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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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at 11:00, relief you've been waiting for is here. will it last? we'll let you know. >> consequences don't have to be life ending. could be community service. >> fallout over a scavenger hunt at local school. do or die, do it without k.d. are the warriors ready? >> play for k., try to keep our season alive. >> on the eve of the warriors final game in oakland. news at 11:00 starts right now.
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begin with much needed break from the heat. if you stepped outside this evening, you probably noticed it. san jose alone, temperatures have dipped into the 60s. thanks for joining us, i'm raj mathai, jessica is off. what we've been waiting for, cooldown. jeff ranieri. this is more like it. >> yes. went from what felt like extreme summer-like heat in low 100s, back to winter chill, 62 in petaluma. and back to the inland valleys, had 105, concord now69, san jose at 66. putting us anywhere from 5 to 17 degrees cooler compared to this time last night. we'll continue to cool into tomorrow morning. best morning we've had in recent memory, 50s and 60s to start. show youbay, lifted from
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lafayette. downed power lines a threat, energized. but 45 minutes ago they were deenergized. but pg&e says still 1,000 residents without power. symbol of heat turned into movement in east bay, planning a protest, angry over the giant swa swastika. been in front yard of a home. story continues to develop, homeowner continues to defend himself. cheryl hurd with his side of the story. >> reporter: the protest is scheduled to take place tomorrow right here at appian way and san pablo dam road. he was shocked. said he doesn't hate anyone. >> exactly like swastika.
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>> your intention? >> no. >> reporter: intention to get rid of the weeds in front yard, not spew hate. >> not a hate symbol to me, maybe to everybody else. i just thought it would be cool. >> reporter: turned out the opposite. when swastika, considered universal symbol of hate, put in our town. >> i don't think he had any idea would get this reaction. i think he likes the symbol and likes to be tough guy on the harley-davidson. >> i'm an american, not a nazi, didn't put it there as display of nazism. >> reporter: lot of people don't believe him. close to 4,000 people signed petition to try to force him to get rid of it. blankets covering it now. supervisor joyet is looking for laws to try to force him to
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remove it. there are none. >> say there's nothing we can do from building and planning perspective. didn't need permit. >> reporter: what's next? you're going to keep it there? >> i don't know if i'm going to or not. but sure has got a lot of attention that i didn't want. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. bizarre story, fake cop at it again. oakland police arrested sergio taylor after he tried to impersonate an officer. two weeks ago arrested at cherry blossom festival, wearing a full police uniform, body armor and replica guns, history of similar crimes throughout the bay area. endechool year elements. parents trying to determine the scavenger h next move.
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jean elle with more. >> reporter: that's right, raj, principal told about 100 parents tonight he needs help teaching their kids to be good people. also says the school failed a group of students who think it's okay to play a game that targets and scares younger students. >> i'm here to unpack and address one of the negative aspects of our school. >> high school principal talked to parents about traditional end scavenger hunt that juniors and seniors play. but items on the list included sexual harassment, sexual assault and vandalism. >> reported incidents of young girls being harassed. >> reporter: principal says after he told students to stop the game and it continued, he sent parents a letter and the list, information that shocked
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parents. >> [ inaudible ]. >> this needs to be a police matter. there's crimes. >> reporter: can't prove what items kids completed, he knows lots of students participated. video evidence from campus to community zblevgsservice. >> i want to make a change. scavenger hunt that used to be fun and shenanigans has gone too far. >> reporter: focused on making sure game doesn't turn criminal next year, determining and spelling out consequences is part of the plan. parents and school administrators left the meeting agreeing to work together on the plan. last day of school is tomorrow, mill valley, nbc bay area news. hot weather is prompting a
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lot of people to go to the water, led to two drownings near livermore. divers recovered body of 23-year-old sean spikes, a bay area jockey. on a boat with other jockeys, went missing last night. los gatos man also drowned last weekend, both men not wearing life jackets. city of antioch continues to be divided over the rainbow flag and all it represents. emotional and heated debate, city council has given the green light to fly the flag like other cities in contra costa county unanimously, fly it in pride month. opponents say held a prayer ceremony and now going to vote them out of office. >> i don't have to welcome your flag. i love you as a person but i don't have to love what you do.
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>> show that antioch stands tall for tolerance and diversity is a beautiful thing. >> some opponents also looking into legal actions. warriors and raiders soon leaving oakland. a's last team standing. another move to appease them, endorsed groundwork for the proposed ballpark near jack london square. council okayed state bill that gives the team option to acquire land near the howard terminal and option to finance new infrastructure through bonds and money from the project. not everyone is on board. >> this is about a scam. would you please tell me what city has had a construction of a ballpark and condominiums that have brought billions of dollars to that particular municipality? >> transportation questions regarding the ballpark were
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tabled for another day. warriors, win or lose, curtains are closing on that building, oracle arena. tomorrow night we'll all be watching, warriors moving back to restaurants, every family room in the bay area will be jam packed watching tomorrow. can the players handle the emotion? the k.d. injury and pressure to extend this dynasty and final night in oakland? tonight sharp comments. >> can you encapsulate what this place has meant to you? >> special place. been here seven years. ton of great moments and memories. win the last game here to send us to game seven with chance to complete the three peat is special. >> expect the fans to be as loud as they can, especially in name of kevin. wouldn't be here without his presence. >> dramatic message on
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instagram. k.d. from hospital bed in new york, surgery successful on what he admitted was torn achilles. among the questions now, will he even return to warriors next season and did the warriors pressure him to play monday night. >> would we go back and do it over again, damn right, but that's easy to say after the results. when we gathered all the information, our feeling was the worst thing that could happen was reinjure of the calf. was cleared to play, he was comfortable with that, we were . so the achilles came as a complete shock. >> that's about as stern a response you'll ever hear from coach kerr. as for pomp and circumstance pat monahan the u.s. anthem and canadian native sara mclaughlin will sing "o canada."
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mayor schaaf has tickets to auction off to raise money for the alameda food bank. its website, bidding stops at noon tomorrow. back in 60 seconds, first sentence in college admission scandal, one day in jail for the stafford sailing coach. question tonight, why. . and move over dionne warwick, san jose has a new theme song, we'll tell you why. this week we've started to cool down in big way. san francisco 58 with drizzle. what's in store tomorrow morning and for the afternoon coming up in a few minutes.
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learned much from my mistakes and i will take those lessons forward in my life. >> remorseful coach, stanford's former sailing coach, sentenced to one day in jail, two years of supervised probation. first to be sentenced in college admission scandal. shady back door system where universities. why just a one day sentence? li sergio? >> reporter: likely because he admitted role in the scandal early and apologized. there's no doubt that attorneys representing other people who have pleaded guilty in this whole scandal are likely going to be pointing at this sentence and asking judges to consider it as they dole out punishment in the future plea deals. former coach will not be going to jail. outside the courthouse he apologized for his role. >> to amazing student athletes,
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coaches and alumni of the sailing team, i've let you down. >> reporter: two years probation, $10,000 fine. legal analyst says early apology helped. and helped he didn't pocket the money. >> he pointed out he didn't keep the money, it went to the stanford sailing program. doesn't make what he did right but makes it less aggravated. >> reporter: pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges, taking bribes to get privileged students admitted to stanford through a side door. felicity huffman has also pleaded guilty and will be asking for similar leniency. but those going to trial like lori laughlin, it's a gamble. >> found guilty by jury, not near this sentence, likely face
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prison sentence. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of dollars in donation funneled through vander more is tainted. working to donate that money for the public good. nbc bay area news. teacher's aide arrested on multiple child molestation charges. worked at middle school in san jose. accused of molesting two boys, could be more victims. curious discovery on a muni train, sign inside the cars that looks like notice from muni, but if you look closely, it's not. one of the signs spotted in san francisco, denounces transphobia with a series of profanity laced statements. muni statement says the signs break several laws. old song "do you know the way to san jose," been
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associated with bay area's biggest city more than 50 years. but tourism board unveiled a new theme song. dionne warwick is out. ian cull. ♪ san jose calling my name as you walk down tt streets ♪ >> reporter: it's catchy, will it catch on? grace kelly, 16-year-old country artist who lived in san jose for six years and loved it so much she wrote a song about it, even though originally from new zealand. >> people listen, want them to be like what is that about? yeah, one of my favorite places in the world. >> reporter: sent it to tourism team at visit san jose who decided should be the new theme song, complete with new music video for markets. tonight released to city leaders. >> perfect theme song for san jose. diverse, joyful.
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♪ do you know the way to san jose ♪ >> reporter: already had a globally recognized song. visit san jose wants update. >> not replacing. could never replace dionne warwick. but a great 2018, 2019 version. >> coffee shop, where are san jose, didn't tell me details, but started singing "do you know the way to san jose," hopefully soon singing my song. >> every part of san jose you're showing. >> reporter: for a few it's san jose approved. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> that's a fun story. she's so cool. new zealand accent, can't detect it in the song but interviewed .
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kind of fits. >> and not bumping out dionne warwick. open the windows, starting to see it cool down. microclimate forecast. why we're seeing the changes you love. small system north of the bay area good enough to stir up atmosphere, get the fog going. pretty aggressive tonight. i think will stay through next three days, keep hottest air off to the east. for now goodbye, good riddance, get in nice, comfortable weather starting tomorrow morning. one of the best mornings in recent memory when it comes to temperatures. will feel super nice.
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probably leave the light jacket at home, feel the cool air as you step out in the morning. if you can't tell, i'm excited. south bay, 60, peninsula, 59. 50s in san francisco with drizzle. be on alert for that. north bay, 59. er at morning for widespread fog through the coastline, low clouds for parts of marin, napa, sonoma county. some cloud cover to berkeley and oakland as well. afternoon, sunshine returning. because of the fog, same at coast, going to help temperatures stay very nice through tomorrow. instead of low 100s, upper 90s in south bay, 85 in downtown san jose. morgan hill, 83.
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lot better. we had 105 in concord, 86 is going to feel pretty much perfect to you. 86 in pleasanton. 79 in hayward. beaches are chilly, 65 in half moon bay, where we should be. redwood city, 79. 60s throughout an, sonoma coun right here around 83. extended forecast, through sunday. next week, warming coming in, looks like mid-70s right now. inland valleys, 80s through the weekend into father's day sunday. by next week, 90s do return, watch out f drier wds next tuesday. could increase fire danger. more details as we move closer. for now, sit back, relax and
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enjoy the weather that's lowering the fire danger and blood pressure. when it gets hot around here, everything is compounded. >> we get a little cranky. thank you jeff. no down payment, no problem. bay area start-up helping people buy a home. and jimmy. >> chris hemsworthnd coombiel naj ani are here, and music from the jonas brothers. great show. stay tuned. happening now, president trump's comments once again drawing sharp reactions from democratic opponents. today said would accept dirt from foreigners on opponents. fired back, welcoming foreign interference again on american elections. back in a moment. ♪
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blood donors, facebook trying to make it easier to donate blood. sign up for tool, alert you to blood bank partner looking for specific donor in your area, rolled out around the country including san francisco, nationwide in coming months. research shows that one donation could potentially save three lives. would you believe this? no down payment? zero down, san francisco start-up getting a lot of attention and funding. buying homes, leasing them to would-be owner, instead of down payment, flat fee. the down payment to the company. greg smith says it's a life changer. >> when you do the calculations, all the upside of a rental
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excepting getting ownership in the house through time, which really changes the map on the whole equation. >> how does the company make money? $10,000 fee, and concierge service to those who move in to help with repairs and additions. back in a moment to check in with steph curry and unlikely hero at giants game tonight.
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okay. almost 50 years of memories in oakland. live look at oracle. warriors spent one season in san jose at the shark tank in late 1990s, good trivia forh wll you. you know the drill, one last game, win or lose, steph curry knows it will be emotional. >> protect our home court, feed off crowd's energy, play for k., try to keep our season alive. there's a lot of things that you can tap into for energy tomorrow. >> play for k., as in k.d. if they win, warriors will force ir first ever toronto on t stanley cup. game seven, tonight, right here
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on nbc sports bay area, stuns boston, beating them, knocked the sharks out of the playoffs and captured the holy grail. congratulations blues. bruins fan and bluesfan, we can all get along. shaking hands it out. rarely used infielder with a clutch rbi double. giants beat padres 4-2, first series win at home in six weeks. a's wrapping up road trip this afternoon with win in taxpayers. laureano with the grand slam. coach making nba history, her story is incredible. a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best
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a slight cooldown. >> temperatures finally start to drop. b.a.r.t. fare increases. >> tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00. cool story. showing coaching brilliance at cal, lindsey gottlieb showing it in nba. hired by cleveland cavaliers as
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an assistant coach. led the bears women's team to ncaa tournament seven times, first ever final four appearance in 2013. gottlieb said job in nba not on her radar but decided to take it. >> husband here, son, coached most incredible young women. incredible. do them. moving family to cleveland next month, first female coach to go to nba directly from college ranks. >> that's huge. >> really cool. >> serious game. >> serious game and hats off to the cavaliers for that decision. thursday morning, almost the weekend. >> much better, 50s and 60s across the bay area instead of the upper 90s. good news for the dads. going to get hotter next week, let's not worry about it right now. quick look at san francisco, 60, yes, thank you. >> perfect.
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thanks for joining us here at 11:00, see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, sta ing jimmy fallon." and now here's your host jimmy fallon


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