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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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fire off today, but not with illegal fireworks. >> we are looking at the nice and easy commute today. everybody is talking about the weather today, but everybody wants to go out and see the fireworks. how is it going to play out? >> we know in san francisco this time of year you can see the fog going back and forth so the big question will be will that fog retreat in time for the fireworks. let's kick it off with the start of the day in fremont and the fourth of july parade that starts at 10:00 in the morning. you could be getting up early to line the parade routes. we will talk about what else is going on coming up, and it's pretty uneventful on the roads. >> yeah, i have only had a couple nothings to report. south bay, look at this. let's look at mass transit. if you look at mass transit, there are some things you need to be aware of. bart is on a sunday schedule,
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and ace is not having holiday for the holiday, and you if take ac transit, they have a couple fourth of july detours because of some of the parades so check out their website on line because they have a couple areas where they could be dropping off and picking up at different spots than they normally do, and va, they are on a holiday schedule. if your service doesn't run on a sunday they probably don't have the service today. you need to check online. aside from this, this is how the majority of the bay area is looking. i'll send it back to you. >> not much happening on the roads there, but a lot will be in the sky later on tonight as we celebrate the fourth of july, and by getting you ready for the holiday morning, you want to have a special holiday addition of "today in the bay."
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>> that's right. president trump's version of the celebration is causing controversy. >> tanks will be in the air, and planes in the air, and there's a mix of emotions surrounding the event. we have the support and the backlash for you. i don't know if he can hear us, but he's been talking about that a lot of people are talking about all of those fireworks, but craig has worked a package for us. let's go to that. >> the stage is set and so are the tanks for president trump's speech and his fourth of july salute to america. >> i think this is exciting the fact that we are going to be reminded of how we got this freedom. >> no tanks in washington, d.c. >> major changes for hundreds of thousands of people converging on the national mall today. >> the president is using it as his own holiday, this is the president trump national day. >> i hope he gears it more towards our veterans and troops that are serving and has served.
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>> the president speaks at 6:30, accompanied by military flyovers and pban extended fireworks display. >> looks like a campaign event. >> the administration defending the cost. >> the celebration of our country and freedom, if it cost a few bucks, so be it. >> taxpayers fitting the bill. >> imagine what the cost will be for a president to be on the mall. >> the d.c. government says it will send a bill for damage done by tanks and military vehicles. >> craig boswell reporting there. a live look at san francisco right now where the fireworks are the perfect end to the fourth of july holiday, and many will be heading to the bay to see the show. >> pete suratos is live in san francisco, and from our other camera we saw quite a bit of fog
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and kari has been talking about that, pete. what does it looks like where you are? >> reporter: let's hope the fog doesn't get in the way of the fireworks show taking place here in san francisco later tonight. we know we are expecting more than 100,000 people to show up for the show along the waterfront. of course it takes time to put it altogether. a few weeks here, when it comes to the fireworks show. we know the crews are going to be finishing up loading the barges later this morning, but the fireworks will be shot from a barge anchored right here in aquatic park. the fireworks show producer says folks should expect an entertaining show. >> it's going to be huge. like i said, it's 25 minutes of rock and roll rapid-fire fireworks. there's about 10,000 devices that will go off in the 20 minutes or so. it's going to be exciting.
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>> reporter: there's one big change this year, treasure island is urging people to stay away from watching the show from that area, and normally it's a pop lawyer viewing spot but there's construction there so they are urging folks to stay away. the show is set to begin around 9:30 p.m. pete suratos for "today in the bay." i want to talk to kari about the forecast. the timing is difficult. >> yeah, the fog can shift back and forth and we are seeing it over the golden gate bridge right now as we look out there this morning. it's going to be in the area, and that could be making things iffy as we go through our viewing forecast, and what the computer models are plotting, it shows tonight there will be fog not only in san francisco but for half moon bay extending across the coast and may reach over across the bay into oakland as well. in terms of the rest of the bay area and the humid levels, we
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see the humid levels drop below 30% and that means a high fire danger and the good news is because of the fog and onshore wind flow humidity will be higher but we have a lot of dry fuel on the hills so it's not safe at all to light your own fireworks. we will watch out for the humidity levels and wind, but overall great weather for the fourth of july once you get into the bay and inland valleys. we will look at the events going on coming up in a few minutes. before the barbecue, of course it's all about the parade. a lot of cities holding theirs this morning and one of the most popular is the one in danville. >> that's where we will find bob redell this morning. you can see the chairs lined up now, bob? >> reporter: they have been claiming a spot before the sun went down yesterday. we are expecting 30 to 40,000 people out here. this is a tradition that is
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going on since 1975 here on the main drag in danville. you can see the sidewalks lined with all the chairs, and the police department and city shutdown the road and you had other people waiting here since early this morning to take up the crosswalk spots because you can get primo spaces here. happy fourth. you have six tents. tell me about the setup. >> reporter: six tents ready to go, and wait for jamie to get the breakfast burritos. >> reporter: is this for you and your friends or free for all? >> we're friends with everybody. this is a great place to celebrate the tpourfourth of ju. >> reporter: if you compare this to other towns, how would it be
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different? >> there's only one danville parade, and it's right here in danville, california. take care. >> reporter: the parade is from 9:00 to noon tonight. believe it or not you can show up here and i see potential areas where you can put a chair down if you are so inclined, but, again, they are expecting quite a crowd. this year's theme they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the american legion. you can't miss storm ranger later, and you don't want to miss it either. bob redell for "today in the bay." >> jamie, you better hurry with the breakfast burritos. they are waiting. hope they have one for you, bob. one of the men participating in the event is this man, 91-year-old, remember him. he will be the grand marshal for
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the parade in martinez. they's the last surviving member of his unit that stormed the beaches in world war ii. thousands of dollars were donated to cover the cost of his trip, and he is working on the book and plans to use the extra donations to help publish it. he calls it "the luckiest man alive." he had a great time in normandy. >> i love his spirit, too. you interviewed him and others, it was great to see that spirit he has. >> i love that story. it will be great to see him tonight. as you make plans to enjoy the fourth of july, fake a look at the sunrise. gorgeous. clear sky over the south bay, and as we go through the morning, starts out cool in the mid-50s and then warms up as we get ready for the fireworks tonight. san jose, mid-70s at 7:00, and
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then it cools off into the mid-60s. we will be at 65 degrees at the time the fireworks begin. we will talk more about other things going on in the forecast. the road sensors are looking good, and as i was walking over here, i did see this crash pop-up in san jose in the south bay, and i will find out what that is all about and i will take the opportunity. oakland, look at this. a smooth commute along 880. there's only a couple cars out there, and this is how dublin is working. this builds around 6:00 a.m., and not worried about it so much this morning. san jose, again, doesn't seem to be a lot -- there doesn't seem to be a lot of trouble on the roads. i will see what that crash in san jose is all about. but so far it's a smooth commute throughout. back to you. >> nobody is complaining. we are still here working so
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don't fire up the grill just yet. >> yeah, it's 6:00 in the morning, that's one reason, but also because we are about to rundown important safety advice that maybe you are not thinking about just yet. one tip that may make you think twice about leftovers tomorrow. it's such an iconic place in new york and it's someplace everybody will love and recognize. >> before the big show in new york, crews tested fireworks here in california. it's 6:25. what the experts expect before you watch the macy's spectacular. this is "today in the bay." it's 6:11.
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happy july fourth. right now it's a clear start and cool morning in pal o alto. we are warming up into the low 70s. we will talk about what is going on in the rest of the forecast in less than five minutes. look at your bridge drive times. 580 to the richmond bridge, six minutes. and then 80 to the bay bridge, eight minutes. i will have a look at how your mass transit schedules are changing for the holidays coming up. 6:14 for you right now. in business and tech news this
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morning the markets are closed for the fourth of july holiday. wednesday the dow and nasdaq closed at record highs as experts expect the fed to lower rates. economists expect 165,000 jobs were added in june, but they see a slowing trend in the job creation. it's time to talk about grill safety. in as many of us plan to cook out for the holiday, listen to this. >> rough statistics. 1 in 6 people will be getting food poisoning this year, and that means a couple people at my cookout maybe, and hopefully never. let's listen to these tips. >> reporter: it's a summer staple, millions of americans love cooking out. especially around the fourth of july. we will buy an estimated $4 million of beef according to the sda, and as temperatures climb so do the risk of food-borne
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illnesses. >> we see a spike of salmonella or e. coli during the summer months. >> reporter: that's because bacteria grows more quickly as warmer temperatures, so the usda recommends you keep four things in mind every time you fire up the grill. >> clean, separate, cook and chill. >> reporter: wash your hands frequently while cooking and keep raw meat away from cooked food and when it comes to cooking, make sure it's done properly. >> we want our burgers to be cooked 160 degrees internally and use a food thermometer. >> steaks at 145, and turkey and children to 165. finally leftovers should be refrigerated within an hour, make sure your cooler is stocked with ice if you are not near home. simple steps that can help keep you, your family and friends safe this grilling season.
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>> one of my biggest fears is making somebody sick. >> but the thing is, a lot of times the food sits out for a while because everybody has to come and get seconds and thirds, and -- >> a late person comes. >> yeah, the food, before you know it is sitting out, two, three, four hours. we are taking our chances. >> yeah, i like mine burnt. >> be first in line, right, and burn it. >> those are the tips for today. >> burn it. >> a graphic, please. >> if you are up early this morning getting ready to go to some of the parades and festivities or just heading out to work it's going to be phoegsphoegmostly cloudy and foggy in san francisco, and we will have to watch to see if the fog rolls back in in time for the fireworks tonight. as you head out the door in martinez, we have a cool start. 61 degrees at s8:00, and then 7
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degrees at noon. check out the 7-day forecast, it's at the bottom of the screen as we get a look at the high temperatures today in the south bay. does it get any better than this? we enjoyed nice weather all week long, upper 70s in the south bay. 70 today in oakland while pittsburgh reaches 85 degrees. we will see upper 50s and foggy at half moon bay. it stays clear in palo alto with a high of 78. in san francisco, breezy winds and highs in low to mid-60s today. sonoma reaching 81 degrees. let's talk about milpitas and the forecast for the evening. it will be breezy and sunny. a lot of events going on throughout the day. at the time the fireworks begins, it will drop down to 63 degrees with mostly clear skies, and we have the red, white and boom fireworks show. look at the temperatures and how they drop between 4:00 and the
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time the fireworks begin, we go to 65 degrees with breezy winds. and the breezes have kept it cool, and the winds will shift from the north and that will heat us up into the weekend. a big cooldown headed our way from sunday into early next week, and in san francisco we are staying consistent here with 60s in the forecast. the fog staying near the coast. so far the roads look good. there was a crash in the south bay i said i would check on and i did. but the overall look, we still have screen sensors going on. the shoulder is blocked here, but not expecting too many delays out of this, and might see slowing because people like to look over, but keep moving, folks, keep moving. so far it's just a minor fender
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bender. 880, it's a good commute. by 6:00 a.m. this tends to be one of our hot spots. mass transit, bart is on a sunday schedule so check the website for what that means for your line. ace has no service for the holidays, so they are not running anything at all for the fourth of july. and ac has detours because of the parades, so the pickups and drop offs might be different, so the va is on a holiday schedule, which means it's different across all lines in different cities. don't be caught off guard so check that out on the websites. 6:20 for you right now. >> a unique way to honor the troops today. look. >> as you can see, there's a zipper pocket here as well as on this side, and it can store items as small as car keys.
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>> the inspiration for the red, white and blue clothing and how the young intrapreneur behind them is helping our troops. and celebrating the fourth today with a barbecue after the show, and no meat right now but we will have some coming. just a fun way for us to celebrate here even though we have to work. >> it will be cooked perfectly. i posted a poll on my twitter account, so follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. you are watching "today in the bay." you have a foundation of strong values.
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6:24. happening today the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular returns, and sierra will host the new york show airing here on nbc. before tonight's event several people got a behind-the-scenes glimpse like never before. a lucky few got to watch the secret preview of what will be the nation's largest display of fireworks. the executive producers of macy's fireworks exstrsaid it's
6:25 am
something everybody will love. >> luke bryant and brad paisley and others will take the stage before the fireworks and you can watch it here on nbc bay area tonight. and then take a look at this new video. looks like a finale at one of the fireworks shows today. this happened early this morning in a parking lot between two stores in ft. mills, south carolina. you can see the flames as they explode. the fire sparked a container outside one of the stores, and no word on what caused the park or if anybody was hurt. >> that's scary. trending this morning, an
6:26 am
intrapreneur is giving back to the troops. >> his trip to normandy inspired him to create drawers with a zipper on it. >> when i walked the beaches of normandy, i developed a deeper sense of gratitude and empathy, and when i got back from the trip i knew i wanted to support the military in some way or another, and i never imagined selling patriotic underwear would be my main way of doing so. >> he donates $1 of every pair sold to an organization that gives educational scholarships to military families. >> i appreciate what he's doing, but keep your flag off my buns.
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here are the stories we are working on for 6:30. >> how many will joey chestnut eat? >> reporter: i am bob redell. we're live in the east bay with one of the most popular fourth of july parades in the bay area, and thousands of people expected to show up here in danville. a live report coming up. and setup is under way for the annual fireworks show in san francisco and i will have the details on that fireworks show coming up.
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right now at 6::30, taking a live look outside. here's our window over sfo where sunday it will be the busiest day for holiday travel at not just sfo but across the country as well. thank you for joining us on this fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july. we have sparkles for you here today, and kari hall is telling us the sparkles tonight may not be so visible? >> yeah, in san francisco, inland it will be great, nice and clear. a lot of people already out the door and going to line the parade route in danville and it's in the upper 50s, and that's how we start out this morning and then seeing it warm up with mostly sunny skies at
6:31 am
11:00. for tonight, fireworks shows cloudy along the coast, and in the bay, clear and 63 degrees. inland areas, perfect 66 degrees with all cle skies. we will talk about the weekend forecast in about six minutes. vna gets you out for the commute. >> down in the southbound along here, no delays, but one delay is on a surface street in milpitas. it's closed between downy road and vista ridge due to an earlier crash that has downed power lines and a suspected possible dui, which is an unfortunate incident. please drive safe out there. you can see the mangled car, and hopefully everybody is okay. because of the downed power
6:32 am
lines, and probably will not be back open until the 11:00 hour, if that. we have big delays, and closed until 11:00 a.m. on calaveras road. a crash here leaves two people dead. the coroner arriving there a short time ago. that crash happened at about 1:30 this morning near fallon road and anton way in dublin. this is near the dublin ranch golf course. officers say that car crashed into a light pole catching fire and both men in that car died. we are celebrating the fourth of july by getting you
6:33 am
prepared. the skies seem to be iffy for tonight's fourth of july fireworks show. >> the waterfront will be packed with the hopes of fireworks being delivered. preparations have been under way for days, and last-minute work is being done. we see people running around behind you getting things together. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. we are expecting more than 100,000 people to show up for the fireworks show along the waterfront. it's a cool show. hopefully the weather holds up and people can enjoy the fireworks. it has been taking place for a few weeks now. we know that the fireworks will be shot from a barge anchored near aquatic park, or in aquatic park. you can enjoy the fireworks from pier 39 and a few other places, and the fireworks show producer explained how everything comes together for this big fireworks
6:34 am
show. >> we have a command position on jefferson street where we coordinate with the coast guard and police department and everybody to make sure it's going well. we are transmitting a time code out to the barges so they are synchronized and firing at the same time. >> reporter: treasure island is urging people to stay away. normally the island is a popular viewing spot but this year there's large construction projects under way there so they are telling people to stay away from the area. as far as the san francisco show, it's set to begin around 9:30 p.m. live here in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. in san jose crews are preparing for the big celebration downtown. firework shows will also happen near the san jose giants game. in concord, the finishing touches are being made to mt. diablo high school. 15,000 people are expected to
6:35 am
attend that event. >> before all the fireworks and maybe even before the barbecues a lot of folks will head to the fourth of july parades. >> many people already staking out their spots there. bob redell is live in danville where all the action will take place. bob, a lot of people ready to go? >> reporter: yeah, people in danville do not mess around when it comes to the fourth of july parade. the parade will be starting in about 2 1/2 hours. see the red seats right here? they belong to this man right here, dan, not the name sake of the town, but another dan. what time did you bring your chairs out? >> at 6:00 yesterday, but we were down here -- >> you were the first ones? >> no, people were out here -- people were out here by 1:00, and people were putting chairs down by 3:30. >> why are people in the town committed to the parade? >> it's a fun parade. our kids are in the parade and
6:36 am
it's a good vibe, a lot of people. it's a fun time. >> this is your son over here? >> yeah. >> is this your first parade for him or has he been to the parade before? >> he has been to the parade since he was an infant. >> it's a family tradition? >> yeah, man. >> it's going to start soon, so good thing you brought your broom. he has been sweeping his sidewalk. what are you afraid is in the dirt? >> my wife likes to have it clean, and so we just keep it nice. >> happy fourth. looks like the boy scouts are out here as well, and the parade is starting at 9:00. they shutdown the road about 30 minutes ago, and we have a lot of people coming out here to fill in the crosswalk areas. these seats have been taken and spoken for since yesterday afternoon. they are expecting between 30 and 40,000 people at this parade. this parade has been going on since 1975. it's sponsored by the kiwanis
6:37 am
club, and it's the anniversary of the american lesion, and rob mayeda will be out in the parade, and the nbc bay area storm ranger -- i don't want to put anybody else's floats down, but it's cool. it has a big dome on it, and a doppler radar on it, and it's a lot of stuff. >> yeah, the boy scouts behind you, and it's nice to see those folks keeping that tradition alive. thank you, bob. everybody loves fireworks except for some of our pets. they are at risk on the fourth of july as you probably know. studies by the american society of the prevention of cruelty to animals show more dogs run away in july than any other month. fireworks can injury your pets or spook them, so keep them inside as much as possible and make sure their tags and microchips are up-to-date. >> make sure your pets have
6:38 am
identification, tags, microchips, licensing, so if they escape your yard we can reunite them with you. >> if you are planning to go out to see the fireworks, or to celebrate, it's smart to leave on music so it will help to drown out the sound from the outside world. 6:38. i want you to think about this as you eat your fourth of july hot dogs today. joey chestnut. he's the top dog when it comes to hot dog eating. happening today the contest that he just simply relishes in, the coney island hot dog eating championship there. last year everybody had to catchup when chestnut set the new record. he has won every contest but one since tw2007. it's a must see tv if you can
6:39 am
stomach it. >> i had one nathan's hot dog last week when i was there. i should have gotten video of me eating it, a normal and civilized person style. >> maybe i could dip it in liquid, and it's cookies and milk. >> i love my bread dry. it's not even them scarfing it down, it's dipping in the water. look away. look away. you can look at this, because this looks good. look at your east bay drive times. southbound 680 to vargas road, ten minutes. and the tri-valley commuters, only 17 minutes. san jose not doing too bad either. this is pretty much what it looks like throughout the bay area. not bad, right?
6:40 am
>> not bad at all. we are headed to the weekend, but first we have to get through the fourth of july. >> it's going to be a great day across the bay area to celebrate the fourth. let's talk about what is going on. fremont for the fourth of july parade, and that starts at 10:00. 62 degrees and nice and cool but warming up into the low 70s. by this evening in san jose, we go from the mid-70s to the mid-60s at the time the fireworks begin downtown san jose at 10:00. and then also as we check out the fourth of july in san rafael, fireworks start at 9:30 this morning and it's going to be cool but a lot of festivities going on throughout the day. as we make weekend plans through saturday, we are reach into the upper 80s in the inland area. we will be warmer than it was today with the bay reaching 81 degrees and 66 degrees. our temperatures stay steady along the coast.
6:41 am
slightly cooler for the valleys by the end of the weekend. of course that will be when a lot of people are headed back home. if you are planning to check out the alameda county fair, it's the last weekend and will be warmer than this past weekend, reaching 83 degrees, and then sunday the highs will reach in the mid-70s. that's a live look at heavenly this morning, and still a little snow left on the ground and it continues to melt with the highs there reaching into the upper 70s for friday as well as saturday, and then by sunday we are up to 73 degrees. the coastal areas stay cool and foggy. half moon bay only near 60 degrees extending into the weekend. we will talk about what is going on today with our temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. brand-new overnight, an early morning crash that sent one car into a graveyard. a number of tombstones damaged and possible criminal charges could follow and where the other
6:42 am
driver landed. a public fight over a public pool in contra costa county. why some are upset. plus -- >> up where they walk, up where they run and up where they stay all day in the sun -- >> disney is doing it again, converting a cartoon into a live action film. the actress chosen to be the new little mermaid, and she's getting praise already. we will tell you who she is. you are watching boy sz. "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:44, let's head over to walnut creek with a sunny day and great weather for the fourth of july.
6:45 am
starting out in the upper 50s and reaching the 80s today. enjoy your afternoon in the pool and this evening enjoying the fireworks. we will talk about the rest of the forecast in the bay area in less than five minutes. this is what we like to see on a holiday. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights or lines or cars -- well, barely any cars, and we will talk about your mass transit holiday schedule coming up. 6:25 for you right now. one of our top stories this morning, president trump's independent day celebration celebration hours away, and there will be jets in the air and tanks on the ground and plenty of emotions about the speech he says will be unifying. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning the stage is set. everything is ready for the beefed up fourth of july celebration the president is putting later on today down from where we are at the national mall. president trump looking to put
6:46 am
military muscle on display. you have armored vehicles on the national mall, and flyovers with military aircraft and speeds that aides insist will not be partisan. many are afraid he will put politics over patriotism today. the national park service diverted $2.5 million in entry fees to pay for it. more coming up on the "today" show. >> thank you. a new hit-and-run investigation because of a crash. this is video from the scene there. officers say a driver crashed into the back of that minivan sending it through a fence, and as you can see on your screen, into a cemetery. the driver of the car ran away from the scene. the minivan driver was not hurt though a couple of the gravestones there were damaged. new video shows the chaos
6:47 am
inside the mall during tuesday's gun battle. it shows two young men circled in the video exchanging gunfire. this happened on the second floor near the crowded food court. panicked patrons ran for cover, and some employees felt uneasy returning to their jobs. >> i heard about six shots fired and a bunch of people running in front of my store, and one of them was hit and dropped right in front of my store, he was hit in the stomach. >> this is really sad. police say a 12-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy were shot. both are now in serious condition. the gunmen are still on the loose. an online petition in walnut creek has more than 5,000 signatures and it's all to save the city's pool. city leaders are considering renovation plans for several parks throughout the city and right now the pool is 50 meters,
6:48 am
and one option is creating a smaller pool about half the size. city leaders are looking at new plans for civic park and the shave land's art center and no decision has been made yet. a lot of fireworks at wimbleton are coming from a previously unknown girl nicknamed coco. you probably missed the sudden rise of american cori "coco qualify gauff. gauff plays her third round match tomorrow. >> wow, seriousness on her face. trending this morning, beyonce's proceeded asaeu, halle bailey will be playing ariel.
6:49 am
production is expected to be finished in early 2020. my daughter just did a production of "the little mermaid" at school, and it's so cool. this news could not come at a better time. >> your kids' school is ahead of the game. >> or behind. >> congratulations to her. right now we want to say congratulations to ourselves because mother nature has been kind to us with this weather. >> absolutely. this week has been great. whatever you are planning today we are going to enjoy sunshine inland. let's get a look at san francisco this morning. the fog is just hovering over the golden gate bridge. you can't even see the whole thing. that's going to be the issue, tonight as the fireworks are to
6:50 am
go up in the air, and will we will be able to see it because of the clouds and fog. our commuter model shows as we go throughout the day, this shows lower visibility in time for the fireworks. doesn't look like it moves very much. it may extend across the bay bridge over towards oakland. we will be watching out for that for you. our temperatures today will head into the upper 70s and lower 80s. this is just the same weather we have seen all week long. it repeats today but will be slightly warmer in parts of the east bay with pittsburg and antioch reaching the 80s. redwood city with a high of 75. in san francisco, breezy and cool. the embarcadero will make it up to 63 degrees and lower 80s in the north bay. santa rosa today reaching 84 degrees. maybe you are heading out to the world one festival in el cerrito, it's going to be beautiful today. sunny skies and reaching the
6:51 am
upper 60s with breezy winds throughout the day. in foster city on the other side of the bay we have temperatures that will cool off into the upper 50s by later on tonight. i think at the time of the fireworks it should be at about 62 degrees. breezy and cool there as well. we will have a nice day today and getting ready for warmer air in the forecast starting tomorrow with upper 80s in the valleys, and peaking at 89 degrees on saturday. then, that's only going to be temporary, because a cooldown comes in early next week as our onshore wind flow returns and we are keeping it in the 60s in san francisco. looks like there's a lot of green on the roads. >> good weather and traffic conditions, and no speed sensors to worry about this morning. let's talk about mass transit. the roads are good, but if you take mass transit, bart on a sunday schedule, and ace has no service running today for the
6:52 am
holiday, no service, so don't be caught up, and ac transit has a couple fourth of july detours and the reason is because of the fourth of july parades, and so the pickup and drop off locations may be different, and vta is on a holiday schedule, so go on their websites and check the schedules before you head out the door. and drive times, 580 towards the richmond bridge, seven minutes. a live look in san jose, a live look in oakland. i want to show you how nice everything looks. no metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is what your commute is looking like on a holiday light fourth of july morning. >> good thing there were three cars, otherwise it would look frozen. justin amash is announcing
6:53 am
he is leaving the republican party. he wrote an op-ed for the "washington post" saying he would remain in congress but as an independent. he became the first congressional republican to conclude that president trump engaged in impeachable conduct and his conclusion came after reading the robert mueller's redacted report in the russia interference in the 2016 election. will we be able to see the fireworks over san francisco? >> plus, people in cauthe socce great. on the "today" show, they talk about the goalie who made an incredible save ahead of the world cup final. you are watching "today in the bay." show me the crown.
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welcome back. before you head out the door, it's 6:56. here are the top stories here on "today in the bay." a crash leaves two people dead. it happened around 1:30 this morning near fallon road and antoine way in dublin. a car crashed into a light pole and caught on fire and both the driver and passenger died and the cause of the crash is under investigation. san francisco, it's mostly clear right now. a little fog but will it hold off for tonight's fireworks.
6:57 am
pete suratos, what are you seeing? we can't hear pete but he says he's seeing a little fog and hoping it will hold off. but before the fireworks tonight, many communities will have three this morning. >> danville, people waiting and saving spots, and bob redell is there where people are lining the streets with chairs and ready for the parade. >> reporter: two hours out from the family tradition here in danville, and it has been going on since 1975. you have chairs set out since yesterday afternoon, and they have hard-core painter's tape to make sure they can't become d e detached. you have folks who have been out here since 4:30 or 5:00 this
6:58 am
morning to get their spot across the crosswalk. it starts at 9:00, and we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the american legion, and we have rob mayeda along with the nbc bay area storm ranger. check it out. bob redell for "today in the bay." and then this young man will be participating in a parade in martinez coming up at 10:00 this morning. if you remember some of you helped get jake to normandy for the anniversary of the d-day. he's the last surviving member of his unit that stormed the beaches in world war ii. since his story aired here on "today in the bay," thousands of dollars were donated to cover the cost of his trip and so he went and he is writing a book and will use the extra funds to help publish it, and the title
6:59 am
is "the luckiest man alive." >> everybody is celebrating the fourth today. fireworks shows, parades, and the weather is going to participate for most anyway. >> great weather today, and at least we will have cool temperatures in the inland areas reaching the low 80s. some of the valleys, you can still enjoy your time in the pool today, enjoy the time out there grilling, and then as we go into this evening, cooling off quickly. make sure you are prepared for that heading into the weekend. we will be heating up on saturday. up to 89 degrees. for san francisco, we are watching the fog drifting in and out of the city throughout the day, and we are just hoping that it lifts a little bit for the fireworks tonight. >> just a little bit. >> it has been mostly smooth and slow this morning, except for milpitas. >> one street is closed, calaveras street, it's closed because there could be a suspected dui crash and it
7:00 am
downed that power lines, and the estimated time when that is to re-open is possibly 11:00 a.m. >> hopefully you don't have to go to work this morning. that's it for "today in the bay." we will be back in with some li local news. good morning. good morning, happy 4th. from the heat and humidity to the pomp and circumstance, with president trump's salute to america about to get under way, a rising controversy over cost and the message behind the military display. plus, the traffic accident causing a travel nightmare we havyour holiday covered. kids in crisis new images show the effects detention centers are having on young migrants. >> the psychological effect that it will take on these children is -- you can't even explain. as the government launches an investigation involving border patrol personnel we're live with the latest. demoted.


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