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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  June 16, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this has been an honor of a lifetime. >> there is no indication this was an act of terrorist. >> shameful. >> we the north are now we are the champions. ♪ good morning, welcome to "sunday today" on this father's day on june 15th, i am willie geist. it was four years ago today donald trump took that famous escalator ride at trump tour to launch his 2016 presidential campaign. president trump is preparing the
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official kickoff of his reelection bid. it will take place on tuesday with a rally in florida. this weekend the president warning the economy will collapse if anyone but he is elected. we'll go live to the white house to talk to chuck todd about the field of 2020 challengers in a moment. a preview of today's world cup match between the u.s. national women soccer team and chile. they beat thailand with 13-0. we'll hear from the star players. later a sunday sit down with the hollywood legend, samuel l. jackson on his prolific career. dreaming as a young boy in the segregated south about growing up to be a star. >> hopefully we won't hang out on the airplane.
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>> well, you came pretty close to it. >> a sunday sit-down with samuel l. jackson and a father's day conversation with my dad, bill geist and a life well lived all of it later in the show. in washington where president trump is gearing up to launch his reelection campaign. the president is projecting confidence over his chances in a new interview and in a series of tweets. good morning mike viqueira. >> reporter: good morning, after donald trump took his famous escalator ride, he's ready to kickoff his campaign. this time with the power of the white house behind it. mr. trump spent a portion of saturday at his golf course in virginia. it was the 13th straight weekend
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the president visited the golf course with all but one out and shinzo abe at a trump owned property. this is as a president gearing up for his reelection campaign which he'll kickoff in orlando on tuesday. until an interview with abc news, mr. trump touted his success. >> the economy is phenomenal. we are rebuilding our military and doing the best job anybody has done. the president also claimed to have the support of minorities. >> i think we'll do tremendous well african-americans and asians and hispanics. they ha mr. trump issued a blast of endorsements and attacks of senator bids to flag burning. the president is all in. the mainstream media, total loss. he warns if anyone wins but him,
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the market will totally crash. >> he announced his long shot candidacy. the president says he's doing great in the poll, approval rating of 51%. that number is an outlier. an approval rating for mr. trump is 44.1%. the poll from last week shows the president trailing six democratic hopefuls. >> reporter: and wi one big thi going for the president, he raised $109 million in office dwarfing the total of his predecessors. >> mike, thank you so much. >> chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." happy father's day to you, my pren friend. right back to you my brother. >> let's talk about the polling. let's characterize some news you
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will break a little bit on "meet the press." the feeling and the sentiment among democrats about impeachment inside the party of president trump. it is grown. i would say fairly immensely if you look at it from march to june. it went from about a quarter of democratic voters ready to start impeachment to nearly half. essentially it was the last time we did this was right after we did this we got the report. this after the statement and you see what that did to democrats. guess what? no movement basically among republicans. they went from 3% to 6%. it is a one sided movement but that tells you the pressure i think nancy pelosi is facing soon. >> nancy pelosi is going to be hearing more about impeachment coming up and the president some
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argues would welcome that conversation. let's talk about reelection, we got the line up of debates. you will be one of the moderators coming up next week. let's look at night one, first. we got 20 candidates and we break them into two. night one, elizabeth warren, she's up near the top. beto o'rourke is in there as well. what do you see in this group? >> klobachcloeklobachar and anb o'rourke, that's a top tier. it is an a-1 line up that had trouble getting off the starting block. i think this is an interesting opportunity for klobachar and booker. two people we thought they needed a little elbow room and i think it will give them some rhetorical elbow room and an opportunity to make a first impression again. those are two i am watching closely on that one.
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and joe biden, the front runner and the headliner but you also have buttigieg and senator camera harris. strong group there. >> keep an eye on two other candidat candidates, andrew yang and michael bennett. t it is the one percenters who may think i only got one shot of this thing. the unpredictable is the lesser known candidate. >> i will bethun tuned in and b miami with you. >> i kacan't wait. >> i will be that heck ler behind you, chuck. >> we'chuck will be one of the moderators for the democratic debate on june 27th on msnbc,
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telemundo. be sure to catch "meet the press" this morning with mayor buttigieg of indiana. it has been two months and a day since the notre dame cathedral in paris caught on fire and burned. worshippers held al mass at the 1800 years old cathedral. kelly cobiella is outside the notre dame this morning. >> reporter: this weekend it became a house of worship again. wearing hard hats with piled of debrspiles of
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debris near by, they celebrated at the cathedral. only 30 were allowed in, the stained glass windows are still intact. the cathedral roof opens to the sky. the fire raged through notre dame april 15th, the century of the roof caving in. >> oh my god, the steeple just fell. >> outside they prayed. thousands are drawn here, some watching the mass on their phone and the cathedral towering above. the rose windows covered in netting. so fragile workers feel the glass could fall. >> the whole structure is burned down. it is a horrible event. >> reporter: saturday's mass is a symbolic start. they only seen $1 billion
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pledged. >> reporter: and the arch bishop of paris responded to those numbers yesterday saying we have to have faiths that people who made those donations will be true to their words. restoration work is still weeks away. they are actually still stabilizing that building. another sign of progress, they'll be taking down the walls at the front of the cathedral in just a few days so people can start to get a little closer again. willie. >> good to still see it stands there. kelly cobiella in paris. thank you. the u.s. woman national team will take on chile. routing thailand 13-0 on tuesday. morgan radford is here with the preview. >> good morning, willie, happy father's day. >> the u.s. women is expected to
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win the world cup. their dominants have come with a little bit of backlash. >> reporter: the national team will faceoff against chile for the second world cup game. >> the game you just played is irrelevant. it is the game that's in front of you. >> reporter: the u.s. women heavy favorites today. the team takes a turf of criticisms that players are sore winners during their first match against thailand, celebrating all 13 record breaking goals. star forward, carly lloyd embraced the title after the game and fired off an inspirational tweet but stood firm every goal deserves. >> if you release ta foot just a little bit, it could carry into
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the next game. >> they come back to win the gold medal. >> reporter: this national team i is no stranger to victory. it won three world cups and four gold medals. the team is in the midst of the gender discrimination law. despite having much more success and generating higher revenues than the guys. head coach ellis says she won't let her team get disstratracted. >> these players are locked on and the preparations are there. >> the big game starts off at noon, they faceoff chile, the u.s. won both times, they are
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straight ahead the highs and lows of the week including actress ali stroker making history and inspiring the country with her speech. is there anything on earth for which you wait in line for ten hours? "harry potter" fans gave their answer this week. jack dorsey only eats one meal a day, some people think that kind of bio hacking may be the future of good health. others say it is nuts. >> hey, i discover this thing. people perk up their ears, well,
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maybe it worked. when gwyneth paltrow says hey, i discover this thing, people may think she's crazy. our photo of the week, this toronto raptors lifting the championship after taking down the warriors. kawhi leonard was the final mvp. the raptors' first championship the raptors' first championship in [upbeat music ♪] you got this. you got this. you got this. you got this.
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or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, or severe stomach pain. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. thank you for joining me again for the highs and lows. >> the first is going to missouri where the stanley cup now lives, the blues won the stanley cup. five months after sitting last place in the league. they won a dramatic game seven against the bruins.
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the players holding the stanley cup one by one, there was someone else they wanted to share the moment with. leila anderson is a lifelong blues fan who's fighting a rare autoimmune disease. she was a familiar face before cheering her team on in the hospital room. the blues knew they needed their good luck charm in the building if they are going to win game seven in boston. >> what if i told you the blues called and they want you at the game? >> why? how? >> no, he didn't. mommy, no, he didn't. >> oh my god. >> i am going to boston? >> yes, you are going to boston and leila was at the game in boston on wednesday night, she
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was rushed to the ice to celebrate with the blues. they make sure leila can give it a kiss herself. >> i was in standpointly stantl. >> reporter: would you say it is the best moment of your life? >> it is. on saturday she held the cup again as the crowd land chanted her name. i mean come on, how about st. louis showing up for the blues yesterday and chanting. that's 50,000 people chanting her name. >> leila has a gift, she can also predicts who's going to score at the first goal. >> that's right. she's a good fan and she knows her hockey. our first logos to the thought of waiting in line for ten hours for anything at all. "harry potter" fans were happy
6:21 am
to wait at universal studio in orlando. after two years of construction, the harry potter ride, fans lined up outside the gates long before the park opened for a seat on the roller coaster. the line was ten hours long for a twisting free falling high speed flight through the forbidden forest. was it worth the wait? annie on twitter wrote, it exceeded my highest e expectations. i waited 13 plus hours for that. i swear i have noeever done tha. the best tip they gave us still was just get there early. universal orlando. the resort was owned by comcast. i think it is the best in if world. my kids are here right now and
6:22 am
it is one of their favorite place on earth. >> would you wait ten hours for it? >> i think they may but they'll be waiting alone. >> our next star, this week's tony's awards showcasing the best of broadway, ali stroker for her performance in "oklahoma." ali who's from my hometown in new jersey whose dad is my high school coach. she was paralyzed from the chest down when she was two years old. last sunday night after a journey of 30 years since that terrible day, ali made history, becoming the first actor uses a wheelchair winning a tony and inspiring billions of people like her with the speech that brought down the house. >> this award is for every kid who's watching tonight who has a disability and a limitation or a
6:23 am
challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena. [ applause ] >> how many kids now know something like that is possible. >> what an inclusive message? did you predict that in ali's future? >> she's the best. >> our final logos to a baseball photographer. we showed you the bad ceremonial first pitch by the organization, employee of the month. she hooked one right in front of the camera. here we go again, another first pitch with daron in his usual spot, this time he's ready. it is headed right towards them but this time with some air so he got the moment to react so
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good morning. it is 6:26 and you are taking a live look at san francisco international airport. looks like a fairly common day at sfo, but cooler than it has been. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm chris chmura sitting in for company company a kira klapper, here with vianey arana. >> it was nice last night, you could open up the window to let the breeze in. overnight lows in the upper 50s and waking up to cloudy conditions and look at that, 58 degrees in the south bay, 54 in the peninsula. tri-valley 54, a little cloudy.
6:27 am
a little breezy at times but in san francisco, it's going to stay pretty cloudy all in all along the coastline. if you're going to be looking for sunshine, i would say head further inland. as far as temperatures go we'll be a tad bit warmer today and when i mean tad i mean that, two, three, four degrees mainly to the interior valleys but all in all, i brought some of these numbers down compared to the highs that i had yesterday, because the models were calling for too hot, but we do have a warming trend on the way. i'll talk about that and what it is at 7:00 a.m. >> for now we'll enjoy the comfortable temperatures. following a developing story out of solano county, a deadly freeway shooting. sfarz officers in vacaville went out to check out a crash. they found a man who had been shot and also found a pickup truck riddled with bullets. the man died there in the road. no other victims and no other damaged vehicles found. we don't know the dead man's
6:28 am
name or what led up to the shooting. american airlines this morning is trying to get things back to normal at san francisco international airport because an equipment issue triggered massive backups there. dozens of people took to twitter to complain about waiting more than four hours just to get to the ticket counter. many say they missed their flight including a father and daughter trying to get to france for the world cup. american airlines said the problem began when several x-ray machines stopped working. many passengers told us they'll have to wait until today to get going. >> to our surprise, nothing was happening. the line-up was just not moving, and so yeah, now they redirected us to a new flight for tomorrow morning. >> the airline says the problem is now resolved, and they are working to rebook all those passengers who missed their flight. side shows continue to take
6:29 am
over the streets in the east bay. oakland police, however, are now stepping up efforts to stop them. the side shows play out on freeways and open streets. they're dangerous, and sometimes violent. oakland pd says it's taking action on the ground, and in the air every weekend this summer. its helicopter will be up directing officers where to issue citations, tow cars and make arrests. all right, so it is a beautiful day. i hope that you enjoy the comfortable temperatures. we're going to have a story coming up at 7:00 a.m. about some bad gas in the east bay. what people are doing about it, and what investigators need to do next. we'll see you at 7:00.
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you know what they call a quarter pound of cheese in paris? >> they don't call it a quarter pound of cheese? >> what do they call it? >> the royal with cheese. >> that's samuel l. jackson playing winfield alongside john travolta in "pulp fiction." the performance that earned jackson an academy award nomination. that break-through roll came for jackson at the age of 45, after
6:31 am
he lived a lot of lives professionally. about $15 billion all together. sam and i got together this week for a sunday sit-down and he adds to the total of a new chapter to the story "shaft." >> all right, everybody, take some money out. >> i am not a teacher. i am the new basketball coach. >> i have had it with these [ bleep [ bleep ]. >> samuel l. jackson has a way to get your attention. >> i will strike down upon these with great vengeance. >> over a prolific movie career spanning small budget classics and blockbuster franchise, he made himself one of the most
6:32 am
familiar and bankable star is i the world. >> you have the title as whose movies made more than anyone in the world. $15 billion worldwide. does it mean anything to you? >> i did a lot of movies people liked. "jurassic park" -- hey, i said it and people say it. it is on the t-shirt, i own it. >> being part of the marvel universe, it is hard to beat that. being fortunate enough to be in a franchise that have those characters in it. allowing me to watch myself do things i thought myself would when i was a kid. >> jackson was raised by his grandparents. >> my aunt was making me do
6:33 am
stuff. i learned early on the appreciation for -- and oh my god, you are so cute. that was probably where the seed was planted. >> from the segregated south to the heights of hollywood would belong. >> the 1950s and 1960s and all that comes with that. >> yes. segregation and where you can't go and can go. it never occurred to me that i am going to live and die in tennessee. >> you were going to get out. >> i was going to get on a ship. swinging from ship to ship. >> you came close to it. >> i am good. >> you got your version of that. in 1972. jackson graduated from moral house college where he found a theater truth. he moved to new york and fell into a group of young actors
6:34 am
with bright futures ahead of them. >> what were those early years of struggling actor like when you were running around town with young guys trying to make it? >> it was delightful. artistic community was nurturing. >> another member of that community was a buddy -
6:35 am
6:36 am
every that his spirit lives on. i was able to be angrier and aggressive "shaft." >> still okay, man. >> still drawing pictures on the wall. >> when jackson slips off shaft's trench coat and returning to real life, he's a
6:37 am
family man. married for 37 years. the couple has a grown daughter named sew zoey. >> obviously having a great wife helps. >> not just in hollywood. >> people viewing marriages as different for hollywood. >> why? marriages change the dynamic of how we perceive ourselves because we have to start thinking of someone else especially when you have kids also. both of us are products of broken home. we understand what it means or the value in our heads of having two people there that have a unified front of sort. >> it sounds like there are some element for you to create something for your daughter that you did not have growing up with your mom, writing the wrong of the past in some way. >> i can't write the wrong of
6:38 am
the past but doing it better. >> yeah, writing my own story. >> "shaft" is in theaters now. our big thanks to tribecca for hosting our conversation. >> check out our web g interview with samuel l. jackson. you can find it on your apple podcast. next week with grammy and academy award winner, mark runsey. he's the man behind "uptown funk" and lady gaga's
6:39 am
a cloudy start, but at least our temperatures are cool, 58 degrees right now in san jose. into the afternoon, we'll keep some of that fog along the coastline, a combination of sun and clouds, but we're going to start to warm up by a couple of degrees, mainly though for inland areas. the coastline not a huge change from what we saw yesterday but if you're anywhere near concord, we're talking about 80-degree weather. through the south bay, upper 70s and this is going to kick off a bit of a warming trend just in time for the work week ahead with the potential of upper 80s ahead. next on "sunday today," a new model for healthy eating of wealthy. we'll look into the diet of fasting known
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this year, the world's most spellbinding journey will take its wildest turn yet. prepare to face the forbidden forest and join hagrid to encounter the rarest of magical creature, in the epic new addition to the wizarding world of harry potter. only at universal orlando resort. stay at a universal hotel with three epic theme parks outside your door. packages start from just $89 per person, per night. the leaders of silicon
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valley has revolutionize the way we live. now they may change the way we eat. jack dorsey is the most visible advocate for something called bio hacking which for him entails eating only one meal a day. nbc's kathy park has our sunday's spotlight. >> san francisco start up world is known for revolutionary thinking. >> if you don't measure something, how can you optimize for it. >> stanford grad, jesse woo implanted a glucose monitor in his arm to track his sleep and fasting sometimes for seven days straight. >> woo calls this bio hacking. >> what is bio hacking exactly?
6:42 am
>> we think bio hacking is applying systems or thinking approach to human performance. >> reporter: intermitten fasting are popular among high boo i bi who'll track themselves. >> i personally thought i would not be able to live without eating for 24 hours. >> i don't think i can. >> you can. pushing the trend into the spotlight most recently, jack dorsey, who says he does it, too, sharing his experience in his fitness podcast. >> for the past two years i only had dinner. during the day i feel so much more focused. nutrition expert, christopher garner says there are not enough studies to know of its effectiveness.
6:43 am
>> i can't say they'll hurt you because we don't have enough studies on them. >> some considers bio hacking is a buzz word with an under line gender bias. >> we are used to critiquing women's relationship with food. when jack dorsey says hey, i discovered this thing and people perked perk up their ears and say oh, maybe it works. when gwyneth paltrow says hey i discover this thing, people think she's crazy. >> there is a whole class of disorder eating, invoking too much control over your diet and not in healthy ways. >> i would not be doing this stuff if i did not feel it is helping me. >> bio hacking is not only for the body but for business. back in his work space, the mission is to make bio hacking product mainstream, trying to bottle the benefit with an
6:44 am
energy drink fuelling for the body and brain. >> it quickly gains speed. >> it is not from cardio where we follow any one specific celebrity or doctor. it is about principles and mechanism of how all these behaviors work. measure on yourself and make your own decision. >> the latest attempt to crack the body's complicated code to find the competitive edge. piaz kathy park, san francisco. >> next on this father's day. my dad, bill geist, a fun father/son conversation about his best selling book of "late of the ozarks." >> i got us down there and they
6:45 am
gave us a couple of boots. >> later, a life well lived, the national champion who inspired the country by running through her cancer for a if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i?
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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. my father bill geist was a correspondent on a different sunday's show for 30 years. i am told it is still on the air are are doing well. h he worked all unglamorous jobs. my dad's book "lake of the ozark," it was released and became a national best seller. for a sunday's closer this father's day, my dad and i got together in his living room to talk about his formative year on the lake. >> reporter: in the summer of 1950s. my father arrived at lake of the ozark ready to indulge in the
6:49 am
mid western vacation paradise. >> what do you remember your first time seeing the raklake. >> my friends and i thought it will be speedboats and girls in bikinis and wilds. they gave us a couple of shovels and some boots and pointed out to the septic system. that pool was known as the chilly pond. >> did you have protective -- >> no, they didn't have protective or anything. >> you put it like a band aid. >> no, it is considered unmanly. my dad was an employee of his larger than life uncle ed. >> he drinks scotch when he gets up. he drinks a lot of scotch.
6:50 am
>> uncle and life at the lake. >> what was it like driving around the lake of the ozarks? >> he had two cadillacs and convertib convertible. i thought it was kind of having people around. >> my dad was promoted eventually, he was occasionally forced into the kitchen. >> extreme dish washing. >> eventually we started putting them on the floor and kicking the dishes under the wash tub. >> you took a stack there, summer 1991. i was the age you were and i met some of these characters. >> the playboy would come out every friday night.
6:51 am
what was he like? >> i thought they were blow up dolls. he was great. 50 cents tipper which was big. >> over a nearly 50 years career, my dad has told the story of america's strangest character. >> and appreciation he first gained at the lake. >> his dream was give the rare ozark seals. >> he says getting youngsters and brown suits. >> monkeys on bicycles. >> oh, the monkeys drove cars.
6:52 am
>> all these stories is hilario hilarious. getting to the end of it, i went oh. that's where this all started for him. that's where he fell in love with weird guys and created a sense of humor but also gave you a career. >> i don't know if it is good or bad. it is good. >> worked out pretty well. >> congrats dad. >> love ya. >> love you, too. >> my dad's best seller ozarks". our entire unedited version is up on our podcast. happy father's day dad. >> ten years ago, 22-year-old gabriel grunewald was preparing for a meet. she got a phone call, it was her doctor telling her al lump behid her ears was cancer.
6:53 am
the next day she ran her fastest time ever. she competed at an athlete level across a decade of chemo therapy and surgeries in 2010, she was diagnosed with cancer again, this time of thyroid. two years later, she came in one spot of making the 2012 united states olympic team. two years after that, she became the u.s. in door champion of the 3,000 meters. as gabe trained again to make the olympic team, doctor found cancer again. she had half of her liver removed and left with a 13 inch scar across her abdomen. gabe says my scar represents survival. she documented her story on social media and inspired others with cancer with her brave light gabe model and research
6:54 am
foundation. gabe's husband, a marathon runner himself announced the passing of his wife. he wrote at 7:52, i said i can't wait until i get to see you again to my hero, my best friend and my inspiration, my wife. gabe grunewald, a world class runner died on tuesday at home in minneapolis. she was just 32 years old.
6:55 am
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morgan radford with our
6:58 am
sunday's mails. let's start with michelle in new york, who is your favorite sitcom father growing up? >> mine was carl winslow. >> i am going with homer simpson. he's the best one and my son loves him. jennifer on facebook asks, what's the best piece of advise your dad ever gave you? >> dad rad is the keeper of my confidence. >> he's a really cool guy. he thought me that when ever i was nervous to antidote to fear was not knowledge. it was trust. trust your own ability and your achiefme achi achieveme achievement. >> my dad said when you are driving in new york city, never put on your blinker as a sign of weakness. we got more of your "sunday today" mug shots.
6:59 am
>> thank yo
7:00 am
good sunday morning. it is 7:00 on the nose. happy father's day. take a live look outside, this is walnut creek. it's a comfortable start to the day and i think we have slightly warmer temperatures on tap. slightly, according to vianey. good morning, i'm chris chmura, sitting in this morning for kira klapper. vianey, let's take a look at the slightly warmer microclimate. >> a little bit, mainly for the inland areas. around the coast or in the city this is what you'll see for pretty much the entire day. i think probably around 2:00, 3:00, we have more peeks of sunshine. a live look at the golden gate bridge we have a marine


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