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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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toronto, dubs take the series back to oakland. back to oakland. this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ right now at 11:00, roller coaster ride for warriors and their fans. >> durant with right leg. >> gm breaking down. >> i don't believe there's anybody to blame. >> lose k.d. to another injury but live to fight another day. >> a nail biter to the end, warriors did it, now headed back to the roarical one more time. dangerous heat baking the
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bay area. warning for tomorrow, when we get relief. only on nbc bay area, hoping to catch someone preying on young women. >> just happened to be a cop. >> fooled a police officer into think he was a teenage girl and personal reason he says he did it. news at 11:00, right now. durant goes down holding his leg. >> emotionally jarring and gutsy win for the warriors and fans tonight but there are a lot of tears as well. future of kevin durant unclear as is the future of this team. >> never seen a general manager break down in tears but saw it tonight, shows you how close-knit this franchise is. colin resch in toronto. this night and story has so many layers. >> reporter: so many, team is devastated after this one. story was supposed to have a happy ending, cement kevin
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durant's legacy but real life can be cruel in life. durant done for the series and in likelihood out for significant time now. reason warriors were being cautious with this injury, sort of thing that can happen, ask richard sherman, happened to him as seahawk. trying to push off on right leg early in the second, gave out. he knew right away. klay thompson knew it. helped to locker room by iguodala and curry who left the game to do this. quite a scene. general manager bob meyers taking the blame while trying to keep emotions in check. >> i don't believe there's anybody to it blame, but i understand this world and -- if you have to, you can blame me. i run our basketball operations
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department. and -- >> reporter: mri tomorrow but in all likelihood looking at torn achilles for kevin durant. crushing blow for durant, the team, this organization. of course the fans' reaction here was something that was noted a lot. fans booing him, cheering the injury. did turn the tide and start clapping as he walked off the court but back and forth scene. later in sports, how did the warriors pull this off after that transpired? show coming up, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> colin in toronto. range of emotion, gut wrenching and beautiful in one. cheryl hurd continues the coverage, wild party at oracle in oakland, cheryl. >> reporter: they pulled through just like warriors do, and it was the most exciting and gut wrenching game i've seen in a long time, but the fans who were
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here tonight loved it. thousands of screaming warriors fans screaming a sigh of relief following a win. >> game six, ain't losing for nothing, going to do this again, back-to-back-to-back, game seven, baby, game seven. >> reporter: but this was game five and road to this unbelievable victory wasn't easy. loss of k.d. sucked life out of the packed arena. but splash brothers and rest of the team got going, in the end it was a party. even before the game started, confidence was in the air. fans soaking up oracle memories everywhere they could, snapping pictures and remembering the glory days. >> birthday we sat close to the sidelines and they won and we had great time and got to see the players up close. >> reporter: one fan focusing on
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buying memories for 2 1/2-year-old son. >> waited so many years for warriors to be good, hopefully be good by the time he knows to follow the team. teach him owl the struggles we went through. >> we believe. >> reporter: tickets for thursday's game still available, most inexpensive, $1,000. but vip status, section 208, row 11, $96,000. if you want to bring a friend, double it. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> that's out of our price range. other top story, heat is on, power is out. close to 10,000 pg&e customers without power, including many in orinda, hundreds scrambled to find a place to watch the game,
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many at fourth boar restaurant. >> couldn't imagine missing the game due to power outage, pg&e. >> maybe it's a good luck charm, will be back thursday night as well. >> not just orinda, across the bay area, lots of people, no air conditioning on a scorcher of a night. still in 70s and 80s in a lot of spots. jeff ranieri we're seeing downright dangerous temperatures and again tomorrow. >> looks like it. as many of us know, low 100s today. san francisco airport getting up to 100 degrees, hottest day we've seen there in june. still warm but temperatures drop, without ac, 70s and 80s is too hot to handle. heat filters in, can trap hot air. drink lots of water this
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evening. near the coastline, san francisco is starting to cool, little bit of fog forming. that's why tomorrow the coast will be out of heat warnings but everyone else outside of the coast, you do have heat warnings in effect. remember to check on your friends, drink water and don't forget the pets as well. tomorrow morning, 9:30, up into upper 70s, low 80s. more about the heat and when we get a major drop in temp in about ten minutes. heat often leads to fires. hot spots. 35 acres in the hills above san jose and milpitas, containment at 80%. in contra costa county, burning close to all the homes left side of the screen, in concord, homeowners came out with hoses
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but firefighters kept flames away from the neighborhood. point reyes, 75% contained, no homes or structures threatened. 14-year-old boy drowned after walking 25 yards into the bay to cool off with friends. didn't know how to swim. friends tried desperately to save him before paramedics took over. no lifeguards at the field. san francisco, three days of high temperatures too much for those used to cooler temps, hospitals seeing rise in heat-related issues. community leaders need people to cool off so they don't get sick. >> reporter: they do. most of the homes and apartments here don't have air conditioning. seeing a lot of open windows because apartments really heat
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up inside. can be dangerous. for many too hot to sleep and cook. outside tables are hot item in heat wave in san francisco, power outage in north beach interrupted the dinner rush. >> old fashioned, very difficult for us and customers. >> reporter: too hot in the kitchen to keep cooking and too hot inside original joe's for diners to linger. >> gets warm quickly. >> reporter: waived admission at public schools to make it easier to cool off. >> no sleeping. impossible. >> reporter: ready to jump into the balboa pool, had to wait. it was at capacity. >> can't say i'm surprised, feel bad for everyone trying to get in. >> reporter: emergency room doctors say cooling off and drinking water is crucial. doctors are seeing increase in
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number of patients coming in with heat-related illnesses. >> effects are cumulative, more days of record temperatures the worse, dehydration builds up. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. jeff is tracking the news online, his twitter feed, @jeff ranieri. new at 11:00, lgbtq youth space was vandalized overnight. tried to clean up glass before everyone arrived. serves those who need mental health counseling, afraid targeted because it's pride month. >> don't want youth to have to see and deal with, can bring up unsettling emotions, especially in joyous celebration, trying to take pride in their identity.
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>> someone tried to break in two weeks ago. wreckage of small plane found but search for pilot continues. crashed into the water north of pittsburg. combing the area for single engine which crashed heading for concord. faa and ntsb are investigating. back to normal on 280 in san francisco following a freeway shooting. sky ranger above the san jose avenue off-ramp, officered responded to two-car crash but only one was there, two rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds. just passed one of the strictest plastic bans in the bay area, bans plastic straws, utensils and stirrers by january
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of next year, and going after the bags you put produce in and plastic bags for meat. waiting to hear in palo alto created specific spot for rvs. looking for place that used to be water treatment facility. also clearing out busy camino real. mountain view recently approved similar plans. weird having all these articles about you, nobody knows who you are. >> detective work landed a police officer in jail, exclusive story. what went wrong, crash that had south bay mother puzzled after
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a college student used that popular new snapchat filter, not for fun but crime fighting. pretended he was underaged girl online and took down a san mateo police officer allegedly looking to hook up on tinder. we have the exclusive interview, ian cull, what is the story here? >> reporter: said he wanted to catch someone because of what happened to his friend years ago. set out to make a difference and in the end sent all the screen shots he collected to investigators. >> weird having all these articles about you, no one knows who you are, until today obviously. >> college student in south bay, friend told him they were
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sexually assaulted and got upset, people trying to hook up with underage girls online. took this filter of himself, posed as woman named esther on tinder. >> i believe he messaged, are you down to have fun tonight, and i decided to take advantage of it. >> texted man on different app, he was 16 years eyelold, would bother him? police say that said didn't. >> got more explicit. >> san mateo police officer robert davies was arrested last week. >> would get little bits of information to make it easier for the police to track him down. >> reporter: messaged each other over 12 hours and finally ethan did something to document st. when you screen shot
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something, notified other people you did. screen shotted these on airplane mode in case he blocked me. >> sent all to crime stoppers. ethan doesn't want us to use his last name, fears retaliation, first time he's done this, will be the last. >> looking to get someone, he just happened for a cop. >> robert davies on paid leave, charged with communicating with minor to commit a crime. defense in the ghost ship trial continues to push its bold and controversial claim that arsonists are to blame for torching the house. facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. first witness says she overheard a group of young man gloating about the fire.
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more than a dozen man dressed in black and wearing hoodies at nearby taco truck celebrating. tragic place of wrong place, wrong time. one dead, one injured, men hit by car that chp were chasing. chasing alexander yamini when he hit a van after blowing through a red light. >> this is a gut punch to us all. >> say he admitted to using meth whe before the crash, wanted for violating patrol and unrelated gang and drug charges. passengers and drivers to ride share companies. backed up over the weekend.
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uber/lyft passengers had to wait. drivers just as fed up, traffic jam leading to new pick-up site on top of a parking garage. say making changes tonight, better signage, traffic control and hopefully better and shorter wait times. >> sure. jeff ranieri, schools keeping kids in at recess. >> good cause, hot weather tomorrow. today it was frightening at times, on and off brush fires started, thankfully the fire agencies were able to put them out. combine the smoke that filtered in along with heat, tough day for a lot of us to get through. more than half the bay area doesn't have air conditioning because used to ocean breeze. low 100s.
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downtown san francisco also tied for second hottest june day ever, 97 degrees. had all that heat because dry wind moving north and east, pushing heat over the bay area. right now it is a subtle change. i know things are beginning to drop, not as much as you'd like. little bit of fog in the pacific and wind is turning to more cooler direction out of the northwest. problem is we're not seeing the breeze pick up. calm right now, got the direction the wind we want it to go to, eventually lead to cooling for tomorrow. morning forecast, 70s for everyone, walk out the door, already feel that heat slam you right in the face. be ready tomorrow. only spot in the 60s will be san francisco to start, if you have cup of coffee, put it on ice. drink lots of water tomorrow. forecast across the south bay,
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cools a couple of degrees from ocean breeze starting, still at hot 96 in san jose, 98 in morgan hill, just going to be mad at me for this forecast over the east bay. low 100s through antioch, walnut creek. oakland, dropping to 89. beaches, still warm but should be out of the 80s and 90s. half moon bay, 76, redwood city, 93. san francisco, expected ocean breeze, westerly cool winds 15 miles per hour, putting things back to 70s and 80s. if breeze not as strong, could be warmer. trying to get you help. north bay, upper 90s, low 100s. i know you want relief, check this out. wednesday and thursday, happy with my forecast. disturbance moving in near the
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coastline, no rainfall but keep the ocean breeze going. look at results. wednesday and thursday, into the weekend, 60s back for san francisco. good news. inland valleys down to 90 with small system and 80s pushing ahead into the upcoming weekend. hang in there, one more really tough day tomorrow. report any suspicious activity. all the fires today with no discernible cause. got to be careful out there. >> thank you jeff. up next, not impossible to get here in the bay area, meatless burger that has a lot of people talking. happening now, woman making military history, brigadier general laura jaeger first to lead division for california national guard. in command of ft. blix texas,
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tonight investigators are trying to figure out why a helicopter crash landed on a skyscraper in new york city, happen happened blocks from time square. dropped passenger off 11 minutes from manhattan, then slammed into a building. pilot died, no one else at fault. who is at fault, tesla or driver? woman says model three sped up, plowed through her garage, only owned it a few days, not on autopilot, air bag didn't activate, thankfully everyone is
11:25 pm
safe. >> here in the car. >> no answers tonight but tesla will examine the car to determine if they accidentally hit accelerator instead of the brake. change to burger king, impossible whoerp. feel and taste like meat but made out of plants. tested so well, burger king sped up rollout. at least 100 burger kings around the bay area will offer the impossible burger. >> no beef? >> plant-based. >> no beef? >> no beef. >> wow, got to try that. put it to the test. back up to toronto to find out what next for the warriors. stay with us.
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more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. back to top story, possible torn achilles for kevin durant, he could be out for a year. k.d. on instagram late tonight saying i'm hurting deep in the soul, i can't lie. amazing to watch the soul of steph curry though, the warriors storm back to beat the raptors in toronto. what an incredible --
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>> hearing steph talk, way they talked about him as person and not about the win, amazing. >> almost the game was secondary. >> really was, talked about the friendship. colin resch from toronto, such a roller coaster of emotions for fans and players as well, even the front office. >> reporter: sure was, jess. players afterwards, klay thompson said it was hard to celebrate this win, how often do you hear a professional athlete say that? but he's right, if you have a heart you have to feel for what happened to kevin durant tonight. hit first shot of three, 11 points first quarter, second this happens, strained calf of right leg, gives out. earlier bob meyers in tears, all likelihood, torn achilles, mri tomorrow.
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led throughout, kawhi leonard scored ten straight, splash brothers answer, steph to tie it, klay again, hesitation fly by. 106-105, finds kyle lowrie, draymond green gets a piece, asked if it was one of the grittiest wins he's been part of. >> got to be the grittiest, down six, couple of minutes to go, elimination game for these guys to win a championship, could have folded but we didn't. >> reporter: demarcus cousins was huge off the bench, 14 points. but main question, do the warriors have anything left heading back to oracle arena for thursday night's game six? we'll find out. so many twists and turns to the series, one-upped itself
11:31 pm
tonight. >> thank you colin, what is the extent of k.d.'s injury? >> see colin back in toronto for game seven, what we're thinking. >> let's hope. >> back in a moment. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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consumer unit, what your rights are, tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00. live look at walnut creek, perfect weather for pool or barbecuing but 11:30 at night. 80 degrees. >> it's a hard time cooling off. lot of homes are still hot, seven-day forecast, tomorrow up to 100 degrees inland. wednesday 90, 86 on thursday and this weekend drop down to 80s. hottest day ever in san francisco at airport. by wednesday and thursday, lot cooler. >> stay cool tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. >> jimmy: hey shailene >> oh, my god. hi >> jimmy: hi i just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for coming on the show. i loved "big little lies'" premiere last night. >> oh, thank you >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> thank you me jimmy: can we talk about the


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