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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. and a good friday morning to you. 4:30. a live look out of dublin. you can see a lot of people heading into the memorial day weekend getting an early start. the skies, the rails, we will get to you this morning. mike a look in a bit. thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> happy friday! i'm pumped, you guys. >> you are. i slept four hours. i'm ready to go! just throw it at me. kari, do you have good weather? >> yeah.
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we have good weather today. this is a live look at san jose. a few clouds as you get ready to step out the door. willow glen, mid-50s. our high temperatures in the south bay reaching up to about 75 degrees today. very nice. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend. you're looking for a mild commute. >> the late morning things will get crowded. midday folks heading cross town or out of town. right now we mostly have road work. that's the only thing i'm tracking of any note. dublin 580. a couple of issues out of the altamonte. 580, that's your commute direction with the headlights. getting out of the area, starting as early as 10:30, 11:00 slowing toward the sacramento area. we'll see lots of folks flooding the roadway early afternoon. watch the areas, on and off ramps near the airport.
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breaking news to tell but this morning. an announcement sure to have major repercussions for great britain. you can prime minister theresa may will be stepping down june 7th. she said her decision came down to one thing, and one thing only, brexit, and the in ability to work out a separation agreement with the eu. but in a democracy, if you give people a choice, you have a duty to implement what they decide. i have done my best to do that. >> may says she expects the transition to be orderly. she won't officially leave until new leadership is in place. as for who might replace her, that is still up in the air. >> we are just learning about an arrest and recent vandal attack that shook up people in the south bay. >> it happened may 6th. someone spray painted veterans
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memorial on park avenue. the arrest of a 39-year-old suspect, this guy here in the photo. he is facing felony charges. bob redell will have a live report in the next half hour. >> the man accused of a brutal attack on a 74-year-old woman in san francisco says he's not guilty. manuel amador stood with his attorney and a translator. investigators say that he grabbed a woman walking near mclaren park and dragged her into a home where she was attacked by a pitbull, beaten and raped for five hours. he confessed, but his attorney wants to look at the confession, also pointing that he has no prior criminal convictions. this morning we are learning about a fire caught on surveillance ripping through a home in san jose. the homeless man was seen getting up as flames erupted and is now in police custody. the sofa that he was sitting on placed on the front porch is
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where the fire started. shortly after the fire, the tenants spotted the man walking nearby. neighbors surrounded him to make sure he stayed put until police came. >> they say a lot of times people refer to the crime to see what happened. and he did. >> the flames absorbed more than half of the home. the owners have put up the tenants in a hotel for a couple of weeks. this morning san francisco police need your help finding the two women in surveillance video they are releasing. they are wanted in connection to an alleged assault. police say they attacked another woman and stole her purse, and she was seriously hurt. it happened on south sutter. they are just now releasing the video. they are hoping someone can help identify them. >> talk about being in the right place at the right time. a grab and go robbery did not go
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as planned. cheryl hurd has more from dick's sporting goods store in pleasant hill. >> reporter: he's releasing this surveillance video of the crime in progress. an officer on patrol noticing a car backed into a space in front of dick's sporting goods, looking suspicious. the officer runs in. >> they were running straight toward where that car was. >> reporter: 18-year-old cochran was caught, along with four juveniles. this grab and dash is similar to the one posted on fairfield police department's facebook page. there could be a connection. >> our investigators are working with other agencies in the bay area to see if there are any similarities or if the specific suspects were involved. >> reporter: despite increased patrol, thieves know how to get
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away with the crime. companies are hiring more security guards and many have a hands-off policy which means they can't touch the suspect as they ran away. frustrating for michael brown, who works in the area. >> unfortunately this particular parking lot here is a target for a lot of criminals. >> cheryl hurd reporting there. 4:36 for you right now. today graduating ccsf students celebrate at davies hall. some students may already be celebrating after yesterday's announcement to extend the free city college program. it allows free tuition for those who live in san francisco. the new funding covers the next decade. the pilot program had been set to expire next month speaking of graduations in the south bay. san jose state commencement ceremony continues today. the college of social sciences
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and engineering will hold their ceremonies. they started on wednesday. the university class of 2019 has 5,800 students. the bottle rock music festival starts today. thousands are expected to head to the three-day concert in napa. the lineup includes santana, imagine dragons, mumford and sons and neil young. they are all sold out. >> sounds like fun. coming up on "today in the bay", good news for people in the market to buy a home. what is calling rates to drop. a live look at the bay bridge. a beautiful start to this friday morning here. kari will have a look with the forecast. mike with your traffic in just a bit. 4:37. you're watching "today in the bay".
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good morning. i'm contessa brewer at cnbc headquarters. wall street said to open this morning higher. dow futures up 117 points. the dow dropped 250 points as investors feared the u.s./china trade war is slowing the economy. as wall street braces for a trade war, investors are rushing into safe havens like the bond market. that is causing mortgage rates to track the yield.
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rate quotes could be coming in less than 4%. facebook remove 3.4 billion fake accounts from its platform, twice as many as the previous six-month period and a billion more than the 2.4 billion monthly active users. nearly all of the fake accounts were caught by arlt official intelligence and increased human monitoring. ceo mark zuckerberg said most were blocked within minutes of their creation. contessa, thank you. coming up on today any baht, kari has a look at your holiday forecast. >> we see all clear skies in walnut creek. as we go throughout the day, the temperatures from the upper 50s to upper 60s. overall it will be a nice day.
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a look at our weekend forecast coming up next. we'll look at changes in place like the golden gate, coming up. alto.
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and it is something you all have been waiting for. that is friday. and it is here. a live look at palo alto.
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. >> there is a slowdown in palo alto. >> i'm just saying good morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm in for laura garcia. it is a great day. it's a beautiful day outside. i got four hours of sleep. >> i can tell. >> you're about to crash. >> we have all been there. a live look at san francisco at the bay bridge. it starts out nice and clear. you're going to see sunshine all throughout the day. as you get ready for your morning drive in antioch, upper 50s. and it's a little bit of a milder start, especially the way we started this week. so we are going to see also a warmer day, the seven-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen. as we talk about what's going on around the bay area, maybe you'll be able to head out maybe on your lunch break or before you go to work to the farmers market in san jose. it will be right at 63 degrees.
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we'll see mostly sunny skies. beautiful weather going into the day. as we check out our high temperatures, we're heading up to 75 degrees downtown. los gatos reaching 70 degrees. and it's still going to be breezy. you may notice all the humidity in the air. that will stick with us today. as we check out our highs for the east bay. danville, 76 degrees. oakland, up to 69. hayward heading up to 70 degrees. on the peninsula, half moon bay, 59. palo alto reaches 73 degrees. san francisco, mostly in the low 60s. and there will still be a brisk westerly wind picking up throughout the day and the north bay, highs in santa rosa reaching 71. now, we are enjoying nice, quiet weather here in the bay. active weather just to the east of us. we will have some clearing for today, as well as tomorrow, before this storm system approaches. we are expecting it to bring us rain by the end of the weekend
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and memorial day. this is the way it pans out. we're looking at partly cloudy skies. tomorrow more of the same. and then on sunday we start to see some of the rain rolling in early in the morning. scattered rain off and on. and for the most part it looks like it will be light. but still scattered showers that may ruin some of your outdoor plans. or at least will have you running inside. clearing sunday night. by monday, we are going to see spotty showers. we will be watching for that for a lot of the memorial day celebrations and also ceremonies going on. now our rain totals now through monday looks like we will get another quarter inch. this month has been close to setting some records. we will see how much additional rain we get. it looks all nice and clear for the carnival parade in san francisco. we have that going on all weekend long. and it's going to be in the low 60s. we'll just have to watch out for the parade sunday to see if we
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get some of the showers at the time the parade starts. keep that in mind. we will have rain in and around the bay area on sunday, as well as monday. things clear out and quickly warms up. we'll go from the low 60s on sunday to 80 degrees on thursday. so a big-time warmup once all that rain moves out. mike, you are hearing about an issue on the bay bridge. >> we are checking our live look from emeryville. taillights off the incline, around through treasure island, over toward san francisco. i do see flashing lights. that's the road crew on the lower deck. getting into the city, harrison exit, i heard about a fender-bender. it may still be on the roadway. i've been watching the last seven to eight minutes. no slowing off the skyway. we'll keep tracking that. light early morning commute. i mentioned before, folks coming into the area for the holiday weekend. expect a lot of pedestrians into the area throughout the weekend. also, watch the getaway track.
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it may start mid-day because some schools are off today. some are on half-days. they may have an early getaway to the area. eastbound 80 toward fairfield, sacramento, no problems, no delays for the transit agencies. trying to use transit for your weekend holiday plans, monday likely has a holiday schedule. check the websites for the agencies. right now, no problems. back to you. >> like to hear that, mike. thank you. new details about boeing 737 max jets. the jets involved in two deadly crashes might be grounded longer than first thought. the faa held an international summit about clearing the max to fly again. the faa says it hasn't carried out the new test flight on the software linked to both crashes.
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a max crashed in ethiopia killing 157 people in march. the faa says there is no timeline. ethiopian airlines might stop flying the max altogether. many parents limit their kids' screen time use. but parents' device use may also be hurting their kids. they try to be good technology role models. but parents afternoon more than, get this, nine hours a day on a device. it revealed a link between parents's screen time and behavior problems in their kids. one psychologist asked thousands of children how they feel about their parents using devices. >> over and over by children, and it didn't matter whether they were 4, 14, or 24. and they were angry, sad, mad, lonely and frustrated.
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>> the psychologist suggests that device-free mornings, dinners and bedtimes. if you must respond, explain what you're doing. the san jose tech museum has a new name and new focus for the future. after 20 years, it will be called tech interactive. its mission is to create the next generation of problem-solvers. it will offer expanded educational programs and resources. 4:5 right now. coming up here on "today in the bay", have you gone your real i.d. yet. california making big news when it can comes to identification. what you might get in the mail if you have a problem. health officials are responding to a flu outbreak at a migrant shelter in san diego. it is affecting migrants in san diego this week. three people tested positive for the flu. so far 16 asylum seekers, mainly
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children, have been sloahowing flu-like symptoms. the outbreak comes a few days after a 16-year-old boy from guatemala died at a shelter in texas.
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>> good morning. welcome back. it is 4:54 on this friday morning. and we are really close to the weekend. you're looking at a live picture out of fremont. you can see traffic there flowing smoothly. no issues at this hour. we'll keep an eye on it for you. 4:54 right now. two major police organizations are dropping their opposition to a proposed state bill that would tighten standards for use of
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deadly force. a spokesman representing police chiefs and rank and file officers say they won't fight the measure. if passed, it would stop police have using lethal force unless necessary. that is a change from the current standard. the bill is set for a key vote next week. new details this morning on the dmv. the dmv says it is now in full compliance with federal real i.d. rules. the state agency has received notification of approval. now, applicants initially had to provide one proof of residency. homeland security decided they wanted two. californians thought everything was good to go and they wouldn't have to wait in long lines again. if you only submitted one i.d., you will get an address srefpgz letter, that must be signed and mailed back. sugary drinks may soon come with a warning label in
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california. the state senate will require labels on drinks that contain 75 calories on more than 12 fluid ounces. the label would be on the front in bold type and separate from all over information. okay. for the time being it looks like the warriors' postseason run without k.d. >> durant has been out with a calf strain. demarcus cousins, meanwhile, is clear for practice. he will likely return sometime during the finals. we still don't know who the warriors will play in the finals. last night the toronto raptors took a big step in capturing the eastern conference trophy. the series heads back to toronto with the raptors one win away leading 3-2. game 6 is tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night. it should be fun to watch. >> i don't think the warriors
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will have any problem. they will be okay with that. >> i don't care who does. we will beat them. >> now you're getting excited. >> you're right. let the games begin. come on. 4:57 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay", kari has the very important holiday weekend forecast. a lot of people expect to go get out. >> yeah, if you're going to the sierra, heads-up. make sure you take the tire chains with you. yes, we will need those. we will see more snow coming in this weekend. squaw valley starts out warm, but the temperatures drop and the snow comes down as the weekend goes along. we will talk about other destinations and things going on around the bay area coming up next. i'm sorry, folks, i have to show kari the calendar. the holiday traffic will bring an early easy morning commute. at least that's the plan. we will see how things shape up around the bay.
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speaker nancy pelosi takes on president trump. the war of words between the two getting heated as special counsel robert mueller makes an announcent of his own. a live report coming up. you're watching "today in the bay". into a holiday weekend!
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good morning. may 24th. we are heading into a holiday weekend. and it is going to be good. we're going to have some fun. taking a live look at the bay bridge from our live camera in
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emeryville. what a gorgeous shot. you know what, all the credit goes to kari. >> oh, okay. >> you had something to do with it. >> you give us great weather. >> yeah. we are going to have some sunshine. it will be nice to see especially going into the start of the holiday weekend. martinez, you'll head out the door with upper 50s. a nice little warmup. again at 71, great day to take a lunch outside. the highs reaching into the mid-70s in the south bay. and also for the east bay. buff there will be some changes ahead going into the weekend. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, you're starting out with a look in palo alto. >> the last time we took a peek, there were a couple rounds of slowing. not full traffic. they are moving equipment south of university. it has cleared. it is cleared from the map. sensors looking slow. you approach willow with the overhead. theyss


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