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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 20, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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there are no words to convey the depth of sadness we feel or how heartbroke we are for our family of our young brave officer. >> sacramento police mourning of loss after rookie officer shot in the line of duty. >> good morning. thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. >> we have live team coverage. >> first in the bay, we are more with what those who knew her are saying in the wake of her death, pete? >> reporter: yeah, good morning marcus and laura. she actually grew up for a
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portion of her childhood right here in martinez. you can imagine an emotional time, a sad time for the residents we spoke to both on camera and off camera. we want to begin with the procession that began early this morning. the 26-year-old rookie was just weeks ago from going on patrol on her home. she was shot outside a home where she was protect ago mother who was leaving a do metzic epps violence he situation. in fact officers could reach officer o'sullivan to get her to the hospital to nearly an hour. the gunwaleman finally surrendered. that mother was unhurt. now, it's definitely upsetting for folks in the neighborhood she grew up with. i spot with a woman who grew up with officer o'sullivan. >> i knew her when she was 3, 4
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years old, so her family -- we all grew up and played together in the court. >> now, according to concord police, officer o'sullivan graduated in 2011 and wen to dbc, where she major indeed child development. she also graduated from the sacramento police academy not too long ago, guys, in december. as you can imagine, a sad day for folks who knew her right here in martinez. we're live in martinez, pete surrasu suratos. sacramento police officers atara o'sullivan had another connection with a police officers killed in the line of duty. chris sanchez joins us with that part of the story. >> had i there, as pete said she graduated from the sacramento police academy in december. when she did she was one of seven women in her graduating
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class. she was just weeks ago from going on patrol on her own. she graduated six months after davis police officers gnatry corona. she was gunned down in the line of duty in january, just weeks after she finished her training. councilwoman angelique ashby said neither of them died because they were young and female. >> i would want any young girls walking away thinking this happened because she was a woman. nor did it happen to natalie dough rona. this will increasely happen, because women are joining in increasing numbers. officer o'sullivan is remembered as a cheerful person, always ready to help. she's also being remembered for being tough and strong, something she showed once be holding a 30-minute plank. that wases in academy. at sacramento state she studied child development and participated in a new law enforcement scholars program thatches intended to reduce bias
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and increase exclusivity. she was meant to be a changing agent. bay area law enforcement have been posting their messages of support all morning long. marcus? >> thank you, chris. as a reminder, our team works 24/7 to bring you the news. if you have or app, we brought you a silent alert to your phone last night. if you don't have that app, you can download it for free and get up to speed as soon as you wake up and check your other notifications. iranian forces shot down an unarmed, unmanned american drone. >> there are two big questions. one, where was the drone when it was shot down? and, scott mcgrew, what will the u.s. do now? >> they say it was over international waters, iran says the drone was in its airspace this video shows a smoke trail. president trump was asked about the situation during a routine
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press appearance. >> it was a mistake made by somebody that shouldn't have been doing what they did. i think they maid a mistake. i'm not talking the country made a mistake, but somebody under the command of that country made a mistake -- >> reporter: on leadership? >> we'll just see what happens. it's all going to work out. >> we don't know if it was a mistake, but mistakes are easy to makes when you have military forces from several cunning bottled up in a very small place, the worst of course being the shootdown of an iranian airliner by the u.s. in 1988. lawmakers have been invited to a briefing that will start in about an hour. we'll have the latest for us at 5:30 tonight. that's right after a "nbc bay area news at 5:00." >> a live look outside francis there. san jose on your right.
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warming up. you can see inland the difference. the wind, will it impact the temperatures this weekend? it would be nice to see things stay cool. >> it will be nice to see cool temperatures today, but it doesn't last throughout the weekend. the winds will pick up as well. this is a look at our clear view at the mendocino coast. we've had some breezy winds as well, working our way inland, where it's a hazy sunshine, but at least or temperatures are cooler. we've had those winds picking up throughout the morning. we're all clear over the south bay, a live look inside san jose. our temperatures in campbell will only make it into the mid 70s today. norm ate for the last day of spring, we're reaching 80 degrees, but we'll be just below that for this afternoon with all of our microclimbs showing a lot of 60s and 70s, just a few low 80s going into today. we'll see that changing going into the weekend.
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the winds picking up, but it will be a dry offshore wind. we know that can increase our fire danger. i'll talk more about that, what's ahead in our weekend from a of the? that's coming up in a few minutes. >> new details workers for the vta are one step closer to going on strike. last night they he voted down the latest contract offer. >> bob redell is live for us. what's the next step here? >> well, mark duties the employees who operates and maintain the light rate and buses for vta, they're not going on strike, not now, not yet. however their union, who we spoke with this morning, they say it is up to the vta board of directors as to what happens next. the union did shoot down vta's latest contract offer. in the words of the union, by an overwhelming majority. 912 to 92 votes. the offer included is 1.1% increase over three years, and a
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3.1% lump-sum payment t help worker with increased pension costs. vta has set it was their last, best and final offer. is the union told me this morning they don't think they're that far off between what the vta is offers and what the union is asking for. they declined to disclose the latest demands, but believes they have the money in reserving to pay them what they're asking for. >> anytime they need money if they miss bucket or under budget, they have no problem shanking that picky bank upsidedown and see what shakes out, but when it comes to taking care of the riders of santa cla clara county, and the employees, they have a hard time using that money. we could get it down if we would just look at some of our finances. >> the vta responded with a written statement -- we were hopeful that after all these months of negotiating that atu
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union members would see this as a fair and equitable t. ultimately avoiding a strike epps . the vta has already asked governor newsom to order a cool-off period, to force both sides back to the bargaining table and avoid a strike. if there is a strike, they will about ink in contract workers, but service would be a fraction of normal. >> i don't have a car myself right now, and i'm not in a spot to get one. >> reporter: so if they go on strike, what does that mean? >> i don't know. i mean, i probably would be -- i wouldn't be able to get to where i need to go. >> reporter: vta would have to shut down light-rail service,
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that requires too much skill and training. if they walk out, they're trier to give 72 hours' notice. >> bob. the bay area was back front and center, san francisco-based slack started trading today, the office messaging service started selling at $26, but currently up 60% from there. the company is well over $6 billion. and emeryville-based gross lid outlet opened up 40% above its offering price. they have more than 300 stores across the country. well, regulating vaccines, the key vote for for an up updated version that would have given decision-making power to the government. and the dna analysis to try to identify the remaining victims in the deadly camp fire. plus understanding
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autopilot, what tesla is saying about a new report that most drivers don't understand the technology.
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news making headlines across the nation and around the world. news making headlines across the nation and around the world. we're learning more about the shooting of david ortiz. prosecutoring says the former baseball player was not targeted. issues of race are suddenly front and centers as "new york times" reports, joe biden says he will not apologize for touting his work with segregationist senators in the 1970s, despite an outcry from his democratic rivals.
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as a "the washington post" reports, justs rejected a challenge to the nearly 100 years old memorial being moved. there were two the week before the blaze that led provers to ask why he did. new details of a -- creating a hosel work environment. his lawyers will formally ask the judge for the district attorney to bow out. they plan to make a requesting, and they says he says ha he
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welcomes the opportunity to confront his accusers, and three separate investigations exonerate him. new details are eamericas on skyline boulevard on the peninsula. investigators say they a man linked to one of the murders. and questions family members. they say this suspect lives here with his oparents. investigators are not looking into a possible connection to the stabbing death
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of a taxi driver in the same remote area month night. 85 people were killed. new at 11:00, a new sheriff to try to i.d. the remains. last year the same dna analysis was used in the killer case. crashing down on doctors. the bill originally allowed the health department to review and reject those exemptions. legislation now says that it will allow for those reviews only at schools with imgray
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rates. it comes after governor newsom said he would not sign it as it interfered with patient/doctor discussions and decisions. the fight is now reaches the south bay. this time in the willow glen neighborhood. for the past several years, a local realtor buys by a dozen flaying and puts them in the crosswalk, someone replaced them with so-called christian flag the one woman is upset with the change. >> if that can happen in a northern cal dalles neighborhood, it's horrifying for what the situation must be for lgbtq people and the people who support them in the rest of the country. >> the pride flags are back with a message asking people not to steal them. tesla is taking issue with the new study that indicates drivers don't understand the technology that helps them while behind the wheel.
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according to the insurance institute of highway safety, the disconnect on the limitations can lead to risky behaviors that could lead to injuries, even death. the study questioned more than 2,000 people. tesla was heavily cited in the report and said the period ceptions are inaccurate. we're following up on an adorable viral video we showed you on "today in the bay" and of course right here on this newscast. >> now the father and son have parlayed the fame into a nice doverment deal. >> that's your favorite cartoon? they canceled it? oh, man, we've got to send a letter to the network and tell them they have to bring it back. my d.j. and kingston are stars in a denney's commercial, just talking about the baby's life. not too far off the conversation over a tv show earlier this month. that video has been viewed on
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facebook more than 58 million times. >> it's so cute. >> it's like yeah, dad, you're right. >> they say that's the best way to get kids to talk. they're communicating. and he's going to talk nonstop. >> that's true. nonstop is this nice weather we've been having, hopefully. >> hopefully. but as we go into the weekend, you know, i think we're going to turn back up that summer heat. elsewhere the skies are clearing, the temperatures feel nice. we work our bay inland to walnut creek where we are seeing sunshine and cooler air today, along with breezy. take a look at the temperature trend, as we go into the upper 70s today. just a few low 80s in a spot, but overall, it is going to be a nice one. the seven-day forecast is coming
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up at the bottom of the screen, as we look at our current temperatures now. we're at 59 degrees in half moon bay, upper 60s in san francisco, fairfield now at 70 degrees in livermore. 72 degrees, taking a look at our highs for today, mid to upper 70s on the last day of spring, i think we'll take it. we are also going to see some low 80s in spots like pittsburg and an and antioch. daly city reaching 72 degrees and mid 60s in the mid district. marina is around 59 degrees. in the north bay highs up to 84 in ukiah. yesterday in the 90s. we're doing much better there, and in novato, we're reaching 77 degrees today. so if you're thinking of what to do today to enjoy the sunshine
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and cooler weather. check out the alameda county fair today. it will be in the upper 70s throughout much of the afternoon. after dinnertime it will start to cool off. we'll be back in the 60s. we'll see 60s throughout the day in oakland at the coliseum for the a's game tonight. at first pitch we're about 63 degrees, and or onshore wind flow is bringing in cooler temperatures, but the winds will start to pick up as we go into tonight. that may cause problems for the inland parts of the bay area. and also high fire danger heading into the weekend. we have some rain farther to the north, and some nice school air moving in now, but things will change this weekend. we'll see had been building, and an offshore wind flow that will increase toss temperatures going into saturday as well as sunday, so as our temperatures warm up,
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we're also going to have some gusty winds. we'll have to watch out in the hills for that increasing fire danger. in the near term we're enjoying in cooler weather. we welcome in summer early tomorrow morning, and then the 90s for the inland valley saturday and sunday, but look at what happens next week. we'll have another cooldown, looking pretty significant, with mid 70s for some of our warmer spots. san francisco will stay in the 60s. it looks like each day we keep the clouds and the fog to start with a bit more sunshine going into the weekend overall a nice forecast. we do have some places where we can till go and cooloff. marcus and laura? we'll be looking for those places. coming up, the nba draft is today, and the top pick is already getting some tasty
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big-money attention. plus we'll talk about what that draft means for the warriors, as klay thompson and kevin durant continue to cope with injuries. that and so much more coming up next. first, happening now, according to the attorney for the many who accused kevin spacey of groping him, the cell phone ordered to be turned over can't be located. earlier the month, the judge ordered the cell phone to be turned over to state police. stacey's lawyers have demanded the the cell phone so they can up look for messages supporting his claims.
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you know, our team is always on social media, as kris sanchez shared. we had special visitors yesterday. mike brought a new group through. the nba draft will gather in new york city to find out whose nba careers will begin. this year's hot player is zion williamson, expected to go to the pelicans. with the warriors, they have the 28th pick. this year's drafts holds more importance to the ws, because they are facing injuries that
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could keep them out all season. in honor of the draft and duke star zion womenson, the new orleans popeye's is rolling out an 82-inch wingspan box. look at that. inside the massive meal comes with 77 bone his wings, 11 biscuits, and 11 servings of fries. it will only be available today at the popeye's at canal street in new orleans. planters is celebrating draft day as well, releasing new nutty sneakers. it features the famous mr. peanuts character. all right. last look at the forecast. >> if you're not doing so
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already, follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. i just posted the seven-day forecast. >> see you back here tomorrow morning. s
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. right now on "california live," kim is shaking something up for adults only. >> my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard, especially when it's extra-boozy. and now a new type of maui wowie. >> aloha. we're in maui, and we were invited to check out the film festival. and an inspiring group of young ladies off compton. >> we have the compton kidz in the studio, and rock the boat. plus amber is party crashing the baja bash in coronado.


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