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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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emeryville. what a gorgeous shot. you know what, all the credit goes to kari. >> oh, okay. >> you had something to do with it. >> you give us great weather. >> yeah. we are going to have some sunshine. it will be nice to see especially going into the start of the holiday weekend. martinez, you'll head out the door with upper 50s. a nice little warmup. again at 71, great day to take a lunch outside. the highs reaching into the mid-70s in the south bay. and also for the east bay. buff there will be some changes ahead going into the weekend. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, you're starting out with a look in palo alto. >> the last time we took a peek, there were a couple rounds of slowing. not full traffic. they are moving equipment south of university. it has cleared. it is cleared from the map. sensors looking slow. you approach willow with the overhead. they crossed over there.
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no problems for the bay. expecting a lighter commute. still tracking the report of an issue going on towards harrison, westbound 80. as we saw from the live shot, the bay bridge moving smoothly. we'll see how things shape up for weather and traffic together. back to you. thanks, mike. we will start you out with breaking news while you were sleeping. and a shakeup this morning at 10 downing street. british prime minister theresa may said she is stepping down. she made the announcement two hours ago. she made plans to leave june 7th. but she also said she will stay on board until new leadership is in place. on capitol hill, the verbal attacks between president trump and nancy pelosi get even more personal. it comes a day after the president refused to work with democrats while they investigate him. we'll have more on that in a moment. but first "today in the bay" craig boswell is live in washington.
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any comment from the white house about theresa may? >> reporter: good morning. good morning, everyone. no comment from the white house yet about prime minister theresa may stepping down. keep in mind, president trump is going for a state visit june 3rd. the prime minister said she will be in office when he's there. now, on this rhetoric between president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi increases and it's becoming more personal, there's also news about robert mueller, the source of the russia report. special counsel robert mueller wants to testify behind closed doors. mueller's report on russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign left it to lawmakers to decide if president trump obstructed justice, setting off congressional investigations and now a personal feud between the president and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> crazy nancy. i'll tell you what, i've been watching her and -- i have been watching her for a long period of time. she's not the same person.
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she's lost it. >> i wish his family or administration or staff would have an intervention. >> reporter: then this. >> i'm an extremely stable genius. >> she tweeted when the extremely stable generous starts acting more presidential, i'll be happy to work with him on trade and other issues. >> he was sent up here to stir the pot. that's what he's doing. >> reporter: in the senate, a rare glimpse of bipartisanship. >> motion is agreed to. >> reporter: passing $19 billion in disaster aid to victims of flooding, hurricanes, fire aid, including the 2017 storm in puerto rico. and the president has ordered the intelligence community to fully cooperate with the investigation into the origins of the russia report and the mueller probe. back to you. all right. we'll continue to follow that. craig, thanks so much. well, your commute might soon cost more.
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bart fares could be on the possibility with rideshare declining. pete suratos joining us live from orinda with more details this morning. all right. it looks like we are having issues with pete. we will get back to that story in just a minute. right now we want to tell you about this new information this morning. navigation in san francisco streets, on those streets, may get a little tricky for you. but it's all in the name of safety. the examiner reports the transportation leaders are now considering putting the brakes on right-hand turns at the lights. >> yeah. that's right. that would mean waiting for the light to turn green. other major cities, including new york and d.c., have similar roles. there are too many traffic deaths related to right-hand turns. still in the early stages. it has no set timetable at this point. >> all right. with he want to get back to pete suratos who was talking about the fare increases for bart
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riders. pete, what are things looking like with this one. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, marcus. this is a result of ridership declining for bart. it depends on the variety of reasons, whether it's cleanliness or safety at the stations or folks opting to maybe taking an uber or lyft. but the calls could be passed down to the riders. they have gone down the past few years. rider sheufp has gone down since 2016 when it peaked at 128.5 million riders. in 2018, it dropped to 120 million. ridership makes two 30s of operating costs for bart. that is why there is concern there. as a result, the pwrart board is considering a fare increase over a six-year period. this will start in 2022. that will be incremental and amount to 60% increase over a six-year period. bart is losing millions of
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dollars. we talked about the past years, past several years, it cost bart roughly $25 million annually. on the table there are a few modifications. they will increase the barriers to iron made turnstyles. the installation could take anywhere from one to seven years to install. the cost could range between 15 to 135 million dollars. pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> pete, i'm sure a lot of riders aren't happy about that. thanks, pete. continuing coverage now. two people are in jail this morning after a dismembered body was found in a san francisco home. as we have been reporting, police found the remains earlier this week at the home of benedict ching in the amazon neighborhood. they arrested his daughter and son-in-law. police have not identified the remains but presume it is he who
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has been missing. today will mark day five of the teachers strike in south hayward. we have been covering this strike since it started on monday. teachers with new haven school district are calling for higher pay. negotiations pick up again. attendance has dropped dramatically due to the ongoing strike. >> it may take a bit longer for the muslim community to build a mosque in south santa clara county. the proposal is to build a larger mosque to replace the smaller worship center in san martin. the planning commission discussed the plans last night. there were plenty of supporters on hand. despite that support, the commission voted down the project saying it is too big and needs to be scaled down. this is the second time in 13 years that the project has gone before the planning commission. it is expected to return again. 5:07 for you right now. the system in a brought
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tornados, thunderstorms and flooding in the south is moving east and creating more problems. the giant tree uprooted by strong winds landed on a d.c. home. luckily, no was hurry. thousands were knocked out of power from pennsylvania to maryland. cleanup continues in missouri after an ef-3 tornado touched down in jefferson city. it is the strongest tornado in the region they have ever seen. at least five deaths are being blamed in the south on strong storm system which, by the way, started right here on the west coast. if you're planning to celebrate memorial day weekend by grilling, you may want to check your meat. thousands of raw beef products are being recalled due to possible e. coli contamination. the aurora packing company is recalling 62,000 pounds of meat. that includes short ribs,
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ribeyes and briskets. usda said there have been no confirmed reports of adverse reaction, but it is just a warning. this should warm your hearts this morning. wedding bells will be ringing on mt. diablo all day today from the observation deck. >> some 20 couples many tie the knot. it is nearly 4,000 feet tall. talking about shouting your love from the top of the mountains! i love you, love you, love you. >> thanks for demonstrating that. >> that's what with we do here. >> it is going to be nice. you know how high the winds can get on top of mout. diablo. at least we have sunshine. you just want to make sure you hold onto your veil there.
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temperatures warm into the low 70s. really a beautiful day for doing that or just getting out the door. heading to fruitvale, on your way to work, upper 50s. 58 degrees at 7:00. and then a slow climb in those temperatures in oakland today. 1:00, sunshine. we check out our highs for the south bay. milpitas, expect a high of 74 degrees. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast. mike, you're checking in on the golden gate bridge. >> yeah. it's a beautiful spot. iconic. it will see a lot of visitors this holiday weekend. we're looking northbound with just a few cars going away from our view at the toll plaza. reports of a disabled vehicle around the way. a smaller vehicle. not a problem for the sidewalk. and i haven't seen a disturbance for the sensors. we'll just track it and even mark there.
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a few folks waiting for the cash lanes. overall, this is what we expected, a light friday. lighter friday before a holiday weekend. traffic slow. back to you. >> all right. thanks, mike. 5:11 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay", one state is taking action, putting a cap on the price of insulin >> the multimillion dollar settlement that harvey weinstein is now reaching with accusers.
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we have a nice and mild start. it will be another warm day. we're at 68 degrees at noon. we'll talk about things going on around the bay area for the holiday weekend and places you may be heading. more coming up in five minutes >> a beautiful view of the bridge, richmond to san rafael. 101 in san rafael taking you to the golden gate bridge. the dow futures up 100 points after stocks fell sharply yesterday. the dow dropped more than 250
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points. investors are worried the u.s./china trade war is slowing the economy. investors are rushing to safe havens like the bond market. it is causing the yield on the 10-year to plummet. the trend was pushing mortgage rates lower. the most qualified borrowers could see rates at less than 4%. facebook has removed 3.4 billion fake accounts to its platform between october and march, twice as many as the previous six-month period and only a billion more than the site's 2.4 billion monthly active users. facebook says nearly all the fake accounts were caught by artificial intelligence and increased human monitoring. ceo mark zuckerberg said they were blocked in minutes.
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can you imagine? more fake accounts than real ones. >> they said get those accounts out of here. boom! >> that easy. >> three, two, one. zero ignition. liftoff. >> spacex launcheds starlink satellite last night. about 800 satellites are needed. colorado is now the first state to put a cap on the price of insulin at $100. the state's governor signed that into law saying price gouging in colorado is over. the drug helps diabetic control their blood sugar levels. they have jumped as high as $1,000, which led to public outrage and congressional questions. disney workers and cast members can now get free education at the university of
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central florida. the plan covers 100% of tuition up front and disney will reimburse any other fees and costs of books. disney has also recently raised wages after coming under scrutiny. "vanity fair" reports the ceo is paid $65 million per year. that's more than 1,000 times median pay of an hourly worker. a crackdown on robocalls is coming. senate passed a bill that gives the ftc more power to impose fines up to $10,000 per call on people or companies who ignore telemarketing restrictions on purpose. the bill heads to the house, which is working on its own version. 5:17 right now. and a health alert for you. the temperature of a room could affect your productivity. scientists had more than 500 college students take a variety of tests ranging from 61 to 91 degrees. they found that women scored
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higher on math and verbal tests when the room was warmer. but men did better at cooler temperatures. new this morning, this is kind of a weird one. an unusual break-in. it's going viral. whoever broke into a massachusetts's man home last night -- or last week, rather, didn't take a thing. the homeowner explains the person did, however, leave the house spotless. from the kitchen to the bathroom. these toilet paper roses that are very nice. they're so nice. it is what really made me think this is the work of a professional. >> talented bandit. the owner thinks maybe professional cleaners went to the wrong house. okay. that makes more sense. there was just one witness, this guy right here, the pet iguana. they have never heard of anything like this before. at this point thief they are no
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suspects. all right. our minds have been on the weather this weekend. memorial weekend. >> yes. . so a lot of people will be hitting the roads. schools, as you mentioned, mike, will be getting out early today. and we have the commencement ceremony still going on. clouds overhead. a beautiful sunrise. now we are 40 minutes away from sunrise. and temperatures will be in the upper 50s in campbell. normal high temperature is about 70 degrees.
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that's about where we will be. mostly sunny. a nice breeze kicking up for today. concord, 57 degrees. as you walk to schools, kids heading out for recess, temperatures in the mid-60s. light long sleeves needed. low 70s today. as we see the high temperatures reaching 75 degrees. up to 69 in oakland today. and 71 in santa rosa. and san francisco reaching 64 degrees. our quiet weather continues. all dry for today as well as tomorrow. a storm system approaches going into the end of the weekend. heads-up. if you're traveling, rain and storms over the sierra. for us, we will see the rain chances increasing going into sunday. starting out sunday morning with spotty showers for the north bay, as well as the south bay. it becomes very hit or miss going into the afternoon. so it will be one of those days where you may be going inside and then you come back out and
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it's sunny again. then you come back inside once the rain begins. it will be on and off into memorial day. we may measure another carter inch over the santa cruz mountains. that's where some of the heavier rain will be focused. if you're going to the longboard surf contest, it will be nice and cool. mid-50s in the morning. and low 60s throughout the day. also still very breezy. and our high temperatures inland reach the mid-70s. we will once again be tracking some rain by sunday into monday. after that, things clear out and warms up quickly. mid-60s to the low 80s on thursday. mike, you have slowing in san francisco. >> i do. disabled vehicle i told you about. i want to show you the big map. we are seeing the light early easy drive right now as expected.
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north 101 after the merge of veterans boulevard and padre parkway, just before the toll plaza, a disabled vehicle blocks your right lane. that is causing a little bit of slowing toward the golden gate bridge. the sensors red, yellow, and now looking like they are just to green. so they may have cleared the vehicle in the last few. a smooth drive to the bay bridge. no problems for contra costa. 780 approaching the benecia bridge. easy, easy drive in san rafael. back to you. thanks, mike. coming up on "today in the bay", reaching a srelettlement snoop dogg has a new cookbook. the recipes have a special ingredient if you know -- yeah. you're doing the gesture. they can't see it. what he is telling ellen today. you're watching "today in the bay". and also new this morning -
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we are learning more a 5:25 for you this morning. and new for you, we're learning about a settlement harvey weinstein has reached to receive lawsuits filed by women who accused him of sexual assault. >> there is no admission of wrongdoing. this only settles the civil
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lights. he is still facing criminal charges in new york for allegedly alleged sexual violence against two women. new, the dawn of a new day for same-sex couples in tie juan. they now have the right to marry. manager equality was approved last week. it takes effect today. 300 couples rushed to ridge ter to be among the first to tie the knot. today on "ellen," snoop dogg stops by. >> he is known for his love of music and pot. now, that's no secret. so of course ellen had this question to ask. >> now, is there pot involved in all of these things? >> no. actually, there are no recipes that have marijuana infused. i wanted to keep it clean. this is my first book. i wanted to keep it clean. >> in the next book, you will do that. >> california clean. >> that's right. >> snoop dogg talks to martha
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stewart and his friendship with her and how it all began. that is today at 4:00,
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test. good morning and thank you
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for jo good morning to you. a live look at sfo. a lot of people will be heading to the airport as they travel
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this memorial day weekend. we'll have a look at the weather. good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> it is a wonderful day. >> i love it. >> kari loves it so much she is wearing gold. >> it is great to be a cool start. we're starting to see the sunrise over the south bay. if you're planning to go to sjsu spring commencement we have great weather for you. temperatures will start out in the low 60s, warming into the low 70s. great weather for all the graduates today. congratulations. as we go into the weekend, we'll talk about events going on. mike, you need to see the bay bridge toll plaza >> no backups here. yesterday was two mayor monies and 880 and coleman were tied
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up. keep that in mind if you plan on going into that area. the north bay, a couple of minor incidents. not a problem as far as the speeds. it has completely cleared now that you approach the golden gate, the parkway, all the way down to san jose. no delays. sounds good. thank you, mike. breaking news, in an announcement sure to have major repercussions for great britain, uk prime minister tereheresa ma stepping down. there was an in act to work out a separation agreement. >> in a democracy, if you give people a choice, you have a duty to implement what people decide. i have done my best to do that. >> may expects the transition to
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be orderly. she won't officially leave until new leadership is in place. as to who might replace her, that is still up in the air a shocking crime in the south bay. police believe they have found the person responsible for vandalizing a war memorial in san jose. bob redell is live in san jose. bob, it looks like the memorial has been restored; is that right? >> that's right. in time for memorial day, san jose veterans memorial on park avenue. it is back in its original condition. no longer covered with black graffiti sprayed on the glass panels. this is martin viscano. an investigation led to him. no specifics on how they connected him to the vandalism. officers did obtain a warrant. they took him into custody yesterday without incident.
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he faces charges of felony vandalism. he spray painted black wording across the memorial, allegedly, early on the morning of may 6th, 12:20 a.m. he signed with a mondiker. you'll recall last fall in august someone used some sort of paint marker to write on the monument known as the sons of san jose, dedicated to 142 servicemen killed in vietnam. as far as we know, san jose police have not made any arrests in that case. bob redell, "today in the bay". bob, thank you. 5:34. the man accused of a brutal attack on a 74 woman in san francisco says he's not guilty. manuel amador made his first court appearance yesterday standing with his attorney and a translator. investigators say he grabbed a
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woman walking near mclaren park, dragged her into the home, where she was aing tad by a pitbull, beaten and raped for five hours. he confessed, but his attorney wants to look at the video. a fire ripping through a house in san jose. a homeless man was getting up and walking away as flames erupted. police now have him in custody. the sofa he was sitting on placed on the front porch by the renters is where the fire started. shortly after the fire, the tenants spotted the man walking nearby. neighbors surrounded him to make sure he stayed put until police came.
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police say they attacked a woman and stole her purse. that person was seriously hurt. take a good look at this video. it happened near union square about two months ago. they are just now releasing the video of the suspect. they are hoping someone can identify them. >> police in the east bay are talking about a dramatic grab and dash robbery caught on camera and how good timing helped to nab the suspects. this is security video from wednesday night at the dick's sporting goods store in plenty hill. a group of young people headed out the door with arms full of merchandise. right at that moment, a police officer was walking through that same door. after noticing a suspiciously parked car. >> they were running straight toward where that car was. yeah. they dumped all the merchandise they had in their arms and ran back toward the store. >> quick thinking there. officers arrested four juveniles and an 18-year-old suspect.
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they are now trying to determine if the same crew pulled off a similar heist also caught on video in fairfield. today students celebrate with a commencement at davies hall. this is after yesterday's announcement to extend the free city college program. this allows tuition for students who live in san francisco. the new funding covers the next decade at a cost of $15 million per year. the pilot program had been set to expire next month. speaking of graduations in the south bay, san jose state's ceremony continues today. it is the last day of graduations for the university. colleges in social sciences and engineering will hold their ceremonies at avaya stadium. they all started on wednesday. the class of 2019 has about 5,800 students. >> if you're like me and you love live music, you will love this one. bottlerock music festival starts today in napa.
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the lineup includes santa tanna, imagine dragons, mumford and sons and neil young. unfortunately, all the tickets are sold out if you don't already have them. >> we have concerts, memorial day weekend, people heading in and out of town. hopefully the traffic -- >> it will be here. it is great right now. ticke particul look at all the green we have. you will have local congestion and early getaway traffic. right now a little bit of slowing south 101, marin, robin williams tunnel, approaching the golden gate bridge. there was a disabled vehicle reported. it looks like it just cleared. wehould see the slower sensors clear as well. bay bridge toll plaza, no backup. is that clear? >> you tkpwoeut it. >> ring a ding, ding.
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>> ready for nice weather and sunshine. that only happens for part of your weekend. check out saturday's forecast. it will be cooler, reaching the upper 50s in the coast. upper 60s for the inland areas. and then by sunday, we'll be watching out for scattered showers that will be moving through. not only inland but also could reach the coast. let's talk about what's going on this weekend. we have the bay area kidfest saturday in concord. it includes sunday as well. i think saturday is the best day to get out without any worries of rain. we'll see the high temperatures reaching the low 70s. on sunday, we have stone soul in concord as well. that's where you will have to watch out for spotty showers. highs reach the upper 60s. bring a poncho. you can't take umbrellas inside. muir woods, great hiking weather today and tomorrow. by sunday, it reaches the upper 50s. and we'll see a chance of showers. in the sierra, we'll have rain
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and even some snow coming down. and that will continue even into monday. so if you're going, pack the tire chains just in case. hard to believe we're talking about that as we head into june. half moon bay, we're going to see the temperatures only in the 50s. friday and saturday looking good. once again, by sunday, the rain comes back to the bay area. we'll also have very high waves along the coast. we will talk about what's going on today with our temperature trend. that's coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 5:40 right now. coming up on "today in the bay", a new health warning. the labels that you could soon see on your sodas and sugary drinks. plus, hitting the box office. a look at the new a lad din movie with will smith as genie.
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mike traffic tease right now at 5:43, we wake up to clearing skies across the bay area. a few clouds rolling by as we take a live look. heading over to sunnyvale, a cool start in the mid-50s. normally reaching 76 degrees. we're going the make it there as we get more sunshine into the afternoon. we'll talk about the weekend forecast. it looks pretty good for half of the weekend. we'll talk about that in less than five minutes. tail lights away from us. can you see the three motorcycles in this shot? no. they are harder to see. remember, good weather brings out more motorcycles. take an extra second as you
5:44 am
change lanes and watch out for them. no slowing here. i'm watching out for that around the bay two major police organizations are looking to tighten the standard of deadly force. a spokesman for the organization representing police chiefs and rank and file percent say they won't fight the measure. if passed, it would bar police from using lethal force unless it is necessary. it is a change from the current reasonable fear standard. it is set for a key vote next week the dmv says it is now in full compliance with real i.d. rules. they have received notification of approval. applicants initially had to provide one proof of residency. homeland security later decided they wanted to. that is impacting thousands of californ californians who thought everything was good to go and they wouldn't have to wait in long lines again. if you only submitted one proof of residency for a real i.d.,
5:45 am
you will get something called an address verification letter that must be signed and mailed back. soda and other sugary drinks may come with warning labels. a new bill would require labels on drinks that contain 75 calories for more for 12 fluid ounces. it would be on the front with bold type separate from all other information for the time being, it looks like the warriors' postseason run will continue without the star kevin durant. >> you're not worried about it, marcus. >> no. >> he won't be ready for game 1 but it is possible he will return after that. durant has been out with a calf strain. cousins is cleared for practice. we still don't know who the warriors will play in the finals. but last night the toronto raptors took a big step to capturing the trophy.
5:46 am
they beat the bucks. raptors one win away leading three games to two. game 6 is tomorrow night. we'll be on the edge of our seats watching that one. . >> yeah. i'm going to sit back and wait just until the actual finals start. >> you're a little cocky, because you think they have this in the can. >> i know they have it in them to bring it home, one, two, three times. >> they always do. >> i know. that's why i love them. it will be great to have k.d. there. he is an amazing addition to the team. but i think he will do okay. >> rumors are he's leaving. >> you stay right here in the bay area. >> i'm supposed to sing this next line. but you have an amazing voice, marcus. >> ♪ i can show you the world >> nobody likes a showoff.
5:47 am
>> aladdin is back, folks. will smith enters a whole new world in "aladdin". the live action remake of the disney classic features smith as none other than genie, a role originated by the late robin williams in 1992. >> okay. so with the genie's three wishes, the young man can make himself a fresh prince to capture princess jasmine. it is rated pg. he is mixing two classics together. i'm actually really looking forward to this. >> you say you're a big fan. >> big fan. >> will smith or aladdin? . >> all of it.
5:48 am
for me this is mouind blown. >> saturday it will be raining off and on. a lot of people may be making plans to stay inside. we take a live look at tiburon. it won't stay that way all day. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, we will have a couple more days of nice weather. it will be cooling off. clouds are rolling in to walnut creek. and you will still need sunglasses by 8:00 to 9:00, skies will start to clear. more sun throughout the rest of the day. the high downtown up to 75 degrees. 73 in gilroy. for the inland areas, reaching into the mid-70s. perfect weather. leave the air-conditioning off. also open up the windows andlet a nice, fresh breeze in. temperatures 73 in palo alto. breezy in san francisco. embarcadero reaching 63 degrees.
5:49 am
and low 70s in parts of the north bay. now we see a nice, calm, quiet weather continuing here. but we do have a storm that's developing over the pacific. it is going to take a couple of days to get here. it will bring us scattered showers sunday. today we will see a mix of sun and clouds. more of the same tomorrow with slightly cooler air. there still will be active weather over the sierra. with each day, showers and thunderstorms developing in the higher elevations. by sunday, we start out with spotty showers. but may become more scattered as we go throughout the day. very hit or miss anywhere across the bay area. we could see rain on sunday. it will be hard to pinpoint exactly where and when. monday, slight rain chances. heads-up planning to go to some of the memorial day parades. it will be at times cool and breezy. our additional rainfall, we know this has been a month for the record books. we could get another quarter to
5:50 am
half an inch in a few spots. inland temperatures from the mid-70s today to low 60s by sunday. a big time cooldown as we get the storm system coming in with rain. but look at how fast the temperatures warm up. by thursday, up to 80 degrees inland with sunshine. mike, we will use the word early for a couple of reasons. >> yeah. the early commute on a friday before a three-day holiday weekend like we are in now, we tend to see very little traffic. one small crash on 85. it is not in lanes, from what i understand. we will track all chp reports. you are able to get early to work probably on your regular time. contra costa county toward the maze. and no backup at the toll plaza. a little slowing because some folks have to pay cash. very easy dry as we expect as well. i-80 eastbound will take you over to the sierra.
5:51 am
kari is talking about the bolt of snow. she said bring the chains. that may be a surprise for some folks. eastbound 580. we see tail lights out of livermo livermore. all the folks who have minimal day today, maybe they will head to tahoe or sierra. monday is a holiday, so keep that in mind taking mass transit. check your agency's website. i know that bart has concord and pleasant hill closed for weekend work. i know there will be at least some changes for those folks. >> thanks for the heads-up, mike. flu outbreak in migrant children in san diego. it is affecting migrants from texas to san diego this week.
5:52 am
doctors say three out of almost 400 people tested positive for the flu. so far 16 asylum seekers have shown flu-like symptoms. they have been removed from the shelter are currently being quarantined in hotels with their families. the outbreak is a few days after a 16-year-old boy died from the flu at a shelter in texas. still ahead on "today in the bay". a change in the guidelines when it comes to keeping your kids safe in and around large bodies of water. what you need to know this memorial day weekend. plus, concerns over boeing 737 max jets. many areas say they don't want to board the plane even if it's given faa clearance. and are you feeling lucky? the massive mega jackpot tonight. 5:52. you're watching "today in the bay". our team is always on socil
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media! if you )re traveling for memoril day weekend, mike >> our team is always on social media. and if you travel or expect to travel this memorial day weekend, mike inouye wants to help you out. to get the full list, follow mike on facebook, twitter, as well as instagram. >> speaking of social media and screen time, many parents want to limit their kids's screen time unit. the parents's devices may
5:56 am
also be hurting them and their kids. parents say they try to be good technology role models but common sense media found parents average more than nine hours a day on a device. studies show a link between parents' screen time and behavior problems in kids. one psychologist asked thousands of children how they feel about their parents using devices. >> it didn't matter if they were 4, 14, or 24. they were angry, sad, mad, lonely and frustrated. >> if you must respond, explain what you're doing. new, a big shift in the guidelines when it comes to keeping kids safe in and around water. a change that all parents should know about. it comes as we head into memorial day weekend. drowning is the top cause of injury related deaths among
5:57 am
children. the american academy of pediatrics recommend kids learn to swim at age 1, three years earlier than advised. >> the earlier the better. we want them to be able to not be afraid of the water. >> the american academy of pediatrics also preplds that care tkps givers empty water from busque it's and wading pools immediately after use. you should also install covers or fencing around pools. >> 5:57. new details in the week of safety concerns. it is looking more like 737 max jets could be grounded a lot longer than first thought. the faa chief tells nbc news there is no timeline. the agency says it has still not carried out a test flight for the max with the boeing software fix, which comes after two fatal crashes. southwest airlines is going to allow people who don't want to
5:58 am
fly on the planes to switch for free. it shows 53% of adults surveyed would not want to fly on a boeing 737 max even after the planes are cleared. happening now, at&t is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of robbery suspects. the company says over a half dozen stores have been targeted in contra costa, santa clara, san joaquin and solano counties. in each case, two to four young men grabbed high-end demo devices, sometimes 15 to 20 at a time, before taking off. >> apple is planning to open a new flagship store in san jose's westfield valley fair shopping center, according to the mercury news. more than 150 new shops are already under construction as part of the mall's extension. apple already operates a store in valley fair mall. however, it's not yet clear if
5:59 am
the smaller store will remain open once the larger store is up and running new for you, as the summer travel season kicks off, instagram has people inspired to chase new experiences even when they can't afford it. photogenic destinations are hot with travelers influenced by social media. followers are increasingly relying on peer recommendations to plan trips. >> younger generations that will literally book a destination based on how many likes they intend to get. according to schwab, one-third of americans say social media influences their financial habits and they overspend as a result. instagram is also bringing attention to smaller destinations that can cause overcrowding from a big influx of visitors for places that aren't prepared for it. that happened recently with the super bloom in california. if you need money to go on
6:00 am
the next instagram-inspired trip, you might want to buy a mega millions ticket today. the jackpot is now $393 million after no one matched all the winning numbers on tuesday night. the odds are stacked against players winning, though. the chance is 1 in 302 million. it is still worth a shot. the cash option is over $244 million. right now, at 6:00, breaking news. a major shakeup in the uk while you were sleeping. prime minister theresa may announcing she is stepping down. what she is saying about her decision and why she made it. plus -- >> she's not the same person. she's lost it. >> on capitol hill, the verbal attacks between president trump and nancy pelosi get even more. the problem parking lot is facing that is


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