the people of dublin had a lot to say tuesday night. >> my ultimate goal here was to start a conversation about the lgbtq community and how to serve them. >> reporter: the conversation went the other way. >> i think there's another letter that needs to be a-- to e added to the end and that is p for pedophile >> i want understand the importance of that symbol and how sake are red that is for some. for some, that flag is not inclusive of them. >> the lgbtq, there's no s.
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which would stand for straight. therefore, it is not all inclusive. >> reporter: the councilman said it does not feel comfortable for everyone, but i will open the door to start a conversation about inclusiveness for all. in dublin, nbc bay area news. >> a brutal attack in san francisco, tonight, a 74-year-older woman is slowly recovering after being kidnapped and raped. police say a man dragged herrer in to this home near the park, two weeks ago. he then beat and raped her for hours before she was dumped on a nearby sidewalk. sfpd arrested 47-year-old manuel amador, he is due in court tomorrow. >> there could be more victims, that is what investigators are saying about a case involving this man. 57-year-old jeff branson met up
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with a 17-year-old through a app named grinder. when they met a second time, he told him that he was under age and it was during that encounter that the man forced himself on the team. >> when you are dealing with a app like grinder or something like that, you have to be cautious. it not the first case that we have had of this nature and we have had victims who have been seriously hurt. he was in court today facing two felony charges of having sex with a minor. >> not in my backyard, a lot of debate about a foot bridge for south san jose. the pedestrian bridge would connect people from one side of the river to the other. it will be behind a marketplace. neighbors are concerned that the bridge could allow criminals to come and go. >> increased foot traffic. we have got enough problem already with the homeless. and that will increases the
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access. >> the city's project manager said that studies show that they improve safety and community convenience. the city leaders will discuss the topic on may 29th. >> taking the complaints to the top, teachers made their voices heard tonight in a school board meeting. more than 100 teachers in the new haven school district marched to demand higher salaries. they have been on strike since monday and with summer vacation three weeks away, some of the students are getting nervous that it may interfere with their finals. union said it will plan to meet the district back at the bargaining table tomorrow. sunshine on the way tomorrow, but a weekend change coming with the possibility of showers. details on this in about eight minutes. >> also, a lot of controversy about a dog owner's dying wish. the decision to euthanize a perfectly healthy dog.
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>> plus -- >> it's young kids who have figured out a sneaky way of how to steal your money. >> steal it by remotely breaking in to your phone. >> we investigate sim swap theft in 90 seconds. kids. as young ass
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old.who met each other on- line as gamers. now -- a half dozen they are kids as young as 15 years old who met each other online as gamers now a half a dozen of them face years in
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prison, accused of stealing millions of dollars by hacking people's phones and then bragging about it on social media. it's the new wave of cyber criminals. and it's centered here in silicone valley. we are talking about teenagers. >> exactly right, and investigators believe the young hackers have stolen at least $35 million just from local residents here in silicone valley and just in the last year alone. we discovered that few law enforcement agencies are coordinating to stop the thieves around the country. thieves located around the country, who have left victims financially -- all over. >> for 35 years, seth shapiro and his wife worked in the world of media technology, saving to provide a future for their children. >> i looked down at my phone and i saw it suddenly go dead. >> it happened in a conference
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at new york city. he watched as his family's future disappeared before his eyes. >> i know that they are stealing our life savings. that was probably the worst moment in my life. i just sat there in the store hopeless knowing that everything we had was gone. >> he and his wife had fallen victim to a new kind of electronic theft called sim swapping. where thieves break in to a phone remotely. with in minutes they had all the information contained on his phone. including access to two million dollars in crypto currency that was stored in an electricing tron i can wallet. >> i got a call that he was suicidal. >> their family savings built up over a life type, stolen in less than 5 minutes. >> it's been very hard on the kids. and it's been very hard on our marriage. there's been many times where we didn't know if we were going make it. >> by im person ating a victim or paying a phone company employee on the inside, they convince phone carriers to
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electronical swap out a sim card remotely, giving the hackers control of the phone. >> detectives say they posted this online, showing what they did with the money. they are dumping $1500 bottles of champagne over $50,000 watches in a las vegas nightclub. and $10,000 spent on gucci clothing and $150,000 for a month long a air bnb in vegas. >> just partying like crazy. >> sammy is a sergeant. he is on one of the only specialized cyber task forces dedicated to sim swap theft. >> a lot of the guys have known each other for years before they had criminal thoughts in their minds. they were playing games together. some as early as 12 years old. >> by any standard it's a --
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>> 21-year-old joel ortiz pleaded guilty last month to taking part in the scheme to steal from shapiro and a half dozen other victims for a total of $18 million. prosecutors say, ortiz was one of the hacking groups ring leaders. >> the amount stolen was greater than the original value -- >> he was living with his mother in public housing in boston. and social media videos helped to track him down. just as he was about to board a plane in lax, decked out in gucci and carrying wads of cash. he is the first in the country to be sentenced for sim swap crypto currency theft. four others have been charged in connection with the scheme. >> it's a nationwide epidemic. >> aaron west is the deputy district attorney. west said that most of the young thieves started out hacking instagram accounts of
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celebrities. but, they soon realized they can make real money using the same techniques to steal crypto currency. >> it's young kids. who have not had jobs. who have figured out a sneaky way from their homes in their pjs, of how to steal your money. >> wes said that the new wave hackers operate from acrosses the globe as a decentralized group. a task force said that $50 million has been stolen nationwide from 800 victims. 50 victims are located here in the bay area alone. he represents joel ortiz. dawson said his client got a harsh deal for a nonviolent offense, because he said the court system wants to make an example of ortiz. >> he is a kid, he is 19 and 20. they do things to impress their friends. >> reporter: seth shapiro and an marie said that ten years is not
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enough. he has only recovered $75,000 of their stolen money and they believe the rest is stashed away in digital hiding places that authorities will never find. >> honestly, we are just trying to rebuild our lives since it happened. i feel like a bad mother. i'm so distracted. we are working so hard both of us to try to rebuild. >> reporter: the other four people charged here have all pleaded not guilty and refused all of our requests for comment on the case. their react task force said they have many more investigations in progress, and including suspects targeted living abroad. earlier this month. federal authorities finally acted against other hackers here in the country indicting a handful of suspected crypto currency thieves in a case base hd -- based in michigan, until there's an effort nationwide, if you have a phone, it's at risk. >> so, i have two questions for
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you. how do they get the sim card? >> they get somebody on the inside to make an electronic swap, or they pay somebody $500 out of the call center in india who just swaps out the sim card and you don't know it. >> are you vulnerable if you have regular cash? >> if you have passwords anything on your phone, any information. they can pose as you. call up your bank. they can drain your bank account. >> wells fargo, boa? >> any of it. if it's on your phone, you are vulnerable. you should get it off the phone. this is serious stuff. >> thanks, stephen. if you have a story for stephen or anybody in the investigative unit. visit our website, nbc >> yeah, we are altering our phones about now with all sorts of notes. jeff coming in to thursday, up and down weather? >> sunshine tomorrow, that's the good news, and in to friday and then by the weekend, we will start to see changes. we will go in to the micro climate for ft cast and we will
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begin right off with tomorrow morning and we have high cloud cover passing over the bay yaerks cool 50s here for the south bay peninsula and the tri-valley and more of the cloud cover. 54 in san francisco a chilly 52 in the north bay. let's get a better look at it on the future cast and tomorrow morning, really thebest bet of the cloud cover. being more consistent would be from san jose down through morgan hill and gilroy. through the afternoon. sunshine stays with us. and the one thing that i do want you to at least be aware of, we could have pop up showers over the high elevations of the south bay and we will be monitoring that. it's a dry forecast tomorrow and beautiful weather. temperatures near average. 74 in downtown san jose, and 73 in morgan hill. over to the east bay, a couple of 80s. got to get outside and enjoy it tomorrow, 80 in concord. and 80 in antioch, and cooler with the baybreeze. >> the peninsula, 73 in redwood
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city. 71 in san matteo. san francisco, warmer. and it will be nice and mild in the mission and as warm as 79 in napa, and 77 in navad on o, i know a lot of you at home, i hear you, you want the weather as you head through the weekend. it just doesn't look possible the way things are shaping. now, look, i think saturday is going to be the best day of the weekend but we have a storm system that we are still following. it will sit and linger for the next six days. there's really nothing to kind of move this storm system in and out and in the newest change still, as of tonight, it's looking like the storm system will move more off to the south. that brings a possibility of showers on sunday. with that said, we are looking at a trace to .05 of an inch.
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and up 60s and low 60s in san francisco. i keep you in the 70s for the inland valley through friday and then dropping off as we head throughout the up coming weekend and then it warms back up as we move in to next week's forecast. so, tomorrow, it's top down sun roof open kind of day, sunglasses, shorts, flip-flops. the whole deal. you can get away with it at work, just shorts day tomorrow. >> how do you know i'm not wearing shorts right now. >> well, i can see you, but tomorrow. >> he is wearing pants. >> yeah. i'm wearing pants. up next a dirty secret, the one thing that you may want to avoid touching the next time you get in the uber or lyft. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, bobby brown is here for a beat battle and we have jeff ross, richard curtis and visit from long, long, it's a great show, do not change the channel. >> happening now, could it be the napa of the south bay, that is what morgan hill is striving
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for. they are gearing up for a building boom starting on first street, construction of a hotel. morgan hill said that the luxury hotel and spa is the first step to turning the city in to a tourist destination. we are back with more. she wantet
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down so she could be laid to rest wit ly. new at 11:00, loved to death, she wanted her healthy pup put down so the puppy could be laid to rest with her. but they euthanized the dog that looks like this dog. there was instructions for the dog to be put down. while it's cruel and strange, in
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virginia, pets are personal property in the eyes of the law and putting down a health haddy pet is absolutely legal. even though for many vets it is an ethical issue. >> whenever we are faced with the euthanazia, it's an emotional situation. and beyond what we need to do ethically, it's something that we take home too. you know, it weighs on us as professionals. >> now, the animal was cremated and the ashes returned to the owner's estate. >> according to a new study from a company called driving with germs, the uber you are getting in to may be dirtier than a toilet seat, 35,000 times dirtier. the dirtiest part of the car the window button. 1 in 6 uber or ride share cars have unrepaired defects or recall warnings. >> so gross. >> you going to uber home? >> so gross.
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>> back in a moment with the latest with kevin durant, and all the drama and what the giants did tonight. the first ga
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11:29 pm a week from tomorrow. they )ll travel to either torono or milwau it is a waiting game for the warriors, the first game of the
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nba finals. they will go to toronto or milwaukee. >> you have a preference? you want to see the bucks or the raptor sns. >> i like the raptors. >> as for the kd drama, it's reported that he could end up with the clippers when he becomes a free agent next month. strange time for the warriors, really. stay tuned. how about baseball. the giants hosting the braves. cover your eyes if you are a giants fan. top of the seventh inning. atlanta's austin riley with a three-run homer. the braves win 9-2. the red hot a's in cleveland, pick it up, top of the fourth inning. mark cana, blows it up and the a's win 7-2 and have won six straight games. we are back in a moment. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos
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of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪
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(both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. programs say they save lives. but one community says a new program is going about it all wrong. plus---it )s a major road in the east bay-- and it )s heading for a major makeover. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. treasured keepsake has been found... almost 20 years after is disappear well, an oakland women's keep sake has been found over 20 years after it disappeared and she has aleve blower to thank for it. she lost her mother's ring she had made after her husband died. she knew where they lost it, 18
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years ago where she standing. she had the ring for a week and it did not fit and she lost it. >> i started talking to my neighbor and started to throw the ball to the dog behind me so that the dog would leave me alone and the ring flew off. >> she was so happy. she give me a hug. >> that's her gardener. he found the ring 18 years later. turns out the bush next to the front door yielded the ring when it was hit by a leaf blower. >> so it was in the bush for 18 years. >> imagine it was hanging off the baby branch. >> the gardner needs a raise. thank you for joining us, have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: welcome to "the tonight show!" and here's your host, jimmy fallon ♪


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