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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  June 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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m . most devastating day in the history of virginia beach. >> dear lord, please keep everyone safe. if we had confidence the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so. shame on the missouri government good morning good morning and welcome to sunday "today" on this june 2nd i'm willie geist virginia beach and the country mourning the 12 victims of the shooting at a municipal building two days ago most of the victims career public employees doing their jobs late on a friday afternoon when a coworker started firing
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this morning we're hearing stories of survival and first hand accounts of what has happened the fbi that has joined the investigation. also ahead following news out of a terrifying scene in venice italy where a cruise ship has crashed into a dock and river president. president trump heading to great britain tonight and already stirring the waters with a favorite to succeed theresa may. and a swipe at meghan markle a sit down with bill hater, talking about his uncomfortable snl characters and the celebration he held after he won the emmy last year.
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>> afterwards went to in and out burger and the woman goes didn't you win an emmy? i said, i did. she goes let me see it i rolled down the window and showed her she said who's in the car with you? i said just me, she said honey, that's sad. let's begin with new details out of virginia beach after a employee swiped into work using his id badge and started shooting police say they'll release a detailed time line of the shooting today kathy park is live outside the scene with the latest. kathy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. behind me is the building at the center of so much pain bodies discovered on each of the three floors and as the community continues to mourn, the motive behind the massacre is still a mystery
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♪ >> reporter: virginia beach waking up heart broken as flags at half staff serve as a painful reminder of the 12 people killed in a mass shooting >> we are here for you we grieve with you >> reporter: the fbi sending in a team to help search for answers as to why the veteran city employee duane cratic gunned down his employees. >> i can't give you the exact number of days, but we'll be there until the investigation is completed. >> reporter: they found two guns on him and two at his home there was rumor he was fired from his job right before the massacre. >> you can correct your source, that's not correct. >> reporter: his family saying they're grieving the loss of a
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loved one, but focussing on the victims of the tragedy his neighbor on the man upstairs. >> he just stayed to himself. >> reporter: 11 of the 12 were city employees, one a contractor >> reporter: a friend described lakeita brown as a ray of sunshine. >> she had an infectious giggle. >> reporter: and richard nettle the perfect servant. >> he was the type of guy going to work in a suit and tie every day. who does that anymore. >> reporter: one survivor barricaded himself in his office waiting to be rescued. >> it's the saddest day of my life. >> reporter: but city leaders moving forward, saying this will not define their community. >> we in virginia beach are a
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city of heroes >> reporter: four of the victims are still hospitalized, three are still in critical condition and police plan to hold a briefing later this morning and we expect to get a time line of the shooting we are following more breaking news this morning, a terrifying scene in venice, italy, where an out of control cruiseship slammed into a dock and tourist river boat steve patterson is following that story for us. what happened here. >> reporter: at least five people were injured when that cruise ship slammed into a busy dock this morning, panic in venice. people seen scrambling to escape seconds before a cruise ship coming barrelling into this busy dock the out of control ship first
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plows into a smaller river boat before blasting a dock italian media reporting at least five people have been injured. it leads into st. mark's square, a poplar area for tourists and cruise ships people have been outraged for years about the giant cruise ships on the waters, arguing they clog the canals and cause politician a pollution and coming close to the docks. the president heads this week to the beaches of norman dy, france to commemorate the 75th anniversary of d day. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. there are questions about just
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how warm a welcome president trump will get in london when he arrives on monday for a state visit but comments mr. trump made in an interview with a british media outlet has raised eyebrows the sun pressed mr. trump about comments he made against meghan markle in 2016 >> she said shmod canada if you got elected, turned out she moved to britain >> a lot of people moving here no, i didn't know she was nasty. >> reporter: president trump arrives for a three-day visit on monday but even before the meghan markle remark, there were signs of anger among residents there were protests and a reappearance of a large balloon meant to parody the president.
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when mr. trump came here last year he avoided london with where an estimated 250,000 people marched against him this time the pomp and circumstance of a state visit takes the center of stage. in the sun interview the president also ignited controversy when he appeared to favor boris johnson's bid to be the next prime minister of great britain. >> i like him. i've always liked him. i don't know if he's going to be chosen but i think he's a good guy. >> reporter: that comment drew rebuke from opposition leader jeremy corbin. who remarked, president trump's attempt to decide who'll be britain's next pm is against policy burner. and the the president also plans to
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visit ireland on this trip as well as attending ceremonies in france surrounding the 75th anniversary of d-day chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." good morning, chuck. >> good morning. >> interesting time for the president to be in the uk days away from theresa may stepping away from her position the president trump was asked a direct question about boris johnson that he answered saying he's a good guy. what can we expect on the trip. >> the president and diplomatic guardrails are things that don't go together in the trump era every other president is briefed and told don't weigh in on another country's political debate, but that's not donald trump he's going to, shall we say, interfere in another country's election look, i expect there to be a lot of protests and i expect there to be an effort by his host to try to keep him from seeing it
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and so, it's -- i think this is -- i think the risk here is the president going off script and impacting the current political crisis in that country. and that is an uncomfortable place to be normally this president loves being in a position like that. >> he's not shown any shyness about this in the past and may do it this week. he's talked about the possibility of tariffs on mexico going up 5% a month unless they do something about immigration on the southern border and also robert mueller giving his talk this week, stirring up talk of impeachment by the democrats. and there's talk of an impeachment inquiry on the campaign trail how does the democratic party grapple with that right now?
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>> right now they're grappling with it through a diplomatic lens i think they're debating, do they have a political consensus to do this if you believe the president committed a crime, are you going to take a poll right, like that's the problem i think democrats have put themselves in. they have made now the decision look political which decision they make, to impeach or not it impeach. that's the trap the republicans and president were trying to set and i think they stepped right into it. >> you can nancy pelosi grappling with it every time she's asked. coming up, mick mulvaney and democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke. a frightening moment on saturday for senator kamala harris in california a protester jumped on stage and
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took her microphone. her husband joined security to subdue the man the senator was okay and we have a foggy and cloudy start around the coastline. by afternoon, your microclimate highs in san francisco will be in the mid-60s. 65 degrees. palo alto, 73. san jose, 78. concord, 80. oakland, 70 degrees. it will be a breezy afternoon tracking the possibility of seeing storms for the inland mountains. diablo range and the north bay area. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including the meteorologist who became an internet star after his on air rent of fans of the bachelore e bachelorette
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the first pitch that was so bad, it was down right dangerous. and later, investing in women, why so little venture capital money goes to female startup founders and what's being done to change that. >> we couldn't actually have a business conversation because it was instead, well, it's not for me so i got to ask the wife. >> it's all coming up on sunday "today," as we head to break an unprecedented eight way tie at the spelling bee in maryland. organizers conceded defeat when they decided they couldn't stump any of the eight winners there each will receive $50,000 and their own trophies congratulations, champs, you broke the spelling bee and trulicity activates my body to release it
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relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. the great dasha burns of nbc now which officially launched a few days ago joins me early for the highs and lows of the week before she brings us her excellent piece in a bit. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. i can't wait to see -- >> we've got good ones. the first high goes to meteorologist jamie simpson of fox 45 in dayton, ohio, who stood his ground in the face of the pitchfork wielding mob of "bachelorette" fans. there was severe weather in the dayton area on monday including tornado warnings. fox 45 broke into the "bachelorette" to cover the storms that threatened lives
6:18 am
across montgomery county. well, fans of the reality dating show were more concerned with the love life of hannah b., and they let simpson know it, jumping on social media to demand that the weather coverage stop so they could get back to the "bachelorette." my man, meteorologist jamie simpson, took note of their protests. >> also rainy -- i was checking social media. we have viewers complaining already. just go back to the show. no, we're not going back to the show, folks. this is a dangerous situation, okay. i'm sick and tired of people complaining about this. our job here is to keep people safe, and that is what we're going to do. some of you complained this is about my ego -- stop. okay, just stop right now. it's not. i'm done with you people, i really am. this is pathetic. >> got 'em, jamie. the bachelorette herself, hannah b., as i call her, tweeted lols, too funny.
6:19 am
thanks, nados are no joke. >> that weatherman is not here to make friends. >> he is not here to make friends. are you a chief watcher -- >> i am. if you miss one minute, you could miss an explosion. someone could have a girlfriend back home. >> you're team harrah b. fair enough. the first low to the pitch that baseball historians may someday remember as the worst-ever delivered from a major league mound. in fairness, it was not delivered by paychecker or a player -- a pitcher or a player. a server at the white sox stadium club was named the organization's employee of the month. and she threw out the first pitch at a game this week as part of that honor. let's see how that went. here's mary getting ready for her big moment. just got to get it near the plate somewhere. the catcher's ready -- oh, no. oh, no. oh -- mary hooks is left, drills the photographer standing just a few feet away. darin georgia, the photographer, was fine, just a little startled. the white sox tweeted out the photo darin took just as mary
6:20 am
released the ball in the final moments before everything changed. the team included the caption "life comes at you pretty fast." >> when i saw the camera get bobbled, i was like, oh, my god, maybe nobody saw. that i'll run away. >> mary was asked at the press conference whether she'd like another chance at the first pitch. she relied, "oh, god, no." there was talk of it in the bad ceremonial tosses. for my money it wasn't even the worst involving a photographer. how quickly we forget to this scene at fenway park in 2017. an inspiring high school pitcher threw a rocket right at the crotch of a photographer -- pitching -- >> no. >> he thought he was safe behind the catcher. no, sir. >> brutal. >> we are not letting rapper 50 cent off the hook for this aston iring effort at the mets -- astonishing effort at the mets
6:21 am
stadium. only by the grace of god did that not hit the photographer. and for the high-heeled delivery by ma rariah carey. do you have a favorite? >> it that's amazing. i can't pick. this is why i stopped playing organized sports at age 10. you never know when they're going to come. >> congratulations to mary. the next high goes to the surprise performance of the song number one this week and in the cars of every parent with a child of a certain age. ♪ i'm going to ride until i can't no more ♪ >> that is the ear worm hit single "old town road" featuring, as you see, billy ray cyrus. it is the undisputed song of the moment. last week the kids at lander elementary in mayfield heights, ohio, sang and danced their little hearts out at the fifth grade talent show.
6:22 am
♪ okay, that's good enough on its own. guess who saw it on social media? lil nazex himself. he thought it would be cool to show up for a surprise performance. he was right. it was cool. and those kids, they absolutely lost their minds. >> surprising kids? >> maybe, possibly. say no more. [ wild cheering ] ♪ >> when the bass drops here, now they -- there are so many stars in that video. and they're all in the crowd. >> he needs to take them on tour with him. that's the answer. i also read that this was at their school's annual magic
6:23 am
show. like what is this place, scoop -- can i go there? >> it's magic is what it is. the final low goes to the low level of efforts one man is willing to give just to go to the fridge for a beer. luckily one very good dog has his owner covered. >> beer me. >> he clicks the beer on the table and says "beer me." the dog opens the fridge, closes the fridge door. and after the man crushes his beer, the very good dog puts the can inside the garbage can. excuse me, the recycling can. that's how good he is. >> does he do laundry? because it's laundry day, and i could use a hand. >> all right. we'll see you again in a second. coming up next, the "sunday sit-down" with bill hader on the characters that made him a star on "saturday night live" and our surprise for bill as he meets the now that i've got you here for a minute, or two actually,
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here is a live look outside -- bay bridge from the embarcadero and a good morning to you. a live look at san francisco. starting to get a little muggy out there. thanks so much for joining us this morning. vianey with a look at your mi o microclimate forecast. >> a nice marine layer ing the coastline making for fog. low clouds will linger through the afternoon. it was very, very slow to burn. it stayed cloudy along the coastline. no huge changes in the temperatures. but you can see some of that fog made its way inland.
6:27 am
low clouds in hayward. santa cruz mountains is seeing good dense fog. in the afternoon, temperatures warm up. anywhere along the bay or inland areas, still clearing. still tracking the possibility of thunderstorms near the diablo range. the sierra has another round coming through tonight. i'll be talking about that. plus, the big warmup expected at 7:00 a.m. >> thanks so much, vianey. >> well, an explosion sent people running even though crews are sure the fire is out. as a precaution, one crew remained at the scene. it happened on norman avenue. firefighters say while the tanker truck was fueling up with hydrogen, they discovered a leak. the explosion happened after the emergency shutdown. people nearby said it rattled buildings.
6:28 am
some thought it was an earthquake or even worse. >> it was like a bomb just went -- >> you heard a loud boom. two seconds after the boom, you felt someone just pushed you. >> take a look here. that is what's left of the tanker truck that exploded. they were told to evacuate. silicon valley animal care center shelter in place until firefighters cleared the area. no one was hurt. the next story, a firehouse mystery. san francisco firefighters are looking for two missing uniforms and badges. the first disappeared a week ago from station 19. two days later, another firefighter at the same station reported a missing uniform and badge. the next day firefighters spotted a homeless person close to where they park the fire trucks and escorted them out.
6:29 am
firefighters are asking the public to call police if they see someone suspicious in a firefighting uniform. >> coming up on "today in the bay", one city will not fly the pride flags. that's coming up for you. plus a lot more stories ahead. right now we send it back to sunday today with willie geist.
6:30 am
i looked for him f i looked for him for weeks and weeks. finally the police called me and it was my boyfriend's body. >> oh, my. was he all right >> no. he was dead. >> oh, no. >> that is former "saturday night live" star bill hater doing his famous impression of our colleague here at nbc, "dateline" correspondent keith morrison we heard bill had never met keith and that gave us an idea
6:31 am
more on that in a moment the rise to snl fame was beyond probable, the short version is he dropped out of college to move to la turns out will and grace star megan mallaley was in the ka audience for his show. she thought he was so good she called lauren michaels and he got a job on snl we sat down to talk about the snl years. >> for "saturday night live" alum, bill hader returning to 30 rock is like going back to your high school.
6:32 am
>> this was all not here >> bringing back nostalgia. >> laser tag that was all shot in 30 rock. >> but also some preexam nerves. >> i still get anxious, you walk in and i have no ideas >> for eight seasons hadar had ideas, lots of them. there were impressions of celebrities like clint eastwood. >> what do you mean shut up. >> and james carlev. >> i'm friends with algligators >> and original characters >> located in a haunted synagogue, with upper and lower side hot spot. >> the now legendary city
6:33 am
correspondent stefon was created by hader and john. >> part of the dynamics is knowing the lines he has written between dress and show that you don't know are coming because you get a look on your face like what >> when i hosted the last time, the first line was different it was like, moonlight, laa-laa land and so the entire thing i'm laughing >> hader left "saturday night live" in 2013, uncertain of what would come next. a director convinced him he could play a leading man opposite amy schumer in the 2015 "train wreck". >> no one wanted me there. except for judd. he's like you're going to be the
6:34 am
romantic lead. that weird, goofy, giggling idiot. >> from there he brought an idea to hbo, about a hit man who stumbles into an acting class and is inspired to leave behind his violent profession. >> they're the real deal and they say i got something. >> "barry" just wrapped its second season. >> i directed this episode where one girl runs up a tree up to a house. we picked out a house i wasn't happy with it. i was like, i want that house and there was a tree there right, we have to build a tree just the silence that permeated. i think on season 1, i would have been like we'll use the first house, forget what i said. so season 2, i'm like, no, we're building a tree. >> so by season 3 you'll see you
6:35 am
with a megaphone screaming at acto actors. >> i want a tree everywhere. >> he has achieved the critical acclaim and success with hader winning an emmy for lead in a series >> i didn't think this was going to happen. i afterwards went to in-n-out burger and the woman, a window rolled down, she goes didn't you win an emmy? i said, yes. she said, let me see it. so i showed it to her. she said who's in the car with you? it's just me she said, baby that's bad. >> he traces his roots to tulsa,
6:36 am
oklahoma. >> was your family fund? >> yes >> did you do impersonations. >> yes, the first was bart simpson, until i hit puberty one of the most popular impi impressions is a member of the nbc family, keith morrison >> i saw something floating on the surface. >> was it wilson the volley ball. >> no. it's an arm. >> you're a big "dateline" fan >> i am. >> since you're in the building we thought we'd go up to see how they do an edit series. >> it looks like the snl floor but more murder. >> yes >> is one of them keith
6:37 am
morrison's locker? >> hey, chad. >> this is -- >> a would be hitman -- >> i know this one i've seen this one, i know it. he was fully involved with the hit. he was fully involved with the hit. >> this is a cute story. i have to take a track in from him, he's in l.a. but -- can you do one read for me, please, for the script that you have. >> how horrified, those wealthy folk would have been if they had known the deadly secret officer wilson was about to expose on the wrong end of america street. is that too creepy >> let's take the temperature of the room what do you think, bill? >> it was pretty rad >> the general feeling here is that it's pretty rad >> that was crazy. >> you could have given him some pointers. >> i can't give him pointers
6:38 am
he's the perfect -- >> he's the master >> he's the master i don't know how you get better than -- keith morrison, i knew he was going to be here! i knew he was going to be here man, you're the man. >> i heard you studied my career a couple years. >> wow, this is the coolest thing. >> no one tells a story like "dateline," or do they >> that's so rad >> our big thanks to keith morrison and the team at "dateline" for helping us pull off the surprise it had to happen to see the extended version of the hader, morrison meeting, check out our extras at "today".com/sunday don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast to hear
6:39 am
the hilarious stories of bill hader, you can find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. next week we sit down with ina garten, she opens her home to us we are expecting to keep coastal fog. you can see heavy dense fog into the mountains by the afternoon. further inland, skies will clear out. temperatures are expected to warm into the upper 70s for san jose. low 80s in the interior valleys. a chance of showers for the mountain top areas in the diablo range. next on "sunday today," only 2% of last year's venture
6:40 am
capital money in the united states went to female entrepreneurs, why is that and how does it change the answer is in just 90 seconds. achoo! your sneezes turn heads? ♪ try zyrtec... ...zyrtec starts working hard at hour one... and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec muddle no more. and try children's zyrtec for consistently powerful relief of your kid's allergies. [seag[bottle opens] "ahh" [water sfx] [bottle opens] [horse sfx] "ahh"
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money just as long as your husband signed for it. the women's business ownership act of 1988, officially h.r. 5050, finally changed. that we've come a long way in the last 30 years, but big obstacles remain for female founder. private investors or venture capitalists give billions of dollars to entrepreneurs every year. only a small fraction of that money goes to women. dasha burns of our streaming service, nbc news now, is back with our "sunday spotlight." >> can i see the new roller ball? >> reporter: tony is a venture capitalist. his firm cue ball got an unintentional start. >> i think we're the only one that started as a salon. >> reporter: mini luck or described as beauty with a clean conscious, designed to improve the experience for the customer and employees. did you get a little side eye from folks in the venture
6:43 am
capital community when you first started talking about this? >> yeah. i think one of the assumptions not just with the nail salon but many women-focused ventures is that you're doing it for nonbusiness reasons. and one of the first comments i had that was really frustrating was, oh, tony, are you going into philanthropy now? >> reporter: that reaction is not a complete surprise in the venture capital world. an industry that's more than 90 percent male. it is a big problem for female entrepreneurs. vc funding is a go-to resource for new companies. last year the industry invested over $130 billion in u.s.-based startups, yet only about 2% went to female founders. it's not just businesses founded by women that get the brushoff, many investors don't understand businesses geared toward women. >> one of the board members at one point in the meeting said, no, remind me, which is the mani, which is the pedi? >> got to get that straightened out. >> reporter: any other product
6:44 am
you would do your due diligence. zoe is the ceo of mini luck. she been in business for decades. when people overlook the female market, they missing a big opportunity for profit? >> absolutely. and i actually see women -- think women tend to throw more at than men. women have been spending the money forever. they spend it for men, they spend it for their kids. >> reporter: despite that, getting investors on board for a company by women for women is not uzse -- not easy. the skim is a car targeted toward impeach. wh -- toward women. how hard was it? >> we couldn't have a business conversation because it was deferred to it's not for me, i got to ask the wife. >> and you would see that this is glrowing without real fund behind it. the number one thing we would hear is that women are a
6:45 am
endangered species marka niche market. >> they have more than seven million subscribers, a calendar app and podcast. do you think that 2% number can and will move? >> i think that it's been amazing going to events where we really would be two -- two of the only women in the room to now going to events where there is a network of women who are all getting companies off the ground. >> reporter: there are signs of a changing tide. with more female-focused startups every year. meanwhile, mini luxe has 25 salons across four states, and they're trying to change an industry. >> currently it is a $10 billion business, and it's a business that hasn't been run as well in my opinion as it could be for a long time. >> reporter: toni caught on to that early. >> in our fund, we're about 50% of our dollars have gone to women-centric businesses, i think there's a broader opportunity, more inclusionary, and you will find many, many great investments when you do
6:46 am
that. >> reporter: and that's just good business. >> dasha burns is so good. she can do a great interview while getting her cuticles worked on. >> one of the most luxurious interviews. >> a lot of capital firms, let's service, investing in women. what's being done? how do we get the number from 2% to 50%? >> there are a growing number of venture affirmative run by women, a big step. it's still a male-dominated industry. the investors are leaving so much opportunity on the table. tony from the piece has advice. he said, go back to the basics. if you're not the target audience for a manicure, venture capitalists spend a lot of money on things that aren't necessarily meant for them. look at it the way you would look at any investment, look at the business model and the fundamentals. >> that's an important piece. thanks a lot. we'll see you again in a moment. next, the podcast hosted inside the walls of one of america's best-known prisons. >> we're human. we're regular people.
6:47 am
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over a history of nearly 170 years, san quentin state prison outside san francisco has housed some of california's most notorious criminals. it also has hosted some famous performances including one by johnny cash in 1969 that became an album and a tv documentary and another by b.b. king in 1990 that won king a grammy award. today a different kind of san quentin recording is earning acclaim, and this time for the prisoners inside. nbc's joe fryer has our sunday closer. >> reporter: after telling stories behind bars, erlon woods is doing it beyond them. >> there hasn't been a day since i've been out that i haven't loved, enjoyed, appreciated. >> reporter: not that long ago -- >> this was my cell. >> reporter: his address was san
6:51 am
kwe quentin prison. he wrote about his time in prison. called "ear" hustle. that's eavesdropping. >> we're regular people. >> woods was convicted in the late '90s, sentenced to 35 years to life for attempted armed robbery, his third strike. last november after serving 21 years, california's outgoing governor jerry brown commuted the sentence writing, "he has set a positive example for his peers, and through his podcast has shared meaningful stories from those inside prison." >> sometimes you have laws on the books that can't see who you are today. >> reporter: nine days later -- >> i finally get a hug. >> reporter: woods left san quentin -- >> my first selfie -- >> reporter: after hugs he took a good long look at the bay.
6:52 am
>> you can't see that inside because the walls are 30 feet high. you never see the water, you never see the bay. >> reporter: what would the newfound freedom mean for the podcast? >> we had to find a way to replace -- i hate to use the wordy with place -- >> replace. >> the right word. >> reporter: you're happy to say that, right? >> mic check time -- >> reporter: woods is still a co-host and was hired as a full-time producer for "ear hustle." >> together we're going to to spend $200. >> that's a perfect way. >> reporter:ile still hear his voice in the -- you'll still hear his voice in the new season. >> we've got a lot of stories about life post incarceration. >> i'm sleeping on the streets. >> reporter: plenty of stories to tell? >> plenty of stories to tell. some good, some bad. >> reporter: which means erlon woods will keep ear hustling on a much larger stage. joe fryer, oakland. >> joe, thank you very much. this week we highlight
6:53 am
another life well lived. the legend of new england patriots star tom brady begins with the fact that he was overlooked coming out of college and taken only with the 199th pick in the draft. well, green bay packers hall of fame quarterback bart starr does brighty one better -- brady one bitter. starr wasn't selected out of the university of alabama until the 200th pick of the 1956 nfl draft. like brady, starr was a back up early in his career until the great vince lombardi arrived in green bay and appointed the unheralded star his team leader. wearing number 15, starr led the packers to three nfl championships, and then two victories in the first two super bowls. he was named most valuable player of both. starr's most famous moment came on new year's eve 1967 in the packers' league championship game against the dallas cowboys which would be known as the ice bowl. with the temperature at green
6:54 am
bay's lambeau field dropping to 13 below and players skating around the frozen rotundary, starr drove across the goal line for a touchdown to give the packers the title. but starr was known as much for his decency as for his talent. in 1965, he and his wife sheri helped to start the rawhide boys ranch for at-risk young men in wisconsin which is still there today. so respected was starr that the nfl named an award for him, given each year to the player who shows leadership and character on and off the field. bart starr, one of football's all-time greats, in uniform and out, died last sunday in birmingham, alabama. birmingham, alabama. he was 85 years old. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪
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our good friend dr. burns is back to look lou -- dasha burns is back to look at the sunday mail. what songs are on your summertime play list? >> throw back, i always throw back for summer. it's got to be whitney houston, i love "i got to dance with somebody." pumps me up. >> i would like to go with maren morris, her entire album "girl." knowing kids, it's "old town road." the next from bruce in vermont. what sitcom would you like to have a guest appearance on? >> i started the massive undertaking of watching "seinfeld" chronologically from the begin. i got to go with that. >> i want to go "arrested development." i want to be in the family. we have more of your mug shots. thank you. leah in boston, lynn on twitter, and a volunteer emt at westlake
6:59 am
fire department and graduated hi school last gh
7:00 am
and good sunday morning to you. 7:00 for you right now. and a live look -- this is what spring should look like. beautiful shot here at the rose garden in san jose. and good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington in for kira klapper. if today looks anything like that rose garden shot, i'm in. >> you're going to get a little sunshine on the coast. we have a mix of both. that's microclimates for you. woodsideshow casing that marine layer. if you're driving anywhere through santa cruz, you expect to see some of the fog. also up to santa


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