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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> everything's on the table but we haven't had anything that says this was a gang-related thing. it sounds like they knew each other and there was a prior dislike of each other. >> reporter: police say the last homicide in livermore was back in 2015 so they are aggressively looking for the suspect as the community mourns. >> anything you needed of him, he was there and he could do it. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team raided the suspect's home earlier this morning but he wasn't there, so the manhunt continues. tonight at 6:00 we'll hear from the victim's family. live in livermore, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> that is a popular eatery, for sure. thank you, damian. a brush fire broke out really close to some restaurants and shops. started in the afternoon around 1:30 in hill crest near the antioch b.a.r.t. station. you can see skyranger really cl power lines and a homeless get
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control. we don't know what caused it but the fire did appear to start next to some equipment. we've just learned when uni service will be back in operation. this saturday at the sales force transit center. it closed last september when inspectors found a crack on one of the beemts. it was a lengthy review process which just wrapped up in the last month. final step, getting that bus service up and running. the major earthquake has come and gone but the ground is still shaking in southern california. scientists expect about 34,000 aftershocks in the next six months. the primary impact zone near the city of ridgecrest, which is about 130 miles east of bakersfield. inspectors are combing through the area evaluating if the buildings are safe. dealing with this aftermath is nerve-racking, as you could imagine, for all the people who live there. >> there's more damage here than what people see, and even if it's not catastrophic, it's har
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end of the game. >> 7.1 and a 6.9. more help is on the way. governor newsom announcing today the white house has approved his request for a presidential emergency declaration. my name's tom steyer. i'm running for president. >> a late but not altogether unexpected addition to the 2020 presidential race. today san francisco billionaire and philanthropist tom steyer made that announcement. steyer is known for his donations to democratic causes and for his passion for impeaching the president. nbc bay area's jam brock joins us live from san francisco in what steyer's announcement means in what really is a crowded field of contenders, sam. >> reporter: jessica, we thought the numbers were going to start to shrink after we saw congressman swalwell drop out yesterday, but today tom steyer adding his name to the list,
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carving out influence by focussing on corporate influence in politics, not the issue we've associated with him for so many months, the impeachment process. >> i think people believe that the corporations have politicia don't care about or respect them. >> reporter: introducing himself to america. california's billionaire democratic donor and now politician tom steyer released this video priming himself for a presidential run. >> i grew up right in the middle of the civil rights revolution and the vietnam war. >> reporter: the launch message talks about addressing injustice. but shies away from the issue that steyer has attached his name and face to for months. >> ironically he talks about campaign finance, he talks about the climate change, he talks money in government, he doesn't mention impeachment. >> reporter: professor james taylor is an expert in political science at the university of san francisco. we asked him what might be behind the strategy. >> so he's run campaigns targeting nancy pelosi. now he wants an actual
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microphone and platform where he can actually pronounce that nancy pelosi must impeach. >> reporter: the speaker of the house coincidentally came to san francisco yesterday and was asked about steyer's entrance. >> i don't know that much about tom steyer getting in. i just don't know. is that happening? i don't know. >> reporter: taylor says steyer might not get establishment support, but the former hedge fund manager will need some sort of boost just to get on stage in a jam-packed field. and you need at least 2% in major polls to qualify for future democratic debates. there's a cnn debate later in july and nbc news later in september. taylor said he's not sure if steyer is going to qualify. we reached out to mr. steyer's campaign today but did not hear back. sam brock,ws >> thank you, sam. the future of obamacare could be again in jeopardy. today a new orleans appeals court heard republican-led states and the trump administration argue why the law should be struck down.
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now, in direct response, governor newsom chose today to outline his plan to move california closer towards a health care for all policy. a key portion provides financial help for middle income families to join the state's insurance pool. >> here's the problem. if we don't have a diverse risk pool, everybody's premiums go up. your premium goes up. my premiums go up. everybody's premiums go up. we want to stabilize the market. >> the state's new budget invests more than $1 million to pay the premiums of low and middle income californians and expands medical coverage to all undocumented adults up to age 25. the billion-dollar plan to crease rate who treat medical patients ensuring that quality providers remain in the program. a different tactic at the ghost ship trial today. yesterday he wiped away tears. today he pointed fingers.
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the defendant, derrick almena, claims as many as 50 oakland employees visited the warehouse and no one ever cited him. they face a lifetime behind bars if the jury convicts them on all counts of involuntary manslaughter for that fire that killed 36 people in 2016. almena defended the layout of the warehouse saying it was not a maze. cps workers, firefighters and police officers, even teachers toured the warehouse and no one warned him that it was unsafe. >> he is such a poor actor. he doesn't know how to fake it very well. children fake tears better than he does. >> that's the mother of one of the victims of that fire. almena also said he was instructed by one of the co-owners of the warehouse to lie to authorities and say no one was living inside the ghost ship. a memorial will get under way in the next half hour for a young doctor killed in a fiery crash on the fourth of july.
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ethan sellers had graduated just a few days prior from his residency program. friends and colleagues say the walnut creek man was a talented doctor and a compassionate person. police say the 29-year-old drove his car into a pole in dublin and that speed was a factor in the crash. the crash killed sellers and his packager matthew mchenry. the loss devastated those close with sellers. >> we went from such a joyful and happy celebration of graduation just a couple of days before he passed, so i think that makes it even more intense and sad for all of us because we were all so excited about our futures. >> sellers was supposed to start a care fellowship at uc davis on monday. his memorial starts at 6:00 tonight. an overturned big rig created a rough start for the overnight commute backing up traffic in san ramon for miles. it blocked all northbound lanes
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to canyon road. it appears the big rig skid off the freeway and on to that ramp. a burglary in progress at a convenience store at highway 17. take a look at the surveillance video here. this man tries to cover his face with his shirt. you see him right there while he picks out some liquor. it all happened early yesterday morning at the summit store. the store owner says three men were involved. he says the men stole $4,000 worth of alcohol and other products. if you have any information, you're urged the to call los gatos police. there is an intense debate of cell phone towers in the city of los altos. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us where the discussion will certainly heat up tonight. scott? >> reporter: hey, raj. you mentioned tonight the
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losalilos altos city council will be meeting for what they call a study session about the new antenna. people here have mixed feelings about whether or not they should be put in. residents have a beef with their phone service. they say it's lousy. so when they heard about an at&t plan to install 11 new cell anten antenna nodes in town, some told us they welcomed the upgraded signals. >> we have terrible cell reception at my house. always have. >> no concern at all. >> you say bring them in. >> yeah. >> all right. >> better resense. >> retepter reception comes at a price, for example think this is a nice lit nodes will be smaller and safe. city council says it will discuss the plan then decide on future action. now, cities do have some leeway as far as where the nodes can be
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put in. i should mention that the american cancer society says there are no health risks if they are put in your area. reporting live in los altos, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. still ahead, too many tourists. a look at how bad traffic to big sur is becoming and the public way one group is pushing back. and catching the attention of jay-z, the south bay company getting a big celebrity boost. we'll tell you about it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff forei -- that fog is coming back in. pretty thick right now. even though there is fog out here why i think temperatures will warm up tomorrow. details on that coming up in about nine minutes.
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ahead for us tonight, the first baby born in the u.s. from a medical breakthrough giving home to women struggling with infertility.
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okay. be patient because it's going to be a long ride. a popular bay area tourist attraction is turning into a nightmare for the locals. scenic highway in big sur becoming more and more congested. video from the fourth of july. photo seekers trying to get a look at the biks by bridge caused the traffic backup that spanned three miles. the bridge really popular. it's been seen in countless commercials and featured in the open of the hbo show "big little lies." a group called take back big sur hung this banner reading "overturism is killing big sur." they say too many tourists are
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crowding that area. the search for a missing scientist comes to a halt. police in greece say they found a woman's body who they believe is dr. suzanne eaten on the greek island of creigh where she was attending a conference. she went for a run along the port but never came back. yesterday the police found a woman's body in a cave. the proposed destruction of a 1930s mueller in san francisco is getting national attention. last month the city school board voted to paint over it, citing the scenes of slavery and white settlers stepping over a white native american. thousands of artists and teachers from across the country have signed athe mural, claimin who created the images intended them to denounce and expose racism and colonialism. jay-z in the bay area. mr. carter is getting in on the cannibis business. hip-hop's first billionaire announcing today he's entered a
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deal with a company based in san jose. he'll be the chief brand strategist and will help the company with creative decisions and outreach. jay-z isn't the only celebrity to take an interest in them. at the beginning of the year, joe montana, his venture capital firm helped the company raise close to $75 million. >> okay, we all know how hard it is to break a bad habit. did you know researchers say it is just as hard to break a good habit. >> the man we're about to meet has had a great habit for more than 50 years, one he's hoping to pass along to the next generation. let's bring in garvin thomas. we're all ears. >> raj and jess, david says he idolized his dad growing up. when he was old enough, he grew a mustache just like him and kept it for 40 years. he picked up his dad's habit of giving blood and has been doing that even longer. >> so you're my person today? >> when it comes to giving blood -- >> always brush use that one. >> reporter: david knows the
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routine by heart. the 73-year-old has been donating blood and platelets for more than 50 years. since his freshman year in college. >> so that's where i started doing my donations when i was going to the university of washington. i just looked two days ago. i found my blood donor card for king county blood. and i didn't even know i had it. >> reporter: david has been a regular at the stanford blood center since the 1980s. a place where he soon realized they keep track of their most prolific donors. >> they put up a board that showed how many gallonseopl were doing, and so i'm a highly competitive person. and so it's going. he got his picture in the paper for his 300th donation. and the cameras are back now because it's twice that.
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david's 600th donation. and you know what? that's not the most exciting part of it for david. it's that young woman across the lab -- >> okay. it pinches a little. >> reporter: sitting down for her very first donation. >> it's only been three minutes. >> reporter: ava is david's 16-year-old granddaughter. >> i'm glad i went. >> reporter: the two are very close. having spent many after-school afternoons together. ava regularly seeing the bandage on her pop-pop's arm so she vowed when old enough to do it with him. >> part of it was i knew it was something that was really important to you and i wanted to try it at least once. >> reporter: david hopes this is the first of many donations for ava and his other grandchildren. it is, he will tell you, one of the best and simplest ways to do something good for someone else. not to mention a good way to
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show your grandfather that his good example is being followed. >> yeah, i think so. yeah. >> well, i appreciate it. >> yeah. >> that's the communication they have. >> the connection between them now. >> they have a wonderful relationship. he and his wife but come over after school and watch the grandkids on some day so they really formed a bond reading and talking. they have a very close bond. so david just hopes that ava's the first of his other grand rapids kids to follow in his steps and hopes ava keeps it up. >> ava calls him grandpa or poe poe? >> i think it's pop, pop. >> she said she'd up for doing it again. >> 599 more to go. >> well done. >> thank you, garvin. let's take you outside on this awesome summer day. live camera in san jose. really warm. nice around the area. some fog around the coast, we a some changes. beautiful day today. very comfortable outside. as we move through the next couple of days we're going to
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start to see things heat up. let's take you through the microclimate forecast on this tuesday afternoon. you can see in walnut creek we do have some blue sky out there. also high clouds moving on in and plenty of 80s today. in san francisco the fog is thick. always some drizzle right now. if you're headed into san francisco, certainly might need those windshield wipers. average temperatures here in san francisco at 65 degrees. certainly a lot of 50s as you head closer to the coastline in sf right now and we'll keep those low clouds as you move into tomorrnight. the fog is going to move in tomorrow morning. plenty of 70s the past couple of days. a storm system that has been developing offshore that kept us cooler, below average, is beginning to move. i want to show you where that's headed right now. it's going up more portowards t pacific northwest off to the north and that's beginning to make some room for this area of
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high pressure that has some warmer air associated with to warm up tomorrow, but we'll still start off with areas of fog as we move through the morning forecast. upper 50s and low 60s from the south bay over to the tri-valley. san francisco, 55. and over to the north bay, 56. by the afternoon tomorrow, fog stays at the immediate coastline. just know that if you're headed to our beaches. right here across the inland valleys we'll get plenty of sunshine. so overall tomorrow numbers warm up anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees. i still don't think it's going to be too hot whenonsider july. looking at 78 in san jose. morgan hill and gilroy woill be in the low to mid-80s. this will by the warmest wide spread zone here from pittsburg to concord to danville. closer to the bay, 74 here in hayward. right across the peninsula, you get sunshine for the afternoon. 77 in redwood city.
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60s from the embarcadero down to ingleside. 78 in novato and 75 right here in the valley. my extended forecast shows san francisco begins to warm up by friday, saturday and sunday. we'll drop back down a few more degrees as we come back to next week. average of 67 degrees this time of year. inland valleys, we have those 80s for tomorrow. 83. not that bad. it will go up to 89 on friday. i think we can handle th temperatures hover in the low 90s as we go into the weekend and we'll start to see it drop down again for the early part of next week. we have escaped 100s yet again in the seven-day forecast. feel like a friday. i know it's only tuesday. >> i'll take the friday. >> that means tomorrow's saturday and none of us have to come in. that's what jeff said. >> we're in. >> thanks. up next here at 5:00, trying out a new tactic to cut down on online bullying. the questions that instagram is
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asking its users. stay with us.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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today nurses hit the picket line at good samaritan hospital and regional medical center in the south bay. they're worried about high turnover rates at extra strain on them. they're asking for more staffing. we reached out to the hospitals and have not heard back. president trump can no longer block his haters on twitter. that is the ruling of a manhattan federal appeals court today. in 2017, some twitter users filed a lawsuit against the president because he blocked them. a judge ruled that the that violated the first amendment. the president appealed and today he lost that appeal. the court says the president cannot block any of his 60
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million followers if they disagree with him. think before you post. instagram wants to cut down on bullying. a new tool using artificial intelligence will review words in posts. now, if the post is offensive, a message will pop up on your screen saying "are you sure you want to post that?" the tool will also send the user information about why that post is hurtful. instagram says they hope this tool might give people a chance to reflect on their posts before it can negatively impact others. >> just like an email. >> sure. >> sit with it for a little while before you send it. >> led it marinate. >> and digest. it may be one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the country. a taco bell on the beach and we're going to share it with you next. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, a bike ride turns deadly for a father in willow glenn. the hit-and-run investigation that did lead to an arrest and the plea tonight from h coming up at 6:00. finally at 5:00, here is something we can 13450smile abo. a burrito supreme with a million-dollar view. that's a taco bell. the world just got an upgrade. our taco bell in pacifica. transformed into an all new
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cantina. this is a beachfront restaurant. the remodelled cantina will offer shareable tapas-style food and alcohol. >> at the taco bell? >> at the taco bell. you can come right from the beach. this week is going to be really nice, right, jeff? right from the beach to a walk-up window, not a drive-thru, a walk-up. the grand re-opening is saturday afternoon during the capuna surf competition. >> that taco bell is worth a drive. >> i would go there. >> in pacifica, we'll all be there for the grand re-opening. >> i like those crunchy tacos. >> you can have them now as you walk through the sand. >> maybe a margarita. i'm not sure what's on the menu. >> 90s, that's perfect. >> nice and cheap. we get morning fog, afternoon sunshine. after low 90s this weekend. inland, not too hot. upper 60s, beach weather for you. >> that's gorgeous. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with
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"nightly news." tonight the sex trafficking case against jeffrey epstein and its ties to the trump administration one day after the billionaire's indictment, two presidents now trying to distance themselves from epstein >> i had a falling out with him a long time ago. i don't think i've spoken to him for 15 years i wasn't a fan >> but the president's labor secretary faces growing pressure to resign over his role as a federal prosecutor in an earlier sex abuse case against epstein that resulted in a lenient sentence the calls for justice after the killing of a black teenager over his rap music. >> this is the worst feeling ever no parent should ever go through this >> the suspect charged with first degree murder. police say he was annoyed by the loud music the teen was playing in his c


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