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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:32pm PDT

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snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. at 11:00, tired of the heat, just in, updated forecast, find out how much relief you'll get tomorrow. lurking along the coast, local beach on alert after spotted this shark. want to go to last warriors game ever at oracle? will cost you. >> jaw dropping ticket prices and how much they'll really go for. news at 11:00, right now. breaking news, late hour rescue
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crews are trying to find a m ba. popular spot for boating, fishing, cooling off. lot of picnic areas as well. located eight miles south of livermore. >> ian, what is do we know? >> reporter: we're just on the edge of the regional park, lake just over the ridge into the valley. dief divers are in the water late. this is a dark turn, popular area, lot of people getting out of heat and cooling off. alameda county search and rescue was still on the water, not giving up hope. young man was seen going under water north end of thee. small aluminum boat with friends, either jumped off, fell off, never made it 911. regional park district and fire
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responded with alameda. helicopter to search looking for the man. hope to continue but becomes more and more dangerous overnight. >> we have to make constant assessment of the rescuers' safety, we have to keep our people safe to help the person we're here to help. >> police say this is actually the second accident in three da don't know if he was wearing one. also not clear if they hit anng him to go overboard. come out on scene continue to in warm temperatures, always wear a life jacket. reporting live, ian cull, nbc bay area news. microclimate weather alert, dangerous heat. live look over san jose, still
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toasty outside. question now, when are we going to see cooler temperatures and get a break? jeff ranieri, you say there is relief in the forecast by thursday. >> tomorrow is going to be transitional day, numbers start to drop. thursday's forecast, all across the bay area you'll be feeling quite a bit of relief. 105 in concord, we have started to see changes. san francisco down to 65. low to mid-70s in the north bay but still sweltering for this time of night east and south bay, upper 70s and low 80s. those without ac in 80-degree temperatures, house is hot, fog is build on the coastline, key change is cooler wind out of the north and west filtering in temperatures changing as soon as tomorrow. start off withmorning, not quit
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as hot by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. full forecast in about 15 minutes. tracking breaking news overseas, look at this. hostile scene in hong kong right on the streets there. thousands of protesters are facing off with riot police. all this fury sparked by a new bill. if passed would allow criminal suspects to be extradited to chinese mainland from hong kong. protesters believe the bill would have dangerous consequences, postponed the debate and didn't say when resume. deadly shooting, officer in east eron in san leandro. reported a man in middle of the street with machete exposing himself to children. pulled out something from side
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which police say looked like gun and officer shot him. >> object that the suspect had produced was similar in size, color and shape of a hand gun but it was not a hand gun. that object has been recovered. >> identity not yet released. plunked into the water. um's single engine plane crashed after taking off in concord. investigating what happened. let the flag fly, message from the antioch city council flag at city hall, two members from the rainbow community center putting up flag. couple of weeks ago postponed the vote after council meeting
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was heated. mountain view city council is voting whether to ban rvs on city streets. these people are urging the council to address the housing crisis. right now mountain view has leased a parking lot for people living in cars and rvs, in theory get them off the street, safe place to park and sleep. vote on this possible rv ban expected within the air. online. hot temperatures, how the fire department plans to reduce the risk. >> reporter: terrible instant b. >> reporter: tall grass on empty lots next to homes has them feeling uneasy. >> unsafe, truly, the heat and potential to have the same thing
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happen again. >> needs to get taken care of, lot of fire dangers. >> reporter: santa rosa fire department is starting weed abatement inspections tomorrow. looking at more than 12,000 parcels, property in wildland/urban interface and vacant properties,fo inches, ow. >> protecting rebuilding areas with a lot of open fuel. >> reporter: first area inspected. some have animals eating grass, others have work to do. city will clear parcels and bill the owners if they have to. people who live nearby are grateful of enforcement. >> got to do what you got to do. >> i feel safer, part of the prevention. fire in east foothills of san jose has firefighters busy
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this afternoon. charred about an acre. witnesses say arching power deres, smoke, flames. than emanatediing from what appeared to be b is okay. july 1st, center in san francisco will reopen. closed nearly a year. $2 billion transit hub opened last august but closed when cracked beams were found in the structure repairs completed by may and now can reopen. stanford's former coach could go to prison for part inn college admissions scandal. first of the coaches and parents to be sentenced. pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from parents.
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falsely claimed were sailing recruits. he claims he put the money into stanford's sailing program. stanford in talks with the state attorney general about what to do with the money. emotional 24 hours for warriors and next 48 will be emotional and expensive. live look at oracle arena, this time around, we know this is the last warriors game at this thur. if you have to ask how much, you probably can't afford it. cheryl hurd is at the oracle. going to save us two know and iw it's going to be a packed house here at oracle arena on thursday. standing room only. but how much are warrior fans willing to pay? you may be surprised. warriors tickets for game six, they're the hottest ticket in town. but who's going? >> can't afford that game. >> people coming from other
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places, don't live in the bay area for the most part. >> superstars like beyonce and husband jay-z, courtside for game, average fan, priced out. >> lot of seats. >> reporter: president of, built up decent customer base and now tickets are going for big bucks. >> tickets are overpriced. that's why they're there. >> stubhub says can get in $850 a ticket. average for game six, $22 hnz. >> going over $90,000 apiece, don't believe it. >> everybody sees that, today i
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seen front rows, $70,000 apiece. >> reporter: people out there are willing and can pay for front row seat but everyday people will be watching from home. nbc bay area news. >> thank you cheryl. back in 60 seconds with something lurking in water. great white off the coast. protect yourself, warning about widely used banking app meant to make it easy to send money between friends. heat starting to fade, system moving over california will help to drop temperatures, bring in clouds. details coming up.
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you wanted to save on prescriptions... so, you went online and got so confused that your brain went offline. next time, ask your helpful cvs pharmacist. we created a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. big and scary, take a look at video from sonoma county sheriff helicopter crew, great white shark, 13 to 15 feet long. same water that crew trained in yesterday. not far from there,
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remarkable rescue along the rocky cliffs. woman in her car flew more than 100 feet off highway thear burs flames. vw beetle. volunteer firefighter rushed to help her and sheriffs helicopter arrived. >> first thing she asked, how i was doing. looked at her, i'm fine, how are you doing? can barely speak, she was so cold. >> that was the volunteer. investigators believe it was suicide attempt. woman suffered minor injuries. you-year someone you know is struggling, help available 24/7, 1-800-273-8255 or chat with counselor online, joeiden makin
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promise in iowa. >> i promise, if i'm elected s america, we're going to cure cancer. >> made that pledge speaking to supporters in des moines, was critical of trump and his administration not prioritizing funds to fight cancer. lost his son beau to cancer in 2015. >> you know they mean well but they have no idea what i feel. when it happens to you, you know. >> since leaving office been overseeing the biden cancer initiative, recently stepped down after announcing bid for the white house. might be bad blood between house speaker nancy pelosi and facebook boss mark zuckerberg.
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speaker pelosi was angered when facebook refused to remove videos of her, doctored and slowed down to make her appear impaired. president trump and right-wing groups piled on and retweeted the videos. "washington post" reported zuckerberg tried to contact the speaker, staff members in tough. popular banking service used to transfer money instantly, experts warn can make itr scamm account. >> zel, a program built in. easy way to send and receive money. >> linked to bank account. email address or phone number, send, cash is transferred. unlike other apps, happens in minutes, not days.
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nbc news found people across th to drain their bank accounts. >> $3,000. >> $190. >> $15,000. >> lost about $1,500 total. >> reporter: thieves called from what appeared to be bank's fraud didn't, sharing personal information. >> identity through a text code, six numbers they needed to access my account. >> reporter: cybersecurity expert says what makes it convenient is alluring to criminals. >> quicker the transaction, quicker criminal can steal. almost engineered for crime. >> reporter: said they and banker partnersly of protection, verification, send limits and real time fraud alerts.
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as with allre exists traud. federal law requires banks to reimburse you for this kind of fraud but roush had to push for money. >> important for everyone to know they're vulnerable. >> nice to see vicky on national news. jeff, you're in the hot seat now. >> i like to get on everybody's good side. maybe been on your bad side last days, comes with the job and territory. get you fixed up with the weather forecast. starting to see some changes. after all this hot, uncomfortable weather, it is beginning to switch up for us. get a look. weak system moving across northern california right now. associated with it, slightly cooler air cud cover.
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most importantly will help the ocean br tomorrow. pushing hottest air well east. as i started this off, thinking about earlier tonight, out at hardware store, completely sold out of portable air conditioners, everybody on the last leg with the heat, want it over with. as you move through tomorrow morning, going to start off mild, lots of 70s for south bay and peninsula, tri-valley. san francisco in the 60s, then ventually relief. starting tomorrow morning near the northern coast. afternoon, fog is building up from the south. 6:00 p.m. on wednesday, that will help to usher in and keep the cooler marine layer going through tomorrow into thursday and help numbers drop. as we move through the forecast,
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that transitional day, wednesday, still going to be hot inland but numbers getting out of the low 100s. 95 here for downtown san jose, over to east bay, after at times 105 in concord today, we're down to 99. if ocean breeze cranks up a little bit early tomorrow, numbers could go even cooler. 92 in redwood city, up to san francisco. 80 in the mission, 93 in santa rosa and 95 in napa. extended forecast, you'll like what is coming. san francisco, 60s return thursday, even morning fog. that's more like it. 60s all the way through upcoming weekend. warm up a little bit next week but so far not too hot at this point. inland valleys, yes, this is what we're waiting for. 87 by thursday, improved a
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quality. saturday is best day, 82 degrees, go back up sunday, could see more heat once we hit tuesday, like prolonged heating event. way out into next week, that's good news. cooling on the way. tomorrow is transitional day. thursday, i know you all will be loving it, my forecast, it's going to be good to go. >> chilly on friday, 84 degrees. >> i'm out of the hot seat officially. >> well done, jeff. up next, could falling asleep with tv on lead to weight gain. new study, maybe a wake-up call for you. tomorrow marks 25 years since the brutal murders of nicole brown and ron goldman. ex-husband o.j. simpson the cri
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program in san jose today. parked at dock or left around. single trip is $2 for 30 minutes. $3 for additional 15 after this.hong to have bikes i san francisco and oakland by end of the month. next, performing at historic game six thursday night. next. ♪
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this is a tough one. lot of mixed emotions for warriors. less than 48 hours away from game six of the nba finals, also the final, final game at oracle arena. >> that is it, thursday night. >> tonight awaiting word on the severity of kevin durant's achilles injury. >> he's done for the season, maybe next season. also the issue of what team he'll be on, we have to address that stuff. will it be the warriors? k.d. can opt out of contract. spoke to physical therapist about nature of achilles injury and grueling recovery. >> crux of the body, absolutely, long, drawn-out rehab, especially potential rupture or
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great grade three tear. >> should find out by tomorrow. mom wanda durant posted message on twitter, jumped to his defense after injury, anyone questioning his dedication to the team doesn't know him. > toot, e-40 and mista fab. baseball, best selling item at ballpark tonight, ghirardelli ice cream shot. >> of course. >> giants and padres, bottom of seven, evan longoria, two-run double, giants take the lead and hold on to win against good padres team. 6-4. a's in tampa bay taking on the a's, family of a's fans in .
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. working to prevent a major wildfire. >> tactics county is using to weed out dry brush. recurring mechanical issue with suv. >> a solution. >> tomorrow morning.
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before he was nfl superstar, aaron rodgers was star quarterback at cal, he's giving back to uc berkeley, seven figuren football program to help renovate the locker room and start the aaron rodgers football scholarship given to athlete that transfers from junior college, rodgers came to cal from butte college. >> nice gift. remember aaron as broke college kid, now giving back. microclimate weather, live look in walnut creek, a brisk -- warm? what's perspective? 78 degrees. >> that's warm. balmy for sure. >> lot of people without ac, houses still in 80s, even 90s depending where you're at. tomorrow the numbers start to drop. 96 inland is average for hottest in interior northeast and south
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bay. thursday 87. doesn't feel like it tomorrow but temperatures will start to drop. this weekend looking good, back down to the mid and upper 80s. san francisco had upper 90s to 100 this week, 79 tomorrow, 68 on thursday. yes. i think a lot of folks are cheering for thursday's forecast, going to be so nice. >> and fog is returning seems like. >> who's that? >> that's the guy. >> what's that. >> that's good. thank you jeff. >> ready to cool down? >> i am. >> thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza, here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and w,
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