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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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right now at 5:00, stopping free rides. the new tactic bart is using to prevent those trying to skip out on paying. and then one of the defendants of the ghost house warehouse trial, what he admits he didn't do before the deadly 2016 fire, but who he also thinks should have been responsible. >> i have no idea how i will get across the street. underwater, parts of new orleans completely flooded this morning. the reason people in the big easy has a hard road ahead. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you on this thursday. marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez in for laura garcia. the warmup is going to start just in time for you to head to the beach or a pool party. >> it's going to feel like summer this weekend. temperatures jumping up.
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there's a look at the sunrise over walnut creek. we will have low 60s to start but a quick warmup by noon. the south bay getting a boost of a few more degrees with morgan hill reaching 86. we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend coming up. mike, there's lots of roadwork out there. >> that's right. there's less now that some folks have cleared from palo alto. it's typical in sports like palo alto where the morning commute is clearing. we have crews sticking around in areas of the bay, and we're tracking all of those. no problems reported and you see the green sensors. getting towards the bay bridge is great, and some folks can go down the 580, no problem. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there's a little build. back to you.
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and now an attempt to stop fare invaders. "today in the bay" bob redell live for us this morning. bob, how have things been going so far with the new gates? >> marcus, for the past month richmond bart has been stacking the gates to detour riders from jumping over the top and not paying fair fare. our cameras captured the teenagers sneaking through the gates at richmond pwaurtd, and one of the young women now faces charges of battery on a police officer. bart finds itself in a tough situation. they are trying to stop fair evasion which costs the agency
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$125 million in revenue. not all riders are fond of the new gates, especially those in wheelchairs. >> there's not enough time there for me to always get through. >> they are horrible. look at where they would hit somebody, a child, somebody in a wheelchair or a short person, somebody is going to get hurt by these things. >> we understand these concerns and we are encouraged by the fact nobody has been injured by these gates. >> here's a look at the other version of the fare gate at fruitville bart. bart will test out this design before a decision is made on what to install system wide. >> yeah, losing $25 million a
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year, and we see why they want to make the gates more secure. labor secretary acosta is defending himself and the deal he over saw for epstein in florida more than a decade ago. that deal is getting a lot of renewed scrutiny. and tara is live in washington, d.c. and so many folks are asking how can something like this happen? >> that's a great question. acosta is defending the plea bargain saying it was the only way to guarantee ebstein went to prison in 2008, but some disagree. >> facts are important and facts are being overlooked. >> defending the plea deal he
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over saw 11 years ago, saying ebstein would not have served any jail time had his office not stepped in. >> they were ready to let him walk free. >> but acosta is trying to re-write history, and a draft of a federal indictment was abandoned after secret negotiations between ebstein's attorneys and acosta. ebstein was sentenced to 13 months and registered as a sex offender and made financial restitution with the victims. hour-long press conferences did little to quiet the course of democrats calling for his resignation. >> you choose child rapists over the victims in this indication.
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>> happening today, the man police say has now admitted to plowing his car into a group of people in a hate-motivated attack is due to enter a plea. eight people were hit and injured as they walked in the crosswalk. a 13-year-old girl suffered critical injuries. police arrested a man. a cross-examination in the ghost ship trial. a man admitted in court that he never got the proper permits for
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buildi.nges he made to the almena said he didn't know he had to get permits and thought it was up to the owners, and a woman that lost her daughter says she does not buy it. >> he's up there fighting for his life. >> almena says he did not install smoke detectors or install a sprinkler system. these are the pictures we want to show you of the 2,000 acres. the navy is giving away the old concord navel station. the new park will have a visitor's center, and new trails for hiking and biking. the public celebration will be held on saturday. >> now you have your saturday plans. right now a bill aimed at
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protecting sex workers is heading to the governor's desk. the bill says possession of condoms may not be used as probable cause to arrest somebody on sex work charges. encouraging safer sex and not discouraging sex workers from carrying condoms would improve public health. and then a man accused of nearly killing a police officer in 2013, he was assisting people when authorities say flanagan hit him with a stolen car. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the officer is still recovering after that hit-and-run crash. live to new orleans right here. the city bracing for a potential
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tropical storm that is brewing in the gulf of mexico. the problems have already started. this is new video of the streets in the french quarter under inches of water, as you can see right there. the rain just keeps coming and tourists say they are stuck. here's one man from los angeles who was there in the city for a conference. >> i am soaking wet and missing the beginning of my day trying to get across the street to the marriott, and i can't even get across the street to the ma marriott. >> they shutdown all public transportation. it's like a hurricane. >> a scary sight knowing what the city has already gone through. we want to bring in meet meet, kari hall. not a hurricane brewing but a powerful storm. >> it is a powerful storm, hurricane or not. it's something we need to watch as we go into the next couple of days. right now seeing a lot of clouds and rain in the gulf of mexico
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and this could develop into a tropical system in the next couple of days. right now it's taking the tracks of a category one hurricane. either way this is expected to bring in a lot of heavy rain, anywhere from 10 to 20 more inches inches of rain, and new orleans could get the storm surge along with the rain. near bodega bay, our water temperature is about 49 degrees. around new orleans the water temperature is almost 89 degrees, so there's a lot of warmth and energy for this system to work with, and that's the reason why they are expecting a lot of intensification over the next couple of days. we will have more on that and bring it back home and look at our forecast in a few minutes. >> kari, we are looking over here as all the cash lanes ow d
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opened up, and we see all lanes filling up at the end of the parking lot and building and the me metering lights being turned on in the next ten minutes. no other major problems. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:11 for you right now. coming up, a kentucky drive mess. new images in just this morning of a restaurant completely destroyed. what we know about a rude awaking for people living nearby. president trump constantly threatens to fire the head of the fed and he says he's not going anywhere. we'll tell you more about it. how about a milestone for one san francisco woman, the big event she is celebrating this week.
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right now at 5:14, we are going to have a slightly warmer day ahead. if you are getting heady to head out in cupertino, and we will be in the upper 70s there. it will still be nice in parts of the bay area, but the east bay will feel it most. looking at san jose, you see why the sensors are green. well-spaced traffic flows here, and we'll show you how things are building up further in the east bay. happy thursday as well.
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marriott is going to pay a fine for adding all the resort fees to your bill above and beyond what you pay on expedia. stocks soared ahead after the fed chairman testified before congress, and he made it pretty obvious more interest rate cuts are coming and he would not leave if president trump tried to fire him. >> if you got a call from the president today or tomorrow and he said i am firing you, pack up, it's time to go, what would you do? >> well, of course i would not do that. >> i can't hear you. >> my answer would be no. >> the voice you heard off camera was california's maxine waters. president trump is threatening to fire powell if powell did not
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lower rates. we thought it was going to be about twitter and facebook, but twitter and facebook are not invited to the social media summit, and it's a gathering of president trump's social media supporters, those that post social media conservatives. she says facebook labeled her a dangerous person and she says that defamed her. we just posted a new episode of our podcast, san hill road. >> success begats success, right? >> i also talked about the source of money in silicon
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valley in san francisco. some of the venture funds helping to start ups come from less than desirable sources, in what we call sovereign sources, where they want to reinvest their money so the money going into some of the startups are coming from places that you may not necessarily agree with the human rights. we'll talk to john about that. >> that sounds good, because a lot of folks want to know where their money is. >> absolutely. 5:17 for you right now. a major birthday celebration in san francisco today. lucy mirigian is turning 113 years old. >> bless her heart. >> this is video from her 112th birthday, and a few years back the u.s. government demanded proof she was still alive so she
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could continue to receive her pension. happy birthday to miss lucy, 113 years young. when you make it to 113, you should get whatever she wants. >> yeah, and that's a feat, 113. >> she has seen many beautiful weather days in the bay for sure. >> i wonder if she will be at the giants game? >> we are going to see slight warming in san francisco. here's a live look outside as the sun tries to come over the hills there, and here's a look high atop the fog in san francisco. right now in the city you cannot see anything with the sun coming up. it's a beautiful start to this thursday morning. if you are heading out the door in antioch, temperatures are nice and cool and at 64 degrees for the next couple of hours, but notice how we go from 64 at
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6:00 to 83 at noon and we know it's going to be hotter than yesterday. as you make plans to get outside we have a moderate amount of tree and grass pollen on the pollen report today so our temperatures are warming up for some of the south bay counties, part of the south bay county up to 70 degrees in gilroy today. we will have slightly warmer temperatures in concord and pittsburg. even though the inland valleys will be heating up, the peninsula will stay cooler with half moon bay at 60 today. san francisco reaching the upper 60s, and some 80s for much of the north bay. as we warm things up, as we go closer to the weekend, high pressure builds and it will get more of an offshore wind flow going into saturday and sunday, but things change going into next week.
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the hot weather doesn't last that long. upper 80s today in some spots and 90s in the next several days, and then next week back in the lower 80s. san francisco, just rising a few more degrees after we get more sunshine in the afternoon. we know we are going to see the build in places like the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge, and that's westbound 580 but we notice there's a construction crew and lights on the other side, and below the clouds we are looking at a smooth drive towards the bay bridge. the transition goes on out of the maze and towards the bridge in san francisco. the maze looks nice, and the volume is increasing right there.
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walnut creek, the interchange there with 680 and 24 okay. the rest of the bay moving nicely. one quick view, a little slowing reported here on 101 and morgan hill. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, an exchange caught on camera at a burger king a lot of folks are calling racist. >> go back to mexico and speak spanish. >> new details we are learning about the video going viral this morning, and what the fast-food chain is saying at the manager at the center of it all. you are watching "today in the bay." ! that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. 5:23 for you right now. new this morning las vegas police are revealing some of the difficult lessons learned after one of the worst mass shootings
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in history. >> 58 people died in the rampage in 2017. the department now released a report assessing its operations and response. the report lists about 100 recommendations to be better prepared for that kind of crisis in the future including stockpiling trauma kits. the department implemented many of the recommendations. >> here we are in 2019 still talking about stories like this. this is a different story. this is the aftermath. this is an explosion that damaged the kfc in north carolina. the blast happened after midnight, and the explosion sent debris all over the area, and calls were coming in of reports of shaking buildings nearby, and the cause of the blast is under investigation. nobody was hurt. this viral video showing two elderly women telling a burger
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king manager they should go back to mexico after hearing him speak to an employee in spanish. here's some of the video. >> you are in america. you should speak american. yeah, yeah. go back to mexico and do what -- if you want to speak spanish, go back to your country. >> this happened not far from orlando, florida. after several minutes of the women speaking the manager asked them to leave the restaurant. the women have not been identified, and we should mention the manager is not mexican, he's from puerto rican, and that's a u.s. territory. the u.s. women's soccer team might have trouble waking up this morning. >> yesterday they had their parade in new york city and then got all dressed up for the annual espy awards in los angeles but the big award of the night, the award went to rob
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mendes. he has an illness that prevented him from growing arms and legs. mendez is the head football coach for the jv team in saratoga. >> when you open your mind to different possibilities and focus on what you can do instead of what you can't do, you really can go places in this world. >> oh, i can imagine that's how it feels. >> what an amazing night for him. he will sure thank everybody at the high school. >> not to detract from the women's soccer team, but, come o. he's our guy. >> he got me motivated. >> yeah! july 11th, or 7-11, you know you can celebrate with a brain
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freeze. customers can enjoy a free small slurpee this morning from 7:00 this morning to 11:00 tonight. 7-eleven expect to give away 9 million slurpees today. july 11th has become its busiest day of the week. >> what is your favorite slurpee flavor? >> cherry. >> me, too! coming up, we are learning new details about the i.c.e. raids promised by the trump administration this weekend. when they may happen and the major bay area cities that could be on the list. and then unfolding thousands of miles away, police are revealing about a scientist found dead in greece. you are watching "today in the bay." it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside at the san mateo bridge there. you see the cars on the road getting started with your day, and we want to help you get started today. i am in for laura garcia this week, and hopefully she is enjoying a nice vacation, kari. >> it has been nice this weekend and will start to heat up go into the weekend. we will feel it today in martinez with our start at 62 degrees. we will see it quickly warming up by 1:00, and we will see the temperatures up a few more degrees from there. concord, you are high of 89, and cool in san francisco, 66 the high there. in san jose, look for a high of 80 degrees. we will talk about the weekend coming up. mike, you have the bay bridge on replay. >> same thing, different day. standard back up for summertime,
5:31 am
and we have backup barely visibly moving, and a smooth drive on all the approaches towards the bay bridge, out of the east bay and towards san francisco, through the east bay, no problem, the tri-valley or approaching san mateo. i do have one pothole that i will warn folks about coming up. and a couple folks accused of leading police on a high speed chase. deputies say the chase sailed past san jose airport. a man and woman ran from the car near valley medical center but authorities were able to track him down. you see somebody on a gurney near a home where the arrest was
5:32 am
made, and we don't know how that is connected because police say nobody was injured. and then raids could reportedly take place in several cities this weekend including parts of the bay area. pete, this is not the first time a city here in the bay area dealt with those threats. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, marcus. we were able to confirm the reports with nbc news of the potential immigration raids taking place this weekend and san francisco may be one of the cities targeted as a result of the one of the immigration raids. we are going into the details we have so far this morning. according to nbc news, two senior department of homeland security officials say they could conduct the immigration raids this weekend, which were postponed from three weeks ago. 2,000 families in ten major cities are expected to be
5:33 am
targeted across the u.s. as part of the immigration raids, and the "miami herald" reported san francisco could be on the list. these are families with final orders of deportation who crossed the border recently. "the times" reporting we could expect immigration attorneys to file motions on the cases which could delay the removal of the families but nbc news reports these raids could take place as early as sunday. >> a lot of people will be watching out to see what happens with this, pete. thank you. vice president mike pence is in southern california and he's going to be at the border this morning talking about the massive drug seizure which i.c.e. was part of. pence visited the vandenberg airport base yesterday and attended a private fund-raiser.
5:34 am
and then the death of a decorated scholar who was originally from oakland. her body was found in an abandoned bunker in greece last week. she worked at an institute in germany, and bay area family members went to kraet to help search for her. >> it's hard to talk about her in the past tense, because it's hard to believe that she's gone. >> investigators say she was last seen as heading out for a run and they believe she was suffocated or choked to death. she was found in an abandon network of world war ii bunkers that only locals are familiar with. right now there are bullet holes in a store window, and it's the same homeless shelter
5:35 am
where a robbery took place this week. a new security video shows men running inside, and a man, eric wilson, was shot and killed by a stray bullet. >> it's hard to deal with that, but we are just going to keep moving. what can we do? you know, it really hurts me. >> wilson was a regular at the shelter. another man was shot and is in stable condition. police are continuing to search for a gunman. we are following up on a legal move to stop the waterfront navigation center from going up in san francisco. opponents filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking city plans. the city wants to put the center on the embarcadero. city leaders approved the plan but neighbors are concerned the homeless center will bring drugs and crime to the area. 5:35 now. to the latest on the recovery
5:36 am
efforts after those hundreds of quakes shook southern california. water is flowing again near the epicenter. a lot of folks have been without water since that quake hit last friday. that recovery is going to take some time. so we know after a disaster that the recovery takes quite sometime. we will follow that story. right now we are following the first burst of traffic we traditionally see in san jose. you see it on the map as well, and that should clear up probably in the next ten minutes and then start to build again in 30 to 40 minutes. it's a lighter build. southbound 101 coming towards 880, and somebody called chp and said there was a big pothole in the middle lane and wanted to warn folks, and chp will not do
5:37 am
any traffic breaks now. we will follow that and let you know. there's a predictable build for the toll plaza for now. we know people are thinking about their weekend plans. >> yeah, let's make plans because it's going to be all about the weather this weekend. we will have a wide range in temperatures. the coastal areas stay in the upper 60s. the bay warms up to 86 degrees and the inland valleys will reach into the low 90s. on sunday we are going to do it all over again, still keeping the clouds and the fog near the coast while the inland valleys are really going to be hot once again. we will have milder weather at the los altos wine festival happening on saturday. it will be a little warmer on sunday. festivals going on around san francisco, and it will reach in the upper 60s during the afternoon and cool off at night so make sure you are going to
5:38 am
have a jacket if you are out late in the evening. and then santa cruz, a couple clouds on friday as we reach 79 degrees. sunshine for most of the rest of the weekend. if you want to go hiking in the woods, that's reaching 73 degrees on saturday, and sunday up to 76 degrees. just cool during the early morning hours. look how hot it will be in pass robles this weekend. let me know what your weekend plans are on twitter, facebook, and also on instagram. we will talk about today's forecast coming up in three minutes. >> always like to see your adventures. thank you, kari. coming up, a dire warning if you own a dog. a peninsula woman learned the hard way what not to feed her k-9 companion. in washington, time is running out to make some very
5:39 am
important deals to keep the government open again. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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good thursday morning. right now at 5:41, it's a clear start in fremont as you head out the door. clouds rolled by at about 8:00. it will be slightly warmer than yesterday, and i will talk more about that and the weekend ahead in less than five minutes.
5:42 am
a similar look on dublin 580 westbound. north of there, contra costa county still moving smoothly. we will show you where there are a few folks backing up. here's a follow-up to a story getting looks online. there's a mix up where a woman gave birth to their baby without them knowing it. >> they said one of their embryos along with another embryo were mistakenly implanted in total stranger also wanting to have her baby. that mother gave birth to baby boys not knowing it was from embryos from people she never met.
5:43 am
>> she gave birth to twins, and one of them is yours. >> this couple did not meet their baby until he was six weeks old. the other couple does not want to be identified at this point but a third couple thought the babies were their twins. the clinic is facing several lawsuits and you can see the whole story on the "today" show coming up after "today in the bay." it's a heartbreaking story. tonight we are hearing from the california couple accusing of the fertility mix up, and that's what we were just telling you about, but this story, here's a warning if you feed your dog certain things, it could be dangerous. an 18-month-old golden doodle named monte was given ice cream, and she chose the low-sugar kind
5:44 am
but didn't realize the artificial sweetener inside of it, so the vet said come right away. that dog cannot deal with all the ingredients in its body, and it can damage the brain as well as liver. >> i thought i was giving him a sweet summer treat and turns out it was toxic. >> the ingredient is in ice cream, chewing gum and peanut butter. be aware of that, dog owners. "the wall street journal" is reporting that the documents show the utility knew hundreds of miles of its aging wires could fail, and some of pg & e's electrical towers are more than
5:45 am
a century old. the judge seized on the report ordering pg & e to respond to the claims. when they do we will let you know. >> despite pg & e's best efforts to get the world out about fire assessments, it appears some people are getting caught off guard here. earlier this month the utility rolled out its prevention efforts in the bay area using helicopters to check high fire danger areas, and a lot of people in oakland hills are mistakenly thinking the choppers are covering a crime scene or some other assessment, but they should continue through the end of the month. a bill calls for $10 billion in taxpayer money to help state utilities cover wildfire costs. critics say that is a gift for
5:46 am
utilities who are responsible for some of the wildfires. governor newsom, who supports the bill says utilities will be required to meet safety standards in order to abg session -- access the money. 5:46 for you right now. the government running out of money. >> less than a month for congress to take action. >> yeah, july 11th, the house adjourns at the end of the month and doesn't come back until september, which means there are a number of critical deadlines. first, president trump has to convince congress to raise the borrowing cap. there's a number of programs that would run out of money come september, and mr. trump wants congress to pass or start working on the usmca, the agreement between the u.s., canada and mexico that would replace nafta and he needs the
5:47 am
democrats' help in doing all of these things. but relations are at a low and could get worse. the immigration sweeps which trump delayed are now back on and that could further damage relations with democrats. we will have more in a live report coming up. i.c.e. officers have been instructed to detain people who have had their day in court and have been told by the legal system to leave the country but didn't, and there could be, quote, collateral arrests as well. meanwhile the clock is running down on so many of the government operations as well, and speaker pelosi defending accusations she's not listening close enough to younger more liberal women in her party. after the summit, president
5:48 am
trump says he will have a rose garden press conference about the census, he wants the census to ask everybody if they are citizens, and the supreme court says you can't do that. we will watch everything that is happening in washington, and as always you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. this is the most adorable video you will see all week. you see that guy there? it's one of the five additions to the oregon zoo, one of the flamingo chicks taking its first steps. they are not pink when they are born. they are reportedly eating nine times a day. while they are behind the scenes at the bird nursery now they will join adult flamingos later this summer, and by then they will be pink because they will be eating buckets of krill the
5:49 am
rest of them eat. we have some cloudy weather. it's low visibility right now at the golden gate bridge as you are heading out of the north bay into san francisco or from san francisco into the north bay. this is a live look at emeriville with the low clouds. check out the forecast at the bottom of the screen. we have enjoyed nice weather, and it's heating up in parts of the bay. as you head to the fruitville bart station, you need a jacket for the morning, and then in the afternoon it will be in the low 70s. here we are at 10:00, and we are seeing mostly 60s and 70s, and then this is when those
5:50 am
temperatures stpaurt to spreart. we will see some upper 80s there as well as parts of the north bay. napa up to 86 degrees, and that's in time for the evening commute. cooling down towards sunset, back in the 60s and 70s. as you are getting dressed this morning, grab a jacket. as we go through the forecast we will be heating up this weekend, high pressure building up over the desert southwest. temperatures will be heating up, we will go from the upper 80s today to the low 90s by saturday and sunday, then coming down early next week while san francisco just mostly in the upper 60s. mike, you are checking on the drive out of hayward. that's right, traveling west across the san mateo bridge, a steady build but easy flow. the peninsula side looking great. you see that over here. so is the entire westbound 92
5:51 am
span. feeding off of the nimitz, it's showing a slow drive through hayward and willow, getting on to willow heading off the dumbarton bridge, that's feeding out of the east bay. this drive off the upper east shore way, there's a backup. even now it's starting to lighten up. that's indicative of the summertime drive. back to you. >> thank you. happening now, a big birthday celebration for britain's big ben, the famous clock tower turning 60 years old today. tourists are not celebrating because it's currently covered in scaffolding. >> that is a long time to wait.
5:52 am
coming up, details in the murder of a southern california college student in utah. what investigators are saying happened to her. plus, the push to overturn san francisco's recently passed ecigarette ban. still ahead, who gets to have the final word on this. and a real life field of dreams, but it was not the voices from the cornfield that made this homeowner build a field in his backyard. we will tell you about that next. you are watching "today in the bay."
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new details this morning in the violent death of a utah college student from southern california and the suspect now being held without bail. >> prosecutors say last month the suspect poured gasoline on the victim and she was set on fire after that. they now believe she died from blunt force trauma to the head. they have not indicated if they know the weapon he used or how they first met. and then a suspect attacked a tourist in san francisco, and police believe this is the getaway car. it's a silver bmw, and they say
5:56 am
this is the car two thieves used when they ran over that tourist. it happened tuesday at the allegiant of honor parking lot. the victim from out of state spotted the suspects breaking into his car and tried to take a picture, but when the thieves saw him taking a picture they tried to run him over. that victim is recovering from life-threatening injuries in the hospital. a ballot measure for the ban on e-cigarettes, and joule is supporting the measure. the board of supervisors approved the ban on the sale of vaping products last month. and then 30 miles off of san francisco's coast, and right now invasive mice are killing off a
5:57 am
rare bird species. after-hours of public testimony yesterday the coastal commission decided to reconsider using rat poison out of concern it could harm other animals on the island and beyond. santa clara is clearing the way for a project that includes homes and stores and parks. some neighbors worry the development will make traffic and congestion worse in that area. calling all blood donors right now, it's the emergency call going out from the american red cross. >> the red cross is hustling to find more donors because the fourth of july left them a bit dry. they were not able to hold the blood drives they usually have, so they are 17,000 blood donations short, and type o is the most in demand. and then a man spotted in
5:58 am
this tombstone leaning on the telephone pole, and he loaded the 300-pound tombstone into his truck, and it's the marker for a grave of a doctor that died in the 1800s. he plans to bring it back to the cemetery tomorrow. remember the line in "field of dreams," if you build it well they may not exactly come, but they will notice. >> one father is showing support for his 7-year-old, and when it comes to 7-year-olds, a fully
5:59 am
equipped baseball diamond is a boy's best friend. >> he asked if we could build a baseball field in the backyard and i blew him off. >> if you have the land, go for it. >> residents call it the best thing to happen to the neighborhood in years, although it was not cheap. dad says so far his costs are approaching $30,000. i bet you could buy a house for that much in ohio. >> i bet you could. >> here it would be $30 million, and the neighbors would all protest. from baseball to golf, fore, the stars are in tahoe this morning. celebrities hit the lynx for the practice round for the championship. marcus alan among those going to be there. about 100 of the biggest names in sports and entertainment will go for charity tomorrow. coming up, bart is racing
6:00 am
ahead to crack down on fare evaders. coming up the latest bart station to get the new fare gates and the question is, are they working? >> simply put, they were ready to let ebstein walk free, no jail time, nothing. >> acosta accused of re-writing history, and what he is saying about the plea of the billionaire, ebstein. and then more than a century in the making, we'll show you the big birthday being celebrated today and how. "today in the bay" continues right now. we're not going to guess her age because you don't do that with ladies. you know what i am saying? >> she's very young. >> thank you for joining us. i am kris sanchez. >> i am marcus washington. kari, you have been


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