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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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as well. >> chp officers arrested the driver of the vehicle that hit the woman on suspicious of felony dui. this accident and the other accident shut down both sections of highway 101, both the northbound and southbound directions. that was for more than three hours this morning. so it wasn't until 6:00 this morning that traffic was once again moving smoothly in this . reporting live in palo alto, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. a bold theft caught on tape where police are the public's help looking for five people that seemed casual and competent as they took thousands of dollars of goods from the tommy hilfiger clothing store. police are saying the amount is actually higher than they originally thought. >> reporter: yeah. originally they were saying about $8,000 in merchandise. today they're saying that's
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actually over $9,000. they're putting this information out of course hoping the public can help. they're saying that five people went into that store. they even brought bags. they stacked up armloads of clothes and just walked out. now, police actually posted the video of that to their facebook page where it has generated a lot of buzz. people frustrated this could happen. police say last sunday five people walked into this store with their hoods up and gathered clothes and walked out without much concern, even as alarms went off. a worker did manage to tape it. it happened last sunday just after the store opened. >> when they came in the store, the employees saw they had their hoods up, bags with them. this is unusual behavior. they asked them to leave, suspecting they were going to be involved in the theft. they refused and then began just grabbing as many clothing items as they could and then left the store. >> police tell me that the
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workers did what they would expect of them. that is, of course, don't become physical and try to stop people who would do something like this. police say they are looking for two males, three females who walked out in the parking lot. they say the front license plate was missing and the rear plate was covered with a garbage bag. the suspects believed to be in their 20s or 30s. they are working with other police agencies to see if this might be connected to any other similar cases. reporting live. >> thanks very much. police are still looking for the person who shot and killed a man last night along interstate 80. it happened about 6:00. the chp reported to the response of a crash near orange drive in the old nut tree complex. they found a man had been shot. he died at the scene. his pickup was nearby. it was riddled with bullets. police don't have much information about the shooter.
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they're hoping someone saw something and can help them out. house democrats have a busy week in their investigation into robert mueller's report. president trump has declared the probe over. lawmakers have three straight days of hearings and votes into the matter. tomorrow the house judiciary committee will hold a hearing on possible presidential obstruction and other crimes. on tuesday the house is set to vote on contempt cases against attorney general william barr and former white house counsel don mcgahn for ignoring subpoenas. housentelgence will review. a growing number of democrats are calling for impeachment proceedings, but some experts say it is too soon. >> the time has come to do the investigation. stop talking about it. stop talking about what you are going to label it. get the subout. call the witnesses and let's get moving. republicans are bashing democrats over monday's hearing. the democrats say educating americans about the true mueller
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report is a top priority because they believe the white house has misled the public about its findings. some changes going on down in mexico and president trump is taking credit. armed mexican soldiers are seen stopping people north of the border. this is part of the country's back down on migration and response to pressure from the united states. president trump threatened tariffs on mexican imports when the country didn't act on immigration issues. mexico deployed 6,000 members of its national guard to control people moving north. you may want to stock up on fruits and nuts. india is adding tariffs on 28 u.s. goods after a trade dispute with the trump administration. the new duties went into effect today. they include almonds, apples and walnuts. the new tariffs are india's way of retaliating after washington withdrew many trade privileges for new delhdelhi. it could impact political and security ties between the two
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nations. another massive protest today in hong kong. protesters marched to oppose a law that would allow china to extradite hong kong citizens. some signs of backing down. but protesters still aren't satisfied. nba reports from hong kong. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people passed the streets of hong kong today. all uniformly wearing black and chanting. first that this controversial extradition bill be withdrawn and secondly that the leader of hong kong's government step down. and tonight she issued a very rare apology. >> i feel deep sorrow and regret that the deficiencies in our work and various other factors have stirred up substantial problems. >> there was no hint at the resignation that protesters were looking for, which is part of the reason why they're continuing into the night.
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now, the hong kong government recently said it would at least delay debate and voting on this controversial bill that would allow for people to be sent to mainland china for trial. but protesters say that's not good enough. they believe that the bill must be completely withdrawn because they see it as another sign of china's control over the territory. >> this is a very saddening time. but it's good that we can see people getting united. they all stand together as one. >> reporter: they say they will continue to protest until these two key demands are met. nbc newsong kong. s takes place. an undergrad student was found university commencement weekend dead at an on campus resident. the cause of death hasn't been relea released. place say there is no safety threat. it is the fourth student death at stanford that's been reported since last stanford celebrated its
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128th commencement today. tim cook was the featured speaker. he talked about stanford and silicone valley being woven together and referenced some of the ugly things technology has been responsible for lately, election meddling, puts profits over privacy and division. in the end, he did encourage graduates to take control of their own future. >> graduates, the fact is, when your time comes, and it will, you will never be ready. but you're not supposed to be. find the hope in the unexpected. find the courage in the challenge. find your vision on the solitary road. >> many students couldn't believe their journey at stanford was at an end. >> it is so surreal. i feel like freshman year was yesterday and we were in the stadium for our first football game. >> i want to come back here as much as i can. already coming back reunion weekend. >> very good. the university handed out more than 1,800 bachelors degrees and
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2,400 masters degrees and over a thousand doctoral degrees. so congratulations to all these graduates. team usa continues a role in the world cup. one of the stars today has a lot of ties to the bay area. highlights next. >> the ladies are killing it. all right. so we've got the fog. and you can even spot some light drizzle out there thanks to that marine layer. it's been a drizzly start. a big warm up is on the way. i'll tell you all about it coming up. i would say i miss you. of course he's no longer with us. happy father's day to all those in heaven. closed captioning sponsored by airport home appliance.
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>> u.s. women's soccer team is the defending world cup champs. they plan on reputing. fans ready to cheer on team usa after they won their first game by 13-0. julie scores with a header. does that ring a bell? there we go. she played at santa clara. she's married to philadelphia eagles star jack urtz who grew up in danville. >> lots of bay area ties. >> later on, car lie lloyd, you know that name. >> right on. >> she's nearly 37. >> wow. >> and she's the oldest player
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to score in the world cup. team usa wins 3-0. the raptors finally return home to canada today. raptors players spent the past couple of days partying it up in vegas after they win their first ever title. celebrating doesn't stop. tomorrow millions of fans expected to be on hand for a parade. the players will travel the parade route in open air double decker busses with of course that big trophy right beside them. >> i want to hear the stories from vegas. a lot of unique places and people to hang out with in the bay area. how about spending some time are rats? >> i don't think so. >> the odd story is next. >> what about you? >> no. i reacted to this a couple weeks ago when i first heard about it. san jose temperature trend. by 9:00 p.m. it will be in the 60s. but the hot temps are coming.
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hang out with rats. it is not a scene from a mafia movie. we're talking real rats. >> dirty rats. tourist attraction turned a lotheads. nbc bay area digital reporter jonathan bloom had to find out what that was all about. >> do i have to pet it? rats are not really my thing. the san francisco dungeon takes
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you to the depths. >> when humans has had to deal with wild rats, it's always been in the negative light. >> so cute. >> kick back after work. come have a cocktail. hang out with a rat. >> and they're smart and they do tricks and you can train them and do all kinds of stuff with them. >> for a brief moment in time, it is san francisco's most unusual bar. only here can you grab a cocktail and be in the company of live rats. >> so cute! look at the cutety. >> look at this. >> we're going to trade. >> it all started two years ago when the san francisco dungeon hosted a pop up rat cafe. who knew there was so many rat lovers? >> she's only had one drink, i
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swear. >> well, the rats are back. and this time, there is alcohol. >> they get a drink, a beautiful amaratto sour. >> the tail is totally edible. and if you spill, there are plenty of wood shavings to soak it up. >> before you go calling the health department. >> nobody wants to mix food and rats and drinks, but we have these really food stand ins that do the job. >> they can sit at your table after you visit the real rodents in the basement. >> people think of them as evil full-time lady, job. >>se are are wild. >> nope. these are pet rats picked up from shelters and trained to be man's other best friend. >> they're dogs for your hands. but they're definitely more cats as in i do what i want.
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>> and they can balance like cats. >> they're real gymnasts. >> for this event, they brought the friendliest bunch, all comfortable around people. >> you start out by man handling them when they're little. >> is he hairless? >> yes. this is a hairless dumbo. that's the ear style. >> and they're curious. >> these the microphone. you don't want to eat that. >> i found them to be much friendlier than i anticipated. i'm not sure about the hairless ones. >> the rat bar is just here for one weekend, but that might be enough for these critters to gnaw their way into your heart. they're all up for adoption. >> are you kidding me? they all go home with two eventual. >> two people who will not be taking rats home are here right now. >> look, i get it. they might be sweet. they're doing their thing. but no, no gracias. >> the tail, no.
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>> it's a lot. >> grosses me out. >> thank you, jonathan, for showing us. >> thank you for taking one for the team. >> and no judgment, by the way, if you do like it, you know. >> it's not our thing. >> weather-wise? >> he's so frazzled right now. >> $50 that you didn't spend on the rat bar and spend it on dad, right? >> that's right. that's right. girl, go spend that on bottomless mamasas, man. boy di i so clear rht his afternoon. city, still cloudy out there. that marine layer is helping keep those temperatures below 60 right now. 71 degrees in north bay. in fact, we are noticing once again that little drizzle around the coastline. so let's take a look at your 24
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hours because it did manage to get a couple degrees warmer. a little more than 7 degrees warmer at this hour. not as noticeable for the coastline. we have that high pressure that will roll on in, the coastline will not feel the big change until tuesday. wind speed 12 miles an hour. we still have a nice sea breeze coming through down to redwood city. a little more 17. so much so that i felt like at times at night it's managed to get the perfect chilly where you can open your window andet90s. monitor and treat them a little bit because they have hot of right now the models have to temperatures. we will keep it to the upper 80s and low 90s. san jose 85. the coastline 69 degrees in san francisco. it will warm up by as much as 5, 10 degrees. here is the reason why. as that return of that high pressure warms us up, remember, it also dries us out. it brings that low humidity any
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time we're dealing with any sort of breeze like humidity and hot temperatures, we got a lot of dry brush out there. that brings the immediate concern for fire danger. tuesday and wednesday, san francisco will start to notice the warmth more. by thursday and friday, the temperatures begin to kind of dissend into the upper 60s. notice the overnight lows. very comfortable. low 50s in through the thursday hour. but remember that it's going to warm up on tuesday and wednesday. and then again we start to see those temperatures drop just a little bit into those 80s. notice how we're finally starting to get more of alow ar beautifully into starting to welcome summer sol tis. a lot of great beach days ahead of us. we're finally now having to worry about the rain. i was just talking about my car. needs a serious car wash. i have a bird poop outside.
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it is a big deal. >> it is no good. >> thanks. we appreciate that. >> thank you for the visual there. >> yeah, the visual. >> if you know, you know. >> thank you. okay. for the first time ever, prince harry is celebrating father's day as a dad. take a look at this cutety. we're getting a new look at his little boy archie. that story and more when we come back. >> we're just trying to give my dad the best day we can on father's day. >> what do you love most about your dad? >> well, that you can count on him.
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tagt is back in business after a nation-wide shut down yesterday. its cash registers are online after a two-hour system outrage.
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don't worry. it wasn't a security issue, so they say no customer data was shared. a company spokesperson says it resulted from an internal technology issue. you have to hear this story. an impressive medical invention by a teenage girl. this 14-year-old is from utah. she's invented a new cap for premature babies that protects their hearing. it is designed to reduce harmless sounds for babies in the nicu. her main motivation came because she was a premie. >> they are not fully developed because they are born early. these sounds are actually hurting their ears. >> the invention has won several police tee gous awards. she has two patents pending on that. >> wow. >> if testing goes well, she hopes to get it into the marketplace within a year or so.
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britain's prince harry is celebrating his first father's day. the prince released this picture of their six week old son in honor of the occasion. it was posted today on the royal couple's instagram feed. you can see there his tiny little finger. last month the couple posted a picture of the baby cease feet to mark mother's day. he is seventh in line to the thrown. still ahead, the newest men in black movie, is it bringing in enough green? we'll let you know next. ght ys, listen to yondur mm over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything?
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it's a series from out of this world, the fourth sequel men in black international is the most popular movie this weekend. >> it only took in $28 million.
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only $28 million. but it still was enough to beat everybody else starring chris and liam neson. coming in second, the secret life of pets 2. the animate ed sequel stars sev hart. last of all, they remade aladdin. it remains in the top three since its debut three weeks ago. >> i saw alpets. i wente a nephew. that's fine. you can go if you are an adult. >> what about men in black? >> i didn't see men in black. i didn't know it was coming out. >> $28 million seems like a lot, but when you compare it to like the avengers, it is like okay. >> and these guys in men in black don't work cheap. you know, they haven't even
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covered their wages yet. let's talk about your seven day workweek forecast, at least trying to deal with rain as you head out into the morning. you will see cloud cover early on in the afternoon. it will be one of those weeks where it starts out cool. make sure you dress accordingly to california weather. that is cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and blazing hot. >> you have to wear layers like on onion. >> we are talking about 90s on tuesday. >> where did that come from? >> you need a t layer. >> i know. but what are you saying? >> do onions not have layers? >> to cover their stench, which is what you don't have. >> we'll see you back here. >> we'll discuss this in a half an hour. tonight massive new protests in hong kong organizer say up to 2 million
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demonstrators turned out t call on hong kong's leader to step down, despite her rare apology. the fears leaving the city on edge as he epares to launch his 2020 campaign, president trump cites a lesson he learned from presidenxon on not firing the special counsel. >> you know why? i saw richard nixon go around firing everybody, and that didn't work out too well. after the tense video showings phoenix police officers holding a family at gunpoint [ bleep >> get your hands up [ bleep


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