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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 2, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thanks so much for joining us. >> you're talking to me? >> up to the minute, the minute you're up. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike's going to get us through with that commute sometimes fast moving. >> very fast moving. look at the sunrise behind us. nice day out, kari? >> it's going to be a beautiful day. we'll see mostly sunny skies, starting out with upper 50s and low 60s as you head out the door and then seeing those temperatures warming up. here is a live look in san jose, as we approach sunrise now, we'll be in the upper 50s, and then in the upper 70s. not a bad one. we're going to also have still some slightly cooler than normal weather in the south bay, and seasonable weather for the rest of the bay area. we'll talk about our fourth of july forecast, and mike, it's not your typical tuesday. >> kari, i was checking to make sure there was nothing going on approaching the bay bridge. we just in the last few minutes, three minutes i'd say saw a big lightening here on the left approach. so i thought maybe there was a
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crash on the approach, but none reported. fastrak lanes you have the wait but cash, big advantage on the left side, starting to be lighter on the right and the berkeley curve the speed sensors are lightening up. traffic at the richmond-san rafael bridge so overall you see your typical commute spots showing a little bit of slowing there, castro valley y, hayward and in the south bay, san jose. again, light volume all around the bay and it's great and predictable because of the holiday week for some. back to you. >> thanks, mike. facebook is giving the all clear after a scare at its headquarters that lasted some 14 hours. a live look in menlo park where the suspicious substance led to a tense hazmat situation yesterday. that's when a machine alerted workers to a package possibly containing a nerve agent sarin. in spite of earlier reports, no one was hurt, and so far, they're showing no symptoms. a hazmat team removed the
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package and four buildings were evacuated. "today in the bay's" bob redell monitoring the developments this morning. he'll have a live report for us coming up at 6:30. it is 6:01 and developing this morning, an east bay girl is missing. 12-year-old briana zamora's family believes she may have linked up with a predator playing video games. pete, i understand there was video from when she was last seen? >> reporter: that's right, laura. 12-year-old brianna zamora has gone missing since sunday. this was the last image the father saw of his daughter. he's hoping to get some help. you can see brianna walking out of the front door of their oakland hills home in the early hours of sunday morning. her father, emilio says her brothers last saw her on saturday when he and his wife were out of town.
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he believes his daughter was lured away from a stranger gaming online. she ran away four months ago according to her father but at that point she came back within four hours. 48 hours she's been missing. investigators are leading the search but want to point out the fbi is involved as well, since brianna may have crossed state lines. her father had this message for parents so they're not faced with this same type of situation. >> monitor your kids, control what they're doing, this way you don't have the problem that i'm facing now. >> reporter: now brianna was last seen wearing blue jeans, black tennis schools with white skulls on them and a dark sweater and backpack, 5'2", weighing 100 pounds. if you have any info to help with the case be sure to contact oakland police. we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> and a good thing for parents to be aware about. you don't know who your kids are talking to online playing those games. thanks, pete. >> 6:03 for you. this morning, there are new
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reports of deplorable conditions inside a migrant detention facility and questionable behavior from agents at the border. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with more on what congress is doing. tracie. >> laura and marcus, good morning. congress is spending more money. the president signed off on billions of dollars for the border for what lawmakers are now calling a humanitarian crisis. democrats visiting two migrant detention facilities in texas describe deplorable conditions. >> women, tears coming down their faces as they talked about being separated from their children. >> one of the women said that she was told by an agent to drink water out of a toilet. >> reporter: a report by the homeland security inspector general describes dangerously overcrowded conditions. migrants sleeping outside, four showers for 800 people. >> we can do better as americans.
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we will be judged as a country. >> reporter: three dozen protests are planned at congressional offices around the country today to close the camps. republicans blame loopholes in immigration law. >> unfortunately this is a manmade crisis. the responsibility for this crisis lies directly on the united states congress. >> reporter: president trump just approved $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid and promising to deport more immigrants after july 4th. >> hispanics love what i'm doing, because number one, they don't want to lose their job, they don't want to take a pay cut and very importantly, most importantly, they don't want to have crime. >> reporter: meantime the non-profit propublica says it uncovered a secret facebook page of border agents mocking immigrant deaths, in a statement border patrol called the comments inappropriate and promised employees will be held accountable. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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rights groups across the nation and the bay area are organizing close the camps protest. the san francisco rally is held at noon outside senator dianne feinste feinstein's office. new this morning, san francisco based juul is fighting back for calling measure on the november ballot, overturning the city's ban on all ecigarette sales expected to take effect in seven months. if passed, it would overturn the new ban on all ecigarette sales, which is set to take effect in seven months. juul spent more than $500,000 on the november effort so far. san francisco giants ceo larry baer returns to his job today following a lengthy suspension. video of baer in a public altercation with his wife led to that suspension.
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the team said he's focused on regular counseling during the three-month absence. new details in the shooting death of rabber nipsey hussle. nipsey hussle. los angeles police are opening up an internal affairs investigation, they want to know why the woman police say drove the getaway car was sent away by officers when she first tried to turn herself in. the woman tried to talk to officers at the police department after learning her car was seen on tv news reports. hussle was shot in march. the suspect entered a not guilty plea. >> 6:07. another dramatic surge in the number of bay area people living in rvs. san mateo county says the most recent numbers jumped 127% to just under 500. both the south bay and east bay recently showed the homeless population also shot up dramatically. this year's tallies found the homeless population rose 43% over the past two years for alameda and contra costa counties. it is 31% higher in santa clara
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county. it is 6:07 right now and new this morning, a record-breaking journey by an arctic fox. she traveled from norway to canada in record time. researchers were tracking the arctic fox and was shocked when she traveled more than 930 miles over 21 days. >> wow. >> using sea ice, glaciers and land bridges. scientists believe this is the first time an arctic fox has been tracked migrating between two different continents. what a will. if there's a will, there's a way. >> that's cool to see that that happened and shows just how smart animals are. >> no kidding. >> yes, absolutely, science. let's start out this morning with a look outside in dublin. looking a little hazy to start, but we have that sunshine and that sun continues throughout the day. if you're about to step out the door, it's nice and cool with upper 50s and then we'll see it warming up into the upper 60s at 11:00, 76 degrees at 1:00 today.
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still feeling nice with our high temperatures up to 79 in the south bay, 84 in antioch. napa today headed up to 82 degrees, and 65 in san francisco. still going to be pretty windy there, and we'll talk about what's ahead for the fourth of july, but mike, the commute looks pretty pleasant, too. >> it is. if you have to commute this morning, it should be a pleasant drive right now. we're looking at a mild build just starting to see the sensors slow across the san mateo bridge, and down 880 from hayward and out of san leandro. now no major issues, a crash is reported now west 580 over at grant line road but westbound your commute moves smoothly past that scene. it's making its way off to the shoulder, i believe. dublin interchange, no slowing in any direction just a little bit over here at vallecitos off 84. that's traditionally what we see an hour before so very light, late commute. across the san mateo bridge, no delays through the peninsula, which is just clear right now, 101 and 280.
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101 through palo alto, it's clear, into the city. back to you. >> sure is. thanks, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," are you improving your financial situation? we're going to tell you about the number of americans say they are reducing spending and the reason democrats are cutting back more than republicans. >> let them eat cake. a wild story out of a texas walmart is trending today as one woman couldn't quite wait to get home to enjoy her dessert. >> yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy. later, identity theft is become so long widespread that it's now happening to young kids. we're going to tell you that they might not be aware of this until after high school. so at 6:25, our consumer unit shows you what you need to watch out for. it is 6:10 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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what some of our usual congestion spots look like. we'll show you a bigger view coming up. st good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up lower this morning. stocks gave up strong gains yesterday to close off the highs of the session. although the s&p 500 still ended at a record high. optimism over the u.s. and china trade talks of the g20, pausing a new round of tariffs. now it seems to be digested by the market and new worries about the prospects of a final trade deal. investors will get a pulse check on the state of manufacturing and the consumer today when automakers report their june sales. they're expected to have slowed last month after a strong increase in may. higher prices are keeping some buyers away, offsetting the stronger economy and record high consumer sentiment that would otherwise boost sales. about one-third of americans say they cut their spending in the last year, according to a new investing survey by cnbc, financial planning site acorns
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and survey monkey. the reasons for spending less range from worries about a loss of household income and new debt to fears of recession, job loss or large medical bills from unexpected illness or injury. the survey finds twice as many democrats as republicans say they'd cut their spending due to anxiety over the economy. >> making me nervous talking about it, frank. >> saving every penny. thanks, frank. trending this morning, a texas woman is being banned from walmart after she apparently ate half a cake from the store's bakery while just walking around the store. she then refused to pay the full price for the item. she was later kicked out of the store and barred from returning. if you wondered, the woman was never charged for the cake. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute, so she thought she could get a cake, walk around, eat half of it and say i only want to pay for half of it?
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was she paying for the half she ate or did eat. >> that's like people walking around eating grapes in the store. it's like, hey. >> drop off garbage at the dump, they weigh the car in and out. same thing, weigh in and out and how much you ate. >> that could get dangerous. >> i was thinking the same thing. um-hum. 6:16 for you right now. taking a look at the forecast for us, it's going to be a nice one today. >> we really can't complain about this weather. >> it takes the cake! >> yep, it does. >> ugh. move along. move along. >> here is a look at twin peaks this morning, as we can see, the fog rolling across the city, very shallow layer of it, and so at times we'll see some mostly sunny skies, that's what we're seeing in the south bay right now, as you get ready to head out. if you're going to the world cup viewing party, it's going to be beautiful. comfortable, avaya stadium seeing temperatures around 71 degrees, reaching into the
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mid-70s, and look at our microclimates throughout the day. here we are at 10:30, we're seeing only one spot at 70 degrees. most of us in the 60s, and the inland east bay starts to see those highs making it into the upper 70s low 80s. we'll go up a few more degrees with danville reaching 76 at 5:00, and san francisco staying in the 60s, while napa will be at 79 at 5:00. a lot of people riding home with the windows down and cools off nicely tonight. going out to the a's game, it will start to get chilly in oakland and dropping from the mid-60s to the lower 60s as the a's game goes on. high temperatures today once again reaching into the low 80s in the tri-valley and east bay and parts of the north bay. mostly 60s and 70s for the inner bay and coast. and so our weather pattern brings us a pretty brisk onshore wind flow, as we go into the fourth of july. no change in that pattern, so the weather we're seeing today
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pretty much the same weather we'll see on thursday, only slightly warmer for the weekend, and then as we look at that area of low pressure that will be approaching the pacific northwest, that may change our winds next week, bring in some slightly cooler temperatures once again. so we only have a brief warmup in the forecast, starting on friday, continuing into saturday, when it peaks, up to 89 degrees in the inland valleys and coming down a few degrees by early next week, looking nice for the fourth of july. we'll have to watch out for visibility for the fireworks and mike, it's an easy build for the morning's commute. >> it is, building a bit but gently across the bay. eastbound look how light the traffic is coming to us from the peninsula, which is basically at speed all over the place. westbound we're just now starting to see a consistent, steady build and a little more slowing off the toll plaza across the flat section that's 92 right there in the middle of your screen, why you see the orange sensors just until you get about midway across that flat section. dumbarton bridge an easy drive, no problems, a smooth flow of
6:19 am
traffic for the nimitz passing by dakota highway 84 as well and into the south bay, where there are no sensors other than green, no other sensor colors, you're at speed through silicon valley. build for bay point and into concord, passing 242 and 680 but this is light. walnut creek interchange, caldecott tunnel no delay. a smooth flow of traffic through richmond as well and the backup continues to ease for the cash lanes off to the left of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights still on. you see the fastrak lanes are filled in. bring cash. over here if you want to avoid that take b.a.r.t. but out of san francisco b.a.r.t. still reports a possibility of a couple trains ten-minute delays in toward the east bay but the earlier equipment problems have been cleared. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:19 for you right now. >> still ahead at this hour, not so fast. turns out this object found in space is not an alien ship. scientists say it was possible, at 6:30, what they're saying
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about whether we're alone. identity theft is a threat to everyone. including your kids. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. our team is always on social media. kari is sharing this on instagram, what is it you see? a hummingbird in her backyard, a daily visitor there. follow kari on facebook, instagram and twitter. she's always posting some really cool stuff. it is 6:20 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 6:22. this is a look of athe cleanup in hong kong after chaotic protests yesterday. they were protesting hong kong's handover to china 22 years ago. 6:23. new development in the deadly crash of a twin engine plane outside of dallas. six of the ten victims have now been identified including a 15-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy from texas. that plane crashed into an empty hangar sunday, seconds after seconds taking off for florida. investigators have now recovered
6:24 am
the cockpit voice recorder. they say the landing gear was down when the plane crashed. >> pilots were cleared for takeoff, they acknowledged takeoff and at this point, we are not aware of any further communication. >> investigators will also look at the pilot and his co-pilot's training records. pilots are required to have specific training to operate this specific aircraft. the "today" show will have a live report on the investigation coming up after "today in the bay" at 7:00. new video you have to see this morning. high winds send a trampoline just flying up and away. this happened in fargo, north dakota, over the weekend. cell phone video just coming out, you see the trampoline just barrelling down the street, generating sparks along the way. the national weather service did report wind gusts of more than 80 miles per hour. fortunately no one was injured. amazing there. >> that is. i'm glad no one was hurt. 6:24. identity theft has really become widespread. it's now happening to young kids. >> they may not even know it until after they finish high school.
6:25 am
consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a closer look. >> good morning, you've probably heard about identity thieves going after people who have credit cards and bank accounts but some crooks are targeting kids who have neither. javelin strategy, a cyber crime research in pleasanton, found more than 1 million american kids were victims of identity theft in 2017. how? why? thieves used kids' untarnished identities to set up phony accounts and wrack up debt. >> most of the victims in the study were under 8 years old which means some of these people or many of these kids are not going to find out until they turn adults, which will be ten years later. >> how exactly does this happen? coming up tonight at 11:00, the weakness crooks exploit to target children, plus the fast and free steps you can take to protect your kids today. if you have a consumer complaint for us to investigate, please call us. 888-996-tips or visit i'll see you again tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to that, chris, thanks.
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6:25 right now. happening today, day two of wimbledon has a touch much royalty there. duchess of cambridge kate middleton is there sitting in the royal box at centre court, kensington palace, just sharing these photos of her at the tournament on twitter. prince william is not attending. today's first round matches on centre court include defending women's champ angelique kerber, serena williams and roger federer. >> pretty nice there. >> no surprise either. fans are buzzing about the young phenom from florida who has taken over the tennis world. >> 15-year-old cory gauff is getting a lot of attention after beating venus williams at wimbledon. take a look. 15 years old. gauff won 6-4, 6-4, nicknamed coco and the youngest player to qualify for wimbledon.
6:27 am
she had a previous run-in at 13 the youngest player to make the u.s. open girl's final. unbelievable there. her parents so proud. >> to beat someone you looked up to for all those years, your entire life. >> 15 years, pretty young. >> 6:27 for you right now. here are stories we're working on for the next half hour here on "today in the bay." facebook workers won't have hazmat crews to deal with today after a 14-hour investigation is over. this is at the company's headquarters. the brand new details we're getting about the sarin scare. also new overnight, a bloody stabbing in san jose. a few people are calling our newsroom so concerned. how far the victim walked and what we know about who might have done it. plus -- >> look at that. this is incredible video from inside a plane as it crashed in southern california. amazingly, the couple inside
6:28 am
survived. at 6:45, the pilot's quick thinking and why he told his wife to start filming. you're watching "today in the bay." it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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6:30 on your tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. certainly shaping up to be a nice tuesday out there, look at it from behind us. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the temperatures that we can expect throughout the bay area. is this a day we can smile
6:31 am
about? >> absolutely, very much like yesterday and another beautiful sunrise, looking high atop san francisco, as we see at times some clouds moving by the bottom of the screen. let's head inland to san ramon, going out to the park today you will need a light jacket to start out, with our temperatures as you head out the door in the mid-50s. at 10:00 it's still a cool morning, 63, but warming up at noon and breezy wind picking up with some low 70s. our microclimate high temperature shows some low 80s inland and 60s near the coast. we'll talk about the weekend coming up and mike, you're seeing slowing for the san mateo bridge. >> i am. i was tracking the live camera view. we had in the service lane right here, this is not usable by regular traffic but we saw a tow truck traveling west across the flat section and folks were slowing as it passed. that's one reason for slowing. i was assuming there was a disabled vehicle across the span but no update from chp on any
6:32 am
incidents. we'll track that. the dumbarton bridge is clear but we see a little more traffic flowing a little slowing down toward union city. this is very light for any of the commutes for a tuesday especially. no problems in the south bay, and a new crash for oakland. i'll check on that. back to you, marcus. developing news on the peninsula, facebook now confirms that yesterday's suspicious package left at its headquarters has tested negative for sarin. bob redell is outside a facebook mailing facility in menlo park where he spoke with the company moments ago. what did you find out? >> reporter: yes, a spokesman for facebook says that suspicious package that was mailed to their mailing facility on hamilton court tested negative for any potentially dangerous substances including sarin and that the buildings are cleared for employees to return to work today. the menlo park fire protection district responded to this incident. they released these photos of
6:33 am
firefighters decontaminating themselves early this morning at 1:00. they took it off property and await for the test results which as you just heard came back negative. the scare began yesterday morning at around 11:00 a.m. when a facebook employee called 911 to report the suspicious package. employees tested the package three times, twice it came back with hits for sarin. the company evacuated four buildings, fire called in usps, fbi and hazmat teams from san mateo county and the national guard. their first tests at around 6:00 last night took about 40 minutes but were inconclusive. first responders then reentered the building around 10:30 last night with more sophisticated detection equipment. the building is safe and in spite of earlier reports, no one was hurt. reporting live here in menlo park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> certainly good news for people this morning, bob, thank you. it 16:33, police are
6:34 am
investigating a stabbing near a busy san jose intersection. video from the scene, police found a man stabbed near story and king road about 11:30 last night. the actual crime scene is about a mile away on tully and king. no word on the victim's condition or any information about the suspect. our photographer at the scene did see investigators put some handcuffs on a man but we don't know if that person is in custody. a deadly crash involving a vehicle that struck passengers outside of the international terminal. one person died. two others suffered life-threatening injuries, happened yesterday afternoon when police say the driver of an suv struck two men and a woman on the lower level designated for arrivals. the man who died has not been identified. the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. police believe it was an accident and say the driver was not impaired. baseball fans are paying
6:35 am
tribute to los angeles pitcher tyler scaggs. he tide suddenly in texas at the age of 27. his body was found in his hotel yesterday afternoon, happened hours before they were to play the rangers. the game was postponed. no details released how he died but no foul play is expected. suspected. angels fans are in shock. >> just as if it was a family member really. >> 27? he just got married. i mean, he's just a baby. >> scaggs last pitched saturday at home against the oakland a's. new video of a smash and grab burglary in marin. the thieves used rocks to break the window of jewelers on fourth street in san rafael. they used hammers to smash the jewelry cases. aggressive. the thieves drove off in a gold mercedes. officers believe the same crew is tied to other bay area store jewelry robberies. more license plate reeders
6:36 am
will be going up in piedmont after a vote by city leaders. councilmembers approved a new round of devices to add to 39 readers the city already uses at 15 intersections and entry points. police plan to post the readers at four more intersections. >> they are additional tools to help our investigators as well as our patrol officers do policing more efficiently. >> the city of piedmont's retaining the data for one year, and at that point, they're collecting 21.6 million records, that's images of people's license plates, their cars and potentially people in those cars for one year. there's no evidence that the police chief has provided that keeping it for one year is a useful thing. >> last night's vote will add 13 new cameras at the cost of more than $100,000. >> 6:36 now. an update about a mysterious object spotted in space. >> we've covered this story back in april. this is an artist image of
6:37 am
oumuamua. one of the theories the object could have been ejected by a giant gas planet orbiting another star. whatever the case, we're pretty sure that the truth is out there somewhere. >> what was the name again? oumuamua. >> oumuamua. that's what they said. >> that was an artist's rendition of what was out there, right? >> yes. >> marcus, i'll drop some pictures to you. >> i'll check them for approval. >> live pictures of so folks say oh, muamua. westbound 92. mwah! a nice commute. westbound across the san mateo bridge there has been no problems across the span, after we saw that tow truck traveling westbound. there is slowing just the volume of traffic. it looks like that's all that's
6:38 am
going on right now, as we did see that tow truck travel pass in the service lane probably to stage at the foster city side waiting for anything, but right now we have a slight build. the south bay, the bottom of the screen 101 slowing as well as 87 around capitol expressway. the commute kicking in later and a lighter volume. it will be a midday commute traveling across town. arrows show you two crashes south 10 at cesar chavez and south 880 at 980, moved to the shoulder. >> like we're moving the week aside and looking forward to the weekend. >> we made it past monday. as we make plans for the holiday weekend if it's a long one for you, it's going to be nice. look at the temperatures, it will start to warm up, so from the fourth on thursday, we're at 80 degrees in the inland areas to the upper 80s for saturday and that's when our temperatures peak and start to come back down. as we check out san francisco, no major changes here. maybe just a little bit more sunshine, but we have seen at times the clouds and the fog
6:39 am
rolling by, if you're planning to go to napa valley this weekend, it will reach 84 degrees on friday. we'll be back there on sunday after seeing on saturday slightly warmer air. that's a live look at squaw valley this morning, if you're going to the sierra, great hiking weather, sunshine, no worries about any storms. we'll reach into the mid-70s there. in carmel valley we'll see slightly warmer temperatures reaching up to 80 degrees on saturday and sunday back to 74. if you're headed down to l.a., it's going to stay in the low 70s, with mostly sunny skies. let me know where you're going, what you're doing, or what are your plans for the fourth. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram. we'll talk about what's going on today, coming up in three minutes. it's 6:39. next and new this hour, brand new numbers from the trump campaign out overnight, the amount of money the president raised for his re-election last quarter. his team says it's a record breaker. plus --
6:40 am
>> nobody got hurt and that's all that matters. >> the incredible quick thinking that saved the lives of a california pilot and his wife, that'sen inside look of the plane as it crashed. you'll only see that here. and -- >> there's a lot of predators out there looking for, you know, young people like her. >> a warning for all families to know who your kids are talking to online. the reason one east bay man thinks his daughter left home without a word. . and taking a look at the big board there, the dow is down some 19 points right now. stocks were a little changed today after the u.s. threatened a new wave of tariffs on european goods. more news for you after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." just when you thought you were done painting...
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coming up on 6:43, and on this tuesday morning, sunshine, also a nice little breeze as you head out the door in fremont. it will become still a warm day, with mostly sunny skies, and those winds picking up for the afternoon, but we're enjoying a break from some high heat. we'll talk about the slight warmup in our forecast in less than five minutes. >> looking at the sunny and relatively light backup at the richmond-san rafael bridge. you are slow off the east shore freeway there, and on the hooea shore freeway, 27 minutes from the highway 4 approaching the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are not quite as they appear with the numbers. >> it is 6:43. in the east bay authorities continue to look for missing 12-year-old girl. her family believes she left her house to meet a predator she met while gaming online.
6:44 am
you can actually see in some video brianna walking out of her home in the early hours of sunday morning. her brothers last saw her saturday, and her father and his wife were out of town. he believes his daughter was lured away from the home by a stranger while gaming online. investigators leading the search and the fbi is involved swinsin she may have crossed state lines. the father has a message for parents so they're not faced with the same situation. >> my greatest fear, there say lot of predators looking for young people like her. >> brianna was last seen wearing blue jeans, black tennis shoes with white skulls on them, if you've seen her, call police. new campaign fund-raising numbers in the 2020 presidential campaign race were released. the numbers show president trump's re-election campaign and
6:45 am
the republican national committee raised $105 million in the second quarter of this year, that beats out what president barack obama raised and the equivalent period during his re-election campaign. and a woman police say started a brief fire that briefly threatened homes in fremont is expected to appear in court today. police say that christina holler fired a flare at someone during an argument june 23rd. the flare ignited nearby brush sparking a five-acre fire. it briefly threatened homes above mission boulevard. we covered the story that morning on "today in the bay." holler also faces assalt charges. >> 6:45 right now. investigators are working to identify the remains they believe are missing college student from southern california. >> last night friends of mackenzie louek gathered at the university of utah campus where she attended. new video of that vigil. those who knew the nursing student remembered her as a devoted friend, dedicated student and a fun sorority sister.
6:46 am
>> she always knew how to make you feel loved, and she always knew the right words to say. sorry. she had a way of making you feel special. she loved helping people, and always had a smile on her face. >> police do have a suspect in custody, 31-year-old ayoola ajayi, he's being held without bail on charges including murder and kidnapping. 6:46. nasa conducting a test launch of its orion spacecraft. it's blasting off from cape canaveral station, part of a critical safety test of the module's emergency abort system. the orion spacecraft is set to take two astronauts to the moon in 2024. this morning a look at the terrifying moments when a small plane pilot had to make an
6:47 am
emergency landing. this is new dash camera video, happened over the weekend in the mojave desert. he sent out a distress call. he says he believreceived a qui response from an american airlines pilot flying overhead. >> i told him i got two souls on board. we've lost the engine, we're going down in the desert. >> the medical helicopter got to them quickly, took them to the closest airport. both the pilot and his wife were not injured, and it said that he told the wife to record the video so she wouldn't think about what was going on, she'd be distracted. >> wow, amazing there. >> quick thinking from him as well. take a look at this viral video. might have you throwing out the ice cream in your freezer. >> lick it. oh, put it back. put it back.
6:48 am
>> that's just nasty. >> right? >> you saw that woman, licked the tub of blue bell ice cream and then put it back in the grocery store freezer. it has been viewed more than 10 million times. some people are calling for that woman to be arrested. even blue bell has responded saying they are looking into that incident and explain their ice cream doesn't have a protective wrap because the freezing process creates a natural seal. >> isn't that gross? >> she should be ashamed of herself. >> she thinks it's funny. wow. >> that makes me mad. you go eat your ice cream you love and you see something like that. don't mess with my food. i'm telling you, i am upset by that. >> why isn't there plastic? >> i understand why they say it's not. come on, don't do that. >> now they have to hire special ice cream security. >> yeah, i know, right? >> we talked about eating grapes in the grocery store. >> at least they don't put them back. >> lick the grapes, no.
6:49 am
>> i don't like that one. >> and summer is the time for ice cream. >> yes, it is. and so we're going to have some warm weather in the inland areas today, staying cool for the coast. this is the weather we've seen the past few days and it continues today. take a look at this view from tiburon this morning. that is just gorgeous. i love that. so we are seeing all clear skies and also some fog staying off the coast, and so as we get ready to head out, here is a look at our pollen report today. mostly grass pollen, that's moderate at this point. everything else is fairly low, but the tree pollen is mostly oak and pine, and so as you get ready for your drive this morning, headed out the door in present wood, it will be 64 degrees, it's a nice cool start, mostly sunny skies that continues throughout the day and our temperatures start to warm up, but we make it into the low 80s there today, upper 70s in downtown san jose, morgan hill, up to 82 degrees, and we'll see a few more low 80s for the east bay, with antioch reaching 84 degrees. oakland today will see a high of
6:50 am
69. for the coast once again the fog very close by, keeping half moon bay chilly at 61. while redwood city reaches 74. we'll see some 60s in san francisco. notice the winds coming in from the west sustained at about 23 miles per hour. still windy there, and breezy in the north bay, with some upper 70s and low 80s. no changes in our weather pattern. we still have high pressure still well to the west of us, and nice onshore wind flow, and we're also getting some of those gusty winds because of that area of low pressure that's just to the north of there, so we have high and low pressure nearby, that makes the air move fairly quickly. so as we go into the fourth, we still have mild temperatures, and it will get slightly warmer going into the weekend, and then for next week, we may have a cooldown as we see that area of low pressure moving across the pacific northwest, and here's a look at our temperatures, fourth of july looks great, no changes here, low 80s, but it does warm up in time for the weekend with upper 80s in the valleys and
6:51 am
then as we look at san francisco, no changes here once again, keeping the fog, breezy winds and cooler temperatures. now mike, you're starting out with a new crash. >> that's right. we've had a few crashes that popped up in the last few minutes. got a lot busier on the chp blotter. south 101 here you see the curves at terra linda packed. they were completely cleared about 15 minutes ago. right behind these trees a crash reported with a vehicle in the roadway still. no major injuries but i do believe one of the vehicles is a motorcycle, so at the very least a big distraction, a concern on my part, as we continue to follow that. we'll see the build novato toward the split headed toward the san rafael to richmond bridge. westbound richmond to san rafael 580 slows a bit as well as the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza where you have the metering lights on. they have all morning but lighter traffic flow. a smooth drive for the south bay your northbound push kicking in. you see more slowing than we did about 20 minutes ago and we have 880 over toward 92 a crash, not
6:52 am
on the san mateo bridge span, it's approaching at industrial boulevard. we have one lane blocked by a crash as you get off the nimitz freeway. you'll jam up and then you'll slow heading across that flat section because of that volume again. this will change as traffic is held up over there in hayward though and some folks may head down toward the dumbarton bridge. if you're headed north toward the bay bridge a lighter flow starting to fill in once again for the cash lanes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:52. a terror plot foiled in australia. counterterrorism police arrest three men in raids across sydney. authorities say the terror suspects were inspired by isis and targeted public buildings and embassies. two suspects are being charged with being members of isis and plotting an attack. australia's on heightened alert for attacks by homegrown radicals. next on "today in the bay" a quick look at top stories including dangerously overcrowdi overcrowding. dramatic new details from the southern border as members of congress tour detention centers. this morning, how people in the bay area of responding.
6:53 am
and here at home, too soon? the warriors have plan to remember kevin durant's time with the team. they have bit any sparks a lot of conversation among fans today. we're going to talk about that coming up for you in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:55. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> we have some breaking news, a 12-year-old oakland girl who has been missing since saturday has been located. this news just in to our newsroom. this is video of surveillance that was taken when they believe the young girl left her oakland home in the early morning hours
6:56 am
of saturday. her parents say they believe she was lured by an online predator in some video game she had been playing. the good news this morning, she has been located. we don't know her condition but follow us on for the very latest developments. we'll have more in our midday newscast as well. 6:56. developing news on the peninsula, facebook confirms yesterday's suspicious package left its headquarters, at its headquarters it should say tested negative for sarin. this is a live look at menlo park where a tense hazmat situation played out. a machine alerted workers to the package and it might contain sarins. two workers believe they may have been exposed. four buildings were evacuated. the packages tested negative and to one was hurt. happening today, rights groups from across the nation and the bay area organizing close the camps protests.
6:57 am
dozens will gather at the local offices of congress members while they are home for the fourth of july holiday. those demands and the protests are to close migrant camps along the border and stop deportation. san francisco a rally is held at noon in front of senator dianne feinstein's office. other rallies are planned in santa rosa, palo alto, walnut creek, and oakland. the outrage also comes amidst new reports of deplorable conditions inside a migrant detention facility in texas. a report by the homeland security inspector general describes dangerously overcrowded conditions, migrants sleeping outside, and four showers for 800 people. democrats are calling for change. meanwhile, republicans are blaming loop holes in immigrant law. >> we can do better as americans. we will be judged as a country. >> this is a manmade crisis. the responsibility for this crisis lies directly on the
6:58 am
united states congress. >> president trump just approved $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid and he's also promising to deport more immigrants after july 4th. ahead on the "today" show, we'll look at what happened when members of congress toured several migrant detention centers, that's coming up after "today in the bay" in just about two minutes. >> it's 6:58. san francisco-based juul is fighting back against the new ecigarette ban. according to to "the examiner" it will call for a measure on the november ballot, if passed, it would overturn the city's new ban on all ecigarette sales, which is set to take effect in about seven months. juul makes the vaping products, spent more than $500,000 on the november effort so far. a new tribute from the warriors to kevin durant. the team is retiring k.d.'s jersey number 35. durant played for the dubs for just three years, but he actually ended up winning two
6:59 am
nba titles and was the finals mvp twice. he tore his achilles in game five of the nba finals this year. he's expected to miss all next of this season. whenever he comes back, he'll be taking the court with the brooklyn nets. one last look at the forecast before we head off for the morning. >> looks great for the fourth of july and i know all eyes are on that forecast, so let's get a look at our highs in the low 80s in the inland areas. heating up a few more degrees in time for the weekend, while san francisco stays cool, breezy, at times foggy. highs in the 60s. >> mike, you're dealing with concern of a motorcycle crash? >> a number of motorcycles involved in incidents. better weather, we'll see more on the roadway. focusing south 880 at 237 near the junction, reports of a motorcycle crash blocking your fast lane. the rider was down in the lanes. i'm very concerned because all this traffic here you see going to the bottom of the screen headed into the area, i'll follow that as well as the rest of your commute. >> sounds good.
7:00 am
we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25 and every half hour after that. >> join us for our midday newscast. see you then. have a great morning. good morning. good morning, disturbing allegation democratic members of congress good morning, disturbing allegations. democratic members of congress lashing out after touring migrant detention centers in texas. >> these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet >> and now a new report revealing a secret facebook group where border patrol agents were allegedly making disturbing comments how border officials are responding this morning. gone too soon, los angeles angels' pitcher tyler skaggs found dead at just 27 years old sending shock waves through the


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