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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 19, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tracking the cooler temperatures tool. >> slightly cooler today. and get ready to head out the door. we're going to have some low 50s and mostly some upper 50s i should say as you get ready to step out and then we see your temperatures climbing once our skies clear. it will still be a warm day but we're going to bring you down from the high heat we had yesterday. so we'll talk about all of our microclimates coming up and also that weekend forecast. well, mike it's looking pretty busy out there. >> it is busy. the toll plaza, they have the lights on, of course. but that's about it. north coming over we have this crash. i'm going to call an alert because your three left lanes are blocked. only your two left lanes are open. your two right lanes are blocked
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as traffic goes up toward peninsula avenue. 280 is clear. we do have this one issue that stands out. that's a closure for a part of highway 35. that's skyline boulevard with more issues. >> that's in san mateo county this morning where deputies are investigating a second homicide that could be connected to another case. we have brand new video to show you this morning. officers in that area overnight searching. it could be connected to another homicide. they found the 32-year-old monday night on the side of the road. along skyline boulevard. fren friends say the taxi driver got
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a call at a home in pacifica that someone needed a drive. a developing story happened again. someone shot at another car on a south bay highway. well, chp is still looking for answers. >> we can tell you that a 12-year-old girl is injured by the glass that shattered when someone pulled up to her mother's car and was shot at it. luckily neither of them was hit by a bullet. this mom pulled off to safety. someone driving it along side her and then shooting at her car. neither the mom nor the daughter could give a exact description of the suspect nor the vehicle. now that happened near san jose.
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and that's where a man was shot dead in his car late monday night. he was a 33-year-old man and he was on the phone with his girlfriend when he was worried that somebody was chasing him. now his mom wants that gunman to turn himself in. >> i lost my mom. i lost his dad. i'm a single mother. now i lost my one and only son. >> at this point the chp tells us they believe both are isolated incidents. they're looking for help solving these crimes. you can see the map of the two locations and get the phone number to the chp.
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>> tracy, there's so much going on. >> there is a lot going on and we just got word that hope hicks is now in the room for that closed door testimony to begin. also the republican national committee saying this morning that president trump raised almost $25 million in the first 24 hours after his announcement. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. >> taking jabs at his opponents he announces his re-election campaign in florida where a new poll shows six democrats could beat him today. back in washington, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan is being replaced after
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reports of domestic violence at his home nearly a decade ago. >> but i did not ask. >> there was possibly a deliberate concealment here. >> army secretary takes over for now. the third pentagon chief in six months. >> we need a permanent secretary of defense just to run the place, to give it some direction. >> this shake up happening amid new tensions with iran. >> to have no secretary of defense at this time is appalling. >> republicans are joining democrats demanding that mr. trump explain sending a thousand more troops to the region. >> we learned over the years that iran's behavior is not best dealt with by turning the other cheek. >> and on capitol hill today lawmakers ask former white house communications director hope hicks about obstruction of justice and whether president trump ever asked her to lie. >> democrats are promising a
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transcript of her private testimony within 48 hours. >> one of those local workers was hurt seriously. no one claiming responsibility for the attack. this is new video just in of the site. iraqi oil exports are not being effected. the company evacuated staff last month after the u.s. reported unspecified threats from iran. exxon mobil has begun returning staff to iraq before today's incident. so far the company is not commenting. >> 6:06 this morning and this morning the ghost ship warehouse fire trial continues. harris and master tenant are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. harris told the jury his title of executive director of the warehouse was meaningless and he
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only used it to sound official. the mother of the 32-year-old musician that died in the fire believes harris was coached by his attorney. >> i think he's been very well trained into lying and what to say and whatnot to say. >> he's not trying to be evasive at all. he's being extremely forthcoming. >> he also testified that he did not organize the party that drew dozens to the warehouse on the night of the fire. >> san francisco takes another step forward becoming the first u.s. city to ban e-cigarette sales. leader voted unanimously to block sales until there's fda approval. this is yesterday. the goal in this case is to curb vaping by teens. the city's attorney says the landmark decision sends a strong message to parents. >> our message to parents is that we stand beside you ready to fight a public health battle to protect kids nationwide. >> now the city has already banned the sale of flavored tobacco products and menthals.
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it still needs final approval from the board of supervisors. >> 6:07 and while most kids are enjoying summer break right now, one 10-year-old is taking her vacation achievements to new heights. >> literally. >> she became the youngest person on record to reach the summit of el capitain in yosemite. she said the group had one thing in mind the whole time. >> how do you eat an elephant? small bites. we were trying to do it one move at a time. >> good for her. what a cutie. her father is a hiking instructor and claims to have fallen in love with her mother on that very same mountain. you can watch the full interview with the young hiker coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. >> what a move there. >> what an accomplishment, right? >> at 10 years old. >> that's impressive. >> i was just playing kick ball
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outside. >> all right. so as the sunrises, let's take a live look outside in yosemite. if you're going there today we have great weather. a lot of sunshine warming up into the upper 70s but if you like the cooler weather, wait until friday. we'll see the high temperature up to about 67. this is a look at our view in walnut creek this morning. heading out the door. just a few clouds but clearing out quickly and it's going to warm up into the upper 70s. it will be a touch cooler today compared to yesterday. so we do have some nice weather for the south bay reaching into the mid 80s and then upper 80s for interior parts of the east bay and we'll get a look at all of our microclimates coming up in a few minutes. now you have a traffic alert. >> officially a traffic alert.
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take 280 instead of 101. this will be a big deal. the crash blocks your right three lanes. there's a number of emergency crew vehicles that have arrived but they're still waiting for tow truck. no major injuries but there are injuries and it's a distraction for the crews on scene. we're seeing traffic coming out of heyward and heading to the peninsula and you saw how jammed that will be heading north. fortunately on the east bay, no major problems toward the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> well, next this hour, robo cop goes to the park. the new high-tech patrolman protecting families in southern california. >> plus, wall street sets some really big rallies with more progress today and netflix sets a big record.
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our temperatures a touch cooler. we'll talk about the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. >> the big problem is still north 101 through san mateo. that traffic alert as you head north. >> and good morning, very happy wednesday to you. big rally on the markets. after president trump said he would meet with chinese president xi, really more accurately, president xi is willing to meet with president trump. that was the actual issue. we told you about google's billion dollar move to fund housing in san jose, netflix, interesting news out of that company, netflix says it's made for tv movie murder mystery with adam sandler and jennifer aniston saw it's biggest weekend opening for a netflix film ever.
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$ 31 million viewers. it's hard to compare that because regular movies are measured in dollars and not viewers. but quite the achievement. the fed will release it's decision on interest rates at the conclusion of its two-day meeting today. we do expect the fed will leave rates where they are for now, but indicate itself into lowering rates in the future. president trump has said he would like to replace head of the fed jerome powell. he said rates were too high. before he was president, he said they were too low. now there's a logic to lowering ra you lower rates now during a boom time, you don't leave much room to lower them during tough times. i have another podcast for you this week. this time around a very young venture capitalist came from a very modest background. take a quick listen. >> you know, the scale of the money as someone that came from
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the working class is pretty intense and i will, in the course of a day being having a discussion with my family about the sum of a couple of hundred dollars which is very meaningful and then with a founder in the sum of tens of millions of dollars which is also very meaningful. very different context and sometimes switch between those conversations in a matter of moments. >> merci calls that class vertigo which is a great way of coining what that means. going from regular people to this idea on sand hill road where you're working with tens of millions of dollars. >> she is incredibly grounded. the conversation we have is really fascinating. she is such a smart woman. you can listen there on apple podcast or google podcasts. >> 6:16 for you right now. this morning, robo cops are coming to california. so the robots will start roaming huntington park in los angeles.
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and even has a microphone to talk to criminals. i'm not sure what it's going to say. >> stop, slow down, i don't keep up. >> the police department officially -- for what? >> i promise to do everything under my power to -- >> oh, yeah. >> maybe gets right back up. >> maybe so. >> i saw one of those yesterday down the street at samsung. >> oh, yeah. >> so they have those. >> did you outrun it? >> probably could. >> so let's get out the door this morning. we're starting out with some clouds across the bay area and then throughout the day our skies will clear for most areas.
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creating some low visibility in a few spots. you need a jacket to start but warming up today at about 69 degrees. westerly with that rain again and that on shore flow. and mid 80s. it will be up to 87 in concord today while valejo reaches 75. oakland up to 73. we'll keep it cool as the fog hovers just near the coast if we clear at all today and we'll see a high of 78 degrees in parts of the peninsula. some mid 60s for san francisco. and the north bay anywhere from
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61 in point rays to 96 in ukiah. so you have spots where you can cool off today and if you're spending extra time-outside, heads up, we still have a moderate amount of grass and weed pollen. right now ragweed is trending upward. >> at times it may be gusty. that will help cool off so a few more degrees. as we go into the first day of summer, temperatures going back up this weekend. and we'll reach into the upper 80s while it holds steady mostly staying in the 60s.
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>> more slowing past the toll plaza and then you're back until you approach the decline getting over. things jam up because of this crash and traffic alerts. three lanes are still blocked. the left two lanes are the only two squeezing by all the activity and all the equipment from this crash. we're still waiting for the tow trucks and you're jammed all the way through san mateo. that's on the peninsula but coming over from the east bay a problem because even if you come across the bridge you have to go through the same area. some folks want to head north up toward the bay bridge because that's an option for you. they have the metering lights on but you're okay until you reach that. 880 it's is not bad and a major problem and slight build and traffic is starting to come in and in toward san francisco. meanwhile, these major routes in 101 and the 17 and up in the north bay no problem getting
6:21 am
over toward 101 and wait at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks. >> 6:20 right now, this morning, a disturbing x-ray is trending online. this is a little boy with a 10 inch knife in his face. next what doctors say saved his life. >> wow. >> first a multimillion dollar settlement for auto zone. the laws california says the company broke. you're watching today in the bay.
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the company disposed of millions of hazardous waste items across the state. they say motor oil and automotive fluids were put in trash containers not able to handle them threatening the environment. >> riders beware, fare increases are on the way for muni riders. the cost of a ticket will go up and the cost of a monthly pass will go up to $81. however if you play with a mobile app you'll get a 50 cent discount. they're meant to encourage faster payments and help people get to their destinations quicker. >> happening today, the local congresswoman is getting ready to visit the border.
6:25 am
she is helping to pack trucks with clothing, shoes, toys and snacks. all donated by people from right here in the bay area. she will later distribute the supplies to migrants at the texas border this weekend. also helping children at the border, actress jennifer garner. there she is. volunteering at the shelter in new mexico. the newly open shelter helps about 7,000 people recover from trauma they have experienced. garner is part of the global charity save the children. this helps support education and disaster relief programs. >> to see the beauty of kids in the worst of circumstances. they have gone without baths, without food, without medical care and they're here happy to listen to me butcher good night moon because they're children. >> she told cynthia mcfadden that most of the kids didn't even know she was in movies. you can see that interview coming up on the "today" show at
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7:00. >> well, this is some disturbing new images for you this morning. we want to warn you that these pictures are graphic. >> a teenager from kansas was playing in the backyard when this happened. oh, a 10 inch knife pierced into his head stopping just short of a major artery. doctors say these x-raies show just how lucky that teenager is to be arrive. the 15-year-old underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. >> just a small scratch there. >> no kidding. not too big of a scar. >> glad he's doing okay. >> 6:26 for you right now. here's stories for 6:30 including that breaking news, a second homicide in san mateo county. the arrest and the possible connection to yesterday's killing of a cab driver. what authorities are telling us right now. >> plus a possible transit strike may be coming. the key vote today for union workers. >> and later, an overnight fire in the south bay. at 6:45, the big flames and the family looking for a place to
6:27 am
stay. you're watching today in the bay.
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good morning, thanks for joining us. >> let's head over to our meteorologist with a look at what we can expect for the rest of the day. >> we'll start out with the
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coastal cloud and fog while the inland areas will warm up but the good news is it won't be as hot as yesterday and martinez will be at 62 degrees as we start out and then see the temperatures gradually warming up today and up to the low 80s by 2:00 this afternoon. a great day to make plans as the south bay high temperatures reach into the mid 80s. we'll talk more about a slight cool down in the forecast. you're updating the traffic alert in san mateo. >> that's right. we'll show you on our map and it stands out pretty clearly. here minor crashes in the southbound. it's northbound 101 that is jammed but still the traffic speeding off. this is a problem. so out of heyward, you'll find more slowing because of that but you're completely clear on that.
6:31 am
meanwhile, the bridge moves nicely and a slight build for heyward. back to you. >> thanks, mike. that breaking news in san mateo county, deputies investigating the second homicide this morning that could be connected to the death of a taxi cab driver. >> and a father. >> live near this all new scene with more on an arrest just made. >> good morning. we're still waiting for the update from the sheriff's department to see if that suspect that's in custody in connection to another homicide in this area is connected to the death of the taxi cab driver. i want to show you some video of what our crews got overnight. you can see investigators combing the scene along skyline bouleva boulevard. now the taxi driver is the 32-year-old from pacfifica. he got a home on monday night from someone that needed a ride.
6:32 am
he told his family that he would be home in a couple of hours. around 11:00 p.m. on monday night a san mateo county sheriff's deputy that was in route to a non-emergency call found his dead body near his cab along skyline boulevard along highway 84. now a friend of his had this to say about his friend. >> if you tell him to help or anything, he is willing to do -- if he is going to work, he will stop working and come and help you. >> take you back out here live to skyline boulevard which will remain closed for the time being guys as both of those investigations continue. we're live here in san mateo county. >> thanks so much, pete. 6:32 right now. now to a vote that could have a big impact on transportation in the south bay. vta workers are considering hitting the ticket lines due to a dispute with a transit unit. today in the bay is live in
6:33 am
mountainview where riders say they're closely watching today's vote. good morning. >> that's right. we have seen a lot of riders out here and they are concerned how this vote might effect their service. both vta and the union, local 255 wouldn't comment on camera regarding the vote but vta has this information saying it's been negotiating with the union. that includes bus and light rail operators and mechanics and they're now at an impasse. some of the sticking points are wages, pensions and operational efficiency. >> i think that it's just part of what we're seeing in the bay area. so i totally get it. >> it's last, best, and final offer includes an 11.1% wage increase over three years and a
6:34 am
3.1% lump sum payment spread to help offset the pension contribution they'll make toward their benefits and one passenger tells us he has already seen some of the rides effected by a possible kick out by the drivers but we have yet to confirm that with the union. reporting live in mountainview, today in the bay. >> all right. we'll continue to follow. thanks so much. >> now to continuing coverage of the homeless crisis here in the bay area. there was a packed house. the people there would house 45 people to find jobs, find a home as well as receive counseling. debate is bringing out the strong feelings. this is on both sides. >> where do you think they will be using their drugs? you need to place them out of a residential area. >> these people aren't going to try to hurt kids. they just want to have a home.
6:35 am
they want a place where someone will help them get services. >> now the city is exploring about a dozen other sights. the next meeting is scheduled for july 9th. >> 6:34, controversy connues to brew this morning over a mural at a san francisco high school. it's all over this depiction of the scene in george washington's life. the board of education is considering covering the mural because of its depiction of dead native americans and african american slaves. at least one senior said the images set a demeaning tone. others say the mural provides an important history lesson. >> it's a lot of emotional stress. one of the reasons why it is hard to even go to school sometimes is because i know those murals are in the lobby. >> in san francisco, we should be teaching about the mural and what it means. i am half native american indian and see no problem with the
6:36 am
mural. >> the board is considering covering it with a curtain or painting over it. each option is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. the board is expected to vote on how to address the contrersy later this month. >> in livermore police pull over a car with a lot of stolen mail inside. all of that was taken from several neighborhoods in livermore and it's being delivered to rightful owners and we want to remind you to collect your mail every day. and this is good to do if you leave town for an extended amount of time. so good advice there. >> sure. we had a license plate and had to get it replaced. >> was it a custom one? >> no it was not. i don't get those. >> i thought you'd have something cool. >> i would like to. >> traffic guy or something. >> something like that. i don't have one. do you know what, no problems, though, as far as identifying the traffic flow. right here. we're looking at some slowing. a little bit of slowing from north 101.
6:37 am
a crash off to the roadway, didn't seem like a problem. i'm concerned now. reports that there's a car fire after that crash and possibly fire as well just on the side of the road. no word on any injuries and i'm tracking the updates very closely. this is a critical time as folks come on 237 and 101. it's the exit ramp closest. meanwhile, northbound 101 continues through a traffic alert through san mateo. two lanes blocked here on the right side of your roadway. still slow. definitely slow and the build across the san mateo bridge creates more slowing even coming over from the east bay. >> to get you through it. get into the weekend and the weekend weather too. >> it's going to be a warm weekend through the inland areas. the coast stays cool very much like today's weather with the coast reaching into the mid 60s. the bay in the low 80s.
6:38 am
upper 80s nin the inland valley. just a touch warmer in a few spots. maybe you're heading to the surf city classic in santa cruz this weekend. it's going to be nice. and once they clear out for a couple of hours it will reach into the low 70s. if you like the warm weather it's going to be warm out there and if you go into the evening it will feel much more comfortable. the warmest day on saturday. you'll notice that it will be cooler on sunday reaching into the lower 80s. let me know what's going on this weekend. and where you're headed. i'm at kari hall weather on
6:39 am
twitter and facebook and instagram. we'll talk about what's going on today coming up in three minutes. >> 6:38 right now. new this morning. taco tuesday. what went wrong at taco bell for warriors fans looking to score a free snack. >> all new for you in hour, the alarming number of people that say they drive while high. and don't think they'll get caught. >> but first, one of our top stories, another freeway shooting in the south bay late last night. we're learning more about a man killed on 680 this week as well. his mother's plea to the killer. >> and in washington, this morning, the ultimate insider faces congress. we'll take you out to new york city and dow industrials moving slightly higher after a big rally yesterday. you're watching today in the bay. a little bird told me you
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heading to east san jose, 50s to start but going above our normal high temperature but won't be as hot as yesterday. a look at the rest of the forecast. that's coming up in less than five minutes. >> another lane open for northbound 101. we'll track the progress.
6:43 am
>> thanks so much. 6:42. our other top stories this morning, investigators trying to find whoever shot into a car on a south bay highway. >> this is the second shooting in the past two days along i-680. a 12-year-old girl was hit by shattered glass. 33-year-old matthew royce was found shot dead in his car. this was monday night. his mother wants the gunman to turn themselves in. >> i lost my mom. i lost his dad. i'm a single mother. now i lost my one and only son. >> the chp says that shooting appears to be an isolated incident. >> it's 6:43. new overnight, a surprising amount of drivers think they can get away with driving high. a new aaa study shows more than 14 million americans say they
6:44 am
drive one hour after using marijuana. nearly 70% think it's unlikely they'll get caught. aaa wants to remind drivers to avoid driving while under the influence. it also added that police officers are trained to recognize drivers who are high. new this morning, a home in the south bay is damaged after flames overnight. four people are displaced. it happened before 11:15 last night on bristol wood lane in san jose. new video of firefighters looking to put out that fire. luckily no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. the american red cross is helping the displaced family. >> in a historic move, governor newsome is apologizing for the genocide of native americans. he sat down with tribal leaders as he issued an executive order formally expressing regret for the instances of violence throughout the state's history. also announcing the creation of truth and healing council which is the first of any state in the country. it's purpose is to provide a way for native americans to clarify
6:45 am
the record and provide perspective on the troubled relationship between the tribes and california. >> happening this morning, the epa is expected to release a new plan that benefits coal plants. it will reverse president obama's clean power plan instead of phasing out coal burning plants it will encourage power plants to burn less. this comes after it shows america's air is not getting cleaner. >> 6:45 and another former white house adviser will face a congressional hearing today. >> hope hicks was there during some of the most crucial moments in the trump presidency. >> she was in the house judiciary committee wants to ask her about all of those experiences. video from a short time ago as hicks walked into the committee hearing. hope hicks has been with the president since the campaign eventually becoming the white house communications director. that would be sean spicer and sarah huckabee sanders boss. she left the white house last year. hicks was there when the president wrote a statement to explain his campaign's meeting with russians only to have that
6:46 am
statement contradicted by his own son. she was there when the president denied pay offs to women that turned out not to be true. she was there for the firing of jim comey as well. so there's a lot of questions to be asked. whether they'll be answered is unclear. the white house says the president has ordered hicks not to answer certain questions claiming she is, quote, immune but has not yet claimed executive privilege. this meeting is behind closed doors but we will quickly see a transcript. >> president trump launched his 2020 campaign in florida yesterday with a rally. here's the president. >> we're going to keep on fighting for every man and woman and child all across this land. with every ounce of heart and might and sweat and soul we're going to keep making america great again and then we will indeed keep america great. >> meanwhile, we're waiting to hear more about who will lead the defense department after patrick shanahan with drew his name for the position.
6:47 am
he was acting secretary of defense. shanahan had run into questions ability his home life after the washington post reported his wife had been arrested after a domestic dispute call to police a number of years ago and his son also faced domestic abuse issues accused of attacking his mother in a separate incident. nbc has not independently verified those incidents but shanahan says the incidents were quote a painful and deeply personal family situation from long ago and he doesn't want them dredged up at a hearing. we're watching what's happening with hope hicks. we do expect to get a transcript within 48 hours. we'll be talking about it on twitter. you can follow me there. >> all right. thanks, scott. you know we told you yesterday taco bell was offering a big bargain for golden state warriors fans? it was hoping to give out free tacos yesterday but they both crashed and taco bell says it's because the company was
6:48 am
experiencing more traffic than normal. when you give away free items you expect a little bit more traffic. >> so are they going to make it up? >> that was my question too. >> today is a good day. i don't know. >> yeah. >> i wonder how many they really did pass out though? that's a lot of tacos. >> i saw a long line when i drove by. maybe they were giving out some. >> click on the website. >> take our lunch outside today? >> beautiful day outside today and it's going to be slightly cooler in the inland valleys. we know it's been cool and cloudy in san francisco. we start out with a look at the golden state bridge and you can tell here that it's still foggy and at times misty and drizzling so we're going to see more than that but it will clear out as we get ready for the a's game. this is something nice to take the kids out too.
6:49 am
as the skies clear our temperatures warm up and it's going to warm up fast. >> upper 80s to start but if you wait until after dinner it will be in the 70s and continuing to cool off later on this evening. a nice day for that with our high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s but a wide range in temperatures. if you're in the valley and you head to the coast it's going to be much cooler there and it may be awhile before we see any sun. but look at the range in temperatures from half moon bay in the low 80s. it's all because we have this on shore wind flow that shifted just a bit. not all of the valleys will see that the cooler weather. winds pick up as we go
6:50 am
throughout the day. our temperatures start to cool offened it will be slightly cooler tomorrow. it's going to indeed feel like summer this weekend in the valleys. but we're going to keep it cool in san francisco that june dplogloom in full effect there. >> in full effect. >> the other side of the bay as far as traffic goes, look at this. the heyward side looking to the toll plaza. all the way across. across the bay with san mateo. that's coming over and that is a problem. now if you're on the prineninsu
6:51 am
you can get over toward 280. that's a lot clearer. the other problem traveling north through the south bay is that car fire is now reportedly fully involved there. the car is on fire on the side of the road. a big distraction as we see that build coming over from the east bay and from parts of the south bay north 101 and westbound 237 so this traffic, also rippling back into the source of your commute where the build comes out of san jose. we'll see more and then may see more traffic shift over toward 280 to stay out of the back up if you join 85 on to 101. that is clear. now we're looking at the rest of the bay and so far everything is clear through the tri valley and getting over to the bay bridge with just the meter light at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51 and happening now, breaking news about the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. a u.n. human rights expert is calling for an investigation into the possible role of the saudi crowned prince may have played in his death. that expert is citing, quote,
6:52 am
credible evidence but it's important to note that this does not imply any guilt. the washington post columnist was killed last year at the saudi conciliate in istanbul. he had written columns critical of the crowned prince. >> next here on today in the bay, a quick look at the top stories including breaking news. a second homicide in san mateo county. the arrest and possible connection of yesterday's killing of a cab driver. school is out for many kids and many of them will be playing baseball but what about making it safer? coming up on the "today" show, the first of its kind move that two teams are making to keep foul balls from hitting fans. but first a rare sea lion attack on a california beach caught on camera. how the team is doing this morning. we're back with more news right after the break. you're watching today in the bay. welcome back.
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before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay--including breaking news. a live look at skyline boulevard in san mateo county. deputies are investigating a second homicide there this morning that could be connected to another case. skyline is currently closed deputies are investigating a second homicide this morning that could be connected to another case. that is currently closed. deputies tell us that the suspect is in custody and this could be connected to another recent homicide. deputies found the 32-year-old
6:56 am
late monday night on the side of the road along skyline boulevard. friends say that he, a taxi driver got a call at home in pacifica that someone needed a ride. >> 6:56, happening today a vote that could have a big impact on transportation in the south bay. here's a live look. vta workers are considering hitting the picket lines due to a dispute with the transit union. it's been negotiating with the unit i don't know since last august. they're now at an impasse. some of the sticking points are wages, pensions, and operational efficiencies. >> developing now, three people are recovering after a rocket attack at an exxon mobil oil drill site in iraq. now one of those local workers was seriously hurt. no one claimed responsibility for this attack. this is new video of that site. iraqi oil exports are not being effected. the company evacuated them last month after the u.s. reported
6:57 am
unspecified threats from iran. exxon mobil has begun returning them to iraq before today's incident. so far, the company not commenting. >> this morning, the warehouse fire trial continues. the so-called second in command, max harris at the ghost ship warehouse confessed yesterday he lied to police a year before the deadly fire when he denied people were living there. those supporting him and defending him say he's telling the truth. also testifying that he did not organize the party that drew dozens to the warehouse on the night of the fire. harris and master tenant are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire. >> san francisco takes another step forward becoming the first u.s. city to ban e-cigarette sales. city leaders voted unanimously to block sales until there's fda approval. this happened yesterday.
6:58 am
it sends a strong message to parents. >> our message to parents is that we stand beside you ready to fight a public health battle to protect kids nationwide. >> and the city has already banned the sale of flavored tobacco products and menthols. it is still needing to be approved by the board of supervisors. >> new for you this morning, a video showing a california teen as a sea lion bites her. take a look right here. this happened last friday. she was rushed to the hospital and given antibiotics. the sea lion was captured and is being treated for a possible brain toxin. the reason is that it is extremely rare but they are reminding people to be cautious of wildlife around them. >> 6:58, trending have you seen the new jennifer aniston and adam sandler movie? apparently 31 million people have. the movie murder mystery broke an all time opening record over the weekend.
6:59 am
it has the potential to beat sandra bullock's bird box record for most views in a week. >> a lot of people were talking about that. i was thinking of watching it but i haven't yet. >> i was too. >> cool. san francisco is still foggy and at times drizzly. we'll bring you down a few degrees for tomorrow. >> there's some problems out there. >> yeah. north 101. a car fire. minor injuries. so that's the good update there. but the 101 far north, that crash at peninsula and san mateo and the san mateo bridge. >> that's what happening today in the bay.
7:00 am
we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and stick around for our midday show coming up for you at 11:00. don't miss out. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having us. good morning four more years? >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. >> president trump formally kicks off his re-election bid with a 76-minute speech with his favorite hit. >> border security a hoax the great hoax crooked hillary clinton. >> the base goes wild. is this the path to re-election? stunning exit. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan abruptly stepping aside after an explosive report about domestic violence in his family. the military once again without a leader at a critical time. rocket attack.


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