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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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over, including at glacier in and many yafrz here also requiring chains right now. so tonight's levels levels are expected to fall within 15 wis.0 feet, and discuss gusty to think we're thinking of pool parties this time of year. now we need chains. all of this crazy weather is happening on a weekend full of festivals across the bay area. christie, how is the weather affecting people out there? >> i tell you, you look around and people have smiles on their faces. they are having a good time, but it is also pretty cold out here. when you look around, people are in of them have hats. but it's windy, too. i'm told the wind is actually a good thing because they fly kites out here, but it is cooler and many people were inspecting,
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and even brought umbrellas approximate. but it is about 20 degrees. a light rain fell earlier today at the carnaval bay area. >> i used to live here, but toes is crazy. >> it's really cold. last year was a lot warmer and nicer. >> now, in san ramon are in spite of being a little colder than that might like, and back here live we have two little ones getting ready to go on a hide, but they've got shops and
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hoods on live in. leaders of the san mateo romp well, basically the president and vice president of the police commission is not still backing pleasing course and admitting that the raid on the journalists hoes was the police chief scott did what is rare for police chiefs. he apologized to the city of san
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francisco. they said they made a mistake when they raided kohl sdinz to protect journalist confidential. the chief refds to take full responsibility for the raid. >> this is all connected to the death of public defender jeff adotsi this year. a member of the police force leaked the confidential report about his death to freelance journalist brian carmody. when he did not tell police
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about the report, inspectors raided the office. that raid has brought intense relief from freedom advocates. they also commenced efforts to find an independent agency to vift the this tir ruin. tragedy strikes in paradise. a california man is killed off maui. we just learned that the a bo kay of flowers sits next to. warning signs were placed along the beach. people watched in horror as first responders brought that man to shore on a jet ski. >> he looked unconscious when they transferred him to the
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other gurney. they were trying togts on hitz his wrist looked like the skin. his wrifs skpruls -- now, the last shark attack in hawaii was in 2015, so a while ago. it was a snorkeler that was attacked and it was off of maui as well. a town devastated and working to recover from a deadly twister. it happened last night just west of oklahoma city in the small town of el reno. police say at least a dozen more are injured and.
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the original hotel was a mobile home in a mobile home park. rescuers seem to find more victi victimsly. that's 200 that have slipped past the front desk in soit correspond yachb. >> a trump-filled woman with e leader with shinzo abe attended a sumo wrestling match. he tweet that had that missile test didn't violate him. it's also a rebuke of mr.
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trump's it. president trump presenting a special trophy to the. it's pd. the crowd cheered and he received that prize. the crowd gets cut off of kne neil young's performance. >> you're giving it away. weekenn
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francisco also celebrated carnaval. the festival has been going on for more than 40 years in the city. today, spectators gathered for the grand san francisco also celebrating carnaval. it's been going on for four years in the city. tonight spectators watched the grand parade. it featured colorful floats, people in the crazy office. they aim to build community through art, music and dance. spreading the culture of peace. that's what people protesting world peace are trying to step.
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they're promoting what they call the declaration of speech and ces sation of war. many many. it's not really a best option, it's not any option that's needed at this time. ztz the walk is an extension of the peace campaign. women women offer pulling the prug. he's rocking in the free world. >> you can't even because his killer perform ants went pat
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pathsment. cooled the clund. >> they said, you're going to have to travel me out of here. >> he's been probably dropped on the coals and maybe last night, but i don't care. >> a war of friendly words between two hip-nof a. still tracking scattered showers frp. we'll make those holiday plans when we come back. and watching.w
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know who they )ll face in the nba finals. fans are still celebrating in after almost a week of waiting and watching, the warriors now know who they'll face in the nba finals and fans are still celebrating in canada after toronto punched its ticket to their first ever finals appearance. for the warriors, though, this has become an annual tradition. it's the fifth straight year that golden state will battle for the nba championship. toronto, though, has home court advantage in the series. game one already north of the border on toronto. the series then moves to the bay areawednesday, june 5th, while game three is friday. as we all know, pop legend e-40 always sits courtside.
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drake does the same thing in toronto. he is canadian. so e-40 posted this photo on his instagram page of the two stars. his caption reads, so it begins. a few hours later drake replied with, we're here waiting. it should be a pretty exciting series. what would memorial weekend be without the running of the 500, and for the first time in the 103 years of the world famous race, it was right here on nbc. actors matt damon and christian bale waved the green flag to get it underway, and kyle kaiser rolled his car and lost control. get this, he's taking classes in santa clara university when he's not racing. it came down to alexander rossi pagenaud with less than two laps
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remaining. he ends up passing pagenaud and wins the indy 500. >> you said you had information on drake. he's a heat fan. >> i don't want to stir up rumors, but he was a miami heat fan and i feel like you can't jump from team to team like that. >> he's going international. >> we investigate, folks. we investigate. >> i'll look into it for you. you're watching that forecast closely as they come back from toronto to the bay area. right now in san francisco, you've got cloudy skies, breezy, 55. so average highs this time in san francisco should be close to 55 degrees. a cool and blustery sunday. a lot of clouds in san jose. we should see highs in the low 70s. instead, mid-50s outside. we'll show you on the radar coming up. look at these temperatures.
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end of may, final weekend, you would expect to see 70s. not the case today. we'll see if we actually see record low temperatures across the bay area today. it's been a busy afternoon. you'll see thunder and hail with those showers that are push away now. another line of showers from sunnyvale to palo alto. milpitas, you'll see showers coming down at times and also large hail. 35 degrees right now in hamilton. can you see that little area of pink? that's sleet and wet snowflakes happening right now end of may in hamilton. you can see the tri-valley in san francisco, not too much happening. i think the focus will be the peninsula down to the south bay. that's where we'll see shower activity with tornado warnings
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happening in san mateo county. you can see the lightning strikes to the east. most of the showers we'll see tomorrow morning will be along the coast, highway 17. maybe the south bay very early in the day with 40s and 50s to start. as we head into the afternoon tomorrow, we'll begin to see a slight warmup with a bit of a north wind in santiago. mid to upper 60s for tomorrow. at least in the north bay maybe one more chance in lake county and napa county, maybe a few pop-up showers in the afternoon. much dryer than we're seeing today. pressure is climbing, so compared to today's highs, the highs we'll find as soon as sunday, 20 degrees coming our way. even san francisco toward the end of the week should be closer to 70. there's your me normmorial day weekend. it's a week late. no signs of rain, mid-80s in
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some of those inland valleys just in time for next week, not this week. some of the comedians ever have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. r have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. ever have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. r have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco next. r have graced the stage. we'll take you inside the punchline in san francisco nexti
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after news of its impending closure, some of the biggest names have come forward to save the punchline comedy store in san francisco. >> jonathan bloom sat down with some masters of stand-up to find out. >> this place is like kind of our whole lives. it's where our whole lives started, really. sdp >> it's the cradle. it's the womb for me.
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and i met her. we met here. >> hi, staff sapphire, how are you? >> i've seen five-hour shows, i've seen robin williams do a set in there. if there wasn't a punchline comedy club, we wouldn't be talking right now. >> if you let an institution like that go, you're going to kill part of san francisco's heart. at least for me. >> this is how san francisco defines itself and what san francisco wants to be defined as. >> we just have to save this place. >> it's been here for 40 years while the whole rest of the city has grown up around it. you can't even see it from the street. all the way up this dark staircase, across a courtyard, and around the corner sits the little spot so many famous comedians call home. >> back when i lived in san francisco, there wasn't as many billionair billionaires. >> reporter: there is no escaping it. outside these walls, san
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francisco is changing. if you ask will and debbie dirth, change is part of city living. >> my parents complained about the trans-america building. oh, how can they put that up? that's crazy. >> reporter: but one thing hasn't changed. >> when i finally made it to that stage. >> it meant were a real working comedian. >> getting on this stage was the main goal. >> reporter: the punch line's sunday showcase was the best. >> this is like the bench. >> yeah, we're all sitting on the bench. today is going to be the day. >> reporter: lined up along the bar, they would wait week after week for the manager to call them up. >> she kind of walked back and forth like darth vader and you didn't know whether you would get picked or not. >> i can remember going there 27 years ago now and desperate to get on that stage.
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>> greg proops went on to fill bigger stages, but punch line remained his favorite. >> i can cast a glance, i can do something so subtly small, it will catch the attention of everyone in the room. >> the laughs of the audience would bounce off that brick -- >> -- and ricochet through the room. >> the audience thought they were having a much better time than they actually were. >> dude, did you want to see the show? >> reporter: those heroes are superheroes. dave chappell is here on business. local leaders and comedy greats were surprised to learn the punch line is losing its lease. >> san francisco is losing all kinds of things. >> reporter: the club is owned
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by laive nation that has no problem paying the rent. >> the folks behind me figured out that the likely less see is google. >> google said i don't know that you'll have a neighbor. >> it's probably going to be a closet for the corporation and just this type of stuff you see on tv. >> we will take you in oakland. i live over there now. that's too much. they said he dropped the gay f-bomb, but i say, got it.
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>> a zoning moratorium which will pervert -- or prevent -- or possibly pervert -- prevent conversion of entertainment used as my other use as a matter of law. >> after the press conference, google responded it wants to keep the club open and will be would go to preserve a piece of history. >> it's one of the premiere comedy clubs. it would be like burning down the louvre. >> for chappell, like so many others, the punch line is filled with so many memories. including the kind of memories some would raether forget. >> i was like crying -- my therapist gave me a standing ovation. >> that means you won therapy. >> yeah, that means i won
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therapy. we will be right back. "alad
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this memorial day weekend, earning more than 86-million dollars. the disney remake is a )whole new world ) of live action. "aladdin" tops the box office this weekend earning more than $86 million. i knew this was going to happen. >> the disney remake is a whole new world of live action. will smith stars as the genie. buy a magic carpet ride for your holiday. "john wick colon chapter 3" is played by keanu : chapter 3" isd by keanu reeves.
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>> we have some rain tomorrow night. >> "nightly news" is next. >> i remember us flipping in air and spinning around and landing. >> killing at least two people, injuring dozens, and tens of millions still at risk for severe weather tonight how she beat the odds. new details about the woman who was rescued after 17 days in a remote forest in hawaii. >> i have the most gratitude and respect and appreciation i can't even put it into words >> what her doctor says helped keep her alive heavyweight diplomacy. as the president watches one fight in japan and wrestles with other big issues on the world stage.


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