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tv   Today  NBC  June 26, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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is happening. >> what you got to deal with on a workweek. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us on the midday newscast at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning right here with us. have a great one. good morning. breaking overnight, forcing his hand. lawmakers issue a subpoena, calling robert mueller to testify before congress against his wishes. >> i hope and expect this will be the only time that i will speak to you in this manner. >> but this morning, the date is set. straight ahead, what democrats hope to gain and stand to lose, and what president's lawyer is saying this morning. border battle. overnight, the house approves nearly $5 billion in emergency aid to help thousands of detained migrants. the white house threatening to veto it. and this morning, the disturbing photo of a migrant father and
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child, fueling outrage and action. ready, set, debate. 20 of the democratic presidential hopefuls set to face off over two nights in miami starting just hours from now. the first time they'll share the stage. so who has got the most on the line? those stories, plus, round three? the secretive talks between the u.s. and north korea for president trump and kim jong-un to meet again. kennedy love story. a never before seen look inside john f. kennedy jr.'s wedding. >> you changed my life in a way i never thought possible. >> why the video is now being revealed two decades later. and it's a miracle. >> look how precious you are. >> the emotional moment first responders find a missing newborn in the georgia woods. today, wednesday, june 26th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie, live from miami, and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a
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in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." it's a wednesday morning, and we're here in miami once again because tonight's the night. the first debate in the 2020 presidential race. craig back in the studio. good morning to you. >> good to see you, my friend. if my math is right, we are about 14 hours away. the anticipation fever pitch. >> 14 hours but who is counting? oh, just 20 democratic candidates who are having their big night tonight. we're inside the knight concert hall in the art center in miami. we'll talk about what's at stake for the candidates, and we'll have a talk with claire mccaskill, democrat from missouri. she's here, and she'll give her take of what the candidates are up against this morning. lots to get to. we're going to start with this bombshell from capitol hill. robert mueller will face congress after all. he was subpoenaed to testify in public about his two-year russia investigation. kasie hunt is here with me in miami and has the latest on this. good morning.
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>> good morning to you. so it's been weeks of back and forth negotiations, and mueller has now reluctantly agreed to testify before congress. he is set to appear before the house judiciary and intel committees. >> reporter: house democrats announcing overnight they subpoenaed a resistant special counsel robert mueller to appear in public on july 17th. >> i don't think the special counsel's office would characterize it as a friendly subpoena. he did not want to testify. he made that very clear. >> reporter: but mueller was very clear speaking to reporters last month. >> i hope and expect this to be the only time that i will speak to you in this manner. >> reporter: insisting at the time he would have nothing more to say about his nearly two year investigation into russian election meddling, beyond what was written in his 448-page report. >> the work speaks for itself. and the report is my testimony. >> reporter: president trump reacting to the news
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overnight tweeting simply, my reaction is it never ends. we had no obstruction. no collusion. >> reporter: for house democrats, investigating the president and having the mueller report's drama play out in front of the cameras is a critical piece of their battle to win over public opinion. >> our interest is for the american people to hear it from him. there's been a campaign of misrepresentation by attorney general barr. >> reporter: democrats still livid at attorney general william barr's attempt to clear the president of obstruction of justice. >> evidence developed by the special counsel is not sufficient to establish the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. >> reporter: even though mueller explicitly did not. >> if we had confidence the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> reporter: barr also insisted the special counsel said there was no evidence of collusion. mueller simply said -- >> there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy. >> reporter: overnight, jay sekulow insisting mueller's
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testimony won't change a thing. >> as it relates to obstruction of justice as big bar said so perfectly correct legally, no obstructive intent. i don't think you'll see anything different in his testimony than what's in his report. >> so how does this all fit into this question of impeachment hearings, which some democrats want to see and some democrats, most notably house speaker nancy pelosi, do not want to see? >> that is a key question here. for democrats who have been weighing whether or not to support impeaching the president, this could make a huge difference. this is all about public opinion. if this really swings public opinion in favor of impeachment, i think that you could see a real shift here. you know, they're counting on it being a blockbuster television event. now, of course, the white house and the president, they're trying to downplay it, insist that's not what's going to happen. rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer, telling nbc news, who cares? >> we know what robert mueller
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thought about the prospect of his testimony. with the subpoena, he has no choice. >> he doesn't. he has made the decision, unlike many other trump aides and officials, that this is his duty as a citizen, and he's going to appear. >> kasie hunt here in miami with me. thank you. we'll send it back to you, craig. thank you. another major story out of capitol hill, the growing humanitarian crisis at the border. overnight, the house approved an emergency funding bill aimed at improving conditions at u.s. detention centers. that vote, that vote came just hours after the unexpected resignation of the acting head of customs and border protection. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in clint, texas. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. just days after about 300 children were removed from this facility following reports of unsanitary conditions, about 100 children have been brought back. cbp official says this facility is no longer too crowded. now a new photo has surfaced that's renewing the immigration debate. we want to warn you, the image you're about to see is
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disturbing. this morning, this heartbreaking image that's gone viral is highlighting the grim reality of a border crisis. a migrant from el salvador with his 23-month-old daughter drowning as they crossed the rio grande, the girl's arm wrapped around her father. migrants going with little food, no soap, showers, or toothbrushes for days, even weeks. federal authorities announced nearly 300 children had been removed from this border patrol station in clint, texas, after reports surfaced of appalling conditions. about 100 kids now have been brought back because the facility is no longer overcrowded. one official saying, i'm not concerned because a full investigation will be completed. and frankly, i personally don't believe these allegations. president trump says the conditions at the border do concern him. >> what's happened is just so sad. because if the democrats approved the loopholes where they knocked out the loopholes
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and changed asylum, the whole border would be fixed. >> the bill is packed. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: overnight, the house voted to approve $4.5 billion in emergency aid for supplies like food and medicine, but changing asylum laws seems unlikely. all this as president trump's acting commissioner of customs and border protection is stepping down. in his resignation letter, john sanders did not explain exactly why he's leaving. the president says he did not ask him to leave. >> i know there was going to be a change there. i've made changes, very good changes. >> reporter: two administration sources say acting i.c.e. director mark morgan is now the favorite to take over cbp, amid this growing crisis. sanders had been the acting cbp had been acting for two months. his resignation letter didn't spell out why he was leaving. one official tells nbc news that many employees thought his departure was connected to the treatment of migrant children here at the border. craig? >> gabe gutierrez for us in texas. thank you.
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the battle over immigration is expected to be one of the issues front and center during the presidential debate here in miami tonight. a first test for the 20 democratic hopefuls taking part. nbc's peter alexander is down on the floor of the debate hall, where i am right now, and he has that part of the story. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. for those democratic contenders, they have to introduce themselves to the american people. they have to contrast themselves with the other challengers up on that stage. frankly have to make the case why they should be the next commander in chief. they have to do it without making any embarrassing mistakes. those are the challenges for these democrats as they prepare to take the stage tonight. as the democrats get ready to duel here in miami, some 2020 contenders are sharpening their campaign message. >> dream big! >> reporter: including elizabeth warren, whose surge has been propelled by a series of progressive policy proposals, taking center stage tonight. you're effectively the front runner on night one. how much pressure is on you to deliver?
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>> this is just a chance to be able to talk to people all across this country about how this government works better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top. 2020 is our chance to change that. >> reporter: warren today expected to shine a harsh light on the trump administration's immigration policies making a debate day trip to th nation's largest and most controversial emergency shelter for migrant children in homestead, florida with a premium on each candidate's time to speak, many contenders are holding rapid fire policy drills joe biden hunkering down at a delaware hotel former vp aides say huddling with advisers for nearly 11 hours on monday alone. for bernie sanders, less formal debate prep. instead, aides say the senator is studying up on his rivals' positions on signature proposals like medicare for all amy klobuchar, according to the aides, have been watching the republican debates from 2016 to see what works in the format and
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what doesn't for beto o'rourke. >> i can think of no better way to prepare for the debate than by listening to people. >> reporter: cory booker finding a unique way to pump himself up for a national audience. pumping iron in his suit i guess it is whatever works we've moved to the debate stage right now. we want to give you a first look this is where the ten contenders will be each of the next two nights tonight's front runner is elizabeth warren she'll be at center stage. flanked by cory booker next to her will be beto o'rourke aaron, let's give folks a tour of where this is taking place. only 1,600 seats in this arena it is a small audience, but there will be millions more watching at home some of the key rules tonight, just 60 seconds per answer 30 seconds to follow up with any answers to follow-up questions there are no opening statements but there will be closing remarks.
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moderators are savannah guthrie, lester holt, and jose diaz-balart. claire mccaskill served with seven of the contenders you'll see the next few nights, now a political analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> those of us who cover politics like to say debates are make or break moments for candidates, but with so many candidates, it is make or break. this could be the beginning of the road or end of the road for some of the candidates. >> it probably will be the end of the road for a number of them, just because of the money, savannah you can't stay in this and actually compete if you don't attract a lot of grassroots donors what those candidates are looking for tonight, they're looking for people at home to do online and give them $10 >> yeah. >> when this debate is over. that will be the real measure of who succeeds tonight in terms of communicating with the american people
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>> when you look at the stage behind us, this is just one night. ten candidates a lot of people are going to feel like they got to stick their necks out and really make a moment but that's a dangerous game to play, isn't it >> i think people should tune in tonight just to see who makes a fool of themselves somebody will. >> hopefully not me. >> somebody will try so hard to stand out. to try to do what i would call in quotes, a trump you know, be that outside the mainstream that they're talked about the next day but that's a real tight rope you go too far, and it looks phony. it looks forced. so i think the important thing is for people to focus on most of these folks, the american people have no idea who they are. they need to introduce themselves and not try to get in cheap shots and not try to be the most clever person on the stage. >> that was my next question there are obviously tiers of the candidates in terms of polling and fundraising. you have top tier candidates like senator warren, vice president biden, senator sanders. do you think some of the other candidates should take shots at the front runners, or should they try to stay positive?
7:14 am
>> i think it is going to be very hard to be effective at taking shots i mean, there may be some insider/outsider tough, which is important in american politics today. people like outsiders. they are disgusted with the dysfunction in washington. for the senators, for my former colleagues, they've got to, you know, wear the cloak of an outsider, even though they frankly are insiders i think there's a lot of pressure on elizabeth tonight. >> senator warren, she's the front runner on the stage tonight. >> expectations are very high for her. i think she's going to have to be really on her game to meet those expectations i think some people tonight will surprise those pundits who are watching this. amy could surprise people. she's funny. >> amy klobuchar. >> she's funny, smart, and used to the courtroom, where you have to think on your feet. i think beto and booker will also do well it'll be interesting to see if one of the folks on the outside of the debate stage is able to break through.
7:15 am
>> obviously, this is the democratic primary debate. the candidates are primarily concerned about democratic voters, but with something that's on three different networks, you have general election voters watching, too. do you think democrats should keep that in mind? >> i think it is really important they be thinking not of the left-leaning person on twitter, but that single mom in the suburbs who is working an extra job to pay for her child's education. or the family that can't afford their insulin. they really do need to relate to not just the middle of america but the middle of the political spectrum that's who is going to decide this presidential election it's not going to be decided on the either end of the political spectrum it's going to be those folks that maybe voted for barack obama and voted for donald trump. >> quickly, on the news of the morning, robert mueller being subpoenaed to testify, essentially forced to subpoena before congress. do you think that was a good call on the part of house democrats to say you're coming whether you like it or not >> frankly, they should have done it the day after he issued his report
7:16 am
when he said, this is my testimony they should have said immediately, nope, you owe the american people an in-person conversation about what you found. the american people need to know what's actually in the report. it's unrealistic that americans have the time or energy to read 400 pages. i think it is important they did this, and i think it'll be a big day. the president will try to distract that day. he'll do something crazy to try to get everyone's attention off the hill i think the mueller testimony will be key. >> thank you for being in miami. >> thank you. >> you'll be part of our coverage tonight i know that. we'll have more from miami ahead. lester holt will have a preview of the debate tonight on "nbc nightly news." he and i will be moderating with chuck todd, rachel maddow, and jose diaz-balart you can watch on nbc, msnbc, and telemundo. it starts at 9:00 eastern time craig, back to you. >> savannah, thank you. more breaking news overnight. word that the united states and north korea are in talks for a new summit between president trump and kim jong-un.
7:17 am
"today's" senior international correspondent keir simmons is in japan this morning keir, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: hey there, craig. good morning the south korean leader has been instrumental in every meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. he says there are behind the scenes negotiations for a third summit, just four months since president trump walked out of that meeting in hanoi and the diplomatic freeze appears to be unfreezing, with the two leaders exchanging warm letters just in the past few days. craig, there are many hurdles. the north koreans issuing a stinging statement just today, attacking people around president trump, including secretary of state pompeo. and the fundamental question continues to be, how can sanctions be lifted the way the north koreans want and at the same time, denuclearization happen, which is what america demands? here in japan, the leader of china, leader of russia, and president trump will arrive tomorrow for the g20 those two leaders, russia and china, met with kim jong-un just
7:18 am
in the past few months the diplomatic dance, craig, will be fascinating. >> keir simmons in japan thank you. let us turn at 7:17 to mr. roker for the first check of the weather. hey, al. >> thanks so much, craig we have hot stuff to talk about. high pressure pushing the jet stream way up to the north up into canada, we are looking at some temperatures with heat indexes mid 90s into the low triple digits, from miami. tomorrow, new york, d.c., chicago, st. louis, little rock and nashville, all looking at mid 90s. plus, this is going to be a worldwide heat wave. look at the high pressure pushing this jet stream north to the arctic circle. plus, low pressure out into the atlantic, pushing up this desert conveyer of hot air. temperatures 120 degrees or more that's going to lead to record-breaking heat today all across europe, from madrid, bordeaux, milan, paris we're looking at nine countries that will break their national all-time record highs, from the
7:19 am
netherlands to france to austria, all the way up to denmark. it is a worldwide heat wave. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds ng to get to your locl ♪ good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a cool down. ocean breeze bringing high temperatures into the mid-70s even in the inland valleys today. a few spots may reach 80, but much less of 80s and a lot more
7:20 am
70s and 60s extending towards the coast. we are going to see this weather continuing into friday, but there will be a slight warm-up for the weekend. cooling down again early next week. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up, a miracle in georgia. dramatic video showing the moment a baby is found alive in the woods. police now searching for answers. we'll have the very latest on that plus, what do you want to hear from the candidates during the debate tonight jacob soboroff has been asking miami voters, what do they want to hear? >> florida is the epicenter of so many things we talk about, guns, climate change, immigration. you will not be surprised. they had a lot to say. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. t, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, just ahead, a touching gesture from country star granger smith. how his family is finding hope after a devastating loss. plus, a "today" show first we're hosting graduation for a middle school class here in new york the pomp, the circumstance, and words of wisdom after your local news and weather can't see what it is yet.
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we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto. good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. firefighters including the bay area getting a handle on the rock fire started in the foothills west of patterson. overnight jumped inside to more than 1,000 acres. a short time ago firefighters put it at 15% contained. fortunately no homes in the area but concerns about strong winds spreading the fire quickly. some 200 firefighters are on the scene including calfire's strike team based out of morgan hill. now a look at that weather today here in the bay area. kari? >> still monitoring the wildfire
7:27 am
conditions there but winds will blow the smoke away from the bay area and into the central valley. seeing all clear skies this morning heading out the door. san jose will see much cooler weather. only reach aring the mid-70s today and that's the kind of weather we'll see all for our bay area microclimate reaching into the mid-70s inland and mid-60sr the coast. cooler than normal weather extends into friday and will warm up a few degrees for the weekend, but then early next week looks like another cool down headed our way, and san francisco stays in the 60s. a little more sunshine going from today and into friday. continuing to watch that. mike is watching the roads. >> watching this happen and clearing in the upper east shore freeway. slow through the interchange and nothing dramatic. over here a dramatic slowdown. clear earlier, westbound 84 is, well, there's a crash. one-way traffic right now. extract that. affecting only the folks in 84's
7:28 am
cut-through. and dumb barton bridge, slowing as well as getting to the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks, mike. another local news update coming up in 30 nints. minutes.
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back now at 7:30 on a wednesday mornin back now at 7:30 on a wednesday morning, june 26th, 2019 not just any wednesday no, no it's graduation day for these hard-working students from washington heights expeditionary learning school. they're sharing their big day with us. they'll graduate right here on the plaza. we'll get to the ceremony and festivities in a bit first, savannah guthrie in miami gearing up for tonight's debate >> sorry to miss the graduation. give them a hug from me. >> i will. >> we have a lot of business in miami tonight. tomorrow could be an early make-or-break moment for some of the democratic presidential hopefuls. what do voters want to hear from
7:31 am
them tonight well, we'll hear from those voters just ahead. first, let's get a check of the headlines of the morning former special counsel mueller has agreed to testify in public about his two-year investigation into russian election interference in the trump campaign lawmakers issued a subpoena, forcing him to testify the july 17th appearance will include back to back testimony after the agreement was announced, president trump tweeted, quote, presidential harassment. breaking overnight, service members were killed in afghanistan. no details surrounding their deaths have been provided so far. the names of those service members will be withheld for 24 hours after the notification of family members about 14,000 u.s. troops are still deployed in afghanistan. those deaths come one day after secretary of state mike pompeo made an unannounced visit to kabul. he said the trump administration has not reached an agreement on when american troops would leave the country. san francisco has become the
7:32 am
first major u.s. city to ban the sale of e-cigarettes city supervisors unanimously passed the measure in a vote yesterday. they say it'll help curb the underage use of e-cigs critics say the ban will make it harder for adults to buy an alternative to regular cigarettes e-cigarette make juul would like to work on a ballet initiative to regulate sales rather than ban them completely georgia now, where officials are asking for the public's help tracking down the identity of a newborn baby found abandoned in the woods. her miraculous survival thanks to the efforts of a local family and just incredible good fortune as well. joe fryer with us in the studio. a miracle. >> absolutely. the baby girl had been placed inside a plastic bag and left in the woods. she's now healthy and thriving
7:33 am
investigators are working to find her mother by releasing footage of the moment the child was found. the video may be disturbing. >> i thought it was an animal. right here. >> reporter: against the odds, a newborn baby found just in time. >> oh, i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry >> reporter: just a few hours old, her umbilical cord still attached, the baby girl had been left inside a plastic grocery bag not far from the home of alan whose daughters heard her cries. he said his children convinced him to go out and search >> she sneezed or coughed and it sounded so human we knew something was different about this >> his wife called 911. >> what's in the bag >> they said the baby's in a bag. >> without a doubt, they are the true heroes of the story >> reporter: first responders
7:34 am
brought the infant to a nearby hospital, where she was unofficially named baby india. >> this child was not intended to survive, but god had a different plan for her >> reporter: baby india was found the evening of june 6th in this semirural part of georgia officials say they hope releasing this dramatic video will produce some leads in the case >> we don't know who abandoned this child, and we don't know why this child was abandoned maybe there is a mother out there somewhere, after seeing this video, who needs to come forward. >> she was a fighter she was screaming. >> reporter: a tiny body with a mighty voice that may have saved her life >> officials say they hope this case raises awareness of the georgia safe haven law, which gives mothers up to 30 days after the birth of an infant to drop him or her off at a fire station, police station, or hospital, or medical facility, and not face any charges for child abandonment. >> my goodness what do we know about how she's doing? how is baby india? >> the sheriff is saying she's
7:35 am
been placed under foster care, under the approved custody of the department of children and family services there. they released these photos earlier this month to show that she is thriving and, they say, doing exceedingly well state officials aren't able to comment beyond that, but the sheriff says she is doing well. >> keep us posted. certainly our thoughts and well wishes are with that little girl thank you, joe thank you. let's turn to mr. roker at 7:35 looking at some storms. >> we have severe weather out through the plains, firing up from joplin, missouri, to the dakotas. watching this system push through. we have severe thunderstorm watches in effect between. grand island and omaha 13 states right now. 8 million people from montana all the way back into iowa and parts of illinois. tomorrow, we've got an enhanced risk through the northern plains for storm hazards, damaging winds. moving through the day today, heat and humidity build up we look for scattered storms from montana to missouri tomorrow, the storms will fire up along the meandering front.
7:36 am
we're looking at strong storms making their way through t the interior sections of the northeast. hot and humid in the south fire danger is ramping up as we make our way in the southwest and southern california. that's what's going on around the country. here's wha good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a beautiful start to this wednesday morning. cooler temperatures with mostly upper 50s and low 60s as you get ready to head out the door. a look at our highs today. only reaching 74 in palo alto. antioch, 76 degrees. a nice cool down continuing thugh friday at least. a slight warm-up for the weekend and the sunshine continues into early next week. >> that's your latest weather. craig? >> al, thank you coming up this morning, country star granger smith opening up about how his family is healing and honoring the memory of his son, river also ahead this morning,
7:37 am
with world pride celebrations getting under way, a closer look at the raid and rebellion that sparked a movement we'll hear from people who were at the stonewall inn 50 years ago. and then never been seen video of john f. kennedy jr.'s fairy tale wedding ahead from here in miami, jacob soboroff's eye-opening conversations with florida voters what they want and don't want to hear from the candidates taking part in the first democratic presidential debate starting tonight. that's right after this. y. but you don't need to put on a blindfold and hit a papier-mâché unicorn to get stuff you want. just become an aarp member! your aarp membership comes with access to more of what you want. like learning about the latest tech, health tips, nights out at local restaurants, help planning your getaways and more. so take off the blindfold and join today. because ya know, it's easier without the blindfold. there's lots of stuff in there, and today could be your day to explore it. learn more at
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7:42 am
welcome back to the adrienne arsht center in downtown miami, where a little later tonight, the first presidential debate of the 2020 cycle takes place our jacob soboroff has been here talking to florida voters about what they want to hear tonight. >> if the candidates on the stage tonight want to reach them and become the party's nominee, they'll be talking directly to the residents of miami >> reporter: miami-dade county if you want the know what democrats are thinking in florida, there's no better place to start than here 600,000 of them. our first stop was wynwood, a warehouse district being converted to a neighborhood for artists and entrepreneurs. why did this area become the place where this new stuff is happening? >> the street art brought a boom to the neighborhood. >> reporter: tourist area and a place people want to live and
7:43 am
work. >> correct. >> reporter: busy. we met this group of young locals who work together at a social media company did you vote for a president last time around, trump versus hillary? >> i did. >> didn't? >> nope. >> reporter: every time someone says this, and i put on television, somebody tweets me or messages me and says, you have to go back to them and say, there are so many things in your life that matter >> i guess the only thing that would affect me in politics is the tax bracket. >> reporter: you're happy with the way things are >> with the taxes, yeah. >> reporter: you voted >> for hillary. >> when you're watching the democrats on the stage, what do they need to say in order to get your attention and vote? >> i hope no one talks about trump that much. i want to hear what you have to offer. >> how you can get attendance to the young people, i think, is environmental changes. changes in what we're doing to not drink out of plastic what we're doing -- >> why you got to blame me, dude >> it's me, too. it comes from the top. so this problems aren't talked about. student loan debt is huge. >> reporter: who has debt? >> we all do.
7:44 am
>> reporter: you're here just being cool, hip, young people, having coffee. everybody has student loan debt. >> everyone. >> reporter: young people like those guys are one of the key groups the democrats are going to target in this district another, and by far the biggest, are latinos. we're headed to coral gables right now. are we allowed to come in? is it okay every time we go to a beauty salon, they let us come in i'm jacob. what would a politician say that would resonate to you specifically in your day to day lives? >> affordable house care coral gables is an affluent area most can afford health care comfortably, but it is not the case for everyone. >> i got rid of my health care, last night i'm done. >> reporter: you don't have health care? >> it was ridiculous. >> yeah. >> reporter: aren't you worried? what if you get sick >> i don't know. >> reporter: not far from coral
7:45 am
gables is coconut grove. we took a detour we were trying to go to the water, and i saw you buying lunch, dinner? >> i have a show, so i came to get food. >> reporter: you were on "american idol"? >> i made it to hollywood on 2018 >> reporter: do you think democratic presidential candidates will understand what life is like >> not at all. i left government housing, the projects, when i was 21. i literally came from the bottom now, i make money and pay my rent, and i'm doing okay after six years of living on the couch, sleeping on couches, in cars, sleeping in tents. >> reporter: i was just in coral gables, which is not far, and i was talking to a young woman at a salon who said she has to pay $500 or $600 for health care. >> i can't imagine having health care. >> reporter: you don't have it >> hell no i wouldn't be eating right now >> reporter: marquis headed off, and we kept driving toward coconut grove's upscale shops and restaurants. as happens this time of year in florida, it started pouring. how are people doing around
7:46 am
here are times good >> i'm an accountant and i see a lot of small businesses are having a hard time >> reporter: you think there are candidates who understand what life is like for you guys? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: why >> in reality, they're not here in florida they're not living it like we are. >> reporter: they don't know what it is like to do an interview in the pouring rain. >> there you go. >> we've had rain. we've had heat >> everything. >> sounds like voters really want to hear specifics. >> there is no doubt about it, specifics. they want to know the people up here understand what life is like out there this is ground zero for student loan debt, climate change. you have an immigration detention center in miami. they want to hear about it all. >> the stage is set literally. we're standing on it craig, back to you. >> thank you coming up this morning, country star granger smith and his wife pushing forward in the face of unimaginable loss. what they're doing now to share their little boy's joy with the world. first, these messages. points
7:47 am
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to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is now $1299. save $400. plus, 0% interest for 36-months. ends saturday. coming up on this wednesday morning, the lost tapes from jfk jr. and carolyn bessette's wedding. why these tapes are just surfacing more than two decades later. plus, jenna is outside she's got our graduating class jenna, how is it going >> it is going awesome we have our group of middle schoolers marching in. hi, guys ready to graduate? first, we'll graduate, hand out diplomas, but first your local news diplomas, but first your local
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good wednesday morning. right now at 7:56, it's a beautiful start to the day. here's a live look outside in tiburon with mostly clear skies across the bay and into san francisco. also seeing hazy skies over dublin right now as we get started with temperatures in the lower 60s, we will only make it into the mid-70s today. a big cool down thanks to a brisk onshore wind flow bringing in ocean breezes and a cool down of about 10 to 15 degrees in the inland areas. we're going to see this weather continuing into the rest of the week. there will be a slight warm-up for the weekend, but still very comfortable and seasonable going into next week. we will also keep this weather pattern that keeps the bay area under some much more comfortable weather. looking at san francisco, expect more mid-60s in the forecast and mostly sunny skies for the
7:57 am
festivities. looking great. highs near 67 on saturday. head to mike for the commute. overall good. typical pattern except here through pleasanton and livermore. continuing to have traffic in this area and heavy in the 84 merge with 680. traffic control because of a crash blocking your westbound direction. eastbound alternating slow. go through the dublin interchange pap smoother route despite slowing through pleasant topp at the bay bridge. back to you. firefighters trying to get the upper hand on a brush fire burning east of mount hamilton near patterson. the fire started last night and jumped to more than 1,000 acres overnight. this morning firefighters say it's 15% contained. posting updates and that video on our twitter fees. investigators trying to learn more about an apparently disgruntled workers who shot and killed two workers at a morgan
7:58 am
hill dealership and then killed himself. more new in an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking news. former special counsel robert mueller agreeing to publicly testify before congress about the russia investigation. >> i don't think the special counsel's office would characterize it as a friendly subpoena. >> this a month after mueller >> the report is my testimony. >> so why now? we're live with the latest plus, giving back. how country singer granger smith and his wife are honoring the life of their young son after losing him in a drowning accident
8:01 am
>> we want to do the most good that we can, not only for our son's legacy but for our gratitude for what you guys gave to us. >> just ahead, what the couple is now doing to help other families and sweet memories the new video just revealed showing an intimate look inside john f. kennedy jr.'s wedding to carolyn bessette we'll look at the never before seen footage today, wednesday, june 26th, 2019. ♪ baby you're a firework >> at "today." >> we graduate. >> administrators. >> teachers. >> and families of the graduates. ♪ shoot across the sky >> high school, here we come. >> it's time to turn the tassel. >> class of 2019 welcome back to "today" on this wednesday morning thank you for starting your day with us. sheinelle joining us now.
8:02 am
>> good morning. >> savannah is on the road in miami. >> good morning to you it is a special morning here at 30 rock. graduation day for the middle school class from washington heights expeditionary learning school jenna is on the plaza, getting to know them it will be a phenomenal morning in just a bit. >> we'll go celebrate with our young grads and their friends and family in a bit. we're going to share sage advice, as they start an exciting new chapter in their lives. first, we go to the sunshine state. hey there, savannah. >> hello good morning to you guys we'll start this half hour with the news at 8:00 special former counsel robert mueller will testify publicly to congress next month about russian election meddling and possible obstruction of justice by president trump mueller is a reluctant witness though house democrats announced he was subpoenaed to come before congress he'll appear before the house judiciary and intelligence committees july 17th mueller hoped to avoid publicly testifying, saying his report
8:03 am
spoke for itself reacting to this development on twitter, the president called the news presidential harassment nearly 80 democratic lawmakers have called for impeaching the president, and it may be a topic the candidates for president want to talk about tonight in the democratic debates here in miami. it's the first of this primary season peter alexander is here in the knight concert hall with a preview. hi, peter. good morning >> reporter: hey, savannah good morning to you. these are the lecterns for the ten democratic candidates tonight. ten more tomorrow night, as well this is the center position, elizabeth warren, the front runner this evening. she'll will right there. joe biden takes over this spot tomorrow let's flip things around, give you a look we caught up with elizabeth warren last night. she said one of the real challenges for the candidates will be brevity. no long-winded answers they get just 60 seconds to answer any of the questions. 30 seconds for follow ups. back live in the room, this is the room where it is going to happen 1,600 seats in this room but millions more will be watching at home this evening
8:04 am
the challenge for these candidates to introduce themselves to the american people, to contrast themselves with the other democratic candidates, and to make the case why they should be the next commander in chief savannah, they have to do it all without any embarrassing mistakes it all begins this evening back to you. >> peter, thank you so much. debate is tonight and tomorrow ten candidates per night i'll be one of the moderators with chuck todd, rachel maddow, lester holt, and jose diaz-balart. watch it live on nbc as well as msnbc and telemundo starting at 9:00 eastern craig, back to you >> we'll see you tonight and you'll have a full wrap-up tomorrow morning on "today." >> you bet. >> reporter: in salt lake city police released the last known photos of mackenzie lueck, a missing student who disappeared after security cameras captured these images at the city's airport in the early morning hours of june 17th police say the 23-year-old did
8:05 am
not appear to talk to anyone she then took a lyft from the airport to a park where the driver says she was met by someone. police at this point say there is no evidence of foul play, but lueck has not been seen since. former army staff sergeant david bellavia received a medal of honor president trump gave him the awaryesterday. it is the nation's highest recognition for valor in combat. he saved his platoon during an intense fire fight in 2004 the 43-year-old is from lyndonville, new york. he left the army in 2005 8:05 that's the news for now. how about a morning boost? >> shall we? >> a police officer in orlando, florida, returning home from work when he saw someone driving on the wrong side of the road. turns out, it was his own daughter take a look at what happened next >> oh, okay. >> license and registration. >> couldn't tell where we were
8:06 am
going there. >> insurance, please you don't have a driver's license. this isn't a laughing matter you think this is funny? >> smile and laugh like that, you can't arrest her, right? >> adorable. >> plus, it was her first driving offense, so officer alex kemp decided to let her go with just a warning. >> i didn't know where you were going with a tease i thought it was a teenager on the road that's adorable. no more tickets for her. ahead this morning, a family bravely moving forward how country star granger smith and his wife are honoring their late son's legacy and helping other families in the process. also, we're hosting the first ever graduation on the plaza. jenna bush hager, master of ceremonies, already busy reading off the names of those young grads. >> congratulations >> we're back with much more on a wednesday morning right after these messages >> so great. on a wednesday morning right after these messages. >> so great. at average risk.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
country star granger smith and his wife, amber, welcome back country star granger smith and his wife, amber, faced the unthinkable earlier this month the drowning death of their 3-year-old son, river. >> as they cope with that devastating loss, they are also finding ways to heal and to carry on their son's legacy with the hope of helping other families >> the first thing we wanted to do was start giving back. >> reporter: granger smith and his wife, amber, are determined to find light in the midst of their tragedy after losing 3-year-old son river in a drowning accident less than three weeks ago. they're giving back to the people who tried desperately to save him. >> sincerely, i cannot thank you enough for our visit here and for the kindness and sincerity that we got. >> reporter: on tuesday, a heartfelt dedication in their son's honor to the dell children's hospital in austin, texas, with a check for $218,000. >> we wanted to do the most that we can for not only our son's
8:11 am
legacy but for our gratitude for what you guys gave to us >> you all have provided a lifetime of inspiration through your efforts in turning the loss of river into a great strength for so many. our hope is that it will strengthen you, as well. >> reporter: the donation coming from sales of a t-shirt made in river's honor. ♪ every single good time >> reporter: the toddler died on june 6th after drowning in the family's backyard swimming pool. parents announcing their painful loss in an emotional post on instagram. we lost our youngest son, river kelly smith, following a tragic accident, and despite doctor's best efforts, he was unable to be revived last week, the smiths speaking out in a video message, giving fans more detail on what happened. >> we were doing gymnastics in the yard the boys were playing a water gunfight somewhere between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, we don't know, amber and i are inside our pool gate
8:12 am
doing cpr on our son >> reporter: river was rushed to the hospital, where he died two days later >> we had an incredible little boy for three years. we feel really good about that. >> reporter: the country star including a poignant question from river's older sister, london. >> london asked me how many days river lived. i said, just over 1,000. i thought about that after i said it. i thought, what if we all were given 1,000 days what if you were given a gift of 1,000 days on this earth you could live those days barefoot, red hair flying back on your go-cart, on your trac r tractor, full speed ahead. if you could do that with your family around you, with no real cares in the world, that's a good 1,000 days. that's a good way to live. >> reporter: the tragic news met with an outpouring of support
8:13 am
from around the world. including well wishes from olympic skier bode miller and his wife, morgan, who lost their daughter to a drowning incident last year. morgan writing, my heart breaks. another baby gone too soon ♪ we miss you >> reporter: the singer taking the stage on sunday in chicago, performing for the first time since the tragedy. and sporting a new tattoo on his right forearm, his son's name. >> we don't understand why this happened, and we'll never understand, but i promise we're going to figure out good we're going to bring good from it. >> reporter: the family pushing forward in the face of unimaginable loss, determined to let their son's memory light the way. >> the smiths say moving forward, they are determined to live like riv every day. granger starts touring again on friday his wife and two children will join him on the road, keeping the family close as they heal. >> unthinkable >> heartbreaking our hearts go out to them for sure. mr. roker, we turn to you for a check of the weather.
8:14 am
>> all right we have some heat coming in. right now, we've got some strong storms firing up in the northern plains from minnesota all the way down into iowa and kansas. we're looking at the systems pushing through. otherwise, things aren't so bad, although we are talking about a lot of heat, especially from the southwest through the southern part of this country big area of high pressure pushing the jet stream up to the north, up into canada and so forth. today, we have heat indexes into the triple digits and the high 90s from corpus christi, miami, up to atlanta. tomorrow, it moves into the northeast and the midwest, as well that's what's going on around the countr good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. while the east coast heats up, we're in for a cooldown. here's a live look outside in san jose. all clear skies and our temperatures in the low 60s now. only heading up to 75 degrees. it will be breezy as we get a stronger ocean breeze and an onshore wind flow picking up today and that's going to bring it down about 10 degrees from
8:15 am
yesterday. we're going to see more weather like this going throughout the rest of the week. this weekend it warms up slightly but we're going to continue on with some seasonable weather through the start of next week. >> mr. roker, carson daly out west doing the thing he does. >> all right first up, this july marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of john f. kennedy jr. and his wife, carolyn bessette, characterized as american royalty. the public was fascinated by the couple's lives next month, tlc will look back at their legacy in a two-hour special, featuring an inside look at the pair's relationship. it includes never before seen footage from their wedding here's a peek. >> dynamite. >> this was a secret ceremony. >> run like the wind >> everyone knew about it afterwards, but nobody has watched this this is amazing.
8:16 am
>> carolyn changed my life in ways i never thought possible. >> the footage was released by john junior's oldest friend. in the special, we'll see and hear from some of the kennedy's closest friends and family, jfk jr. and carolyn's wedding, the lost tapes, airs july 13th. former "breaking bad" costars bryan cranston and aaron paul had fans buzzing after posting a series of tweets hinting at big news. both actors posted this picture of two donkeys with the caption, soon nothing has been confirmed at this time. back in february, the "hollywood reporter" reported that show creator, vince gilligan, was working on a feature length film based on the series. it wrapped in 2013 after five sentence if cranston and paul's tweets are any indication, we'll get news soon. >> hope so. we have an exciting
8:17 am
announcement to make this year marks the 100th year anniversary of the save the children organization. at this gala, cabello is being recognized for her humanitarian efforts. savannah guthrie and hoda kotb are hosting the event september 12th celebrating 100 years. finally, we have a special preview of jimmy fallon with the cast of "stranger things." they went to madame tussaud's in new york to trick unsuspecting> visitors >> get in the zone no laughing. you can look, yeah. >> all right >> this is our photographer. you can sit on the bench you can look, yeah >> three, two, one >> ah! >> that's all we can show you for you. to see more fan reactions, be sure to watch the "tonight show" live tonight after the debates
8:18 am
at 11:35 here on nbc. >> can you imagine >> you spent time with the guys, the cast of "stranger things." they are a fun bunch. >> imagine keeping them quiet enough. >> all of them. >> they're phenomenal actors and actresses. do you have a daly click >> yes there's no doubt, couples have gotten creator with gender reveal parties one of the most common reveals a cannon of pink or blue powder. watch this >> three, two, one. >> oh! i guess that'll be an only child. >> oh, no. >> did you notice it was a boy >> oh, no. >> you can see part of the air cannon shoots down al, you're on to something the future grandma said, gender reveal may be for only child. >> the woman didn't seem to be, like, overly -- >> she didn't realize. >> doesn't understand how bad it hurt.
8:19 am
>> goodness. that's one people will be talking about today. now to the celebration of world pride, kicking off here in new yorky tonit. >> this year's events mark the 50th anniversary of the uprising, which launched the gay rights movement in this country. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us with more on that. it was a movement that was launched not far from where we sit. >> yup just downtown, guys. what became known as the stonewall riot started as a routine police raid in manhattan's west village earlier this month, the commissioner officially apologized for the department's actions, calling them wrong. plain and simple actions and the reaction to them over several summer nights in 1969 that changed history. ♪ >> reporter: it's a global flash point for equal rights, born in a new york city bar. take me back to 1969 what was this place like >> it was a dump it was a burnt down bar that they came in and painted everything black, opened the doors, and made money. >> reporter: the stonewall inn,
8:20 am
like almost all underground bars that caters to gay clientele at the time, was run by organized crime. the lgbtq community in the late '60s had few other optionswell, how important was this place to you and your friends back then >> well, it was important because we could dance with each other. it was against the law to serve known homosexuals alcohol in new york city. >> reporter: 1969, an impatient nypd raided the stonewall multiple times friday, june 28th, its oppressed clientele, many transgender, minority, or poor, had enough. did it feel like every other raid that you had experienced up until that point >> no. the neighborhood cops always raided the bar they'd walk in and say, girls, line up. we'd line up, as usual they came in nasty hollering and pushing and shoving. they hit somebody, and somebody hit back that started the whole thing
8:21 am
>> reporter: at times, the stonewall riots were actually light hearted. the underlying anger also sparked outbursts of violence. the officer who led the raid spoke to "today" in 1994 >> you must understand that these were kids who were out for good time, and we spoiled it. >> reporter: what happened when you came out here that night >> well, after that, they broke the windows. we threw garbage cans through the window we fought back we shaked police cars, broke paddy wagon locks. >> reporter: the police presence and lgbtq resistance persisted for several nights the stonewall was shut down for good, but a movement was born. the struggle for mere survival or acceptance pivoted into gay pride, held on the anniversary of the uprising. the building itself changed hands and businesses for decades, before its current owner stepped in with an eye on preserving history >> it wasn't being treated with
8:22 am
the respect it should have been. this is where pride began. we had to bring it back to that status we didn't want to make it a museum we also wanted everyone to know the history. >> reporter: that history is still being made stonewall has transformed into a mecca and a sanctuary for mourning, like after the pulse massacre, and for celebration, like after the supreme court legalized gay marriage to some degree, this has become for the lgbtq community, a kind of emotional ground zero, isn't it >> absolutely. >> it really has become that symbol of gay rights around the world. we get visitors from everywhere you can think of i think when you talk about stonewall, it resonates now. because people are understanding exactly what happened here >> reporter: tree, who was a customer at the stonewall when the uprising happened, is now a
8:23 am
bartender here, and a living piece of its history >> i was very proud that i'm here it's my second family. my home and here >> reporter: in 2016, president obama named the area outside the stonewall a national park. the first to recognize the lgbtq community. pride is now a worldwide celebration, a community of millions of individuals. its spiritual birthplace is this corner in new york's west village. >> this is a place where people can come to mourn. it's a place where people can come to rejoice. it's a safe haven for everybody. straight allies, also. >> reporter:t's a piece of history. it's part of an education. >> we don't take it lightly. we understand we're the innkeepers of history. that's a big responsibility. >> celebrations of world pride will dominate this city this week the owners are still focused on what remains to be done for the cause. founding the stonewall gives
8:24 am
back initiative, which several corporations and the new york yankees are involved with. there's more info on their website about its outreach. >> i was just there a few weeks ago for a shoot. the bar is a cool place. >> it is a great place we were there shooting in the morning. what's interesting is it really has become this spot where tourists go. it is kind of on that checklist of things you do when you're in new york city. whether you're straight or gay or whatever, if you're here for the first time, you go there. >> take your family members there. i've never known the story thank you for putting that in perspective. a lot of people don't know this story. they know it is something and take a picture, but they don't know the history. >> what a great story. >> really good meanwhile, we've got a lot of graduation festivities to get to mr. roker, get your cap and gown ready. words of wisdom for the grads and some reminiscing about our own graduation days as well. first, your local news
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26. firefighters, including some from the bay area, are trying to get the upper hand on a brush fire burning east of mt. hamilton. the rock fire, as it's called, started last night in the foothills of west patterson not too far from interstate 5. last night it jumped in size to more than 1,000 acres. a short time ago firefighters put it at 15% contained. fortunately there are no homes in the area but there are some concerns about strong winds spreading that fire quickly. some 200 firefighters are already on the scene. that includes a calfire strike team based out of morgan hill. let's take a look at traffic now
8:27 am
with mike. >> better news for the tri-valley. 84, just about 10 minutes ago, all lanes are cleared. it was the scene of a crash and traffic control for about an hour. it caused more folks to hear about it and jam up and think, maybe we shouldn't take that offramp so they're getting off at 580 and crowding 580 as well. returning to normal. still slow both directions of 238, and up toward the bay bridge, slower toward oakland and southbound all the way through silicon valley, a crash clearly toward the 101. back to you. thanks, mike. we'll have another local news update for you in about half an hour. show me the crown.
8:28 am
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♪ we're back at 8:30 on a wednesday morning, june 26th, 2019 hey, guys, it's graduation day >> it is >> here on rockefeller plaza for our middle schoolers from washington heights expeditionary learning school. >> if you take a look around, our crowd is filled with their family and friends we've got dressed for the occasion, as well. >> we have seen our grads march in, handed out their diplomas. just ahead, we're going to deliver our own graduation speech to them >> you should see their eyes
8:31 am
rolling. >> we don't want to hear your words. >> he's laughing >> he's been here since 4:00 this morning they're a little tired. >> it is going to be a fun half hour we're going to wrap it up with those words of wisdom from our favorite college commencement speeches from around the country, as well it is always one of my favorite pieces we do, a roundup of the commencement addresses. mr. roker, how about a check of the weather >> today, we are looking at a lot of hot, humid weather through the southeast. spring storms making their way through. summer storms making their way through the plains then fire danger continues out west tomorrow, we have heat and humidity making its way to the northeast and mid-atlantic takes. heavy rain in the great lakes. hot and dry in the central plains that's what' good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we ever some beautiful weather for the bay area today and much cooler than yesterday, especially in the inland valleys. san jose is heading up to 75.
8:32 am
we'll also see a high of 75 in concord. in santa rosa today, reaching the 70s there and in the 60s in half moon bay and san francisco. our inland valleys will have cooler to normal weather. end of the week it does warm up slightly but it does look very comfortable into next week. more like ancient memories we dug into the archives for our graduation photos. here's my middle school graduation big captain of sienna school in queens, new york. >> you look just like nick. >> that's wild. >> poor kid. >> wearing the same colors, too. >> that's right. >> here is my middle school graduation wearing red down at english town middle school with my grandmother. >> this is my high school graduation. >> where is the violin >> class of '97. columbia.
8:33 am
>> you were very handsome. >> thank you >> this is mine. there i am. >> you wear it well. >> class of 2000 >> last but not least, i have my college graduation these are moments with my mommy. never forget always cherish. >> you didn't graduate from high school >> now, it's your turn, guys. up next, our special message to graduates as they embark on an exciting new chapter. first -- >> this istoday" on nbc. >> " p
8:34 am
8:35 am
back with more of our special "today" graduates events we've shared this milestone with an exceptional group of students now, it is time for us to share our own thoughts really a graduation speech with the class of 2019. are you guys ready for these
8:36 am
words of wisdom? okay >> they've been here several hours. they're more than ready. it is our honor to welcome the eighth grade class of washington heights expeditionary learning school, the graduating middle school class of 2019 here at rockefeller center, the "today" show has watched history unfold for more than 67 years, as the first ever class to graduate on our plaza, you're making history here today. but even more importantly, you're making history in your own lives. we at the "today" show, we want to tell you how important this day really is. >> guys, today is a defining
8:37 am
milestone in your education and your lives i think of it as a book. it's the end of one chapter but the beginning of a far greater one. you're going to discover your passions, so study them fiercely you'll begin not only to figure out what your dreams are, but take your first steps towards achieving them >> today is full of possibilities, a blank canvas on which you can paint your own masterpiece. in high school, you'll step out of your comfort zone, which i know can be a little hard and a little scary, but this is when you'll really begin to grow, learn, and make your mark on the world. >> today is the day we hope you will always remember, promise yourself to make it count. be positive. be persistent. embrace every opportunity that comes your way remember, even if things get tough, try to learn from it, and keep moving forward. >> today, it's the beginning of a bigger and brighter tomorrow if you work hard, keep your
8:38 am
dreams in sight, and stay true to yourselves, your future is going to be greater than you could have ever imagined so now, it's the time. can y'all stand up congratulations to the class -- and three people stood up. can you all? congratulations to the class of 2019 >> all right "today" show style it's not over yet. ahead, we have some surprises. some surprises in store for this first graduating class of 2019 on the plaza you guys ready for some surprises? [ cheers ] >> now it gets done. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
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how cool is this >> i was about to say, my eighth grade graduation wasn't anything like this. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. so it's been a fun-filled morning on the plaza, celebrating a very special middle school graduation. >> okay. now, we want you to hear from some of the students al, take it away. >> i have will here. how does it feel >> feels great. >> what are you going to miss most about eighth grade? >> my teachers and everyone that helped me. >> are you excited about high school >> yes >> all right have you thought about what you want to do >> be a basketball player. >> all right very good. get that education, right? >> yeah. >> absolutely. all right. jenna? >> okay. i'm here with javi tell me, what are you most proud of all of your fellow classmates for? >> building a community. over these years, i've seen from 6th to 8th grade how we've become closer. i didn't know when i first moved to the city, started school, and i have to say, building a community throughout the years here, i'm really proud of our
8:42 am
fellow students in that. >> how long have you been here >> three years. >> do you love it? >> yes, it is great. i love it. >> you'll stay through high school >> that's my plan. >> what is your big dream? >> i want to go to columbia university >> columbia, are you paying attention? we have javi dylan, over to you >> thanks, jenna i'm sitting next to samaya how are you feeling today? >> excited. >> must be what are you looking forward to when you get to high school? >> exploring the new clubs, activities, and overall learning new and different things and ideas. >> what activities do you like to do? >> musical theater, soccer, flag football, basketball. >> totally different than what you told me you want to study through the years. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i would like to explore into defense attorney and homicide detectives >> wow big goals. that's good. you have to create the big goals, right >> yes. >> are you going to miss your friends or continue going to school with them >> i'll continue going to school with most of them, yeah.
8:43 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> craig >> they seem so much more mature than we did when we were coming out of the eighth grade. with any graduation, cap decorating, it is a beloved tradition. these kids, pretty creative. we thought it'd be cool to have a cap decorating contest here's the thing, the winner of the cap decorating contest, you get whatever is under the box. deal >> that's a deal that's a deal. >> i can tell, don't be thrown off by the color it is not from tiffany's first of all, what is your name? >> my name is aiden. >> aiden all right. you did this yourself, right >> my mom helped me out. >> we appreciate your honesty. >> no shame in that. >> let's show folks the top of the hat. show the camera. there you go >> what's it say >> all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them >> all right words from walt disney on top of your head. >> what's your name, dear? >> tricia.
8:44 am
>> let's show your hat dream big and dare to fail. >> look at that design, too, roker. >> very lovely we have daisha i love this. let's show everybody yours i'm ready. i'm ready. a little spongebob theme there you like spongebob >> yeah. >> all right okay your classmates are going to be the judge. vote round of applause aiden, cap number one. [ applause ] >> pretty good >> all right >> pretty good >> cap number two. [ applause ] >> cap number three. [ applause ] >> whoa. whoa >> i don't know. >> craig, what do you say? >> i think -- clearly, that's family clearly, that's family. >> wow >> those are your people, aren't they
8:45 am
>> i think she's a little embarrassed. >> it's just the beginning al, i think it is kind of hard to judge. >> i do, too you know what -- >> i think all three deserve what's under the box. >> all three deserve you know what, craig i think we should do one better. i think every graduate should get what's under the box >> what's under the box? >> are you ready craig, lift the box! >> that's right. >> what is it, al? >> thanks to walmart, you are all going home with an on android tablet with a removable keyboard. >> wow >> there you go. >> everyone is getting it. >> there you go. >> guys, i also think you all ought to stand up. all stand up everybody stand up i think you should give your family a round of applause >> thank you, al
8:46 am
[ applause ] you get a tablet you get a tablet. >> pass out the tablets. >> here you go >> we're passing out tablets >> you get a tablet. you get a tablet. >> amazing >> here you go >> amazing up next, a few more words of wisdom to inspire you from a few of our favorite commencement speeches of 2019 first, happy graduation. this is "today" on nbc first, happy graduation. this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
this has been so much fun. welcome back. the principal of washington heights expeditionary learning school, he's with us now. thomas, give us the last name. >> rockowitz. >> what is it about this class that makes it extra special? >> i'm so proud of this group.
8:49 am
i think for us, knowing this is the first graduation of many, knowing that in four years, they'll have their high school graduation, then in four more years, they'll have their college graduation, we're so proud of this group of students. >> what would you say to the so many family members and friends here. we don't know you personally, and it is just as exciting for us to watch them. >> yeah. we're so grateful for our families for thank you all so much. we have such a great group of kids, such a great group of families we're so lucky our staff is here. thank you so much to them. we have a great school community. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much >> thank you speaking of college graduation, there is also a new crop of college grads preparing to face a new era in their lives. >> they are doing it with life advice passed on to them in a wide range of commencement addresses. we thought we'd take a moment to share some of the best moments and words of wisdom with you >> good morning class of 2019.
8:50 am
>> thank you very much for having me in this beautiful city. >> really is an honor and a privilege to be here >> why am i up here? truly. i'm dead serious why am i up here >> graduates, you have so much to be proud of >> they say everything happens for a reason i don't know if that's true, but i do know that everything happens. and it's up to you to maximize the reality of your situation. >> because i truly believe that you should have as big of dreams as you want in this world. never let anybody tell you you can't accomplish those dreams. i once had a teacher who told me that my dream of one day playing in the nfl was unrealistic well, hello. >> you have permission to dream your dreams at any age i'm here to tell you, you can achieve them faster than other
8:51 am
people say you can when you doubt that, that's the imposter syndrome. don't ever let it stop you don't ever trust what it is telling you. >> what each of you must believe in, from this day forward, is your inherent uniqueness, your singular point of view >> life is going to give you bad turns. it's a test. just a test. look at all the tests you passed just to get here right? >> our world doesn't need a hero with a license to kill we need people with the courage to create. our world needs you. >> foster a sense of humor about yourselves, because otherwise you run the risk of being boring i'm sorry. somebody has to say it >> i won't tell you to get married or not get married but i will say this to you, find someone who is better than you, and convince them to spend their
8:52 am
lives with you >> here's the thing, whisper to yourself if you must, but say it out loud, put it out there, don't curb your ambitions. don't tell yourself, i could never do that. i'm not good enough. it's too much. my advice is really simple, think big for yourself, and then just head in that general direction. whether you arrive at the ideal destination is not even the point. the point is to be ambitious for your lives and then just try >> when people show unhidden joy in their accomplishments and good fortunate and blessings, witnessing it feels almost intimate, and that is why all graduations for all the pomp and ceremony and brass bands, all of them are so personally moving. >> while i hope you congratulate
8:53 am
yourselves on the achievement, i hope you also take time to thank those who helped you along the way. working together with others, you may have already discovered is one of the great secrets to achieving anything in the world. >> today, you take the control you're going to push it up and chart your course across the sky. keep the wings level and true. because your country is sending you on a vital mission to defend america, protect our people, and to pursue our nation's great and glorious destiny. >> when you listen as fiercely as you want to be heard, when you respect the idea that you are sharing the earth with other humans, and when you lead with your nice foot forward, you'll win. every time >> remember to believe in something.
8:54 am
fall in love as many times as you can. remember, before you do something special, just do something. okay the time has come. ladies and gentlemen, please move your tassels from right to the left >> with that, congratulations to the class of 2019! ♪ high, high hopes for living that'll do it for this hour of "today. much more ahead on the third and fourth hours, including -- >> we've got got7, the k-pop band, first time ever on television, on the fourth hour of "today." >> first, your local news. >> slow motion >> that's fun.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56. authorities in the south bay are trying to piece together what led up to a deadly double murder suicide at a morgan hill car dealership. the chaotic scene unfolded last night after an apparently disgruntled worker killed two
8:57 am
workers before turning the gun on himself. neither the shooter nor the victims have been identified, but a witness told bay area news that the shooter had just been fired from his job before the shots rang out. this all happened at the service center in the dealership on c conyer road. they found the shooter dead inside the dealership. we're trying to get some answers and we'll have a complete update in our midday newscast. you can also go to our home page to link with the latest developments. firefighters are trying to get a hand on a brush fire burning near patterson. it jumped to 1,000 acres overnight. this morning firefighters say it is about 15% contained. on our twitter feed, we're posting new updates along with video from the front lines, so you can check it out there. we'll have another local update for you in about an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. welcome to the third hour of "today." craig melvin here, along with mr. roker, back from assignment. >> welcome back. >> sheinelle, dylan dreyer. we had a lot of fun. >> there are certain moments in life, a baby being born, or you see a puppy, or life. it's true. >> you compared seeing a puppy to a child being born. >> i'm saying, there are happy moments in life that the good lord gives you, where you push a pause button and say, you know what, it is able blessing to be alive. graduations do the same for me. there is this potential, right? >> the music gets you excited. t


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