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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 27, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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you )re memorial day forecast - just moments away. today in the bay continues right now. we'll talk about the weather. your memorial day forecast. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off. >> i'm laura garcia. vianey is doing double duty today. she is in for kari with the forecast and for mike. although we don't expect much of a commute. >> we monitor will cameras. we hope everyone is driving safe. take a look at satellite radar. we're not seeing much activity. that is because all of that rain that did bring a good amount of showers to the bay area yesterday is now in the vegas area. hey, if you're going to be traveling to vegas, expect some rain for your forecast for the next 24 hours down there. here locally, well, we will have traveling showers. by 9:00, 10:00, the rain will be
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moved out. but we are still tracking cloudy conditions. a look at the roads right now. again, not really tracking much. chp reports have been quiet. 880 off to the side now. not causing any delays. again, there is one car on its way to work. maybe. there's another one. this is the approach for the san rafael bridge. you can enjoy a second cup of coffee this morning. >> i'm on five. the president is on a four-day trip to japan. "today in the bay" craig boswell on capitol hill with the very latest. craig? >> reporter: scott, good morning. good morning, everyone. yeah, president trump highlighting some differences with his own advisers. and got a read commenting on former vice president joe biden during a wide-ranging press
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conference with the japanese prime minister. trade talks and tensions with north korea key topics for president trump and the prime minister of japan. >> we are currently negotiating a bilateral trade agreement that would benefit both of our communities. >> translator: we spent a good amount of time in better aligning our policies. >> reporter: the two leaders in face-to-face talks. the president optimistic about north korea giving up nuclear weapons. >> i feel that. i may be right, but i may be wrong, but i feel that. we have come a long way. there has been no rocket testing. >> reporter: the president down playing rocket tests that john bolton said violated the u.n. security resolutions. >> my people think it could have been a violation, as you know. i view it as perhaps a man who
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wants to get attention. >> joe biden said he is a low i.q. individual. i think i agree with him on that. i think we will have a deal with japan and, likewise, china. >> reporter: he wants a deal to reduce the trade deficit with tokyo. if you like following the bouncing ball on this busy schedule, president trump and the first lady in a state banquet in the imperial palace topping you a jam-packed day in tokyo. the president, meanwhile, vowing to file an appeal on a ruling that blocks him from building sections of his promised border wall. on friday, a federal judge in oakland blocked key sections of the barrier which were set to be built with money secured under
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the president's national emergency declaration. on twitter, trump accused judge of being an obama elected judge. we will honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our countries. it gets under way 7:30 a.m. our time. the u.s. coast guard will hold a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. pete suratos joins us on "today in the bay" with the details. good morning, pete. >> reporter: one of the big events is the presidio in san francisco brings out quite a large crowd. we will get to the details in a moment. let's talk about the population in california, one of the
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largest. the department of veteran affairs, 1.7 million veterans in california. that is the most in the nation, according to the california department of veteran affairs. it is also a diverse group. 250,000 women in that group and tens of thousands of hispanic and asian-american, native americans and afternoon-americans. a number of commemorations taking place across the state. in san diego they will honor the first african-american to receive the navy cross. a dedication to the alaska native americans monument. and in san francisco, the 151st memorial day commemoration. a flag rising at pershing square, followed by a parade, 21-gun salute, and formal ceremony at the national cemetery. london breed is expected to be in attendance for the events. it will begin at 9:45 a.m.
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reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay". nearly two dozen people out of their homes this memorial day following a fire in san francisco's hunter point. firefighters say it started at 4:00 a.m. yesterday on innis, and quickly spread to a second building. it is 5:06. a small town in oklahoma starting to pick up the pieces after a deadly tornado over the weekend. i mean, look at the damage here. just completely tossed all of these cars. but new this morning, we are hearing from survivors. two people died when the f-3 tornado touched down in el reno on saturday. 29 people were injured. what you're looking at here is what is left of a motel and a mobile home park. at least one man said he didn't think he and his wife would survive. >> the house exploded. i remember us flipping in the
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air and spinning around and landing. and i looked around for a second. it was just pitch black. >> this is not the first time el reno has been touched by this kind of tragedy. eight people died in 2013 in what is considered the widest tornado ever recorded. the past week, more than 200 twisters that touched down on u.s. soil >> a big heads-up if you're planning to head to the russian river today. some of the beaches are closed because water levels are so high. normally they are packed with people on the holiday. the heavy rain is to blame from the past week. this is not just a disappointment for visitors. it is hitting river businesses as well. >> a little too fast, a little too high, a little too dirty. we're hoping it cleans out. >> we should have a ton of people enjoying the river in canoes and kayaks. >>er they are trying to recover from serious flooding in february. campgrounds and beaches are expected to reopen by next weekend on this memorial day, we
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know a lot of you will be breaking out the grill maybe even for the first time this year. wallet hub says a total of 7 billion hot dogs will be eaten today through labor day. if you're not confident in your barbecue skills, longhorn steakhouse wants to help you out. experts will be manning its grill us hotline from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. hot dogs are pretty easy. >> it does seem very straightforward. >> i'm confident in my game. aside from steaks, overwell done. >> anything meats, we're good to go. >> we can do that. we are still monitoring the system that's exiting now. it will leave behind a couple of
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popup showers. 50s and a couple of 40s. it's a little chilly in the north bay. santa rosa, 48. 53 through morgan hill. things will clear out just a little bit. we will get partial clearing. but, again, we will still be below seasonable in our temperatures. i'm happy to say the north bay will be seeing 70s for today's highs. palo alto, 64. san jose, 67. santa cruz, 65. not the best beach day considering we will be a little breezy. you might get the windchill factor. at least we're not tracking a soggy memorial. thankfully the rain is now out of the area. let's talk about your road conditions. i've been keeping an eye on chp reports. nice holiday light traffic. the bridge drive times. i will show off how beautiful these drive times are.
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westbound 580, 8 minutes. thank you much. the markets are closed this monday for memorial day. a lot of business news this morning. two airports under fire for scrapping plans to build chick-fil-a restaurants. up next, the allegations the faa is looking into plus, is pork on your menu today? the reason behind the 40% price hike on that meat. you're watching "today in the bay".
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it is 5:12. after the rain we had on sunday, now we are seeing a couple of lingering showers. definitely the cloudy skies. and our temperatures warm up just a little bit but remain on the cooler side. i'm tracking your memorial day forecast, plus a look ahead. we have changes on the way. i think you might like the changes, though. sunshine and warmer temperatures. but i'm keeping a close eye on the traffic conditions. drive times look good. westbound 80, eight minutes. 82 towards san mateo bridge, 18 minutes the faa looking into allegations of religious discrimination after plans for chick-fil-a restaurants were scrapped at two major issues on lbgtq issues. chick-fil-a reportedly says it's not involved in that investigation. last month city leaders agreed
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to hang gay flags outside the new locations approved at the san jose airport. >> 5:13 right now. for many, memorial day weekend means barbecues. many are skipping pork in favor of cheaper options. it is up 40% because of swine flu epidemic in china. there is no vaccine or chance of survival for pigs who catch the swine flu. it could take years for the industry to recover. it does not pose a risk to people. >> this morning there's a major change to the way that liver transplants are organized in this country. john torres reports on the controversy over the new policy. miles never wanted to move away from new york city. his home and a place he loves. . >> i can't imagine another place i would want to live. >> but desperate and seriously ill needed a liver transplant. more than 13,000 patients on the waiting list for a liver.
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a third of them living in new york, california and texas. cane's daughter said find a state with a shorter weight list. so he moved to north carolina where he ultimately received a transplant. >> you will go to where you think your life can be saved. you're kind of in survival mode. >> organs have been distributed locally. some say that regional system is out of date. >> when the old system was designed, there were fewer people waiting. fewer transplant centers. and the balance on different parts of the country wasn't as critical of an issue. >> the united network of organ sharing recently launched a major overhaul, expanding the area to 500 nautical miles. . >> we believe that where you live shouldn't determine your likelihood of getting a transplant. >> but in a major development, 14 leading transplant centers sued saying the new system
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unfairly penalized rural patients. >> our area was about two-thirds of tennessee previously. >> dr. setting said the new system will funnel too many local livers to urban patients. . >> in an ideal world, in a perfect situation, shouldn't it go to the sickest person who needs it? >> i think that is one way to look at this. and who ultimately is the sickest person? >> that is determined by lab tests. but the doctor's patients suffer from other factors, poverty and lack of care that can increase the risk of death. >> the problem is the way it is calculated, it does not affect poor and rural patients. >> so the old system is back in play for now. a brewing battle over the best way to save lives. dr. john torres, nbc news >> bidding is under way for lunch with america's second wealthiest billionaire for a great cause. for the 20th straight year,
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investors warren buffett is auctioning a private lunch for eight people on ebay. proceeds benefit the glide foundation. the winning bid usually exceeds $2 million. bidding started yesterday and is already over $1 million. you have until friday night to get that bid in. >> impressive dance in the sky is going on right now. this is the latest project by spacex. 60 star lincoln satellites all in a congo line. it is expected to be up and running in 2017 and expected to deliver high-speed internet to the entire planet. well, moviegoers take a chance on a magic carpet ride. ♪ a whole new world >> despite some lackluster reviews, the live action version of aladdin came in first at the
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box office, bringing in $86 million over the weekend. coming in second is john wick's chapter 3. that brought in $24 million. and after a month in the top spot, avengers came in third at 16. >> i took a trip to see aladdin this weekend. halfway through it, they said can we buy this when it comes out? so they loved it. >> all right. that's a good review. >> i am a big fan of will smith. he was one of the big hypes. >> the genie. >> yeah. >> i bet you they already saw it, though. . >> you know what, they will go again. i'm also excited for the lion king. that one is going to be really good. speaking of weather, great day yesterday. now the rain you can see it on satellite and radar. check out the moisture over vegas. that's the same system that brought the rain to us, believe it or not. now i will voom us in a little
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bit closer because we have a little bit of in stability left behind which means a couple of pop-up showers are possible. very, very light, though. if any. mainly through the santa cruz mountains, up through portions of the north bay hills and some of the interior valleys. our current temperatures are chilly in the north bay. santa rosa, 48 degrees. breezy. he the windchill factor was there. san jose at 53 degrees. let's take a look at your temperature trend. look how amazing the clouds look. that is going to be lingering all day long. a combination of sun and clouds. partial clearing. look at our daytime highs. 11:00 a.m., 59 degrees. we're still going to be below or supposed to be this time of year. at least we will warm up more through the concord area as well. by 11:00, 63 degrees. notice in the icons we are keeping the cloud cover all day
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long. happy to say the showers help with our allergies. grass is moderate. weeds, mold and trees are low. hour-by-hour outlook showing the rain moving out. daytime highs should be okay, which means mostly dry memorial day. it's what most folks want to hear. and the warmup will dominate in the forecast as early as next weekend not just san francisco but inland areas. we are not noticing any big delays. a little bit of slowing in the area. i assume it is that typical slow spot where you're like what happened? nothing pops up in the report. just remember to keep it safe. you might have the road to yourself. still stay under the speed limit or at least at the speed limit. 21 minutes. this is typically a hot spot. southbound 680 from 580, 11 minutes. 84 to 680, about five minutes.
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back to you. thank you very much. what the pontiff is saying about abortion. hundreds of scouts planning thousands of american flags at san francisco national cemetery. 35 of the fallen heroes will get special flags >> but first a reminder the stanley cup finals kicking off tonight after the sharks and the blues. they take on the boston bruins. puck drops at 5:00 p.m. you're watching "today in the bay". a little bird told me you
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are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi! should i have stopped her? save hundreds of dollars a year when you get internet and mobile together. plus ask how to get $250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile. and a look at some of the news making headlines around the nation and the world this morning. voters across europe wrap up the eu elections. the irish times says europe's voters turned to more populists and green party candidates and far right will have more
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influence a possible merger in the works could shake up the auto industry. chrysler proposing a partnership with renault. it would create the third largest automaker and push gm to fourth. former hall-of-famer bart starr, the journal sentinel remembering. a magnitude 8.0 earthquake destroying dozens of homes. it was the biggest to hit peru in 12 years. you can see the security camera. products were falling off shelves. one man was killed after a boulder hit his home. several schools, churches and hospitals and clinics also damaged. it was felt as far away as ecuador and colombia the pope is opening up and
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talking about abortion. >> he said even if it is diagnosed with a prenatal condition it is not an excuse to have an abortion. he made that statement at a pro life conference. it does not make any exception for rape or incest. the only time one can be performed is when a mother's life is in jeopardy. it is aimed at challenging roe v. wade. later today, a memorial day barbecue will be held for volunteers and rescuers who helped to bring home a hiker who got lost in hawaii. >> 'emmeler went missing more t two weeks ago. hundreds of volunteers have been searching from a hospital bed. she expressed deep gratitude to everyone who helped in the search. >> and scouts honoring those who sacrificed their lives for the country. 500 boy scouts, girl scouts
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and cub scouts planting a flag at each headstone in the presid presidio. isn't that nice? 26,000 flags in all. >> so the reason it's important to plant flags is it shows respect. and you're basic live saying i respect you and that you fought for our country. >> i feel pretty honored because i get to celebrate something so important. >> what nice kids. along with the american flag, they are planting a special blue flag for 35 veterans who received the medal of honor. i love that. one four-legged friend stole the show. erica hashert received her diploma in mechanic aal
5:27 am
engineering. chief has become a mainstay around campus. she said she can't wait to start a new chapter of life. isn't that great? >> that is wonderful. >> even had little boots on. coming up, the stories we're following on this memorial day holiday. a high-speed chase. coming up, a new report and who police have in custody. memorial day events planned around the bay area today. how google is recognizing the holiday >> take a look at the radar. you can get this on your nbc bay area app. vianey has your memorial day forecast and traffic coming up next.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. a very good monday morning,
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memorial day as well. taking a live look outside coming or going. well traveled usually on memorial day. a live look at sfo. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. light traffic with vianey. >> very light traffic. i'm covering weather and traffic. i have you covered. as you head out the door, you will need a light coat. temperatures a little bit cool, especially in the north bay. everywhere else, we have a couple 50s on the map. look at santa rosa, 48 degrees. as with he head towards the afternoon, especially taking the mass transit, well, keep in mind we will be a little bit warmer. but it is still going to be rather cool. because we have that cloud cover after that system brought us rain yesterday, it's going to still keep us a little bit cooler than what we are supposed to be this time of year.
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a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. the clouds and also the amount of -- i should say thrabg thereof, traffic on the golden gate bridge. westbound 580 towards richmond, eight minutes. westbound 80, about 8 minutes. 82 towards the san mateo, only 13 minutes. so far i haven't seen any major issues. tri-valley drive times looking good. 580 from grant line to 680, 20 minutes. it slows down right around this time. i don't expect that to happen today. 84 to 680, 9 minutes. back to you. vianey, thanks. 5:31. new details on a high-speed chase in several contra costa cities that ended in a crash. "today in the bay" is live in lafayette to tell us about it. >> reporter: good morning. this was a rather wild ride
5:32 am
stretching out over multiple highways and police agencies all in pursuit of these juvenile suspects. yes, their vehicle was first spotted here in lafayette. let's show you video of how this chase ended with a crash in antioch. police recovered a handgun. it all started with a robbery at a gas station 8:00 last night. officers picked up the chase in lafayette. they took three male juvenile suspects into custody. in addition to the gun, they found masks and money in that vehicle. no word on whether there were injuries to either the suspects or the crash victims. but of course all of this is still rather ongoing investigation. as we get more details, we will bring them to you a bit later. live in lafayette, roz plater,
5:33 am
"today in the bay". >> it is hope that striking teach e teachers will be back on the job today. today marks one week in union city and hayward went on strike. district leaders last night abruptly walked out of talks. there are 11,000 students who need to go back to school. we need to be back in the classroom. the fact that they're not moving or budging and offering the same exact thing they have been offering all along is just unacceptab unacceptable. >> the district maintains giving in to teachers' demands would jeopardize student programs. a controversial raid by the san francisco police department. chief bill scott facing calls to resign after police raided a freelance journalist's home friday. they say the raid may have violated the law. yesterday the police commission released a statement calling the
5:34 am
chief a leader with high integrity. but the police officer's union is calling for him to resign. parking lot police will soon be equipped with a new weapon that may save lives. all officers will be carrying narcan. it is that nasal spray that limits impact when someone is overdosing on opioids. sfpd has been carrying it since 2015. all bart officers are trained to administer it. a transient is in custody after officers found a home made pipe bomb in his possession. that's what you see there. it started yesterday as a loitering report. the bomb squad had to be called to remove that device. they found a suspect in possession of a stun gun, drugs and burglary tools. they say the suspect is wanted in connection with a separate felony. happening today, bay area
5:35 am
memorial day events to remember america's fallen military heroes. the 151st flag raising and parade at the presidio. uss hornet memorial tribute at 11 a.m. a live look at dublin traffic camera. 18 people died across the state. so far this holiday weekend were not wearing seatbelts. there have been at least 741 drunk driving arrests. chp reminds people to either call a cab or rideshare if they're impaired or range for a designated driver. many of you are planning to hit the water today. the delta is supposed to be very busy. contra costa reminding boaters to be safe as well. anybody under the age of 20 who operates a vessel must have a
5:36 am
state boater card. all boats must have a live jacket for every single person on board whether or not they're wearing them. deputies will be out in full force for anyone under the influence as well. a look at this memorial day monday. you should probably ride a bus, bike or use rideshare. parking lots at the south and north end are closed today. officials want to keep traffic flowing and prevent any backups. google took the color out of its home page to pay tribute this memorial day. here's a look at the front page. you can see there is an american flag at the bottom of the screen, along with a link that asks americans to pause at one minute at 3:00 this morning this afternoon for a national moment of remembrance. 35:36.
5:37 am
still nothing to report. hopefully this is nothing serious. i will check out the chp reports. we have holiday light traffic. let's get a look at how our overall drive times are doing throughout the bay area. if i fast forward, the clicker does not want to advance. overall i can tell you that the drive times are doing pretty good. we don't have any major delays. in fact, a quick reminder if you take mass transit, keep in mind that muni, parking lot, the vta, east transit, a lot of the areas are mass transit companies are under a sunday schedule. keep that in mind and make sure that you check that before you leave the door. you don't want to get caught up in that >> what if you want to get around in the sierra. look at the snow-filled memorial day in the mountains. many roads in and out of yosemite closed because of all the snow in late may. some tourists became stranded.
5:38 am
they are able to get out using 140 and el portal road. in kingvale, drives had to stop and put on chains yesterday. just very, very strange. >> nobody is wearing the proper snow coat. they're in hoodies. that is california for you. >> the weekend is looking warmer. a big change. a look at saturday's forecast. those of you disappointed that maybe you didn't have the sunniest beach day this weekend, i have great news. 68 at the coast. the bay will be in the 70s. look at the inland temperatures. 80 degrees. i know finally, right? it took a little bit of time to heat up. but, hey, we're getting there. as far as your sunday forecast, expect it to be one of the were whattest days so far. 82 degrees for inland areas. some of the inland spots might
5:39 am
even reach mid-80s. the bay at 71 degrees. coastal areas can expect a lot of sunshine with just a couple of clouds. might look breezy at times. if you're heading out to santa cruz because a lot of people were asking about the santa cruz forecast this past weekend, try again next weekend. 66 degrees by 3:00 p.m. climbing into the upper 60s, low 70s, plenty of sunshine to go around. i'll send it back to you. good to know. 5:30 right now. coming up next, new concern at one san diego migrant shelter. why many children are under quarantine new details on the northern california man killed by a shark in hawaii and the stunned reaction from his friends.
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good morning. it is 5:42. and, no, this isn't a look at the past winter. this is a live look at squawk korea, lake tahoe. snow fell over the weekend. and it looks like now we have a warmup in the way not just for lake tahoe but the rest of the bay area. that coming up in just a bit. and keeping an eye on the traffic conditions for you. light holiday traffic with a shot of the richmond approaching the san rafael bridge. no major accidents. your drive times coming up. thanks, vianey. this morning we are learning more about a northern california man who was killed in a shark attack in hawaii over the weekend. >> his name is thomas smiley. he worked as an optometrist in
5:43 am
sacramento. a shark attacked him 60 yards off the coast of maui saturday. yesterday a bouquet of flowers was next to a sharks spotted sign. >> a loss to the profession, mostly to his family, friends, community. very community-minded. sorry. he's going to be sorrily missed. >> this is the fifth deadliest shark attack in hawaii's history. the last was in 2015. smiley leaves behind a wife, three children and six grandchildren. a freak accident over the weekend in riverside. a father and mother and child were hurt after the car malfunctioned and they were ejected. all are expected to survive.
5:44 am
the mother was very badly hurt. the fire department says a water pump was not working at the bottom of the ride. >> it scared me. we wanted to make sure everyone is okay. who wants to go on rides like that right now? >> the top operator is safety and trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. many people are wondering why horses are still racing at a southern california racetrack. the third death in nine days and the 26th since december. some experts blaming the rainy weather for creating dangerous track conditions. the horse deaths continue regularly. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will be here on friday. she'll have a townhall gathering at lany college in oakland. meanwhile, vermont senator bernie sanders will be in san jose saturday speaking at a rally at arena green east.
5:45 am
kamala harris plans to attend a reception hosted by planned parenthood friday night in san francisco. visit the come during the democratic convention. there are they are among 14 presidential candidates expected to attend this weekend. quarter to 6:00 right now. new this morning, immigrant families and children's are being quarantined. officials say at least 32 people have flu-like symptoms this week. at least one migrant is in the hospital. ten families are being cared for by public health nurses in hotels. doctors are working to determine the strain of the flu. california one step closer to allowing safe injection sites. the state assembly passed a controversial measure that would allow the city of san francisco to open a facility where people could use drugs under supervision. city leaders argue it is necessary to help ease both the chronic drug and homelessness problem. last year they showed off what the site would look like.
5:46 am
the bill has to pass the state net and be signed by the governor. quarter to 6:00. a critical deadline in sacramento coming up this friday is the last day for california lawmakers to pass or reject bills that originated is each chamber. key decisions this week involve trying to rein in police use of force, preventing rent spikes, and altering labor laws for gig workers. the surviving billings will be considered by the opposing chamber before lawmakers adjourn in september. on top of memorial day weekend festivitiefestivities, francisco also displayed carnival. the grandpa raid features colorful floats and performers in multicultural outfits. this year's theme is culture heals.
5:47 am
well, when it comes to curfews, bottlerock does not mess around. the first headliner to feel the sting was neil young who was bringing down the house when they pulled the plug at 10:00. they didn't stop them from finishing out the song. the crowd kept going and the band kept playing even though they were unplugged. in the past other headliners had been victim to the same 10:00 p.m. curfew. >> let the buildup again. the warriors quest for the final four. >> toronto, yes, toronto fans are celebrating the first finals berth. raptors beat milwaukee in game 6 on saturday night to capture the eastern conference championship. they host games 1 and 2 starting thursday. a live look at oracle. the warriors will host games 3 and 4, along with 6 if necessary. we probably don't need to remind you the warriors are playing in
5:48 am
their fifth straight finals, having won the previous three of four. game 1 in toronto. game 3 june 6th. celebrities courtside during the nba finals. drake a big fan of the raptors. he's from toronto. e-40 posted this photo with he and drake. no word on any beef so far. we will see what kind of bets they will have going. >> this is the first time we have had a canadian team in the finals? international? . >> maybe. i don't know. >> okay. we'll google it while vianey tells us about the weather. >> a couple changes up ahead. i know the rain probably scared folks thinking, oh, no, my memorial monday will be ruined. the rain off to the south of us. right now in san francisco, this is a live look. you can certainly see the gray clouds. 51 degrees.
5:49 am
wind speeds above 13 miles per hour. a live look of downtown san j e jose. 53 degrees. it will keep the blanket of coolness throughout our day. temperatures will go up just a little bit. satellite radar right now, i want to show you where the system is. again, we're not tracking any big rain for today. just a couple of areas with very light chances of popup showers. in stability is still up. residual moisture behind. aside from that, hey, expecting an overall dry sunday. breezy conditions will continue, especially hanging out over the coastline. 61 for san francisco. 63 for oakland. san jose, 67. and the north bay climbing into the 70s. now, any time we see rain of course that helps clear out some of that pollen. big help or our allergies. trees, weeds, and mold are low. grass is still a little moderate. if you have something that, you know, might calm that down, keep that in mind as you head out the door. the next seven days, we will
5:50 am
keep the sunshine in the forecast. a warmup on the way. 64 as we head into tomorrow. today will be in the low 60s. we'll notice our temperatures increase the next several days. looking ahead to next weekend, check out saturday and sunday for san francisco. 70 degrees. finally sunshine and 70s. 80s for yes or inland temperatu. wednesday and thursday, sunshine will prevail. upper 70s on the map. overnight lows will remain in the 50s. check out friday. 78 degrees. again, plan to hang out outside next weekend. maybe you have an outdoor party. 81 saturday. warming up sunday to 82 degrees. we will welcome the summer into the start of june. we look forward to that. a check of the roads right now. not a lot to report. i did look into the crash i saw pop up earlier. chp reporting something on
5:51 am
southbound 101 near chavez street exit. i'm not noticing any big incident report. it could be a road hazard where they're off to the side. hopefully everybody is okay. westbound 80, highway 4 to the bay bridge, 15 minutes. westbound 580 from 238 to the bay bridge, about 15 minutes. and northbound 880, northbound and southbound typically get busy around the 5:51 hour. not today. 238 to the bay bridge, looking at about 14 minutes. and a quick reminder, holiday mass transit schedules, including ace, bart, vta and muni all on a sunday schedule. make sure to check the websites. make it to work on time if you have to work. quick reminder, if you use parking lot, they are in a parking holiday. you don't have to feed the meters with the exception of long-term parking and airport parking. so you still have to pay for long term parking. maybe you have a day trip.
5:52 am
you're heading out to some sort of festivities, you will be a-okay. i'll send it back to you. >> our researchers looked into it and will be the first international nba finals. well, drum roll, please. more than 500 russian drummers setting a world record. they set it for the largest drum crescendo. i wouldn't want to be the very first guy. it happened yesterday in st. petersburg, russia. drummers came from russia, ukraine and belarus to break the record. it was set in sao paulo, brazil in march with 100. a missing 5-year-old girl. elizabeth shelly last seen at her family's home in logan early saturday morning. her uncle is in custody and not
5:53 am
being cooperative. whipple had a history of drug problem. it is 5:52. coming up next on "today in the bay", cracking down on teen vaping. the changes schools across the u.s. are considering. plus, the new frontier of medicine. how a 3d printed arm is changing a 14-year-old's life.
5:54 am
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out new wildfire evacuation plans .. created in large part by welcome back to you. sonoma county set to put out new wildfire evacuation plans by the 2017 firestorm. population density, road networks key factors. the tubbs fire in 2017 destroyed 5,300 homes and killed 22 people in santa rosa, one of the most destructive wildfires in california history. 5:56. oakland school budget arrives now threatening a program credited with helping to reduce student suspensions. the district is facing a $60 million shortage next year. this month, 15 of 31 employees on the restorative justice staff were laid off, resigned or had their hours reduced. the "chronicle" has been praised
5:57 am
by helping to reduce suspension rates. now the district is considering cutting it altogether amid an ongoing teen vaping epidemic, people are trying to figure out what to do. the national association of secondary school principals said many districts are considering new disciplinary action on ecigarettes on school grounds. according to the cdd, ecigarettes have overtaken cigarettes. last year one in five u.s. hole students reported vaping sometime in the previous month. a major change to the way liver transplants are organized in this country. >>. >> john torres reports on the new policy. >> reporter: miles never wanted to move away from new york city. his home and a place he loves. >> i can't imagine another place i'd want to live. >> but caine and desperately seriously ill needed a liver
5:58 am
transplant. more than 13,000 patients are on the waiting list for a liver. a third living in new york, california, and texas. caine's doctor said to find a state with a shorter list. so he moved to north carolina where he ultimately received a transplant. >> you will go to where you think your life can be saved. you're kind of in survival mode. >> organs have been distributed locally. some say that regional system is out of date. >> when the old system was designed, there were fewer people waiting. fewer transplant centers. fewer patients. and the balance on different parts of the country wasn't as critical of an issue. >> the united network of organ sharing recently launched a major overhaul, expanding the area to 500 nautical miles. >> we believe that where you live shouldn't determine your likelihood of getting a transplant.
5:59 am
>> but in a major development, 14 leading transplant centers sued saying the new system unfairly penalized rural patients. >> our area was about two-thirds of tennessee previously. >> dr. seth carr, said the new system will funnel too many local livers to urban patients. >> in an ideal world, in a perfect situation, shouldn't it go to the sickest person who needs it? >> i think that is one way to look at this. and the question then is who ultimately is the sickest per n person? >> that is determined by lab tests. but the doctor's patients suffer from other factors, poverty and lack of care that can increase the risk of death. >> the problem is the way it is calculated, it does not affect poor and rural patients. >> so the old regional distribution system is back in play for now. a brewing battle over the best way to save lives. dr. john torres, nbc news. new video showing a new frontier creating new poli
6:00 am
possibilities for a 14-year-old north carolina girl. she's like 1-teens but one thing sets her apart and that's a hero arm. they used a 3d printer. it has light touch, hard grip. here's how it works. the mind sends signals down her mind. the sensors activates it. >> that's amazing. even playing violin. president trump focuses on trade talks and tensions with north korea. >> i want to just make that clear. we're looking for no nuclear weapons. a live report from washington on talks between president trump and the japanese prime minister. a live look. as you plan your barbecue events, we're tracking what you can


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