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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 23, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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camera. . check it out. right at 11:00, bold, brazen and caught on camera. they grabbed thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and run out of a contra costa sporting goods store. a move investigators have seen before. only this grab and go robbery didn't go as planned. just as the thieves were making their get away an alert police officer was going in.
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talk about being in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: that's right. you took the words right out of my mouth. at the right place, at the right time. in fact, authorities were right there when the suspected thieves were running out. and police want to know if this crime has anything to do with the others. pleasant hill police releasing this surveillance video of the crime in progress. an officer on patrol noticing a car backed into a space in front of dick's sporting goods looking suspicious. the officer runs in. >> they dumped all the merchandise they had in their arms and run back towards the store. >> reporter: 18-year-old zahara was caught along with four juveniles. this grab and go is similar to the one posted on the fairfield police department facebook page. there could be a connection. >> our investigators are working with other agencies in the bay
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area to see if there are any similarities or these specific suspects were involved in any other thefts. >> reporter: despite increased patrols thieves know how to get away with the crime. companies are hiring more security guards and many of those companies have a hands off policy, which means they can't tatouch the suspects as they run away. frustrating for people like michael brown who works in the area. >> it's unfortunate that this particular parking lot here is a target for a lot of criminals. >> reporter: now police are telling me tonight that the thieves had about $8,000 worth of merchandise when they tried to get away, and this is huge problem here in the bay area. reporting live in pleasant hill, nbc bay area news. new details now on that fire caught on surveillance video ripping through a house in san jose. the transient seen here getting up as the flames erupted has been taken into custody.
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shortly after the fire the tenants spotted the man walking nearby. neighbors surrounded him to make sure he stayed put until police arrived. >> it's pretty amazing he returned to the crime and he did. >> more than half of the home was destroyed by the flames. the owners have put up the tenants for two weeks in a hotel. still no word on what sparked the flames. a stunning development in a disturbing case. a dismembered body found in a san francisco home. tonight police say they have arrested the son and daughter of the missing home owners. that's when they made the gruesome discovery, a bloody saw and a dismembered human remains. those remains have not yet been identified but police presume it is chang. not quite finished, whave been watching thunderstorms develop today, and some of that rain has made its way back to
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the bay area tonight. jeff, what's going to happen next? >> well, we do still think we'll have the chance here of some rainfall as we move into the weekend forecast. and it'll come from this storm system sitting over the west. slowly it's going to be move over the bay area, but as it's making its way towards us the counterclockwise push and humidity and today we actually saw a bit of that heavier rainfall move over livermore, and right now across the south bay it's all broken up, but there is a slight spotty shower chance here just north of downtown san jose. we're tracking that weekend rain chance. i'll have an update on the totals. i'll have details in about 15 minutes. out of prison, but not out of sight. the release of john walker lynn has top u.s. officials outraged not convinced he's given up his jihadi conviction, law enforcement plans to keep a close eye on him. live in morin county with what's
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next for the north bay man, jean? >> reporter: he grew up here in morin can'ty and tonight we're learning president trump and other top u.s. officials are not happy he is out of prison. that's him on the right of your screen. john walker lynn as he is released from prison in indiana, serving 17 of a 20-year sentence, out early of for good behavior. top u.s. officials aren't happy the man known as the american taliban is free. secretary of state mike pompeo opposed his release saying lynn continued to advocate for global jihad while in prison. president trump expressed frustration. >> what bothers me more than anything else is that here's a man who has not given up his proclamation of terror, and we have to let him out. am i happy about it, not even a little bit. >> reporter: lynn was the first american convicted in the war on terror. he first practiced islam as a marin mosque as a teenager then
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moved to pakistan where officials say he became radicalized. he was arrested shortly after the september 11th attack before being discovered fighting with the taliban. cia officer johnny michael span questioned lynn at a prison in afghanistan in 2001. hours later that agent was killed during an up rising at the prison. tonight his family is outraged. >> it's a stab in the back. h he is a traitor before anything else. >> reporter: for now lynn will be living in virginia, near the courthouse where he pleaded guilty, serving three years on probation. the fbi and other agencies will be keeping close tabs on him and his communications. nbc bay area news. well, she's alive but her home is a mess. an oakland woman is cleaning up tonight after a big rig plowed right into her home. she was actually there when it happened but luckily she's okay.
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police say the driver of the truck lost control. sky ranger you can see flew over the crash this morning. the driver did suffer some minor injuries. well, just into the newsroom a decision about that proposed mosque in san martin. in the last 30 minutes the santa clara county planning commission voted it down. live at board chambers with the late breaking details, and this has been ten years in the making. >> reporter: a little more than ten years, 13 years. and what's odd about tonight's vote is they voted the project down but then minutes later they voted to approve the environmental impact plan that went along with this project. so right now it's not really clear what happens next. one by one they lined up and spoke passionately in favor of the new south valley islamic center mosque in san martin. >> please approve this so that our kids, not our grandkids will be playing and playing there.
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>> they've been waiting for a place to worship for 13 years. i have been denied my right to freely practice my faith since i was 12. >> reporter: among the supporters many religious groups. >> may it be a symbol of peace and understanding among all the religions. >> reporter: county supervisors are weighing the size and the environmental impact of the mosque and cemetery. one of the biggest concerns from opponents are the effects of nitrates from those who will be buried at the cemetery possibly affecting the grand water. >> what you want to do right now is add to the problem already. we have nitrates that are too many. >> reporter: the proposed center is much larger. this plan has already cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. county staff members have recommended the commission approve the project. and they are still going to be
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considering what to do with the project because, of course, the board has voted it down but they have approved the environmental impact statement. this is now the second time that this project has come before the santa clara planning commission in the last 13 years. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. a devastating week of storms, floods and tornados have ripped across the midwest and plains. the latest target, missouri. tonight we're getting a better look just how much damage has been done. hundreds of trees ripped from the ground, several buildings leveled. now tornados also being blamed for killing at least three people in the county. >> it was very scary. >> and flooded oklahoma, all eyes on a dam after run away barges became battering rams. the empty vessels slamming into the dam. it did not appear to breach the dam luckily. as the building continues in
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paradise pg&e is making a change. the utility now planning to build new power lines but this time under ground. pg&e says underground lines will make the town's new electrical system safer. that announcement comes a week after cal fire officially blamed pg&e for the camp fire in butte county. that fire killed 85 people last november. experts say underground power lines reduce fire risk but are a lot more expensive. pg&e says it won't cost the town, though, any extra money. another dead gray whale has washed ashore. researchers say they don't know yet the age or cause of death, but a necropsy will be performed. so far this year 13 gray whales have washed up on bay area beaches. >> three, two, one, zero, ignition, liftoff. >> spacex taking a giant leap forward. tonight it launched a rocket carrying 60 satellites as part
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of its star link mission. the goal is to provide broadband internet service worldwide. elon musk says about 800 satellites are needed. okay, when will it fly again? still ahead we're going to hear from the head of the faa about the future of those grounded boeing 737 max jets. >> plus it's no secret the bay area is expensive and people are on the move. but where are they going? a very busy real estate team has some answers for us. widespread bay area rain chances return on sunday. i'll show you how much we could get. that's coming up in about eight minutes.
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comcast business. beyond fast. do you recognize these two women? police say th okay, take a look at this new video from san francisco pd. do you recognize those women? police say they attacked another woman and stole her purse about two months ago. the victim was actually seriously hurt.
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police released this surveillance video of the suspects and hope that someone can help identify them. well, he's fighting the charges, the man accused of a brutal attack on a 74-year-old woman in san francisco says he's not guilty, he didn't do it. he made his first court appearance today standing with his attorney and a translator. investigators say he grabbed the woman, dragged her into a home where she was attacked by a pitbull, beaten and then raped for five hours. according to court documents he confessed, but his attorney wants to look at that confession. he also pointed out he has no prior criminal convictions. new details tonight about boeing 737 max jets. those jets involved in two deadly crashes might be grounded longer than first anticipated. today the faa held an international summit about clearing the max to fly again. faa still hasn't carried out a test flight with the new
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software. the first crash happened in indonesia killing everybody onboard. then in march a boeing 737 max crashed in ethiopia killing 157 people. the faa says at this point there's no time line. >> i don't have september as a target. i don't have june as a target. i have safety of the 737 max. that's my only target. >> ethiopian airlines have said it may stop flying the max altogether. a crack down on those annoying robo calls is coming. the senate passed a bill to give the fcc to lev ae fines per call on people who intentionally refuse telemarketing restrictions. the bill now heads to the house which is working on its own versions. the controversy continues. neighbors and businesses surrounding san francisco's proposed homeless center not giving up. before and after last month's
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vote to proceed with the facility, they say the project was railroaded through without regard to legal and procedural standards. well, new at 11:00, are you thinking of leaving the pricey bay area? turns out you are not alone. that's why a local website named leaving the bay is being flooded with requests. created by an east bay realtor it helps you sell your home and then move out of the area. what are the top places people are moving to. >> reporter: well, some of them are not too far away. the website and realtor's goal is to be a full-service to get you out of your home and into a new one, and it is very, very busy this time of year. moreen has lived in the bay area her entire life. she's seen the increase in traffic and cost of living but most of all wants something new. >> it's just, you know, i'm in my 60s.
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i've been here long enough. >> reporter: gonzalez is now packing because she sold her san leandro home and bought a new one in the phoenix area. >> it's exactly what i was looking for is someone to help me. not just trying to sell my house and me trying to find something good enough on my own. i needed the whole system. >> reporter: the real estate broker scott fuller seized the opportunity after seeing multiple polls showing home owners want to leave the bay area. he helped them sell, move and partner with a new realtor in their new city. >> most of the people we're working with on the brokerage side are selling properties. >> reporter: he says the top places his clients are moving to are sacramento, reno, portland, seattle, and denver among other fast growing cities and tech hubs across the country. fuller says his main clients are either retired or working families who want their money to
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go further. >> we talked to people who thought about this, but they haven't made the decision because they're not sure where to start and they don't know how to put that strategy together. >> reporter: starting this week he's hosting webinars on what to expect when moving to those cities. she'll miss the bay but looking forward to her next chapter. >> now it's time. now it's definitely time. >> reporter: ian coal, nbc bay area news. well, b.a.r.t. wants to crack down on people who slip through the gates for a free ride. the board has proposed four different ways to make it more difficult. cheapest would be to make the existing gates just taller. that plan would cost about $15 million. the other three options require replacing all 600 gates and barriers with full turnstiles. full replacements would cost more than $115 million though. >> it's a big issue for us and our riders. it's something we're hearing them be vocal about. why should i pay if no one else is paying?
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woe we took it to heart. >> it's unclear if those improvements would cause a fare increase. changes on the way at san jose international and the hard hats required. we got a sneak peek at the airport's new gate on terminal b. six gates will open next month to southwest passengers. they'll boast more space and what they're calling sustainable bathrooms. the gates are only temporary, though. permanent additions to the te terminal still several years uh-uh way. let's bring in meteorologist jeff rineiri. >> we're going to get you updated on those totals and what we see happening to get you through the next couple of days. there are a lot of graduation celebrations and just regular old stuff where you're used to sunshine this time of year. and you can see we are not
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getting it, at least widespread sunshine. we have this storm system we're track over the west, and this is what brought us some isolated thunderstorms over mount hamilton today. a bit over livermore. eventually this will bring us a chance of rain sunday. let's bring you into tomorrow morn's forecast. i don't see any issues as we start off. you'll get a mix of sun and clouds. also some clouds near the coastline. usually what we see this time of year. we get that marine layer coming on back into san francisco. we'll have that tomorrow morning and 54 degrees, the east bay at 52. start off with a bit of that patchy fog. then as you move throughout the day sunshine will start to return. there's that fog right near the coastline, and then by the afternoon you'll see that sunshine starting to out here across the bay area. the only thing we'll have to watch out for is maybe a spotty shower firing up over mt.
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hamilton. you'll see in my forecast that isolated chance of some thunderstorms for the higher elevations of the south bay. and eighty-seven got you at 75 here in downtown san jose. we're cooling it off a couple of degrees over to the south bay. instead of low 80s you're down to 76 in concord, 70 over to hayward. the peninsula anywhere from 59 here at half moon bay with that ocean breeze to 72 in redwood city. to san francisco, 60 and right across wine country looks beautiful out here to napa. 74 degrees, 70 in sonoma and 71 in santa rosa. so tomorrow really kind of nice last day of the week. as we hit saturday i'm still seeing dry weather in the forecast, but then by sunday here comes that storm system we pointed out. it looks like the track is going to move just to the south of the bay area, and that's important because the circulation around that would help to bring us some rainfall, maybe even some
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isolated thunderstorms. so totals on sunday right now, trace amounts about 0.15. going to be that hit and miss areas of rainfall. and then as we head through next week slight chances of spotty showers. inland valleys you are down to the 60s this weekend, and then eventually we're back up into the 70s by next week. and i checked inextremely long-range outlook, we might even have a little rainfall in the early part of june. so still can't call it dry for the next 14 days. >> thank you, jeff. all right, up next why all that time you spend on your cellphone may actually be hurting your children. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. harrison ford is my guest tonight. plus richard madden, music and a special sweet week. thank you our all military audience. stay tuned, everybody. happening now, "the washington post" is reporting
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social media giants are taking heat for fake political videos that are going viral. videos house speaker nancy pelosi are being slowed down to make her appear drunk and make her appear like she's slurring her words. some republicans have tweeted it out. this highlights how political disinformation can cloud public knowledge. we're back with more news in a moment.
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recalling 60 to some 1,000 pounds of some products including short ribs, rib eyes, briskets all packaged on april 19th. the usda says there's been no confirmed reports of any, quote, reactions. parent device use may also be hurting their kids. parents say they try to be good technology role models but common sense media found parents actually average more than nine hours a day on a device. studies show a link between parents screen time and behavior problems with kids. one psychologist asked thousands of children how they feel about their parents always using their device. >> some agives were used over and over by children and it didn't matter whether they were 4 or 14 or 24, and they were angry, sad, mad, lonely, and frustrated. >> the psychologists suggest
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device free mornings and dinners and bedtimes. and if you have to respond actually explain what you're doing. we have an update on the warriors star coming up next. roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools. marisa: one of my biggest responsibilities as a teacher is to serve as an advocate for my kids.
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newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines. newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes. angelia: more counselors and more nurses. roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter what neighborhood you live in. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us.
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it's a no go. looks like the golden state warriors will have to continue their post-season run without k. d. warriors announced the two time final mvp won't return for game one when the nba finals begin on may 30th. demarcus cousins also out, but he has appeared to be on track to get back there sooner than durant. a beautiful day for baseball at oracle park. the giants taking on the atlanta braves. this one went 13 innings. ultimately the braves escaped with a win by 4. tomorrow the giants are supposed to be back. the first pitch is at 7:00. we are back with more in a moment.
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the memorial day weekend events kicking off the unofficial start to summer. >> tomorrow we'll break down all the muyr dal day weekend events happening across the bay area. starting tomorrow morning 4:307:00 a.m. okay, you don't see this kind of uber ride every day. today the san francisco company announced it's got an under water uber. uber has teamed windup the australian state of queensland to launch scuber. for the next two weeks it'll travel through the beautiful great barrier reef and just like you would a car passengers can actually book the experience through the uber app.
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now the scuber is a lot pricier than the uber. an hour long ride will cost a couple $2,000. >> oh, my gosh, that's a lot. that's big bucks. i thought it was a good idea until that. >> yeah, i don't want to be under water. >> uber blue for the water, right? >> very good. >> all right, rain on sunday, people. he's said it a thousand times. >> dry next two days for most of us and dry on sunday. >> have a good next couple of days. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: welcome to "the tonight show!" and here's your host, jimmy fallon ♪ [ cheers and applause


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