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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  May 26, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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enjoying his trip to japan. but is he ruffling political right now at 4:30, president trump seems to be enjoying his trip to japan, but is he ruffling political feathers while he's there? plus a vacation turns deadly after a california man is attacked by a shark off of maui. first the rain, hail is wild this holiday weekend. good afternoon. thank you so much for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. tourists trying to get in and out of yosemite, they're having trouble because of snow. most of the roads are closed because of snow. the only way to get in and out right now, highway 40 and
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impartel road. >> in the lake tahoe area, it looks more like january instead of may. this is in kingvale, where, believe it or not, drivers had to stop and put chains on. >> closer to home, san jose h g hailing parts of the city today. nbc's kris sanchez. let's go to rob mayeda for this really crazy weather, rob. >> gilroy has been seeing some hail and thunder-producing showers here just south of the hill and it moves to the east. u noti you'll notice in the west end of the clarinda valley, it could include some brief hail and
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thunder. cool and blustery and a few showers into the north bay. beginning tonight, we'll see the intensity of these showers dropping off, trending a bit dryer as we head towards tomorrow morning. we'll see less of these showers tomorrow, but short term those chilly temperatures lingering. we'll talk about a change to the forecast that will put us back in springlike temperatures. >> that's what we're looking forward to, rob, thank you. this weather is all happening on a weekend filled with festivals around the bay area. christy smith joins us live from san ramon. christy, how is the weather affecting folks there? >> reporter: well, i tell you, it is cloudy out here and it certainly makes you feel like you want to check the calendar. you look around and see some people in t-shirts, but many that are wearing parka-style jackets and hats. it's windy out here but they tell us they fly kites here at the festival but it's much cooler than expected.
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people are bundled up at the san ramon art festival, but so far the rain has held off. the festival is a tradition here for 27 years and they want that breeze. it's about 27 degrees cooler, though, than the average. a light rain fell at the grand parade earlier, but it didn't dampen people's spirits. it isn't the weather people are experiencing in the bay area in late may. >> i used to live here. today is crazy, it should be really hot. but it's not, especially when there is brazilian samba, it's really hot. >> last year was a lot nicer. >> reporter: in san ramon, they're telling me they're expecting about 15 to 20,000 people a day. people tell me they are having a very good time. there are rides, food, performances and lots of art. the festival continues tomorrow. reporting live in san ramon, christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. >> they're still having a great time out there. krils t christie, thank you. stomp coming up, we're taking a close look at the carnaval festivitie festivities. you can stay up to date on this crazy memorial day weekend weather by downloading the bay map, and if you already didn't know, it's free. police chief phil scott is facing calls to resign because of a raid on a freelance journalists home. on friday the chief admitted the raid may have violated the law. today the police commission released a statement calling scott a leader with high integrity for apologizing to the people. a much different tone than yesterday when the president of the police officers union called for scotto to resign. now, the early morning fire that forced 21 people out of their home.
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the fire was contained mostly in the three-story building but it did manage to move to a neighboring one. nobody was hurt in that fire. a approximate teachers strike for teachers in east bay. they are hammering out an agreement with their union. they started at 9:00 this morning and they are still at it. teachers have been on strike since last monday. picketers also took to the streets. they say they will not stop until had they reach an agreeme. teachers are looking for a 10% raise in the district, but the district says they don't have the money. >> we're doing everything we can to let the board know we're serious. we're tired, but we're willing to do everything it takes to come out here and support our bargaining table. >> though talks are progressing, they're not close to an agreement, but that could change
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quickly. president trump and the first lady had a fun-filled day with the japanese prime minister and his wife. it included golf, sumo wrestling and dinner. high on the agenda tomorrow will be tensions with north korea. nbc's kristen welker reports from tokyo. >> it was a day of diplomacy here in tokyo. president trump playing golf with shinzo abe. they also attended sumo wrestling with president trump. donald trump tweeted, north korea is firing off some small weapons. that may bothersome people, but not me. he said north korea's missile tests were a violation of security resolutions, also a breach of his national security adviser who, upon landing here in 2010, said the u.s. looked
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for any operations that would chair today his dade p. back to you. stomp a vacation turns tragic for a california man. what wntsz say they saw during a deadly shark attack in maui. planning for the future in sonoma county. how leaders are trying to deal with future fire dangers in an and automatically adju sts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. yafr. plus, 0% interest for 36 mon ths. ends monday.
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the waters off maui in a shark attack. it )s still unknown where in california, the man is from... this is video of him being pulled to shore, by rescue crews... . there was a shark attack. it's still unknown in california where this man is come. this is video showing him being pulled a shoshore by rescue cre. a bouquet of flowers is right near where he was pulled onto the shore. they are on jet skis skimming the area to make sure no one gets in the water. people were brought to horror
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when police brought him to shore on the jet ski. >> we could see they were trying to do cpr on him, but as i got closer, i saw some blood on his stomach, and then i got looking a little bit more, and his wrist, it looked like the skin on his wrist was just torn off. >> a couple important notes. experts say maui is the hot spot in the state for tiger shark bites, but it's unknown what type of shark was involved in this attack. also the last deadly shark attack in hawaii was in 2015, four years ago where a snorkeler was attacked off of maui. the 2017 wildfires destroyed thousands of homes and left many people scrambling to get out. now sonoma county leaders are working to design some more effective evacuation routes. these routes are designed around the more at-risk communities in
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the area. networks are key factors in planning these routes. right now still tracking some scattered showers around the south bay into palo alto. some brief downpours and still a chance of hail. but that 7-day forecast has a big warmup finally coming our way. we'll look at that when we come back.
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oh, boy. yes, it is may. it is may. we're taking a live look outside. i mean, i can't even explain this. >> it's a beautiful bridge. there it is again behind us. >> it is. it feels more like february and march outside. in terms of highs in the upper 50s in san jose, that's more typical of february. right now we're seeing cold temperatures and still some showers around the bay area right now. you can see san francisco mostly cloudy, only 55 degrees. it's been cool, cloudy, windy all day with occasional showers passing by, and notice san jose you got cloudy skies. showers to the west and to the
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south right now. 59 degrees currently in santa fe. as we show you the temperatures outside, we should be in the mid-70s this time of year. that's a big disappointment for your holiday weekend plans. in terms of the temperatures, quite cold with upper 50s and lower 60s. the radar view seems to be the biggest right now. we've had trail move off and eventually they won't move by itself in the tri valley sochlt people that. i think a lot of the action for the rest of the evening will be down in the peninsula and in the south bay and gilmore. showers starting to wind down at 11:00 tonight. can't rule out a brief stray shower in the morning, and still
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trending dryer in the forecast than what we had. about 5 to 10 degrees warmer, which means places like san jose and antioch finally getting closer to 60 degrees and we'll start to see more in the foreca forecast. >> when you're up in the north bay, there is still a chance for an isolated chart. the biggest change in the forecast is probably because you're distracted with the numbers showing on the screen. high pressure continues to build, our temperatures will jump. we could see temperatures at 70 degrees. tomorrow, still cloudy skies and
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bree breezy, but then temperatures start to change mid-week. we start to see temperatures changing by '80s. i thought it would challenge the folk under the circumstances. napa, another spot that will climb into the mid-80s by this weekend. these pictures you response. >> it left me a little speechless that sort. >> there you go, we got winter now, summer coming eventually. it is young kids who have figured out a sneaky way of how to steal your money. >> they steal it by remotely breaking into your phone. we investigate simswa theft, next. this is not a bed.
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each other on-line as gamers. now -- a half dozen of them face
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years in prison, accused they're young kids. they met each other on line as gamers. now a half dozen of them face time in prison by stealing millions of dollars off people's phones. >> and bragging about it on social media. it's a new wave of cybercrime that stephen stock discovered is centered right here in silicon valley. >> investigators believer these young hackers have sold $35 million from local residents just in the last year alone. we also discovered that few law enforcement agencies around the country are doing anything to stop these thieves. thieves who have left some victims financially wrecked. for 35 years, seth shapiro and his wife annemarie michaels worked in the field of technology, scrimping and stooifg provisaving to provide a life for their two
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children. >> i was watching my phone and it suddenly went dead. >> reporter: shapiro watched as his future disappeared before his very eyes. >> i know they're stealing my life's savings. that was the worst moment in any life. i just stood there knowing that everything we had made was gone. >> reporter: thieves broke into a phone remotely. within minutes, the thieves had all the information contained on shapiro phone, including access to almost $2 million in special accounts. millions of dollars stolen in just a couple minutes. >> it's been very hard on the kids. it's been very hard on our marriage. there were times we didn't know if we would make it. >> by using an employee on the inside, thieves are able to
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convince phone carriers to be able to swap out a sim card remotely, giving hackers access to the phone. hackers say they posted this on line saying what they did with seth andmanmarie's money. they're dumping $15,000 on for a month-long. >> sammy is a sheriff at the san jose office, and he's one of the country's specialized cyberatta cyberattackly. before they were ever criminals brrks they had a criminal naut.
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>> by any standard this is a remarkable case. >> 21-year-old took part in stealing from michael's as well as a variety of half victims other differences. zpz. >> ortiz had been wifrg with his mother sideshow medias helped people come out. . he's now the first in the country to be sentenced speckly for sim swap security theft, 10 years in state prison. four others have also been charged in santa clara county for the same theme. aaron west was the deputy assigned to the task force. west said most of these
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accounts. hackers realized they could use the same inferior who figured out a sneaky way from third sdplz these new wave akers a ch chos. >> 50 vic tichlz are held here in the bay area alone. >> he said the court system wants to make an example of ortiz. >> i was 19 and 20. they do things to impress their
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friends. >> but chef, and they believe the rest is stashed away at digital horts. >> honestly, we're just tying to kruls we're working so hard, both of us, to try and rebuild. >> in. that you are patrol instead of other actors, grapg krip co. >> detectives will continue to work and this is nbc news.
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if you have a tip for our investigative unit, be sure to call 1-888-996-tips. still to come, facing mounting criticism. san francisco's police chief gets an endorsement today. we'll have it for you. but first we continue to follow that strange everchanging weather. look at the cloudy skies. kind of gloomy. it's making this a really unique holiday weekend. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off.
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we got it all this memorial day weekend. right now at 5:00, snow, sleet, hail and rain. we got it all this memorial day weekend. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. let's get right to meteorologist rob mayeda who is busy tracking all this weather. rob, what's going on? >> we're seeing temperatures only 20 degrees below average in san jose. we do have some rain passing by.
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heavier showers which have been off to the south in san ma tate and gilroy. off to the west in san joese no, you're noticing in sunnyvale sad mountain view, you're seeing some rain. tri-valley over to san francisco, you got cloudy skies and breezy conditions from here. we'll begin to see the showers decrease setting into tomorrow morning with 40s and 50s to start the day. a cool day for your memorial plans toll, but after that a big warmup. we'll see when 80s could be making a comeback in about 10 minutes. the sierra always a popular destination this holiday weekend, but this year snow is causing some problems. nbc's mary ann fabro with a close look at that. mary ann? >> just look at the snow coming down in the sierra. this is what it looks like right
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now in kingvale and caltrans is helping people caught in the snow on i-80. they reached areas where they're required to put chains on their cars. >> i $200 to put chains on my car. >> yosemite always a popular place, but look how much snow is falling in the high sierra, what used to be known as badger pass ski area. this is where a winter weather advisory is in effect for the entire southern sierra nevada above 6,000 feet. it's going to rehan in effect until 5:00 tomorrow morning. also, this is what it looks like in yosemite, about 8,000 feet of elevation. a foot of snow is expected to fall by the time the week is
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over, including at glacier point. and many yafrz here also requiring chains right now. so tonight's snow levels levels are expected to fall within 15 to 20 feet, and discuss gusty winds. to think we're thinking o pool parties this time of year. now we need chains. all of this crazy weather is happening on a weekend full of festivals across the bay area. christie, how is the weather affecting people out there? >> i tell you, you look around and people have smiles on their faces. they are having a good time, but it is also pretty cold out here. when you look around, people are in jackets. some of them have hats on. but it's windy, too. i'm told the wind is actually a good thing because they fly kites out here, but it is cooler and


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