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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 1, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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right now at 11:00, salesforce transit sent ser finally open to the public after being closed due to issues with infrastructure. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. nbc bay area pete suratos joins us live from the transit center. and i know the bus service isn't up and running but it appears everything else is up to speed? >> reporter: yeah, that is right. good morning to you. hello. everything is up to speed. center is ef you could seeorking on that as the bus service is not jet available but the to
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go. and we'll speak to folks who rode the gondola and what they had to say about the center reopening. >> i thought it was great. it is a nice way to go up and it adds another feature. >> sort of like an amusement park ride. it has been a long time since i've been to disneyland. it reminds me of that. very short. >> it is good. a little shaky but it is cool. yeah, yeah, i like it. >> reporter: now there were infrastructure issues, one of the reasons why transit center was closed to close for eight months. they found two beams on the third level bus deck at fremont street but after a review by the trans-bay joint powers authority and the metropolitan transportation commission they concluded the issue was specific to the fremont street location and that is why the transit center is reopened to the public. so today the rooftop park, the grand hall, food trucks and arte spoke to, they're glad
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everything appears to be back to normal. >> i was frustd that they had to spend money and time fixing it but i'm glad now that it is open. it is wonderful. can't wait to see it all working with the buses and everything. >> i'm glad they took the time to figure out what was wrong, make sure everything else is okay. all of the steel is okay and anything else they needed to check out. a little bit surprising that they didn't check it out better before the original opening. >> i'm always safety first. i would rather be closed and make sure she got all of the nuts and bolts together before they open it back up or something happens. so i was fine with it, really. >> reporter: taking you back out here live to the salesforce transit center where they're still working on the bus area. and muni will begin in early july and a.c. transit will begin in late summer. from san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> good to see things getting
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back to someworti on the problems at the salesforce transit center. head to our website at to read more on our investigative unit to be the first to report about the cracks in the beams. president trump is back to the white house after a four-day visit to asia after his side trip to north korea. new video from north korean state media of the president meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un at the heavily-fortified demilitarized zone. they agreed to revive talks on the north korea nuclear program. significant doubts remain, however, about the future of the negotiations and north korea's willingness to give up the stockpile of nuclear weapons. nbc's richard engle reports from seoul. >> reporter: well, we know president trump enjoyed his impromptu summit with kim jong-un in the demilitarized zone between north korea and south korea but until now we didn't know what the north koreans thought.
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but they just released a propaganda video and unlike a lot of the north korean propaganda, which is very aggressive toward the united states, often very threatening, gushing. praising the meeting, showing kim jong-un escorting are president trump across the demarkation line that separates north and south korea showing him as a gracious host. the video described the meeting as going beyond expectations, that it shocked and moved the world and an accompanying article said as if a mysterious force was bringing the two leaders together and driving good relations that there was now an opportunity to rewrite history and start a new chapter. so this absolute ringing endorsement of this meeting, but critics say that president trump was simply coddling a tyrant, using this for a photo op, or a campaign endorsement for himself and that north korea hasn't actually taken any real steps to slow down or reduce the nuclear program.
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richard engle, nbc news, seoul. well warriors fans are waking up to the dawn of a new day. this is after what has to be the team's largest one-day overhaul ever. bob redell is outside of the team store in walnut creek where he's talking to fans and what are they saying? all right. it looks like bob doesn't have us just yet. but a lot of fans have been talking and feeling different ways about all of this. we're going to get to bob -- >> reporter: well there are two player jerseys not available much longer. we're talking about kevin durant and andre iguodala. durant was a free agent and the brooklyn nets have picked him up in a four-year max deal reported
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worth -- you could hear me okay, marcus? [ no response ] >> the magic of television. a delay there with the shot there. we're talking about the loss of k.d. to the warriors, we'll try to work that out. in the meantime, talk about the giants, ceo larry baer will return this week. major league baseball suspended him after this video surfaced showing him getting into an altercation with his wife. his first day back is tomorrow. he sent out a statement saying they're focused on regular counseling during his three-month absence and he said he was sorry, i've been able to take back and take stock of my myself as a person and leader. i'm wiser for it and the work continues. switching gears. a short workweek for people out
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there. taking a live look out as you could see the american flag there in fremont. not too windy out there. but everyone is wondering about the weather on thursday and friday. >> those are the most important days of the week. and we've got a lot going on. it is all going to depend on where you are. we're still going to see the low clouds and fog like we're seeing right now at ocean beach. keeping it cloudy there. and then as you make your way inland, skies are all clear. san jose see something sunshine, we've had sunshine all throughout the morning and that is where temperatures are warming up. if your about to head out on the lunch break in oakland, it is 66 degrees. if you wait until about 1:00 it is 68 degrees and also holding steady in the upper 60s as we go throughout the rest of the day. so as we look at all of our microclimates, we're going to fact, things are slightly cooler than normal for the first day uly. here we are at 6:00 this evening. you're heading home. we're seeing 80 in antioch and
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59 in half moon bay. so still that wide range temperatures staying with us today and that continues into the fourth of july. so i'll have more on that. but what you can expect for the holiday is coming up in the full microclimate forecast. well right now we're looking at protests. this is a protest over the extradition bill in hong kong. you could see crews there standing outside of a room there. >> that is right. what this is, these are some of the demonstrations that have been going on. about an hour ago -- against police, authorities shot teargas into the crowd to get them to disburse. before that, hundreds of protesters stormed the legislature, destroying pictures and painting the walls with graffiti there. this is in direct challenge to china over a new extradition bill. demonstrators are concerned china will target political dissidents who could be sent to the mainland and pulled into
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china's judicial system. well taking a look at the big board right now. you could see the dow is up some 24 points. now the s&p 500 touches a new record after trade ceasefire but rally is losing steam there. hope you got a chance to fill up yesterday because today, filling up that gas tank will be even more expensive. as california new gas tax hike . drivers are already paying the highest gas prices in the nation. they'll now have to pay an extra 5.6 cents a gallon and drivers will pay just over 47 cents a gallon in taxes. the money is supposed to raise $5 billion a year to improve roads and mass transit programs. well happening today, it is going to cost you more to drive across the golden gate bridge. here is a live look at the bridge itself. fast track fees are going up by 35 cents. now the pay-as-you-go is 20 cents more. so for fast track, use that pass or get one if you don't have
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one. the toll will continue to increase each yeary the same amount until 2024. this is part of a five-year plan to improve public transportation. more increases to report to you this morning. if your taking mass transit around the bay, starting today, fares are going up. if you don't use a clipper card, muni riders for cash a single fare is $3 instead of $2.75 and in part to a speed up in service. clipper card users still pay $2.50 and the same for single transit. and single ride fares for clipper card holders willta a new law to tell you about. this one requiring background checks for ammunition purchases. it also goes into effect today. governor gamin newsom said it will save lives while opponents say it will harm millions of law-abiding gun owners. voters approved the checks back in 2016 and set an effective day of july 1st. ammunition dealers were seeing a
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surmg in sales as customers stock up before the requirement takes effect. advocates against gun violence believe it will prevent fatal officer shootings. coming up, japan taking on controversy as at the commercial whaling gep. the backlash as they hunt mammals. >> and the race for the democratic presidential nomination getting tighter. kamala harris rising in the polls. the reason behind her boost.
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♪4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. welcome back, everyone. now to a shake-up among the 2020 presidential candidates after last week's debates. kamala harris is moving up in one post-debate poll, while joe biden is still a front-runner. he's facing criticism for his comments on race. the issue is front and center in the campaign including a from
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donald trump jr. andrea mitchell reports. >> reporteam performance. campaigning sunday in san francisco pride parade. the california senator is on the rise after taking on former vice president joe biden over his past opposition to court-ordered busing to desegregate schools. following his controversial comments back in the 1970s. >> that conversation was about me sharing a personal experience and hopefully explaining then why i felt the way i did about the comments about segregation and before -- and about the at. e of busing in america and >> reporter: a new poll s020 field with 33%. but that is a 5-point drop from
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the previous week, theam elizabeth warren at 12%, up six points since the debate. biden facing even more criticism from his rivals after these comments about black teenagers friday. >> we have to recognize, we have to recognize that kid wearing a hoodie may very well be the next poly at laureate and not a gang banger. >> as a young guy in america who was followed and surveilled, this is another example of just conversations or lessons that joe biden shouldn't have to learn. >> reporter: meanwhile harris' 2020 rivals are leaping to her defense after donald trump jr. retweeted and then deleted a tweet questioning her race. harris, born in california, the daughter of migrants, a black jamaican father and a mother from past time to end the racist birther style attacks. >> we have a president who is a racist and apparently based on a statement yesterday his son is following in hisitchell
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reporting. said he was simply asking about a spokesperson for trump jr. harris' ethnicity and deleted the tweet when his intent was misconstrued but a trump campaign adviser and former spokesperson katrina pearson was tweeting racial jabs at harris. nbc news reached out to pearson, neither she nor the campaign had any comment. well, we've all been hearing a lot of talk about the upcoming 2020 sense us and now facebook is doing its part by banning misinformation. the social media network said that it will examine posts with the same scrutiny it now gives elections. it is considered -- it is concerned that the bad information could disrupt the count. groups and the census bureau have been asking tech companies to step up their fight against false information. new for you at 11:00, japanese whalers set sale today on the country's first commercial wars. it is creating outrage from environmentalists and ocean
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lovers. the ships will hunt up to 227 whales in japan's nearby waters and exclusive economic zone. yesterday japan left the international whale commission. japan is not the only country that hunts whales. norway and iceland also openly defy the international ban. and another shark attack to tell you about. again in the bahamas. this time it involves a man from florida who said the shark struck so quickly he never saw it coming. jonathan hernandez, a professional boat captain and fisherman was spear fishing when a shark came out of nowhere after the attack and he told his fishing buddies to quickly make -- >> i was able to get away and kick and i looked in the water and coy see my calf was hanging and gushing blood into the water. the fact that the tourniquet went in within 60 seconds of the attack was the single biggest factor in which i'm sitting here talking to you today. >> hernandez blames the recent
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attacks on popular shark-feeding businesses in the bahamas that left tourists up close encounters with sharks. this attack happened just days after aifornia college student was fatally attacked while snorkeling with her family. witnesses say this is the tiger shark that attacked 21-year-old jordan lindsay. this week hundreds of dogs at the oakland animal shelter and the east bay spca will remove to a quarentine off-site facility because of a outbreak of canine influenza. they will be quarantined, unable to be adopted for four to six weeks so pet food expense is launching an emergency food drive to feed the dogs until they could find their forever home. along with the dog food they've match every bag of donated food so that means for every bag donated the quarentine shelter gets three. starting today, if you have an who don't return books on time. starting today, the oakland public library will no longer charge overdue types. the library collected $78,000 in
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overdue fines back 2018. but spent more than twice that amount in staff time trying to collect the money. the library also found that 70% of the people who were blocked from borrowing because of overdue fines were some of the poorest in oakland. >> there are stories where parents wouldn't sign up their kids for a library card because they were concerned about racking up fines. so people would just stop using the library or not start using it to begin with. >> so what happened if the book isn't returned within 30 days past the due date, the library will charge the cost to replace the book until the person returns it. the fourth of july is this week so firefighters and police officers across the bay area will likely be busy. they'll be out in force trying to stop people from using illegal fireworks. only a few -- cities allow safe and sane fireworks. in san jose the city has act vieted the online reporting tool
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to report to police from the commuter or smartphone. last year the city received more than 1,000 online reports of illegal fireworks. only four citations were handed out. want to check the forecast with kari. people are watching the skies. but it sounds like inland is the place to be. >> absolutely. because it looks like still the weather pattern that we have now with the fog near the coast, that is not going to change as we head toward the fourth. so here is a live look outside in sunol with all the sunshine, right now at 71 degrees. it is beautiful as we look across the tri-valley and then see the clouds that are over san francisco. we are way above the clouds. right now looking at that marine layer that has been steady at about 1500 feet the low clouds and fog in the morning. here is our temperatures. right now the upper 70s in brentwood. in the mid-60s in santa rosa and half moon bay now at 57 degrees. so you could see the wide range in temperatures.
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if your inland, in the valley, head to the beach this week, be prepared for a cool and windy weather there. not going to be allar sunny and we're just slightly cooler now in some spots compared to yesterday at this time. with our high temperatures reaching up to about 63 degrees. most of san francisco, half moon bay only going up a couple of more degrees from where we are now. in palo alto, we're going to see a high of 80. and some upper 70s in san jose while morgan hill reaches 83 degrees. one of the warmer spots will be antioch reaching 86. so we'll see a high of 86 in ukiah. and then we have this wind pattern. our on shore wind flow bringing in the cooler temperatures and the fog staying near the coast. it is also going to be windy in the inland areas as the skies remain mostly clear and then we're going to see some of the gustiest winds along the coastline. look at half moon bay. here we are at 2:30 this afternoon and wind speeds coming in at about miles per hour. it gets even stronger as we go
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into the evening so as the winds break heading into the evening as our temperatures start to come back down. going to get a little bit of a here is our weather setup. so we have high pressure just to the west of us. we have still this onshore wind flow and then as we go through the week, not a whole lot changes here. so our weather stays mild and we'll still have this wide range in temperatures and then going into the weekend, the high pressure becomes a little bit more of an influence on our weather and brings in a northerly wind but there will be storm systems still moving out in the pacific toward the pacific northwest but it does miss out on the bay area. so we are looking at temperatures staying in the upper 70s and low 80s. throughout the next several days. we may still have the coastal clouds and fog that will be over san frsc we know that watching og is what we'll have to do marcus. and of co i to it, kari. >> a cool retreat. coming up, an old chef goes
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to eat with your eyes. that whole saying. we'll take you to several bay area restaurants where the food looks too good to eat. but first, happening now, before you jump into the pool, federal health officials are warning cases involving a chlorine tolerant parasite are on the rise. according to the cdc, the number of outbreaks involving crypto has increased 13% each year since 2009. that parasite could cause diarrhea that could last several weeks. and it spreads through the feces of infected people or animals. experts say that you sd don't swallow cl
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well take a look at this beautiful sight. kari hall posting this fireworks display. check out this video on instagram. officially summer. k.j. loving the fireworks. follow her on instagram as she's always sharing great videos and pictures. >> he's excited for it. some restaurants in san francisco have a new marketing gram to take over your instagram feed. they are using social media to create buzz about the delicious delights. check out the posts going viral. our digital video journalist jonathan bloom had a tough assignment of seeing how the food was stacking up, or not.
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you learn it is great to look at but stop taking pictures right before -- so you could get a chance to eat it before it falls apart. you could watch the full report on >> i would rather just eat my food. forget the picture part. >> so i was posting the video about the fireworks. that was at the alameda county fair and they're doing it again this friday so if you miss out on the fourth, or some ce a well. >> looks good this week. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. we'll be here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> we'll see you then. bye.
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>> i think i heard you having re cut. it is all happening right now on "california live."


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