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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm, go dpr am laura gar. let's get a look at the forecast, kari. >> pretty much like yesterday, our weather pattern set right now and we wake up to a nice clear sunrise over the south bay, and we're going to see mostly sunny skies. campbell starting out in the upper 50s and seeing that warmup as we go into late morning into early afternoon. 71 degrees, so make plans to get outside. we'll talk more about the fourth of the july coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have two spots that are bogged down. >> the first one is the bay bridge toll plaza. notice the fast track lanes are open but right alongside one of the cash lanes still closed. another actually at the top of the screen, as those open over the next ten minutes we get a feel for how things are shaping up for this tuesday. we expect the volume to be lighter but tuesday will probably see the biggest commute of this week, folks headed into the office for their one office meeting day for the week. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive, slowing through
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palo alto as the crews continue to clear. back to you. facebook is giving the all clear after a scare at its headquarters that lasted some 14 hours. a suspicious substance led to a tense hazmat situation yesterday when a machine alerted workers a package possibly contained sarin. in spite of the early reports, no one was hurt and so far they're showing no symptoms. hazmat team removed the package at four buildings and they were evacua evacuated. "today in the bay's" bob redell is monitoring the developments. he'll have a live report coming up at 5:30 for us. also developing this morning an east bay girl is missing. her parents believe she was lured from her home by someone she met online. here is a look at 12-year-old breanna zamora.
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pete we understand there was video from when she was last seen? >> reporter: yes, that's right, laura. as you mentioned, 12-year-old breanna zamora has gone missing since sunday from her oakland hills home and her father did share this piece of surveillance video, this is the last image he saw of his daughter showing you guys some of that video. you can see breanna walking out of the front door of their oakland hills home in the early hours of sunday morning. that's her father emile yo said her brothers last saw her saturday when he and his wife was out of town. he believes his daughter was lured away from the home by a stranger while gaming online. he pointed out she ran away four months ago but came back within four hours. we're going on 48 hours since she's been missing. oakland police investigators are leading this search but want to point out the fbi is actually involved since breanna may have crossed state lines. here is her father with this message for parents so they're not faced with the same type of
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situation. >> monitor your kids, control what they're doing, this way you don't have the problem that i'm facing now. >> reporter: now briana was last seen wearing blue jeans, black tennis schools a dark sweater and backpack, 5'2", weigh being 100 pounds. if you have any info to help with the case be sure to contact oakland police. we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> hopefully someone saw something and will alert police. thank you so much, pete. this morning, for you, new reports of deplorable conditions inside migrant detention facility and questionable behavior from agents at the border. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with more on what congress is doing. tra tracie. >> marcus, good morning. the question, will money fix any or all of that? washington is sending billions of dollars to the border now to fix what lawmakers are calling a humanitarian crisis.
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democrats visiting two migrant detention facilities in texas describe deplorable conditions. >> women, tears coming down their faces as they talked about being separated from their children. >> one of the women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of a toilet. >> reporter: a report by the homeland security inspector general describes dangerously overcrowded conditions. migrants sleeping outside, four showers for 800 people. >> we can do better as americans. we will be judged as a country. >> reporter: three dozen protests are planned at congressional offices around the country today to close the camps. republicans blame loopholes in immigration law. >> unfortunately this is a manmade crisis. the responsibility for this crisis lies directly on the united states congress. >> reporter: president trump just approved $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid and promising
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to deport more immigrants after july 4th. >> hispanics love what i'm doing, because number one, they don't want to lose their job, they don't want to take a pay cut and very importantly, most importantly, they don't want to have crime. >> reporter: meantime the non-profit propublica says it uncovered a secret facebook page of border agents mocking immigrant deaths, in a statement border patrol called the comments inappropriate and promised employees will be held accountable. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 5:05 and new this san francisco, san francisco based j ju juul is caughting back for calling a measure on the november ballot, overturning the city's ban on all ecigarette sales expected to take effect in seven months. juul spent more than $500,000 on the november effort so far.
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happening today, a san jose man makes another court appearance in connection with the so-called fitbit murder case. 90-year-old anthony alito is arrested in the deadly stabbing of his 68-year-old stepdaughter last september in east san jose. investigators say her fitbit device indicated that she was visiting at her home at the time of her death. the crime scene was staged and looked like a suicide. new details for you in the shooting death of a rapper nipsey hussle. los angeles police are opening up an internal affairs investigation, they want to know why the woman police say drove the getaway car was sent away by police when she first tried to turn herself in. the woman tried to talk to officers at the police department after learning her car was seen on tv news reports. hussle was shot in mark. the suspect entered a not guilty plea. >> 5:06.
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another dramatic surge in the number of bay area people living in rvs. the most recent numbers jumped 127% to just under 500. both the south bay and east bay recently showed the homeless population also shot up dramatically. tallies from the homeless population rose 43% over the past two years for alameda and contra costa counties. it is 31% higher in santa clara county. new details uc davis professor is arrested in turkey for signing a peace petition. "sacramento bee" reports baka tinskin arrived in his native country last week to conduct academic research. he was arrested at a passport control station in istanbul. he signed the petition in 2016 accusing the turkish army of massacring kurdish people.
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turkish authorities are charging people who signed the petition with spreading propaganda. san francisco giant ceo larry baer returns to his job today following a lengthy suspension. video of baer in a public altercation with his wife led to that suspension. the team said he's focused on regular counseling during the three-month absence. unexpected snags can be miserable for anyone. imagine if you're a fee line and the snag involves a fishing hook and a fishing line he had nothing to do with. that's what happened to a feline near capitola with someone and a nearby kayak. the sea lion briefly swam around the kayak and actually tried to get into the kayak. when that didn't work t eventually swam away. people trying to open up bottles with spin kicks. we can explain this one. >> this started with mma
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fighters challenging its other to spin off the tops of bottles with only their feet. ouch. this really went viral when the current ufc champion max holloway did it and challenged john mayer to do it as well. >> he gave it his best shot and check it out. he did it, too. there you see him. other actors getting into it, jason stratham as well. i like how they put it in slow motion. they're not showing when they kicked the bottle over, what really happens to that diet coke all over your floor. >> you have to hit that precisely. >> you have to have the look afterwards, too. >> hya! >> i hope my kids don't see that. that's all i have to say. bottle flipping all the time. >> someone has to hold the bottle though, right? >> they have to. >> no way. >> if do you that -- >> dumb enough to get down there? i'm not holding the bottle for
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your long legs. >> hold it like that. no. >> i guess that's better than the tide pod challenge. right? >> oh, yeah, that's serious >> here is a live look in san jose as the sun rises this morning, and sunrise is about 30 minutes away so starting out with a nice sunrise and clear skies. we'll be in the upper 50s as you head out to diridon station. a warmup today, as we basically saw yesterday. our weather still in this weather pattern, and we're going to see our weather continuing with some comfortable temperatures headed into the afternoon. if you're headed out in san ramon going to the park, we'll reach into the 70s today. we'll talk more about that and mike, you are -- >> kari, after i'm done, can you hold this for me, the bottle? i'll put it over here. all right. that's for later, maybe we'll have video.
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we're tracking a couple sets of lights. first one in the median. they've reopened the lanes in the northbound side. you see the bright lights there as you come down toward university, that will be a distraction but the slowing starts to clear up. you see the sensors coming down until just right there at the light where there's a little activity. no problem for the rest of the bay, a nice easy flow of traffic toward the bay bridge toll plaza, where we're looking at the metering lights turning on probably in the next five to seven minutes and the cash lanes and fastrak are building over the last three. coming up, sometimes it's hard to say good-bye. ask the golden state warriors. ahead their big plan to honor kevin durant even though he played just three years with the team. plus dramatic new video out after a child falls onto a train platform, the message the authorities hope it provides to all parents.
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right now at 5:14, we've made it past monday, and maybe it's a short week for you. we are starting out with mostly clear skies in walnut creek, and our upper 50s is what we'll feel as you head out the door leading to some mid-70s for early afternoon. another nice day. we'll talk about the fourth of july, that's coming up in less than five minutes. >> and a smooth, easy drive across the san mateo bridge. the tail lights picking up volume for the westbound commute tracking closely to see how this vacation week for some, hits off
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a work comte forthers. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up lower this morning. stocks gave up strong gains yesterday to close off the highs of the session. although the s&p 500 still ended at a record high. optimism over the u.s. and china trade talks of the g20, pausing a new round of tariffs. now it seems to be digested by the market and new worries about the prospects of a final trade deal. investors will get a pulse check on the state of manufacturing and the consumer today when automakers report their june sales. they're expected to have slowed last month after a strong increase in may. higher prices are keeping some buyers away, offsetting the stronger economy and record high consumer sentiment that would otherwise boost sales. about one-third of americans say they cut their spending in the last year, according to a new investing survey by cnbc, financial planning site acorns and survey monkey. the reasons for spending less
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range from worries about a loss of household income and new debt to fears of recession, job loss or large medical bills from unexpected illness or injury. the survey finds twice as many democrats as republicans say they'd cut their spending due to anxiety over the economy. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> very expensive. >> always, especially in the bay area, thanks, frank. 5:16. a new tribute from the warriors to kevin durant. the team says that it is retiring k.d.'s jersey number 35. durant played for the dubs for three careers but he ended up winning two nba titles and he was the finals mvp twice. you remember durant tore his achilles in game five of the nba finals. he's now expected to miss all of next season, and whenever he does get back, he'll be taking the court with the brooklyn nets. 5:16. new video you have to see this morning. high winds send a trampoline just flying up and away. this happened in fargo, north
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dakota, over the weekend. cell phone video just coming out, you see the trampoline just barrelling down the street, scraping in fact. sparks begin to fly. the national weather service did report wind gu gusts of more t 80 miles per hour in that area. fortunately no one was injured. up and away, and down the street. >> sparks. >> don't you have to secure these things better? >> supposed to. hmm. doesn't always happen. >> doesn't always happen. right now, we want to look at what we can expect with the weather. not windy like that. >> what, no trampolines in our forecast? >> it didn't appear to hit cars. right down the narrow. >> i don't know, was that made up? here say live look outside in san francisco, and it's a clear start this morning, beautiful sunrise, as you get ready to head out the door. you might need a light jacket if you're headed out to the viewing party, the watch party for the world cup at avaya stadium happening at noon today. it's going to be in the mid-70s
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as we go into the early afternoon, and that's the best we'll do. it's going to be very comfortable with mostly sunny skies. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates, here we are at 9:30, and it's mostly in the low to mid-60s. as we head to the lunch hour, it's going to be right at about 77 in concord, 73 in san jose, and in novato at 73 degrees. going into the middle of the day, getting closer to the evening commute, we're going to see a few spots reaching low 80s but not many, and so we are going to still keep the comfortable weather today along with the breezy winds, and those winds will be picking up this evening. if you're going out to the a's game, first pitch at 7:07, it's going to be at about 64 degrees, a few clouds and dropping down to the lower 60s. so we do still have our onshore wind flow bringing in that natural air conditioning, some breezy winds. we have low pressure just to our north and west and high pressure directly to our west. so we can see the wind flow
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around that high pressure, and still north to northwesterly wind, as we go into the weekend, it gets slightly hotter, and we'll also see that storm system moving closer to the pacific northwest, while we will see still some hot weather as that high pressure builds. so our temperatures go from the low 80s as we go into today into the next several days, and for the weekend, slightly hotter, pool weather definitely, and if you are planning to head to the beach, it's still going to be cool and breezy there, times of fog and i'll be watching out for that fog in time for the fireworks show in san francisco. mike, you have a word of warning for east bay commuters? >> i do but also noticed the little touches you put on, if you watch kari's seven-day forecast you see fireworks show she has on the fourth of july. over here, no fireworks for this shot of oakland, north of the coliseum by the high street curve but we have a generic warning from chp, somewhere along the nimitz, the hov lane may have some construction crews popping up.
5:20 am
we'll track that for folks there. hov lanes are clear as they approach the toll plaza and we see the cash lanes off to the left, moving just a bit out of your way, it's half way to the back of the parking lot. it's the fastrak lanes that show more build, cash lanes almost there. the first hit of traffic hitting earlier than we usually to. the metering lights likely turned on because of the volume of traffic but holding off the maze and berkeley curve, not as bad as your typical tuesday, panning out to what we expect a lighter volume for this morning's commute and week. smooth drive, green sensors around the bay, including the peninsula, palo alto all lanes are cleared north of university. a live look out here, we see that bright light in the center area. remember, we have two lanes' worth of construction area along the median, one lane on either side and the wide berth is because they continue to work on the interchange project. no delays for b.a.r.t. i didn't update the train number. we have 15 trains on time right now and note for folks who
5:21 am
hadn't heard, starting july 1, yesterday, no wifi service for ace trains. you have to have your own hot spot, otherwise read a book in your hand because you can't get internet access. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:21 right now. coming up, we finally know what this supposed ufo is, and here's a hint. anyone who is hoping for contact with yaliens will be sorely disappointed. you're watching "today in the bay." bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. 5:23 right you know. lo now. look at the cleanup in hong kong after chaotic protests yesterday. things got ugly again last night as police fired tear gas to break up the crowd. demonstrators are protesting a proposed china extradition law and yesterday they were protesting hong kong's handover to china 22 years ago. new development in the
5:24 am
deadly crash of a twin engine plane outside of dallas. six of the ten victims have now been identified including a 15-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy from texas. that plane crashed into an empty hangar sunday, seconds after taking off from florida, for florida, i should say. investigators have now recovered the cockpit voice recorder. they say the landing gear was down when the plane crashed. >> pilots were cleared for takeoff, they acknowledged takeoff and at this point, we are not aware of any further communication. >> investigators will also look at the pilot and his co-pilot's training records. pilots are required to have specific training to operate this specific aircraft. the "today" show will have a live report on the investigation, coming up for us at 7:00. and new video this morning of the damage left behind after a tornado hit portland, oregon. i want to you look at this, those trees uprooted and coming down onto homes.
5:25 am
the national weather service confirms an ef0 touched down yesterday, estimated winds 80 miles per hour. homes and vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt. new details baseball fans are paying tribute to los angeles angels pitcher tyler scaggs who died suddenly in texas at the age of 27. his body was found in his hotel yesterday afternoon, happened hours before they were to play the rangers. no details released how he died but no foul play is expected. scaggs last pitched saturday at home against the oakland a's. new surveillance video may make you hold onto your kids' hand a little tighter getting on b.a.r.t. or muni. take a look, a woman pushing a stroller at the station in sydney, australia, right next to her, you can see a boy trying to step onto the train, but he misses and disappears onto the tracks. the woman is able to get the attention of a lot of workers,
5:26 am
other riders as well. they pull the apparently unharmed boy back onto the platform. sydney authorities say it is a reminder to hold the hands of young children when you're boarding and leaving trains. 5:26 for you right now. an update about a mysterious object spotted in space. i want to you take a look at this. this is animated video showing the object that's being named oumuamua. it flew through our solar system years ago. scientists say it's not a spacecraft. one new theory is the on ject could have been ejected by a gas giant planet orbiting another star. so a young phenom from florida is the talk of the tennis world this morning. >> 15-year-old cory goff cocoa is getting a lot of attention after beating venus williams at wimbledon. take a look. getting a lot of atr
5:27 am
beating venus williams at wimbledon. take a look. is getting a lot of after beating venus williams at wimbledon. take a look. amazing. gauff won 6-4, 6-4, nicknamed coco and the youngest player to qualify for wimbledon. she had a previous run-in at 13 the youngest player to make the u.s. open and girl's final. my dad called me yesterday and told me. could you imagine beating venus williams, at that yuck age? zbl young age? >> you looked up to her for so long. coming up, a 14-hour hazmat situation at facebook is finally over. the new information investigators are revealing about reports of a dangerous chemmal and what they're working to get to the bottom of now. plus more eyes will soon be watching you in the east bay. why some people are not too thrilled with the addition of these high-tech devices. show me the crown.
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good tuesday morning to you. of a live look at dublin, look at the cars already on the road getting ready for the day, and we are ready to get you started. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at that forecast, now that the sun's up. here is kari hall. >> starts out clear, cool temperatures and here is a look at martinez's forecast, about 59 degrees at 7:00, 69 at 10:00. you can see the trend going up. we'll be in the upper 70s by early afternoon, and for the south bay, we're staying in the upper 70s in downtown san jose, while morgan hill tops out at 82 degrees. east bay temperatures low to mid 80s. mike, you're tracking the drive across the bay. >> that's right. we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we see the fastrak lanes moving. i wanted to show the span
5:31 am
because yesterday it was a mess. today it's just fine, across. we only have to wait for the folks who pay toll cash. fastrak lanes have to wait a little bit less, it is slowing off the berkeley curve. no other problems out of alameda or contra costa counties. highway 4 smooth at bay point and antioch, great drive out of brentwood, vasco 180 to 580. the rest of the freeways move smoothly with the green sensors. back to you. >> thanks, mike. this is video from a man, a man stabbed near story and king road around 11:30 last night. the actual crime scene is about a mile away on tully and king. no word on the victim's condition or any information about the suspect. our photographer at the scene
5:32 am
did see investigators put someone handcuffs on a man but we don't know if he was taken to the jail. developing news on the peninsula, the sarin scare at facebook is over. crews were on the scene for 14 hours before they were cleared. our team has been there since it all started. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live outside the mailing facility for the social media giant with the latest from the fire department. bob? >> reporter: good morning, to you, laura. the menlo park fire protection indicates we should know soon whether that package mailed to facebook's mailing facility on hamilton court contained sarin, which is a dangerous nerve agent. the district released these photos of firefighters decontaminating themselves after they removed the suspicious package from the building earlier this morning, around 1:00. they placed it in a mobile containment device and took it off property. it takes hours to test each sample. we'll reach out to them and see what the results are. that's why we won't know the results until later today. the scare began yesterday morning around 11:00, and a facebook employee called 911 to report the suspicious
5:33 am
package. employees tested the package three times, twice it came back with hits for sarin. the company evacuated four buildings, fire called in the usps, fbi, hazmat teams from san mateo county and the national guard. their first tests took place around 6:00 last night, took about 40 minutes but they were inconclusive. the first responders then reentered the building around 10:30 last night with more sophisticated detection equipment. again, we're waiting on those test results. the building has been determined to be safe and in spite of earlier reports, no one was hurt. reporting live in menlo park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good thing no one was hurt. thank you, bob. >> 5:33 for you right now. rangers have scaled back on the search for a sonoma county man who disappeared friday during a trip to the grand canyon. 66-year-old peter francis schwab was reported missing when he never returned from a day hike. that hiking trail is set to have challenging terrain but schwab is considered an experienced outdoorsman. happening today, rights groups across the nation and right here in the bay area organizing close the camp
5:34 am
protests. >> dozens will gather at local offices of congress members while they're home for the fourth of july holiday. the demands of the protesters are to close the migrant camps along the border and stop deportation. in san francisco, a rally is being held at noon in front of senator dianne feinstein's office. other rallies are planned in santa rosa, palo alto, walnut creek and oakland. a live look at capitol hill, "today in the bay's" tracie potts will have a live report how lawmakers are responding, coming up aat 6:00 a.m. at 5:34, authorities in southern california investigating the death of a 6-year-old girl who drowned at a summer camp. it happened last friday at a camp located at los angeles national forest. investigators are calling it an accident. more license plate readers will soon be going up in piedmont after a vote last night by city leaders. councilmembers approved a new round of devices to add to the 39 readers the city already uses at 15 intersections and entry points. police plan to post readers at
5:35 am
four more intersections. >> they are additional tools to help our investigators as well as our patrol officers do policing more efficiently. >> the city of piedmont's retaining the data for one year, and at that point, they're collecting 21.6 million records, that's images of people's license plates, their cars and potentially people in those cars for one year. there's no evidence that the police chief has provided that keeping it for one year is a useful thing. >> last night's vote will add 13 new cameras at the cost of more than $100,000. all right, shark fans. you're probably thinking say it ain't so, joe. as you feared. ka ta captain joe pavelski signed a free agent deal with the dal va lass stars. he is the team's second leading scorer. the sharks released a statement saying his impact on the franchise will be felt for years
5:36 am
to come. will be missed. 5:35 for you right now. and half way through the baseball season, the giants are looking to the farm for some help. >> last night, they got it from an oldle is standby. austin slater looked like a season big leaguer against the padres. he hit a triple in the fourth to score evan longoria. the giants offensive fireworks dismantled the padres 13-2. parents got to be really proud. driving him to all the games for all those years paid off. >> that's right, lots of orange slices and gatorade as well. nice flow of traffic, green data and a slice of orange for san jose. no surprises for this pattern. a note for the rails i just learned about a 15-minute delay out of san francisco for b.a.r.t. headed into the pl pleasanton, dublin and richmond
5:37 am
lines. the roadways are moving smoothly. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, as we move toward the tri-valley. no delays out of the altamont, just a little build and slowing for 84 through livermore and pleasanton toward 680. fremont looks just fine moving at the limit past the truck scales. notice on the left side that flagpole does have a flag there. it's just dead in the air, not windy at all. >> you're getting into kari hall territory now. >> you better just stick to traffic, buddy. >> but looking ahead to the weekend, it's going to be a bit warmer and we've enjoyed a break from the heat. let's look at the seven-day forecast. as you make plans for the fourth, we are going to be in the low 80s in the inland areas and saturday up to 89 degrees. we're going to bring it up a few more degrees and also summer-like on sunday as well. now we're looking at san francisco, that pretty much stays cool, at times we'll see the fog rolling by, and some breezy winds. we'll have to watch out to see
5:38 am
if the fog may block your view of the fireworks. if you're going to napa this weekend going to be nice. a little bit warmer once again on saturday, but on sunday, we'll bring it back to about 84 degrees. still warm at times, enjoy your time out there in the sun. this is a live look at squaw valley this morning, if you're planning to head to the sierra, expect it to be quite warm, and nice out on some of the hiking trails and it's going to be in the mid-70s throughout the weekend. if you're headed down to l.a., maybe going to visit family, going there for the fourth it's going to stay in the low 70s from friday through sunday, and just let me know what you're doing, where you're going. i'm on twitter, facebook and instagram. we'll talk about today, coming up in three minutes. >> looking forward to it. it's 5:38. coming up, after more than a quarter century, a major break leads to an arrest in a california rape case. the unusual tactic used by authorities to finally charge someone. plus this meal served on board one flight is going viral.
5:39 am
ugh. all right, for all the wrong reasons, why some say this is proof airline meals have gone to the dogs. what the airline is saying about it this morning. more for you right after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations.
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right now at 5:41, it's a clear start across the bay area. here is a live look outside in fremont, and as we noted before, not much of a wind right now, but the winds will pick up as we go through today as our temperatures go up. we'll be in the low 70s at lunch time today.
5:42 am
we'll look ahead to the fourth of july forecast in less than five minutes. >> and the bay bridge where if you have hov, that's three or more at the bay bridge itself, the cash and fastrak lanes are moving as well. i just got the update from b.a.r.t., they are recovering from the earlier mechanical problem so now max ten-minute delays for trains out of san francisco, and recovering. a live look now to sfo, where police are investigating a deadly crash, this one involving a vehicle that struck passengers outside the international terminal. one person died. two others suffered life-threatening injuries, happened yesterday afternoon when police say the driver of an suv struck two men and a woman on the lower level designated for arrivals. the man who died has not been identified. the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. police believe it was an accident and say the driver was not impaired. los gatos is about to put
5:43 am
one of its busiest roads on a diet, so to speak. starting next monday cars driving along north santa cruz from bachman avenue to elm street will only be able to go south. the idea is to make it easier to walk around. >> everyone should be good with walking. park as far away and walk more. it's what we should be doing anyways. >> the city is turning some of its current parking spots into outside restaurant seating. san jose has seen some success with a similar road diet along lincoln and willow glen. they hope it will feed local businesses without making things too crowded. a former usc doctor, george tindall is accused of assaulting 16 patients over seven years while he worked as a gynecologist at the campus health center. he's also been tied to numerous assaults against other patients over a longer period of time.
5:44 am
if convicted, he could face more than 50 years in prison. new details on a california cold case prosecutors took an unusual tactic to identify the suspect in three rapes committed more than 25 years ago. investigators saved the rape kit samples from the attacks in sacramento and davis in the early '90s and in 2000, authorities filed california's first ever arrest warrant against the dna, hoping science would one day lead to a match and now it has. yesterday officials announced the dna matches 59-year-old mark mantouefel. he was arrested last week in georgia and will stand trial in california. authorities used the same dna technology to arrest the alleged golden state killer you'll recall last year. a woman police say started a fire that briefly threatened homes in fremont is expected to appear in court. police say that christina holler fired a flare at someone during an argument june 23rd. the flare ignited nearby brush
5:45 am
sparking a five-acre fire. it briefly threatened homes above mission boulevard. we covered the story that morning on "today in the bay." holler also faces asalt charges. >> 5:44 for you right now. dramatic new dash cam video captures the terrifying moment when a small plane pilot had to make an emergency landing in the mojave desert. the pilot and the passenger were not injured. the pilot says the plane's engine lost oil pressure and stalled midair. medical helicopter got to them quickly and took them to the closest airport. happening today, the bay area will be cheering on team usa in the women's world cup. the team takes on england in the semifinals. watch parties are being held in san francisco at sue bierman park and in san jose at avaya stadium. both start at noon. quarter to 6:00. this next bit of news no yada yada yada.
5:46 am
>> the 30th anniversary of "seinfeld" it became a cultural icon for episodes like this one. >> $3. >> what? >> no soup for you. >> "what?" if you're beyond a certain age we probably don't have to tell you jerry and julia louis-dreyfus, jason alexander and michael richards starred in the show, a top rated show for three seasons in the '90s. and the "today" show is looking back at "seinfeld" this morning. john o'hurley who played jay peterman will stop by. catch this coming up after "today in the bay," starting at 7:00. >> a lot of favorites there. a lot of lines, too that people continue to use. >> bopity bop bop bop, something like that. 5:26. trending this morning, british airways is apologizing to a customer who claimed the meal on his flight he thought it looked like dog food. what do you think? take a look.
5:47 am
eric booler wrote he was served the meal on his $700 flight. the post quickly went viral. the airline said "we're sorry that our standards fell below our customer's expectations." >> a lot of people are responding to this on facebook. >> it looked like dog food. we had a dog for six months and gone to the pet store, some of the dog food looks way better than that. >> pretty gourmet. >> hand crafted. >> cheap meat. >> i can't imagine. i'll pass. >> okay. all right. let's check the forecast this morning with kari. good day for a picnic? >> yes, absolutely. just maybe pack your own snacks. >> i like that. >> yeah. all right, take a look at this view on your tuesday morning, this will help you get up and get the day started right. it is gorgeous out there. nice to see the fog kind of rolling by, also clear view
5:48 am
across the golden gate bridge. so as you get ready to step out this morning, maybe you're heading to the park in san ramon, you do still need a light jacket for the early hours, with our temperatures in the mid-50s. right at about 9:00 it's feeling comfortable, cool temperatures right at about 60 degrees. 11:00 starts to warm up and with all that sunshine, the winds will pick up as well as we reach into the low 70s there. and before you step out the door, make sure that if you're feelings allergies right now, you take the medication. grass pollen is moderate right now. everything else is pretty low. the main trees that we're seeing right now is oak and pine, that's causing a lot of allergy irritation. and our temperatures will reach into the upper 70s in the south bay, low 80s in the tri-valley. concord reaching 83. 82 in napa and san francisco in the mid-60s today. no change in our weather pattern. we still have the breezy winds, the fog near the coast, and then onshore wind flows. our mild temperatures continue
5:49 am
into the fourth of july. we have to watch and see if some of that fog may be drifting by at the time the fireworks show begins in san francisco. as we go into the weekend, it will be slightly warmer but notice this area of low pressure that will be approaching the pacific northwest, may bring some slight cooling for the middle of next week. but meantime we're still going to see those temperatures in the low 80s, and as we look at our forecast, starting to trend upward for the weekend, upper 80s for friday and saturday, mid 80s for sunday. san francisco really no change here, just staying in the 60s, as we go into the weekend. as we head over to mike, you're saying the commute is off to a light start. >> yes, it's definitely a lighter start. we're looking eastbound, we saw the lighter traffic flow, but you can really tell westbound where we are just now, just now starting to see just the cars kind of getting closer and closer together, but not close enough to need the tapping of the brakes. that's a smooth flow of traffic. we are seeing a little build as well coming off of hayward and
5:50 am
off the castro valley y, just in toward the orange zone as far as the sensors go. because the sensors go from the green to yellow and orange, we're noting speeds are about 45, at worst-mile-per-hour range, hitting that transition build for san jose north 101 easing up from the first burst of traffic. highway 4 slowing traditional but a half hour later than we typically see it on a tuesday. judging by the reaction to the speed sensors and the traffic flow out there, much leitite li the bay bridge toll plaza. southbound 101 shows a smooth, easy drive out of novato to the golden gate bridge. a little haze in the area but not a lot of cars on the roadway so that's a nice, easy drive. and oakland shows you picking up the volume a tad bit but there, southbound is where the volume builds in toward san leandro and hayward. we talked about the slowing as you approach 92, because of the build there. bay bridge toll plaza, another clue that we have, the lanes off to the left now, just starting to fill in. about mid parking lot, when we
5:51 am
say mid parking lot, the bay bridge approach on the parking lot there, about half way back is where we see the backups forming and that is indicating a really light volume of traffic for this tuesday, and the delay right here, only 19 minutes, so it's actually about ten minutes faster than we see at this time of tuesday as well so all clues pointing to a pleasant drive right now. enjoy it, because midday during the vacation weeks tends to see more traffic flow as we've been seeing folks heading across and out of town starting today, tomorrow and of course toward the fourth. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a terror plot foiled in australia. counterterrorism police arrested three men in raids across sydney. authorities say the terror suspects were inspired by isis and targeted public buildings and embassies. two suspects are charged with being members of isis and plotting an attack. australia is on heightened alert for attacks by home grown radicals. still ahead and all new at 6:00 a.m., an incredible
5:52 am
artistic fox feat. the reason they say it's such a big deal. but first -- >> there's a lot of prejudice out there, you know, looking for young people sprepredators look for her. >> a warning to know who your kids are talking to online. one east bay man thinks his daughter left home without contact, you're watching "today in the bay."
5:53 am
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5:54. we're always online. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is in new york city on vacation this week sharing this photo of her daughters on instagram taking in the sights. follow kris on facebook, twitter and instagram. we can't wait to welcome her back home as well. >> 5:55 for you right now. investigators are still working to identify remains they believe are a missing college california.m southern >> last night friends of mackenzie louek gathered at the university of utah campus where she attended. this is new video of the vigil. those who knew the nursing student remembered her as a devoted friend, dedicated student and a fun sorority sister. >> she always knew how to make you feel loved, and she always knew the right words to say.
5:56 am
sorry. she had a way of making you feel special. she loved helping people, and always had a smile on her face. >> police do have a suspect in custody, 31-year-old ayoola ajayi, he's being held without bail on charges including murder and kidnapping. happening today, jury deliberations continue in a court-martial for a navy s.e.a.l. chief accused of war crimes in iraq. the trial is taking place in san diego. decorated navy s.e.a.l. edward gallagher is accused of shooting iraqi civilians and detained isis fighter. the case took a big turn a few weeks ago when one of the witnesses admitted to being the one on the stand who killed the fighter after gallon goer stabbed him. in a national city near san diego nine train cars are derailed and hit a building around 2:00 a.m. on monday.
5:57 am
it appears that train was backing up at a slow pace, when the cars went off the track. one struck a building for an electric parts supplier. the tracks could be seen on the building exterior walls. the train car knocked down seven trees. luckily, no one was hurt. >> 5:57. happening today, more california dmvs are opening at 7:00 a.m. the change started yesterday. eight bay area dmv offices including ones in san francisco, fremont and santa clara open at 7:00 a.m., four days a week. no total, nearly 70 dmvs in the state open at that time instead of 8:00. last summer a handful of dmvs changed their hours including one in san jose. some parents had unwanted explaining to do to their kids when a family movie supposed to
5:58 am
be playing at a themed funhouse, instead the film "pirates blood brothers" was looping on a monitor. the movie is r rated and includes some adult themes. workers switched movies once they noticed that mixup. speaking of movies, daniel craig back on set in london. >> five weeks of filming he missed for an ankle injury. "bond 25" is set to be released april 2020. a new peer immediate is opening in egypt this morning. >> the country opened the 4,000-year-old structure to the public for the first time. teams of egyptian archaeologists cleared out the burial chamber and passageways. it took about a year. some artifacts from inside will be on display. >> amulets, scarabs, shells, chains, gadgets, in perfect condition and preservation.
5:59 am
most of the pieces by the way, they are going straight from here to our museum in egypt. >> the pyramid was first excavated more than a century ago but has never before been open to the public. >> pretty cool. right now at 6:00, a sarin scare ended overnight. the situation at facebook headquarters making national headlines. we have new information early this morning about what happened. plus -- >> we can do better as americans. we will be judged as a country. >> dangerously overcrowded, dramatic new details from the southern border as members of congress tour detention centers. new for you this morning, how people in the bay area are going to respond. and fighting back. juul isn't letting san francisco's historic ban go on. the step the ecigarette maker will take today to give power to the voters. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning.
6:00 am
thanks so much for joining us. >> you're talking to me? >> up to the minute, the minute you're up. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike's going to get us through with that commute sometimes fast moving. >> very fast moving. look at the sunrise behind us. nice day out, kari? >> it's going to be a beautiful day. we'll see mostly sunny skies, starting out with upper 50s and low 60s as you head out the door and then seeing those temperatures warming up. here is a live look in san jose, as we approach sunrise now, we'll be in the upper 50s, and then in the upper 70s. not a bad one. we're going to also have still some slightly cooler than normal weather in the south bay, and seasonable weather for the rest of the bay area. we'll talk about our fourth of july forecast, and mike, it's not your typical tuesday. >> kari, i was checking to make sure there was nothing going on approaching the bay bridge. we just in the last few minutes, three minutes i'd say saw a big lightening here on the left


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