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tv   Today  NBC  June 25, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> so call us, 833-622-5688. can't wait to hear from you. > g. goodmorning overnight, let's talk president security adviser extend olive branch to iran. >> door open to all that iran needs to do walk through that open door morning sayin administration is,quote, mentally sanctions mark the end o diplomacy. where d horrific outrag migrant children are from a filthy overcrowded borr detention center in texas. >> thes conditions i have seen in m2 years o and familie
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>> just ahead what happens o the children still there we're live at the border. the night inquestion, chicago police release the fs images of noos moments after attacked >> you want to take anything >> yeah, i do >> cops standing firm saying was all a hoax could th charges. allthat, plus desperate search, the hunt for a col student in utah who mysteriy vanished afte cruise shi passengers florida after bein injure bahamas. and world cu >> >> team call with an even ahead, an in paris today tuesday, june 25th, >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this guthrie live from miami kotb live from studio 1a in rockefelle hi, everybody, goodmorning, welcome to "today" on a tuy morning. craig's back in studi i'm here in miami ahead of tomorrow's first debate i 2020 presidentia hi, craig, good morning. >> good to see you my frie. it you there is literall set for that two-night >> that'sright, infact, i think this i folks are getting at it we're a center in downtown miami the stage is bein speak inside the night conct hall, and on wednesday nighn thursday night we're going meet the candidates candidates, two we'll be asking them the questions tha their minds. we're going on the debate just ahead we'll start this middleeast iranian officials are blastin those new u.s. sanctions impe by the trump
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labeling them feuda this mean a diplomati richard engel i >> reporter: security adviser john bolton said the u.s. is ready for talks, conditions first as iran isexpressing utte ne this morning are calling ne on the ayatollah stupid and outrageous. iran's president house is afflicted with mental illness. president trump called his action and the target of them appropriate. >> the supreme leader of ira one who ultimately is responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime. he's respected within his country.
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his office overseas the regime's most bruta including the islamic revolutionary guard corp. >> traveled outside of iran in 30 years, so he may not b personally affected, but the sanctions punish anyone or any institution suspected of doing business circle, a broa critics say the u.s. dangerously close to cornering iran already under so many u.s. sanctions, of medicine. in jerusalem security adviser and john bolton said the forc >> the president has held th door open to to completely and ver fie bl eliminat program, ballistic missile deliver systems, international terrorism, and s other maligned behavior
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worldwide. >> reporter: but humiliating iran and crippling its econ may lead t talks. president trum it come need >> i congress abreast, but i wouldn' have to do >> nancy pelosi said you mu have you disagree with her on th. >> >> i do lik bu legally. >> disagree. >> we've heard the back and forth about diplomacy being closed has it actually ha now? >> reporter: i don't think it really is. iran still has many powerful allies russia in particular see a and for russi took iran' dron few days ago, according to russia
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fact, i so >> allright, richard engel in th thank you. meanwhile, here at home there is growing outcry tied o a troubling development in th immigration battle hundreds of have been removed from patrol station in texas reports ofunsanitary conditions and inadequate foo and water. nbc's gabe gutierrez gabe >> reporter: craig, goo morning. we'v indocumentados en la frontera, undocumented migrants here at the border for months, but because the government so heavily restricts access to these facilities, we just didn't know how dire the situation had gotten for some of these children, but now lawyers and immigration activists are speaking out, and what we're hearing is stunning. this morning nearly 300 migrant children detained in filthy, crowded conditions at this border patrol station near n
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other facilities lawyers who visited them say the the children had no access to soap or toothbrushes >> these are the most appalling conditions i have seen in my 12 years of representing children and families who are detained. >> the government says it's overwhelmed and struggling to find space for the growing number of undocumented immigrants being apprehended crossing the southern border, 144,000 in may, the highest monthly total in 13 years. we've seen the surge firsthand as we reported live last month, this woman told us she was desperate to bring her 2-year-old son to the u.s. >> she actually just told us that a gang killed her father in el salvador. >> reporter: here's why the crisis is escalating, unaccompanied children are supposed to spend less than 72 hours being processed before they're sent to 160 facilities across 23 states border patrol officials tell us there's a massive backlog. >> they're out of room
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they don't have anybody, and there's nowhere for them to go. >> reporter: by the end of last month nearly 1,500 migrant children have been in border patrol custody more than 72 hours. of those, more than 300 were under the age of 12. president trump says planned deportation rates are now on hold for two weeks as he pressures democrats to cut a deal to change asylum laws, his reversal prompted partly by a one on one call with house speaker nancy pelosi. >> you're scaring the children of america. >> why let the political debate hurt these children? they could be impacted for years. >> if the democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes, which they refuse to do because they think it's good politics, everything would be solved immediately >> reporter: congress is considering whether to approve $4.5 billion in emergency money for food and medical supplies for unaccompanied children here at the border. craig. >> gabe gutierrez for us there in texas thank you. immigration will certainly be a big topic during the first
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set of primary debates here in miami tomorrow night and preparations are well underway here inside the adrienne arsht center peter alexander joins us now with more on how the candidates are getting ready. you're always on the campaign trail, and the trail has led right here. >> welcome to miami. hot enough for you >> yes. >> this is the first time many of the candidates will have this national audience to demonstrate command of the issues and perhaps some personality as well the first time multiple women will be on stage the back to back debate showcasing the largest and most divorce lineup of democrats in history. >> reporter: as democrats get ready to mix it up in miami, former vice president joe biden may face the toughest criticism. the debates a chance for his 2020 rivals to try to dent his front runner status. but biden remains focused on president trump taking aim at a new miami herald op-ed bashing the president over immigration, writing it's clear trump is only interested in using his policies to assault the dignity of the
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hispanic community and scare voters to turn out on election day. president trump in a new interview with the hill accusing biden without any evidence of lying about why president obama has not endorsed him. >> there has to be some reason why he's not endorsing him he was the vice president. they seemed to have gotten along, and then he goes and lies and says i asked the president not to endorse me. give me a break. >> even before the field of 20 democrats takes the debate stage, they've been trying to upstage one another with sweeping policy proposals. bernie sanders unveiling a plan to erase all student loan debt, nearly $1.6 trillion worth paid for by new taxes on wall street. >> we are punishing people and punishing them severely for the crime of getting a higher education. >> beto o'rourke preparing a plan to pay for future veterans health care. >> we will spare no expense, we will bear any burden to make sure that we meet every single
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returning veteran with the care and the investment that they deserve. >> reporter: and still under fire, south bend mayor pete buttigieg tried to juggle this week's debate with rising racial tensions in his hometown where a white police officer shot and killed a black man allegedly armed with a knife the officer's body camera was not turned on. buttigieg announcing he supports the county prosecutor's call for an independent investigation >> so the candidates are on their way. any word on how they're preparing? >> well, they have all sorts of strategies for different candidates right now miami obviously going to be the center of the democratic universe over the next 72 hours. as for those different strategies the front runners joe biden and elizabeth warren have been off the trail in recent days tonight warren is going to warm up with a town haul in miami, beto o'rourke has one as well. two other faces to watch, kamala harris and bernie sanders, they are preparing privately before they take the stage. >> this is about democratic voters getting kind of their
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first look at the field, 20 of the candidates, not all of them, but 20 of them what are the issues that democrats are talking about out on the trail >> just ask, they'll certainly tell you about it. in a recent nbc news wall street journal poll defines it for us this poll found that the most important issue for democrats, health care, climate change, the economy and guns, but perhaps the issue that could trump all of them is electability. one of the biggest motivating factors for democratic voters as they head into the 2020 election is who can defeat donald trump >> peter, thank you so much. we'll see you over the next few days here in miami the debate tomorrow and thursday, ten candidates facing off each night i'll be one of the moderators along with lester holt, chuck todd, rachel maddow and jose diaz-balart. it's going to be broadcast on msnbc and telemundo and it all starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> we'll come back to you in just a moment. sheinelle joins us with another big story we've been following.
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yes, police in chicago have now released hundreds of unseen files connected to the jussie smollett case and include video of the actor wearing a noose and speaking with officers moments after he reported being the victim of a hate crime, an attack that police say was staged nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on that good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chicago police say they want to be transparent, so now they've released more than 60 hours of videotape evidence they say it proves there was never an attack, that this was all a publicity stunt. >> when chicago police arrived to interview jussie smollett in his apartment, the actor who claimed to be the victim of a hate crime was still wearing a white noose tied around his neck >> you want to take it off or anything >> yeah, i do. i just wanted you all to see it. >> the new videos document in part smollett speaking to officers. >> poured bleach on me. >> who then asked if they could turn off their body cameras. >> turn it off >> yeah, you're giving us permission to shut it off? >> releasing more than 60 hours
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of footage, cpd says the trove of evidence is all part of smollett's elaborate hoax for publicity. >> he did this all in the name of self-promotion. >> reporter: after becoming suspicious of his story early on, police said smollett staged the attack with these men, the osundairo brothers hoping it would be captured on camera, while the alleged beating never was, the subsequent arrest of the men at o'hare international did get recorded the osundairos later told detectives smollett paid them $3,500 to stage the hoax cpd releasing this text from before the incident. the actor telling one brother, might need your help on the low. you around to meet up and talk face-to-fa face-to-face video also shows the men leaving the alleged crime scene and in a cab headed home. they were never charged. >> i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. >> reporter: with smollett
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maintaining he's the victim, a grand jury indicted the actor on 16 felony charges, but prosecutors dropped the case in exchange for community service and court costs. >> it's mr. smollett who committed this hoax, period. >> reporter: this morning jussie smollett still facing no charges after what some say was the role of his life. while county prosecutors did drop all those felony counts, a special prosecutor has now been assigned to the case after allegations of mishandling by the d.a.'s office. that means the case could be reopened and smollett could be charged again. this saga still far from over. sheinelle. >> to be continued miguel, thank you. a lot more to get to this morning, including the united finals after a big win over spain in the women's world cup >> rapinoe will strike rapinoe scores 2-1, u.s. >> there you have it, megan rapinoe scoring both goals for
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the u.s. in a 2-1 victory, both of them on penalty kicks the united states will now play the host country france on friday in what will likely be its toughest game yet. >> good stuff. >> yeah, it was good to see the ladies pull it off yesterday let's check in at 7:16, first check of the weather dylan is in for al >> if you look out the window right now, it is absolutely pouring here in new york city. this line of storms moving through with cloud-to-ground lightning, and it is really producing a lot of rain at this moment it is going to continue to move up through long island and eventually through connecticut and make its way into the new england area as we go through the day. it starts off as a warm front, so you'll notice it's very, very muggy outside as well ask pand of the reason we're seeing the torrential downpours is there's so much moisture in the air. that will move through new england through most of the day. the rain will wind down in the new york, new jersey area by the the time we get into early this afternoon and then that cold front will clear the area. we could see some places like across central and southern rhode island picking up close to
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three inches of rain there's another area where we could see some stronger storms today, and that once again includes chicago stretching through southeastern iowa and especially back through kansas city and parts of northeastern kansas where we could end up seeing large hail, damaging winds in excess of about 60 miles per hour, and we can't rule out tornados, although they will not be widespread still, that is a zone we need to watch for strong storms today. that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds plug that in for me. whoa! -holy smokes! -oh wow! and the all new silverado has more trim levels than any other pickup. whoa! oh wow! -very cool. there's something for all of us. absolutely. it's time to upgrade. (laughter) good tuesday morning.
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i'm kari hall. at yas you head out, beautiful sunshine. and it will be a warm day for the inland areas. reaching into the mid-80s. but we're bringing it down a few degrees. and south bay, expect a high of 81. 79 in palo alto with oakland today reaching 72. and low 80s in the north bay. our temperatures continue to cool off. the inland valleys will reach into the 70s and a beautiful weekend ahead. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. . the frantic search for a college student missing for more than a week after getting a lift ride from a utah airport what her friends and police are now saying about that mysterious disappearance. plus, from here in miami, jacob soboroff joins us with one of the issues that's really on the minds of voters in a really important area of the country. >> one of the states with the most delegates, more than any other, and as always very surprising what we heard from the voters. >> we'll have that in a moment, but first this is "today" on
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still ahead, unpacking michael jackson's complicated legacy ten years after his shocking death. also, remember this dad and his infant son and their conversation that went viral remember those two we featured them in the boost a while back they are here to talk to us exclusively this morning but first your local news and weather. >> he's adorable [ crowd cheering ] [ screaming ] let's go mets! ♪ [ cheering ] but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up
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in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving. good morning to you. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. firefighters right now at the scene of a fire that injured one person at a motel 6 in fremont. here is video from sky rangeer. you can see the scene of the parking lot there. this happened on fremont boulevard east of interstate 880. firefighters are saying that one man was found in a hotel room with serious burns. he has beaeeen transported to a medical center. firefighters did tell our ground crew to move farther away from the scene over concerns that it could be a crime scene. we want to get a look at what you can expect with the weather. kari hall. >> it is beautiful outside. a lot of sunshine. most of the temperatures near
7:27 am
60, so a cool start. and warming up in the inland areas with some breezy winds. but we are on a cooling trend. so it will feel a little bit better than it did yesterday in the south bay reaching 81 degrees. we'll be up toantioch, san francisco staying in the mid-60s. and looking at some 70s in the forecast leading into the weekend. and also early next week slightly warmer with mostly sunny skies and fog in san francisco reaching into the 60s. how are the roads? we're looking at the south bay where we've seen a lot of volume build over the last half hour. and notably north 101 the crash took about 20 minutes to clear, but it is now clear. b we see a little recovery passing by. and south 880 slows with a crash blocking one lane and a big rig involved. meanwhile slowing north 280 typical of that area. rest of the bay looks pretty standard, but eastbound 238
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heading away from 880 i should say counter commute a crash. back to you. and we'll have another local update in 30 minutes. as a family, we always fly emirates.
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7:30 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, june 25th, 2019, on the eve of the first presidential debates of the 2020 race, and that is the scene in miami miami, of course, hosting that debate, so big we're having it over two nights, tomorrow and thursday, and savannah guthrie right there in the thick of it how's it going so far? >> hi, good morning, guys. this is the most crowded field of candidates for a presidential election ever, so it does take two nights 20 democratic candidates on wednesday and thursday night, they're of course preparing making those campaign announcements leading up to the debate we'll also find out about the key issues on the minds of voters in one of the most important voting areas in the country.
7:31 am
but first let's get a check of the morning's headlines. iranian officials say new sanctions levied by the united states spell the permanent closure of diplomacy between the two countries. they're calling sanctions on the ayatollah khomeini outrageous and idiotic. they deny access to financial resources and block their access to any assets they have under u.s. jurisdiction. >> the supreme leader of iran is one who ultimately is responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime. he's respected within his country. his office oversees the regime's most brutal instruments including the islamic revolutionary guard corp. in jerusalem, national security adviser john bolton said all options remain on the table but also said the doosh to negotiations is still open. president trump responded monday to a columnist for elle magazine who accuses the president of sexually assaulting
7:32 am
her 20 years ago the president said e. jean carroll was lying when she said he forced himself on her in a dressing room of a manhattan department store in the mid-1990s. trump said he would not have assaulted her because quote, she's not my type. the allegation against mr. trump is included in carroll's upcoming book about quote the hideous men the writer says she has encountered in her life. the nba handed out post season awards last night, and the top honor went to giannis. the 24-year-old player from athens greece is the third youngest to ever win the award he got emotional when talking about his father who passed away in 2017. >> two years ago i had the goal in my head that i'm going to be the best player in the league. i'm going to do whatever it takes to help my team win and i'm going to win the mvp, and every day that i step on the floor i was thinking of my dad,
7:33 am
and that motivates me and it pushed me to play hard. >> not a dry eye there also handed out last night the rookie of the year award, that went to dallas mavericks star luka doncic. now to the frantic search for a missing college student in utah, her family, friends, and police desperately trying to find her since she vanished more than a week ago. stephanie gosk joins us with the latest. >> there's been no sign of 23-year-old mackenzie lueck for almost eight days now. police in salt lake city say after a late night flight she took a lyft ride to a park miles from where she lived and has not been seen since. mackenzie lueck did not show up for her midterms, and she also missed a wedding in los angeles she was supposed to attend all highly out of character for the 23-year-old, according to friends who say they've stopped getting calls and messages from her. >> i usually speak to her probably every day, either i get
7:34 am
a snapchat, we talk over snapchat, or i'll get a text. >> reporter: according to a time line provided by police, the last text lueck sent was to her mother a week ago telling her she had landed safely at salt lake international airport a lyft driver dropped the young woman at a park several miles from her home just before 3:00 in the morning where police believe another car was waiting. >> detectives have spoken with the lyft driver and learned that mackenzie was met at hatch park by an individual mackenzie did not appear to be in any type of distress. >> reporter: according to investigators, the lyft driver and the ride hailing company have been cooperating. lyft released a statement writing in part, the safety of our community is fundamental to lyft, and we are actively assisting law enforcement. lueck's sorority sister kennedy stoner wonders why she may have been in that neighborhood. >> i know that she does not have a boyfriend, but i do know that she was, you know, casually dating around like a normal 23-year-old.
7:35 am
>> reporter: stoner and her friends have been handing out flyers and speaking out hoping it will help trigger information to help the search >> we believe that she is in danger. >> reporter: so far police have little to go on. >> i just want her to be safe and i want her to be okay. >> reporter: but with each passing day, the fear and urgency are growing. >> of course so, what's the latest in the investigation? >> salt lake police say the longer she's gone the more suspicious it becomes and it allows them legally to look more closely at things like bank records and phone records. they've also been in touch with the family who has not spoken out publicly about this but is cooperating with them very closely. >> challenging situation stephanie, thank you. >> keep us posted. now to the latest on a bad accident involving american tourists in the bahamas this time the group was visiting on a carnival cruise ship when a bus taking passengers on an excursion crashed. some of the injuries were so bad that patients actually had to be airlifted back to the united states
7:36 am
nbc's tom costello has the overnight developments tom, what do we know >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning. this was the carnival cruise ship exsta psy on a five-day tour of the bahamas when this crash happened the injuries in some cases pretty significant and as you mentioned, they actually had to airlift some of those passengers off the bohemian island and into the united states. it was a sight seeing tour in the bamhamas that took a terrifying turn for dozens of cruise ship passengers when their tour bus sailed off a road and flipped over, seriously injuring four of the 32 on board. some of the injured lying on the side of the road until help arrived. nicholas dale, a nursing student was on the tour bus and jumped in to help. >> it was so bumpy, and we were going so fast. once you try to hitted brak the it slid into this palm tree grove. once the bus hit those trees,
7:37 am
windows blew out, and then of course the bus rolled over on itself, and that's whenever kind of the following chaos ensued. >> reporter: the skid marks show the path the bus took just before the accident. carnival says it doesn't know what caused the crash, but no other vehicles were involved, and it's now under investigation. four of the most seriously injured were taken to fort lauderdale with the help of a u.s. military plane and chopper. according to the broward county fire rescue, their injuries range from arm and leg fractures to internal injuries and possible paralysis the remaining 28 passengers treated at a local medical clinic near the crash site and later returned to the carnival cruise ship ecstasy. a spokesperson for the cruise line says the tour was organized by carnival, but operated by a third-party vendor in a statement, the company confirmed the details of the incident adding carnival's care team is providing support to all impacted guests. in the meantime, all excursions by this tour operator have been suspended.
7:38 am
in response to questions about the speed the driver was going, carnival says the accident is still under investigation, so we don't have any information on this at the moment a sobering ending for what was supposed to be a day of adventure in paradise. police are investigating, the cruise ship ecstasy expected to return to jacksonville on thursday guys, back to you. tom costello for us, thank you. let's turn to dylan for a check of the weather we just heard thunder here in new york. >> thunder and lightning, it is still down pouring here in new york, and it's all with this frontal system that's moving through the northeast. it's a warm front, so it's very, very humid another area where it's very humid is down south. we have this area of high pressure it pumps in that southerly breeze it keeps the heat and the humidity around. tallahassee 95 for a high. it will feel like 102. jacksonville will feel like 105. you go farther north, it still feels like it's up around 100 degrees. orlando will feel like 103 today. make sure you stay hydrated and stay indoors during that time period from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. when it's hottest outside.
7:39 am
tomorrow we're looking for more of the same. richmond will feel like 91, wilmington, north carolina, will feel like 97 degrees savannah will feel like 101. the heat will continue to pump in as we go into the latter half of the week. thursday in chicago 87, 88 on friday, 89 by saturday we're looking for 90s in new york city thursday, friday, and saturday humidity will be high. it will feel even warmer than this as well richmond will be running in the mid-90s through the end of the week we are also looking at a chance of some drenching downpours, down near houston this morning, we are seeing really heavy rain, and parts of areas near good morning. i'm kari hall. a live look outside with some sunshine in san francisco. we're going to enjoy that also a cool breeze as the fog lingers near the coast. and our temperatures there reaching the upper 60s. oakland today expect a high of 72 and some mid-80s for some of our inland areas. antioch will reach 85 and 81 in
7:40 am
san jose. we are all going to have a nice cooldown with mid-70s in the valleys, starting tomorrow continuing into the weekend, slight warm-up early next week. >> that's your latest >> and that's your latest forecast. all right, dylan, thank you. coming up, ten years after his death, how michael jackson's fans are grappling with the pop icon's complicated legacy. plus, what are your teenagers doing this summer? it's not too late to find a summer job and get them pointed in the right direction. also ahead, the surprising things that kevin costner is saying about his biggest oscar winning roles. first voters in one key district sound off savannah will have more on that live from miami right after this and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours.
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7:45 am
with a new primary calendar that has my home state of california near the top it's more important than ever. >> there isn't a bigger blue county in america than los angeles. if candidates figure out what matters in california's 28th congressional district, it could be key to winning the entire nomination in the 2016 primary here, hillary clinton squeaked by bernie sanders by just 67 votes out of 138,000 cast. we started in burbank. >> hey, congressman. >> reporter: adam schiff is my congressman and he's represented the 28th for two decades. >> the 28th could be a real bellwether in terms of where primary voters are going. >> what do the 2020 candidates need to say to the 28th district residents? >> i think they're going to need to convince them they can beat donald trump, but they're going to have to address the changing nature of the economy, how people are going to get health care and retirement security in this kind of a gig economy they're going to have to talk about homelessness, which is a huge issue. >> reporter: to see if schiff
7:46 am
was right, we headed further south into the district, and to beat the traffic, we got on the subway. >> so you work two jobs? >> three actually. >> you have three jobs is this. >> yes. >> do you need all three to make a good living? >> yes. >> do you think most of the candidates understand that, what it's like to be somebody who works three jobs >> absolutely not. >> reporter: we got off in east hollywood, an area undergoing rapid development. >> a lot of the presidential candidates are going to be coming rite here to this district they're going to want to win over your guys' votes. what's the winning message >> somebody who doesn't seem fake for sure. >> what do you care about? >> i care about gay ask lesbian rights i care about transgender rights i care about homeless rights i care about housing. >> there's a large homeless population right in the area >> yes, right in my area. >> reporter: los angeles county has more people living on the streets than anywhere else in america. around 60,000 according to the l.a. county homeless services authority. we kept heading east, and not far from my house switched to my favorite way of beating traffic. >> now we're at the far end of
7:47 am
the 28th congressional district and actually just a short ride up and over the los angeles river across that bridge is the 34th district. >> reporter: 2016, sanders beat out clinton by just 4,000 votes. not far from where you cross that bridge, you'll find another one of l.a.'s quickly gentrifying neighborhoods highland park. that's where we met jimmy gomez who's represented the 34th in congress since 2017. >> china town and historic filipino town and korea town and you have people who live in million dollar homes, to people who are struggling to get by the new hipster coffee shop and restaurant to the old school taco place one issue that's cutting across is housing affordability they can't afford to stay in their places and they end up on the streets. >> we're talking about homelessness >> correct >> that's so interesting you're on house oversight. you're in the middle of
7:48 am
investigating the president of the united states every day when you're in d.c., but you're telling me if a 2020 candidate comes to this district for the democratic primary and says i want to talk about affordability rather than impeachment, that might get more people to pay attention? >> yeah. >> what matters to you in elections when you go out and vote >> i think that we have to address like our homelessness issue at the moment. >> that's what he was just saying, a lot of people are talking about that. >> i have kids that commute 60 miles to school. >> 60 miles? >> 60 miles because housing isn't affordable. >> you ever voted before >> i'm planning to next year. >> for the first time? >> yes. >> what matters most to you? >> a chance to have a better future mexican, african-americans, chinese, everyone does. >> that sounds like everybody who lives in this district >> that's right. >> california is hugely important, a huge number of delegates up for grabs. >> exactly and 500 out of the 3,000 that are available, to win california you've got a quarter of the delegates to win the entire thing. the question is is there one issue. it's not a winner take all state. is there one issue that the
7:49 am
candidates can get out there on, is it homelessness, to win the whole thing. the thing is we just don't know. >> we'll find out and start having that conversation tomorrow night thank you so much. the debates will be live tomorrow night, thursday night, nbc, msnbc and telemundo will broadcast them they start at 9:00 p.m. eastern. ten candidates tonight and lots to look forward to we'll send it back to you for the moment. >> fascinating conversation there mr. soeb rotator cuboroff we've got lots more ahead, including the conflicted feelings a lot of folks still have about michael jackson on this tenth anniversary of his death. but first these messages ♪ walgreens save your skin today
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7:53 am
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good tuesday morning. right now at 7:56, and we walk out the door to mostly clear skies. beautiful start to the day in dublin. and we're also going to continue to see more sunshine. our high temperatures just slightly lower than yesterday, reaching 86. 84 in concord. in napa, up to 80. and 67 in san francisco. we are going to cool down as we go throughout this forecast with mid-70s in the inland valleys over the next several days. even going into the weekend. so it will be cooler than normal and then warming up a bit early next week. in san francisco, the fog lingers near the coastline, highs in the 60s over the next several days even into early next week. looks pretty good in this first week of summer. how is it looking on the roads? overall not bad for a tuesday, but we have this traffic alert for the south bay.
7:57 am
south 880, look at that from 101 down to 280, you are jammed. only one lane is open through that stretch. that is a tough drive. might want to use waze to help you around. and jammed in to castro valley. counter commute is a problem off of northbound 880, but rest of it headed toward the maze is moving smoothly. and happening now, we're monitoring a fire this morning at a hotel 6 in fremont that left one person injured. firefighters not saying what happened, but they do say that they found a man in a hotel room with serious burns. he has been transported to a nearby oig medical center. deputies investigating an overnight shooting. a neighbor woke up to gunfire and saw a man who was shot get into a car. so far no official update. our dwigtwitter feed will have
7:58 am
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life. to the fullest.
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it's 8:00 o it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, war of words president trump issues new sanctions targeting iran's supreme leader and other top officials. >> these measures represent a strong and proportionate response to iran's increasingly provocative actions. >> but iran hitting back overnight calling the administration mentally ill. what happens next? we're live with the latest. also, remembering michael jackson ten years after his death we'll take a look at how fans are dealing with the pop icon's complicated legacy. >> what was it about michael jackson that made him such a huge star? >> he was utterly charismatic
8:01 am
and kinetic, and he could do everything and look who's talking the father/son duo from this viral video joins us live in studio 1a. >> no, okay. >> we'll talk to them about that adorable conversation and their newfound fame today, tuesday, june 25th, 2019. ♪ >> hey, from alabama. >> drove here from rapid city, south dakota >> from new lennox, illinois. >> to meet dylan dreyer. ♪ >> hi grandma and pop, from bay city, michigan. >> hello from nbyt. >> twins turning 15. >> from chicago. >> and welcome back to "today"
8:02 am
on this tuesday morning, craig melvin here in new york alongside sheinelle, while savannah guthrie is down in miami on this debate eve i suppose. >> good morning. >> hi, guys, good to see you happy tuesday, yep, we're here prepping for the nifirst democratic presidential debate. the trump administration today urged iran to start real negotiations over its nuclear weapons program. iran's president responded by calling new u.s. economic sanctions on that country, quote, outrageous and idiotic. the president signed the executive order imposing those sanctions yesterday. he called them hard hitting. the sanctions cut off iranian leaders' access to international banking systems and they follow recent aggressive acts by iran including last week's shoot down of a u.s. surveillance drone in the meantime, a little over 24 hours from now as mentioned, the democratic candidates will take the stage here in miami, the first debate in the 2020 presidential race. nbc's white house correspondent peter alexander is here in
8:03 am
position and got more on how the candidates getting ready. >> about to get started very soon, savannah, thank you. to be clear, the democrats are now converging on miami. the front runner of course is joe biden, likely moiamong the t to arrive later this week. he's hunkering down with advisers his aides tell nbc news they acknowledge that other kand day-to-d dates will be looking for a breakout moments they say biden doesn't need one. expect him to emphasize that contrast between himself and president trump. elizabeth warren, she's been rising in recent polls propelled by a laundry list of ambitious proposals. she'll warm up with a town hall. be beto o'rourke will be the same the two of them will debate on wednesday. bernie sanders and kamala harris will share the stage with biden thursday they may look to put a dent in his advantage. the key issues for democratic voters heading into this debate, health care, chlimate change, te
8:04 am
economy and guns and trying to find that candidate who they believe can beat donald trump. >> the debate is tomorrow night and thursday night, ten candidates each night. i'll be one of the moderators along with lester holt, chucked to, rachel maddow and josé diaz-balart. you can watch it live here on nbc and msnbc and telemundo. >> we will let you get back to your debate prep. now to spacex lighting up florida's space coast early this morning. >> three, two, one igniti ignition. >> the company's powerful falcon heavy rocket took flight this morning blasting off from the ca kennedy space center at 2:30 a.m. eastern ceo elon musk called it the most difficult launch the company had ever attempted because of the complicated maneuvering involved it's the falcon heavy's third trip into orbit.
8:05 am
this time it's carrying an assortment of cargo including 24 satellites for the department of defense and other customers. it is official, italy will host the 2026 winter games delegates at the vote in switzerland chanted italia when the decision was announced by the international olympic committee. italy beat out sweden to host the games. the event in 2026 will be split between the cities of milan and the alpine resort of cortina they last hosted in 2016, and cortina hosted the winter games in 1966. we got the news covered, 8:05 now, that's when we do our morning boost. so picture this, raining cats and dogs outside you've got four kids, but just one umbrella. >> what do you do? >> no problem at all for this louisiana dad. check this out he picks up each child one at a time carries them to the car making the others wait on the front porch until he gets back, starts
8:06 am
with the youngest, of course, goes all the way down the line making a special delivery for each and every child, even his oldest. >> that's sweet, look at that. >> and you know she could have walked >> you hear? that's cute. everybody ready? let's go and make a run for it. just ahead, where michael jackson's legacy stands ten years after his death. also, we still cannot get enough of this dad and that very talkative baby boy of his. we're going to find out what they're talking about this morning because they are with us live he's already been chatting it up here in 1a we'll talk a little bit more right after this
8:07 am
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8:11 am
after 8:00 with today's talker as jenna joins us. good morning to you. >> believe it or not, today actually marks ten years since the sudden death of michael jackson shocked the world. in the wake of allegations that have recently surfaced, his fans are, again being forced to re-examine the king of pop's legacy ♪ oh, baby, give me one more chance ♪ >> he was a child prodigy, a musical genius ♪ beat it, beat it >> and a dynamite entertainer. michael jackson's record setting career dazzling dance moves spanned four decades and defined an era, but on june 25th, 2009, his sudden death brought the world to a halt. >> i just wanted to say i love him so much. >> the collective emotions i would say were shock and kind of overpowering loss.
8:12 am
>> margo jefrsferson is a cultul critic, a biography about the life of the pop culture icon. >> what was it about michael jackson that made him such a huge star? >> he was utterly charismatic and kinetic, and he could do everything. >> but jackson's larger than life persona was not without controversy. for years he dodged rumors and allegations of child sexual abuse. in 2005 the world watched as he stood trial for child molestation charges. three months later he was acquitted on all counts. >> he was like disgraced royalty. >> he'd be exiled. >> exiled from cultural admiration and acceptance. i definitely felt that death in that way was a kind of salvation for his reputation as an artist. it allowed people to lay to rest for a time those controversies.
8:13 am
>> until "leaving neverland". >> exactly this past march the two part documentary debuted on hbo turninged camera on two men who said jackson took advantage of them as children. >> he helped me with my creativity and all of those sorts of things, and he also sexually abused me for seven years. >> the film prompting a strong backlash against jackson and his music. >> you could see the marks that their stories seemed to have left on them psychologically, and i think that was overwhelming. >> ten years after his death, fans are still grappling with the king of pop's legacy, some like popular hollywood deejay michelle paish have decided to stop playing his music. >> i am not here to cancel michael jackson, but i am going to err on the side of the victim i don't want to take the risk of triggering somebody that has been abused or sexually abused.
8:14 am
>> others including some of jackson's die hard fans have mounted campaigns to prove his innocence. this past weekend singer janet jackson opened up about her brother's legacy telling the sunday times it will continue. i love it when i see kids emulating him, when adults still listen to his music. for those in the middle, though, the debate continues are we perhaps looking at this the wrong way, this idea that we have to separate the man from his music? >> yeah, i think we can. there's so often this debate, is the art more important or is the life we can do both we really can think about and cope with both >> it's an interesting conversation. >> yes >> i went in yesterday and i said to her, i was like you know, because we've talked about it here. i am one folks who grapple with how you can listen to michael jackson's music but separate that from what we now know, and i thought,
8:15 am
you know, i thought it would be like a little therapy session, and i did not leave with closure. >> no. >> as you said the debate continues, and i've listened to fiery arguments on both sides, so the debate will continue. >> her point was maybe it's not the man or his music maybe it's the man and his music, the art and the artist viewing it as part of. >> interesting like i said the debate continues. >> and it will. how about we talk about the weather. >> yes, that is not a debate it is raining across the northeast for sure, and that is going to make its way up into new england. heavy rain is going to make its way through parts of upstate new york and into vermont and into massachusetts. we also have heavy rain filling in across houston, lots of thunderstorms too. temperatures will be very, very warm hundreds in the southwest. it will feel like it's above 100 down through the south that is the oppressive good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. hazy skies but we have sunshine
8:16 am
so grab the sunglasses before you head out. we'll start out with temperatures in the low 60s and then head up to the mid 80s in the valleys. oakland today reaches 72 degrees with san jose up to 81. we'll be slightly cooler in a few spots and some breezy blends but the big cooling happens tomorrow. some mid 70s in the valleys and that continues into the start of the weekend with the warmup next week. >> that's >> that's your forecast. >> you're wearing dual hats again this morning, ready for some pop start last night jimmy fallon invited his "tonight show" guest chrissy teigen to play a game called can you feel it the pair each took turn sticking their hands inside boxes and guessing what the mystery objects were some weren't so bad, while others elicited some strong reactions. >> why is this box bigger than
8:17 am
the other box? >> it appears to be docile >> good luck it's fun it's going to be fun you want a hint? >> yes >> have you seen jurassic park >> oh, my. >> i have no idea what it is at all. >> oh, my gosh i have no idea what it is at all. oh, is it a frog >> no. >> ew! are you out of your mind >> i could never >> he got the live and she got the little dinosaur toy. >> that's a great game, though. >> that is a good idea. >> should we try to play it? >> you should. >> i should? >> you should. >> we all volunteer jenna.
8:18 am
>> okay. let's do it tomorrow. next up, as we continue to hope for a possible "friends" reunion, some former guest stars of the iconic hit show sat down with to chat about their experiences with the sitcom take a look. >> i remember talking to marta about friends, and she just said for some reason the stars aligned. the stars just aligned, and you had these six people who were just the most perfect actors for these parts. >> people can identify with the characters and the writing is that good. i think that that's always a good -- it's a very clear sign to me when you don't have to do anything but say the line, and that's how it always was on "friends". >> they were that group of friends. they were that family that everybody wants to be a part of and everyone got to sort of join them once a week, and i think that's why it lasted >> love fun bobby. >> the friends cameos continue with cole sprouse, ross's son ben.
8:19 am
to see all the actors who shared their reflections head over to >> they need to redo it for this song alone. >> it's happening. we're bringing it back. >> the "today" show is bringing "friends" back. and kevin costner, the actor shared his reflections on some of his biggest films and revealed some interesting facts. for instance, costner's 1992 film with whitney houston "the bodyguard" released a movie poster that didn't even feature the real singer. costner said houston had left the set for the day so they used her double in this scene he thought it would make the perfect movie poster and that it did. who knew and when talking about "dances with wolves" costner remembered the night hi won the oscar for best director and best picture for the film he admitted he didn't attend the after parties because he simply didn't know you were supposed to he got a lot of flak for that. he also mentioned that he almost
8:20 am
lost the role in "field of dreams" to robin williams. to read more, you can pick up the latest issue of "entertainment weekly". >> i wonder who that woman was in the movie. >> that was her body double. >> you want to find her? >> you can say that's her claim to fame. >> that was a great poster. as you mentioned, we have some special guests here this morning. >> that's right, the father and son stars of that viral video that's racked up millions of views since it was posted two weeks ago that captured our hearts early on. if you have not seen it yet, get ready to smile. >> he was like, ahh, you know what i'm saying, i was like what in the world don't do that here, you know what i'm saying? yeah yeah, yeah >> it's just another afternoon on the sofa, a dad and his son watching tv talking. comedian dj pryor and his 19-month-old son kingston have always had conversations.
8:21 am
>> so dj decided to record a recent chat, the heartwarming babble banter video went viral with almost 100 million views across multiple immediate kra platforms, and it didn't take long for advertisers to take notice. >> i think it's perfect we came here to have a booth chat among father and son. >> the runt charestaurant chain baby from viral video and take him to denny's, check. while it's not clear if kingston is aware of his celebrity status, his dad knows he has a lot to say and wants to keep on talking. >> i thought the same thing. we think a lot alike, huh? >> let's keep the conversation going. dj and kingston pryor, good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> i feel like the law of television whenever you have a little one on television and you want them to talk, they will
8:22 am
not. >> they will not >> so we'll see what happens. >> are you about to say something? are you going to talk? >> what if i say hello, now what are you going to say >> it's your time to shine, man. the world's watching you. >> he's like not if we're not on the couch. >> dj, i mean, this video got 100 million views so far what do you think it is about the video that really compelled so many people to click and watch? >> i think you just see a father connecting with his child, which you don't often see, so when you see that it resonated with people it was o it was organic it was one of those moments that we have every day in the house and i think people connected with that. >> he likes microphones. >> this is his life. >> is he normally chatty at home >> he is, yes. right now it's early there's like lights. >> i'm just going to hit dad with this little microphone. >> it's no surprise that denny's decided to giver you a call and say hey, come on over. what happened? >> they hit me up the next day,
8:23 am
they hit me up on instagram, i was like this is not the real denny's. >> denny johnson. >> and i saw the blue check, and i said my representation, contact them, and then my agent hit me up like ten minutes later and said hey, denny's just hit us up. we got something put together for what was supposed to be just a father's day campaign. bigger than just father's day. >> you mentioned agent and repgwepg representation we should point out your a comedian. >> i'm a stand up comedian i'm an actor this gave me exposure. >> kingston's like you're welcome, dad >> you're welcome dad. it took him one year to figure out what it took me 16 years to get to he figured it out in one year. so he's 19 months now, did you ever baby talk to him, or did you always just talk to him like he was 14? >> no, i've always talked -- i've always talked to my kids like they were -- so they could know how to communicate. with him i know if he points at something, i know at least what
8:24 am
the subject is if he's pointing at this toy, i know we're talking about this toy. i don't know what he's saying exactly. i'll translate and he'll work back and forth with me >> and it seems like when he's talking, he believes that you understand him >> yeah, he gets excited oh, dad, gives me like, as you see in the video, he's like -- yes, dad's getting it. >> he's 19 months, right >> yes. >> does he have some words. >> when he wants to. daddy go, when he wants to, he gets with it as soon as the camera's cut off, he doesn't have a whole lot to say. everybody wants something. >> he's so cute. >> here's something else about him, he has a face that's so expressive he speaks with his eyes and mouth. the way he's looking at sheinelle right now, it's like who are you crazy lady >> when he first came in i'm like hi kingston, how are you? he's liking at me like my dad doesn't talk to me like that.
8:25 am
>> go ahead and do what i've been doing in stand up comedy and roles and try to find some way to kick open the door. i want my son to live normal. >> can we expect more videos >> maybe, maybe, yeah, we're just going to live normal. might post something. >> those things you can't plan it. >> you can't plan it just have fun, just live life. >> dj, kingston, thank you. >> thank you so much for having us. >> keep us posted, keep us posted on your career too. straight ahead, the benefits of a summer job for your teenager that go way beyond a simple paycheck. plus, the recipe for a refreshing meal just right for those hot summer nights after your local news.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. there is an update to the late-night shooting in san jose. it happened a little before 11:00 p.m. not too far from san jose city college. one man was shot in a driveway. they say the gunman ran from the scene. we did speak with neighbor that believes the victim got into a nearby vehicle after he was shot but so far investigators have not been able to track down either the victim or the shooter. video from the crew at the scene shows two people in handcuffs. we still do not know if they are tied to that shooting. let's check that morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> everywhere except the south bay looks good except the south bay because look at the traffic. usual northbound push but this
8:27 am
is exceptionally bad. from 101 down to the 280 interchange only one lane remains open and has been like that for over an hour and a second crash near 101 right in the same area. the first one took quite a toll on the traffic. we have one more issue. south 238 near 14th, this crash should be clearing and a little volume of the traffic and commutes have been slow and held up san leandro. easier drive through oakland and typical through the bay bridge and the toll plaza and usual backup. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ it is 8:40 now on a tuesday morning, it's june 25th, 2019. it's always a special morning on the plaza, but this is especially special sunny is here with us, and thursday is going to be sunny's last day. >> what? that went fast. >> sunny's got to move on to work. >> but bigger and better things. >> sunny's graduating. we're going to miss you buddy. we've got like a long good-bye planned for sunny. >> it's going to be good should we have a crowd moment for just a second? >> when is the pindal family >> hi pindal family. >> hi, how's it going? >> how are you >> we're from bay city, michigan. >> and i hear it has been your
8:31 am
dream to come to the "today" show. >> i watch you all the time. >> thank you >> and here you are. >> we're so excited. >> and the fact that it was pouring outside and you guys are still here. >> monsoon rains, but we're here. >> but you're back, and i hear there's somebody you want to meet in particular whose name starts with a c. >> craig. >> where is he >> all right i would love to meet you guys. how are you? what's your name >> i'm jeff. >> nice to meet you. i'm craig. >> what's your name? >> sam. >> sam, nice to meet you. >> i'm ann. >> ann, nice to meet you. >> and what's your name? >> lauren. >> lauren, can we hug it out so nice to meet you. >> let's give the pindal family a round of applause. >> thank you, guys. >> that's good stuff >> coming up, although it's raining now, so it's not -- allergies aren't as bad when it rains, right >> i don't know, mine are killing me. >> we're going to talk about ler allergies. new research on a simple way to protect your kids that could actually change, even save their lives.
8:32 am
>> and speaking of kids, we've got an impressive group right here they spend their summers working hard, making money and learning important life lessons what they can teach your kids about the value of a summer job. plus, who wants to eat ooh. >> we're going to be cooking with new york's hot summer chef, flavors that are bound to impress your friends and family. coming up on the third hour, our consumer confidential this morning, what to do before you leave for summer vacation to keep you safe on that trip we'll dig into that. but first a check of the weather. it looks like it's gotten a little better. >> the heaviest of the rain is over it's muggy, isn't it it's hard to breathe, that's not just for the northeast. >> it is going to be oppressive across the northeast, along the east coast, down through the southeast as well. in the southeast it will feel like it's above 100 degrees. severe storms will fire up later today across eastern kansas into parts of missouri and iowa then tomorrow those strong storms slowly move forward to the east into illinois, indiana, and ohio
8:33 am
the heat continues to build and even spreads farther north tomorrow up into the mid-atlantic area, and we could good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in san francisco. we see the fog and clouds in the distance. temperatures today heading into the upper 60s. we'll be up to 80 in napa, oakland today reaching 72 degrees and 81 in san jose and mid 80s in the inland valleys. we'll cool off over the neck several days looking at mid 70s in the forecast going to the start of the weekend. it will warm up a few degrees early next week while san francisco stays in the mid 60s. >> that's >> and that's your latest forecast. >> >> we're sad, we don't want him to leave. >> no, we don't. up next, concerned about food allergies for your kids? fascinating prevention method that some parents are now turning to
8:34 am
but first this is "today" on
8:35 am
8:36 am
>> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought >> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought to you by biktarvy. this morning on your health today, new information about preventing a dangerous medical condition that all parents need to hear. n nbc's kristen dahlgren joins us with the details. >> we're talking about food allergies. the number of children with the condition is skyrocketing. a lot of people are asking what's going on. researchers now believe they have the answer, and it turns out there could be a simple way to prevent them. nearly 6 million children in the u.s. now suffer from food allergies. that's equal to two students in every classroom. with a dangerous condition that can easily turn deadly if someone around them is not careful, and doctors say it's only getting worse. >> it's a rise that is an
8:37 am
epidemic by definition, and for some countries it's doubling every ten years. >> reporter: such a dramatic increase has been a mystery until now. some of the world's top researchers think the food allergy epidemic is caused by what they say was bad advice given to parents for much of the past 20 years. >> they were seeing a slight uptick in food allergy incidents across the u.s., and so they started a guideline, let's tell parents just to delay the introduction of peanuts, shrimp, egg, milk to some extent, and then all tree nuts. >> so was this advice of delaying some of these potential allergens actually dangerous >> ten years after that, we saw the uptick go like this. >> reporter: stanford university allergy researcher says new research found that introducing children to common allergens like peanuts later in life can cause the body to think it's a foreign invader sparking allergic reactions in some people now organizations like the american academy of pediatrics have started encouraging early introduction of peanuts to
8:38 am
infants to prevent allergies from developing. one landmark study found that feeding infants peanuts actually reduced the rate of food allergies by up to 80%. >> i was told no peanuts, no eggs, no shellfish, and the list is so big. >> new mother kk samples suffers from food allergies herself putting 7-month-old isabella at risk of developing them. armed with information from her doctor she's doing something that she says was frightening at first. for the last five months, she's been feeding her daughter a special powder that contains tiny amounts of 16 different risky foods including shellfish, peanuts and eggs, food she thought she had to avoid. >> really nervous, terrified for me to give her something that i know she could maybe be allergic to was just this like weird roller coaster of emotions, but i realized i don't want her to be like me and have the asthma allergies that i have. >> for babies who are at high risk like those who have severe eczema or a family history of
8:39 am
allergies it's not so simple they must be tested by their doctor before starting any risky foods. baby isabella hasn't had any allergic reactions so far. now her mother hopes she'll never have them. >> to many parents, though, it might seem really scary to give your infants these foods over the last few years, major medical organizations have developed these guidelines on how to do it safely. so babies at high risk for developing allergies including those with severe eczema or a strong family history can start peanut foods at four to six months but they need to get evaluated by their doctor. babies with mild to moderate eczema can start peanuts at home at six months. parents should talk with their doctor before they start those at low risk, it's up to the parents how and when they want to introduce them. >> my twins have nut allergies one of them is allergic to eggs, the other is shellfish, and it never crossed my mind. they were crawling at the time, i dropped a peanut butter and jelly sandwich i took away the knife, and they
8:40 am
were eating the peanut butter and next thing you know my boy twin, his face looked like it was attacked by hornets. >> which is scary. >> i had no idea. >> it's really scary, but the kids that we talked to that are doing these trials and doing the tiny, tiny bits of peanuts it's working. i shared cupcakes with this one girl who wasn't ever able to have cake at a birthday party because she was worried what would be in there. >> that's phenomenal. >> where are you going >> i'm going to make my way across the studio here look who we have, we've got some hardworking teenagers. we love to see hardworking teenagers and hardworking stephanie ruhle as well. it's not too late for your kids to find their side hustle this we're going to talk ab
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> and welcome back, if your teenagers don't know what to do this summer, it could be time to get a summer job it's a great way to earn money
8:43 am
for college, pay for that smartphone, maybe contribute to the family budget. plus, they could actually learn some useful skills, some life skills nbc's stephanie ruhle, she was a -- i hear a great lifeguard but also a self-admitted terrible waitress in her teenage years. wow, what is that picture from >> my lifeguarding days. see, you can see the joy in my face as a lifeguard and the frowns from people who ate in my restaurants. >> is it too late to find a summer job >> absolutely not. these are part-time jobs there's turnover in part-time jobs all the time. 4th of july is a week away we know there's going to be more travelers this year possibly than ever before, so if you live in a beach town, a resort town, get out there. there's work what you have to do is be willing to work on nights and weekends when a teen says, yes, i want a summer job. i just don't want to work on the 4th of july. that's not an option that is a summer job. >> and there may be more opportunities for teenagers this summer i would assume because
8:44 am
there are fewer teenagers working. in 2018, 35% of teenagers 16 to 19 worked. >> you've got more teenagers going to summer school, you have a lot of kids taking advanced courses because they're trying to ap out and possibly not pay for a college course you've got all those high pressure mom and dads pushing the unpaid summer internship and i know i have this at home, if you've got an athlete. if your kid is an athlete today, traveling, tournaments, that takes up the summer. >> rowan, 16 years old, right? >> yes. >> where do you work >> silver mine, golf club in norwalk, connecticut. >> that's my neck of the woods >> yes. >> what are you learning at your job? >> i'm learning all kinds of like life skills, time management, responsibilities, because i work like long shifts. i have to lock up, make sure everything's put away and safe for the next day to come out and use again.
8:45 am
>> so here's the thing, rowan just mentioned some life skills there, it's not just about making a few bucks during the summer >> it's about the responsibility around that, and also the joy. far teenager to suddenly have money in their pocket that they earned, they don't have to be hitting dad up for it. drexel university did a study and said the sooner you have kids working, they're going to get in a working mind-set and say i want to be working in the future it changes the game. >> olivia, where do you work >> at strallo's light house. >> it's your family's ice cream shop >> yes, it's my dad's shop >> what advice do you have for working teenagers? >> one piece of advice that i would say is being on time is being late. >> ah. >> so it has to do with time management, so being ten minutes early is being on time >> isn't that great? you think a teenager, oh, my shift starts at 1:00, i roll in at 1:00, no, you're scooping at 1:00.
8:46 am
>> what's the best ice cream at strallo's? >> chocolate. >> now, what do you do savannah? >> i lifeguard for a company called aqua tech. >> okay, where >> all over long island? >> here's the thing about your story that i enjoy, rotc, that's the plan right >> yes, in college, i think that lifeguarding helps i guess prepare me to be surrounded by emergency situations. >> how'd you find your job >> it was actually really easy i just downloaded an app, like a job recruiting app. >> yeah. >> just typed in lifeguard, and i was actually hired while i was taking the course, so i was guaranteed a job right out of it >> but that's important, craig people need to realize, teenagers can go online, in person, a lifeguard you've got to get certified if you're in the food services business, you might need a permit it's more than just hey, what's out there, what might i like there might be some requirements >> really quickly here, how involved should parents be in this process
8:47 am
>> not very. involved in that making sure their kids get out the door, look clean and appropriate, but these teenagers have to do it themselves they're the problem solvers. when there's a problem in the kitchen and you're a waitress, you can't call your mom. >> steef knphanie ruhle always d to have you. thank you, olivia, thank you savannah appreciate you guys. our next guest worked in the kitchen when he was a teenagers. just ahead, a simple summer meal with chicken and salad packed with fresh flavors that you'll want to make tonight
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back with today food this morning we're taking your basic chicken and turning it up with some exciting summer flavors and herbs. this is the best part. apparently it's easy here to show us how it's done is chef james kent. he has been cooking since he was 15 years old, training ask
8:50 am
cooking allaround the world and this year he opened his first restaurant, kraun shy. it's been a love fest during the commercial break chef james, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us about this restaurant that everybody is already raving about. >> we opened the restaurant three months ago and i've been cooking since i was 12 i'm from new york. i was thrown into the kitchen when i was a young kid, and for me it was just that point, and i've worked for a long time at great restaurants. >> it was time >> and now, you know, you've traveled all around the world. what inspires you to create new dishes >> for me it's really like the ingredient is like the base level, like what's the best, what's local, and just like making it taste great. >> they're eating it already, so let's get started. what are we making this morning? >> we're going to start with the brine for the chicken. we have a green chicken, a heritage breed from pennsylvania, and we brine it for 24 hours we have all this citrus, we have lemon, lime, ginger, grapefruit orange. >> it definitely makes a difference when you brine.
8:51 am
>> this makes it taste so great, super flavorful. we have salt, and then we drop all these chilies. we have fresh ginger, habanero, jalapeno and shallots. >> if i were to ask you what separates this from any other chicken recipe, is it this part of it? >> this is what it is. >> it's so good. >> it takes 36 hours we brine it for 24. >> do you taste the 36 hours in there. >> this tastes at least 36 i was going to say 38. >> it's super tasty. >> so succulent. >> we buzz this, and then we brine the bird at home, you put it in a bag, we brine it for 24 hours. at that point we take it out and dry it in the fridge for 12 hours to get the skin really dry. that helps crisp it up, and then we try not to set things on fire here. >> it is hot >> tell me this, does it have a little kick to it? >> it's spicy. but for me i don't love spicy food but it has high elements, highs a sits, seasoned well. >> it's not a spice that lasts long. >> it's the perfect spice. >> it's bright and delicious i don't like spicy food at all,
8:52 am
this is like the highest level i can really deal with. >> so now you make it artsy. >> at this point we make it really pretty. we have a citrus, kind of the same stuff we brine the bird in. and then we have this. >> this is hot sauce, made with habaneros, red peppers, garlic, onion, and then this is we call it our crown hot sauce >> this is how you know he's a fancy chef i thought he was going to smear it on the top. >> i love covering food. you see this chicken here, it's completely covered at the restaurant, we like use tweezers and completely cover it and basically high it so it's a surprise. >> i love it. >> so the guest comes and chops it up. >> you have to eat your way to the chicken. >> i love it. >> what's this next piece? >> we are going to do a really simple salad, romaine lettuce with a house made goddess dressing it's chive, spinach, parsley,
8:53 am
shir vol, we blend it up, we add creme fresh, mayonnaise, lime juice and champagne vinegar. >> simple enough and it's really fresh. >> it's really fresh, it's light and the lettuce itself is very crispy it's just crisp and very good. >> i see a paint brush over here what did you say >> what kind of lettuce is that? >> romaine lettuce. >> we take the dressing and we take raw garlic and grate it. >> look at this, guys. >> at the last second we'll grate just a touch just to add that little bit of kick. >> do you taste the cook >> my cooks hate me because we sell like 50 a night. >> so do they have to sit here and paint? >> we paint every one. >> start painting. >> that's why it's so good >> i just don't want it to get beaten up. instead of people tossing it into a bowl, it's delicate. >> every leaf? >> i'll come paint for you >> you've been to the restaurant >> this is so yummy. >> that's amazing. good to have you. >> you're going to open another one soon, right? >> we are in this beautiful
8:54 am
building we are on the ground floor on the 66th floor we're opening this elegant fine dining restaurant in six months. >> we'll be there. >> i hope to be back to cook with you guys. >> we hope to be back. >> here's the wbeauty of it, you're doing fine dining but the folks at home can do it too because you've given us the recipe. >> the chicken, you can marinate it, put it in the freezer and it's great on the grill. >> what about this can we do this >> one layer at a time. >> it's easy it's about taking time. >> how cool is that. >> it's patience. >> james, thank you so much. so nice to meet you. such an honor. >> all of these recipes are on >> i want the hot sauce recipe, this is fantastic. >> guys. all right, oh, sorry, i'm so distracted >> her mouth is full. >> i'm expected to talk right now? >> yes. >> speaking of food, we have something interest at should mac and cheese be crispy or creamy? >> creamy. >> both, crispy. >> i like crispy on top. >> now we're going to debate that. a few minutes ahead,
8:55 am
sheinelle's going to introduce us to a group of women showing off their dance moves and spreading a positive message in the process. then on the fourth hour we have terry crews. >> isn't he hilarious? >> i hope he's still not can go that fasting thing. >> he's a faster >> i'm going to bring him some chicken and we'll end that plus your local news
8:56 am
a local politician who spent most of his life hiding a secret. >> then a park ranger with pride protecting a piece of history. this week on the third hour of "today." good morning. firefighters are not saying what caused a fire at a hotel. they took one man to a hospital. this is on free month boulevard. firefighters found a man with serious burns and told our ground crew to move further away from the scene just because it could be a crime scene.
8:57 am
again, no updates right now. a live look for you where a little more, couple hours from now this morning san francisco leaders will unveil plans for the airport's new terminal one that will include a permanent exhibit honoring the gay rights pioneer. happening now, we have a crew at the airport getting a first look at the plans. you can look for a full report during the midday newscast. deputies have just released details about an overnight shooting not far from san jose city college. they say video confirms one man was shot and ran from the scene. a neighbor believes the victim got into a vehicle nearby after being shot. so far investigators have not been able to track down the victim or shooter even though the crew did see people detai d detained. >> nbc bay area, we investigate.
8:58 am
8:59 am
hi, everybody laura with kerri hall where we transformed to the make a wish wish-a-thon. >> we have big donations coming.
9:00 am
call and we have spanish speak ers here. give the calls to nbc bay, as well.r of "today." i'm dylan here with sheinelle and craig. al is on assignment. long time, no see. i'm still cleaning my teeth. the food was so good. >> craig said if you brine something for 36 hours, it is probably going to have a little kick. >> delicious. >> you have to think about it 36 hours in advance, not having like, today i want to make that. it's not happening. >> i love it. >> just the hot sauce alone, too. >> was yummy. >> i did spill it on my dress. >> we just had a nice cooking segment. >>, and you can make it yourself at home. >> absolutely. important update.


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