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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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thank you for joining us, i am terry mcsweeney. >> another employee sent to the hospital after bitten by a dog. a pit bull attack four employees enjessica aguir injuring three of them. sergio quintana is live. >> reporter: the employee was here yesterday afternoon and tried to separate one dog that had attacked another. concerns about safety protocols at wag hotel. san she helped a group of employees
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break off. one of the dogs bit her twice, one on the arm and one on the hand. this is the second time she's been bitten by a dog. she had to have three stitches because of this weekend's injury. >> another cowokk-worker came id wrap my hand. i think it stops the bleeding a lot as well. >> reporter: earlier we talked to her colleague, taylor, one of the four employees who was injured. she says a pit bull attacked her and three co-workers. santa clara police say that dog is currently in the custody of a control authority. saundra tells me they wish they had better tools and resources to deal with this
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facili facility. i tried to contact the executive offices of sacramento, so far no response. reporting live, sergiio quintan. >> thank you very much. now to our next story. one man is dead. marianne favro is live. >> a shutdown of both directions o f the highway for more than three hours. traffic iswingght now. first responders had to jump back and forth between the two directions just to help the injured. the first crash happened after highway by another driver before the crash. you can see another car passes him and going the wrong
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direction on the northbound 101. that driver who shot this video says he called 911 to report the wrong way driver but it was too late. he had already crashed into another car. the wrong way driver's car burst into flames and he was killed. the other driver suffers major injuries. as chp officers responded to that crash, just 30 minutes later on the opposite side of the highway, there is another crash. this is what it sounded like when two cars collided. >> some of the passengers got out of those vehicles and as far as we know right now, at least one passenger was struck by another vehicle on the runway and they're in >> reporter: chp officers arrested the driver of the vehicle that hit the woman on suspicion of felony dwi and they are still investigating the other crash. again, three people are
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hospitalized tonight with major injuries. reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> crazy video there, marianne, thank you. police are looking for the person who shot and killed the man last night along vacaville. after 6:00 p.m., chp responded to a crash on '80s. when they arrived, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. his pickup truck was near by with several bullet holes. the man died at the scene. police don't have much information from the shooter. they hope witnesses could help them. they did n watching. this gro thousands of dollars worth of tommy clothes walked out of the vacaville store without paying. the amount is higher than the initial estimate. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, they're saying it is $9,000 in
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merchandise that was loss. police are saying this was bold. what happened here at these outlets so that's why they are putting this information out to the public to see if they can get some help. a group of thieves walked in and walked out the door like they did not have a care in the world and everyone had a plan to cover their license plate. >> this was the video posted on social media. five people were involved. they went into an outlet store with hoods . one filalked out. >> we don't see this kind of a theft. it is usually someone runs in and grabs something and runs out. >> this was more casual even as alarm went off at the store. >> the vacaville poliwhen he fi store, employees thought
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something was up. they asked him to leave but they refused and they became aggressive. the worker did what police expected them, became good witnesses. the group went to a silver suv with the front license plate that was missing. the back was covered with a garbage bag. neighbors around vacaville today were stunned. >> it is scary when you see those people stealing. you don't know what they have on them. >> i am old school, you need to do that back in the day and that did not happen. it is sad. >> investigate ors to work with other agencies to see if this is connected to other grab and go crimes. >> reporter: police also went out of their way to commend the worker in the sre reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. a rescue mission in pacifica after a driver plunged after
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150 feet down into the ravine. firefighters and rescue crew had to rescue them. paramedics took the drivers to the hospital. a plane crashed into the water. witnesses called 911 after seeing the plane hit some power lines and plunge into the water. this is a picture that was taken right after it happened. the sheriff department says the pilot was the only person oard the crash. no word on what may have caused the crash or the condition or the identity of the pilot. >> some sad news hanging ov st. an undergraduate an on campuswe don't have the student's identity. police say there is no safety threat to anyone on campus.
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this is the fourth student death at stanford, it has been reported since last february. stanford celebrated its 128 commencement today, tim cook, the officer of apple was the featured speaker. cook talked about stanford and silicon valley being woven together. he referenced some of the ugly things that technology had been representing, election meddling and privacies. he did encourage graduates to take control of their own future. >> graduates, when your time su. find the hope in the unexpected. find the courage in the challenge. find your vision on the solitary road. many students could not believe their journey at sandfo
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stanford was coming to an end. >> reporter: the university handed out more than 1800 bachelor degrees and more degrees of masters. still to come. gray whale washing ashore. now we are getting word that our washington man wants to help with the problem in a unique way. i am not sure what he's about to do. we'll tell you about it. back on target, a system outage had a lot of shoppers frustrated this weekend. where things stand tonight. >> we had a lovely father's day ween week. require a little effort to stay cool. i will
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beach front property owners being asked to store dead whale carcasses on their land. the reason you ask? dozens of carcasses are washed off this year. fisheries want the whales to decompose naturally. one owner in washington agrees to keep the whales on their property. the carcasses can be up to 40 feet long and take months to decompose. >> and a certain aroma. target is back in business after a nationwide shutdown. target says its cash register is online again after a two-hour system it prevented customers from m e making in store purchases. it resulted from an internal technology issue. you may think okay, just two hours, no big deal if it is at target. it is all of them.
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it is a really big deal. >> it was all of them. big lines and people became a little upset. >> i have seen some of the means. have you two worked in retails? imagine all of carts full of stuff that they had to put back. >> some people were thinking okay, we made you wait that long, you can have it. >> no, not the way it works. i feel for you guys. target shoppers, just go back next week. that's so funny to me. i got it. i got nothing but love for oo well d ta lot of shopping. tri-valley is sunny. south bay is starting to notice a little bit of cloud cover. how nicely did those clouds clear out just in time to celebrate. san francisco, take a look at that. starting to roll on in.
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keeping those over night lows in those 50s. san francisco is going to notice a good gradual warm up. i want to show you so far some of the warmer spots that we have seen. i mentioned yesterday that we would have an increase temperature in the in land area. check out concord and livermore. because we do have this fog starting to hug the coastline. heading back to work, you will notice it is going to be cloudy to start and it will get breezy out there which is why we'll have mother nature natural. the sea bruise about 10 miles per i livermore. all right, so the start of your workweek as you know, we were inju in june and we are cooling off this weekend. the high pressure is going to roll on in.
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you know what high pressure does. it clears our skies beautifully. it dries up. when that happens, we get low humidity and when temperatures began to warm backup to upper 80s and low 90s. think of all of that dry brush that we got on the mountainside. talk about fuel for potential fire risk. that's going to be something that we'll be mindful of. concord, 85 for san jose. oakland in upper 70s. san francisco is potentially seeing some low 70s. for tuesday, that's going to be warmer as we head into wednesday night and into thursday and friday. we'll start to notice the decrease in temperature. you may have to turn on your ac tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday and you will be able to take a break at night. i love when you can open up the window and kind of cool things off at night. it is going to be one of those wacky weeks into the second half of june already. >> i am looking behind you
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there, we got moisture on the camera there in san francisco. >> so much that we had a couple of readings with a good amount of significance. >> marin layer is holding on tight. >> san francisco is out there some where. >> always interesting weather wise. thank you. a hostile scene in hong kong. thousand of people and tens of thousand o streets. we'll tell you what they want. >> first, here is another father's day wish. >> my dad served in the army 20 years and dedicated his life for the service of the people. that's something i will always remember about my dad.
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a mistake after boe c he ma his company's troubled 737 max aircrafts. he says today the company's communication on the matter not consistent and that the way it was handled was not acceptable. >> two separate max 8's crashes over the past year. hundreds of people were dead. a big week ahead for president trump as he officially launched his bid for reelection on tuesday. the president has a message for
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vote erps who may rs who may be. he did not collude in 2016. many americans want congress to start impeachment processes. nbc jennifer johnson is in washington. >> reporter: four years ago sunday, donald trump wiannounce his bid. >> safety and security and great economy. i have done more than any of the first term president ever. >> i had any witch hunt which was a phony pile of stuff. mueller comes out and no collusion and no obstruction. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller report reached no conclusion on whether the president tried to obstruct the investigation. a new nbc news wall street journal poll found 70% of democrats independent supports impeachment proceedings.
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president trump sparked controversy last week where he said he would accept help from a foreign power. >> if somebody calls from a country, norway, oh, we have information from your opponent, oh, i think i want to hear it. some democrats have heard enough. >> everyday that passes, the pressure to impeach grows, with the president now saying he's going to break the law to win reelection, that transcends partisanship. foreign election interference should always be reported to the fbi. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. it has been a destructive weekend in indiana and a t nigh. gaping holes and top floor apartments of the small town of beech grove. an ef tornado struck with wind
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speed of 100 miles per hour yesterday. despite all the damage, all residents are accounted for. >> the great thing of all of this is that the nobody got hurt. we'll clean this up. those buildings will be rebuilt. we'll come back stronger than ever. it takes a little bit titime. >> last night's tornado was the fifth in the string tornados to hit ta state. tens of thousands of people took to the streets of hong kong to demand the city and battle the leader to step heations across hong kong extradition bill. she suspended the bill followed by the protests. demonstrators want an apology and that bill to withdraw. prince harry is celebrating his first ever father's day. prince and his wife meghan
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markle released this peicture o archie in honor of the occasion. the couple posted the picture of the baby's feet to mark meghan's first mother day. archie is born and he's seventh in line for the thrown. let's send it over to sports. the usa women international team playing at the world cup. the world is buzzing about anthony davis to t giants keep going and the a's host the mayors. all that ahead in sports.
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i am joe castellano at the xfinity sports desk. the orange and black smells blood. happy father's day. giants and brewers at oracle park. san francisco is looking to sweep. kevin pillar were tied at three. in the gap is 57 rbi, 3-2. the brewers go onto win it 5-3. >> i think you look at it as a pretty good home stand. we would love to finish it off
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today. we could have and had a chance. we took two series against two good teams. good balance back there. better at home. that's what we have been looking for. across the bay, the a's and marine mariners. solo shot is tenth of the season. a's up 3-2. domingo santana, should be an easy one. oh, mark kana, kyle seager pulls it down. mariners down 4-3 and they win 6-3. >> i think it is a first error he made in quite some time. the win was pushing it back for the field just a little bit and late in the game.
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that's the toughest sun field, moves over to the center right and he looks like he did not have it and he got it for a second. found et agait again and the wi fooled a little bit. >> after news of the anthony davis orleans to fans, tiger w called the deal perfect. lavar ball calls it the worst move ever made and they'll never win another title. everyone has an opinion but the one that matters the most is that king james and lebron was busy on instagram. davis was already in a lakers' uniform there. amazing what they can do with photoshop. carly lloyd puts the united states on the board. 26 minutes. usa with a corner kick.
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2-0 usa. 35th minute, another corner cook. this one goes back to the net with lloyd again. u.s. wins it at 3-0. >> next up, a battle for first place with sweden on thursday. the group winner faces france. >> we'have a great father's dayd more news to come after the break.
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the fourth sequel "men in
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black" international is the most popular movie this weekend. some people say $28 million is a lot of money. it is not if you are expecting more. they were for this movie. it stars chris hemsworth. here is the number two spot, "secret life of pets 2." and "alladin" comes in number three. >> we have seen two out of the three. >> it is up for me to go see "men in black." >> a lot of people did not apparently. >> we'll be back at 11:00, join us. >> all right, we'll see you then. a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together
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