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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 10, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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right now at 11:00, we are about to hear from embattled labor secretary alexander acosta, who was in charge of prosecuting accused child molester jeffrey epstein. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. there is pressure this morning for acosta to resign. that pressure not very quiet. scott mcgrew starts our coverage. >> reporter: good morning. pressure coming from criticism, kris, that a let jeffrey epstein off easy. batands by his labor secretary. even his critics say acosta should step down. now we don't think acosta is going to resign today.
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based on the wording of the message that we were sent from the white house to the newsroom. take a look at it. acosta will host a media availability today at 2:30 p.m. eastern daylight time to make a statement and answer questions regarding the epstein matter. that sounds more like the administration getting in front of the store, explaining his role and the plea deal for 2008. epstein back in legal trouble this time in new york state pleading not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges. prosecutors say he sexual abused dozens of children over the course of several years. at a press conference this week prosecutors urged victim to come forward and this morning savannah guthrie s dh new d you ever tell them your age? >> i told the recruiter, i ah. ioned it in front of him, >> you're 14 years old.
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>> yeah, he knew very well my age.>> we will have more about secretary acosta said about his vo epsin prosecution tonight on "nightly news" with lester holt. >> thank you, scott. new details now about the u.k. ambassador to the united states resignation after days of controversy in a war of words. the resignation is the release of confidential memos in which kim darrock was highly critical of president trump saying he radiated insecure and describing him as inept and uniquely dysfunctional leaked to the british newspaper infuriating trump and launching atwee after the earthquake over the weekend, alameda county officials hone hits the area. this will give people the upper hand in the case because if you are always ready you don't to get ready.
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>> reporter: that is right. good morning to you, marcus. and that training is underway here in dublin as we speak. and of course the interest in this training went up following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that took place in ridgecrest over the weekend. now i'll show you video. we were in there this morning at 9:00 a.m. and the workshop is being put together by the alameda county office of emergency services and they planned to do this before the earthquake took place. now it was meant to help out business owners, local officials and engineers and architects to name a few groups to discuss how to reduce the of n nonstructural damage and ranging from mechanical to plumbing to dealing with furniture and fixtures in your property and that is what this six-hour course will cover today. they didn't speak with the county official putting this together and two attendees about the importance of today's workshop. >> a lot of times people don't -- when they prepare, they prepare with an earthquake kit or supply kit but they don't
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tape up their home or have all of the fixtures tacked down and that is kind of what this is going to go through. >> i just think it is a good idea because it is not a question of if, it is a question of when. it is definitely going to happen. >> just to know what to do. because i live alone and i wouldn't know how to shut off the gas and things like ter:ow ridgecrest make the session today more important than ever, that session is c atacity today here in dublin but they plan to have more training in the dublin, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> so important to know all for leading earthquake research facility. less than an hour ago there was a ribbon cutting for the new usgs campus at moffett field from menlo park where it has been since 1954. another look outside and see a live look at the golden
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gate -- no, this is out in san jose. a start to the day. and we've seen those conditions all over the place. a little foggy out there. >> it all depends on where you are because we've seen it misting and drizzling in san francisco but other plays are clearing. in sun ol, blue skies but look at clouds under the horizon and we're going to see the temperatures starting to warm up. but we are not seeing a l right now. still clouds starting to lift a bit. now earlier this morning, it was so lifting over the south bay and breaks in the clouds toward thech sunshin. and our temperatures held down because of the cloud cover this moe head throughout that forecast. so be sure to enjoy today and another day where most of us could leave the air-conditioning off and the south bay in the upper 70s. oakland will reach up to 71 degrees. and in san francisco staying in
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the 60s, santa cruz up to 70 if your heading there today. but we are still going to see a lot of clouds, while morgan hill clears out quickly, our temperatures are going to see -- our temperatures are going to head up into the lower 80s. as we go throughout the forecast, we will be heating up. we'll talk more about that as you make weekend plans coming up in a few minutes, kris. >> thank you, kari. happening ss-examining the defendant in the ghost ship warehouse trial. derick almena pointed at the landlord. he and his associate max harris face a lifetime counts of the fire that killed 36 people in 2016. almena defended thende claims that as many as 50 different employees visited the oakland warehouse before the fire and nobody ever cited him. well a developing story. one person is dead, another critically injured after a late-night shooting in san
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francisco bay view district. this happened at about 11:00 on jennings street. two blocks east of third street. right now police are not saying if they know what led to that shooting. officers say one man died at the scene. the other man is said to have suffered life-threatening injuries. of course we're working to find out more about a suspect. and a 22-year-old man is dead after a shooting in san pablo. he's been identified by the medical examiner as found shot inside of his car. investigators believe the victim was targeted. so far no arrests have been dozens off offices and on a strike line. [ crowd chanting ] >> this is a one-day protest at the hospital on geary in san francisco. the workers want more from kaiser. here is some of the demands.
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>> we're protesting the lack of staff for child services in particular and the lack of staffing for san francisco therapists, adult and child in general and nurses and the whole staff. >> kaiser recently told the examiner that the therapists are some of the best compensated and most well compensated therapists in california and that mental health services is facing a challenge that all health care providers are facing. well b.a.r.t. is trying to stop fare evaders with new gates getting mixed reviews. if you have been through the richmond station you've seen a prototype. it has both the top and bottom guard and will close one the paying customer passes through. critics tell us that the gates mark it harder for disables riders to get through and parents with strollers and bicyclists but supporters say if this -- this is a good start to stopping fare evaders which cost about $25 million a year in lost fares. now to an update out of
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emeryville where the city council will keep the highest minimum wage in the county for now. the city council tabled the issue last night at the meeting. the minimum wage is $16.30 an hour which is the result of a wage ordinance passed four years ago. it requires an increase every year but now small businesses are putting the pressure on city leaders saying they can't afford it. >> well, new details about the shark attack in the bahamas that killed a california college student next here on nbc bay area news, what her mother is c that took them out to sea. and a mid-air scare caught on camera and the investigation underway into what forced a flight full of passenger to make an emergency landing as passengers watched out the windows in horror. [ cheering and applause ] and the celebration continues for the world champions, u.s. women's soccer team, a glimpse of the heroes
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during the ticker-tape parade and the other big honor the players received.
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the family of a 21-year-old california woman killed by a shark in the bahamas is talking about the horrific attack. jordan lindsay lost her life to a shark while vacationing two weeksp new lindsay's devastatin family said more could have been done to helphe killed by a shark in theba hamass last month but the family said contrary to reports, nobody with the company taking them snorkeling jumped in to help. shockingly, no staff mobilized to assist and jordan's mom
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remembering staff telling them to swim to shore. shortly before a shark came between them and again attacked jordan. adding once out of the water, sandy toe's staff provided no first aid whatsoever. jordan was pronounced dead at the hospital. in response to the family's claims, the company in a statement said in part, all reasonable steps were taken to prevent this very unfortunate incident and our staff responded swiftly and in line with our emergency protocols and procedures. on its website the company said it is not responsible for injury to guests while on the excursion adding guests must sign waivers to participate. jordan is not the first american attacked by a shark in the bahamas. just eight days later officials say a 32-year-old florida man was also bitten while snorkeling, the extent of his injuries is unknown. it is not clear if he was part of a formal excursion.
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fisherman jonathan hernandez was attacked days before jordan. he said a makeshift tourniquet saved his life stressing that everyone out on the water needs. >> have the knowledge and use the medical equipment and make sure everyone on the boat knows where it is. >> reporter: jordan's family hopes sharing the story will lead the excursion industry in the bahamas to put more safety measures in place including mandatory first aid kits and training and designating a spotter to look out for sharks and other predators. already jordan lindsay's family called for action is getting attention. the bahamas telling us they have launched an investigation into what happened after the shark attack, adding in a statement that safety of our visitors is of critimportance. kerry sanders, nbc bay area news. now to a tragedy to a family onac
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one. an 11-year-old girl fell through a window on a cruise ship and now her fil accusing royal caribbean for possible negligence. royal caribbean has yet to respond. khloe weegand, her grandfather said to have placed her near a railing by a window but had no idea it was open. now there an investigation into whether that window was open to begin with or whether someone opened it. now to a mid-air square. a delta flight is forced to make an emergency landing in raleigh, north carolina. this new video from the passenger showing the plane's right engine glowing red hot and while the engine part is visibly lose. this happened on monday and the flight was caring i 148 passengers from atlanta to baltimore. the spokesperson said the passengers were placed on a different plane after landed. >> that is scary stuff. to 2020 and the presidential race and this morning we're learning that former vice president joe biden earned millions of dollars after
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leaving the white house. the democratic candidate is releasing his tax returns and both biden and his wife earned more than $15 million during the two-year time frame. the bidens total income was $11 million in 2017 and about $4.6 million in 2018. he earned income through the sales of his book, "promise me dad" and speaking events in a teaching role. [ bell ] and right now the opening bell, the new york stock exchange where the dow and s&p 500 are up. the dow is up 85 points. ti. sialed a rate cut is coming. well the reigning queens of the soccer world are celebrating in new york city. the ticker-tape parade took part in many parts of the city of new
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york. >> taking over street this is morning to honor the women's world cup soccer champions, team usa. the team won the second straight world cup on sunday defeating the netherlands 2-0. and the parade down the canyon of heroes in downtown manhattan. we report from the middle of the party. >> reporter: what a party in lower manhattan. it started with ticker-tape parade leaving battery park and winding up broadway through tan group of women, both on and off the field, winding up at city cf what they've done. again both on and off the field. this is a team that never shied away from the spotlight. and used that spotlight to highlight issues including equal pay, equal rights and respect for women and it is something they say they will continue to do. tens of thousands in the streets, thousands here as well. all with one purpose, to honor
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hero. that is the latest from here in new york, i'm jay gray, now back to you. our new video of what we are calling the play of the day even though we still can't decide which play is best. you might not want to try this at home this is david govon going between the legs and for a return shot at wimbledon and then novak djokovic comes back a these are twin tweeners. stephon won the points and djokovic won the match. we hear marcus is good at the same kind of action on the tennis court. you have to have long legs for that. >> you do. >> you were reading the story and i was like i have no idea what you are talking about. the twin tweener thing -- >> between the legs and then another between the legs so twin tweeners. >> but the wea we know about. >> absolutely. it is a beautiful day. it is starting to clear up inland and as we take a live
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look outside in walnut creek, we're seeing all of the sunshine there while still cloudy and foggy along the coast. let's go throughout the day with a look at our temperature trend that is going to be warmer than it was yesterday. reaching into the mid-80s. we have another hour or so in the 70s before we go into the 80s for several hours going into the afternoon. so if you have to get out there, you want to go for a run, try to go as soon as possible or wait until later this evening. the seven-day forecast is up at the bough. it is showing hotter weather on the way. if your going to head out to the park in napa, our skies will start to clear. we're in the lower 70s and reaching into the upper 70s as it warms up. we'll keep the sunshine and a light wind and a very nice evening at 7:00 we're at 71 degrees. and as you head out today, keep in mind that we still have a lot of tree and grass pollen floating through the air and it definitely feels like summer out there and will get even hotter going into the rest of the week. so for our inland east bay into
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mid-80s this afternoon. and that is a boost from the weather we've seen from over the weekend and extending into the star o week. in napa we're seeing the temperatures up to 82 at 3:00 while oakland is at 72 and in san jose about 82 degrees and then it cools off fairly quickly as we approach sunset. we'll all make it down into the upper 50s and low 60s tonight. this shows the current cloud cover and much of it across the south bay but the east bay is starting to clear up as well as ng to see the clouds and the fog in san francisco. a little while longer while we watch this storm system on the satellite imagery continue to move away from the pacific northwest lifting off toward the north and east. so that is provided us with cooler weather and an onshore wind flow but as we go toward the end of the week, high pressure builds across the desert southwest and we'll see our temperatures going up as well as we get more of an off
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shore wind flow. as you make plans for the weekend, head to places where it is milder. los altos has a wine festival on saturday and sunday and the warmest temperature is the lower 80s on sunday. and also bastille day festival around san francisco and we're going to see temperatures there up to 70 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. as we look at our inland forecast, because we will have the cooler air along the coast and warmer temperatures inland, you may make your weekend plans based on the weather. 90s for the inland valleys for both saturday and sunday. we'll cool down just a little bit more early next week. san francisco staying cool with some upper 60s and breezy wnds and much more sunshine than we're seeing out there right now. so we'll continue to watch that cloud cover slowlyleri and marcus. >> thank you, kari. well leaving netflix, next the popular nbc show that will
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soon leave the streaming service and i'm not talking about "the office". >> and a look at the future of ride-share and the passenger drone already flying high. but first happening now, all of the things must come to an end and the road is ending for the iconic volkswagen beetle. today in mex the final beetle will roll off the assembly line. volkswagen's third generation beetle debuted in 1998 after losing popularity in the 1970 more than 1.7 million beetles have been sold since then and there is a final display of the beetle in mexico.
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your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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our team is always on social media. this is kari hall's son sharing on instagram. wondering what is he thinking. we all ask ourselves that about our kids. i know what i'm thinking, kari, you're doing a great job. he's a lovely kid. follow kari hall on facebook and twitter and instagram. wcent in the future of transportation. companies are experimenting with the idea of putting you in the >> nope. >> the lyft ceo matt jason said the flying vehicles are safe and soon they'll be able to fill the skies. right now drones like the one you see right here cost $200,000 but jason said as technology spreads, prices will fall. >> future you could own one of these and have it in your garage, wheel it out and fly to
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work. >> but when other people start flying, that is the scary part. >> just congestion up higher. >> and just like last month, uber held a uber elevate project, a fleet of electric air taxis don charge m cell phone so i'll be responsible for my drone being charged. i don't think i want to do that. okay. new at 11:00, if you love uploading photos to instagram and a lot of people do, you could soon be in line to win $5,000. >> tell me more. >> okay. you tell it. >> it will take more than a selfie in your best light. the photo box instagram photography award is returning for the second year and there are ten different categories from animals to travel. last year's contest got more than 180,000 entries. so you best start trying to find your best one. >> it is not fair for a professional photographer. look at this.
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netflix, "friends" won't be on netflix any longer they're going to the own streaming service and it was a hit show for people out there so hopefully you'll see it soon on another streaming service. >> one more streaming service to add to your app list. you don't want to watch tv. >> not today. take it all in. and enjoyim outde because it heats up for the weekend. >> i like how you slid that in. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. see you then. have a good one.
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right now on "california live," how you can lose your waistline without wasting your time. >> i'm here at clux climb and coming up i'll show you h to climb your way to fitness this summer one step at a time. then makeup magic. watch the dark circles under your eyes disappear in seconds.
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>> you do not need to go buy additional products to mask dark under eye cires or dark spots on your face. >> jess and i put it to the test. plus a doctor who claims racism can actually make you sick. and barbecue sauce in places you've never imagined? >> have you ever thought about putting it on your corn? >> it is all happening right now on "california live."


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