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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 28, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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and a good tuesday morning to you. a live look at downtown san jose. a beautiful way to start the day. welcome back to men. and mike. >> mike, too. >> it feels like a monday. >> we are going to start warming , marcus. and mike as well. we'll be in the 70s and 80s. we're in the 50s right now. 53 degrees. 54 down to the south bay. check out your temperature trend this afternoon. a couple of clouds here and there.
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it will get better into the afternoon. we'll have much better clearing. by 10:00 a.m., 61 degrees. by 11:00, 63. get ready. i have fantastic weather news on the way. all right. first of all, thank you for doing all the extra work to help me get a little vacation time. we are still seeing a light traffic ow no closures for road crews. westbound 80 at fremont. a tow truck just now reportedly arrived. we have a backup over at the toll plaza. a couple cash lanes open. we have the morning commute started with traffic. to tell you about. in dayton, ohio, we are a first look as severe weather and tornados slammed the state
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overni many neighborhood right now are without power. we are looking at this video coming into our newsroom. the weather service has issued 36 tornado warnings overnight across the region. authorities confirmed at least seven people were hurt. so far no deaths are reported. we will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you the updates every half hour. >> 4:32. school is supposed to be back in session for students across the bay area after the memorial day holiday. for one group, for thousands of students, no such luck. . >>. >> teachers in hayward are entering their second week of strikes. it doesn't look like any deal is coming any time soon. tell us about what happened overnight. >> reporter: well, they negotiated, i'm talking about the teachers' union, since 9:00 yesterday morning. and then they were up there late last night, and still no deal. today will be the sixth day
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teachers have not shown up for work. they are picketing outside schools. it is possible that there won't be a deal today, again, after both sides met all day yesterday. last night they posted on facebook that the district negotiators won't be able to meet with them until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. because of a school board meeting and the fact that the district personnel needed a substitute teacher. i have reached out to the district to try to confirm this information. still waiting to hear back. the district and teachers, however, haven't budged in their demands. they were asking for a 10% raise. this is the new request. 3.7% this year and 3.26% next year, which amounts to just over 7%. the district are offering a one-time 3% bonus this year and a 2% raise for next year. that's up from 1%.
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and additional $1 million comes in for revenue, the district would offer a half percent 1% if it is an additional $2 million or more. attendance has been dwindling. a small amount of children who have been attending class and what really amounts to enrichment classes, not actual instruction. bob redell, "today in the bay". all right. bob, thanks so much for the update. >> 4:34 right now. concerns are growing over the number of hikers dying on mt. everest. eleven people have died in the past 11 days. this ineing blamed. >> amb from berkeley is home after reaching the summit. >> my route went up this ridge. >> roxanne just scaling mt. everest in two weeks. for most climbers it takes two
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months to reach the top. . >> everything just kind of came together. it was the perfect moment. . >> she summited hours after this infamous photo was taken. two climbers died that day. she, luckily, was the only one ascending from the other side of the mountain. >> i chose the north route through china because i think it is a little bit safer. >> at least 13 climbers have died on everest this year after reaching the top, 62-year-old chris of colorado died while descending. experts say because of the long line, climbers are spending too much permits. >> worried i wasn't going to they cut it by 30% on the north get one. side. maybe that's one thing they should consider on the south. >> vogel accomplished a life long goal but realizes it came during one of the deadliest
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seasons on the world's tallest mountains. >> it was heartbreaking when i found out what had happened. i just feel so badly for the families and just all the climbers who got stuck in the mess that day. >> reporter: ian cole, "today in the bay". 4:36. south bay authorities credit an alert neighbor who caught a suspected vandal. >> look what happened. this man throws something through the windows of this suv. it happened saturday morning in milpitas on north hillview drive. a total of four cars were vandalized. the neighbor who heard the noise immediately called police. officers quickly is facing felo. this puppy named iris was taken. it happened during an lafayette
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express. a woman carrying the puppy and slipping out the back door. the rescue group was hosting the event. organizers were distracted with other customers. >> my heart dropped. i was like, oh, my god, did she really take iris. when i saw the video, it was shocking. i was scared for iris because she was just so sneaky about it. >> the camera shows the thief stealing a leash. a $3,000 reward is being offered for iris's return another shoplifting incident also caught on camera. the fish market in berkeley say people stole $300 worth of pricey wagyu beef from japan. it is almost $100 pound. antioch leaders expected to vote on honoring pride month. if they approve the plan, the pride flag would fly all month at city hall.
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walnut creek leaders recently approved the same move. >> coming up here on "today in the bay", virtual reality used for deck rating your home. the new app ikea hopes will take any doubt out of buying new furniture. "sports illustrated" sold. what it means for the future of the iconic magazine. and taking a live look at the bay bridge getting started with our tuesday morning. mike will have a look at the commute coming up in a bit. it is 4:38 right now. you're watching "today in the bay".
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc slig higher this morning. the market saw gains. the dow turned in its first five-day losing streak since 2011. today's watch list, reports on home prices and consumer confidence. ikea is launching a new app to let customers shop for products. they can enter room dimensions on ensure the fit to nail down choices. this is the bigst shift into digital for ikea. they are testing smaller locations in urban areas that carry a fraction of its entire lineup. "sports illustrated" has a new owner.
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they have sold the iconic brand for $110 million. they have licensing rights to celebrities like elvis, mohamed ali and marilyn monroe. they will capitalize on the name and use photo eye kaoeuf for event marketing. meredith will still put out the magazine and run the website. back over to you guys. >> the bathing do you think it will continue? >> i say yes. it's a winner. what do you think, frank? >> if people like it. >> thanks, frank. vianey is in for kari with a look at your forecast. >> and it's going to get a lot warmer throughout the bay area. we will finally see more 70s and 80s around san francisco right now. we do have a couple of clouds lingering. what we can expect for your daytime highs and when the warmest day is expected coming
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up. >> watch for that, vianey. a clear view across the golden gate bridge. a little early for the morning commute. we'll see how the commute reacts. but first nbc bay area responds. people make mistakes. and that includes doctors. their mistakes can be serious. you might be surprised to learn that california law does not require doctors to carry malpractice insurance. the same for dentists. the hospital or office mighnot. you havesk a doctor if he or she carries malpractice insurance. if you don't like the answer, you can find another doctor. call us with your consumer complaints 1-888-996-tips. or
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>> a very good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside at the fremont area. those folks heading back to work after an extended holiday. a little taste of spring weather-wise. the forecast coming up in just a bit. americans marked yesterday with memorial day usually with a parade or ceremony. here's a different take from sea to shining sea. in florida, divers unfold a giant american flag under water off key west. the stars and stripes waving there. that's a different view, different perspective.
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>> i guess it's not disrespectful to get it wet. >>. >> it has a different take versus when you see it blowing in the wind. it is interesting to see. a little breezy here. we will see a little bit of action in terms of the flags waving around the bay area proudly. san francisco, a live look right now. we do have a of marine layer hanging around the coastline. our current temperatures are in the 50s right now. we're a little cool overall. 54 in san jose. we will be warming up today, though. i think you will enjoy today. morgan that brought all of that in stability these past two days now made its official exit.
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what's going to happen behind that system is we will notice high pressure start to build. now it's not a crazy strong ridge of high pressure. with when that happens, we need to see a really big drop. it will be enough to where it will be a noticeable warmup. let's talk about what we can expect for today. we'll start out with cloud cover. then we will get good clearing. then it will start warming up. the next few days, as the ridge of high pressure begins to make its move into the bay area, we will see a good amount of warming up ahead. let's start with today. because yesterday we topped out in the 60s. today we will topd upper 70s. even 80s through the interior valleys. 76 in morgan hill. 75 in san jose. antioch, 80 degrees. oakland, 77. and we're going to keep those upper 60s and a couple of 70s in redwood city. 73. in the city, it will be in the
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60s. still tracking the breeziness into the afternoon. 74 for novato. santa rosa, 78. things are getting warmer into the weekend. so as we head towards wednesday, thursday, friday, and the high pressure continues to linger and build, look at the weekend ahead. we're talking 70s in san francisco. now, as we head towards friday for inland areas, there's a bit of a system that will make its move dropping down, which could mean showers possibly near the mountains. it's not a big storm moving in. our temperatures will actually get hotter into saturday and sunday. yes, look at monday up ahead. we're talkingthgs will get warm. >> 90s? >> ght.go tuesday after memorial day folks
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would be easing back in. we are getting toward the end of the year. graduations for a lot of schools. a light commute out of the altamonte pass. we won't see the early commute. it will continue to wane, i should say. the early commute, more traffic about 7:00. we'll watch for that. bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes backing up. fremont there hasn't been a problem. we're going to track it. i will probably remove itn another 10 minutes without any right now easy drive down the east shore freeway. >> thanks, ke the nba finals hasn't even started yet and there's a major sub plot brewing. it can be summed up in one word.
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>> drake. even coach kerr getting in on it. >> i'm not worried about drake. i called him on his cell phone earlier and -- my daughter is rolling her eyes right now. she is saying, dad, no more dad jokes. >> super fan e-40 has already joined the conversation posting this photo of the pair on social media. as for the game on the court itself, is another sub plot. we know they will tip-off without kevin durant. but how long will k.d. be out? >> he is still recovering from the calf injury. they are supposed to leave at 2:00 today. cousins was injured mid-april in the first round of playoffs.
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stanley cup finals got under way in boston. the team that beat the sharks. st. louis blues taking on boston. kind of hurt a little bit. 2-2 tie. they beat the blues with game 2 tomorrow. coming up on "today in the bay", tesla's new autopilot feature is hitting bumps in the road. why dedicated drivers are testing the findings on recently autopilot upgrades. london is collecting data on every passenger who uses the tube. they will use it to better understand patterns of passengers and try to make some improvements. the agency said it will not be shared. you can opt out by turning off wi-fi on thr smartphones.
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well, yet another reason to avoid ecigarettes. stanford researchers say the flavoring could danger your heart. the cells become less valuable and even die. the presence of nicotine makes no difference. cinnamon and menthol are the most harmful. >> tesla drivers are blasting a new report. "consumer reports" said instead of helping, thetem is more dangerous and cuts too in front o tesla owners are contesting them
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on the web page. drivers must still be in control of their cars at all times. >> this is a proposal that could impact how dozens of students commute to school every day. right now they're walking and scooting between second and third streets. >> soon they might be closer to home. the city is recommending that the building be taken over by the university. students say the school is being hit by housing shortage and high rents. 130,000 square foot buildings agencies. the idea is the university can rebuild and ease the student housing crunch. >> we need something at market rate. >> san jose state will put together a plan for the building that request earn state approval. this is due by june 15th.
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4:57 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay", vianey is in for kari. good morning. a look at the forecast with you. a couple clouds to start out. temperatures in the 50s as you head out the door. you won't need a heavy jacket. right around the time you get ready for lunch, 10:00, 11:00, temperatures will warm up into the 60s. i'm tracking 70s, 80s, hey, maybe even some 90s. >> easy with the forecast. 65 here in fremont. 880 past the truck scale. changes at the bay bridge. plus, president trump on his way back from japan. this morning controversy is growing over his comments about north korea and joe biden. a live report from capitol hill still ahead. you're watching "today in the bay". lowe's knows you're the powerhouse who does it right.
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who knows the right tool has no equal. as the leader in outdoor power equipment, we do it right, too. so, you can show your yard who's boss. i have no car now, no home. and i've been working really hard to get all of this. >> right now at 5:00, breaking news overnight. parts of ohio l by possible tornados. some homes just blown away. the seven for victims and survivors as the sun rises. plus -- >> joe biden was a disaster. >> president trump on his way back from japan. and he is returning home to controversy over his comments about joe biden.
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we are live on capitol hill with what some republican lawmakers are saying. >> on a hot streak. where the a's are stagging up in franchise history. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning to you. we are all waking uper on morn. thanks for j garcia. >> i'm marcus washington


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