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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 26, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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see them face-to-face, and face the tough questions together. team coverage from miami. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us on this wednesday. mime marcus washington. >> and i'm anoushan rasta in for laura garcia. a good week and weekend and rest of the week ahead of us. >> here on out looking great. cooler weather and we'll continue to cool off over the next few days, even in the valleys. it's been hot, i know, but we can leave off the air conditioning today. get out the door with a clear view outside. santa clarita, upper 50s. usual start to the morning leading to a slower warm-up throughout the day as high temperatures only reach mid-70s in the south bay. talk about all of the microclimates coming up and, mike, you're updating the san mateo bridge. >> last time we saw, a tow truck joined in with traffic on word
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of an incident on the span. whether or not they got a report, i don't see slowing. haven't seen a problem from the live view. the sensors show a little build approaching the toll plaza. actually not in view of our camera. watch. a little glip shows up on the incline. dumb ba du dunbar bridge, lighter traffic. we can focus on this today. and the toll bridge, lighter through the maze and toll plaza, you have your way. back to you. breaking news. tracking a fast-moving brush fire in stanislaus county in the foothills west of patterson, the other side of mount hamilton. it started last night and exploded to 1,000 acres contained. bob redell will join us in the next 30 minutes with more. developing news, three people dead in morgan hill after po killed two people at a car dealership
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before turning that gun on himself. he was a disgruntledals employee, we're told. live in morgan hill, the in u.s. is realu.s. -- news is shocking to the community. >> reporter: right. really tough news out of morgan hill. this morning the investigation continues. police were investigating throughout the night and this morning saw a crime scene investigator on-scene and saw a tow truck. we have video of it pulling away with a gray ford focus. we don't know who that ford focus belongs to but hoping to learn more about that and the investigation as the day unfolds. what we do know about this deadly shooting. shots fired around 6:00 last night at the service center in the office at this dealership. police say when the first officers arrived they found one man on the ground they believe was the suspect who shot himself. he had a gun in his hand.
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inside the dealership offices they found two other men. police sources told us the shooter is believed to be a former employee who was fired just yesterday. just before the shooting happened, and witnesses working at the dealership told us that the same thing, and listen to what one man had to say about someone he believes was one of the victims. >> i do know he has kids and a wife. unfortunately, you know, someone will go home tonight without a father. >> reporter: really heartbreaking to hear that. a frightening scene. afterwards people were running from the building, people hugging trying to support each other. we're hoping to learn more as the morning continues. live here again one more time in the show with another update and let you hear from another victim. another witness. reporting live "today in the ba >> that's never easy to digest. our thoughts with those families
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affected. 6:03 right now. this is a live look in miami. the 2020 debates hosted by nbc ne democr they're being divided over two nights. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live for us outside of miami concert hall with the latest. tracee? >> reporter: marcus, good morning. the californians, three of them, are tomorrow night. tonight a mix of veteran lawmakers and some who are new to the national stage. all of them trying to stand out in round one of this debate. the stage is set. the countdown is on. >> this is our chance. to fight hard and to win. >> reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren leading by double ditch is in a new poll with progressives.
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>> has a chance to dominate, if she plays her cards well, it should work for her because she'll be the center of attention. >> reporter: it's two hours, packed with questions on everything from immigration to iran. >> i will make sure that we only take this country in to war as a last resort. >> reporter: that's beto o'rourke from texas. he'll be sharing center stage. for those trails in the poll, tonight is their chance. >> i'm the only candidate than put forward a plan on police reform. >> reporter: to break out of the pack. >> the opportunity for a candidate to break through is pretty split. >> reporter: 60 seconds for answers. 30 to follow-up. ten more candidates debate thursday. the top tier including former vice president joe biden. biden wrote this op-ed in the "miami herald" criticizi the president shot back. why no endorsement from barack obama? asked the president not to endorse me. give me a break. >> reporter: give me a chance,
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is what most candidates will be asking voters tonight. tracie potts, nbc news, miami. and that debate is tonight at 6:00. lester holt and savannah guthrie lead our team of moderators. watch it right here on nbc bay area, or in spanish on telemundo 48. in miami right now, our report hear a report later coming up at 6:30. 6:06 and new this morning, palo alto police searching for a man wanted in connection to a sexual assault. it happened near university avenue and march lowe strelowe . the victim tried to chase the suspect but he ran back to his audi and drove away. catholic church leaders calling on state lawmakers to reconsider a beal penalizing priests for not reporting a sexual abuse o minors td confes.
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"today in the bay's" reporter joins us live with details of that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anoushan. president of the catholic league calls the bill unjust and hinted to california lawmakers it could lead to lawsuits from the catholic church or different diocese across the country. going to talk about this now. basically it would hold priests accountable. penalize priests who don't come forward regarding sexual abuse by minors if told to them by confessional or another priest. the kath like league believes priests to be held accountable for actions they feel it will violate what they call the sacrament of the kecatholic church. a lawsuit was reached for one abuse, $6 million settlement.
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the home is affiliated with the diocese who paid out nearly $30 million when it coming to clergy abuse. right now a look at what we can expect throughout the day here in the bay area. meteorologist kari hall tracking what we like too say are very pleasant temperatures throughout the day. >> look at this. a beautiful sunrise getting ready to step out the door. looking from belvidere towards san francisco. beautiful orange hues as temperatures are now in the mid-50s for many of the microclimate areas starting out on this wednesday. heading out to the park today, maybe around saratoga, a cool morning. we'll see upper 50s and a few clouds. breezy winds throughout the day. lots of sunshine, but it will be a windy afternoon. even going into 2:00. it will be a 73-degree day and winds kicking up at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. palo alto reaches 74 76 in antioch and in livermore.
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napa today, expect a high of 72. for many of us, this is going to be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. talk more about this coming up, and mike, now we have a delay on transit. >> yes. not the biggest nuisance. it 2r5travels so far. and many more riders on b.a.r.t. all moving smoothly pap probl l. a prop with train 3. no impact on train 5. we'll track it. a heads up, a train comes in toward san jose. looking at the drive, though. the drive, volume not a factor. a little slowing and a little more slowing through hayward and across the san mateo bridge and more slowing from bay point in towards concorde. walnut creek interchange showing slowing and of course the bay bridge toll plaza continues to have metering lights on. see through the sunlight that the cache lanes off to the left getting lighter even now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:09 right now.
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>> new this hour, a good deed. the scary hockey mascot is the scar of a video you'll see trending today. wait until you see one little boy'sreaction. plus, an automated car company not driving anymore. they've pupped to the curb. we'll tell you all about it when "today in the bay" continues. >>.
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a xleer start and consume temperatu temperatures. a beautiful view at walnut creek. a comfortable day. keeping temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. talk about how long the cooler weather lasts. that's coming up in less than five minutes. right now, a live look at 101. and 280, 680, a smooth easier drive. and a lighter flow and easier travel times throughout the silicon val commute. and a happy wednesday to you. shares of netflix fell after nbc said it would pull the comedy "the office" off the air a few years from now. southwest, good et to this. broader stocks fell after fed chairman jerome powell reaffirmed the fed was an independent body and would not be influenced by president trump's pressure to push interest rates lower.
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and independence a good thing. you'd think investors would like that. all they heard, we're not pushing interest rates lower unnecessarily, and the markets fell. the "wall street journal" reports the faa reassigned some of the inspectors in charge of making sure southwest airlines behaves in a safe manner. this after complaints they weren't doing their jobs properly. a southwest spokeswoman told "the journal," we remain absolutely confident that our maintenance procedures ensure the air worthiness of our aircraft." in the back seat of an automated car from drive ai. told the state it will shut down. partially sold to apple but trying to get details how many employees are getting those new jobs. drive ai employed about 90 people. and this is jay who helped make more millionaires in the valley than perhaps
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valley than perhaps any other entrepreneur starting five companies. he himself is a billion flare. though his kids didn't know that. i talked to him about that. kids, wait. we're rich? >> my kids for a while had no idea what any kind of wealth we had, because in atlanta we lived in a simple $200,000 house. but like any other middle class family. >> wait. there was a point in the which your kids figured out you were rich? >> eventually they did, but that's not what happened. >> no. i want to hear about the day your kids said, oh, wait a second. >> okay. >> now, he grew up without running water. imagine getting to the point he is. also then trying to figure out how to raise kids that are, you know, regular and normal?
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he's doing a great job. should have pointed out as you saw the graphic. subscribe on apple podcast and google play. >> good for him. humble guy. >> a humble guy and so many in silicon valley can thank him for their own success. >> thank you. and gritty may nob-of-not be the most lovable mascot but he has a heart of gold. the mascot made a special trip to the hospital. 7-year-old kayden a patient at shriner's hospital for children's since he was born and suffers from a rare orthopedic condition and already had several prosthetic legs feature ing phillies sports logos. but he asked for a gritty theme. making it a celebration everyone will surely remember. that is cute. >> and first asked, can i have a gritty leg, the reaction ooii'd
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like to see. cool hair. >> i'm thinking of dyeing my hair blue. >> kari is not onboard. >> no. not for that. start out this morning with cooler temperatures and we are all going to enjoy some nice weather not only today but the next few days. get a live look outside in sunol. a beautiful sunrise. we're in the mid-50s and also breezy winds picking up. in the tri-valley, only going to see the temperatures in dublin start out in the low 60s and reach the low 70s. that is it. if you're going out to the giants' game today, first pitch early this afternoon. it's going to be about 64 degrees. really a nice day as we make it into the mid-60s and through the rest of the day. those winds kicking up throughout the day. also you can enjoy the cooler temperatures out at the al made dav cou alameda county fair. bring canned goods, it's free, have fun. 70s middle of the day and cool
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off quickly. have a jacket, too, if you're going to be out there after dinner. here's a look at the microclimates how the day shapes up. here at 10:00. mostly 60s from the valleys to the coastal areas and then even going into the afternoon. while the coast stays cool, we make it into the low 70s in the tri-valley going up towards the delta as well. south county reaching upper 70s today. going into tonight, going to cool off into the 50s. we're going to see more weather like this going into the next several days. this is the reason why we have a very stagnant weather pattern, a slow moving area of low pressure. a good weather setup a strong onshore wind flow bringing in the natural air conditioning and a cool ocean breeze that continues into the weekend. only some slight warming for saturday and sunday. then we cool down again early next week. of course, that leads us into closer to the fourth of july. looking great. seeing temperatures in the 70s
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from now through friday. low 80s inland for saturday and sunday, into early next week. and san francisco, time for sunshine and keeping those temperatures cool. mike, starting to see that building across the bay? >> right. it is building. for the san mateo bridge looking at a slower drive because of the volume of traffic. moving in a second. there you go. and the commute for the peninsula, the big feed coming off of it. nimitz, actually not bad for those speeds. traveling across 92 and now a little bit for 84. timing is about right. you see the pattern typical as more folks head into fremonfrem menlo park and pail o palo alto. and looking towards the approach coming through contra costa. exchange holding good and 24 upper east shore no major problems. of course, backup at the toll
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plaza and our waze actually calls out one area. talking about west grand. getting over in towards the backup at the bay bridge. waze calls it out. about a 10-minute delay. unusual for that particular way to get to the bay bridge. call that out. call out the nbc waze, i love it. join that once you get on and a lot of you are. back out to the maps. a smooth flow of traffic, approach to the san rafael bridge. slow at the cash lanes. only 30 minutes for train 3 after they had to switch trains. back to you. >> mike, thank you. next, and new today, feeding hungry kids. an inside look at a program helping kids in contra costa county. and that's not the only play parents can find support this summer. and bay area responds. when uncle joe passes on,
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life insurance companies don't exactly hunt down his family to pay them. that means many policies go unclaimed. that's why the national association of insurance commissioners set up this database to solve that mystery. searching is simple. find hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars there. a warning, though. there is work involved. before a life insurance company cuts you a check they want proof that you are actually entitled to uncle joe's policy. we have more on our website. or you can call, 888-996-tips.
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6:23 and a follow-up on a notorious forced labor case in the south bay. talking about san jose's silvery towers project where workers were forced to live in shipping containers and have wages withheld. a source tells nbc bay area the former contacter was sentence the to almost nine years in prison. big changes for hiring and employment. and a decades-old mural celebrating the life of george washington will soon be history after a vote by the san francisco school board. members vote the unanimously to remove the mural that sits in the lobby at george washington high school and dates back to the 1930s. some people were offended by the mural's depiction of dead native americans and images of washington's slaves. some argued it should stay because it provides an important history lesson. the board voted to paint over the mural they left open the
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door to be covered in panels instead. the second option would only take effect if legal challenges prevented its full removal. new for us this morning a brentwood middle school teacher named the all-star teacher of the year. nbc's sports bay area awarding katie uman of adams middle school a check poors $20,000. all other teachers entered also get $2,000 for their middle school. congratulations to all of them. >> uh-huh. 6:25. happening now, summer in full swing and so are summer meal programs. >> making sure kids don't go hungry just because school kaf tier yar ti cafeterias are closed. one of six kids eligible for free lunch may not otherwise have access to food. libraries are working to make sure every kid is fed.
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>> oftentimes during the summer many families, particularly one-income families depend on the free lunches through the school year and a nutrient gap when not getting them. the library is trying to provide a service. >> to find a summer food location near you check out the local library or visit we have a link to that website on our website. here are the stories we're working on for you for 6:30. live at the scene of a wildfire burning now in the bay area. dramatic images in to the newsroom overnight and how close it's getting to homes and businesses. plus back in morgan hill where the community is devastated after a shooting that ended with three people dead. the harrowing stories from inside the car dealership. and fighting pride. outside city hall already in the spotlight for a debate over lgbtq celebrations. it is 6:26. you're watching "today in the bay."
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today o live" empowering young people to change the world. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> and how today's family is making a difference on the next "california live." >> this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on
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and kari will tell us about the morning. thanks for joining us. i'm anoushan rasta in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. over to kari hall with a look at the temperatures. >> a look at the view in san
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jose with temperature trend starts out in the upper 50s. stepping out the door a slow warm-up. take the lunch outside. only make it into the mid-70s today. check it out. looks amazing's not something we normally see this time in june, but, mike, you need to bring the sunglasses. >> right. especially traveling from the san francisco side to the oes oeshglaoesh oakland side of the bay bridge. and cash lanes off to the left ghter. typical this time of summer. and this for usual wednesday, thursday and fridays. more slowing into concorde off highway 4. pittsburg and a crash at this road. track that closely. overall, smooth through the area. south bay kicking in travels towards san jose and the rest of the area. breaking news out of the east bay.
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a fire still burning out of control in stanislaus county. >> about 1,000 acres now burned in the foothills west of patterson on the other side of mount hamilton. joined now, and how fast is this thing moving? >> reporter: right now you mentioned at 1,000 acres. it is 15% contained, anoushan and marcus. you see it burning. that plume of smoke is a few miles to the west of our location. we've sooner the plume grow within the past 30 minutes now that the sun is coming up and whatever inversion layer was over the fire is lifting as well. we're near highway 130. if you keep going down that road you would eventually hit mount hamilton 25 miles from here approximately. you see the area burning. it's open space, ranch land, lots of dead grass. rocks and trees, and very steep
6:32 am
canyons. calfire named it the rock fire because of the painted rocks along the road. no homes structured or frames. you'd have to travel a while to get to any neighborhoods. crews are out here, engines and dozers. laying down a fire line. only 15% containment. calfire expecting winds to pick up in the canyon this morning, which is normal. i believe we're seeing that now. they will call in more firefighters and air support from the day shift and want to establish obviously a larger perimeter. get the area buttoned up, in the words of one calfire firefighter and keep the fire away from i-5 before the winds turn around tonight. which is what they're expecting. reporting live in stanislav county, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the update. . developing news. three people dead in morgan hill after a man shot and killed two people at a car dealership before turning the gun on
6:33 am
himself. sources telling us that gunman was a disgruntled employee. "today in the bay's" reporter with us. still trying to recover from all this? shaken up? >> reporter: right, a shocking scene for the witnesses, the people who were inside the car dealership when the shooting happened. we know police spent the night investigating and this morning crime scene investigators weren 0 the scene. we can tell you now there is a crime team cleanup crew outside the service center. what we saw about an hour ago. we saw a tow truck that was towing away a gray ford focus from the scene. we don't know who that car belonged to, but we think it has something to do with the investigation. here's what we know about this shooting. shots fired around 6:00 last night in the service center at the dealership on conditt road. they found a man on the ground. the suspect they believe shot
6:34 am
himself because he had a gun in his hand. inside the dealership officers found two other men dead. police sources told us the shooter is believed to be a former employee who was just fired yesterday. witnesses working at the dealership told us the same thing. take a listen to what one of the witnesses told us. >> came downstairs said i just fired him. he won't leave the premises. should i be worried? what should we do? they were wondering, should we call authorities, whatever. at that point somebody asked, should we be worried? somebody says, yeah. he's got a history with guns. so -- and not ten minutes later, we heard gunshots. >> reporter: really scary, when those off. people went running, running out of the dealership. some came out supporting each other, hugging each other waiting to find out more about what happened. we don't know much about those involved, the victims and suspect dead as well.
6:35 am
hopefully we'll learn more throughout the investigation. reporting live in morgan hill, ali wolff for "today in the bay." >> thank you so much. and as a reminder for you, if you or someone you know is struggling with the help they need, help is available 24/7. call this number anytime and check with a counselor online at suicide's preventi and 20 candidates vying to become america's next president hoping miami can provide a magical touch to they're campaign. >> ten will hit the debate stage there tonight before the other half goes head-to-head tomorrow night. covering the debates for both nbc and telemundo andhis report for us, our reporter. >> reporter: in miami. there it is behind me. the concert hall, the debates take place beginning here in downtown miami.
6:36 am
the stage set, podiums in place for the first night of this democratic debate. this is what it looks like inside the center for performing arts, where the candidates faceoff the next two nights in respect is a lot at stake and the nation will be watching. at the center of the action, here both nights to bring comprehensive coverage of the candidates and issues. see you later tonight and also thursday. in miami reporting for "today in the bay." >> damian, thank you. all of the debate action gets under way at 6:00. and lester holt and savannah guthrie are moderators. watch tonight. 6:36. new today, santa clara police chief retiring. chief michael sellars served as chief the past seven years. first eleshcted in 2012. he started as a cadet with the santa clara police department in 1978. the city will look for his
6:37 am
replacement through either official appointment or election. and someone stole or removed the pride flag flying in front of the city hall building. it was replaced immediately. council members waited until mid-june to raise the flag after it was postponed in may. approving formation of an rings additional funding and resources. the newest district will join several others including compton's trance jes gender and soma. a lot of traffic. how's it looking this morning? >> pretty good. we have volume. the live look, 101 through san
6:38 am
jose and good volume. and joining us north of 280 interchange. rights here, our camera, seeing orange. you saw the live look reflect there. 101 at capitol expressway. 87 and now 85, standard pattern for the south bay. san jose pushing in towards the rest of silicon valley. and volume looks great. over on the right side. a crash reported for 680 coming through sunol. checking on details and be concerned about that. may be northbound. problem towards the bay bridge. metering lights on. you have a wait. >> at least the weather's nice. the weekend is nice as well. >> going to be great. enjoying cooler weather compared to the heat we've had recently. let's get a look at that saturday forecast where we cool down to upper 60s for the coast. bay reaches 75 and inland valley reaching about 80 degrees. also we will have beautiful
6:39 am
weather on sunday as well. just slightly warmer in some valleys. as you make plans to head out maybe to have of the pride celebrations this weekend, the dyke march dolores park on saturday along with celebrations throughout the day, cool out there. reaching low 60s. especially as that march begins at 5:00 in the evening, and it's going to be windy. be prepared for that if you're going to santa cruz, also going to be windy at the beach. it will be slightly warmer there reaching 70 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds throughout the rest of the weekend. that's a live look in heavenly this morning as the snow continues to melt and you can see why. our temperatures will reach into the low to mid-70s for saturday as well as sunday. with sunshine and slightly warmer in the river valley expected to reach 78 degrees friday and saturday and a degree warmer looking lik a also in l.a. where ourmid-70s. ta going on today
6:40 am
as that cooler weather descends on the bay area. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 6:40 for you now. coming up on "today in the bay," finally a fix. the potential dangerous problem muni says ridesers don't need to worry about anymore. plus a new lawsuit. a fiery crash and death one widow is claiming on tesla and bringing her fight here to the bay area. and later, weed for pets? a legal push to boost access and sales for four-legged family members. in washington, robert mueller says he will testify. we'll tell you all about that, and take you out to the big board in new york city where the dow industrials are gaining slightly. remember, president trump travels to theg-8 summit this weekend. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:43 we start with clear skies and a light breeze. this is a live look outside in fremont checking out 880. as the sun shines we'll see a slower warm-up in temperatures today. we'll see low 70s by early afternoon. overall comfortable and a big dplop o drop in our temperatures. talk about the weekend forecast and let you know how long this lasts coming up in five minutes. and slow traffic right now. a little build. talk about what's going on. an update for the crash
6:44 am
fr in the tri-valley. and one of our top stories, muni riders new trains reportedly back on track. muni was forced to repair its newest cars which passengers got hands caught in doors twice over the past three months. one woman was dragged on to the tracks suffering multiple injuries. an nbc bay area investigation revealed there were design flaws causing the brake. the report is that faulty doors and couplers are fixed. and full multicar train service resumed. a follow-up on a late-night vote, brentwood leaders decided to dig deeper into a plan before allowing it to move forward. they want to build 2,400 homes mostly for seniors on farming land near deer valley road. video from last night's meeting when the council voted unanimously to order a report on the project to be completed within one month's time. the report will examine the
6:45 am
impact on schools, public safety, and if members sign off on the report, a special election this fall would determine the measure. and facing another lawsuit this morning this time over a deadly and fiery crash in the midwest for tesla. the 2016 crash killed and indiana software executive and a young woman who worked for him. his widow filed a lawsuit yesterday here in alameda county saying there were several defects with her husband's 2016 tesla mod's s saying the car accelerated when it shouldn't have. witnesses saw her husband alive they say after the crash but he died in a car fire. a lawsuit alleges that a door handle defect kept him from getting out. new aam mupush to allow medical marijuana for your pets. allowing you to buy marijuana
6:46 am
with a prescription from your vet. the bill cleared the senate with a unanimous vote and moves to an assembly committee, fostered by a san francisco marijuana grower. president trump once again tweeted presidential harassment. >> this after hearing robert mueller will testify to congress. >> and mueller agreed to testify, though in the past the special counsel has said he's going to stick to his report and nothing more. >> there has been discussion about an appearance before congress. any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. it contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made. >> when mueller head the press conference back in bay a strong reaction to what he said from republicans and the president. president trump has said he mue all 448 pages, yet the president
6:47 am
had a notably strong reaction to mueller's words after watching him on tv in the spring. bottom line is many americans have not read the report and even if mueller just reads his own words, but does it on television, it could be damping f damaging for the president. scheduled to appear before two house committees on july 17th. telly vised live no doubt gavel to gavel. and immigrants detained at the border, the senate unlikely to pass that bill because democrats include words about beefing up border security. the man in customs and border protection john sanders resigned. asked about it the president said he didn't know the head of customs and border protection.
6:48 am
>> i don't know the man. >> here's mr. trump talking about his new press secretary. >> it's a big job. a really big job but we think stephanie will do a fantastic job. >> reminder. first of two democratic debates tonight. we'll run them on nbc bay area and telemundo 48. tweeting about it follow me @scottmcgrew. a huge thank you for helping out as many children as you can as they fight for their lives. >> nbc bay area partnered with telemundo and make a wish for a special telethon. took donations and spoke with donors all gay yesterday. more than 1.2 million air miles donated. one man in livermore donated 75,000 mimes alone. also you helped raise $3,400, all will go to children right here in the bay area to help make their wishes come true. so thank you all for your
6:49 am
participation in helping out. >> and generosity. >> absolutely. 6:48. batter up. backyard baseball video posted and video, quickly going viral. >> a warning. it may make you jump. >> ah! >> oh. the ball hit harbaugh in the head, but he still managed to keep recording despite laughing the entire time. the current michigan coach posted this video with the wolverines baseball team looks to clinch the national championship. glad he's okay, though. and the deciding game takes place tonight features michigan and vanderbilt. >> looks like a neon softer balls. >> maybe taking him a minute to realize what the heck just happened. >> sure it did! wow. all right. nice stop. >> a lot of people are going to be out playing ball in the yard.
6:50 am
enjoying the sunshine, and cooler weather. yeah, it will be great. >> put on a helmet, know. >> yeah. something to protect your head. a look as we get ready to head out the door in the tri-valley and dublin. you'll feel the refreshing breezing and a lot of sunshine getting ready to head out the door and temperatures are generally in the 50s. we still have a few low 60s here and there. oakland at 60 degrees. heading out to the park, maybe around saratoga, it's going to be a cool morning. in upper 50s and our breezy winds continue to pick up at 10:00 at 66 degrees. lots of sunshine throughout the day, but it is going to be windy at times. the winds picking up at times, 15 to 25 miles per hour. then take you through the day with our hour-by-hour outlook. 10:30, upper 60s inability yough and mid-60s in the peninsula. throughout the day making it only into the mid-70s for many
6:51 am
of our microclimates and then start to cool down as we head into tonight. that's the best we'll do, and we see more of that weather in the forecast bottom of the screen. getting dressed today, sunshine as you look out the window. already starting to come through the blinds. grab a jacket for the start of the day. maybe short sleeves for the afternoon and a hat, too, because of the gusty winds. looking for something to do, check out music in the park. that's happening in redwood city today from 6:00 to 8:00 but cool out there. you'll need extra layers and bring the lawn chair and a blanket to enjoy. our temperatures stay very comfortable for the inland area as we can leave air conditions off and maybe in the weekend. even though we warm up a few more degrees, into the lower 80s and as we look at san francisco, staying cool. a little more sunshine but fog close to the coast. mike, we have a couple of crashes to update. >> we do, kari. a couple to keep track of. good news for the upper east
6:52 am
shore. all cleared. slower drive divesting around golden gate field for west 80 and backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and richmond san rafael toll plaza. slow off 680. things jam up and clear towards sunol boulevard. i think that crash cleared the lanes. should have a smoother drive heading towards fremont. more traffic towards the funnel where 680 and 880 loop together, cross over by auto mall or mission boulevard. the drive on the other side of the bay, ale oh all palo alto, for about 45 minutes. folks feeding in towards the toll plaza, metering lights on and back to you. >> mike, thank you. happening now, protesters flooding the streets of hong kong once again opposing a controversial extradition bill.
6:53 am
protests going on now for weeks, but today opponents are demonstrating at foreign consulates in hong kong demanding world leaders discuss the new extradition bill at the g-20 meeting in japan later this week. and later on "today in the bay," top stories including breaking news. wildfire raging now east of the bay area. brand new video this morning. and how local firefighters are fighting this fire. we are back in two minutes with more local news. 6:53. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out the door it is 6:56. top stories covering on "today in the bay" this morning. breaking news out of the east bay. a fire burning in foothills west of patterson. that's on the other side of mount hamilton. these are live pictures from that scene. it's calmed the rock fire. firefighters tell us at least 1,000 acres burned so far. only 15% contained. no homes are near the fire but concerns winds could spread the fire quickly. 155 firefighters are on the scene including a team from morgan hill. developing news. three people dead in morgan hill after police say a man shot and killed two people at a car dealership before turning the gun on himself. a live look now. sources are telling us that the
6:57 am
gunman was a disgruntled employee. shots fired around 6:00 last night in the service center at the dealership on condit road. police say when the first officers got here they found one man on the ground who apparently shot himself. he had a gun in his hand. inside the dealership officers found two other men dead. right now palo alto police searching for a man wanted in connection tore a sexual assault that happened monday night just after 9:00 near university avenue and marlo street. the man judge jumped out of his car, grabbed a woman inappropriately semp times. the victim tried to chase that suspect but he ran back to his audi and drove away. new this morning, catholic church leaders calling on state lawmakers to reconsider a bill penalizing priests for not reporting confessions involving sexual abuse of minors. penalize be priests if confessed by co-workers or other priests.
6:58 am
the catholic diocese believes the priests should be held accountable but say it would violate the sacrament of confession. and the democratic debate over the next two days. facing tough questions together. bay area candidates kamala harris and swalwell debate tomorrow. this is in miami. see that stage is set and starts tonight at 6:00. lester holt, savannah guthrie lead our team of mot raid ed mo. and "the office," the hit sitcom fans love to watch is leaving netflix in 2021. our parent company nbc universal will include "the office" in a new streaming was netflix's mo show last year.
6:59 am
and probably won't be inside watching tv today. they'll be outside experiencing all of these nice temperatures. >> i'm still looking forward to the cool down and also maybe giving a little bit of a break to the air conditioning. trying to lower that electric bill. all right. in the mid-70s over the next few days and a slight warm-up in the weekend forecast in the inland valleys. also we have nice weather continuing into next week, which, of course, good for the fourth of july. >> very good. the commute? >> summer pattern. right about now we see more traffic. south bay, san jose. see this from 101 just north of 780. passing capitol expressway from 101. and 85 heading north out of the valley building. here the bay bridge has been steady. we have all lanes again, lightening up a second burst is happening. >> what you got to deal with on a workweek. that's what's happening "today in the bay."
7:00 am
back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us on the midday newscast at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning right here with us. have a great one. good morning. breaking overnight, forcing his hand. lawmakers issue a subpoena, calling robert mueller to testify before congress against his wishes. >> i hope and expect this will be the only time that i will speak to you in this manner. >> but this morning, the date is set. straight ahead, what democrats hope to gain and stand to lose, and what president's lawyer is saying this morning. border battle. overnight, the house approves nearly $5 billion in emergency aid to help thousands of detained migrants. the white house threatening to veto it. and this morning, the disturbing photo of a migrant father and child, fueling outrage and action. ready, set, deba


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