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tv   Today  NBC  June 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, tragedy in virginia beach, a deadly mass workplace shooting. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> 12 innocent lives lost after a city worker opens fire at a municipal building. >> shooter on the second floor, detectives coming through the garage. >> police rushing to the scene as employees ran out of the building witnessing unimaginable horror. officers engaging the shooter in a fierce gun battle killing the suspect but not before one of their own was hit. the virginia beach mayor heartbroken. >> this is the most devastating day in the history of virginia beach. >> what eyewitnesss are
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recalling, what we're learning about the gunman, and the brave actions of first responders as another american city is in mourning. today, saturday, june 1st, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today." tragedy in virginia beach. with peter alexander, live from virginia beach and sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, and welcome to "today," thank you for joining us. dylan is here with me at the table while peter is in virginia beach and once again, we're waking up to news of another mass shooting, the latest details here. police say the man was a long time city employee, entering his workplace with at least one gun and a silencer that muffled the sounds and shooting indiscriminately as we walked through three floors of the building. i know it is quite a scene there
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again this morning. peter. >> you're exactly right, the community still really numb to what just happened in the last 24 hours. virginia beach has now been added to that growing list of american chunommunities shatter by gun violence. it happened here at this beautiful campus, colonial style building, the deadliest mass shooting in the country this year. just as workers were preparing to leave for the weekend, shots rang out at a virginia beach city office building friday afternoon. >> this is a horrific day for the commonwealth of virginia. >> the shooter a veteran government employee stormed into the building and opened fire, leaving at least 12 dead and four injured. >> he has access to the building, he came in with a weapon today. >> four police officers rushed the building, cornering the gunman during a shootout. >> even though he was involved in a long-term moving gun battle with these officers, when he
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went down, they did what cops do and they rendered first aid to this individual. he succumbed to his wounds. >> officer hit, officer hit. >> reporter: fortunately that officer was saved by his bullet proof vest. police say the gunman used a .45 caliber handgun with multiple extended magazines, the gun had a sound suppressor, muffling the sound of the shots. >> there was a lady on the stairs, unconscious, we didn't know what happened. >> we heard shooting but we didn't think it was that close, that close like in proximity of the building. >> reporter: the victims were found on all three floors of the building and one outside in a vehicle. the fbi and state police are involved in the ongoing investigation but say the danger is now over and the recovery can begin. >> we're going to show that virginia beach is a city of resolve and dedication. >> reporter: as we mentioned,
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that gunman who turned his workplace into a scene of carnage yesterday died after a long shootout with police here, so what do we know about the gunman, and the gun that he used? for more on that, we're joined by nbc justice correspondent pete williams. he's in washington. pete, good morning. >> the man that law enforcement officials say carried out this attack, dewayne craddock was a project engineer for the site planning and engineering team for the office of public yout utilities in virginia beach. that was the offices that were in the building. the police chief described him as a long time employee of the city and said friday night that he was still employed when he began firing on his fellow employees, though other law enforcement officials say their understanding is that he was recently fired. investigators say craddock bought several guns within the past few weeks, and made the purchases legally, but police say that weapon he used friday, one of the most common in the u.s., the .45 caliber
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semiautomatic handgun, which means it fired one shot each time the trigger was pulled was purchased legally. he had several high capacity magazines, these are the clips that hold the rounds and that allowed him to fire more shots before reloading. those magazines are legal in virginia as they are indeed in most of the nation. the gun was fitted with a silencer, and it's not clear this morning whether he legally possessed that. those have to be registered under federal law. as for the motive, it remains unclear this morning. he had no apparent criminal record and his neighbors say ri records and his neighbors say they are shocked he would do such a thing. >> i'm petrified because i live right under him. that could have been me or my girlfriend or my roommate, and he seemed like a nice guy. he introduced himself when we first moved in. that's just crazy. >> police searched craddock's home searching for more information on what might have been the motive. the fbi and atf are helping
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virginia police process the crime scene inside that city office building. peter. >> pete williams in washington for us this morning. pete, thank you very much. as we noted a police officer was among those injured in the awful shootout that took place here. he's in the hospital. but it's believed that his bullet proof vest may have saved his life. he is one of at least four people in hospitals across this community. hans nichols is in virginia beach general hospital with the latest on the condition of those survivors, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pet peter. the indication is the four people who made it to the hospital have pulled through overnight. we heard that the latest official information is three critical and one in stable condition. the indications seem to be the one in stable or fair condition was the police officers who life was saved because he was wearing his bulletproof vest. they were clear on that.
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officials indicated a lengthy shootout and the perpetrator of the crime did have multiple weapons at home and found on the site. we also have names of the 12 deceased. 11 of them are city employees. one of them was a contractor. we will learn more about the individuals. for example, one was a former military personnel. had a deployment. we will get more on these individuals and find out what happens next to the community in grief. >> much. sheinelle, as you can see it's become a horrifying and heartbreaking routine across this country. another deadly shooting here. the latest toll as we have reported now, 13 killed as a result of the actions that took place here just yesterday. >> thank you, peter. the gunman began his attack in the parking lot and moved through three floors of virginia beach municipal center before engaging officers in that extended shootout.
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nbc law enforcement expert and former atf special agent jim kavanaugh joins us from nashville with more on the police response. good morning to you, jim. >> good morning, sheinelle. >> hans gave us an update on the injured officer but talk about how the law enforcement officers responded to this situation and how they engaged. >> right. well, you know, first off, getting shot with a .45 in a bullet proof vest is like a major league fast ball hitting you in the chest, and it's going to be a lot of bruising and injury but luckily the officer is going to survive, thank god. they are absolute heroes because they use the formula where police tactics change post columbine, when shooter's motives change, that's all been left out of the discussion. shooter's motives change instead of a robbery or trying to get away or trying to take somebody hostage, they were mass killing so police tactics change, and here you have two detectives, two k-9 officers who went in, but sheinelle, this killer planned it, and had a
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distinctive advantage with the silencer. he killed first in the parking lot, i mean, that should be noted by all, and if he did not have a silencer, that report of a .45 is extremely loud, and i would venture to say at a municipal complex, some police officer would have heard that shot, and maybe there was multiple shots in the parking lot and this silenced weapon allowed him to make entry, then once inside, even people in the building, sheinelle, if they didn't know it was a shooter, they were unclear, they heard something but they didn't know if it was close or far away. they had to investigate, and this gave him time, and of course he had extended magazines, sometimes those have as many as 30 rounds per magazine and he methodically goes through his killing sfrpre. the first two or three officers get there and quickly get in, you try not to go in yourself, if you get killed you can't help anybody. sometimes you have to.
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but you try to get two or three. in this case they had four and they moved in quickly and engaged him in the gun battle. he has an advantage in the gun battle too, he has a silencer, the gun doesn't give the big flash, not much of a recoil, he can shoot a little more accurately, he can move little more quietly, the officers got him barricaded and were able to kill him. >> that's what made this such a deadly shooting, then, was it essentially that silencer and that muffler. >> three things made it extremely deadly, the silencer, one, because he wouldn't get noticed as quick and certainly from the parking lot inside. two these extended magazines, 30 round magazines, this guy can shoot and shoot and shoot, and when he's shooting unarmed people, he can go on. there's little chance to tackle him because he's got so many rounds and of course he's using a .45 caliber weapon. he knows the territory, he's not a stranger to the building. he knows the premises, he's choking on an empty grudge from his employment, so he can kill
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at will. likely wanted to go on but officers were so fast, he knew, sheinelle, this killer knew that if he fired that gun without a silencer, the officers would have been on him even faster in that municipal center. so it was a diabolical plot, and you know, unfortunately, we even have a bill on the hill where they were trying to change the law on silencers, which has been very strict since 1934. and they've tried to repeal that. where we are in america on gun laws, it's a bad place for us. and we're trying to take away, for example, the registration of silencers. we need to keep that. >> spark a renewed conversation. jim kavanaugh, thank you your perspective this morning. let's check in at the white house for the reaction to the shooting in virginia beach. we have mike vicari, at the white house. >> a spokesperson said last night the president had been briefed on the shooting and is
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monitoring the situation. as of this moment, 13 hours since the violence in virginia beach, we have not heard, read or seen a reaction from president trump to the latest mass shooting. he is here in the white house, the weather is clear, and he typically makes a trip to his northern virginia golf course on weekend days like this. tomorrow, sunday, the president and first lady are scheduled to attend the annual gala at ford's theater here in d.c., and later sunday night, they leave washington for the united kingdom, and a much anticipated state visit overseas. peter, sheinelle. >> thank you, mike. earlier this morning, peter spoke with the mother and daughter who were both nearby when the shooting began. leah wilson was inside the city building right next door to the shooting and her building was on lock down for nearly three hours. at the same time, her mother alyssa andrews was waiting for leah in the car while taking care of leah's 23-month-old son.
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alyssa saw people running from the building where the shooting was happening, some of them covered in blood. peter started by asking alyssa what she saw and heard standing outside. >> reporter: alyssa, i'll start with you, you were in the car outside, we saw the photo you took of the man with blood on his chest. what did you hear, what did you see standing outside? >> at first i saw all the police with their guns running towards the building mind me. i was parked in between the two buildings. and then i saw this man and a police officer come running by and come in the front of my car and he had blood all over himself, and i opened my door, i had my grandson in the car, and i opened the door and said i'm an rn, do you need me to help you, the police officer said no, get back in your car, and i got back in the car and thought that was the safest place to be. >> reporter: and you started texting photos to your daughter who was inside, to be clear, you were paying off a driving ticket, you didn't work here, and all of a sudden you found
6:14 am
out there was an active shooter in the building from your mom, what did you make of this? >> at first, i didn't know if it was serious or not, and when she started getting frantic, i started panicking a little bit. it was all very traumatic and very quick. >> reporter: what was it like inside, how did you know? did you hear sounds, how did you know something was wrong? >> we heard loud commotion coming from the back window, especially in the back conference rooms and in the bathrooms and everyone was sort of running around like chickens with their heads cut off. >> how long were you in the building before you were able to come and reunite with your 23-month-old in the car. >> three hours, we were on lock down. we weren't allowed to go next to the windows or doors or anything like that. >> reporter: how are you all doing today? >> still, it's surreal. i didn't sleep last night very well at all. you know, i just feel so bad for the victims in this, but i
6:15 am
didn't realize we were so close to where the gunman was initially, and i didn't even know that people were killed until later on at night, you know, so it's devastating. >> it is. very traumatic. i'm still processing everything, still trying to get over what happened, trying to get through it. >> reporter: when you finally got out of that building and you saw your mom, and you saw your son, tell me about that moment for you. >> it was beautiful. my son ran straight to me. very emotional. i was just happy that everybody was safe. absolutely. >> and for you to have your daughter in your arms again. >> my honey bun, yes. it is. and our phones went dead, so i couldn't communicate with her, so i really was, you know, at a loss of if she was okay in the building, so i'm glad we had a happy ending. i'm sorry for the other people. >> reporter: we're so glad that both of you guys are okay.
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we're sorry for your experience. thanks for spending time with us. >> thank you. >> reporter: as alyssa told me as soon as we were done speaking on camera, she said she and her daughter were driving back to their honestly in richmond yesterday evening. it was that moment they learned the death toll, how large it was, when they decided to stay in the area, sheinelle. so distraught about what happened here. so thankful about the fact that they were both saved. >> i was listening to them talk, once again, you have so many people's lives who are forever changed because of another mass shooting. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you, peter, we'll check back in with you again throughout the morning rch. another big story, the latest on a flood emergency across multiple states. evacuations are underway right now in arkansas and missouri as rivers rise to historic levels in the wake of severe weather. gabe gutierrez is in the flood zone in arkansas. >> reporter: the president has declared a federal disaster in
6:17 am
arkansas. the water continues to rise. the area you're looking at right now is normally dry land and this area is now being threatened by a slow motion disaster. this morning the arkansas river is rising after breaching this levee, look at this chunk of earth crumbling. elevating his furniture before getting out. >> we're staying somewhere else, we're packing, trying to get everything ready. >> reporter: the small town of darnell, arkansas, is now preparing for the worst. here uncertainty is measured, with shovels and sandbags. >> that's why everybody is here. we're all sharing in the concern and trying to do the best we can do. >> reporter: to protect your town. >> to protect our town, yes, sir. the more levees start breaking and stuff, and they're saying it could come back into town. it's a serious situation. >> reporter: after two weeks of severe weather rising rivers have prompted new evacuations across several states. on the illinois border in west
6:18 am
quincy, missouri, a levee failed along the mississippi river. in howard county, missouri, homes north of settlement louis have also flooded. authorities in the state say one man drowned in the lake. tulsa, oklahoma, as the flood waters slowly recede, this 20 foot sinkhole opened up. >> please be safe. please be weather aware. we are not out of the woods completely yet. >> reporter: downstream, as the water rises, the mayor is asking residents not to panic. mac harper evacuated just hours before the levee failed. >> i don't think anyone's ever seen the river like this. i guess this will be one for the record books. >> reporter: all this water just has nowhere to go, and it is testing the ageing levee system in this area. the arkansas river here is not expected to crest until tomorrow. sheinelle. >> pictures are unbelievable. gabe gutierrez, thank you. let's go to dylan for a check of the weather. some of these folks just can't seem to get a break.
6:19 am
can't get a break, and this is record flooding and it's such a sad situation, we have so many rivers that are at or above the major flood stage. we are dry right now. we also have some showers likely across the northeast, but it's really in that zone where we have to focus on the missouri river, the arkansas river and the mississippi river because we do have more than 300 rivers still above flood stage with several at major flooding, so any additional rainfall will just continue to cause this water to overflow its banks. we have this stalled front. you can see more showers and thunderstorms. heavier pockets of rain developing across the midwest, back through oklahoma, down into texas, too and if this moves east ward, it will bring storms across the great lakes tonight and tomorrow, bringing storms into the northeast. it will not take a lot of rain to continue this flooding problem, and we are looking at an additional 1 to 2 inches of rain. some of that rain coming in a very short period of time. flash flooding is also an issue on top of that. mostly west of us, the major flooding that we're seeing, but
6:20 am
still, this is going to move east as we go through the next couple of days. sheinelle. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, peter is live in virginia beach and he'll have the latest on the tragic shooting there. plus, after months of tornadoes, drenching rain and severe flooding across the country, now hurricane season has arrived, new predictions on how bad it might be right after this. a little bird told me you
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early morning hours expect a combination of low clouds and fog. in the afternoon, we'll get clearing skies. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, still to come on "today," we're live in virginia beach, we'll have the latest on the deadly mass shooting there. ♪ born to be wild (avo) moves like these need pampers cruisers 360 fit. with an ultra stretchy waistband and 360 fit that adapts to every wild move. plus, up to 12 hours of protection. so anything your wild child does, cruisers can too. our best ever fit is new cruisers 360 fit. ♪ be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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good morning, everybody. thank you so much for being with us this morning. let's take you outside. walnut creek on a saturday morning, first day of june. hope your rent is all paid up. i'm garvin thomas. and we have a look at your forecast. >> so we have a bit of cloud cover still. and the temperatures are a little cooler, 58. but no big changes from what we've seen the past couple days. this has been a similar pattern that we've been enjoying. your current temperatures as you head out, 51 in san francisco, half moon bay 52. but once the fog burns off by
6:28 am
the afternoon, we are talking about mostly sunny skies and temperatures will be climbing into the 60s for san francisco. so pretty seasonable. a little below seasonable in the interior valleys. concord 86. so the fact that it is the first day of june, we're actually slightly cooler, but i'll take the 80s. 90s on the way this workweek. >> yes, microclimates at work. thank you very much. san francisco is hosting the state's democratic convention. and many of the presidential candidates seizing the opportunity to make their pitch. it is going to be an intense 48 hours. 14 presidential hopefuls are trying to win support from the party. all will be speaking this weekend, each candidate will have just seven minutes to connect with a critical crowd. >> i think that it will come down to how they perform in the midwest and whether they will
6:29 am
win. >> i'm looking into someone who can bring people together and unite, someone who is focused on education, health care, and mental health. and housing. >> candidates who win support from delegates will win volunteers, thousands of delegates attending the con vech convention say they are ready to lead the ground game. coming up this morning, what should the fda do about cbd? the big decision ahead for thousands of products. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel.
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the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ rch we are back on this saturday morning, june 1st, 2019, this is a live shot from virginia beach, virginia, where t we are back on this saturday morning, june 1st, 2019, this is a live shot from virginia beach, virginia, where this morning at least a dozen families are mourning the loss of loved ones in that tragic workplace shooting there friday. dylan is here with me in new york while peter is in virginia beach covering the story for us this morning let's get right to it, peter. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning to you, another tragic day in another american community. it is obviously a tough morning here in virginia beach a lot of folks still numb to what just occurred as they try to make sense of the mass shooting friday afternoon in a city building. the mayor here calling it the most devastating day in the history of virginia beach. in fact, it is the deadliest
6:31 am
shooting in this country this year 13 people killed, including the gunman four people still recovering in area hospitals from their injuries this all started as city workers were preparing to leave for the weekend when the gunman, a long time city employee walked into what is the public works building he opened fire, going from floor to floor, four police officers came in after him, cornering that gunman before killing him in a shoot out one of those recovering we're actually told is one of those police officers, and this morning it's believed that the officer's bullet proof vest saved their life as for the gunman, a law enforcement source tells nbc news, the suspect is dewayne craddock, that he bought several guns in recent weeks, all of those purchases made legally the fbi and state police are still investigating, the names of the victims, those have not yet been released. we are expecting more information from officials over
6:32 am
the course of the day as the horrible task of notifying the 12 families continues. and right now, we are joined by bobby dyer, he is the mayor here in virginia beach. he called the shooting the most devastating day in the city's history. nice to see you. >> thank you i'm sorry we have to be here. >> reporter: i'm sorry we're meeting under these circumstances. i could see how broken up you were yesterday you spoke about the victims, the gunman and 12 others, innocent people who were trying to get permits or who worked in those buildings. can you talk about how this community is doing today and the shock of what just occurred. >> i think the community is still going to be in shock, you know, this is not what virginia beach is we are a community that is, you know, the strength of virginia beach are the people of virginia beach, and you know, we are a city of resolve and determination, and you know, once we, you know, get through the necessary business, we're going to move forward, but i am sure that our community is going
6:33 am
to engage and we're going to help the families. don't forget, it's the families, but the workers who were also our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, but also just think about all the other city employees that were in the building at the time. >> reporter: and even this morning, there are a lot of families who are still waiting for news about their own loved ones four other individuals, we understand are still in the hospital do you have any better update on their condition? >> no, i don't have any update, and you know, it's just a tragic situation that we're going to have to confront. >> reporter: when we spoke you said we're not going to identify names now until all the families have been alerted but one of these victims, one of the people killed inside building two here, the public works building was someone you knew who was he >> he was a good friend of mine. he was my carpenter. he did a lot of work in our house. he was in the building getting a permit and he was tragically -- his life was taken >> reporter: getting a permit, going about his business >> yeah. >> reporter: what needs to change >> i tell you what, whether it
6:34 am
be this city or th country, people have to start treating each other with respect and dignity, and let's focus on what we ha what we have in common, not what divides us, and you know, let's just, you know, be civil towards each other >> let me ask you about these buildings, a lot of communities have had to change the way they do business off gun violence these were public office buildings, city office buildings, you work in city hall, the building just next door you weren't there at the time, but that's where your office is. do these buildings have metal detectors like you might find in schools and airports or security in front >> once again, this is the people's building, you know, people come free flow, and you know, this incident was an anomaly and, you know, it couldn't have been prevented the shooter worked there he was known, you know, it was just a terribly unfortunate thing.
6:35 am
but the complex here is the people's complex, and people come and go and conduct business here routinely for years >> reporter: and the people of this commonwealth and this country today are celebrating the heroism of those officers who went in and helped make sure others weren't killed as a result of it mr. mayor, i appreciate your time we wish you and your community the best >> thank you very much. >> repoy >> mayor dyer, the mayor of virginia beach, the most populous city in the state of virginia back to you. let's put this in perspective, the gun violence in virginia beach is the largest mass shooting this yea according to data from the gun violence archives. nbc's kathy park is here with an eye opening look at the rise of mass shootings in the country. good morning >> according to gun violence archive, the latest incident i virginia beach is a 150th mass shooting this year in the u.s. when we dive deeper into the number of shootings in this country, it's a reminder that the problem is only getting worse.
6:36 am
>> this is the most devastating day in the history of virginia beach. >> reporter: virginia beach became the latest to join a list no community ever wants to be on, with at least 12 people killed friday's mass shooting ranks as the largest this year it's only been three months since a gunman opened fire killing five workers at a manufacturing plant in aurora, illinois when you take a closer look at the statistics, the number of shootings in the u.s. is not just staggering, but rising from 2000 to 2018, the fbi recorded 277 active shooter incidents. every day 100 americans are killed by guns since last year's shooting at parkland, florida, where 17 students and staff were killed in marjorie stoneman douglas high school, gun violence archive reports there were 461 shootings with at least four fatalities or injuries, and
6:37 am
since 1986, mother jones database shows there have been 35 workplace mass shootings, deadly trends across the country, taking its place in history for the wrong reasons. and some more sobering statistics to pass along, the gun safety group every town says the median age of mass shooters is 34 years old and one in three victims are children, 17 or younger. just alarming when you break down these numbers. >> heartbreaking, kathy park, thank you. dylan, how about another check of weather, and already we're talking hurricane season. >> that's right, it's june 1st, sheinelle, so we have hurricane season in full swing and we have an invest down near mexico, and this is going to move to the north and west, and there's a chance it could develop into a tropical system because it's moving into very warm water. if that happens, that could be our next storm system that we will be watching moving through that area. speaking of storms, we do have
6:38 am
more storms that are expected later on today, especially in the midwest and up across parts of st. louis into illinois, missouri, over into indiana, too, we could see damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes are possible, and then tomorrow we are looking at two areas, one of those areas does include the northeast for storms tomorrow that's a look at the . it is a very foggy start. look at this shot of the golden gate bridge, we have a blanket of fog covering the coastline. a lot of low clouds will linger in through this morning. cool 50s to start. by the evening we're talking mostly sunny skies, temperatures will climb into the low 80s for san jose, 82. 74 for oakland. meanwhile the coastline is expected to remain cool. we'll keep the dry weather with a chance of seeing some storms pop up in the sierra in through the evening. and that's your latest forecast. >> just ahead, as dylan just mentioned, it's the first day of hurricane season, how bad will it be, we'll have more on what
6:39 am
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the finest dark chocolate, crafted to perfection by the lindt master chocolatier excellence from lindt. we're back with in-depth today, with all the hundreds of tornadoes and devastating flooding, it's the first day of hurricane season. >> and some communities are still recovering from last year's storms. our kerry sanders has a look at what might be on the horizon. >> reporter: it's been nearly eight months since hurricane michael, in the florida panhandle, today in panama city, winds are. >> just got our electric and water back on. >> the start of the new
6:44 am
hurricane season bringing new worries to those still cleaning up. >> i'm not prepared. i'm not prepared at all. and i don't think anybody is. >> reporter: experts predict as many as 15 named storms 2 to 4 of those major hurricanes. >> you want to talk about it only takes one, and to be prepared for that one is absolutely critical. a big reminder, be prepared as if you're going to be hit every single year. >> reporter: last season's hurricanes caused a whopping $60 billion in damage, not just from powerful winds but record rainfall and inland flooding. >> we have officially hit our bottom floor. >> reporter: jeanette lopez was home as hurricanes rolled ashore, the surrounding her north carolina house like an island. do you question why you still live here? >> never. >> reporter: because? >> because it's so beautiful. >> reporter: she has been rebuilding for months but fears it's just a matter of time before another direct hit. >> it will happen again. >> reporter: it's just whether it will be you or somebody else.
6:45 am
>> correct. >> reporter: back in the florida panhandle, russell king is taking no chances, his home one of the few standing after the storm, and he's reinforcing it even more. >> we know the next one's coming. >> reporter: the question this morning is when and where. for "today," kerry sander, nbc news, north carolina. >> dropped so many numbers out there but the most important thing is it only takes one. good advice. >> puts it into perspective. coming up, it's being called a cure all from everything from insomnia to pain, with little research, could new regulations be on the way. what's next for cbd skpnc. what's next for cbd skpnc. a our finalnd when it comes to scent, helen's motto is, "the more the better." so, when she tried new gain scent blast detergent, she loved it. her son loves it,
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downtherecare with cottonelle. [ahhhhhhhh] wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. we're back with a look at the soriaring popularity of cbd. it has being promoted for using from insomnia to chronic pain. t as stephanie goss reports it could soon face more oversight. >> reporter: cbd, modern day cure all or snake oil, safe for lotions, coffee, and ben and jerries or untested drugs that should be closely regulated. these were a couple questions raised during an fda hearing on
6:49 am
cbd. >> overregulation will simply drive consumers to the black market. >> the cannabis extract that has become the latest craze as doctors urge caution. >> we are rapidly getting behind the curve in terms of what is happening in the real world and what patients are utilizing. >> over 100 speakers took the podium from doctors to manufacturers to researchers, where one thing was for surgeon. there is lots of confusion. first there are the laws, the federal government says hemp derives cbd is legal, though it can't be added to food or dietary supplements, but state laws are an often conflicting patch work, and then there are the many unproven claims that cbd can release anxiety is pain. >> the cbd worked and was an absolute miracle. >> and helps conditions like autism and alzheimer's. >> she's more relaxed. we see more attempts at communication. we get better eye contact.
6:50 am
>> reporter: there's only one cbd drug approved to treat epilepsy in children. the industry, which may be worth $20 billion by 2022, is described as the wild wild west, the fda has a lot to do. for "today," stephanie goss, nbc news. >> remember the woman who was arrested at disney world for having it. to be continued on that one. coming up, we'll wrap up our coverage this morning with peter in virginia beach at
6:51 am
6:52 am
we're back and we're going to check in one last time for peter in virginia beach, virginia, a city which is only beginning to process yesterday's tragedy. a gunman killed 12 people in a downtown building. at least four others were injured. peter, how would you describe the mood there, this morning? >> i think they're still coming
6:53 am
to terms with what happened here. you know, this, sheinelle has become a painful routine. there's another breaking news headline, another death toll that makes your heart stop and in this case, another group of families mourning loved ones lost here in virginia beach as they really try to absorb what just happened. they're still praying for four others recovering from their wounds. still pausing to thank the brave officers who rushed into the building here making sure that more were not killed. as the mayor told me this morning, something has to change. something's got to change, he says, while we may not have the answers today, we know that we all want this cycle of violence to end. as he said, it starts with each of us respecting our neighbors so that virginia beach will be the last city on a long list of communities shattered by gun violence. sheinelle we'll be here over the course of the day, and i'll toss it back to you. >> that does it for us this saturday morning. our hearts and our thoughts are with those families in virginia beach dealing with the loss of
6:54 am
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good morning. oom g i'm garvin thomas. coming up next, democrat being presidential candidates are in town. the one thing state delegates tell us they are looking for at the convention. plus, what made them sick? the scare for elementary school students in the south bay. and another foggy morning will make way for plenty of sunshine this afternoon. vianey arana has a sneak peek of the summer temperatures. downtow
6:58 am
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