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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 11, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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right now at 5:00, relief from the heat in spots around the bay area. several cities again will see triple digits. fire danger remains a big concern. kari hall is tracking heat and when the real cooling begins. >> president trump heads to iowa to campaign. but he is not the only one headed there. coming up, the democratic presidential hopefuls who are also going to iowa. plus. >> he gave us what he had. he went out there and sacrificed his body. and you know how it turned out. >> emotions running high. the win for the warriors last night coming with a great loss. a live report of kevin durant's injury coming up. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> and a good tuesday morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. enjoying the first week of summer with her kids.
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what a scorcher she's getting. >> the south bay, tri-valley, parts of the delta. it's going to be really hot. the sunrise at san jose. and we're still dealing with poor air quality. unhealthy to be outside for long periods of time. spare the air for the inland east bay, santa clara valley. if you're on your way out the door, another hot day in oakland. we'll talk about the rest of the bay area, too. mike you are updating a crash in fremont. >> i am. we just got something. i don't know what. i'm going to check that out. east bay, yeah, southbound 880 does jam up. we told you about the crash. slow lane blocked toward alvarado boulevard. we do see slowing. it should smooth out as the traffic break clears. a smooth drive where the lanes are quickly filling up. back to you. thank you very much, mike. 5:01.
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two small earthquakes you might have felt on opposite ends of the bay area. maybe you slept through them. one was a 3.5 that rattled 20 miles south of gilroy a little before midnight. the other struck about the same time but near the geysers. that was 4.1 magnitude. shaking there is commonly man made and not from any active quake. decision 2020. a preview of the presidential showdown. donald trump and joe biden will be in the state. tracie potts is live in washington with more on that competitive campaign. tracie? >> reporter: well, iowa is going to be the place to be today. you can see a split screen going on with with president trump and former vice president joe biden. the leader for the democrats. let's start with the president. he's going to be in council bluffs, iowa delivering remarks about renewable energy at the
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southwest iowa renewable energy to deliver on a promise of ethanol. juxta posed against joe biden. he will be there two days. he is expected to give a speech today that goes in on president trump from everything from health care to trade. he will argue that the farmers in iowa and across the middle of the country are being hurt because of the president's trade policies. biden is playing catchup here. there were 19 candidates in iowa over the weekend. he was not one of them. but kamala harris has spent a few days in central iowa and eastern iowa. she delivered a blistering speech against president trump as well. she's planning to spend more time against the caucus state. contra costa county eric
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swalwell, a presidential candidate, is spending time in iowa. he is actually from iowa, but that doesn't seem to be helping him with the numbers. a lot of democrats. again, it's early. there are a lot of candidates. they are hitting iowa pretty hard. back to you. >> a lot of candidates indeed, tracie. we will follow every moment of it. thank you. warriors live to see another day. and the chance for a third straight nba championship. they pulled out a win in game 5 of the nba finals in toronto. it came at a high cost for the team as well, especially for all-star kevin durant. >> and k.d.'s injury no doubt out of the remainder of the season. thom jensen with the latest on his injury and the reaction from the team. >> we're still waiting to see
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how significant this injury is. waiting for an mri scheduled for later on today. the injury happened in the first half of the game, early in the second quarter. he had just come off a calf injury. you can see him going down. the coach tearful in his reaction. >> let me tell you something about kevin durant. kevin durant loves to play basketball. and the people that questioned whether he wanted to get back to this team were wrong. he's one of the most misunderstood people. he's a good teammate. he's a good person. it's not fair. >> going to bat for his player. no final diagnosis on his injury. it is believed to be one that could keep him off the court not just for the remainder of the playoffs but also possibly all of next season.
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in fact, if it is an achilles, we know a lot about that. warriors back thursday night in oakland, hoping to push to game 7. everyone worried about k.d. a lot of people talking about the fans in toronto cheering when he was injured. >> that was not very classy. but it was nice to see the raptors players to say, don't do that. you don't wish that on your worst enemy. >> even drake coming in and consoling him. >> onto new details in the college emotions scandal. stanford is working with the attorney general's office to find a worthy cause to donate to the tainted money collected. approximately $770,000 was donated by families to the sailing team, including $610,000 in bribes to the coach. it is trying to find a way to redirect those funds to benefit the public good. the coach, along with 13 bay area parents, have all been
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charged in connection with that scandal. 5:06. a live look at walnut creek. mows out there getting ready for another day of those triple digits. meteorologist kari hall has been looking at that for us for a while. >> yeah. we know when we get hot, we complain. more dangerous than that is what that could mean for fire concerns. firefighters yesterday were quick to put out three small grass fires in the east bay, south bay, and north bay. contra costa county, a fire burned dangerously close to one home in concord. we brought this as breaking news during your midday forecast. homeowners were out with hoses as well. firefighters managed to keep the flames away, but not before the fire burned 25 years. yesterday, a fire in milpitas covering 35 acres. as of last night, it was not fully contained. marin county, a small fire burned a couple of acres
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yesterday afternoon near point reyes. we know our fire crews are on alert. >> day three in san francisco is having an impact on people in san francisco. most of the homes and apartments don't have air-conditioning. so those people spending a lot of time outside. make sure you stay hydrated. we're talking lots of water. many community pools letting folks in for free. try to walk your dog outside -- not try to do that during peak heat hours. >> check on your elderly neighbors. our producer tony was with his grandmother yesterday. he made sure she had food and water. it can be really taxing. >> they don't perspire as much as a healthy adult.
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these dots indicate our air quality, where we see the orange dots, if you have breathing problems, asthma or even bronchitis it will be really difficult to breathe outside during this time. as we go through our hour-by-hour forecast, going throughout the day looking at temperatures quickly heating up. and then here about her at 11:30. it's already 84 in oakland. 91 in san jose. 92 in livermore. santa rosa, 87. we're going up from there reaching into the triple digits in these areas that will be under excessive heat warning in effect for today. that until 9:00 this evening. more in a few minutes. you're updating the issue. >> we will start with that, kari. this popped up at last report. well traveled route between 101 and facebook area, dumbarton bridge. it is reported as a dumpster
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fire. there are a few restaurants in the area. new issue toward fremont. that just popped up. we will find out more as chp arrives on 680 through sunol. the traffic break must have cleared heading toward alvarado. no delays at the bay bridge. back to you. thank you, mike. 5:10 for you right now. coming up, palo alto moving forward with one of the strictest plastic bans in the bay area. what's in and what's out. and how to celebrate joe montana's birthday today. here's a hint. the team is planning on honoring the famous catch. you will have to join us to see how. that's coming up next on "today in the bay". a little bird told me you
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right now at 5:13 our microclimate weather alert continues. another day of excessive heat. as the sunrises over palo alto this morning, we're going to have another warm start. upper 60s as you step out the door. and it just sizzles from there, reaching into the low 90s by lunchtime. we'll talk about some slight relief in the forecast. that's coming up in five minus. looking for oakland. the southbound side of the nimitz. supposed to be a disabled
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vehicle. i've been tracking it. i don't really see a problem. i'll show you the sensors as well. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. today's top business headlines. stocks rose yesterday. trade tensions between the u.s. and mexico have eased but concerns remain between the u.s. and china. and the dow notching a six-day winning streak, the longest since may of last year. amazon is launching a credit card for people with bad or no credit. offering people who may not otherwise be eligible in an amazon rewards card. it has no annual fee and offers 5% cash back. customers do have to make a security deposit. that becomes your line of credit. it can only be used for buying items on amazon or stores that offer amazon pay. you can be upgraded to an unsecured card once you determine your account is in
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good standing. digital may soon replace physical wallets according to a new study which estimate half the world's population, or roughly 4 billion people will use digital wallets in the next five years. annual spending is expected to jump to $6,400 in 2024. marcus and kris? not yet. not everybody is sold just yet. >> not me. >> we're working on it. need to move forward. >> agreed. >> 5:15. one of the strictist plastic bans will go into effect next year. palo alto approved the new ordinance last night. plastic streurs, utensils and stirs. businesses will be required to
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use reusable products. a new way to celebrate "the catch." it sent the niners to the super bowl in the 1980s and launched a dynasty. this morning hall-of-famer is out with this particular bobblehead licensed by the nfl. and they really do bobble. why today? it is of course joe montana's 63rd birthday. all right. social security. like he needs it. >> many there. i could sing the song. do you have to pay for the song if i sing it? >> i don't know. not if you sing it fast. >> happy birthday. >> this is super exciting. i wonder whose desk it is going to end up on. >> mine. >> let's move it just for now.
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>> our ages are nearing the triple digits too. >> wow! we all hope so one day. >> one day. >> not any time soon. >>. yeah. it is going to be really hot today. a live view of san jose. the sun comes up all clear. we know it's going to be really hot again. we're going to have another heat advisory domestic e for much of the bay area. and now we have a lot more pink here on the map, indicating an excessive heat warning for solano county, the delta, tri-valley. so that is what we'll have to deal with again today.
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at 10:00 this morning, martinez we start out with upper 60s. 89 at 11:00. 97 by 1:00. make sure you drink lots of water even if you don't feel thirsty. keep a cold towel on your neck if you are outside or working outside. take frequent breaks. never leave your pets or children inside of a car. we have that hot car danger because the temperature inside the vehicle may be 30 degrees hotter. a light north westerly wind. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, we catch a break as we go closer to the
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weekend. today, not as hot in san francisco after getting the hottest day we have ever had in june. sfo reaching 100 degrees. upper 90s in parts of the north bay. gradually the heat will start to back off once we get a stronger ocean breeze that will cool off some of our coastal areas tomorrow. by the weekend, we're going to start to heat up once again. heading over to mike, you have been tracking the roads this morning. and is there anything people need to watch out for? >>. >> the one crash we have been tracking 40, 45 minutes over in fremont. we'll give you the latest update. it affects union city, the nimitz. we have had all the cash lanes open. despite that, we see more and more congestion. they are starting to fill up in their entirety. the metering lights are probably turning on right now. feeder routes through alameda,
5:20 am
contra costa moving nicely. highway 4 through pittsburg, bay point, you're at the limit. 880 south out of hayward through union city and approaching alvarado, we have the slow lane blocked. the tow truck just arrived. that's good news. the rest of the area moving smoothly aside from that section of union city. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, mike. coming up, the millions of dollars from one area police department is spending on overtime. all new this morning, elizabeth holmes reportedly just got married. who she tied the knot with as her legal troubles mount. but first our team always on soal media. check this out. mike in knee way sharing this photo on facebook. he was at oracle arena friday night. lucky guy there. lucky guy. enjoying the nachos and got to
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sit close to adam silver and sherald sandberg. be sure to catch mike on facebook, twitter, instagram. he always shares cool stories and photos. you're watching "today in the bay".
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photo on facebook. and photos.
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well, here's a look at some of the news making headlines around the nation and the world. u.s. customs said hackers have obtained photos of travelers and license plates collected at one u.s. border. "usa today" said that breach happened when a sub contractor transferred images to its own network, violating government policies. a judge in missouri issued an injunction keeping the last clinic offering abortions open for now. the st. louis post dispatch said they will decide in two weeks whether to renew the clinic's license. the new york daily says krispy kreme plans to open the
5:25 am
first of its kind flagship store in the heart of times square. 5:24 for you right now. red sox legend david ortiz is back in america recovering. he was shot over the weekend in the anyone can republic. >> this is video of the retired slugger being taken by ambulance with a police escort to massachusetts "general hospital" where he will continue to receive medical attention. despite some internal injuries, doctors expect david ortiz, big papi, will make a full recovery. players and fans at fenway park paused before their game for a moment of reflection during a pregame ceremony. >> new for you this morning, oakland city's auditor is calling for an overhaul for the police department's budget. the new report shows the department averaged nearly $30 million in overtime costs, this is each year since 2015. much more than the city budgets for for the police department. the city auditor also says the
5:26 am
issue should have been addressed during recent union negotiations. 5:25. despite facing possible prison time, theranos founder elizabeth holmes is reportedly now married. >> the 35-year-old tied the knot with her fiancee william evans. i woman claiming to be a friend shared it on the podcast saturday night. they own properties here on the west coast. holmes and one other theranos officer face criminal charges. federal prosecutors charged with defrauding investors, doctors, and patients. the blood testing company shut down last year. well, coming up, the top stories we're following this tuesday morning, including the warriors. kevin durant out for sure for the rest of the series. a look at the future coming up next. all new this morning, great news when it comes to the reopening of the transbay transit center in san francisco. coming up in a live report, what officials are saying this
5:27 am
morning and how soon we might get inside. take a, whoo, look at this backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza. mike will look at the traffic. it will be slow if you're heading there. kari is tracking the triple digits we will see in the bay area. all that coming up on "today in the bay". deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man.
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well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan for 18 years or more of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up. but i'm working on it now. plan now for retirement income that lasts. that's financial wellness. talk to a financial advisor or get income solutions at prudential. talk to a financial advisor my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants dedeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. and good tuesday morning to you. june 11th. another day of triple digits. 100 degrees at sfo yesterday. will we see that number again? we certainly hope not. we want to say thank you for joining us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura
5:30 am
garcia. you can be ready for your day, whether the kids are still going to school or off for summer. >> yeah. it was unbearable out there yesterday. today, as we see the sunrise over san francisco, another orange sunrise due to the wildfire, smoke drifting in, we are not going to be as hot in san francisco as we were yesterday. but still really hot inland. and we're also dealing with poor air quality. it is not good for you to be outside anywhere from san francisco down to san jose. we will see more drifts of smoke today. we're dealing with some hot temperatures in antioch. an excessive heat warning in effect. our temperatures trend like this. from 70 at 6:00 to 9 0 at 11:00. we know it doesn't stop there. we will talk about what's ahead for today and the weekend forecast coming up. mike, you are tracking two big backups. >> i am. one predictable of course. this doesnstarted 15 minutes ag.
5:31 am
the last five, i have seen movement start once again for the fastrak lanes. it may seem subtle, but it is a big deal. the volume is manageable right now. we will watch that very closely. a little slowing for southbound 242. 880 unexpectedly slow out of hayward. crash blocking the slow lane out at alva road dough boulevard. breaking overnight two small earthquakes on opposite ends of the bay area. one 20 miles south of gilroy, 3.5. another one near the geysers. 4.1 magnitude. of course the shaking near geysers is typically man made. the transit center appears
5:32 am
to be closer than ever to reopening. paoelt suratos with what we are just finding out. pete? >>. >> yeah, marcus. the "chronicle" article. it has been shut down nearly eight months, guys. an independent panel of engineers actually met last night and determined that the repairs so far are what they're calling sound. this comes eight months after the two cracked steel tkpweurtetkpweurgirders shut it down. there were weld defects and steel inconsistencies.
5:33 am
it forced the transit center to shut down. the cost overnight board said last week it was waiting for a peer review to give us approval, which of course they met last night. our investigative unit reports that the terminal director isn't too concerned with the new findings. as far as the timeline goes, it could take four weeks to prepare for a reopening. you can leash more on our website at live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay". thank you very much, pete. it will be another hot day out there as we look live at san jose. beautiful sunrise. as kari said, that's partly because we have wildfire smoke coming in. it is expected to reach the mid-90s in san jose. >> during yesterday's evening commute, bart trains were nearly 40 minutes behind schedule. excessive heat caused the problem for equipment and the
5:34 am
tracks. it is also raising concerns across the bay area. several grass fires started the last two days. crews are still battling the sand fire on yolo county. the evacuation order has been lifted. the fire burned more than 2,200 acres north of lake berryessa so far. the fire is now 50% contained. and the current heat wave is prompting san jose to open its cooling centers. we have the locations. that will open this morning at 8:00. the roosevelt location will open two hours earlier at 6:00 this morning. vta is offering free rides to make sure anyone who would like to get there can. the rides are available through the close of operations tonight. and with more heat and a lot of hot weather coming up for us, it is a really good time to
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download our free nbc bay area app. that way you can keep track of the forecast and find out what's happening in your area, how the extreme heat will impact you and your lives and get the alerts on your phone. warriors with one final dance on the line a bittersweet victory of game 5 of the nba finals. >> one warrior is down for the count. kevin durant's immediate future unclear this morning. the gm said he suffered an achilles injury. it is clear durant is done for the series. a nail biter was successful.
5:36 am
it came down to the final seconds. warriors did pull it out, 106-105 putting the series 3-2. durant's injury weighed heavy on the team and on their emotional gm. >> i don't believe there's anybody to blame. but i understand this world and if you have to you can blame me. i run the operations department. >> durant posted on instagram last night that he's hurting deep in his soul, he says. but seeing his team win was, quote, like taking a shot of tequi tequila. warriors, meanwhile, live to fight another day without him. the next game is thursday at oracle. if the warriors win, game 7 would be back in toronto on sunday. a live look at sfo this morning where if you're hoping to get a sandwich or snack for your next flight, you better pack your
5:37 am
own. today, 2,100 airline workers today will decide whether or not to go on strike. employees are also expected to cast cymbal lots the next two weeks. according to sf weekly, contract talks are at a stand still. it is not clear when a strike would happen. fierce and strong american women are hoping for a gooooooal today! >> just just a few short hours, the first women's world cup match, usa taking on thailand. they are defending their 2015 world cup title. team usa is the top-ranked team in the world right now. you can watch the game on telemundo 48 and avaya stadium is hosting a viewing party for all 52, including today's usa debut.
5:38 am
the game gets under way at noon. i have a question, though. you were watching the warriors game. you had the channel on s.a.p. you were watching in spanish. >> si. >> if we watch on telemundo, can we get the same in english? >> that's a good question. >> catch up with the women's national soccer team. they will be talking on the "today" show coming up a little bit later this morning. what do you think, mike? >> i think that's a great experiment. i do that to see what else is available. and i have to change it back when my wife comes back in. >> they seem much more exciting. >> much more exciting in the spanish language. diversity in the bay area. the options we have. if you are at the avaya viewing party, slowing at coleman. south 880 slow all the way down
5:39 am
to alvarado in fremont and union city. one lane still blocked by the crash. overturned pickup seemed to be cleared. there seems to be confusion with tow trucks arriving and who is handling what. >> i can hear the air-conditioning all night. but it didn't feel much cooler. >> all right. >> we are still feeling the heat. how about going from 100 degrees to 82, kris. is that better? >> much better. >> san francisco going to catch a big break in terms of going
5:40 am
from 100 yesterday to 68 on saturday. so it will be much cooler. and if you're planning to go to napa this weekend, it looks very nice with friday's high reaching 83 degrees. saturday, 79. in yosemite, showers, even thunderstorms possible. there will be comfortable air with highs reaching into the mid-70s. if you're staying near the coast, much cooler temperatures after a hot start yesterday. we're going to cooldown to the upper 50s. if you're going to l.a., expect it to be right near 70 degrees. very nice in southern california. we'll talk about what's going on here today as we are still dealing with high heat in three minutes. thanks, kari. 5:40. coming up on "today in the bay",
5:41 am
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under a microclimate weather alert. another hot day in walnut creek. an excessive heat warning in effect. the way we start the day looks beautiful with upper 60s. smoke coming in. that's the reason why the sunrise is so colorful. it will be hot again today. 94 at lunchtime. we'll talk about when we catch a break coming up in less than five minutes. right now i just saw a bust of traffic in fremont. i was hoping that meant it was farther north. a high-speed chase at 10:40 last night, oakley in empire and hemlock. a mangled car struck a pole. rescuers had to take the jaws of
5:45 am
life and was airlifted to the hospital. a second person had minor injuries. the car was racing along the street when that happened. a beer bottle inside the car. 5:45 right now. new overnight, firefighters are investigating the late night fire in san leandro. the fire started a little before 11:00 p.m. on marina boulevard not far from san leandro. it once housed a poultry company. more recently as a homeless encampment. they don't know how the fire started. a los angeles county deputy is fighting for his life after he was shot in the head. he was out of uniform and not on duty when a gunman walked into a fast food restaurant. he drove away. the suspect was captured on surveillance video. the deputy, meanwhile, is in
5:46 am
critical condition. detectives are looking into whether he was targeted specifically. also, a southern california man survived an attack with a wild bear and her cub. a man found them in the backyard. when the small dog went after the cub, the mama bear attacked the dog, the man tried to kick the bear. look how tiny the cub is. both were taken to a remote area where they were released into the wild. the man was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. san jose police are investigating a vandal attack at an lgbtq youth space. it serves, young people who need
5:47 am
counseling. they worry they may have been targeted because it's pride month. >> it's not something we want the youth to have to see and deal with. it can bring up unsettling emotions, especially during a joyous celebration for folks taking pride in their identity. >> someone tried to break into the building two weeks ago. new, o.j. simpson is speaking out in an all new interview. he tells "the associated press" his life is fine. this month marks 25 years since simpson was accused of murdering his wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman. he was acquitted. later he went to prison on unrelated charges. he has kept a low profile since his release in october 2017. >> my kids and i are now living in a no negative zone.
5:48 am
he refuses to consider negative things. they do not go over the things about the trial or anything to associate with the trial or the killings. >> you can see much more of that interview on the "today" show coming up after 7:00 after "today in the bay". for some adults, beer and video games go hand in hand. miller lite is creating this new device. it is a cantroller. it comes with bluetooth, standard gaming buttons and connects to several consoles. it has a three-hour battery life and comes filled with beer. it is dropping tomorrow at the expo in los angeles. >> a lot of people like to drink
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when it's hot outside. don't drink the beer. have water. temperatures reaching the triple digits. >> take care of yourself. a live look at palo alto. as we start out with mostly clear skies, it will be hot again. check out the temperature trend going from 69 degrees at 6:00 to 80 degrees at 9:00 to 88 at 11:00. up to 91 degrees. that's all the areas shaded in pink including the central valley, solano county and inland parts of the east bay where we will have to deal with those really hot temperatures once again. and so today you just want to make sure that if you're working outside, you're taking frequent breaks and drinking lots of water. check on everyone, especially if you know they don't have air-conditioning. let's go throughout the day around the bay area. look at our temperature trend for today. we're at 9:00. it starts to warm up into the upper 70s and low 80s. by lunchtime, reaching the low
5:50 am
to mid-90s. we're up to 97 in livermore. concord at 96 degrees at noon. and knnovato, 91 degrees. san francisco, back to the mid-80s. the inland valleys reach into the triple digits. danville, 101 at 2:00. and then still unbearably hot during the middle of the day. we have several hours of triple digit temperatures in the areas that will be under that excessive heat warning. even as we approach sunset, it will be very warm, gradually cooling off tonight into the upper 60s. high pressure overhead. there will be a stronger ocean breeze. just allowing for some of the immediate coastline in san francisco to get a little bit of some cooler weather. and as we go into the weekend, it looks very nice. but then high pressure starts to
5:51 am
build once again in the pacific. that gives us a northerly wind and not much of an ocean breeze once again which provides our natural air-conditioning. temperatures from 100 degrees inland today to 90 tomorrow. 86 on thursday. friday reaching 84 degrees. saturday, up to 82. that's the best day in this forecast. the fog is coming back. you are still tracking the crash on 880. >> i am. slowing in one key portion. look at the maps. we are not talking about the approach to the bay bridge. that is fine. we have all of these feeder routes looking great. looks like a lighter volume overall. pittsburg and bay point has been holding steady. a big view of the bay.
5:52 am
slowdown nimitz, 880 slowing is typical out of san leandro, hayward. 9 2, alvarado boulevard, things jammed up. one lane blocked. we just got off the phone with chp. yeah, you got it right. just waiting for the tow truck to get over there to get the flatbed. but the tow truck communication, that's a little issue. so we have a number of crews scrambling through the area right now. it is jammed from 92 down toward alvarado boulevard. folks taking the san mateo bridge. it is moving smoothly still. look what a treat farther southbound, milpitas. lighter volume heading past tesla, 237 and the south bay moving nicely as well. 101, first burst from 680. it eased up. 20 minutes from now, more
5:53 am
traffic and more slowing but that will be your typical build. international tensions are rising. russia said it intercepted u.s. and swedish planes over the baltic sea. nato is holding navy drills there. they said june 10th two planes there were seen approaching russia's state border. russia scrambled jets to escort the spy planes back over the russian border. we are waiting to see how the white house will respond next on "today in the bay", a quick look at the top stories, including something that could one day forever change your morning coffee run. the big change starbucks is testing this morning. you're watching "today in the bay". ♪
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our team is always looking to connect with you on social media. look at what bob redell is doing this morning. he's enjoying a much needed vacation. he's going to the women's world cup with his daughter in france. this is video from game 2. be sure to follow bob on facebook, twitter, and instagram. >> bonjour. the annual e3 video game conference kicks off in los angeles. >> so what's next for the industry? with its bay area roots, of course. may be drifting away from traditional consoles as more companies launch netflix style
5:57 am
on demand subscription services. the biggest event in the country is today. >> set the stage for the rest of the year as far as what brand-new games are available. >> a big no show today. sony will not make an appearance at e3. you may remember a live esports contest on broadcast television. our very own mike inouye hosted the show. right now on our website, you can learn all about the evolution of video games in the bay area. that was exciting. new details on the measles outbreak, showing no signs of slowing down. just yesterday there were 1,022 confirmed cases in 28 states, the highest since 1992. it is also an increase of 41 cases from the week before. idaho and virginia are the latest states to report cases. new york continues to be the
5:58 am
hardest hit state. the majority of cases are people who were not vaccinated. and a follow-up now. a dallas apartment building is considered totally unstable after a crane collapse. >> the weather forced the crane into the buildings. this morning we know 500 people will have to move. the apartment managers posted online last night. management will work with residents to find a new home. many people spent monday trying to find things and race against the time. >> come grab as much as we could. they gave us five minutes to grab as much as we could. that's it. >> to be honest, i didn't have time to think about a plan. i thought eventually i could move back in. we got an male saying we're
5:59 am
done. >> the flooding from the same storm from the mid atlantic to the southeast. >> so the crane and the flooding. that's tough. could this be the future of your morning coffee run? starbucks is testing reusable cups at london's airport. an option to select a free reusable cup for a small fee. customers have to return it at a specific dropoff before they board. they will be collected, washed sterilized. they are ready for another customer to use. a month-long program aimed at cutting down paper cup waste and to see if customers are even open to the idea. >> small earthquakes mean nothing to us in most of california. folks in the midwest definitely not used to them. 4.0 earthquake jolted northeast ohio near cleveland on lake erie. no immediate reports of damages or injuries. the transportation department camera did capture the moment right there.
6:00 am
the shaking as we deal with it a lot of times in the bay area. >> overnight we had one near gilroy and geysers. >> he's a good teammate. a good person. it is not fair. >> the sports injury after the bittersweet win to keep a threepeat hope alive. >> this may make you rethink your routine. another day of triple-digit heat for most of us. "today in the bay" continues right now.


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