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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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death of someone. that may be going on at the scene right now. i'm going to hedge that. i hope we will get better news as we get more information. this may not clear for quite some time. three of five lanes are blocked. use the richmond to san rafael bridge west to 580, san mateo or bart. bay bridge with the continued traffic alert. roadways, they are dry right now. good conditions, though. >> we are tracking sunshine. it's cool right now. we have 54 in san jose. about 56 degrees in the mountain view area. so all in all, your temperatures are cool, but they will be quick to warm into the afternoon. although we will see once again that mix of sort of sun and clouds where some areas get the patchy clouds to start. we have a building marine layer
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hugging the coastline. expect limited visibility with fog. slow it down. turn on the low beams or use your regular headlights. you don't need high beams for that. 67 by 11:00 a.m. things will warm into the 70s and 80s. and i am tracking a couple of changes in the form of some mountain thunderstorms. what that means for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills, i'll have a look at all that coming up in just a bit. back to you. 5:01. more fallout about president trump's comments about joe biden. tracie potts joins us with more from capitol hill. >> reporter: president trump is defending his comments overseas about former vice president and presidential rival joe biden. north korea's leader kim jong-un referred to biden as a fool of lower i.q. >> i agree with him on that. i can tell you joe biden was a disaster. >> reporter: now he said he was
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sticking up for biden by softening the criticism. who could possibly be upset with that? >> it makes sense to give a person a tax break. >> reporter: biden made no reference to trump in a townhall. he called the comment beneath the dignity of the office. part of a pattern of embracing autocrats like kim and vladimir putin. >> going after biden is his way to say this is the difference between the two of us. i'm the guy, remember, who will fight with you and stand with you. biden has forgotten about who you are. >> reporter: most were silent on the president's comments. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. new for you this morning, you can weigh in on pg&e's proposed plan to raise your power bill. the utility is requesting to charge customers $2 billion more over the next three years. it's to help cover the costs for wildfire safety improvements. it comes as pg&e faces a slew of
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lawsuits in connection with the recent deadly wildfires. california puc is holding public meetings over the proposal. the first at july 9th puc headquarters in san francisco. a follow-up for you on "today in the bay", a story we have been covering. decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms and natural hallucinogens is moving forward. a committee voted for more discussion next week. people need access to the plants for medical reasons. opponents are concerned about safety. denver voters decriminalized mushrooms. the teachers' strike in hayward. in a short time from now, they are expected to return to the bargaining table. there is still no deal, and teachers do not appear to be backing down. >> what are we? >> fired up!
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>> no negotiations took place yesterday. while the gap is narrowing between what teachers are demanding and the district's offering, both sides appear to be far away from a deal. amid ongoing negotiations, thousands of workers at kaiser permanente are considering a strike, a notice that workers will walk off the job for 10 days could come as early as this week. the national union of health care workers is working with kaiser to secure a new contract for the 4,000 employees. along with better pay, the union wants an agreement ensuring that patients get help with mental and behavioral health issues in a timely fashion. >> if you're feeling a little more tired than usual this morning, your smartphone may be to plame. a new eye-opening study is showing how attached we are to our cell phones and other devices all while we sleep. "today in the bay" ali wolf this morning. we're all a little guilty of this. >> reporter: oh, yes, laura, we
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certainly are. i know i am. probably a lot of people at home as well. but now we're getting a closer look. it's probably not a surprise that parents and also their teenage children are bringing their cell phones into bed with them and probably checking notifications overnight while they wake up in the middle of the night. now we know a new study from the nonprofit common sense shows one-third of teenagers are actually taking their cell phones into bed with them overnight. let's take a closer look at some of these numbers we have just learned today. we know 29% of teens bring their phones into bed, according to this survey. and more than 60% of parents have their devices within reach while they're asleep as well. and numbers show that bringing a phone or tablet to bed is interrupting sleep with more than one in three teens actually waking up at least once a night pause they're checking their phone for notification. parents, a lot of you are guilty of this, too, with a quarter or
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26% of them waking up to check notifications as well. the survey also showed about 45% of parents and 36% of teens said they feel addicted to their phones. and the reason this is so important is that poor sleep, we know it can have an affect on our health especially for teens. it can affect their ability to do well in school. what can you do about this? doctors and researchers say it is really important to put this phone away an hour before bedtime, stop checking it altogether if you can. i know it's hard. also, experts just want families to start having a conversation, be very aware of your cell phone use. maybe the first step is not putting it in the bed with you as well. reporting live in lafayette, ali wolf for "today in the bay". >> thanks, ali. survivors in ohio say it looks like a war zone after a swarm of tornados just carved across the state. this is drone video of some of the devastation there.
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look at this neighborhood. we first told you about the severe weather yesterday morning. some of the heaviest damage is just outside of dayton, ohio. at least one person is dead and about 90 are hurt. several counties are in a state of emergency right now. the national weather service says nine suspected tornados touched down in ohio. a live look at linwood, kansas. this is the storm damage after a tornado there. the south of this area, the river is rising and expected to reach historic levels today. state of emergency officials say that the river has topped two levees. one is in a farming area and the other is near the town of toad suck. a traffic alert that we're monitoring. look at the bay bridge backup. mike is monitoring the very latest. we think this is a major injury crash? >> that's right, laura. we hear major injuries as a
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result of a box truck that has overturned. the bright lights, flashing lights, westbound 80. we're looking at folks coming over from oakland, heading into san francisco on that side. that is the main morning commute. we have three of five lanes blocked. you see a lot of activity. flares have been out for many minutes. crews arrived on the scene. it took quite some time. sounds like major injuries. the backup backed in very quickly at the bay bridge toll plaza forcing folks in towards the approach at the maze and the berkeley curve. look at this. the rest of the approach on the east shore freeway and 24. these folks may be unaware of this going on. all these tail lights, use caution. folks will start scrambling through berkeley, and richmo richmond-san rafael bridge or down to the san mateo bridge. those are the two drives from this section of the bay to the
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peninsula side. avoid the bay bridge. use parking lot. no delays reported for the bart system. that will keep you completely clear westbound with the traffic alert into san francisco. vianey? as far as the weather goes, we are tracking once again those warmer temperatures. we have changes on the way. climate highs for today, you can plan as you head out the door and see what you're going to wear and all that good stuff. 79 in morgan hill. san jose, climbing into the upper 70s. 77 degrees. check out the east bay. we have a spread of 70s and 80s on the map. today oakland will be a little warmer. warming up into the 70s along the peninsula, a little cooler with breezy conditions and cloudy afternoon. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. >> well, coming up, when the last clinic is expected to shut its doors in a last-ditch effort under way to get it to stay
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open. china makes a new threat in the trade war. some think it may be a step too far. >> a bear of a sermon. despite his best attempts, the one event that may have lured him inside.
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kari weather tease a major injury westbound bay bridge.
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oakland toward san francisco, bay bridge toll plaza filled in very early. we'll give you alternates and the update from chp as we come back in just a few minutes to my reporting. a building marine layer along the coastline. you can see areas of low clouds near san francisco and half moon bay. good morning to you. happy wednesday. more red arrows because of the trade war. apple has new ipod touch models with powerful new chips. chipmaker amd big after it showed new chips off sunday. both of these manufacturers depend on rare earth. that's a term for a group of 17 rare chemical compounds that are mostly mined in china. a picture of chinese premier xi touring one of those rare earth
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facilities last week. china, speaking through its official state newspaper, is this morning threatening to cut off access to rare earth. that would be devastating to apple, intel, qualcomm, tesla just to name a few. huawei, meanwhile, going to american court to try to get president trump's ban on the company reversed. american companies can't sell components to huawei. >> case-shiller house price studies. this is the one i trust the most. case of case-shiller won the nobel prize, after all. prices are up, just not as quickly as the past. by comparison, 3.8%.
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chris mcginnis over at the san francisco chronicle said the last virgin america plane will be repainted this week. >> fancy. >> fancy, yeah. they are going to take out the video screens. you have to watch on your phone. >> and the cool lights. >> i was a huge virgin fan. cheese plate. movie. more cheese.
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jon snow, kit haringtoning is being treated for stress and alcohol abuse. he checked in before the show's finale two weeks ago. the 32-year-old paid jon snow the past eight years. new video showing police in missouri removing a bear from inside a church. a church employee said he got in through a propped open door and put the congregation on lockdown. he missed the church's famous fish fry. he got stuck in the restroom as well. the police led the bear to the woods, where he belongs. we want to talk about a traffic alert causing a major backup on the bay bridge. >> we are concerned about the commute of course for the bulk
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of the viewers and also about the people involved. this is more than just a traffic impact. it may be an issue for the driver of the box truck that is overturned or auxiliary. three of your five lanes westbound from oakland to san francisco. we also have caltrans cameras emeryville camera. this is why we have to avoid the bay area. more traffic toward the richmond-san rafael bridge.
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to the north we see slowing on westbound 580. that is standard coming into the maze. again, over toward san rafael is one option. golden gate bridge across the san mateo. light traffic through oakland and hayward, across the peninsula, back into san francisco. or of course we have the trusty bart system which avoids the entire bay bridge backup and the problems on the span. major injuries reported for the crash. it does sound like it will be quite some time. probably over an hour, hour and a half to clear at the very least. right now looking at the san mateo bridge. one of your alternates. it is moving slowly. the forecast looks better. i hope everything is okay out on the roads. unfortunate thing to wake up to. we are starting to see nice marine layer building.
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some areas are seeing fog. the temperatures, though, as you head out the door are cool. we're talking 50s in san jose. it is a little warmer than it actually is. it's in the upper 50s. overall into the afternoon, climbing into the upper 70s in through morgan hill. 79 degrees. san jose, 77. in through the east bay, we've got some low 70s for oakland. but then we have low 80s in through walnut creek, concord, antioch. hanging out around the coastline, a combination of sun and clouds. winds are very light along the peninsula. redwood city, 74. breezier in san francisco. westerly winds 15 miles per hour. 65 degrees. mission, santa rosa, 77. this is a look at satellite and radar. i will zoom this in. we had a high pressure that is keeping us dry. it will warm us up. a system will drop in.
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back to you. it is an answer that people don't like. i told you numerous times today that i wouldn't change a thing. what the former champion is revealing about his fall from grace. >> our team is always on social media. check out mike inouye sharing a photo of his dog on facebook. he writes, this guy thinks he's all that. it was taken at the mid point of a seven-mile bike ride. let's be totally honest, he was riding in the basket the whole way. follow mike on facebook, twitter, and instagram. and you can always share your photos with us as well. we love to hear from you. you're watching "today in the bay".
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5:22 on your wednesday
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morning. here's a look at some of the news making headlines around the nation and the world. scott mcgrew was telling us this morning, china considering cutting off rare earth minerals as part of his ongoing trade war. financial times shares in rare earth mineral companies are soaring today. mackenzie bezos pledges to donate half her wealth from a divorce settlement. that should be close to $20 billion. the seattle times said she signed the pledge founded in part by bill and melinda gates. a rare honus wagner baseball card sells for $1.2 million. it is considered the holy grail for collectors. the last time a similar card sold back in 2016, it went for a
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little more than half that price. 5:23. planned parenthood heads to court in missouri. suing to keep the last remaining abortion clinics in st. louis. planned parenthood said the state's department of health is not renewing its license which is set to expire friday. they say health leaders have asked doctors to undergo an interview process as a condition to repair the license. state law set to take effect in august. a massive fire ripping through a historic hotel in dallas. crews were trying to put out some of the hot spots at the ambassador hotel, which is over 100 years old. the five-story building was engulfed in flames. sadly, now it's in ruins. luckily, no one was injured. the cause is not yet known >> the popularity of cbd products is forcing the tsa to change its policy. the agency is allowing passengers to bring some form of
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cbd oil onto flights. but they have to be fda approved. cbd is extracted from marijuana but does not have cbd, which gives you the high. it's no secret that lance armstrong has had a tough ride going from glory to disgrace. >> he's now telling all like never before in an interview with nbc's mike tirico. >> i told you numerous times i wouldn't change a thing. because i'm sitting here today. so i wouldn't change that. it was a mistake. it led to a lot of other mistakes. it led to the most colossal meltdown in the history of sports. think about that.
5:26 am
that is after game 2 of the stanley cup finals. breaking news we're following. a major crash causing huge backups on the bay bridge. westbound. it happened just within the last hour. take a look at the backups that have been forming already. the latest just ahead. the garden in the east bay could soon shut its doors. it may force doors to close. >> plus, this group of animals saying an official bye-son. this is not a bed.
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>> a major traffic alert on this wednesday morning. take a live look at the bay bridge. that is a problem right there. overturned box truck. we understand there could be major injuries, maybe even a fatality on this one. five lanes closed. we will get to mike in just a moment to help you on your morning commute. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia i'm marcus washington. we'll go to mike inouye. >> we have this major crash impacting anyone driving across the bay bridge or planning that. let me set things into perspective, first of all. we just got word from chp they have indeed called the coroner to the scene. this is a major crash. it will take quite some time to clear. once the coroner is called, it takes about 9 0 minutes. that's how serious the impact is for the people involved in this crash. now, everybody else, yes, it is a big traffic headache and a
5:30 am
problem. toll plaza, look at this. they are normally moving clearly as well. everyone is backed up solid through this area. it is now starting to slow down through berkeley, the berkeley curve. jamming up there on the approach. and west 580 and north 880 starting to build as well. the good news is traffic coming out of the lafayette, hercules moving smoothly. you can make alternates and adjustments. i'll talk about those coming up, vianey, in the next report. for now, we will send it over to you. >> that is an unfortunate way to start our morning. we will notice in the skies now that we have a combination of sun and clouds. this is the view right now. look how gorgeous. beautiful skies. into the afternoon, you're going to keep that mix of a little bit of sunshine paired with a nice scenery of clouds. don't worry, we will still warm up quite nicely. 10:00 a.m., low 60s. and then we will quickly begin to warm up around your lunch
5:31 am
hour into the 70s. how long is the stretch of warm weather going to last? i'll have that answer coming up shortly. back to you. >> 5:30 right now. growing a garden or growing the city? that's a decision san jose planners may be facing today. property owners asking to build on the site of what some say is a beloved community garden. that's where we find "today in the bay"'s kris sanchez with more. kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. behind this development sign and all of this lush green interior is a lot of really valuable real estate, especially in the line of the fact that google is trying to build a downtown campus. it is a nursely and teaching garden that's been part of the hedge park community for years. the owner filed development plans for the city to turn this lot into a 5600 square foot retail complex. according to the santa clara county tax assessor, it was
5:32 am
about $630,000 in 2007. if you fast forward to 2019, the property is now just about a mile from where google is working to make that massive downtown campus a reality. today the public will have a chance to tell that planning director how they feel about this proposed development. but the site is joined for this kind of development. the staff recommendation is the project should be approved. community members held a rally in support of the garden. i reached out to the property owner and the person who operates the nursery and the gardening school here at this site. when they get back to me, i will post that online so you know what they have to say. if you want to have your say, the meeting here with the planning director is coming up at 9:00 this morning. it's at city hall downtown. >> interesting one to follow. thanks, kris. 5:32. a man accused of hitting a peninsula teenager in the head
5:33 am
with a baseball bat in an apparent random attack is expected to face a judge today. he walked through the open garage of a home in san carlos monday night. investigators say when the victim walked in, the suspect struck him with a bat and then took off running. officers later arrested him. he faces attempted murder charges. the teenager is expected to recover. and a follow-up for you. medical examiners are now confirming the remains found hacked into pieces in the mission district in a home last week are, in fact, human. we covered this live during the morning as it broke on "today in the bay". and since then, police have arrested the homeowner's daughter and her husband. the remains have not been identified, but the 73-year-old homeowner is missing. historic flooding is swamping parts of oklahoma and arkansas. evacuations are being issued in both states. hundreds of homes are under water. the arkansas river is 18 feet above flood stage. emergency officials say the
5:34 am
river is expected to crest above the flood stage of 43 feet by saturday. >> the river has not crested yet. it will happen. it will be historic. >> for those who have been hit hard, a painful truth is now emerging. homeowners insurance does not cover water damage. that requires a special federal flood insurance policy >> 5:34. new details on the ongoing battle over stanford's massive expansion plans. santa clara county wants assurance that the university will not build into the foothills behind campus. even though stanford has no such plans, county planners want the restriction noted. stanford is proposing more than a 3 million square feet of new development by the year 2035, which includes student housing and academic facilities. the county anticipat's commissi next discuss the plan thursday. samtrans will discuss
5:35 am
dropping the price of the day pass and modernizing the entire system. tonight at 5:00 there is a meeting. this is oakland. they were boarding the plane to toronto. you see some to-go boxes. look at steph curry, four boxes. game 1 of the nba finals is 36 hours away. a little less than that. durant will not be playing in game one. it is not clear how soon he will return from his calf strain. the schedule of the first four games. games 3 and 4 happen next thursday and friday at oracle. in the meantime, the warriors' future home, chase center in san francisco, is getting closer to its grand opening. we now now the surrounding neighborhoods will be renamed thrive city. it comes out of a partnership with kaiser permanente, which is
5:36 am
one of the news neighbors. it includes a plaza with a warriors team store and other retail stores. uber's new headquarters is nearby. it opens in september. all good things must come to an end. last night the a's 10-game winning streak ended with a thud. in the ninth, with the game tied 4-4, angels scored on a two-run single. they moved into second place in the american league west. good for them. >> new this morning h, the oakland zoo is saying bye-son as it sends 11 bison away. no, not to the home where the buffalo roam but rather the blackfeet nation. that is where they will indeed roam free. since last year, the animals have been living at the zoo's new california trail exhibit. the event will be held when they arrive in some the empty this
5:37 am
week, including blessing and praying ceremonies. we have been monitoring this major traffic alert. mike, you are keeping tabs on a big mess in the bay bridge. >> this is the span. the incline. we talk about the headache. reminder that the coroner has been called to the scene. this is a deadly crash that is going on on the bay bridge. there are serious impacts other than the traffic flow. we do have options. and the other option, richmond to san rafael bridge. we showed you the crash on the incline. over two hours. we mapped it out. it is a route that is over three times as long as as far as the distance goes. it is 51 minutes if you travel up and around the richmond-san rafael bridge.
5:38 am
be prepared to pay two tolls and a lot less travel time itself. this is all shaping up to be a lovely, sunny weekend for most of us. and your saturday forecast right now, coast, bay, inland will be a nice spread of upper 60s for the coastal areas. we're definitely expecting a foggy start. at least temperatures will be more may-like. temperatures will climb into the 70s. that shore wave trough thursday and friday will keep our warming at bay. but as we head into next week, it will feel a little warmer. as far as your sunday forecast goes, temperatures warm up just a little bit for the bay and inland areas. temperatures in inland spots will be anywhere in the upper 70s, into the low to mid-80s. we are going to get plenty of clearing by mid-morning.
5:39 am
again, we start out with foggy conditions. hanging out on the coastline. if you're in through the bay and inland areas, most live clear skies. it will finally feel a little bit more like spring. but just giving you a little sneak peek. monday and tuesday, our warming trend is trending more towards the 90s, which means get ready because that is going to give us a sneak peek of what the summer will feel like here in the bay area. i'll send it back to you. laura said we didn't even have spring. i know. 5:39. pride month begins in a matter of days. some feel one sacramento bar is not being so priedfdeful. >> a fight between joe biden and president trump. we'll take a look coming up on "today in the bay".
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bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. we're looking at the bay bridge westbound 80 right there. flares blocking over half of the freeway toward treasure island, heading toward san francisco out of oakland. your commute across the bay bridge. avoid that bay bridge. moving very slowly. jamming in the maze. we will give you alternates and show you backups and travel times and try to get you out of this. we do have cloud cover.
5:43 am
golden gate bridge right now, beautiful view. things will quickly warm into the afternoon. i'll let you know what spots are expected to be the warmest in just a bit. thanks so much. 5:43 right now. and happening now, statewide manhunt continues for the little girl alexia found monday in bellflower in her car seat lifeless next to a dumpster. her father, 22-year-old alexander even sraeccheccheveri. the tragedy is gripping the community where alexia was found. >> was it an accident and he didn't know what to do? did something bad happen. >> it breaks my heart. i don't know how anybody can do that. >> there's already a growing
5:44 am
memorial for the baby girl. investigators say her father was last seen in southern california on monday. >> well, the south bay's largest water suppliers reportedly negotiating the plan to invest in the backup reserve. mercury news reports that the santa clara valley water district is in secret talks to purchase a 5200 acre cattle ranch in merced county. it sits a top billions of gallons of groundwater, which could be used the next time things go dry. if a deal comes to pass, it is likely to face backlash from other water districts and the farming industry. >> new this morning, controversy is brewing over a sacramento bar. according to the "sacramento bee", musicians and customers are boycotting the gold seal trading post. calhoun and jones crazy white
5:45 am
boy tour at the bar is sold out. new, east bay landmark is saved. many have seen the painted rock on a hill in moraga. above the intersection of moraga road and green boulevard. they paint the boulders as part of a high school tradition. the land is being acquired by the john muir land trust. they have raised $2 million. the painted rock property will be part of a large public open space. expect new trails and a protected wildlife haven. president trump did joe biden a favor by calling him a low i.q. individual. >> he was echoing kim jong-un while he made that statement overseas. one is the unspoken rule you don't engage in domestic politics overseas. the other is calling a former
5:46 am
vice president dumb. president trump has defended his actions with a tweet. i was actually sticking up for sleepy joe biden while on foreign soil. kim jong-un called him a low i.q. idiot and many other things where as i related the quote of chairman kim as a much softer low i.q. individual. who could possibly be upset with that? president trump saying changing idiot to individual supported the vice president. california senator kamala harris did a townhall on msnbc where she tried to talk about abortion rights but was dragged into the trump/biden fight. here's what she had to say about calling biden low i.q. >> he should not have done it. it is irresponsible and another example of why he should not be president of the united states. >> now many many ways this works to biden's favor. because talking heads talk to things like this, trump versus
5:47 am
biden. when they should be mentioning all kinds of other candidates. i don't get a chance to talk about baseball very often. in fresno, the local farm team played a memorial day video on the jumbo tron. see if you can spot the problem. >> as for the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the american people. >> now, grizzlies say they are not sure how it ran that way. we're embarrassed we allowed this video to play without seeing it in its entirety first. we unconditionally apologize to represent ocasio-cortez. you can follow me on twitter. thanks, scott. this next video i want you to look at because people are already talking about this one. the first pitch before yesterday's white sox game.
5:48 am
you may say this was the worst pitch ever. we are teasing you because we want to set this up for you. okay. now take a look at this actual pitch. . >> the ceremonial first pitch. oh! >> so brutal. >> we can tell you the woman who made the first pitch is a white sox employee. she is still an employee. >> not as a pitcher. she just didn't throw it soon enough. >> you know when they say a pitcher has rubber arm? she really does. let's get to the forecast. so we had a lot of, well, we'll get to that in just a moment.
5:49 am
the morning commute, there is quite the backup. >> sorry, vianey. we have a huge issue for commuters towards san francisco. live pictures that we have. all right. this is the caltrans camera. we're looking at the sky view. it looks like the tower heading over toward treasure island. so you do see at the top of the screen. i'm going to step in here, folks. the treasure island tunnel. it gives you a good idea. we no longer have a double decker on the east bay side. this is the eastbound direction where san francisco comes in. look how light the traffic is because everybody held up behind this crash. this deadly crash on the inklein itself. back out to the live shot. everybody is held up here where only two lanes are getting by. the crews waiting for the coroner to arrive to complete the investigation into the area. it has traffic jammed up. light commute around most of the bay. the bay bridge and the approach horrible the last hour.
5:50 am
jammed up. that's why you want to avoid the bay bridge. 24 out of walnut creek, upper east shore freeway is fine. let's take you to our partners at waze. not as good as the before. still over two hours. 2:15 out of orinda and the called cut tunnel, san francisco. map up. take the longer route, three times as much mileage over the richmond-san rafael bridge. and golden gate just over an hour and five minutes. a much better route. join nbc bay area wazers and they will get you the information wherever you go and you can adapt your course. we talked about the san mateo bridge where traffic is light. rest of the bay mostly green. one other option, they can take bart. no delays to avoid the bay bridge toll plaza. >> that's a rough way to start your commute this morning. we are noticing that the marine layer is building.
5:51 am
look at this mesmerizing shot from sutro cam. this is supposed to be golden gate bridge. we have so much rolling fog and the marine layer is building. this is what we're seeing. look how beautiful that looks. a golden gate bridge staple around here. another view that you may also see if you live in the south bay is this one. a nice morning with cloud cover. but you're going to keep a combination of sun and clouds through 10:00 a.m. the sun will warm us up. warmer spots in the concord area. by 12:00, concord will already be in those mid-70s. and here's a look at how the rest of the bay area is shaping up. 70 for oakland. 78 for livermore. 77 in san jose. we're going to stay in the upper 50s, low 60s for the coastline. cloud cover will help keep us cool. if you're hanging out around the beach, it will still be cloudy. there is one thing we're looking out for on thursday. and that's a short wave trough
5:52 am
that's going to fire up the chance of seeing some thunderstorms for the north bay mountains. the east bay and also the sierra. i know. it's been a wild and wacky may. we're going to monitor that very closely as we inch towards tomorrow, into friday. but as far as the rest of the bay area goes, we're not worried about the rain. just more cloud cover and a warmup into the weekend. back to you. happening now, the soybean industry hit hard. u.s. exports are down more than 20% of a year ago. iowa is the biggest producer of soy beans. farmers near sacramento also grow soy beans still ahead, help for families trying to pay for college. >> because every little bit will help your child go to school. >> the program in california to make saving up a little easier.
5:53 am
and the special deal if you sign up right now. >> he's lured to a bank by a bonus. more than a year of not getting paid, he needs our help to cash in. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. [ grunting ] it's snowtime baby. [ screaming ] oh, it's just this weird little guy. ow! ow, ow, ow! ow, ow, ow! [ screaming ] not cool.
5:54 am
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good wednesday morning to
5:56 am
you. we continue to follow breaking news. sky ranger flying overhead. this is on the westbound incline of the bay bridge this morning. three of five lanes have been closed down because of that accident. mike is keeping us updated on alternate routes and when it is expected to open up. look at the backup it has caused all the way through emeryville i think. it is really backed up on 80 this morning. we'll continue ton follow it. 5:56 right now. are you a master at tweeting? twitter is hiring someone to be tweeter in chief. be extremely plugged into twitter khurlt and culture in gener
5:57 am
general. today is 529 day. a play on the day 5/29 and in reference to the 529 education savings accounts. the government-sponsored college savings accounts with tax benefits. most americans don't understand them or have never heard of them. >> your plan grows tax deferred. if your child takes the money out of the plan for qualified education expenses, the money comes out tax-free. >> the qualified expenses include tuition, books, housing. california's 529 plans are available to any citizen or taxpayer. through the end of the week, california is offering $50 when you open a new one. new this morning, protecting california students from loan providers is gaining speed in sacramento. it creates a new borrower bill or bill of rights. the state assembly approved it. the bill is now in the hands of the senate.
5:58 am
and more oversight. an alameda man said a promised bank bonus was a bust. >> chris chmura and his team stepped in to help him cash in. >> good morning. forget a free toaster. when lou opened a new account at hsbc he got a $350 cash bonus. he was offered more if he referred a friend. he would get $100, and the friend would get $250. so he referred his son, james. james's application hit a snag, and hsbc didn't finish activating until after the promotion expires. he went back and forth with the bank for month and gave up. more than a year later, he saw one of our nbc bay area responds segments right here and reached out to us for help. we contacted hsbc. it took another two months, but we landed lou and games their $350 bonuses.
5:59 am
banks often offer cash incentives to recruit new customers. keep a copy of whatever they're offering until they pay up. if they don't deliver on your incentive, speak up. if that doesn't work call us at 1-888-996-tips or 6:00. breaking news on the bay bridge. a deadly truck crash causing headaches for morning drivers. an update from mike on alternate routes and a live report from the toll plaza. >> teachers are still on strike in the east bay. families are hopeful both sides will come to an agreement. >> teens, texting and sleep. a new report while you were sleeping showing the obstacles many were facing getting a good night's rest. "today in the bay" continues right now. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >>.
6:00 am
>> i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get you out the door. there's been a traffic alert on the bay bridge, mike, causing a lot of issues. >> yeah. huge issue. avoid the bay bridge if you can at all. sky ranger is over the scene. this is a deadly crash. the debris and the overturned box truck is one involved with the person who has died as a result of this crash. a couple of people, as i understand, in the box truck. farther up the road, golden gate transit bus involved in the crash. three people injured. it sounds like no serious injuries. out to the maps, i want to show you, folks, this is the incline from oakland to san francisco. that's why you avoid it. over half the freeway is blocked. you can't even get to treasure island. this is a huge problem over here, folks. as we look into the jam, it is continuing to build. out of berkeley. actually, out of richmond, golden gate field, another crash on the shoulder. all the way backed up into the maze. your alternate is the richmond to san rafael


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