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tv   Today  NBC  May 27, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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minutes. >> yeah. pretty smooth out there. happy memorial day to you. newscast at 11:00. relentless threat. the storm-weary southern plains bracing for more severe weather today after yet another round of deadly tornados. >> we had debris on top of us. >> meanwhile, the south baked by a record-shattering heat wave. the forecast to plan your holiday ahead. pomp and substance overnight president trump meets japan's new emperor doing an elaborate ceremony before serious talks with the prime minister on the economy, iran, and north korea. >> i am very happy with the way it's going and intelligent people agree with me. >> the latest in a live report from tokyo
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miracle in maui. new details on the dramatic rescue of that hiker in hawaii and her harrowing 17-day ordeal lost in the woods. >> it did come down to life and death and i had to choose, and i chose life. >> this morning her incredible story in her own words and our interview with the rescuers who never lost hope and found her. all that, plus everest overcrowding the death toll rising on the world's tallest peak is a traffic jam of climbers to blame? fatal shark attack the warning after tourist is killed near a popular resort the first deadly attack in the u.s. this year. and fallen heroes. the nation pauses to remember the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. today, memorial day, monday, may 27th, 2019
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>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today. thanks for joining us on this memorial day i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones. hoda and savannah have the morning off. we have a lot to talk t first of all, the rescue o amanda eller she was least in the hawaiian forest for 17 days. >> she says she chose life that was the only way she was able to survive. we will hear from her. also the three men who rescued her. a harrowing feat. we'll get to that in a moment we start with that weather parts of the south and midwest facing the threat of dangerous storms once again after a weekend of even more tornados, including a deadly twister near oklahoma city. in the southeast record-breaking heat waves are intensifying. we will get to dylan's forecast in a moment. we start with nbc's kerry sanders at the scene of the latest tornado kerry, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, craig. this was a motel on saturday darkness, a powerful ef-3 tornado touched down here. residents say they warning at all. just a momentary blip on thr phones know down, hitting where they were. two people died residents of el reno living a nightmare following a crushing one-two punch from mother nature. >> we saw a green flash in the air and then we started hearing the noise of the tornado, the sirens. >> reporter: a deadly and destructive ef-3 tornado ripping through the small oklahoma suburb saturday night with violent wind clocking in at 140 miles per hour the powerful twister leveling a motel and devastating a nearby trailer park. >> i opened the front door and heard a sound that i never want to hear again.
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>> reporter: shane clark says he didn't think he and his wife would survive the terrifying moments when the tornado tore apart their home. >> the house exploded. i remember us flipping in the air and spinning around and landing. i looked around for a second and it was just pitch black. >> reporter: crews now sifting through the rubble the town dealing with more loss just days after widespread flooding swept through the area. >> we need your prayers right now. pray for us. the main thing is we have to pick the pieces up. >> reporter: another tornado carving a path of destruction near tulsa homes, businesses, and schools left damaged the storm's powerful winds toppling trees in the town of sapulpa people staying off the streets because of downed power lines. overnight more severe weather roaring through the region
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making recovery efforts even harder for those who lost everything in a matter of minutes. on this memorial day where we remember those who died in service of this country there are 250 members of the oklahoma national guard who have been remembering those fallen in the line of servs well as helping help bu sandbagging for flooding in tulsa area the mayor says the levees were built in the 1940s an been stressed with this much wate residents who live in those vulnerable may hav >> heartbreaking to watch. >> dealing with so much in the midwest. thank you. >> dylan is in for al this morning. she has more on today's severe weather risk and the scorching temperatures in the southeast. >> good morning. the records will continue in the southeast. we will likely see record flooding across parts of the
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plains as it is ongoing. we have strengthening storms moving through south central iowa also north central missouri. we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect right now, damaging winds, large hail we can't rule out tornados, although there are no tornado watches or warnings in effect right now. we have flash flood watches and flash flood warnings the arkansas river should crest by the end of this week up to 42 feet. the record is 38 feet. so we are certainly going to surpass that as the rain continues. as for this severe threat today, the strongest storms, one in the midwest, one towards western nebraska 26 million people at risk. four more spin-up tornados winds up to 60 miles per hour or higher and large hail and torrential downpours tomorrow western nebraska, that shifts to the east, and the southeast, too, including parts of northwestern missouri, eastern kansas and parts of oklahoma as well with all the same threats we have been seeing lately this frontal system slowly moving to the east
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chicago a chance of storms late this evening and then it will move to the eastern great lakes and the interior northeast going into tuesday we are expecting a lot of folks traveling today of course in the air and on the roads your trouble spots at the airports, minneapolis, chicago, kansas city. especially later today on the roads the same general area we could see things slow going with the torrential downpours and potential for flash flooding. >> thank you. meanwhile, president trump is spending memorial day in japan, and ornight during stunning ceremony at the imperial palace he became the first world leader to meet japan's new emperor. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson is traveling with the president she was there. good morning should i say good evening to you? >> reporter: you can say both, craig. good evening and good morning. as you are getting ready for breakfast, president trump is getting ready to wrap up a dinner here with japan's new emperor. the day's biggest diplomatic news deals not with the country
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we are a different country, north korea. president trump's contradicts his host here and own top aides by downplaying pyongyang's latest provocation a dismissive determination from president trump this morning, brushing off north korea's latest missile tests. >> it doesn't matter. >> reporter: but it does matter very much to neighboring japan the prime minister saying the tests violate u.n. security council resolutions. the president's own national security advisor agrees. >> my people think it could have been a violation, as you know. i view it differently. i view it as a man, perhaps he wants to get attention, and perhaps not. who knows? >> reporter: president trump insists it's still possible kim jong un could eventually denuclearize, but adds he is in no rush to get a deal there and has into regrets about his tweet that seemed to side with the north korean dictator against a potential 2020 rival joe biden. >> well, kim jong un made a statement that joe biden is a
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low-i.q. indivual. he probably is based on his record i think i agree with him on that. >> in term you are supporting a dictato instead of an american vice president? >> joe biden was a disaster. his administration with president obama, they were basically a disaster when it came to so many things, whether it was economy, whether it was military, defense. no matter what it was, they had a lot of problems. so i'm not a fan. >> reporter: the president is a fan of prime minister shinzo abe. the two leaders making a point to emphasize their friendship. in a trip that's all about relationships, including the one between the trumps and japan's royals together today at tokyo's imperial palace. this is really rare access for foreigners on the grounds of the palace this is the centerpiece of president trump's visit to tokyo. he is now the first world leader to meet japan's new emperor. the pomp and pageantry continuing at a formal state banquet after the weekend's sumo
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diplomacy that left the president impressed. >> they are bigger and stronger than i even thought. >> reporter: as for trade, which was another big topic on the agenda, no trade deal between the u.s. and japan at the end of this trip. that's not surprising. president trump said he wanted to wait until after japan's parliamentary elections this summer to work some kind of an agreement out. back to you. >> hallie, thank you. also this morning new details are emerging in that amazing story of survival from hawaii a hiker found alive more than two weeks after she disappeared in a dense forest in maui. in a moment we will talk to the volunteers who spotted her from a helicopter first, molly hunter has more on the miraculous rescue. molly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at the start of the trail that it's one of the densest parts of the forest vegetation really overgrown. you can see how easy it would be to become disoriented and lost
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this morning, overcome with relief >> i have the most gratitude and respect and appreciation i can't even put it into words for the people that have helped me. >> reporter: amanda eller found alive after 17 treacherous days lost and alone in the maui jungle airlifted to a hospital, eller suffering a broken leg, severe sunburns and a skin infection. >> the last 17 days of my life have been the toughest days of my life. >> reporter: the terrifying ordeal started may 8th when the 35-year-old yoga instructor and physical therapist went for a three-mile hike in the forest. she stopped to meditate and rest and got disoriented. without her phone for gps she became lost in the 2,000-acre reserve. >> there were times of total fear and loss and wanting to give life and death and i had to choose, and i chose life i wasn't going to take the easy way out.
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>> reporter: she survived on jungle fruit and river water, sleeping in mud for warmth and crawling when she could no longer walk after falling off a 20-foot cliff. her family had moments of despair, but never gave up hope. >> her mental strength more than anything if anybody could survive that, it was her. >> reporter: an army of volunteers searched relentlessly day after day. >> we were exploring the gulches and waterfalls and pools. >> reporter: javier cantellops, friend and part of a private rescue team, describes the elation when eller was spotted below from the helicopter. >> they were like, oh my god, coming out of the woodwork like a mirage bam! that's amanda. >> everybody was saying, we found her, we found her! it was awesome we only had ten more minutes left we were running out of fuel. >> reporter: and her family filled with immense joy. >> it's just a miracle. >> just seeing the power of prayer and the power of love
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when everybody combines their efforts is incredible. >> reporter: and later today right here on the island a big celebration thanking the community and rescuers for rallying together to bring her home guys >> molly, thank you. we are joined by the men who were on that helicopter and rescued amanda eller chris berquist, javier cantellops and troy helman good to see javier, let me start with you. as i understand it, as the search went on for days and weeks, you had this hunch about where she was and how she was doing. what was that hunch? >> i just felt that she was alive, man i was pretty much telling myself or telling everybody, you know, if we haven't found here and we haven't smelled her, that's because she is on the move and she is moving out and she is just way farther out than we think she is. >> we heard about the conditions that she had to endure how much of her survival,
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javier, is because of who she is >> i think a lot of her survival has to do with who she is. her experience in the forest itself her knowledge of the vegetation. bu her physical therapy, you know, her expertise in the human anatomy, i think that her injuries, she was able to treat them and treat herself pretty much was able to assess her situation out in the field and be able to move forward with the injuries. >> chris, what do you think the most important decision she made was that kept her alive? >> deciding she wanted to stay alive, absolutely. the body can do the will and spirit can do more. she was out there long enough that somebody with a lesser spirit to live may not have made it out that and staying by water helped us out a lot in finding her. >> troy, spotting her is one thing. actually getting to her is another. talk about the challenges of the actual rescue.
7:15 am
let alon i heard you were dealing with wild boars, all sorts of challenges what was it like >> yeah. definitely wild boars. there was a bunch of obstacles the first thing was drop us off on the opposite side of the gulch and we couldn't get down to her so the helicopter pilot, pete, had to come back and pick us up and drop us off on the other side they happened to drop us off right on my hunting trail. so i knew the layout i knew the place we were doing leapfrog through a bunch of the ferns and then we got to a spot where i was actually telling everybody to go right and she was actually on the left but we made a little circle, came over the top, and dropped right down on top of her it was pretty awesome. >> javier, we have seen this video and the emotions are palpable just to us. and i know that you knew amanda before all of this when you are hugging her and she is hugging you guys, what is she
7:16 am
saying what was that moment like for all of you >> it was pure elation for us. i got to tell you, it was a surreal moment for all three of us in the helicopter, we went way past cloud nine getting there and hugging her and being a part of it, actually troy and chris, they had never met amanda before. that was the first time they had ever been with her i had known her before wrapping my arms around her was the greatest moment i could say of my life no doubt about it. >> she is lucky it was you three guys looking for her congratulations. >> she did say her -- >> go ahead. >> she said her prayers were answered though, too. >> i bet >> okay, chris, javier, troy, thank you, gentlemen. thank you, thank you >> thank you. >> thank you guys so much. >> that's great. another major story in maui this morning shark warnings are posted after the first deadly attack in the u.s. this week -- this year
7:17 am
nbc's kathy park with the latest on that. >> such a tragic story good morning the water is a popular place to be this holiday weekend. in two separate incidents that shark attack in hawaii and an alligator attack in florida, ordinary swims took nightmarish turns. >> reporter: this morning beachgoers in hawaii on edge and keeping their eyes open. it's believed a shark killed 65-year-old thomas smiley of california who was vacationing in maui. >> it was really traumatic to see. >> reporter: smiley, an optometrist who just retired in january, was swimming 60 yards from the shore. >> it looked like the skin on his wrist was just torn off. i got looking closer and his entire left leg from his knee down was missing. >> reporter: first responders pulled smiley in by jet ski, but he was pronounced dead from his injuries on the scene. officials later posting warning signs on the beach the island hasn't seen a deadly shark attack since 2015.
7:18 am
also this weekend a different attack in the water, this one in florida where a woman is recovering from injuries caused by nearly a nine-foot alligator. >> rescue 29. >> responding to port st. john parkway. >> reporter: first responders rushing to an east florida pond in an effort to save 26-year-old nicolle tillman. >> next thing we know we pull her out. her side and thigh was open. >> reporter: nearly a dozen people were in the water unaware of the danger lurking below. >> 30 seconds later i see a gator head pop up. >> reporter: he wrapped the badly injured woman with towels and shirts before helping arrived. then a gator trapper moved in to remove the reptile. >> the exact same spot where the incident happened is where he was caught. >> reporter: this holiday weekend experts reminding swimmers to always be on alert while in the water. >> and we should note that these kinds of attacks are rare, but in the case of the florida alligator attack experts say
7:19 am
with the weather warming up gators have become more active this time of year. so if you happen to see one, keep your distance also, don't feed the gators. not only is it dangerous, it's illegal. >> thank you. dylan is back with the rest of our holiday forecast. what are we looking at >> coming up we will have more on the record heat in the southeast. for now that's a look at the weather across the country we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. in we've got a live look at walnut creek.
7:20 am
a combination of dark clouds and the sun peeking through. we may get a couple of light showers popping up in the santa cruz mountains. for the most part, it will not impact your monday. expect the cloud cover to really stick around with afternoon partial clearing. breezy conditions. temperatures topping out in the mid-60s. low 70s in the north bay. san jose, 67 degrees. 60s by the coast. >> that's your latest forecast. just ahead, another fatality on mount everest it overcrowding to blame this morning the victim's own warning days before his death. a busy season for stretch limousines before you ride in one an exclusive look at the results of crash tests you need to see. first, this is "today" on nbc. n.
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a 1regd morning to you. i'm laura garcia. three people accused of robbery and high-speed chase through contra costa county. the car crashed into another car on highway 4 in antioch. video shows what appears to be a cash drawer and coins. police also say officers recovered a handgun. it all started with a robbery at a marauga gas station. officers picked up the chase in lafayette. three juvenile suspects are now in custody. so far no word on injuries in the suspects or crash victims. let's check that forecast for this memorial day holiday. vianey is pulling double duty in for kari and mike.
7:27 am
>> that's right. we have cloud cover. at least it's dry for today. our temperatures, 52 degrees in san jose. we will be keeping a lot of cloud cover around for the majority of the day. microclimate highs in the low six for san francisco. 64 palo alto. 68 in concord. this is going to set us up for warmer temperatures as we head towards the workweek. still keeping breezy conditions as we head around. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, you'll notice much better clearing out there, which means more sunshine but also a warmup in the temperatures climbing into the 70s in san francisco. and 80s on the map for inland areas. so in addition to the great weather today, we also have had pretty good commute out there. take a look at the roads. right to a look at how the roads are doing. one, two cars on the approach to the san raf rell bridge. pretty empty. no metering lights. a live look right now at the
7:28 am
golden gate bridge plaza. so far so good out on the roads. lawyer are. >> thanks so much. another local news update in half an hour. have a good morning.
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♪ we're back at 7:30 on this memorial day morning with a look at our nation's most hallowe ground, arlington national cemetery, the final resting place for thousands of u.s. service men and women who we remember and honor today. >> there is a tendency on memorial day, the unofficial start of summer to think it's about beer and barbecue. an apt reminder it's so much more. >> yes, that is why we mar day. now to a check of the headlines. residents in el reno, oklahoma, are picking up the pieces after a deadly tornado ripped through their city saturday night with violent winds clocking in at 140 miles per hour the powerful twister leveling a
7:31 am
motel and devastating a nearby trailer park at least two people were killed. dozens more were injured and take a look at this dramatic footage from inside an oklahoma city chick-fil-a on friday night. terrified customers, look at this, leaping through the restaurant's drive-through window to seek shelter there was a threat of more severe weather today dylan will have the full forecast. president trump is spending this memorial day in japan as part of a four-day state visit earlier today the president met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe to talk about issues including north korea. president trump saying he did not believe the north's latest missile test violated u.n. resolutions contrary of the believes of japan and mr. trump's own national security advisor. >> my people think it could have been a violation, as you know. i view it differently. i view it as a man, perhaps he wants to get attention and perhaps not. who knows? >> president trump insists it is still possible kim jong un could
7:32 am
eventually denuclearize, but adds he is in, quote, no rush to get a deal there. racing fans all over the world still talking about the dramatic finish at the indy 500. >> the homestretch, less than half a mile, simon pagenaud. he wins the indy 500 >> he took the checkered flt the brickyard. they swapped the lead five times over the final 13 laps pagenaud is the first frenchman to win in more than 100 years it was it the 18th win at for he >> quite the rice. -- quite the race. now to alarming concerns with overcrowding at the top of mount everest. this is one of the deadliest climbing seasons there in years with the latest tragedy over the weekend and the climber who died had sounded the alarm about the situation just days earlier.
7:33 am
nbc's sarah harmon has this story. good morning. >> craig, good morning standing in line at mount everest is not like standing in line at the supermarket. climbers actually compare it to being underwater because at that altitude you are struggling to breathe the whole time a human traffic jam. climbers packed like sardines waiting to summit the world's highest peak a british climber died achievin his goal >> this is hard work. >> reporter: in his final instagram post fisher shared his fears the overcrowding could prove deadly writing, with a single route to the summit delays caused by overcrowding could prove fatal the 44-year-old thought to have died of altitude sickness during descent from the 29,000 foot peak overcrowding in the death zone can be especially dangerous because oxygen is scarce. >> your body begins to degrade
7:34 am
and you are in this race to get to the top and get back down before something deadly happens. >> reporter: on friday, another experienced climber, irishman kevin heinz, died during descent. el viernes otra earlier this month, utah climber don cash also died during descent. de utah his son recalling his pride of l completing his seventh summit. >> the last message he sent to me personally, i love this, heú said "i feel so blessed to be om the mountain that i read about for the last 40 years." de po >> reporter: climbing everest was once a bucket list item for hardcore mountaineers. as the subir expeditions el popular, but scenes like this have becom the norm actress mandy moore is on a trek to everest base camp during oneñ of the deadliest years in istasa decades. actriz >> we are at 14'4". está en a having some lunch. done for the day. ya almorzamo >> reporter: nepal issuing a ú record 381 everest permits to ñ
7:35 am
foreign climbers this season each one costs $11,000, and ist that's just the permit. the sherpa, the oxygen tanks, óo all costs extra. the experience of a lifetime no even riskier than ever. los sh and it is no coincidence that these deaths are happening on the descent. no es un experienced climbers tell you going down is actually more ol dangerous because you are exhausted and you start to lose focus. dirán que bajar add in overcrowding and delays, it's a recipe for disaster. áe >> that's awful. >> thank you let's turn to your holiday forecast with dylan. >> yeah, unfortunately we have to watch for severe weather again. gracias may has been brutal with sarah tornados.. we have seen significant el cd tornados this month. brutal c 23 of 26 days dí this month reporting tornados across 28as states. de este mes, 409 tornado reports. se han the average is closer to about n 250. 28
7:36 am
so we are certainly seeing above average tornados with most of those tornados being in tornadoo alley. once again that same zone we have to watch today for storms to fire up especially refiring s up later on this evening and into the overnight hours we also have exceptional heat, temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average. trabajenemo these cities have the potential to break records today. promedi augusta, georgia, got up to 101 breaking the record.cords en imas around 95 to 100 degrees. de 9 atlanta will likely tie a record. wilmington will break a record with 98 degrees. jacksonville 98, forecasting gr 100. jacksonville el récord s then you factor in the humidity on top of that and it is going to be brutal in that area. 100 s then on tuesday the heat starts to spread to the north. brutal we will get up to 90 norfolk. á washington, d.c., close to 90, as well. norte, then later in the week we are áa going to stay hot in d.c. untiln friday when it drops to 86 va degrees. cleveland 80 on wednesday, dropping to 71 by friday that's a look at the
7:37 am
it's cool and cloudy right now in san francisco. 51 degrees. wind speeds 14 miles per hour. another breezy afternoon. here's a live look at san jose. 52 degrees. our temperatures will eventually warm up but remain cool, topping out into the mid and upper 60s in through the afternoon for the coast, bay and inland areas. concord, 68. at leave the majority of the rain has moved out and we are expecting a mostly dry memorial monday with plenty of clouds. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you a nationwide outbreak of cyberattacks.gracias, computers in a major u.s. city being held hostage. aumento de wait until you hear what hackeé, apparently used to do it. hay also ahead, are you sober l curious? inside the growing movement and alcohol-free bars that are tée sweeping the nation. adelanteáa plus a new way to look at "game of thrones." how the stars reacted to some of the hit show's surprising twista and turns. a first, with graduation and f wedding season in high gear an eye-opening look at limo safety
7:38 am
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7:43 am
>> good morning. that's right each year bridal parties and teens heading off to prom ride in limos sure, they may make for a good picture, but are they safe sometimes passengers don't even bother to buckle up. in the aftermath of that crash that killed 20 people in upstate new york last fall questions are being raised about the safety of limos. qu in this exclusive we were maóo invited to a stretch-limo crash test as you'll see, the video speaks, for itself. trajo once a stretch limo, now all that remains is a mangled mess of metal. la this is a crash test simulationu but in july of 2015, four womenn were killed when their limo crashed in long island, new do york. de 2015, 4 mujeres and last october a birthday celebration in upstate new york turned tragic in this stretch a limo accident. pasado una in all, 20 people killed, including four sisters and twoá brothers it was the most deadly limusina transportation accident in the u.s. in almost a decade.muriero4
7:44 am
but what is it that makes limo accidents especially dangerousá now, to show you what happens é when a stretch limo like this s crashes with dummies inside, wes are at cape. para this is one of the leading crash test facilities for commercial vehicles, and this is nick.adent he is the head engineer here. l nick, what are we seeing today? >> we are looking for how the e passengers fare in this test. >> reporter: let me show you. ¿ there are passengers inside. ve here we go. día de hoy?. this is one passenger. she is not wearing her seatbelt. there are two more back here. u a total of five passengers in the back of the limo. tenemos s engineers installing sensors and rigging cameras all over the course even high-speed cameras to capture every frame. now one final check inside the limo and in the control room they are getting ready, too. >> 10-4, we confirm brake check. stand by for countdown >> reporter: the crash seconds away. >> three, two, one >> reporter: now watch as this
7:45 am
stretch limo speeding at 35 óa miles an hour heads right towards that wall. limusina a 3 whoa look from a different angle. this is the moment the front of the limo smashes in. now in slow motion smoke filling the air, debris flying everywhere. look at all that damage. lent that is just 35 miles an hour. >> and that is not uncommon. rs obviously, cars are traveling at higher speeds. they sometimes have the chance to pre-brake before impact. >> reporter: this is the oue of the limo. could we take a es el exteri look inside? >> yeah. >> reporter: there was a woman sitting right here. aqui habí whoa, where did she go? una ée from the inside it is chaos. this unbelted passenger becoming a projectile in slow motion that passenger flying through the air, head smashing into the roof. cámara inside the limo it looks like e this passenger is wedged underneath the seat? >> yeah, she was seated in the back of the limousine. ella ed clearly, she moved all the way to the front and wedged herself underneath that cushion. hasta >> reporter: how bad are some of the injuries in here do you an
7:46 am
think? pasó por debajo de ese >> it's a serious if not fatal injury. ¿ qué tan serias son >> reporter: what about the belted passenger? serían muy s this belted passenger experienced major whiplash. est what about this passenger? >> so this passenger was belteó with a three-point belt, but slid down underneath the belt. it's not an ideal place to findu yourself. cinturó >> reporter: we showed senator o chuck schumer the results of the test. >> it's mayhem she is a projectile. le mosta >> reporter: she ends up es u. underneath the seat. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: in a three-year span, two deadly limousine se accidents occurred -- hope state, puttin a spotlight on the industry's lack of regulation what's the most concerning part of this? ¿ cuál es la parte ma >> it's sort of the wild west. anybody in a garage can stretch them for every inch you stretch theme the more dangerous the limo get with no regulations. oeste >> reporter: once they are ca modified, they are no longer regulated? una vez que se modi >> they're no longer regulad there are no rules about what n
7:47 am
kind of safety standards should be in those. >> reporter: when people get y into limos like this, seatbeltsa are an afterthought? en >> exactly there aren't regulations about those. ni siquiera están regu. >> reporter: would you ever let a loved one get in a limo? >> i would be really careful about it i would be worried. ¿ subiría. >> we reached out to the national limousine association offering them the opportunity to comment on the crash test, but they didn't respond to our repeated requests. guys, back to you. >> good information. thank you. just ahead on "popstart" this morning, a wild story from taylor swift on what nearly wrecked one of the biggest interviews of her career. first, these messages. ok, ok. look, guys.
7:48 am
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good morning. it is 7:55. here's a nice live look over san francisco. 51 degrees. the winds are breezy. a good mix of sun and clouds. thankfully, though, the rain has moved out. still expecting an overall cool afternoon. let's take a look at your microclimate highs for today. we will see a couple of 70s. yesterday we only topped out in the low to mid-60s. santa rosa expecting a high of 71. concord, 68. just a couple of degrees warmer this afternoon. oakland, 63 degrees. if you're heading into the city or hanging out around the coastline, do expect the breezy winds to continue in the evening hours. san jose, high of 67. not a fantastic beach day. dry in santa cruz. the next seven days, pretty good changes ahead. it is coming in the form of
7:57 am
drying out and a good warmup is expected. we will begin to notice the warmup as early as tomorrow, 64 degrees. warmer as we head towards the waoebgsd with upper 70s and 80s in the forecast. still nothing to report. we had a couple of fender-benders but nothing that will really delay your tkphaout. if you plan to taking mass transit, muni, ace, bart, vta under a sunday schedule. for today, no traffic to worry about. fantastic news, scott all right, vianey. happening now, negotiations appear to be going nowhere in the east bay teachers' strike. the union says district leader walked out with talks at an impasse. more talks planned for this morning. the union says it remains foc focused on reaching a deal. memorial day commemoration set to begin across the bay area. some of the largest events
7:58 am
including the annual ceremony at the presidio. we have details at the holiday weeks wrapping up! we )re preparing you to get back into the work week. vianey shows us how much things will heat up. plus, mike )s back to get you ready to head out the door. and we )ll be all over any breaking news that happens overnight. a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill.
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, one-two punch the southern plains still dealing with an ongoing threat as wicked weather batters the region. >> i opened the front door and i heard a sound i never want to hear again. >> for another day of extreme and humidity dylan has your holiday forecast ahead. plus, dry bar. we will take you inside a popular new spot that has everything except alcohol. >> we really want to have more spaces and occasions where being dry is something that's encouraged and completely casual.
8:01 am
>> so, are you sober curious we'll show you what the latest trend is all about. and fun in the sun we're kicking off the summer season with a breakdown of the best shopping deals in store and online then we'll show you a simple barbecue recipe that will feed the whole crowd today, monday, may 27th, 2019 ♪ >> on this memorial day god bless america. >> happy 30th anniversary to my wife lisa. [ cheers ] >> here to celebrate nathan. >> hello, tucson, arizona. >> from michigan. >> from banks, oregon. >> checking "today" off my bucket list. >> happy birthday from new york city to virginia beach to my "today" show-loving friends. >> from california. >> and hawaii. >> for my 88th birthday. yay!
8:02 am
>> a happy birthday to you good crowd on the plaza. welcome back to "today." thanks for joining us on this memorial day morning of course, hoda off with baby hope savannah has the day off i have my good friend sheinelle jones here >> we can' love your coming o twitter and instagram with #mytodayplaza. we'll get out there and say hi in just a bit. >> barbecuing outside as well. first, your news at 8:00 there has been no time to rest or recover in the heart of oklahoma that's where severe flooding was followed by a deadly tornado nbc's kerry sanders with the latest from el reno, oklahoma. kerry e, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. i am just outside of oklahoma city you can see over my shoulder the motel that was struck by the tornado late saturday night under cover of darkness. a tornado estimated to be an
8:03 am
ef-3 winds of about 140 miles per hour came through here remarkably, everybody inside this motel survived. the tornado remained on the ground and on the other side it went into a trailer park where two people died. in the last ten days there have been more than 230 tornados touching down in this part of the country. a real concern because the threat remains it has been a very, very difficult period of time for those who live in this region of the country. craig. >> kerry sanders in oklahoma kerry, thank you. president trump is spending memorial day in japan where this morning he became the first foreign leader to meet the country's new emperor who inherited the throne weeks ago later after talks with japanese prime minister shinzo abe mr. trump contradicted his host. he said he didn't think north korea's recent missile tests violated u.n. resolutions. >> my people think it could have been a violation, as you know. i view it differently.
8:04 am
i view it as a man, perhaps he wants to get attention. perhaps not. wh it doesn't all i know i been >> the president also said h believes the u.s. will work out a new trade deal with japan and eventually end its current trade war with china. at home dangerous cyberattacks causing chaos in a number of cities across the country. the largest, baltimore where hackers are essentially holding city computers hostage we are learning a little bit more about how it started. nbc's tom costello has the latest this is a scary story. >> reporter: every city with thousands of computers frozen by hackers demanding a ransom "the new york times" is uncovering details about the malware attack behind this starting with one of america's top intelligence agencies. guess what it's just a few miles away this morning new details on what's behind a series of cyberattacks crippling cities
8:05 am
across the u.s >> all systems are down. everything >> reporter: including baltimore hit by a ransomware attack three weeks ago leaving thousands of city computers frozen. locking up the city's water bills, health alerts, and traffic payments. >> they told me the system is down, you can't pay nothing. >> reporter: now "the new york times" reports a key component of the malware used by those cyber criminals was developed at the national security agency that according to security experts briefed on the case. "the times" reports the nsa lost control of the tool known as eternal blue in 2017 when an unidentified group calling itself the shadow brokers leaked it online "the times" says eternal blue was then picked up by state sponsored hackers in north korea and china and in russia. the same hackers who targeted the presidential election in 2016 have reportedly used the cyber weapon to compromise hotel wi-fi networks nbc news has not verified "the times" reporting
8:06 am
the nsa and fbi declined to comment to "the times" and nbc news in the baltimore attack they demanded payment in bitcoins worth about $100,000 for the code to unlock the system. a top baltimore official says the city will not pay the ransom. >> people who pay ransoms, they can shut you down again. >> reporter: the latest in a cyber warfare campaign against vulnerable american cities according to analysts 25 local governments have been victimized this year. a similar attack targeted atlanta last year and cost the city millions of dollars to recover. and greenville, north carolina, hit just last month. cybersecurity experts say cash-strapped cities with aging digital infrastructures and really out of date software are the most vulnerable to these kinds of attacks because they lack the resources to build up defenses and then, of course, to pay off the ransomware if that becomes necessary. back to you.
8:07 am
>> wild. tom costello, thank you. nfl legend bart starr is being remembered as a champion on and off the field the hall of fame quarterback died yesterday in alabama. under vince lombardi, starr and the green bay packers dominated pro football for much of the 1960s. they won five league titles and the first two super bowls. when his playing and coaching days were over he became a businessman and philanthropist he sinc a heart attack bart starr was 85 years old. >> one of the first faces of the nfl. we have the news covered how about a little boost achieving a goal so much sweeter when you have spent years chipping away at it, right well, in this case 18 years. she has made her career helping run a program at boden college in maine she always dreamed of earning a college degree so in 2001 at age 38 she decided to take one class every
8:08 am
semester she balanced work, homework, and putting her own three kids through college. this weekend the grandmother of four was as excited as any 20-something as she walked across the stage to get her diploma. and to show their admiration, her fellow graduates gave the school a gift. a scholarship in lisa's name. >> that's fantastic. >> how about that? >> one day at a time, one class at a time. that's good stuff. just ahead, still not over "game of thrones"? the finale a new documentary revealing even more about the pop culture phenomenon's final season. first up a trend in partying making healthier choices and foregoing the hangover ou r to aar thacaters to the growing sober curious trend. that's right after this. r visit catering to the growing sober curious trend. that's right after this. searching for a way to help stop your cold sore?
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this morning, on this morning on "today's talker," sober curious it's a rising movement becoming more mainstream. >> it's all about people taking a step away from alcohol to feel healthier, fresher even, but who still want to go out and socialize. with one of the scene's biggest hot spots right here in new york city, i decided to check it out. >> reporter: music, expert bartenders, single 20-somethings, this bar has everything except alcohol. >> you are just saying let's meet for drinks, but is it really about how much alcohol is in those drinks? i don't think it always has to be. >> reporter: welcome to listen bar, a once a month pop-up in new york's lively bowery neighborhood similar springing up in men use across the country, detroit, chicago, and atlanta, it's at the
8:13 am
forefront of the growing sober curious trend. >> spaces and occasions where being dry is something that's encouraged and completely casual. >> reporter: drink optional? >> yeah. >> reporter: that's a novel concept in this day and age, no? >> totally. >> reporter: going out while foregoing a drink is no longer for the strictly sober or the currently pregnant a survey of customers reported most were simply having a night off from alcohol active exercisers, health conscious and those who have an early meeting in the morning. >> alcohol really does kind of have a monopoly on how we socialize and how we have some of these really valuable times of being loose and being free, but a lot of times it also kind of gets in the way of what we're trying to do. >> reporter: and that's a rapidly growing demographic. a recent survey saying people in their early 20s reportedly drink 20% less than the generation before
8:14 am
apps like lucid organize sober events, even dating with fellow non-drinkers actress may is one of those choosing wellness over alcohol on most nights out. >> i reached a point where i realized the reason i was drinking was just for others, just to like not let anyone else feel uncomfortable so i just didn't care. and it was really liberating to be like, yeah, i'm not drinking. it's fine. you drink. like i'll get you whatever you want i am not going to do it. >> reporter: is there something about the times in which we live that have made a concept like this more popular than it would have been five or ten years ago? >> so many things, honestly. i mean, social media is huge i think there is a better ability for people to discover somewhat niche things that they are interested in and connect with people. and i would say also culturally,
8:15 am
we are living in a time where everyone really wants to customize their life to what feels right to them. >> reporter: to be clear though, you are not a teetotaler, right? >> no. >> reporter: this isn't designed to replace the traditional bar, is it? >> there are 10,000 bars in new york city, and i'm under no impression that like those 10,000 bars will go away, nor do i want them to to me it's not about being anti-alcohol. >> reporter: this is about giving people another choice >> totally. >> reporter: and the drinks themselves are high on flavor and low on risk for a hangover looks like a traditional cocktail. >> absolutely. >> reporter: based on the popularity of listen bar, more and more people are learning that ditching the alcohol, even temporarily, doesn't mean losing the experience. >> we are have really fu conversations and, you know, start dance parties. we have kind of been told that we can only be those people when
8:16 am
we're drunk, but when you have a space that invites you to kind of bring that out in yourself you might surprise yourself. >> now, that's an interesting thought. >> have a good time. >> i don't know if i could dance if i wasn't drinking >> by the way, those once a month events, there are going to be more regular. listen bar just got fully crowd funded and is finalizing details for a permanent location. >> i like the idea. >> its drinks are tasty. if you are looking for a night off. >> just a break? >> there you go. >> all right. how about "popstart" >> you're skeptical >> a little bit. people like it it's good. okay so let's get to "game of thrones. yes, we are still talking about it and, no, we will not give away any spoilers. i promise. last night a two-hour documentary on the filming of the final season premiered on hbo.we ot a behind-the-scenes look at how the cast and crew prepped and trained for season 8 as well as flashback footage of the first table reading from season 1, episode 1
8:17 am
look how young everyone looks. in addition to showing the first table reading, the documentary showed footage from the last table reading. and we have silenced this clip so as not to give spoilers away. scenes from the final episode were read out loud the cast reacted to the fate o some of their characters kit harington, who hadn't read the script beforehand, had the most emotional reaction of all seemingly in disbelief i still don't know what happened the documentary revealed each hour costs about $15 million in the final season so i wonder if they got any of that money from the iron bank? >> it was worth every penny. >> sheinelle >> i'm on season 2. yesterday the greatest spectacle in racing took pla. yes, the indy 500. david letterman returned to indiana to watch the sporting event. another one of our favorites at the race, kelly clarkson the singer was walking the red carpet, she almost took a tumble
8:18 am
she recovered her balance and reassured fans she was okay. she wrote on twitter best part of my day is showing ho not coo glad she laughed it off. she went on to sing the national anthem and that performance was flawless, of course. and actors christian bale and matt damon had the honor of waving the green flag. absentee balloting the start f th start of the race to the drivers. looks like everyone had a great time. >> good stuff. finally, taylor swift over the weekend the singer revealed on the graham norton show that an interview with "rolling stone" almost ended in disaster. take a look. >> so when "rolling stone" does a cover story, it's like they hang out, you know you hang out with the journalist for a couple of days and you just hang out. if you drive around, they are sitting there. if you go to lunch, it's like a thing. i am going to rehearsals it's normal. i am just going to drive him because that's what i normally do be your best self at driving
8:19 am
and i got in two car accidents with him in the car. one was my fault one was not. one was an i'm sorry the second one was a you're welcome, i saved your life i got sideswiped i was fully panicking. when we got sideswiped i think he screamed out something like "i have a new baby at home!" >> fortunately, everyone was okay maybe next time they should go on a walk? >> yeah. >> it's hard to drive when you are nervous, from experience. >> the mesh. >> yes, yes. "daly click" >> yes and this 2-year-old wanted to show her dad what happened at church that day. she wasn't pleased with his response. >> i am going to talk to you about jesus. ♪ hallelujah >> that's too loud >> okay, sorry >> do it nicely, okay? ♪ >> she said do it nicely that's cute.
8:20 am
>> the toddler prefers the quieter side her dad learned his lesson so she could go on with the sermon adorable >> that was really cute. >> getting our money's worth out of you the weather? lots to get to in th weather department because we have got these storms. i mean, this is one after another after another. today we are going to see them in the midwest and redevelop back through parts of the western plains so we have got heavy rain moving through des moines right now that is almost over. but we also have heavier rain approaching the kansas city area, moving through southeastern kansas as well. so we have the flash flood alerts in effect for five million people flash flooding is also a likely scenario with the fact that the ground is totally saturated and more heavy rain is expected. two areas, one that includes chicago just north of indianapolis and another including north platte, those areas we could see damaging winds, isolated tornados, and hail possibly an inch or more in diameter tomorrow we are going to see the threat back across kansas and into nebraska. also through northwestern missouri as well
8:21 am
i want to focus on the flooding right now. the arkansas river, we could see significant if not record flooding the water just continues to overflow the banks any additional rain will make matters worse. as you look outside your window, you're going to notice we still have some clouds out there. but you don't have to worry about the rain. any pop-up showers are out of the area. 58 degrees in san jose. your microclimate temperatures will climb comfortably. if you're going to hang out in the coastline, expect breezy conditions in through the afternoon. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. this morning on today's consumer, summer sales memorial day not only marks the start of fun in the sun, but also the beginning of some great bargains we are talking deep discounts on
8:22 am
everything from furniture to fashion, and who better to talk it than yahoo's lifestyle editor here with the scoop on savings always good to have you. >> thank you. >> are we talking brick and mortar and online here >> we are talking both. >> okay. >> so it's really exciting massive sales for memorial day, but we have also got a sneak peek at sales that you can wait and shop later in the summer very exciting. >> home category, furniture. >> yes, for home so breaking this down to items to buy now, items to buy later so buy now, furniture. we saw massive indoor and outdoor furniture sales. two companies have and have 70% off sales. a great outdoor rocker to enjoy the summer months for $159 it's normally $279 or a side table for $39. another item to buy now are rugs, craig. don't forget your rugs this memorial day, right?
8:23 am
and has 70% off plus free shipping. >> what can we wait on >> to wait on, patriotic items that means the longer you wait before the fourth of july, you will find cheaper red, white, and blue items also table top items z gallery has a great anniversary sale coming up and you will find 25% off. >> all right what do we have next here? >> okay. so for appliances, everybody talks about the big appliances now is a great time to buy small appliances best buy has a 40% off sale. find things like cool electric egg cookers for just $18, down from $40 vacuum cleaners. now, people are going to go crazy. dyson is having a huge sale at for their 40% off sale so you can find a vacuum for $399 instead of $499. >> and grills? >> a great time to get a grill also at up to 40% off. >> hold off on lawnmowers and leaf blowers
8:24 am
>> no yard work. you can wait until july to do that home until july 7th with great deals >> next what do we have? >> we've got electronics so to buy now, tvs so amazon has got a monster sale so you can get a 55-inch toshiba 4k for $100 off. instead of $450 you will pay $350. >> wow. >> smartwatches. >> yeah, that's a huge deal. and it's a huge tv, too. so for smartwatches, now this is really exciting because you don't hear about it a lot. you can find at the apple watch series 3 for a huge savings. just $199. and home assistants 50% off at amazon for the echo dot kids edition. >> and wait on the fitness trackers and cell phones >> yeah, wait on those, especially if you are looking for the google pixel with the great camera later in june
8:25 am
you will find a great savings there. >> what do we have now >> fashion things to buy now, shoes nordstrom is having a 50% off designer -- >> men's and women's >> men's and women's shoes and clothing so you want to check that out. now, dresses or really pretty much everything is going to be 50% off at gap so you can shop there. active wear, this is great for father's day ideas eddie bauer 50% off. swim trunks, you name it and items to buy later, a lot of people will be excited about this, lingerie. if you can wait -- >> which i can wait a few days >> yeah, you can wait a few days you will have the victoria secrets semi-annual sale to look forward to so lots of great savings. >> always good to have you thank you. for more details on these summer sales head to just ahead, not one, but two hollywood legends teaming up for the very first time. we will catch up with blythe danner and john lithgow.
8:26 am
first, though, a popular attraction drawing huge crowds to the southwest the story behind the most instagrammed spot in all of new mexico cool storygood morning, it )s 8. i )m ... three young people are in custody - accused in a robbery and high speed chase good morning, everyone. three young people are in custody accused of a robbery through contra costa county. the car crashed into another car on highway four in antioch. police say officers also recovered a handgun. it started with a robbery at a gas station, officers picked up the chase in la fee yet. three juveniles in custody. no word ongoing injuries. let's get a check of your weather. our highs will be climbing into the mid-60s.
8:27 am
it's going to be breezy, though. as far as the rain, that is pretty much cloud cover for this afternoon. san jose 67 degrees, con card 68, oakland 63. keep in mind if you're going to be hanging out in the city, it will be a little breezy, it's going to be a cooler afternoon. just a little bit warmer than what we saw yesterday. as far as the roads go, no major accidents, a couple of fender benders early on. u.s. 101 looking smooth. and the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. there have been no metering lights on all morning, scott. more news in a half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ 8:30 now on this memorial day morning. monday, the 27th of may, 2019. it is still fleet week here in new york city. we are happen to welcome the members of the navy, the coast guard, the marines are here. a shout out to them on the plaza. >> and a beautiful morning on the plaza as well. >> it is. >> are we ready for a special moment, guys
8:31 am
>> let's do it. >> where is merit from albany, georgia. i hear you want to be a news anchor one day. >> yes. >> where do you go to school >> lake park. >> you are starting a new tv station or some kind of something, a newscast? >> we have had it for a little bit. but i'm going to be on it next year. >> amazing i have an idea would you like to start here on "the today show" have you ever read a teleprompter before. are you ready? this is your moment. take it away. >> i'm merit from georgia. future anchor at lake park elementary, an you are watching "the toda show." [ cheers and applause >> high-five you are on your way, my friend congratulations. >> that was awesome. >> where is mom? >> she is not here. >> oh, grandma, congratulations. thank you, guys. >> that's awesome. >> you are the little sister what's your name >> rowan. >> give her a round of applause. >> don't you forget about me [ cheers and applause
8:32 am
>> you read along with them when they are reading, moving your mouth. >> that was awesome, guys. nice to meet you guys. that was cute. ahead, the stars of an uplifting new movie about second chances. a great film. blythe danner and john lithgow are here. an interactive exhibit like none you have ever seen before a highly instagramable and being called the future of art. this morning we have an inside look. also ahead this morning, our anthony scotto is here he's go that memorial day barbecue if you waited to the last minute, fear not the best part, they are quick and easy not too late to add them to the menu. >> on the third hour of today, in honor of memorial day, a gold star mom will show us a special place that many americans just don't know exists. >> a cool story. really cool story in a few minutes. before all of that though, how about a check of the forecast >> yes. >> this is about as good as it gets in the northeast. in the southeast though we have got the heat and in the middle of the country we have the rain. it is raining pretty heavily
8:33 am
right now across iowa and up in the southern minnesota area. that heavy rain is going to continue to move eastward today. we could see some severe storms in chicago and then more severe weather works into the western plains but where it is nice, if you are headed to the beaches across the northeast, we are looking at highs in the 60s up across new england. 70s on long island 70s at the jersey shore. ocean city, new jersey in the 70s, too in the southeast though that's where you will want to head to the beach since temperatures will be around 100 at the beaches. it will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. heading to florida another nice day, sunshine and temperatures still in the 80s and 90s not bad beach weather on the east coast that's a look at the weather across the count check out this beautiful view of golden gate bridge. we've got the clouds out there. but notice the roadways are dry. that's because the rain that affected us this weekend is out of the area and right now the current temperature as you head out the door this morning, nice and cool in the low 50s down through the south bay, san jose,
8:34 am
54 degrees. we got a couple of low 40s. and your highs will be climbing into the mid-60s, low 70s into the north bay with sun and clouds. don't forget the puck drops on the stanley cup final tonight. the boston bruins taking on nhl cinderella story the st. louis blues. catch game one tonight with coverage starting at 8 eastern right here on nbc. >> blues and bruins. thank you. just ahead, two acting heavyweights on their new movie with a sweet message we'll talk to blythe danner and john lithgow first, this is "today" on nbc. john lithgow. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪
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(both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. ♪ and two acting legends are teaming up for the first time in a quirky romance on the big screen blythe danner and john lithgow have emmys and tonys, crowding their mantels. and now the power couple are
8:37 am
starring in the new movie "the tomorrow man." >> you like chinese? we don't have to do chinese. >> a woman doesn't like to be left in the dark when a gentleman takes her out, at least he could do is contact her in some way and let her know he has fond memories of their evening together, even if they hadn't, because that's what gentlemen do. >> i am a gentleman. >> blythe danner, john lithgow, good morning so nice to have you here i would think so. >> there is none of this about it he is definitely a gentleman. >> i definitely noticed that first of all, i am shocked this is the first time you guys have worked together because the chemistry is so palpable. >> well, we are both from the
8:38 am
same gene pool 1970s theater actors so we have hundreds of mutual friends and sort of common experiences together without ever having worked -- we didn't even really that well except the minute we hit the set we never stopped talking. >> the same stories. the only negative thing is we had the same stories, but different versions whisper down the lane. what do we call it telephone. you heard that >> all these crew people half our age, they would watch us like some sort of, like they were watching stiller and myra or something. entertained them all day >> they had the popcorn and wanted to listen to you chat with each other. this is a quirky romance it makes me love you both even more your characters are odd and quirky what drew you to your character ed >> it was a captivating script
8:39 am
i just read the script and every 20 pages there was some completely unexpected surprise in the storytelling. it's a boy meets girl romance between two septuagenarians who, and it is sweet and funny, but it's got all sorts of different colors melancholy and dread and they are old to me it was a story that never gets told. >> right. >> blythe, your character we don't find out her secret until towards the end of the movie what drew you to her character >> in my case, her. >> he drew me. i thought, good god, all these decades. i would see john and go, oh, how i would love to work with him. when this was mentioned i leapt. it was almost as if i didn't have to read it. although, when i did, i thought this is a challenge, too i love to play people i have never played before. >> one thing i loved watching
8:40 am
this movie is i have seen both my parents go into the dating world, try to find companions, and they have both managed to find companionship at an older age. i have read that gwyneth wanted to get you on to the dating sites and all that sort of stuff. how did that -- >> i would say usually, lovely gentlemen, a couple. i thought, oh, i'd rather be home watching television isn't that awful >> really? >> well, bruce was a character we were laughing all the time. she said, you can't expect to find daddy again i am very happy. i have my grandchildren around the corner on both coasts. i have two sets. so i'm content. >> john, you are so, so busy i feel like the characters you have played lately, i mean, larger than life characters. you have bill clinton, roger ailes, winston churchill and then ed. was it fun to take a break from
8:41 am
the big characters and just go into ed mode >> it was wonderful to sort of go minimalist. a sort of ordinary man with extraordinary issues and no makeup, you know? it was basically me, sadly in many ways, it was like a play brought to life. all those things appealed to me. >> well, thank you both so much for being here, and congratulations on your honorary doctorate. >> yes, it's sitting next to my favorite congressman john lewis. we had some wonderful talks. >> what is this? >> i got my fourth doctorate. >> that's amazing. >> i certainly didn't deserve it. >> you've got to go to the big easy >> they are running out of old ladies, old actresses. >> you have been dr. danner for a while? >> it was thrilling. >> congratulations the movie is fantastic "the tomorrow man" is in select theaters now. >> craig. >> thank you. up next, the mind-blowing
8:42 am
interactive exhibit that's drawing some huge crowds, and it's surprising its connection to "game of thrones. first, this is "today" on nbc. to "game of thrones." to "game of thrones." first, this is "today" on nbc. i've booked your shower, sir.
8:43 am
♪ ♪ how far you travel is up to you. how comfortable you travel is up to us. fly emirates. fly better.
8:44 am
taking you to an unusual attraction in santa fe, new mexico, with a strange name and a growing fan base. >> nbc's joe fryer with the story. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. so the place is called meow wolf you heard me right meow as in th makes. wolf as in the wild animal up to 2,000 people visit meow wolf each day and it's been called the most instagrammed place in all of new mexico but what exactly is it as you are about to see, that's a tough one to answer. there is no question what you see inside meow wolf is art. bright, quirky, interactive. art.
8:45 am
>> it is totally amazing. >> reporter: what's less clear is if you should call this popular attraction a museum. >> i'm still impressed by the fact that the door opens. >> reporter: even vince and emily, the co-founders wrestle with that one. what is meow wolf? what is it >> that question is so hard to answer these days. we produce large-scale immersive storytelling experiences. >> reporter: is it a museum or more than that >> it's really more of just an art experience you can come in and there is no prescribed path. you can go wherever you want and look at whatever you want. >> reporter: the first thing you'll see inside meow wolf is a home they call it the house of eternal return. >> we had no idea. >> yeah. >> i thought it would be like a bunch of paintings, not houses. >> reporter: it becomes clear something strange happened that
8:46 am
has broken time and space. the family that lives here is missing. visitors are free to poke around searching for clues, even riffling through the mailbox you can touch stuff? >> yeah, you can touch everything almost. we invite people to just engage with it however they want to. >> reporter: it doesn't take long to figure out this house is unlike any other take the refrigerator. if you look inside you are not going to find a bunch of groceries, but rather a bright white mysterious portal. it's not just the fridge the washing machine opens to reveal a slide leading visitors to a whole new psychedelic multiverse. >> it's like when you are a little kid and your imagination runs wild and then you walk through it, i'm getting goosebumps talking about it. >> reporter: one path leads to a glowing mastodon with bones that can be thumped like a xylophone. here lots of things make noise, including a harp made of lasers and the mysterious woman who
8:47 am
wanders around playing a tuba. this artistic explosion started on a much smaller scale in 2008. it was a collective of art in santa fe wh projects i various locations. in 2014 they wanted something more permanent, so they pitched the idea to george r.r. martin, local resident and author of "game of thrones." >> he loved it he loved the idea. he is just a kid at heart. so he said yeah and he ended up buying the building and he became our landlord, which is the funniest thing, is that george r.r. martin is our landlord. >> reporter: the house even features a couple of nods to "game of thrones." like a dragon's breath, meow wolf is catching fire, attracting fans of all ages and soon spreading to other cities a new exhibit is set to open by year's end in las vegas and another in two years in denver a city that boasts a meow wolf ride at the elitch gardens theme park
8:48 am
the growin moment it's hard to describe but easy to enjoy >> so, joe, the obvious question why do they call it meow wolf? >> reporter: back when they were just getting started they threw a bunch of words into a hat, pulled them out two at a time. they got a bunch of combinations for example, vibe hut. but in the end, after much debate, they went with meow wolf thinking at the time that they would probably change it later they were wrong. ultimately the name stuck. >> i get vibe hut. meow wolf? it works. >> it's working. >> joe, thank you. let's go back outside to dylan. >> hey, guys, coming up, if you are finalizing your memorial day barbecue menu don't worry. anthony scotto is here with recipes for great tasting last-minute side dishes. we are working on it first, this is "today" on nbc. d. we are working on it. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
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all right. we're back a patriotic "today food" for memorial day if you are looking for a simple and delicious menu to feed crowd, we have great recipes for you. who better to help us than our friend anthony scotto of fresco by scotto fame here in new york city. >> happy memorial day. a wonderful day in the city. crazy, right >> yes what are we making >> let's do a chicken. i thought we have to have the grill. it's this time of year let's do a chicken let's marinate it a little with a little beer. >> love that. >> let's add a little ginger a little olive oil in here ginger, some spices. >> does it matter what kind of beer you use >> i like an ipa. >> okay. >> i like it a ten-year, a moulder. just want to let you know that brown sugar, soy sauce, onions. >> so good. >> and can you swap pork for - >> you could do that, by the way.
8:52 am
do me a favor. make sure it's on the bones. i like bones on the barbecue it stays moister. >> okay. what's the word? i'm hearing >> so good. >> they don't waste any time. >> another key ingredient, you want to kind of wipe this off a little bit prior to putting it on the grill so it doesn't flare up you are looking for 10 or 15 minutes. >> so good. >> and then 170 degrees. >> drink your beer >> drink your beer, marinate the more marinade, the better. >> can you throw it in the fridge >> 15, 20 minutes. >> now a pasta salad we are grilling -- all these items can be done outside while you are grilling so it makes it easier for you i decided to do new potatoes and some purple heirloom tomatoes. >> why do you like the purple heirloom >> look at the color.
8:53 am
>> you like the color? >> i just love it. >> okay. >> so we add this to the water. >> this is a nontraditional potato salad. >> fresco by scotto, you've got to kick it up a little bit this is the way you got do it. cook them until they are fork tender cube those the way i have it here. >> oh, my gosh. >> you love that color >> i do love that color. can you get purple potatoes -- >> yes >> he has it covered i'll dig in. >> so add a little marinade to this queer -- we're this because it is called smash potato. as we are finished smashing this, add celery. >> and no mayo >> no. >> no mayo >> no mayo. >> peas, carrots. >> has a little crunch to it. >> we are going to add a little bit of scallions to this. >> i like that a lot, anthony. >> really good. >> me, too a little salted pepper and then we are going to finish with the eggs. >> this would be a hit - >> yes >> yes. >> this would be a hit --
8:54 am
>> no problem. >> and you could -- >> this would be a hit it's different but it still tastes what you want it to taste like. >> what you want for a potato salad. >> yes you can keep it outside because there is no mayonnaise in it. >> you have a pasta salad here i like the fusilli if you want canned tuna, it's fine. >> corn in there. >> i am going to do a little mustard to start with. olive oil, i'm going to whisk that in. red wine vinegar take a little salt and pepper, if you don't mind. sorry. >> no. >> so good. >> it's the least i can do a little salt, a little pepper what else? >> go ahead. >> these are things you can do today? >> a little garlic i have a little parsley. thyme and oregano. >> what kind of cheese >> i add the tuna. just give me one second. then i add ricotta salata
8:55 am
cheese, similar to a feta. >> thank you, thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> so good >> to get the recipes miss dreyer? >> announcer: smucker's celebrates "today" is sponsored by smucker's with a name like smucker's it has to be good >> all right you all keep eating because we our viewers ar loved ones who hav birthdays over this holiday weekend. richard is 80 today. he stays active by enjoying time with his 13 grandchildren. look at that beautiful picture right there. karli is celebrating her 9th birthday her mom said she just saved her life just by being born. so sweet and mary calls her friend kim an inspiration because she has a positive attitude even on the toughest days. keep the photos coming at
8:56 am >> remember you can find more great stories at ahead, third hour. >> fantastic. >> coming up on the third hour, an important lesson in summer pool safety with some adorable help who is that boy? >> a cutie. >> mr. calvin right there. >> dylan's son calvin will join us first, your local news enjoy your memorial day. dylan'. i )m - -... from the sound of it .. both sides (will be back at the bargaining table any minute now .. in the east bay teachers strike affecting students in hayward and from the sound of it, both sides will be at the bargaining table in theest bay teachers strike affecting students in hayward. new haven school district negotiations last night with no deal.
8:57 am
teachers say district leaders walked out of the talks after about 12 hours. and they posted an update suggesting talks will resume today. the district continues to maintain giving into demands would jeopardize students safety. a live report will be in our midday newscast. if there's any change, we will update immediately on our twitter feet. some of the largest memorial day events include the annual ceremony in presidio. we'll bring you some of those images during our midday newscast and of course always at >> announcer: nbc bay area, we investigate. the holiday weekends
8:58 am
wrapping up! we )re preparing you to get back into the work week. vianey shows us how much things will heat up. the holiday weekend is wrapping up. mike's back, and will get you ready to head out the door.
8:59 am
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from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of today. >> good morning everybody. i am al along with sheinelle, craig, dylan welcome to the third hour o today on this memorial day. of course, a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for this country. >> absolutely. >> according to the v.a., memorial day was originally referred to as decoration day in the years after the civil war. decorated graves with flowers, wreaths and flags. >> this is the time of year where growing up in wichita, we would wake up every morning on memorial day and look forward to my family taking me out to, you know, family members who were, you know, in local cemeteries and they would teach us to know which row, how to find them.


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