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tv   Today  NBC  June 28, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is third hour of "today," welcome to the third hour of "today." happy friday, in no one told you yet. i'm sheinelle. craig had to run. we have dylan with us and with us today. >> both of your hair looks amazing. >> ah, thank you. >> and mine, pin straight. >> welcome can relate. fourth day of a blowout. interesting. >> i love it. >> welcome, welcome. fourth of july asking about your
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plans. early fireworks down in miami last night. night two of the democratic debate featured dramatic exchanges and front-runner joe biden on receiving end of most. nbc's chief white house correspondent, this girl is everywhere. made her way back to washington and live with us this morning. have you slept? >> got about two and a half hours. still better than savannah, who got like 90 minutes. >> let's take it a step at a time. what happens next? next debate, late july. quite the night. >> reporter: you got a chance to see highlights there. listen, ladies, contentious and combative from the very beginning. the most ex-explosive not just in debates but the whole primary season as whole came between former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. listen, we knew joe biden would be front and center but, boy, i don't know if this campaign thought it would go down like this. the former vice president
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pushed, confronted by harris in this very personal way about his civil rights record. harris brought up, of course, the segregationist senators back that joe biden worked with decades ago in the senate, he's referenced having conversations with, worked with as a lawmaker and talked how much that hurt her personally. hurt her deeply, and she turned to talk about his record on bussing and working with those segregationists on that issue, and her experience as a little girl being bused, integrated io the public school system. a moment watching the debate you could have heard a pin drop. seemed to stunned the audience into silence, put joe biden on defense and exposed biden's vulnerabilities you'll see throughout the campaign and debate season. the idea he has to defend past positions and record sort of and who he talked with coming up in the '70s, '80s, and '90s working in politics. a record like mayor buttigieg
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hasn't been on the scene, he just doesn't have. the big moment. the thing everybody is talking about this morning. when it comes to the social media trend and who's googling who? before last night, joe biden, bernie sanders. now kamala harris top of the list. one of the top two most tweeted about candidates today. >> i think it's interesting if you look at both nights, hallie, elizabeth warren coming up to the top. >> that's right. >> certainly kamala and both of them spoke very personally about their personal experiences which i thought wer incredible. >> it resonated. >> yes, resonated. >> reporter: can be effective on a debate stage too. remember, most americans aren't that tuned in yet. just getting to know these candidates. senator warren or harris, good name recognition. there is an appetite in the democratic electorate, primary, for a woman to be on the ticket. for a person of color to be on the ticket.
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i think you are seeing, the fact it's two women having the breakout nights each night is significant for a lot of democrats. >> you can imagine one of those women going up against president trump, and actually holding her own. what a lot of people probably are thinking last night. how would they fare against the president? >> and craig and al asked the day before what it was like day one during commercial breaks. what was it like last night during commercial breaks? >> reporter: to be honest. me, too. on a plane watching on internet from 30,000 feet. wasn't in the hall. can't tell you. a chance to see it again in about a month for the next debate. one to watch as well. >> great job. welcome back home. you're phenomenal as always. >> get some sleep, if you can. one good thing. the debate so late at night but women's world cup actually at 3:00 today. so i cannot stay awake to watch the women's world cup in paris, of course. temperatures are 92 degrees, but for game time over there, not until 9:00 p.m. temperature drops into the
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mid-80s. anyway, the u.s. women wanted to encourage fans who might still be at work at 3:00 this afternoon to continue to watch the game. so teammates kelley o'hara and ali long made a permission slip excusing employees from going to work to cheer on team usa. part of the permission slip says we kindly ask you give every employee the day so they can eat a hearty lunch, get emotionally ready, bust out all usa gear and mentally prep for what will be an epic game and back on monday -- maybe. >> the cool bosses should say, know what? let's support. go home. it's fourth of july weekend. >> exactly. >> any bosses rauching now, a hot day. give them the day off. >> actually, the game sold out for weeks now and resale tickets are soaring on stubhub. ticket prices range from a couple hundred dollars to some as much as 10,000 euros. listed, don't know if anybody
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will actually buy them before the game. i don't know. people are so into this. >> incredible to think a couple years ago people would pay that kind of money for women's soccer. >> amazing. >> such a fun group of women. bad and -- know what i mean? >> what is that, mmm. >> they're bad -- mmm. >> you know what i mean? >> vibe, like, rock stars. they're strong. know what i mean? about empowerment. >> yes, i'm with jill. >> 3:00 in the afternoon. >> and another thing we'll be watching. fascinating. wimbledon officially starts monday 15 years and 122 days, the youngest player to qualify for wimbledon is cory goff. she's originally from florida. goes by the nickname cocoa and serena and venus two idols growing up. get this. guess who she's playing? >> don't say. >> against venus williams.
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can you believe that? first round of the championship. she will be playing her tennis idol. >> listen to what we've just talked about in this block. right? i mean, it's, pause, you're younger than i am, but for young girls sitting at home and women my age to think about you know, $10,000 tickets for women's soccer. women on both nights of the president's debate rising above. this young woman. this is a sea change. this is a sea change. women no longer have to think, like, i can't see it. i can't be it. you can see it everywhere now. >> when you see it, it makes such a difference. >> oh, my gosh. >> so good. there's a story before we go to commercial break where there was an article, cocoa, mentioned her name. easy name to remember. you met her and met her again, hey, cocoa. but are you the kind of person, go to an event somebody tells you their name, will you remember it? >> i forget the second i hear it. >> it's bad. >> you forget immediately. good at remembering names? >> depends on the person, if i'm
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focused, depends if i'm geared in. a lot of tricks how to remember. >> apaparently this one is getting attention. in "the atlantic" gathering tips from a memory championship winner. going on the record. i want to go to the memory championships. you should see the things they remember. 400 cards and the people look at them and -- >> they remember it. >> remember them all. >> a fun story. >> connecting everything together. >> we went to the experts. right? they say the trick is to connect the numbers words or facts to existing memories you already have in your head. something you already know. for example, remember a name. create a pneumonic device. does anybody know what that means? >> yes. if i met you, you had dark hair and met another sheinelle. she has dark hair. i know sheinelle has dark hair. i think that's what they mean. >> and the example they were giving, meet a guy named mike way beard put a bunch of mikes
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in as a beard. vision in your mind. not real, yes [ laughter ] >> you mentalize that, visualize that guy, with a mike. >> the visual, better chance you'll have of remembering. >> i think you remember what you want. you remember the boy's name you want to meet. do you remember the number i gave you -- >> 8. >> see? >> i'm really proud of myself. really good. i said you remember what you want. and i said, like, i just made up a number. 82, in the makeup room having a girl gab fest this morning. another therapy session. and she remembered. so you remember what you want. >> you remember what you think to remember. you remember names, remember people. remember things. >> let us know at your next cocktail party. it's fun fact friday. one has a hair-raising secret to share. we all went around the table. we'll be right back. ahead on the third hour of "today," they took a bad day and made it into a billion dollar company.
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>> i called to complain and that's how we came up with the business idea. >> meet the friends turned entrepreneurs whose luggage company is flying high. plus, it's smoothie time. joy bauers [sprinklers] [label tearing] [bottle opens] yay! [aahhh] [label tearing] [bottle opens] [aahhh] [label tearing] [bottle opens] [aahhh]
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across the country. the foods of the summer. >> the order. >> shocked. i feel in the summertime we tend to eat healthier, salads besides burgers and -- >> you thought kale? >> i thought something healthier. barbecued pork buns and fries. >> ordering these days? >> i guess. don't scream summer food. >> doesn't surprise me. this surprises me. >> put truffle on a shoe. >> and vegan, impossible burger. >> love that. >> up 529% over last year. >> oh, my god. order that whenever i can. >> it's that good? >> really good and hard to find. >> restaurants in the city teamed up with certain chains trying to mass produce this burger. the production facilities can't keep up with the demand. i tried to google them and get them to my house. i've tried every plant-based thing on the planet. this burger, so good.
9:15 am
>> put it on the grill? >> it does. in a restaurant not too long ago in california. sell a lot of them in california. and brought the waiter back. excuse me. i know this is not an impossible burger. yes, it is, ma'am. i said, no, it can't be. >> it's impossible! >> you're like a commercial. >> i haven't either. >> i remember al roker telling me, you can't tell the difference. i'm like, i it tell the difference. >> why not just eat a burger. >> it's a veggie -- it's healthier. >> no. and -- i mean, everybody loves -- you have -- i doubt somebody who doesn't like fries. >> time for fun fact friday before we run out of time. shared random thoughts about ourselves and wanted to get to it because you're here. you go first. fun fact about yourself. >> kept me up all night. hardest part of my week. a fun fact? i can't come up with a fun fact about myself. the thing i came up with i write poetry. that's not really so fun, but --
9:16 am
>> can you do that you're funny and irreverent and have a wild side and tell the story about last night? >> last night at a restaurant. i am kind of funny and wild. people think i'm serious all the time. at a restaurant, guys at a table next to me so loud because they were drunk and everything and the two women at the table were like, we can't hear you. i turned to the guys, i was like, shhh they're like, what? the guy turns to me, so sorry, so sorry. like, oh, my girlfriend likes you. your girlfriend? fianc fiancee, tell you the story. met my girlfriend. didn't like her, went away, and i thought, what did i get myself into? got into a whole discussion with all thee gree guys, they were q, got up and left. >> spilled my whole life in the makeup room. >> it was beautiful. >> run out of time. quickly. >> very curly, brown hair
9:17 am
naturally. >> look at you. >> take a look at this. >> wow. >> my junior prom, i think. >> what year? >> 16 or something, right? >> hot. you didn't have to have a perm? >> oh, no. i have color, clearly. >> and i would still rock that dress. >> gorgeous. >> what about you guys? >> okay. so everybody knows i have a dog bosco, little schnauzer. bosco scheana kelly cocoa bean. first got her register her as bosco 627. come up with an interesting name. bosco chino a girl, and cocoa bean, chocolate brown. >> so happy doesn't have to remember it. not a child. >> bosco scheana? >> man. a dog not a little girl. >> your daughter's name bosco --
9:18 am
>> mine, couldn't think of anything. jill mentioned she likes the rinds of an orange. i mentioned i like -- >> the outside part? >> the outside. my mom, too. >> i started eating the outside of mangos. >> what? >> i wanted to try that. i like the taste. >> try it. >> my husband did it the other day. what are you doing? i was like, ah. then i tried it. it's not horrible. >> watch it. can be gross. sometimes it can be sour. >> a fun fact about you. >> i even like the texture. why are we not peeling -- >> don't have to peel anymore. just eat it. >> i eat the outside of the peanut. >> what? >> i eat the whole peanut. >> i think that's an issue. actually a medical -- >> a lot of things of -- >> some people eat sand, and crave rocks and sand. i think you might have a medical -- >> we have to go now. i don't care for it. you want to eat this? >> what a nice way to not care for it. >> maria and jill will stick around a little longer. we get them a few more minutes.
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we'll be right back. still to come on the third hour of "today," it wasn't always blue skies ahead for these entrepreneurs. >> underestimated is one of our two greatest powers. >> bags that have the celebrities and a royal following. plus another dynamic duo. dan + shay are here performg dan + shay are here performg in the good news? our comfort lasts all day. the bad news? so does his energy. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. tthe bad news? ouyour patience might not.ay. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. you'll earn unlimited double camiles on every purchase,. every day... not just "airline purchases."
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and welcome back. it's time for "she made it." the story behind a luggage company oath launched in 2016 but already valued more than $1 billion. >> this grabbed my attention. jill sat down with the two 31-year-old women. >> of course. >> behind the brand, oh, called away. >> away. in theme with what we talked about today. two major, what did you say kick-blank women? celebrating a massive achievement about two seconds before setting sights higher. >> we announced we raised $100 million at a $1.4 billion valuation. >> say that again. >> yes. >> if i were you i'd have t-shirts made. >> yeah. $1.4 billion. >> in just three years jen and steph founders of away have managed to turn their
9:24 am
millennial-minded bags into a $1 billion unicorn start-up. >> sold over a million suitcases. a dozen different travel products now. >> seven stores total. >> over the next few years open another 50 stores around the world. >> do you ever look around and say i can't believe this? >> we're starting to do that a little bit more and more, but i think the way our brand works, we looked around, we have so much more to do. >> reporter: they met working at warby parker becoming fast friends almost a decade ago. in 2015 jen broke her suitcase at an airport and asked friends for recommendations. >> everyone was like, i don't know. or i have a bag but i don't really know the brand. an old hand me down. struck me as really interesting that travel is something everybody does and the bag is something you bring with you every single time, and nobody had a single product they could recommend. called steph to complain and that's actually how we came up
9:25 am
with a business idea. >> reporter: with that idea began surviving hundreds people on luggage needs. came up with an ideal carry-on and pitched to investors. >> the prototype wasn't ready. sitting there with a nice powerpoint deck and talking about our idea. they had to trust us it would be amazing. >> right. two girls in their 20s, trust me with this powerpoint. >> investors that got it realized what we were here to do, create a travel brand that didn't exist, that spoke to millennials, genxand people who wanted to travel differently. >> how many nos did you get with your powerpoint? >> a lot. >> 25, 30? >> dozens. >> i liked one of the stories setting up their apple watch during your presentation. >> he was not interested in investing, needless to say. >> reporter: once they got started, it rolled away to
9:26 am
success. >> put back how they pack, how they travel. ever single little stitch part of it was very thoughtfully considered to make your travel experience more seamless. >> reporter: making things run smoothly involves a direct to consumer business model, strong social media presence and constant customer referrals. now away suitcases are celeb faves and spotted everywhere including a royal baby shower. >> one of the guests of meghan markle's baby shower purchased a bag as gifts for everyone. very excite exciting for us. >> i have chills. that's a big one. >> definitely. >> reporter: even the lows are meaningful to them. >> perhaps because we're women we're constantly underestimated whether we're fund-raising, out there speaking about the company, and people always seem surprised we're doing what we're doing and that we've had momentum we've had. i think being underestimated is one of our greatest powers. >> once we proved what we've been able to do, then it kind of, like, challenges the naysayers right back.
9:27 am
>> reporter: terrible at bragging about themselves. >> are you so proud of yourselves? >> you never say that. >> i will say i'm incredibly proud of our team bringing together hundreds of people and majority of our team is new. over half of our team started in the last year because we've been growing so quickly. incredibly impressive for the two of us to see that and just oh so rewarding. we're very proud of that. >> so dylan asked a really good question. so many bags out there. what makes this one different. tell me about the inside? >> small tweaks. what we love about this story line. that you can take a product, make short, tiny tweaks even compression and then it turns into this billion dollar business. i want to say these women pay it forward. talking about that. did another, she made it the other day and told me their two mentors and idols were girls growing up and posted on her instastory, jen, coming to new
9:28 am
york. anybody who wants to hang with me, a new dm me. >> i'm going to dm her. >> 30% more? >> it has compression and got for al and craig, too. all your initials on the bag. >> love it. >> you can see. >> so many colors. i get it. actually mention our parent company comcast is an investor in way. people love this company. so good. >> thank you for hanging out with us. >> thank you. >> i'm going away. going away! >> pack your bag! >> with 30% more stuff in it, too. we'll be right back. still ahead on the third hour of "today," summer treats keep you cool. superfood friday. and joy is making smoothies. plus, we're moving the artist lounge outside for a
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one of my favorite segments
9:33 am
of the week for so many reasons. superfood friday. >> you need all the help you can get. >> how to add super foods to delicious treats perfect for staying cool this summer. >> sort of like superfood smoothie friday. >> nice. perfect. >> our first superfood is pineapple. the reason i love pineapple, first comprised of more than 85% water. it's sweet, refreshing juicy and hydrating you. also a group of enzymes aids in digestion and tames inflammation. >> really? >> you guys are drinking what i call my four ingredient vacation. >> is it healthy? >> tastes like a pina colada. >> healthy. one ingredient. frozen pineapple. light pine apple milk, pour int your blender, pour it into ice
9:34 am
pop molds. store it in the freezing -- oops, four, five hours. look at these ice pops. pina colada ice pops. the hostess with the mostess. >> for calvin i throw it in the tray. >> just in case thinking about it, add a little booze to it. these are clean. >> and next up, mango. talk about mangos. >> they are -- >> peopled mangos. >> fantastic, because they have almost as much potassium and the banana. potassium nurtures your heart and helps manage blood pressure. also it has two antioxidants helps promotes sharp vision. what i've made here is a mango-peach-ginger smoothie. isn't that nice? >> oh, wow. ginger is nice. >> all that's in there. frozen mango chunks, frozing peaches, a little ginger and i have almond milk, but you could
9:35 am
put any milk. >> can i ask a question? >> yeah. >> not that you get tired of smoothies but want something else but i still like the taste. is that why all the bowls are coming in? >> smoothie bowls so trendy now and ridiculously simple to make. take your smoothie recipe and all do you is pull back on the amount of milk you put in. it becomes extra thick, rich and creamy. now you've made a meal to eat way spoon and top it. i like to put pomegranate seeds on. you could put shredded coconut we have here. >> this is delicious. >> delightful. >> in the summer, too, makes a nice breakfast for dinner. >> look at the presentation. can you see this? came over to my house and did this for you -- >> three minutes to make. an instagramable moment. of course, we'll put it out on instagram. >> and frozen. got a brain freeze. >> and year-round, mangos and preaches you can get in the
9:36 am
freezer section and budget-friendly as well. >> green smoothie with kiwi? >> i think kiwi doesn't get enough love. i'm happy to promote it today. kiwis are rich in fiber. this little guy has three grans of fiber and also has vitamin c and e. helps boost immune system. so in the blender, what i've done, see the bright green? we have kiwi, a little spinach. we have mint. mint adds a fresh cooling effect. and that's so, the smoothie over here, but to elevate it to the next level, we're making a pudding. so all you do is make your smoothie. add in some chia seeds. mix it around. >> swells up? >> ten times their size. stash this in the fridge and i'm telling you. is that dessert, it's sweet. this is a smoothie. >> but dessert! >> makes all the difference, chia seeds. >> this is, made it into a pudding and then i layered it so it's a parfait.
9:37 am
>> where do you come up with these things? >> i like to create and experiment. isn't that great? >> uh-huh. >> could be a breakfast or could be a dessert. a fancy dessert if you have guests over. >> going all-in. >> with the granola. pudding texture is the chia seeds do it with any smoothie you have. add in chia seeds, stash in the fridge a few hours it gels up and you have a dessert. >> if you ever need a taste tester in your kitchen -- >> i'd would love it. >> go to our website for all of these. next week on the third hour of "today," get out your puppy shirts. "seinfeld" celebrating 30 years and yada, yada, yada, we'll have special guests. first country stars dan + shay are here to talk about the shay are here to talk about the inspiration behind their music, i didn't have to run for help.
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welcome back. this morning going country in the artist lounge with two of the biggest names in the business right here. dan + shay. >> they rocked our plaza earlier this morning and we'll have one poor song from them in a moment. first a look at their ride. ♪ alone together >> reporter: grammy award-winning artists dan + shay dominating american country music. the chart-topping duo met in nashville back in 2012. ♪ like you >> reporter: over the last seven years topped billboard country album charts earned three awards and a grammy earlier this year. self-titled studio album came out in 2018 and boasts more than 1 billion on demand streams to date. ♪ when i taste tequila >> their hit soared to number one becoming the most streamed country song in 2018. and "speechless" landed more
9:43 am
than 60 million video views featuring actual footage from both of their weddings. and now dan + shay are with us live in the artist lounge. >> and good morning, again. so nice to actually have you for a few minutes. >> this is nice. >> i know! >> the nicest room. i want all this furniture for my house. nicer than anything i have. >> we'll try to sneak it out after. talked earlier about "speechless." 60 million views, which i've been a few of those. so i love that it's your weddings. i mean, so special to get to showcase that, because it's a day you remember forever. >> yes. the best day of our lives and to have that, we had it on film and wrote the song about our wedding days, we're trying to come up with a video. perfect. just try to compile it. we were in each other's weddings. made it look professional. >> was it a double wedding? no. >> would have saved us a lot of money. >> should have done that.
9:44 am
>> individuvideography for sure. people feel connected. followed your lives. i told you this morning, i'm into your instagram. asher? >> how meaning follow to be his dad. tell us about that? >> it's crazy. people ask us all the time, this is him right here. >> watch this. >> he tries. so hard. >> to whistle. >> how do you teach a kid to whistle? >> i don't even know how to teach myself. honestly. it's crazy. people ask all the time, what gives you inspiration to keep doing this? what are you thinking about when writing? we write about what we know and it's changed now that asher has come into our lives. a crazy thing becoming a parent. no one prepares you. once you become a parent you'll get. my dad told you that. okay, dad. whatever. definitely changes your mind-set and what you're doing this all for. you know? more than just you you're thinking about, and i'm sure
9:45 am
he's watching now thinking why is dad on television? he has no idea what we do. >> and what's going on. >> completely changed my life in the best of ways and amazing even in hannah's and mine's relationship, watch her become an amazing mother and changes how i see life and it's amazing. >> last year pretty amazing for you guys. did you feel it worked your butts off to get to that point or snapped your fingers and you're crazy superstars? >> i wish that's how it worked. >> and the line wrapped around 30 rock. for people who didn't see it, people across the street of the other street. just -- >> crazy. >> awesome. we have the best fans in the world with us since day one. shay and i working in music our entire lives. the last happened really fast. cool. a lot going on behind the scenes to get to the point to have a career-changing year. that's the cool part being a duo. keep each other in check and when there's tough times, on the grind, trying to make a climb,
9:46 am
it's like, dude, it's not so bad. we're doing music. amazing. we have people, got fans camped out supporting us. had times are great, amazing like now, this is amazing's can't let this bas us by. enjoy the moment and we keep each other in check and humble. we're the same clowns as the day we met. >> i don't think there was any question. we get it. >> you are. >> we are that. >> i have to tell you the other day the jonas brother was here. best time with them as well. supposedly, i don't know if it's true, joe and sophie getting married in another sayre known france. was it a surprise, the other -- >> talk about it, what are you talking about? crazy. >> live video courtesy -- >> we were so hushed about it. texted us a few days before. thought it was a prank. sure, we'll do it. so -- didn't tell anyone on team. have an engagement after the awards show. whatever. we get there and our phones
9:47 am
blowing up. everybody's like, diplo is live on instagram doing this wedding and you're singing. so crazy! i think still to this day we're like, should we talk about this? >> a little hesitant. all is well. thank you, guys so much. >> have to do fun fact friday. >> 30 seconds left. >> fun fact friday. quick, each of you give a fun fact. >> we are the jonas brothers. >> yeah. and you're jon stone. >> tell you a fun fact. i grew up on a dairy farm and i was really good at milking cows. if you go to arkansas, shay is like, oh, the guy who milks cows. >> and eight kd seconds left. >> fun fact friday. i am jon snow. yeah, yeah, "game of thrones." >> thank you. >> you're welcome. we'll be right back with a are positivens from these guys. next week catching up with another country star, luke bryant, plus, wee introdu'll in
9:48 am
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9:52 am
♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. and welcome back. we are having so much fun this morning spending time with dan + shay and they are not done yet. >> the guys are back with one more song "my side of the fence" off their self-titled album, dan + shay. guys, take it away! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh-ooh these fancy things in magazines ♪ ♪ diamond rings and beauty queens ♪ but nothing seems to sparkle like you do ♪
9:53 am
these fancy cigars and caviar, expensive cars and movie stars ♪ but everything i need i need is in this room ♪ oh, and i've seen the lights from new york to vegas and i've tasted wine from venice to paris ♪ and i've seen the sights nothing can compare to you ♪ so i ain't looking over fences trying to find a better view ♪ my search for all that ended when i first laid eyes on you ♪ and the grass is always greener because the sun shines when you smile ♪ ♪ and when i'm holding you the world makes sense on my side of the fence ♪
9:54 am
if i ever win the lottery it wouldn't mean a lot to me ♪ because i already got you to hold my hand ♪ and if a genie gave me a million wishes ♪ ♪ i'd spend them all on all your kisses ♪ ♪ and save just one to stay right where i am ♪ so i ain't looking over fences trying to find a better view ♪ my search for all that ended when i first laid eyes on you ♪ ♪ and the grass is always greener because the sun shines when you smile ♪ and when i'm holding you the world makes sense ♪ ♪ on my side of the fence you're the rain on the roof in the summer ♪ ♪ you're the leaves in the fall
9:55 am
changing color ♪ ♪ you're the whisper i hear in the thunder ♪ on my side of the fence ♪ you're the reason my heart is beating faster ♪ ♪ you're the tears falling down from the laughter ♪ ♪ you're the only one i'm after ♪ so i ain't looking over fences trying to find a better view ♪ my search for all that ended when i first laid eyes on you ♪ ♪ and the grass is always greener because the sun shines when you smile ♪ and when i'm holding you the world makes sense ♪ and, baby, when i'm holding you the world makes sense ♪ ♪ on my side of the fence ♪ you know it does, baby ♪ on my side of the fence
9:56 am
hmm-hmm ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dan + shay, thank you! we'll be right back. test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test tes i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing some clouds across the bay area. but all that clears out for the afternoon. and still some mild temperatures reaching into the mid-'70s in the south bay, upper 70s for the tri valley. we'll be up to 83 in santa rosa. oakland tops out at 71. san francisco staying in the mid-60s. our seven-day forecast just shows a slight increase in our
9:57 am
temperatures going into the weekend. it won't be as windy as we get mostly sunny skies and highs up to 81 on sunday. monday, still looking at some low 80s. then going up another few degrees in time for the fourth of july. but our weather staying seasonable even as we go toward the end of next week. for san francisco, expect mostly sunny skies as times. there will be some fog near the coast. our pride parade forecast looks great with highs in the mid-60s and more 60s into the fourth of july. starting monday, your fourth of july. we're tracking what you can expect as you make plans for the holidays. >> join us monday morning.
9:58 am
monday adam richmond is here. san francisco - already buzzing
9:59 am
ahead of this weekend )s pride. about one million people are i'm marcus washington. happening now, san francisco already buzzing ahead of this weekend's pride. about 1 million people expected to take part. we're talking with organizers about preparations. we'll have a live report coming up at midday. the supreme court has agreed to hear arguments about whether the white house can end dhaka. on our twitter feed, link to full details.
10:00 am
it's friday a.m. we're kicking off the weekend with the hottest comedian right now. >> he is funny it will be a family reunion in more ways than one >> police denise and kitty austin shows us how to get that sexy body without ever hitting the gym. >> ever? what are we waiting for? >> let's go, y'all >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with hoda kotbe and jenna bush hager from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is friday, june 28th, 2019


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