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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 14, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, a dangerous war of words escalates between the u.s. and iran after the attacks on two tankers. president trump says iran did do it, citing video said to show an iranian boat recovering evidence of the attack, while iran and other countries cast doubt on the claim. so, what really happened and who was really responsible the deepening mystery after the deaths of two more americans in the dominican republic >> if she was anywhere else in the world, she'd still be alive today. >> the question now being asked, is there an alcohol connection? the price you pay with a sharp and unexpected plunge in interest rates why this may be the best time in years to apply for a mortgage or to refinance the one you have an uplifting message from the brave teenager who survived a shark attack and her
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father's heroic effort to save her. >> and when i pulled her up, a shark came up with her, and it was a big shark. >> he tells how he battled the shark with his bare hands, then ran with his daughter to shore. and the astonishing video showing a man asleep at the wheel for 30 miles. tonight, a serious wake-up call as we enter the age of the self-driving car >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt. good evening, everyone the u.s. tonight claims to have the smoking gun linking iran to those fiery attacks on two oil tankers in the middle east yesterday the pentagon releasing surveillance video it sa iranian boat crew in the act of removing key evidence from one of the stricken vessels. but tonight, wildly conflicting accounts of how the ships were struck clo ap warns iran not te of the world's most
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critical seafaring passages our richard engel has the latest. >> reporter: tonight the u.s. and iran are trading accusations and escalating their rhetoric over who attacked two tankers in the persian gulf. the u.s. military released what could be damning evidence -- aerial reconnaissance video which u.s. officials say shows iranian sailors removing an unexploded mine from one of the attacked tankers, apparently to hide iran's involvement and this photo showing where the alleged mine was placed president trump called in to fox news to say the iranians were caught red handed. >> well, iran did do it, and you know they did it because you saw the boat i guess one of the mines didn't explode, and it's probably got, essentially, iran written all over it. >> reporter: but the japanese owner of one of the tankers insists his vessel was attacked not by a mine but some kind ofwhh is how res ships first reported the attacks. >> all stations, all stations, motor tanker
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front altair in fire, most probably attack. >> reporter: iran says it was not involved. nbc's ali arouzi is in tehran. >> iran is ruling out any talks with the u.s., blaming america for seriously threatening stability in the region. with so much animosity and an absence of dialogue, the odds of conflict by accident is increasing every day. >> reporter: tonight, tensions remain high a u.s. military official said iran was preventing tugboats from recovering one of the tankers. >> and richard, tonight we're learning about a different effort by iran to target u.s. surveillance assets. >> reporter: lester, the u.s. military doesn't talk about it much, but there are a lot of drones flying around this part of the world, and officials tell us in recent days therin which an cka shot down an american drone over the red sea, and another in which the iranians tried to fire on a drone but missed
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so, it shows the tension. >> richard engel tonight, thank you. an about-face by president trump today after his explosive comments on what he would do if offered campaign information from a foreign source. let's get more on this from white house correspondent kristen welker ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: on his 73rd birthday, president trump reversing course, now saying he would tell the fbi if he was offered dirt on another candidate by a foreign entity. >> of course, you have to look at it, because if you don't look at it, you're not going to know if it's bad. how are you going to know if it's bad but of course, you'd give it to the fbi or report it to the attorney general or somebody like that >> reporter: the backtrack comes after the president got a barrage of criticism, including from a few republicans, for saying this -- >> i think i'd take it if i thought there was something wrong, i'd go maybe to the fbi. >> reporter: tonight, outraged democrats arguing the damage has been done. >> it's just shocking. it's disrespect for our country, disrespect for our constitution >> reporter: on thursday, senate
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republicans blocked legislation that would require campaigns to notify federal authorities if they are contacted by a foreign power, as the top senate republican aimed to downplay the controversy. >> the case is closed. why don't we move on >> reporter: the president is also making headlines tonight, disputing the testimony of his former white house counsel, don mcgahn, who told robert mueller that the president instructed him multiple times to have the acting attorney general removed as special counsel. >> now, the story on that very simply -- number one, i was never going to fire mueller. i never suggested firing mueller. >> reporter: tonight, a person close to mcgahn telling nbc news the president's comments are fantasyland. tonight the president just tweeted, thanking top republicans for blocking democrats' efforts to pass tougher legislation on reporting damaging information from a foreign power. >> kristen welker, thank you. in the dominican republic, the deaths of two more american tourists have been confirmed at resorts there. the question tonight, is there something wrong with the alcohol?
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and could that have played a role in at least some of the deaths morgan chesky has the latest. >> reporter: leyla cox came to these blue waters to celebrate her 53rd birthday. >> she loves the beach. >> reporter: but she never made it home. >> i believe in some way, shape or form, the dominican republic is responsible for my mother's death. >> reporter: the day after cox's birthday, her body was discovered inside her puntacana hotel room the cause of death, an apparent heart attack, according to her son cox, now the eighth american to die at dominican resorts within the past year, at least half of them falling violently ill after reportedly drinking from their room's minibar jerry curran died in january. his family saying he became sick after a night of dinner and drinks >> he just never came back. >> reporter: the fbi's assisting dominican authorities with toxicology exams for the american victims their deaths have not been connected, and the dr's tourism officials are calling these incidents tragic but isolated still, the mysterious deaths are raising questions about the
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alcohol in the country. in 2017, five locals died in the dominican republic after consuming bad alcohol. authorities there conducted several raids, shutting down five illegal labs producing alcohol not safe for human consumption. that same year, 20-year-old abbey conner died on vacation in mexico they are parents sued the resort, accusing them of serving contaminated liquor squr >> it's for everybody else behind us that has lost children or loved ones because of this. >> reporter: authorities seized tens of thousands of gallons of alcohol from more than 30 popular tourist spots. back in the dominican republic -- >> i want to know how my mom died. >> reporter: -- a search for answers these families may never find morgan chesky, nbc news. let's turn now to that remarkable story of survival in north carolina we're hearing from the 17-year-old girl who lost part of her leg in a shark attack less than two weeks ago and from her father who made a heroic effort to save her. kerry sanders is there tonight. >> i'm not alone.
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>> reporter: 17-year-old paige winter lost her left leg and two fingers when she was attacked by a shark in these waters off north carolina >> i want people to see that i'm doing all right. >> reporter: oday, just 12 days later, amazingly upbeat. >> when i was in that water, i was like praying. i'm like, i'm 17 i've got so much to do >> reporter: today her dad, charlie, recounted his fight with the shark, pulling paige from its jaws >> it was just immediate dad thing. i grabbed her with my left arm and i pulled her up over the water, and when i pulled her up, a shark came up with her >> reporter: he struggled ashore, his daughter in his arms. >> and i don't think i've ever told any of my children i loved them so much so many times. >> reporter: as a paramedic, he knew stopping the bleeding was vital. doctors say the two most critical factors to paige's survival -- her courageous father and a belt used as a tourniquet paige's nurse says her patience is brave and determined. >> and she looked at
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me, she goes, "okay, we're going to get out of this bed tomorrow." >> reporter: paige remains an advocate of marine life. her hashtag on social media is sharks are still good people. the fight to survive fueling a teen with an unstoppable attitude. >> to be able to do just, kind of like everything. >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news, atlantic beach, north carolina. >> boy, what a story. now to the economy and the stunning news that home mortgage applications have soared 20% compared with a year ago. that's because mortgage rates are at historic lows. jo ling kent tonight on the price you pay >> reporter: it's officially high season for house hunting, and these days, buyers can get more for their money. that's because the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 3.8%, the lowest in nearly two years, a sign of a strong economy >> the labor market is the best it's been in 50 years people are working people are making more money. that's what gives people the confidence to buy homes. >> reporter: for buyers, it means more flexibility and choice for sellers, it's a
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good time to list. the average price for an existing home is up 3.6% since last year and if you're staying put, low rates could be an opportunity to refinance. these factors are already making a dent in the market. mortgage applicaon% with many homeowners refinancing at the low rates, but homeowners aren't the only winners here it's good news for buyers, too. >> so, if you're on the fence then, what do you do? >> go for it i think it's a great time to buy if rates are now 4% where before they were 5%, that increases the buyer's ability to purchase by 10%. >> reporter: so, what does that mean for you? if your budget was $500,000, experts say with lower rates, you can now afford a $550,000 home at roughly the same monthly payment. a chance to save this summer on home, sweet home jo ling kent, nbc ne, debate, nbc news has revealed which candidates will face off each night battling it out be cory booke,
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julian castro, bill de blasio, john delaney, tulsi gabbard, jay inslee, amy klobuchar, beto o'rourke, tim ryan, and elizabeth warren and debating on thursday, june 27th, will be michael bennet, joe biden, pete buttigieg, kirsten gillibrand, kamala harris, john hickenlooper, bernie sanders, eric swalwell, marianne williamson and andrew yang. and our series "my big idea" is giving some candidates a chance to tell voters who makes them stand out. tonight, former housing secretary julian castro tells our harry smith about his big idea for our nation's children. >> my big idea is universal pre-k for 3 and 4-year-olds. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> to make sure that every child out therstart at 3s old with a great education, great public education. >> reporter: elected mayor of san antonio at just 35, julian castro gave the keynote speech at the ocrac
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national convention. >> thank you thank you! >> reporter: he later became secretary of housing and urban development. >> i see universal pre-k as a key ingredient in making sure that the united states in the 21st century is the smartest nation on earth. i'm just going to be out there working hard. >> reporter: we met castro at dartmouth college, which just happens to be in new hampshi hampshire, where the first primary will be held. >> i'm a proud product of the public schools, but also my dad was a public school teacher for 31 years. >> reporter: at castro's urging, voters in san antonio agreed to raise taxes for universal pre-k, which is free to low-income families. what he wants now is free pre-k for all 3 and 4-year-olds nationwide what's the price tag >> well, in 2012, president obama proposed one version of universal pre-k, and the price tag would have been about $75 billion. it does cost to invest
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in great education for 3 and 4-year-olds, but it's a lot cheaper than a year of prison. >> reporter: an investment in universal pre-k. that's julian castro's big idea harry smith, nbc news, hanover, new hampshire. >> and we continue with this tomorrow when former colorado governor john hickenlooper talks about his big idea tonight, new surveillance video of the incident that led to the arrest of actor cuba gooding jr. video obtained by tmz appears to show gooding having contact with the woman who accuses him of groping her at a new york bar. gooding pleaded not guilty and was released without bail. more fuel tonight in that controversy over delaying wing harriet tubm look at what the new $20 bill might have nbc's blayne anda looked like. last month, treasury secretary steve mnuchin announced an obama-era plan to put harriet tubman, a famed abolitionist, on the $20 bill, to be unveiled in 2020, would now be delayed until at least 2026.
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mnuchin at the time calling it a security issue. >> it is my responsibility now to focus on what is the issue of counterfeiting and the security features. >> reporter: but tonight, "the new york times" is reporting a preliminary design of the bill was almost finished, created before president obama left office. in a new statement to nbc news, mnuchin standing by his decision, saying, "the suggestion that this process is being stalled is completely erroneous. and the bureau of engraving and printing writing in a statement,scrapped" and they "never planned to unveil" the bill's design in 2020. but the timing of the delay causing controversy. on twitter, some calling it a political move to delay the replacement of president andrew jackson, a slave owner, with tubman, with the projected release date coming after president trump would leave office blayne alexander, nbc news there's a lot more to tell you about tonight. just ahead, shocking video. a driver appears to be
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asleep while his tesla is on autopilot on a very busy highway. also, america under pressure if you're stressed, simple steps that may be the best prescription
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next tonight, the shocking video that appears to show a man asleep in his self-driving car for at least 30 miles as the tesla continued down a busy los angeles highway. miguel almaguer on the questions it raises. >> reporter: on one of the nation's busiest freeways, commuters spotted this driver, who they say was asleep behind the whee a semi-autonomous car. >> i just couldn't believe that i was actually seeing it. >> reporter: shawn miladinovich says for 30 miles, the tesla driver had his head slumped over as the self-driving car plowed down the 405 in los angeles. >> i realized he was just fully sleeping, eyes were shut, hands nowhere near the steering wheel. >> reporter: miladinovich called 9
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11 and believed a driver tied a device around the steering wheel to bypass the safeguards and keep autopilot engaged. the incident, latest captured by commuters as more video surfaced of drivers who may be asleep behind the wheel. with unengaged motorists to blame, on its website, tesla says "autopilot is intended for use with a fully attentive driver in its current form, it's not a self-driving system. >> when people use it irrepatrol says there's little they can do since officers didn't witness the incident, but tonight some commuters say they've seen enough. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. an simple solution that may
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we're back now with america under pressure and a new study that finds if you're stressed, there may be a simple fix. here's tom costello.
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>> reporter: for millions of americans, life in 2019 is full throttle and stressful, often translating into medical complaints but new research suggests one prescription is cheap -- a minimum of two hours outside every week -- golf, cycling, boating, skiing, swimming, a walk or a hike researchers say it reduces stress and depression, lowers blood pressure, and can even help with asthma pediatrician stacy bellastreir is with park rx. you write prescriptions for people to go into the parks. why? >> these days, both children and adults spend way too much time indoors and on electronics, and we're seeing a lot of increase in obesity and diabetes. >> reporter: in the hills above stressful l.a. today, a chorus of agreement. >> it's like a medicine for me because it relaxes me. >> i'd rather come here than to go to the gym, to be honest with you. >> reporter: researchers say the fresh air and sunshine are therapeutic. but there's a catch -- 90 minutes a week
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isn't enough only at two hours do people see improved health and just living in a greener neighborhood has benefits lester >> tom costello, enjoy. up next, father's day advice from the experts you've got hear
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finally tonight, in honor of father's day, we thought we'd get some advice on what it takes to be a good dad and granddad, so i headed uptown to kipp infinity elementary school here in new york. what do you think you want to do for dad >> i don't really know, because he already has the present. >> like what presents did he have? you? >> already >> what is father's day? >> a day that you give
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fathers stuff. >> is that the day that he gets to relax and do whatever he wants? >> no. >> no? what do you think he would like for a present? >> a chicken. >> a chicken >> and a gorilla >> a lizard. >> a lizard? wait, what's that behind you if you were talking to a brand-new father, what would you tell him his job is >> his actual job is to protect. >> and, like, work hard and, like, love them no matter what. >> surprise us and he makes us food. >> do you like to cook for your father? >> i don't cook. >> you don't cook? >> i'm only 6 years old. >> tell me about your father. >> he makes me laugh a lot. >> how does he make you laugh? >> he tickles me to death. >> do you ever play tricks on your dad no >> i play jokes. >> oh, what kind of jokes? >> um, knocke. >> who's there
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>> boo. >> boo who >> don't cry, don't cry! >> don't cry that's an old one. i know that one. if your father was a superhero, which superhero would he be? >> a ninja turtle. >> aiden >> incriminal man. >> -- invisible man. >> i'm a grandfather to two grandsons what are grandfathers supposed to do >> i think they should, maybe be a babysitter or something. >> if i'm a grandfather, don't i get to have more fun >> sometimes you get more fun >> can't i give treats to my grandsons? >> a little bit. >> what do you mean a little bit >> because then we get hyper. >> who has the best dad in the world >> i do. >> how much do you love your dad? >> like a hundred and a thousand, like infinity percent. >> happy father's day! >> well, paerapparently i have to go baby sit, so let me say happy father's day to all of the dads and granddads. that is "nightly news" for this friday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc
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news, thank you for watching and goodnight. right now at 6:00 what information are they gathering. the aclu lawsuit claiming row bolts and surveillance cameras are profiling people. >> should president trump be impeached? the study that says californiaens aren't on board yet. >> we have an update to the story involving the raptors taep president. what the league is saying about this court side confrontation. with the deputy. >> news at six starts now. good evening. >> he won the title last night. the man who runs the raptors maybe facing a misdemeanor charge as well. a sheriff deputy says team president pushed him and hit him
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in the face. we have the video of the chaos that happened moments before he joined his team on the court to celebrate the big win. at the oracle with more. >> this was a commotion over credentials and the deputy says after raptors president shoved him and hit him in the face, he had some pain in his jaw. and had to be taken to the hospital. so doctors could e. him and now the nba is weighing in. >> i congratulated him. >> bob myers of the warriors knows who he is. but a sheriff deputy guarding the court at oracle last night, did not. >>


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