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tv   Today  NBC  June 21, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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you're clear. >> good to know. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't miss our midday show at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning with us. have a great weekend. good morning. breaking news overnight. in no hurry. president trump confirming he did order military strikes against iran but called them off with just ten minutes to spare. the mission already under way. ships and planes in position. this morning what the president is saying about his decision to change course as the faa issues directive. courtroom shocker. the star witness against that navy s.e.a.l. accused of murder tells a stunned courtroom he killed the victim, not the man on trial. where does the prosecution go from here? summer storms. millions battered by severe
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weather and flash flooding, relentless rain not letting up. al's forecast straight ahead. those stories plus, massive fire. an inferno erupted at the biggest refinery on the east coast this morning. phone spur. the disturbing, new evidence that cell phone use can change the human body. is texting causing teenagers to grow horns? let the zion era begin. emotional night for zion williamson, the most anticipated prospect in decades picked first in the nba draft. today, friday, june 21st, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. good morning. nice to have you with us on a friday morning. it is officially the first day of summer. we have a busy morning here. it is 7:00 on the west coast.
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tensions with iran escalating to a new level. the president just revealing minutes ago that, yes, he approved military strikes to retaliate last night, but then call them off with just ten minutes to go. top administration officials are split on whether to go forward now with some kind of military response. this morning we are told it's all still on the table. we'll go to the white house in a moment to get the latest from there. let's get to richard engel in qatar for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here in the middle east people are watching with astonishment at this amazing series of tweets from the president in which he described his decision-making process as the military laid out options to strike iran. he didn't like the options and ordered the military to hold fire. a reprisal attack against iran for shooting down an american
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drone in the persian gulf was under way overnight. "new york times" reports planes in the air, warships in position to attack iranian radar installations and missile batteries. president trump tweeting we were cocked and loaded on three different sites when i asked how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a general. ten minutes before the strike i stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. i'm in no hurry. as late as 7:00 p.m., u.s. officials were expecting a strike, until it was called off with no shots fired. the "new york times" reported, citing multiple senior officials involved in or briefed on the deliberations. president trump holding his cards close to his chest after first hearing iran shot down the drone. >> i think probably iran made a mistake.
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i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down. >> reporter: iran and the u.s. dispute where the drone was when it was shot down. the pentagon releasing these distant images, it says, of the drone falling toward the sea, insists the unmanned aircraft was in international waters, 20 miles from the iranian coast. iran, which put out its own footage, it says, of the shoot down, insists the drone was in iranian air space. this morning, began presenting its evidence to international diplomats. iranian tv showing what it says are pieces of the downed drone. nbc could not verify this independently. fear of future military escalation remains. the faa overnight banning commercial aircraft from flying over or near iranian air space in the persian gulf. >> richard, tensions are obviously at a boiling point. where does it go from here is anyone's guess.
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>> the concern is this is not over. president trump said he didn't like these military options because he said they would have caused 150 iranian deaths. the question is, is the military trying to come up with other options? will there still be some sort of military retaliation in the coming days and weeks? he said he's in no rush. that doesn't mean the idea of a military reprisal is off the table. >> military retaliation. let's talk about the possibility for diplomacy now. any chance for deescalation? >> reporter: absolutely. an interesting report this morning coming out from reuters. reuters was citing iranian officials saying that as the deliberations were under way, as the plans were being laid out for a military strike that the white house sent a message to iran's supreme leaders saying, look, an attack is imminent.
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we don't want war. we want talks and the iranians said they would relay the message to the supreme leader but the supreme leader in the past has not wanted to have direct conversations with president trump. now iranian officials went on to deny that report but reuters did suggest there has been shuttle diplomacy back and forth and secretary of state pompeo said the u.s. has been in contact with iran. then all of this leading up to the g-20 in a week. i can guarantee you that iran will be high on the agenda. >> no question. all right, richard engel in the region for us, thank you. >> for more on what we know about the plan, the last-minute change and what might come next let's go to the white house. that's where we find kristen welker on this friday morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you both. the president's tweets under scored how volatile this entire situation is. it was clear that there was an
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about face here last night. a lot of reporters here. it was a sign deliberations were ongoing. it's worth highlighting the president tweeted he's add ed other next steps. the white house and washington on edge this morning. >> that's what's happening there on pennsylvania. what about the hill? what's the reaction on capitol hill? >> reaction on capitol hill has been mixed, of course. president trump did meet with congressional leaders in the situation room yesterday. house speaker nancy pelosi saying the president needs congressional approval before taking any military action. chuck schumer saying he was concerned about the administration bobbling into war. but then you have senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
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who said he felt as though president trump was taking a measured approach to this. i think the bottom line is there are so many differences between the president, between democrats, but clearly at this point he is keeping them in the loop. i know president trump is going to be meeting with his secretary of state later today. they are going to be having lunch and then he's going to be holding the annual picnic here for members of congress. that's yet another chance for him to discuss the situation with lawmakers, craig and savannah. >> kristen, let's go back a minute to the tweets. they're very revealing and actually let everyone know major specifics about the military action. how is that going over in washington? >> reporter: the tweets underscore the fact that this president is struggling internally about how to respond. this is undoubtedly one of the largest foreign policy tests this president has faced in office. his mindset now, white house officials point to the tweets and to what mr. trump said
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yesterday in the oval office when he did leave the door open to a military response and tried to lower the temperature. remember, he pointed out that he campaigned on a promise to get out of what he called those endless wars. one factor he's grappling with, his national security adviser john bolton is far more hawkish than president trump is when it comes to iran. there's been an ongoing push and pull about how to navigate that divide, savannah and craig. >> kristen welker at the white house this morning. thank you. breaking overnight, a massive fire erupts at crude oil refinery in philadelphia. residents throughout the region could see and hear a series of huge explosions this morning. the impact knocked art off walls. a plume of thick smoke blanketed much of south philadelphia. the complex is the largest refinery on the east coast. no reports of injury. >> dozens of police officers who usually patrol the streets are
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now benched and mavy get fired because of racist and offensive messages they allegedly posted on social media. ron allen joins us now with the latest on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. it is the largest number of police pulled from the streets at one time in recent memory. 72 officers with hundreds more facing disciplinary hearings over offensive and racist posts on social media. some community activists now. windows rattling. there is a shelter in place order now in some neighborhoods. there have been no evacuations, no injuries reported. the big concern is about the smoke. over the years there have been concerns about safety in that area, about air quality and now all the issues are renewed. there are a number of products there including gasoline and jet
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fuel. there are about 1,000 employees there. it is unclear how many would have been there overnight. it is unclear how long it'll take to get this thing completely extinguished. again, the big concern is the smoke that's billowing out over the city. it is unclear exactly what's burning. a lot of concern in the neighborhoods about air quality. again, the fire just a massive fire. some kind of jet fuel product, some kind of oil product. unclear exactly what's burning and how long it'll take to get it out. >> looking at the pictures above the scene, as firefighters work to get it under control. ron in philadelphia, thank you. we have an update now on a 9/11 first responder who just last week sat beside jon stewart and gave an emotional testimony before congress, pleading with lawmakers to replenish the 9/11 victims compensation fund. louis alvarez, a retired detective, has entered hospice care and has given what he called his final interview yesterday. kathy park is here with the story. >> good morning.
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after his powerful remarks with lawmakers, alvarez was supposed to undergo his 69th chemo therapy treatment. instead, he received news his health had taken a turn for the worse. with treatments stopped, he made one, last emotional plea on behalf of his fellow first responders. >> reporter: in what could be the final days of his life, louis alvarez is choosing to fight for his fellow 9/11 first responders. >> there's going to be more and more first responders getting sick. the government has to take care of them. >> reporter: the retired nypd detective received national attention last week, joining comedian jon stewart, to push for extending funding for those suffering from 9/11 related illnesses. >> your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity. time. >> reporter: alvarez also found the strength to testify.
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>> you made me come down here the day before my 69th round of chemo. and i'm going to make sure that you never forget to take care of the 9/11 responders. >> reporter: the 53-year-old is also running out of time. sharing this facebook photo of how he looked before fighting stage 4 cancer. a cancer he believes was a direct result of his work down at ground zero for three months. today, he says there's nothing else doctors can do. >> i'm doing well. i'm comfortable. i'm not in a lot of pain. i have my family surrounding me. i'm at peace. >> reporter: in a fox news interview, while in hospice care, alvarez felt compelled to speak out again for what will likely be the last time. >> i'll do whatever i have to do
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to see my brothers and sisters who aren't covered get the coverage that they need and the help they need. >> reporter: a final message from louis alvarez, making good on his promise to fight until the very end. >> i have no regrets. no regrets whatsoever. >> boy, he is a fighter. the house judiciary committee voted unanimously to extend the compensation fund. it still needs approval by the full house before it can move on for vote in the senate. guys? >> we will continue to watch it. thank you. let us switch gears a bit here on this friday morning to the nba draft last night in brooklyn. all eyes at the barclay center were on 18-year-old zion williamson. as expected, the young college phenom was the number one overall pick. >> with the first pick of the 2019 nba draft, the new orleans pelicans select zion williamson from duke university. >> reporter: the prized hoop star primed and ready for the pros.
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>> he's got star written all over him. really superstar written all over him. >> reporter: zion williamson taking his skills to the big easy. with his family by his side and tears in his eyes, the 18-year-old paying tribute to his biggest supporter. >> i wouldn't be here without my mom. she did everything for me. i just want to thank her. >> reporter: fans in new orleans thrilled after snagging the nba's highest prospect since lebron james was drafted in 2003. other top players have been taken out of the picture, as you can see in the pre-draft photo that went viral. >> i don't see it as pressure. i'm doing what i love to do, and that is play basketball. >> reporter: other future stars were also selected last night. rounding out the top three, john morant, heading to the grizzlies, and zion's teammate, rj barrett selected by the new york knicks.
7:16 am
both players sharing emotional moments with their proud fathers. >> made me who i am today. i'm thankful for it all. >> i'm proud of you, son. >> thanks, dad. >> reporter: the night's biggest winner was williamson. 6'7", 285 pound standout played one year at duke. his jaw-dropping ability and freakish athletic skill makes him a highlight reel regular. zion, so big and strong, even his sneaker couldn't contain him. blowing apart during a college game last season and knocking him out for five games. >> he broke his shoe with his own foot. >> reporter: so how much money can zion expect to make? his first contract will likely be worth about $45 million. that doesn't include a sneaker deal that reports say could earn him another $100 million. >> dreamed about it since i was 4. for it to actually happen, i thank god for it. >> how about that? something else, by the way, that he has in common with lebron
7:17 am
james, paying homage to the king's draft night, also decked out in white like lebron. >> they wear it well. >> very well. the draft itself, i don't know if you caught it last night, it is a huge spectacle. >> i know! >> complete sideshow. in '84 when jordan was drafted, first of all, he was the number three pick. >> i heard he wasn't there. >> wasn't in the building. >> things have changed. people really get into it. used to be here at radio city. they'd line up. i'd think, what's going on? is it a madonna concert? no, it's the nba draft. let's get to al with the weather. what you got this morning? >> good morning. let's take a look at this. watch what happens with the winds. boom! i guess you're going to be calling your insurance. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. bam, the tree knocked out. this is in columbia, south carolina. franklin lakes, new jersey. the driveway of the president of bream industries, pete bream, flooding in their home. more on tap. good news is, it is getting out of here. let's show you what we have
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going on. we have wet weather in the northeast, but strong storms firing up in the central plains, where we have severe thunderstorm watches going on. today, a severe threat. 14 states, 23 million people from the plains to the southeast. then for tomorrow, we've got an enhanced risk, especially from texas all the way into kansas. 9 million people at risk. sunday, again in the plains, five states, 17 million people at risk for these strong storms. here's what we're looking at. first day of summer coming in 8:50 tonight, this afternoon -- or this morning, i should say. look at those storms pushing through. best chance of storms from the dakotas to alabama. tomorrow, the risk is texas on into iowa. the heavy rain leading to flooding. as this continues to push on sunday, more showers and thunderstorms with a flood threat from the great lakes into northern texas. you can see the plains into the midwest locally, upwards of 5 inches of rain. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. lion people at risk for these strong storms.
7:19 am
here's what we're looking at. first day of summer coming in 8:50 tonight, this afternoon -- or this morning, i should say. look at those storms pushing through. best chance of storms from the dakotas to alabama. tomorrow, the risk is texas on into iowa. the heavy rain leading to flooding. as this continues to push on sunday, more showers and thunderstorms with a flood threat from the great lakes into northern texas. you can see the plains into the midwest locally, upwards of 5 inches of rain. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ capital one knows life doesn't update you about your credit card. so, meet eno, the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong, and helps you fix them. another way capital one is watching out for your money, when you're not. what's in your wallet? ♪
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good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in walnut creek with a clear start to the day, and our temperatures slightly warmer this afternoon but still not bad at all. we're reaching 84 degrees in livermore. 86 in concord, and in antioch. 84 will be the high in napa with san francisco staying in the 60s. san jose and palo alto reaching the low 80s. heading into the weekend, it will be windy and temperatures getting hotter. we'll be in the low 90s for the inland valleys but then cooling down early next week. >> we're going to have an intervention in the commercial break. >> you are really sweating. >> oh, my gosh. all right. >> maybe it's the heat from the glasses. >> my gosh. >> oh, wow. al, thank you very much. >> any time. >> we love you. when we come back on this friday morning, we'll take a turn. courtroom drama. shocking development in the trial of a decorated navy s.e.a.l. accused of war crimes. what his team member said that left a courtroom stunned. for everybody looking at their cell phones right now, is their cell phones right now, is all that hunching overctually a many people living with diabetes
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♪ i'm not scared to be seen ♪ i make no apologies, this is me ♪ ♪ this is brave, this is bruised ♪ ♪ this is who i'm meant to be, this is me ♪ a very good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. the santa clara valley water district is making an offer. it wants to pay families recovering from the 2017 coyote creek flooding, according to "the mercury news." it was one of the worst natural disasters to hit them in recent years. the natural disaster forced the evacuation of 14,000 people and caused about $100 million in damage. the district plans to settle claims up to $5,000. let's check the forecast. later today we kick in summer. >> it will and we have a little bit more than an hour left of spring. we are seeing still the low clouds over san francisco and
7:27 am
the golden gate bridge but we will also be clearing out more quickly for the inland areas, allowing for some slightly warmer temperatures today, reaching into the mid 80s, while we keep those 60s in san francisco and in half moon bay. as we go into the weekend, it will be heating up with low 90s in the valleys. we will have a few days of hot weather but some relief on the way for the middle of next week with highs in the mid-70s and a little bit more sunshine in san francisco for the weekend. let's check in with mike for an update on the commute. >> a smooth drive. slowing toward the bay bridge and the richmond-san rafael toll plaza. pretty standard for a friday, lighter overall. south 680 approaching 24 a disabled vehicle may be affecting the traffic flow just before the interchange. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. the arrow shows slowing south 880 toward fremont milpitas. this tow truck is lined up, noting bloing any lanes but a distraction moving toward mission for 880 southbound.
7:28 am
>> thanks for the update. thank you for joining us. we'll be back in half an hour with another local news update.
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back at 7:30 on this friday morning. a live look there at the royal back at 7:30 on this friday morning. a live look there at the royal ascot. horses and hats get top billing. we sent dylan across the pond to the festivities. we will check in with her in a few moments. >> first time i thought we'd see dylan riding in the carriage. >> she'd love that. let's get to the headlines of the morning. we'll start with escalating tensions in the middle east. the president said u.s. forces were minutes away from attacking iran when he called off the military strike. the president tweeted, quote, we were cocked and loaded to retaliate on three different
7:31 am
sites when i asked how many will die. he said when she was told 150 people he stopped the action ten minutes before the strike. the president said it was not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. however he did order more sanctions declaring iran can never have nuclear weapons. the democratic governor of oregon sent state place to round up republican lawmakers and bring them back to the state capitol. 11 republicans walked out to derail a vote on a climate change bill, leaving the senate without the minimum needed to move forward. by last night, state police said several senators have been contacted, and that officers would go to great lengths to avoid physically arresting and handcuffing them. now to the world cup. the united states is headed to the knockout round after a big win over arch-rival sweden. >> sends it in low, near post. and the u.s. is on top. lindsey horan will get her second of this world cup. >> americans getting revenge for the loss to sweden in the 2016
7:32 am
olympic games. final score, 2-0. the u.s. has not given up a single goal in the tournament so far. credit to the goalkeeper and the defense. the u.s. wins its group, group f, and they'll face spain on monday. >> so far, the women look unstoppable. >> yeah. bombshell in the trial of a decorated s.e.a.l., accused of killing a prisoner in iraq. a witness called by the prosecution testifying he was the one who did it. steve patterson has the very latest on this twist and what it all means. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was truly shocking testimony that stunned everyone in that courtroom, sparking anger from the prosecution and an early celebration that we heard from the defense. decorated navy s.e.a.l., chief edward gallagher outside the courthouse showing no emotion after an explosive day of testimony. his wife not holding back. >> every one of these witnesses
7:33 am
that come up, it is inconsistency, it's lies, half truths, and coverups. >> reporter: earlier in the day, fellow s.e.a.l. team 7 member cory scott on the stand telling a stunned courtroom that he, not gallagher, killed a young isis prisoner captured in iraq in 2017. scott, a key prosecution witness and navy s.e.a.l. medic, says he and gallagher were treating the injured prisoner when gallagher stabbed the boy. scott testified he later suffocated the prisoner by covering his breathing tube, believing the boy would be tortured by iraqi forces. in cross-examination the defense asking, did you suffocate him? yes. did chief gallagher kill the prisoner? no. scott, who was granted immunity prior to trial, cannot be charged with murder but could face perjury charges. the prosecution appear to be caught off guard by scott's
7:34 am
testimony. in court, accused him of lying to protect gallagher. the defense maintains there's no proof, physical or photographic, of the crime gallagher's accused of committing. it calls the investigation shoddy. >> they didn't even go and hire a forensic pathologist until after they charged him and had thrown him in jail. >> reporter: gallagher's team includes former nypd commissioner bernard kerick, an ally of the president who served time in prison for tax fraud. president trump has hinted he might pardon gallagher if convicted. >> i'll make my decision after the trial. >> reporter: gallagher's fate ultimately lies in the hands of a jury, seven navy department members, determining the ending of this real-life courtroom drama. >> so, steve, obviously, the testimony was a blow to the prosecution's case. any idea how they move forward in the trial from this? >> reporter: first of all, craig, right after scott's testimony, the government
7:35 am
released a statement saying it will, quote, not be dropping premeditated murder charges against chief gallagher, despite petty officer scott's testimony. the credibility of a witness is for the jury to decide. the prosecution's already made it clear, they're going to be calling several more witnesses in the coming days. keep in mind, gallagher is also accused of attempted murder for sitting in a sniper's nest and taking aim at unarmed civilians. this is a court-martial for war crimes, not simply a civilian murder trial. prosecution wants to make that clear. this is not going to be ending any time soon, guys. back to you. >> steve patterson there in san diego for us. thank you. let's turn to al and get a check of the weather. what's shaking? >> you know, today is the first day of summer, the summer soltice, 11:54 a.m. # show your stripes day about climate change. 1850, all these stripes actually show each year as the year deviates from the norm. as we get toward 2018, you see how much warmer it gets across
7:36 am
the globe. let's take a look at the individual states. for example, my home state, new york, cool. we have a few deviations. warmer stripes. as you get to 2018, you see all the red. we move to south carolina. craig's home state. arizona, savannah's. 2018, far more red stripes. south carolina, again, more red stripes. look at this. the arctic ocean, look how solid the red is. this shows the deviation of temperatures as you get towards 2018. that's where that warming is happening twice as fast as anywhere else around the world. we're watching that very closely. that's what's going on around the country. check out my twee tweet @karihallweather showing our stripes in the climate change. as we take a live look outside in san jose, we are going to see a few clouds but all clearing out as we go throughout the day and a nice afternoon, reaching the low 80s in san jose. it will be slightly warmer in the inland valleys, reaching 86 in concord, as well as ukiah.
7:37 am
san francisco in the mid-60s. this weekend will be hotter and also some gusty winds, but we will be cooling off for the middle of next week. >> hashtag show your stripes, probably your local weatherperson is showing your local area today with their stripes. >> got it. >> al, thank you so much coming up, we're going to look at the issue of gende fluidity what children are helping their parents understand about what this means and how this is changing our culture. also, sheinelle introduces us to matthew mcconaughey's mother she's something else find out which one of his movies is her favorite. then we'll check in with dylan. she's decked out in her festive finest at the royal ascot in england. >> she's studying. >> reading the royal handbook. >> getting ready for gambling. up next though, surprising ways cell phone use is affecting young people not in their brains but their bodies believe it or not, you'll be checking the base of your skull for budding horns after this story. seriously. first, these messages. ge♪
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what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. minimums and fees seem to your typical bank.n of capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? we are back with in-depth today. looking into new research that shows cell phones are not only changing the way we live, they could actually be changing our bodies "washington post" headline, well, this will wake you up, it said, "horns are growing on young people's skulls. we had to have nbc's stephanie gosk look into this. i mean, that's a shocker. >> headline is surprising. what's not surprising is it turns out we're shifting our posture to look at our phones.
7:43 am
the repetitive hunched over position may be linked to the development of a small bone spur at the base of the skull especially among young adults. >> reporter: we are buried in our phones, bent over for hours upon hours do you worry about your posture when you're on your phone? >> actually, yeah. i'm a middle schoolteacher and all i see are kids like this. >> reporter: does your neck get sore >> yeah. >> reporter: how old are you >> 10. >> reporter: is all this hunching over causing long-term changes to our vertebrae one study is making the connection that small curved out bone at the base of the skull is typically seen developing in the elderly. it is linked to posture problems now, it is increasingly showing up in adults of all ages according to this study by australian researchers who looked at hundreds of x-rays, 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 30 who spent more than 4 1/2 hours on their phones
7:44 am
every day developed the growth it can grow big enough to actually stick out while it doesn't hurt, it may be a sign of other problems a recent study showed the stress on the spine from the head 10 pounds with good posture, bent down 20 degrees, it goes up to 30 pounds, and at a 60 degree angle, 60 pounds it can lead to something called text neck. the symptoms can include sharp pain and possibly headaches. >> we have to keep our heads up. we have eyeballs we can look down a bit, right? you can have your cell phone here certainly, don't do this. >> reporter: perhaps it is time to consider using smartphones just a little bit smarter. >> we're all sitting up now. i'm going to read my phone like this >> i keep my phone in my back pocket am i going to grow a tail? >> if you can read a text like that >> scary story, steph. >> yeah, it is you know, there are a few things you can do to maybe help out when it comes to your posture at least. you can strengthen your back muscles
7:45 am
you can change the angle if you use a tablet, put it on a pillow holding your phone instead of like this, up like this, can make a difference. the toughest one, just put it down. >> put it away >> i mean, the study was really about young people and that the horn was more likely to show up on them. their skeletal systems are still developing >> you know, it is important to say, this is something that can grow on people anyway over the course of life it is normally seen in the elderly because they've had a long life, and maybe they've had bad posture. the alarming thing was it was seen in this young group of people you know, they think that it is likely caused by this, but more study needs to be done. >> are there exercises you can do >> yeah, the things you do -- as we sit like this -- the things you do to strengthen your back, push-ups and planks and all that kind of stuff that you do in the gym. >> not netflix and chill
7:46 am
no all right. doesn't mean what i think it means. thank you very much. ahead, a british tradition with the royal seal of approval and the official motto like nowhere else we're going to find out why from dylan, who has a live report from the royal ascot nice hat, d. right after this (meg vo) i can see if my endometriosis pain gets better... or i can... (sherry vo) i can just suck it up... or i can... (diane vo) i can tell myself tomorrow will be different... or i can talk to my gynecologist today!
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7:51 am
guess who else is there this year yes, dylan dreyer. traveled over the pond to join the revelers that's a good look we like that a lot here. good afternoon to you. >> thank you good morning -- or good afternoon. i have no idea what time it is yes, it is a little more british of a look than i typically go for. i'm honestly waiting for keir simmons to pop up out of the bushes at any moment now but this is royal ascot. this is my second time here. it's the queen's 74th time she has been at this event every year since 1945. she used to actually ride around the track before the races, but now she comes out on horse drawn carriage promptly at 9:00 a.m. eastern time it is the start of the royal procession, the most popular tradition here at royal ascot. it's the public's chance to see the queen and the royals up close. many will bet on the color of the hat that the queen will wear so far, she has worn cornflower blue, duck egg blue, and gun metal gray
7:52 am
it's caused confusion, because some say it is more lavender or lilac. last year, in her lime green ensemble, i snapped a quick selfie with her in the background, then i quickly got in trouble as soon as that happened you know, the fashion and the hats, they're a huge draw here at ascot not just for the ladies. the men actually have to follow strict guidelines, depending on where they are in the track. one of the highlights of my day yesterday was watching my husband, brian, try on his first morning coat and top hat, which was a fantastic look who knew a kid from boston could pull off a look like that? this is a horse race after all 500 horses race over the course of five days nine of those are american horses actually, american pharoah's son, maven, was supposed to race yesterday, but the ground was too wet, so he was scratched it has been raining a lot here, although the weather is
7:53 am
fantastic now. it's going to stay that way from here on out. between the fashion and the parties and the horses and, of course, the royals, this is one of my favorite events. guys, i have to ask you, what would you bet on, that the queen's hat will be today? >> we'll have to come back to that one because we have to get to -- >> we're out of time we'd ask another question but we can't. back after your local news took . [ "to love somebody" by bee gees playing ] that's crazy! [ crowd cheering ] [ screaming ] let's go mets! ♪ [ cheering ] wait! what's this? oh, ok. there's a heart in my honey nut cheerios. fine. i get it. you're delicious and can help lower cholesterol. you don't have to be so obvious about it, cereal.
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here's a live look outside in dublin, as we start out, with some hazy conditions and a few clouds rolling by. we will see our skies clearing and slightly warmer temperatures today. we're headed into the mid 80s in livermore, up to 84 in napa. oakland today 75 and 82 in palo alto. san francisco stays in the 60s. we are going to have a hotter weekend ahead reaching the low 90s, with some gusty winds, and that could increase the fire danger in the hills. we're still going to be well above normal on monday, but then we have some much cooler than normal temperatures going into the middle of next week. for san francisco, we are going to see some more sunshine for today throughout the weekend, but more clouds, the fog and the drizzle returns early next week. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. >> kari looking at a friday commute so that means a lighter
7:57 am
volume of traffic. the arrow through fremont i showed you the area in recovery, the crash jack knifed big rig removed from the shoulder, no more distraction and good flow dumbarton bridge toward stephenson, down toward mallory, a smooth flow of traffic restored. a nice drive through oakland for 880, and 580 no slowing. the backup is at the bay bridge toll plaza but it's easing out for the cash lanes there. fast track is still moving smoothly it and the richmond to san rafael bridge. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening now, a suspect linked to two murders on skyline boulevard on the peninsula, officially being charged. 26-year-old malik dosouqi is being held at the san mateo county jail, charged in connection to the stabbing death of john sione pekipaki and taxi cab driver abdulkarem nasher. he's being held at the san mateo county jail. oakland today is set to open its first pilot site as part of the rv safe parking program. last week mountain view proposed
7:58 am
to delay restrictions on rvs. another local news update is coming in half an hour. a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi! should i have stopped her?
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save hundreds of dollars a year when you get internet and mobile together. plus ask how to get $250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- to the brink. president trump giving new details about calling off the air strike on iran overnight. why the about face and where does it go from here? we're live in the region. plus, gender role models. >> i don't feel like a boy, and i don't feel like a girl. >> this morning, we're kicking off a special series called pride 50 with a look at gender fluidity. >> now, it is normal because there are multiple kids who are gender fluid, and that's fine. >> how the teens of gen z are changing the rules and educating their parents.
8:01 am
off the chain. ♪ we ain't never getting older >> the chainsmokers are here live for the summer concert series bringing along big names to get your weekend started off right. today, friday, june 21, 2019. ♪ >> starting our morning on "today." >> celebrating taylor's 11th birthday. >> with the chainsmokers! >> here with my coworkers. >> with my sister. >> and my friends. for the chainsmokers. >> citi concert series. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." that's a great crowd out on our plaza. yes, a few umbrellas. maybe a few sprinkles, but the chainsmokers will be along in a few for a great summer concert. >> saw the guys in the green room. they're amped up.
8:02 am
>> ready to go. >> why not celebrate the first day of summer with a my today plaza message for us? take a short video, tell us where you're watching from, and post it on twitter or instagram, use the hashtag at the bottom of your screen, and we'll put you in the virtual open. >> we will indeed. let's get to the news at 8:00. the president was ready to launch military strikes against iran overnight but called them off with just ten minutes to spare after learning about potential casualties. chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in the region for us. he joins us with the latest on this. richard, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. an extraordinary series of tweets in which he described in some detail the deliberations about whether or not to carry out a military strike against iran. he said that, yes, there were military actions under way, that strikes were going to happen, that the military identified three targets, that this would have been reprisal for iran shooting down an american drone
8:03 am
but that when president trump asked his commanders how many people would die or could die in this attack, a general told him 150, and then with ten minutes to spare, president trump said he called off the operation that it was disproportionate for iran shooting down an unmanned drone. now iran is also saying that it could have taken more serious actions that in addition to shooting down the drone iran says that it had in its sights an american aircraft that had dozens of people on board, but that it decided not to fire on it. savannah? >> kristen welker is at the white house with what's happening and whether military action against iran is on the table. krist kristen, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning to you. the president's tweets underscored how volatile the situation is. it was clear there was an about face last night. taking you behind the scenes
8:04 am
there was late night activity at the white house with top officials in their offices well into the evening. it was a sign deliberations were ongoing. it is worth highlighting the president tweeted he added more sanctions. no word yet on the timing or specifics. on thursday, the president met with his national security team and democratic leaders in the situation room. democrats saying their message to the president after their meeting thursday is he needs congressional approval before taking military action against iran. today the president meets with his secretary of state. craig? >> kristen welker at the white house, the situation in iran will undoubtedly be one of the topics covered at the first presidential debate five days from now on nbc, msnbc and telemundo. of course one of the moderators is savannah along with chuck todd, rachel maddow and jose balart june 26 and 27.
8:05 am
breaking overnight a massive fire at a crude oil refinery in philadelphia. residents said they could hear and feel a series of huge explosions after 4:00 this morning. look at that. some say the impact knocked art off of their walls. a plume of thick smoke blanketed much of philadelphia. the complex is the largest refinery on the east coast. no reports of injuries this morning. five tsa officers needed medical attent medical attention after a wild and frightening scene this week at phoenix airport officials released this surveillance video of a man charging through the metal detector and throwing punche at tsa screeners he knocked some of the screeners to the ground, you see there suspect, a 19-year-old man from texas, was eventually subdued and arrested police suspect he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 8:05 let's get a morning boost. when not playing baseball, albert pujols dedicates a lot of his time to helping those with down syndrome. look what happened after last night's game in toronto. in toronto, he noticed a young fan, nico, wearing a pujols
8:06 am
jersey >> oh, my god. >> he gives nico the shirt off his back and signs it, too he autographed nico's own jersey, as well. pujols has a daughter with down syndrome, and he and his wife launched a foundation to raise awareness of down syndrome and support families who have folks with down syndrome in their families >> class act. coming up on this friday it's almost time chainsmokers are going t get started with their live performance on the plaza, along with some special guests. then this concert on the first day of summer has us feeling nostalgic. we'll talk about the first concerts all of us went to back in the day well it finally happened, zachary.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ launching a special series called "pride 50." one week before the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riot that led to the lgbtq civil rights movement. >> we kick off with a look at gender fluidity. more teens are embracing new definitions of what it means to be male, female, and everything in between fashion to media, even driver's licenses kate snow is here with more. >> good morning. from the moment we're born, we're defined by our gender. think about the first thing people ask, is it a boy or a girl most of us were raised according to those stereotypes
8:12 am
now, generation z, the new generation, they're changing all that, from the clothes they buy to the pronouns they use teens are rewriting the rules of gender >> reporter: it used to be gender was pretty straight forward. there was just he and she. today, gender lines are blurring, with the teens of gen z embracing gender fluidity. a recent survey found more than half of teens shop outside their given gender and know someone who goes by gender neutral pronouns, like they or them. more than 1/3 of gen z believes gender doesn't define a person as much as it used to. >> many say i believe gender is fluid, a spectrum. there is no such thing as boy or girl. >> reporter: it is impacting nearly every part of our culture, mainstream clothing brands like h&m introducing gender neutral styles. people like harry styles are wearing gender neutral clothes on the runway. there are gender fluid characters ten states, including washington, d.c., offer an "x"
8:13 am
gender on licenses what does it mean to be pan gender >> i don't feel like a boy, and i don't feel like a girl i can relate with both also the parts in between. >> reporter: last fall, to celebrate his jewish coming of age, his parents skipped the traditional bar mitzvah and held a gender neutral party instead >> spoke with the rabbi, and they didn't have a problem with it so with flowers, we asked for it to be as colorful as possible. >> reporter: a rainbow of colors. >> rainbow of colors >> reporter: what did the florist say? >> they said, i have never seen one that looked this good. it is a great idea. >> reporter: is embracing gender fluid just a phenomenon on the liberal coast?
8:14 am
to find out, we went to katy, texas, a suburb of houston, where we gathered this group of teens. >> i'm laila, and i'm 13. >> i'm ginny, and i'm 15. >> i work with oil and gas. >> i'm a pastor at a local church. >> reporter: what we heard was eye opening. >> it is pretty normal there's multiple kids who, you know, are gender fluid that's fine. they're who they want to be. >> younger kids and a lot of gen z has been exposed to this a lot more >> reporter: their parents say all this gender fluidity can leave them feeling a bit shocked and confused. >> so to be real honest, the first thing i had to do was google it. >> it is different from what we grew up with. >> our family are christian. there are a lot of christians that really kind of come back and forth on this issue. the way that i hope my kids will always think is that our bible says that we're not to judge our bible says that we're
8:15 am
supposed to love everyone. >> reporter: they say when it comes to these new definitions of gender, kids are educating them for the better. >> kind of have a choice i can either, as i age, close my mind and be stuck where i was 10, 15 years ago, or i can continue to open my mind >> i mean, you guys are going to be old, and you can't say anything anymore there's nothing stopping us anymore. we can pass it on down to our kids then it just keeps going, like a rolling ball, not stopping it will become regular, and we'll be proud to embrace it >> kate, you have teens at home. how do they talk about the issues? >> absolutely like those kids you just saw al and i were talking during the piece, this is a thing among this generation. when they're old enough to appreciate it, i think they see things much more fluidly than i ever saw it. >> it certainly isn't as big a deal to us as it is to them. they accept it. >> totally normal. >> we really are seeing it everywhere pop stars like taylor swift. >> yeah.
8:16 am
she has the new video out this week, "you need to calm down." in that video, if you look closely, there's a lot of people in gender fluid fashions a lot of celebrities, angelina jolie, brad pitt, jada smith, kate hudson have talked about gender neutral parenting styles with their kids. in other words, not reinforcing the boxes of male and female but letting things be more fluid. >> thank you, kate appreciate it very much. al, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's see what we have for you. some heavy thunderstorms right now firing up in the mid plains. we're going to be watching that very closely today in fact, we have a risk of severe weather, 14 states, 23 million people tornadoes low but hail, damaging winds, and heavy rain. it stretches into tomorrow, especially enhanced risk, texas, oklahoma, on into kansas on sunday, five states, we're talking about 17 million people, just about the same area we're watching this all weekend long what's that's going on around
8:17 am
>> by the way, betty joe melvin likes the glasses. >> my mother chimed in, she likes the glasses. >> they're growing on me, too. >> i like them >> thank you, al let's do pop start. for her digital series "through mom's eyes," sheinelle jones sat down with matthew mcconaughey's mom, sharing stories about matthew's childhood and revealed how he stumbled into acting it was her memory room, a shrine to her famous son, that had sheinelle in awe. >> what is this room, a memory
8:18 am
room >> this is all of the movies he's been in >> do you ever come in here and sit? >> i do. >> be still. >> i go, boy, what a life you had, matthew >> how about this one, sexiest man alive. >> yup that's what he says, he said, they can have other men that are that, but he said, he's still alive. as long as he's alive, he still is the sexiest man alive. >> there you go. you can watch more of sheinelle's interview with matthew mcconaughey's mom. tune in to the third hour of today and head to other news, tom hanks, the fourth installment of "toy story" is out now. my kids are going today. hanks stepping back into the iconic role as woody while on the graham norton show, he explained the exhaustion that comes with playing the character. >> i have never begun a recording session without wishing it was already over. understand, woody is clenched all the time he's clenched. there was something he has to explain or, come on, guys, or
8:19 am
look out, this way it is all that then they save the last thing for you, usually at the end of a very long work day, the grunts they'll show you woody climbing up a bunch of books onto a thing. okay, can you do grunts of climbing up? okay [ grunting ] >> see how that can get tiring. >> he's good at it. >> he wanted to give tom holland, who is spider man, a little acting lesson making him deliver the same lines over and over and putting him on the spot >> if you would say, do i want coffee, boy, do i need more coffee, and you'll say it every conceivable way you can. >> sure. >> all i'm going to say is, would you like more coffee would you like more coffee >> coffee, coffee, boy, do i need more coffee >> good. thank you. would you look some more coffee? >> coffee, coffee, boy, do i need more coffee. >> try it with a little more
8:20 am
something to it. it is an important scene king kong is going to smash the building would you like some coffee >> coffee, coffee, sir, please, i need some more coffee. >> would you like some more coffee >> sir, sir, please, i need more coffee. >> coffee, would you like coffee. >> tom hanks, please, give me some coffee. >> put him through the ringer. holland, a great sport. >> gwyneth paltrow was there watching a tennis match. >> i think jake and gwyneth are like, don't do it to me next that's hard. here's a question, guys, do you remember the first concert you ever attended? >> i do. >> we're in summer concert mode with the great one coming up from the chainsmokers. we decided to take a little trip, a walk down memory lane, back to our own first concerts take a look. >> i think my first concert was the thompson twins in the '80s
8:21 am
unless it was simple minds, which would have also been in the '80s. >> m.c. hammer, vanilla ice, envogue. a comedian opened for them, sinbad carolina, i was there with my cousin >> 1965. soupy sales. >> my first was ziggy marley and the melody makers, california, 1989. >> it was definitely an '80s band could have been howard jones >> my first concert actually stands the test of time. it was paul simon on his graceland tour in dallas, texas. my mom took us we were in first grade must have been a school night, but barbara and i remember being there with our mom, listening to this music that i actually still listen to. i love the graceland album. >> soupy sales, to give you a sense at the time, he was this kid showman, but he had a huge hit record called "the mouse."
8:22 am
♪ hey, do the mouse, yeah ♪ you can do it in your house, yeah ♪ ♪ on the rug or on the wall, if your folks get bugged, do it in the hall ♪ >> i was wearing a white, red, and black nike flight, one of those jumpsuits. had some air jordans my grandma had given me for my birthday that was part of the night i was debuting my signature fifth grade outfit. >> you can call me al, graceland, all the songs diamonds on the soles of her shoes. >> kind of blowing my mind, that the person that i had always seen in magazines, on friday night videos, was right there. >> the lights went down. the music started. it was reggae. all of a sudden, plumes of smoke started popping up all over the place. i turned to my friend's dad and said, is everything okay what is that he goes, don't worry about it. that's happy smoke >> m.c. hammer was the star that night, the headliner "you can't touch this" was the biggest hit on the planet. the second biggest though, "ice,
8:23 am
ice, baby. ♪ do the mouse, baby ♪ come on, do the mouse with me ♪ >> stop, collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand-new invention. something, grabs ahold of me tightly flowing daily and nightly. will it ever stop? yo, i don't know ♪ bring the fall out, bring the fall out ♪ >> wow >> i mean, that was fun. at least we have some folks who can actually sing here ladies and gentlemen, the chainsmokers. >> yeah. >> good to see you. >> hi, guys. remember your first concert? >> yeah, i think i was like 7, and i went to see this band called 311. >> i know 311. great band. >> remember 311? >> of course. >> hoobastank was opening. >> that's a memorable name >> says a lot about it, too. >> red hot chili peppers >> good one. >> you're too cool >> they have all the cool ones figure out some of your fans
8:24 am
might be seeing you as their first concert today. >> anyone in the rain is a true fan. >> seriously. >> thank them for coming out. >> feel like a homecoming? i saw you recognize a lot of your fans from new york. >> family comes out that i haven't seen in 20 years. >> where you been, kid >> exactly. >> have you ever played in this much rain that we're currently experiencing >> this will be a first, yeah. >> good you're not too technological. >> yeah. >> no dance routines or anything, right? >> what's the necklace you're working there? >> sick boy. >> what is the back story? >> our last album is called "sick boy. we buy the chains to commemorate different chapters in our careers for the whole team everyone in the team has one. >> that's cool you got any extra? >> we should have brought extra for you. sorry. you have to have us back now. >> exactly. >> you guys are huge, man. they've blown up so much over the past five years. they have bebe rexha here today. going to perform every artist wants to work with these guys incredible deejays and producers. two of the nicest guys with a
8:25 am
great sense of humor. we're lucky to have them >> now, they're going to be singing in the rain. alex and andrew, happy to have you. >> if that doesn't get me a free chain, i don't know what will. >> the crowd is ready, we're ready. chainsmokers taking the stage. first, your local news and some weather.
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. happening now santa clara county is hosting its first ever lgbtq summit of course during pride month and it'll include panels and workshops, filled with resources for the community. the event will be held at the camel community center. we'll have nbc bay area's chris sanchez there with an update with a live report during the newscast at 11:00. right now let's check out the commute. a good friday commute, marcus. we've seen light traffic slow. a good recovery for fremont. 880 down toward mission, the earlier issue cleared about a half hour ago.
8:27 am
southbound a little hangup at fullerton, a crash just moving to the shoulder. took a few minutes so a little slowdown past dakota over toward the dunbar bridge. driving northbound 87 slows a bit toward kirchner and around the 101 north pass. and a crash east now getting away from the bay bridge causes no problems. westbound your typical commute. slowing here past the race track, golden gate field down to the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. still folks in the fast track lane slow there. cash lane, bring cash. it's an advantage. >> all right. cash is always good to have around. that'll do it for us for this cut-in but we'll have another local news update in 30 minutes. we are always on at
8:28 am
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♪ don't let me, don't let me down ♪ it is 8:30 now on this friday morning, june 21st, 2019. ladies and gentlemen, it is allegedly the first day of summer. >> yes. >> weather not necessarily cooperating. that's not going to stop this party on the plaza, is it? >> no. >> no! >> ladies and gentlemen, chainsmokers are here. full half hour of music. they have brought along a special guest. >> bebe rexha. >> in the rain, bebe rexha here. love to see you. first of all, quickly, speaking of chainsmokers, we have a crowd moment. where is emily from alabama? i believe the front row.
8:31 am
hi, here with your mom, sherri? get a camera on you. happy 18th birthday. happy ♪ don't let me, don't let me down ♪ it is 8:30 now on this friday morning, june 21st, 2019. ladies and gentlemen, it is allegedly the first day of summer >> yes >> weather not necessarily cooperating. that's not going to stop this party on the plaza, is it? >> no. >> no! >> ladies and gentlemen, chainsmokers are here. full half hour of music. they have brought along a special guest. >> bebe rexha. >> in the rain, bebe rexha here. love to see you. first of all, quickly, speaking of chainsmokers, we have a crowd moment where is emily from alabama? i believe the front row. hi, here with your mom, sherri get a camera on you. happy 18th birthday. happy graduation >> congrats. >> you're a chainsmokers fan two vip tickets to the tour. enjoy a show on the boys happy birthday ♪ don't let me down >> thank you so much. >> you know how much you're loved, when people stand in pouring rain like this to hear you play >> we have the best fans. >> bebe rexha with them. ty dolla sign. how is the weather, al >> weather sign, that's me what we have going on for your weekend outlook, heavy rain in the southeastern atlantic states, the plains, and also back into the upper mississippi river valley unseasonally cool out west sunday, sunday, plenty of sunshine in the northeast. finally. mid-atlantic states. severe storms coming into the mid and southern plains. hot and humid through the gulf plenty of sunshine out west.
8:32 am
that's what's going good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the skies are clearing in san francisco. although we will see the fog lingering near the coast throughout the day. that is going to keep it cooler for our coastal areas reaching into the mid 60s and we'll see some mid 80s for the inland valley. it will be slightly warmer today and down right hot tomorrow with our highs reaching into the low 90s with some gusty winds. up to 92 on sunday. much cooler for the middle of next week. in the mid 70s inland and in the 60s in san francisco. >> let me take a selfie. >> announcer: citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> moments away from our summer concert with the chainsmokers. first, a quick look at why they're one of the biggest names in music ♪ you were staying in paris to get away from your parents ♪ >> reporter: alex pall and drew
8:33 am
taggart make up the grammy-winning duo, th chainsmokers together, they're a musical powerhouse. ♪ i need you right now ♪ yeah, i need you right now >> reporter: 2014 breakout hit became a viral sensation >> first, let me take a selfie ♪ she said, where you want to go, how much you want to risk ♪ >> reporter: they're also known for their collaborations with other big artists, like coldplay ♪ oh, i want something just lik this ♪ >> reporter: halsey. ♪ five seconds of summer. ♪ i wanna know >> reporter: most recently, bebe rexha, on their new song, "call you mine." ♪ call you mine ♪ even though it kills you slowly ♪ >> reporter: their videos have generated nearly 10 billion views worldwide.
8:34 am
for "world war joy," the guys are releasing one song at a time throughout the year. this fall, they're going out on tour right now, they're kicking off summer in our citi concert series >> all right it is a rainy one. we are ready for it. singing their new song "call you mine," here are the chainsmokers, featuring bebe rexha. ♪ two kids with their hearts on couldn't get high fire, who is gonna save us now ♪ ♪ when we thought that we couldn't get higher, things started looking down ♪ ♪ i look at you and you look at me, like nothing but strangers now ♪ ♪ two kids with their hearts on fire, don't let it burn us out ♪ ♪ think about what you believe in now ♪ ♪ am i someone you cannot live without ♪ ♪ cause i know i don't wanna live without you, yeah ♪ ♪ come on, let's turn this all
8:35 am
around, bring it all back to that bar downtown ♪ ♪ when you wouldn't let me walk out on you, yeah ♪ ♪ you said, hey, whatcha doing for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ i said, i don't even know wha i'm doing tonight ♪ ♪ went from one conversation to your lips on mine ♪ are you ready? let's goall you mine ♪ ♪ can i call you mine ♪ so i call you mine runni ♪ can i call you mine ♪ broke kids running through th city, drunk on the subway train ♪you, like we'd never look ♪ set free every time you kisse me, we couldn't feel no pain ♪
8:36 am
♪ you looked at me and i looked at you, like we'd never look away ♪ ♪ broke kids running through th city, don't let the memory fade ♪ ♪ you said, hey, whatcha doing for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ and i said, i don't even know what i'm doing tonight ♪ ♪ went from one conversation to your lips on mine ♪ ♪ and you said, i never regretted the day that i called you mine ♪ ♪ so i call you mine ♪ oh, can i call you mine ♪ oh, you said, i never regretted the day that i called you mine ♪ ♪ think about what you believe in now, am i someone you cannot live without ♪ ♪ i know i don't wanna live without you, yeah ♪ ♪ let's turn this all around, bring it all back to that bar ♪ ♪ when you wouldn't let me walk out on you ♪ ♪ hey, what you doing for the
8:37 am
rest of your life ♪ ♪ i said, i don't even know wha i'm doing tonight ♪ ♪ went from one conversation to your lips on mine ♪ ♪ you said, i never regretted the day that i called you mine ♪ ♪ so i call you mine ♪ oh, you said, i never regretted the day that i called you mine ♪ ♪ can i call you mine hey! are you guys ready one, two, one, two, three. ♪ ♪ ♪ can i call you mine ♪ you said i never regretted th day that i call you mine ♪ ♪ can i call you mine >> the chainsmokers are back with more music after this special guest, ty dolla sign and
8:38 am
bulow. on a rainy friday morning, first, this is "today" on nbc.
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8:40 am
♪ i can't stop thinking ♪ i can't stop drinking about you ♪ we are in the middle of a great concert. it's a rainy one chainsmokers are great sports. bebe rexha, amazing. "world war joy" hit number one on the world's top electronic dance album chart. >> guys are headed on tour this fall thrilled you're with us this morning. drew and alex. >> thank you. >> no, thank you thank you. anyone can do a concert on the plaza, but to do it in the rain like this. you guys are releasing one song at a time on this album, i've noticed. what is the thinking there why do it that way >> because i think that nowadays, there's so much music out there, that you want people to enjoy a song you put out. not to just, you know -- 12 songs, you work so hard on them, and some fall between the cracks
8:41 am
each month, we release one, and it gets the attention we want. end of the day, it is still an album and chronicles a period in our lives. you still get the album. every month, you get a little bit. >> more and more. >> each song is good, it becomes a hit. you have great collaborations. are people burning up your phones you call them? how does it work >> i mean, this case with bebe, "call you mine," this has been serendipitous for us she was the first artist and songwriter we worked with, period we were doing sessions ten years ago, spilling each other's dreams hopefully someday we make it eight years later, we have a song. >> you'll tour in the fall how much fun is tour >> it is going to be intense >> the five seconds of summer guys are amazing >> huge arenas >> we're lucky to do it. we're excited. it is going to be fun. we have a big, big show planned. you know, can't wait only a couple more months. >> all right alex and drew, we're excited i know you have special guests
8:42 am
for this next one. take it away. >> let's do it ♪ do you ♪ do you mean, do you mean what you say ♪ ♪ when you said now, you can't take away, you're my gospel, but i'm losing faith, losing faith ♪ ♪ do you mean, do you mean what you say ♪ ♪ take a minute, do you need to stop and think ♪ ♪ what we have, no, you can't throw away ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it ♪ show me that you mean it ♪ do you really mean it, everything happens for a reason ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, do you, do you ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, do you, do you ♪ ♪ i hope you mean what you say,
8:43 am
girl ♪ ♪ hope you ain't lying to my face, girl ♪ ♪ you said you needed some space, girl ♪ ♪ i tried to stay out the way, girl ♪ ♪ you heard some stories about my past ♪ ♪ wish we could leave 'em in th past ♪ ♪ you said it's hard for you to trust again ♪ ♪ i wonder if you're really ove it ♪ ♪ bounce back like a rebound, oh, yeah ♪ ♪ are you saying what you mean now ♪ ♪ say what you mean ♪ do you mean, do you mean what you say ♪ ♪ what you said now, you can't take away ♪ ♪ you're my gospel, but i'm losing faith, losing faith ♪ ♪ do you mean, do you mean what you say ♪ ♪ take a minute, do you need to stop and think ♪ ♪ what we have, no, we can't throw away, throw away ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, ay ♪ show me that you mean it ♪ do you really mean it ♪ everything happens for a reason ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, do
8:44 am
you, do you ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, do you, do you ♪ let's go ♪ time's up, what you gonna say next ♪ ♪ can't hide what you did to you, yeah ♪ ♪ put you out like a cigarette, put me out of my misery ♪ ♪ it's not now, it's me, come on, seriously ♪ ♪ heard that once or twice before, you got that straight from a movie ♪ ♪ bounce back like a rebound ♪ ooh, yeah ♪ are you saying what you mean now ♪ ♪ do you mean, do you mean what you say ♪ ♪ what you say now, you can't take away ♪ ♪ you're my gospel, but i'm losing faith, losing faith ♪ ♪ do you mean, do you mean what you say ♪ ♪ take a minute, do you need to stop and think ♪ ♪ what we have, no, you can't throw away, throw away ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, ay ♪ show me that you mean it
8:45 am
♪ do you really mean it ♪ everything happens for a reason ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, do you, do you ♪ ♪ show me that you mean it, do you, do you ♪ >> don't go anywhere we've got more chainsmokers music coming up right after this first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ we are back on this friday morning with more of the chainsmokers here they are with their hit "paris." >> thank you guys so much for
8:48 am
coming i know it is wet out here. me if you know this one, sing it with me though ♪ we were staying in paris to get away from your parents ♪ ♪ and i thought, wow, if i coul take this in a shot right now ♪ ♪ i don't think that we could work this out ♪ ♪ out on a terrace, i don't kno if it's fair but i thought out, how could i let you fall by yourself ♪ ♪ when i'm wasted with someone else ♪ ♪ if we go down then we go down together ♪ ♪ they'll say you can do anything, they'll say that i have clever ♪ ♪ if we go down then we go down together ♪ ♪ we'll get away with everything, let's show them we are better ♪
8:49 am
♪ let's show them we are better ♪ ♪ we were staying in paris to get away from your parents ♪ ♪ you look so proud standing there with a frown and a cigarette, posting pictures of yourself on the internet ♪ ♪ out on the terrace, we breath in the air of this small town ♪ ♪ getting drunk on the past we were living ♪ ♪ if we go down, then we go dow together ♪ ♪ they'll say you could do anything, they'll say that i was clever ♪ ♪ if we go down, then we go dow together ♪ ♪ we'll get away with everything, let's show that web♪ are better, yeah ♪ ♪ let's show them we are better show them we are ♪ ♪ show them we are, show them w are ♪ ♪ let's show them we are better ♪
8:50 am
♪ if we go down, then we go dow together ♪ they'll say you could do anything, they'll say that i was clever ♪ ♪ if we go down, then we go dow together ♪ ♪ we'll get away with everything, let's show them we are better ♪ ♪ if we go down, let's show the we are better ♪ ♪ if we go down, let's show the we are better ♪ ♪ if we go down, let's show the we are better ♪ ♪ if we go down, let's show ♪ we were staying in paris ♪ ♪ let's show them we are better yeah ♪ ♪ let's show them we are better ♪ ♪ if we go down, let's show the we are better ♪ ♪ if we go down, let's show the
8:51 am
we are better ♪ ♪ if we go down, let's show the we are better ♪ ♪ let's show them we are better yeah ♪ thank you so much! >> thank you so much the chainsmokers new album is "world war joy. this is "today" on nbc ♪ they'll say that i was better ♪
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ oh, i want somethi ♪ oh, i want something just lik this ♪ so this is where we usually thank the audience extra special. >> artists. >> the fans. >> chainsmokers, amazing collaborators, as well amazing crowd for sticking it out there. not just rain, a torrential downpour. >> i think that's the most rain i can remember. >> it really eventized it, making it looking dramatically
8:54 am
cool bebe-rexha was incredible. >> they'll never forget this. >> alex and drew will stick around for the third hour. >> we'll do it inside. >> towel off. >> that's it for "today. find stories like kid proof your beauty products an you can learn what happens when a bride's mother-in-law showed up to the ceremony wearing a wedding gown herself whoa that's a story >> all right. >> "world war joy," new chainsmokers record. >> coming out song by song. >> thanks, alex, thanks drew. >> back after a check of your local news, your weather, and these messages have a great weekend of your local news your, #.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. a suspect linked to two murders on skyline boulevard is officially charged. 26-year-old malik dosouqi is being held at the san mateo county jail charged in connection with the stabbing deaths of two victims. the story we've been covering
8:57 am
all week here on "today in the bay." one of the homicides happened monday night and the second happened tuesday in the same remote area. happening now a controversial issue is expecting to get attention in oakland today. the city is set to open its first pilot site for part of its rv safe parking program. remember, last week mountain view city council voted to delay considering proposed restrictions on rvs. meanwhile, palo alto discussed creating a safe parking area for rvs earlier this month and virtually passed an overnight ban on parking several months ago. in a new report a state auditor says the california state university put $1.5 billion in its reserves while raising tuition at 23 campuses. the university's chancellor called the finding misleading. i'm marcus washington. we'll have another local news update coming up in an hour.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle here with craig. al had to run and catch a flight. we have stephanie gosk sitting in with us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. thanks for having me here. >> everybody has a name. jobo for jacob, sovo -- >> gosk. just gosk. >> everybody has a name. >> it's tough. i like it. >> while gosk is here, one of our other family members is hanging out with the royals instead. that's okay. dylan is over at the royal ascot in the uk. good morning to you. >> hanging out with the royals is a bit of a stretch, guys.


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