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tv   Today  NBC  July 11, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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especially when it's hot. we will be back with you at 7:25 with more live local news. >> we will pick back up with you at midday where we will have more news and weather. good morning breaking overnight, state of emergency. the gulf coast under hurricane watch. a dangerous storm that's already flooded new orleans. >> we're completely stranded here. >> bearing down this morning alltels us where it's going and when it could hit. raids set to target thousands of undocumented migrants will happen this weekend. there's new fallout this morning from an nbc exclusive on alleged sexual assault at a border detention center
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devastating mix-up an outraged couple sues after they claim a fertility client error led to a stranger giving birth to their baby. >> you shouldn't meet your baby in the lobby of a hotel. those stories plus on defense. alex acosta defends the deal with jeffrey epstein a decade ago. the local prosecutor said he's got it all wrong mystery at the vatican a girl's bizarre disappearance more than 30 years ago that just led investigators to open up a tomb bye-bye, beetle. after eight decades the last v.w. bug rolls off the production line. it's the end of an era today, thursday, july 11, 2019 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza
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>> good morning, everybody welcome to "today. nice to have you with us on a thursday morning those images we are seeing from the gulf coast are staggering. >> my friends in new orleans being hit by what could become a hurricane. >> it could be the first hurricane of the season. dangerous flooding, problems the storm system is causing already, you can see it there we'll go live to new orleans ahead. first, millions keeping a close eye on the storm so is mr. roker. we'll start with you al, good morning >> good morning, guys. this system now starting to develop. it is a potential tropical system hasn't been named yet. it would be barry. right now has 30 miles per hour winds moving west at 5 miles per hour 100% chance of formation here are the warnings. first of all, the track. saturday early morning just off the central louisiana coastline. makes landfall sometime during the day on saturday as a category one storm then continues up into the mississippi river valley
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but in the meantime, until that happens, right now we've got flash flood watches. as you can see, we have already got flooding in the area it's just going to get worse we also have tropical storm watches. we've got storm surge forecasts through saturday night three to six feet of storm surge possible because the system could go to the east, to the west of new orleans. that puts new orleans into the area where we see the heavy rain in fact, anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of rain possible out of the system as it makes its way in so we are going to be watching this, craig, very closely. it hasn't formed yet at least hasn't been named yet in the meantime we don't need that to cause major problems this is going to be a very serious situation. craig? >> al, we'll come back to you in a few minutes. thank you. al mentioned the storm causing massive flooding in new orleans and other parts of the south where there are new concerns over what could be to come nbc's kerry sanders is in new orleans.
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kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. after listening to al, emergency managers have been stressing to folks to please take this seriously and use today as a day to prepare residents can expect long lines at grocery stores as they get supplies, maybe some lines to get gas as they are filling their cars up. the best advice now is to keep a close watch on your favorite weather app. severe storm barrelling towards land this morning. millions of people along the gulf coast are bracing for impact that storm is expected to strengthen into the season's first hurricane. it could potentially make landfall by this weekend. >> already, there is flash flooding and tornado warnings in the new orleans area >> reporter: multiple water spouts forming off the coast of louisiana. >> whoa! what the heck, bro >> reporter: rain and flooding from the intense storm system already wreaking havoc >> we are just completely
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stranded here. >> reporter: in new orleans, the first bands of rain landing a blow wednesday nearly a foot of water turning roads into rivers. cars stalled on city streets. >> i'm stuck i'm stranded out here. i don't know what to do, man >> reporter: not taking any chances, louisiana's governor who has already declared a state of emergency >> it's going to be a big storm, a significant rain and storm surge event. >> reporter: texas preparing today for a second day of relentless rain. >> begin preparing to know exactly where it is you will be going to in the event you have to evacuate >> reporter: in florida, shelters now being ready officials urging residents in the panhandle to be ready for the largest storm since hurricane michael, which caused billions in damage last year >> it's best to just get in the habit of being prepared. >> reporter: residents taking advantage of the calm before the storm.
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here in new orleans there is almost a $1 billion pumping system designed to prevent the sort of flooding we saw. much of the water is dumped right into lake pontchartrain which you see behind me. because there's been so much rain this year, water levels are high giving some concern about how the system will work savannah, craig? >> kerry sanders in new orleans. thank you. >> a lot of headlines out of the white house including late word the president will hold a news conference today there is turmoil surrounding the joint chiefs of staff. hallie jackson is on duty. good morning let's start with the president saying he'll have a news conference having to do with the citizenship question. >> reporter: a controversial question, savannah i'm told this morning by an administration official president trump is expected to reveal what executive action he'll take to get the question on the census which asks about citizenship. opponents worry it could mean an undercount of the immigrant population.
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the supreme court ruled against the trump administration at least temporarily on that. now the president wants to continue the legal fight. he's been hinting at it for days. this will face challenges. it is all but guaranteed to head back to the courts. by the way, the census is in the process of getting printed. so it's still an open question of how effective any executive action could be. the president plans to hold the news conference after a social media summit at the white house. this is also getting a lot of attention for the invite list. a number of right wing conspiracy theorist personalities invited including people like bill mitchell. researchers say this event could legitimize further people who take to the internet, social media accounts, to harass, troll, release disinformation toward politicians and other high profile figures. >> there is another story that appears to be making a lot of news in washington. this air force vice chairman -- general who was nominated for
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the vice chair accused of sexual misconduct. >> reporter: let's lay out the situation. this is general john hiten who was accused in 2017-18 of unwanted sexual contact. this is newly surfaced al allegations here accused of rubbing up against another senior officer who has asked not to be named. she said, my life was ruined after he tried to derail her career. she said on a business trip he rubbed on her and she asked him to stop. he asked if she would report him and she said no. he was nominated in april to be the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. an air force spokeswoman said a comprehensive investigation found insufficient evidence to support a finding of misconduct on the part of the general who cooperated. the investigations on multiple levels lasted for months and
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none of the allegations were corroborat corroborated. there are members of congress like elizabeth warren and tammy duckworth who have written to the defense department wanting to know more about the investigations, concerned that hyten received preferential treatment because of rank and pending nomination. >> a lot of moving pieces there. thank you. also a new report this morning that government raids on migrant families that were called off last month are back on. there is fallout over our exclusive nbc news report that revealed alleged sexual assault at a border facility in arizona. gabe gutierrez has the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. for days immigration advocates told nbc news they were preparing for a moss round-up as early as sunday. now two senior officials from the department of homeland security are confirming it. the president imposed a two-week deadline for congress to act on asylum laws. that hasn't happened. this morning, two senior homeland security officials tell
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nbc news nationwide arrests of undocumented families are scheduled to begin sunday. first reported by "the new york times" details are still in flux. raids will be conducted by immigration and customs enforcement over multiple days in ten major cities including chicago, los angeles, miami and new york. it targets at least 2,000 immigrants ordered deported. a spokesman for i.c.e. said they would not comment on the enforcement operations. the president said he was delaying the round-up after tweeting about the plan. at the time he blamed the delay on democrats. two homeland security officials say it was delayed due to media leaks and resistance in the administration. last week the president said the raids would begin fairly soon. >> i say they came in illegally and we are bringing them out legally. >> reporter: this comes amid more scrutiny for a customs and border protection facility in yuma, arizona. nbc news obtained dozens of
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reports from the department of health and human services detailing alleged mistreatment of migrant children in custody there. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle weigh in. >> top people ought to be fired now. >> i was at that yuma detention facility. they were doing the best they could under terrible circumstances. >> reporter: among the allegations at the facility a teenage girl told a government case worker she was sexually assaulted by an officer. the department of homeland security said the allegations do not align with common practice at our facility and will be fully investigated. on capitol hill, a mother from guatemala saying her 1-year-old daughter died weeks after being released from a u.s. detention facility because of neglect and mistreatment. the emotional testimony bringing alexandria ocasio-cortez to tears. >> if and when the i.c.e. round-up happens, what do we know about where the families
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will be held if arrested together? >> reporter: according to "the new york times" some will be in texas and philadelphia at detention centers but some might be held in hotel rooms due to space limitations while the immigration paperwork is revolved. that's a question about what to do with some of the families. for example, what happens if a parent is undocumented but the child isn't. those questions are still being worked out. >> gabe gutierrez in texas for us. thank you. >> now tembattled labor secretary alexander acosta. he held a news conference to he held a news conference to defend his role in a decade-old plea deal for jeffrey epstein. we'll talk about that with ari melber in a moment first kristen welker with the story. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you labor secretary alex acosta not apologizing or backing down defending his role in the epstein case over a decade ago
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this morning the finger pointing has begun with the former state prosecutor who handled the investigation accusing acosta of rewriting history. mike pence pressed on whether accoosta still has the confiden of the administration. >> our cabinet serves at the pleasure of the presence. >> reporter: this hours after acosta had a deal he helped broker for epstein in 2008 while serving as the federal u.s. attorney in florida. acosta insisting epstein would not have served time in jail if his office had not stepped in. >> simply put, the palm beach state attorney's office was ready to let epstein walk free, no jail time, nothing. >> reporter: overnight, the former palm beach state attorney, barry crischer firing back calling that wrong writing
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if mr. acosta was truly concerned with the state's case and felt he had to rescue the matter he would have moved forward with the 53-page indictment his own office drafted. krischer adding mr. acosta should not be allowed to rewrite history. acosta argued given the evidence going to court would have been a ro roll of the dice the deal allowed epstein to avoid federal prosecution in exchange to pleading guilty to state charges including solic soliciting prostitution from a minor. epstein was sentenced to 13 months in jail and forced to register as a sex offender critics called it a sweetheart deal on monday, epstein pleaded not guilty to new sex trafficking charges involving underaged girls, all this as a new epstein accuser has come forward jennifer aroez saying epstein raped her when she was just 15 >> did jeffrey epstein rain ypeu
7:15 am
>> yeah, no, he raped me forcefully raped me. what hurts more is if i came forward sooner maybe he wouldn't have been able to do it to other girls. >> reporter: acosta acknowledging the interview and the new allegations. >> based on additional allegations i saw this morning there are multiple jurisdictions, whether federal or state that he has to answer to >> reporter: aroez said she was too scared to report she has told a new york state court she plans to file a civil case against epstein next month. nbc news asked for comment multiple times they have not responded. in prior discussions with arez's lawyers, epstein's lawyers challenged her credibility >> kristen, thank you. nbc news legal analyst ari melber joins us now. i know you are watching the news conference yesterday as we were. l
7:16 am
let's go through some of what he said what do you make of the legal argument he made yesterday that it would have been a roll of the dice to take it to trial >> it may have been a tough case to win, at least completely. there were some anonymous accusers who, according to the material we have, said they didn't want to come out at the time savannah's interview speaks to that as well the press conference took someone who was the top prosecutor, the most important federal prosecutor and made it sound like he was powerless and it was everyone else's fault that doesn't sound right because that's not how it works. >> he's saying the palm beach, the local authorities essentially had dropped the ball and so his office swoops in and gets the plea deal and makes sure he registers as a sex offender and spends time in jail if he wanted to come in and control the investigation, why wouldn't he bring federal charges? we understand he was sitting on a 53-page draft federal indictment >> exactly he makes it sound like he came
7:17 am
in and wanted to get the job done the reason there is a controversy is because he didn't get the job done they didn't file the charges they didn't put the maximum heat they could have. now, it may be that the whole thing was a bluff. that's basically what it comes down to. him saying don't believe our writings at the time we couldn't win the case if you couldn't win the case you may not have had such a big indictment. >> acosta said it was a different time at that time it would have been common practice for some of the women to have been attacked by lawyers. what do you make of it >> the short answer is while it is true things shifted a lot, everyone realizes that this is still a case about pr preying on children. i'm not sure the me too movement which is largely about contact between adults really applies. he's trying to invoke something people have vaguely heard about and say things were different. the truth is if you have
7:18 am
evidence and multiple accounts involving children those are strong cases usually in front of juries even in the old days. >> comparing apples to oranges thank you. >> now back to al in los angeles this morning with the rest of the forecast good morning again >> hey, good morning, guys you can see we have sunny hot weather in the west with temperatures getting up into the 90s in parts of the pacific northwest. heat advisories through the gulf strong storms in the plains and looking at severe weather. we'll look at it in detail in the next half hour maybe airport delays and problems there as well we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds derwear a? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. [gasp] what are those? guys... they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. yes, they have these tiny holes to let the air through, can you help me? wa wa weewoo look at those. can you feel this? [blowing] turn around for me. seriously? yeah. slow...slow...slower...slower is that okay. i don't think you should get that dress. it doesn't fit. stay cool with breathable underwear
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from fruit of the loom. good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. bright and sunny as you head out the door, a nice start to the day, and then cloudy and drizzly in san francisco. our inland valleys will be slightly warmer this afternoon reaching into the low to upper 80s in antioch today, we will see a high of 88 degrees and 90s in the forecast for the weekend, and gradually cooling down next week. and that is your l and that is your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you so much just ahead, a shocking fertility clinic mix-up involving three families after a woman gave birth to other couples' babies we'll have the latest on the lawsuit and important information for anyone considering ivf. >> also ahead, a cryptic clue in a decades-old cold case that has
7:20 am
investigators opening up at the vatican this morning this is "today" on nbc vatican
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums good morning. 7:26. i am marcus washington. two people are in custody accused of leading south bay authorities on a high speed chase. deputies say the chase went past san jose airport at speeds approaching 90 miles per hour. a man and woman were arrested after they bolted from the vehicle. this is a video showing a man walking to the car, and there was a man on a gurney as well and we are not clear on how it connects to the chase and arrest but deputies say nobody was injured. right now we want to get a look at the weather with
7:27 am
meteorologist, kari hall. >> a live look outside in dublin as you get ready to head out. a nice cool start but a warmer afternoon. reaching in the upper 80s in livermore today. napa reaching 86 degrees. oakland, a high of 75 and san francisco reaching 66 degrees. as we go through the forecast it gets hotter in the valleys, reaching into the 90s by the weekend, and gradually cooling off early next week. how are the roads moving now, mike? moving well. the summertime traffic, the south bay commute just kicking in. south 680 as you head down towards olympic boulevard, there could be a crash because i see slowing heading towards the walnut creek interchange. a drive towards the richmond and san rafael bridge, slowing. oakland, we see brake tapping on
7:28 am
the live camera around high street, and folks are slowing right about there. we will have another local update coming up in 30 minutes.
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7:30 morning now thursday morning july 11th, 2019. we have a great plaza crowd. they're going to get a good show today. we have a huge steals and deals in our 8:30 half hour. then battle of the burger. >> burger battle. >> yeah. everyone picked their favorite burger and may the best burger win. >> sounds good >> i think everybody wins though it's a classic, you know >> i'm looking forward to that we'll be outside in just a bit first on this thursday morning, a check of the headlines parts of the gulf coast are bracing for a possible hurricane. the first of the season. a potential tropical cyclone is moving closer to land now. it could become a hurricane by
7:31 am
late tomorrow. the storm presents even more trouble for parts of southwest louisiana. flash floods in new orleans yesterday dumping nearly 10 inches of rain in the metro area in three hours. officials worry the mississippi river could rise to dangerously high levels. al will be back with the latest on the storm's path in a few minutes. >> now to escalating tensions in the middle east. several iranian boats attempted to impede the passage of a british oil tanker they were driven away by a british military ship. a senior u.s. official sai the iranian boats were attempting to push the boat into territorial waters iran denies the allegations. the latest in a series of disputes involving iran in and around the strait of hormuz. >> take a look at this dash for cash on a highway north of atlanta. turns out an armored truck's door swings open, stacks of money spew out drivers pull over to join in a
7:32 am
cash grab. in all, it adds up to about $175,000 police in georgia are urging people who might have picked up a few bucks to turn it in reminding them that it is illegal to keep it good luck with that. >> >> i know. i'm like i don't know if i would pass that test this morning we're learning details about a disturbing story. it's an embryo mix-up that happened at a fertility clinic and here were the results. one couple had two babies and those babies actually belong to two other sets of parents. now one of the couples is detailing the ordeal and going after the fertility clinic they trusted with everything. nbc's senior national correspondent kate snow is here with this story. this breaks my heart >> it really does. good morning this couple says they faced a living hell when they learned after failing to get pregnant through in vitro they in fact had a son. it is just that someone else gave birth to him. now they're suing the fertility
7:33 am
center saying they robbed them of a chance to bring their own baby into the world. >> for a couple in california, the dream of a bigger family turned into a nightmare when unimaginable news. >> she said, yes, a woman gave birth to twins and one of them is yours >> the couple say a mix-up at prominent fertility clinic l.a. led to their egg being planted in a new york woman. that woman gave birth to two boys in march. their son and a boy belonging to an unidentified third couple >> i wasn't there for his birth. i didn't carry him i didn't feel him kick inside of me >> the parents not able to meet their baby boy until he was six weeks old. >> nobody should meet their baby in a lobby of a hotel. >> she and her husband are suing the clinic accusing them of medical malpractice and negligence the new york couple who are korean-american also filing a similar lawsuit against them saying they were ecstatic when they discovered they were
7:34 am
pregnant, thought they were having two girls and later were shocked when the woman gave birth to boys that did not appear to be of asian descent. >> none of this should have happened to none of us >> the fertility center made no statements and did not respond to nbc's request for comment ivf is a booming industry with demand doubling between 2007 and 2017 more than 78,000 babies born as a result in 2017 alone but the industry remains largely unregulated with no single government agency overseeing fertility centers or requiring disclosures or rules that prevent errors like this >> they were not required to report it to anybody >> reporter: experts say parents looking to go through ivf should shop around for clinics, learn about procedures and make sure the labs are accredited by the college of american pathologists as for the family, they're thankful to hold their son in their arms. >> he's amazing.
7:35 am
we love him. you know, he's ours. he's been ours since day one >> the new york couple initially wanted to keep the baby that woman carried but they did eventually return both babies to their biological parents they say in their suit that they have never been told what happened to their original two biological embryos that should have been implanted. >> when you think about that mom who carried two babies that didn't turn out to be her own and then had to give them up, i mean that's just -- >> horrible all around >> how often do you think things like this happen >> more than you think we were talking to experts about this yesterday and they say, you know, from switched embryos to having maybe like a sperm donor who turns out not to be your husband, that does happen. and a lot of times it's not caught it was caught in this case because the babies looked so different from the woman who
7:36 am
gave birth to them >> ethnically. >> if you are considering ivf or maybe you have an embryo frozen in a clinic, i mean, what do you do >> that's what everybody wants to know. the experts say ask a lot of questions. ask about the background of the center that you're working with. ask about the people who are actually doing the work. can you ask whether they have masters degrees, what the history is in working with the field. ask about quality controls how do they monitor the embryo to make sure how do they keep track of the embryos is there information that is handwritten that, is not good. it should be, you know, digital, it should have a bar code or something like that to track the reproductive materials and then also make sure that not everything is kept in the same place. remember, last year we were talking about the tanks that went bad last year at fertility clinics. you don't want all of your embryos in one tank. >> it seems if there is little to no government regulation, but are the centers being held responsible by anyone?
7:37 am
>> so the deal is that it's patchwork. we've tried and made many calls to try to figure out who regulates what it's like state and federal agencies and professional agencies and accreditation groups but it's not one single agency that's the problem holding everybody accountable. the only recourse they have is to file a suit >> i had ivf with my second baby when you go through that process, your whole hopes are entrusted to a clinic and it's just heartwrenching to see how it turned out. >> it is >> kate, thank you good to get a followup >> let's get another check of the forecast for that we go out west. mr. roker, what are we looking at >> in the northeast, 24 million people under flash flood watches for later this afternoon and into the evening a frontal system is bringing in more rain. here's what we look at during the day.
7:38 am
this thing, we're talking about seven states and a fair number of people, 25 million people, we are not looking at tornadoes, but damaging wind, hail, and heavy rain as this front pushes in strongest storms will be in the afternoon. the threat goes from new york all the way down to kentucky and some of this rain could be heavy at time. we're talking anywhere from one to three inches of rain coming down at a pretty good clip i am meteorologist, kari hall. live look outside in san francisco. it will be slow to clear today, and it's going to keep it cool there and along the coastline. it will be slightly hotter today, and sunshine in the south bay, up to 80 degrees in san jose and in antioch, expect a high of 88 degrees. we will see upper 80s and 90s for the forecast weekend for the inland valleys but will cool off early next week. coming up, w
7:39 am
coming up at 8:00, an update from the national hurricane center the latest on that tropical system threatening the gulf. back to you. >> thank you, sir. coming up, new details on the sudden death of young disney star cameron boyce as his parents open up about what happened for the first time. also ahead, hoda issuing a challenge to all of us this morning to dance or donate and it's her cause near and dear to her and then the very last vw beetle marking the end of an era. for the car and for pop culture fans as well >> but first, the decade's long search for a missing teenager that led investigators to the vatican where they're live with a tip that sparked a new searc in a tomb on this very day right after this b ig
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7:44 am
world for decades. >> it started when a 15-year-old girl vanished without a trace in rome in 1983 this morning, more than three decades later the search for answers has led to a cemetery at the vatican. today international correspondent keir simmons is there. good morning >> hey, good morning to you. i want to show you what we mean when we say the search for this missing teen has reached the heart of the vatican this morning. behind me through the columns you can see some pieces. you can see st. peter's square you and i reported from there and you have been on vacation here towards the back, there can you see the world famous basilica. it is behind that building where the cemetery is located where they began searching for this little girl. what they found is more of a mystery. behind the walls of the vatican this morning, the search for answers in the disappearance of
7:45 am
a 15-year-old girl, emmanuela orlandi. nearly four decades ago. her brother driven through the gates passed waiting reporters this an anxious day for him, he said inside the holy city a tiny cemetery where today two tombs were exhumed piece by piece the crypt opened as her brother looked on an anonymous tip told them to search where an angel is looking. the graveyard fitting that description. in the past few hours the mystery is deepening no bodies were found, not even the remains of those who were supposed to be buried in the tomb >> how are you feeling relieved, he said, the family left without answers and with so many questions emmanuela disappeared without a trace 36 years ago the daughter of a vatican bank
7:46 am
employee, the family always insisted that somebody knew something. the case gripped italy a movie made about the mysterya man wh watched by many. among the conspiracy theories, the teenager was kidnapped in a plot to secure the release of the man who shot pope john paul ii in rome where she was last seen, you can retrace the final steps after a music lesson she left the music school and went to catch a bus. that was the last known sighting of her many of the buildings changed but the family's hope fo justice, unwavering. once again, unanswered >> once again, these events playing out behind the walls of the vatican there walking distance from pope francis' residence and so many questions. why were the two princes tha were suppose to be buried here, why were their bodies apparently not there and where is this
7:47 am
missing little girl? >> keir simmons at the vatican for us thank you. coming up next, a memorable night honoring deserving athletes off and on the field. the highlights straight ahead after this breyers natural vanilla. milk, fresh cream and only sustainably farmed vanilla. it's made with fresh cream, sugar
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7:51 am
last night, a big appearance in los angeles. they hit the stage at the espy awards and sandra bullock presented them with the best team award and then alex morgan took home the trophy for best female athlete. how fun is that? >> they were not the only ones honored. rob mendes, this california high school football coach born without arms, born without legs, celebrated for his determination. he got the jimmy v award for perseverance >> i made it this far. who says i can't go further? that's my message tonight. who says i can't nobody yeah >> wow >> jimmy v himself would be proud of that. also, new orleans star quarterback drew brees and his three sons captured a lot of attention last night as well the trio clearly fans of nba's top draft pick zion william son who got trasted to the new orleans basketball team, they
7:52 am
all wore the maroon tu jackets, the same color combination that he was rocking. >> they look so adorable they're big fans >> new orleans has a lot to celebrate and cheer about right now. >> yeah. >> zion williamson, drew brees playing in the same city >> going to be good. >> yeah, should be all right, just ahead, we have a blockbuster summer blowout edition of steals and deals that you can't afford to miss >> that's right. twice as many. plus, adorable images from a surprise public appearance from royal baby archie. his very first look. but first, your local news ivity. and then i jump on the trampoline ahh brain freeze! no, it's my teeth. your teeth hurt? sensitivity. i should see my dentist. my teeth have been really sensitive lately. well 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line, so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth? no, it's brain freeze!
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good thursday morning. right now at 7:56 we are starting out with sunshine in the south bay. we are going to have slightly hotter temperatures for the inland areas. san francisco, all cloudy and drizzling right now. we'll stay cool today reaching 56 degrees. oakland, 75. 87 the high in livermore and 89 in concord. as we go into the weekend we will see many more widespread upper 90s and low 90s for saturday and sunday. as we go into next week we will gradually cool off. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> 880 is moving slowly and traffic is packing in within the last half hour and that's just the pattern as we show at the bottom of your screen. and the crash in olympic did not
7:57 am
cause problems. and the san mateo bridge, we see it looking like in. happening now, the man police say has admitted his car into a group of people in a hate crime, he is accused of hitting eight people as they walked in a crosswalk. investigators later determined he thought the group was muslim. and the new gates for bart have increased pressure and a pop-up to stop fare avoiders. we will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes, and we're always on on don't forget, get all the information you need to know right there.
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, gaining strength. a dangerous storm barrelling towards the gulf coast and already causing major problems >> i'm stranded out here i don't know what to do, man >> residents preparing for what could be the first hurricane of the season al has the latest forecast just ahead. then speaking out. the parents of disney channel star cameron boyce open up about the death of their son this morning their emotional message for his fans on what you need to know about epilepsy. plus, royal play date. meghan markle steps out with baby archie in the first public appearance with a little help from his cousin. the special event that brought
8:01 am
the whole family together. today thursday, july 11th, 2019. ♪ >> we're from buffalo, new york. >> we're from oklahoma ♪ >> howdy, y'all. friends and family >> from texas. >> celebrating our 40th anniversary. >> welcome congratulations. happy day. thursday morning nice to have you along with us on our plaza >> good looking crowd. good looking weather out there as well. but even if you can't come, you can always participate there is the hash tag, bottom of your screen, #mytodayplaza make a short video put it on twitter or instagram we'll snatch it and put it on television >> all right let's get to the news at 8:00. millions of folks along the gulf coast under a hurricane watch
8:02 am
this morning emergency preparations under way. >> nbc's kerry sanders made his way to new orleans flooding has already started there. kerry, good morning. >> good morning, craig and savannah a hurricane hunter is airborne right now flying into the weather system which is about 200 miles south-southeast of new orleans right now. this right now is not a hurricane. in fact, it's not even a named storm. but forecasts say it could become and develop into a category hurricane by saturday if that happens, it will be named barry. the street flooding in new orleans yesterday, sort of an early warning sign for those who may have forgotten how quickly things can change. seven plus inches of rain led to extensive street flooding in the french quarter it's dried out new orleans is in the impact zone it is also an area of concern as far east as the panhandle, as far west as houston. so a lot of eyes and attention
8:03 am
on what is developing. emergency managers saying this is a good day to get your groceries, to get your supplies and fill your car up before we see what is going to develop here potentially impacting a good portion of the gulf coast craig, savannah? >> water rising behind you, kerry. kerry sanders in new orleans thank you. >> migraine patients not getting relief from the current medications may have a new option on the horizon. researchers say 20% of patients who used a new drug in a clinical trial were pain-free within two hours many others got some relief. the drug is different from other new migraine treatments because it is taken orally and not injected it treats them after they already started. the drug is awaiting fda approval >> an arizona man was not seriously hurt but he was arrested after a huge cactus plant went through his windshield on his car there. police say the guy was driving
8:04 am
across a highway median in tucson hit the cactus a large piece broke off piercing the windshield the man was charged with driving under the influence. >> i grew up in tucson, arizona, i never saw anything like. we've got the news let's get to your boost. we enjoyed the internet videos people playing peek a boo with babies or cats this one is different. this dairy farmer is washing his hands when he noticed a cow watching him through the window. so sure. why not? started playing peek-a-boo the cow was there for him. and the game went on long enough for mom, his wife, to get the camera and record the whole thing. >> i've never seen that with a cow. >> that's awesome. >> that's a first. >> coming up on this thursday morning, who is ready to dance or donate? hoda is keeping busy on maternity leave with a special video challenge for us and for you as well. it's all for a great cause >> but first, the parents of cameron boyce talking for the first time since his death
8:05 am
they have a powerful message for his fans we'll hear from them right after this mebody burned down my she shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. home insurance trusted by more people than any other. state farm. home insurance trusted by more people than any other. (chis not just hurting if you can't make up your mind to quit for yourself, do it for those who love you. (announcer) for free help, call 1-800-quit now.
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we were right in front of him. dead center. front row. i'll never forget that day. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like big savings on our best phones when you switch. that's verizon. ♪ oh, pete!?! c'mon man. what? we said pantyhose right? here, eat this... creamy snickers®. you could use a little smoothness. pete? pete zagorin? get smooth with the fresh-ground nut butters in new creamy snickers®. delivered to your car door so you can do more refill. more recharge. more relax. target run and done. it's 8:08. we are hearing from the parents of disney star cameron boyce for the first time since his sudden death.
8:09 am
>> the 20-year-old best known for his roles in "the descendents" popular movie franchises and the show "jesse." morgan ratford joins us with what his parents are saying. what a heartbreaking story >> it is heartwrenching. boyce's death sent shock waves across social media. friends and family stunned to hear the young actor had passed away now his parents are opening up about what happened describing cameron as the rock of their family >> this morning cameron boyce's parents speaking out about losing their son lib bo libbey and victor boyce telling "people" magazine he was the very definition of human kindness and a delight that will forever shine as his spirit lives on in all who knew and loved him. his parents adding, there are no words to describe how moved we are by the tremendous outpouring of love and support. boyce who is just 20 years old was found unresponsive in his california home on saturday. his family saying he died in his
8:10 am
sleep and telling people his tragic passing is due to a seizure as a result of an ongoing medical condition. and that condition was epilepsy. adding, we're still trying to navigate our way through the heartwrenching time. >> boyce's father posting this photo of cameron on instagram last night with the caption, my son, just hours before he was snatched from our lives. >> epilepsy, a disorder of the nerve cell activity in the brain, currently affects nearly 3.5 million americans according to the cdc >> so this thing will make me say what i really feel to jane >> the young disney channel star was best known for his role as carlos in "the descendaentsdesc" franchise and in "jesse. >> you should see me move on the dance floor. >> boyce was also known for his advocacy, raising awareness about the global water crisis. and last year he was honored with an award for his humanitarian work. >> what you leave should be
8:11 am
bigger than you. i really believe that. >> news of his death caused an outpouring on social media his "grown ups" co-star actor adam sandler writing, too young, too sweet, too funny, loved that kid. >> one of his disney costars getting emotional remembering him on instagram >> cameron is one of my favorite people alive in the world. good-bye my dear, dear friend and brother. >> and former first lady michelle obama posting, she was lucky enough to know boyce writing, not only did he have incredible talent, but also an incredible heart >> you'll see how inspiring and impactful we really can be when we stand together. >> boyce's parents also telling "people" the pain we have endured and are continuing to endure is indescribable. but we are making every effort to move forward and ensure that cameron's legacy and all that he stood for is honored he is our shooting star.
8:12 am
>> cameron was set to appear in several upcoming projects including a third installment of "the descendents" coming out next month >> so beloved. >> cameron was on "the descendants. i have three small kids. going back to jesse, this young man and we, of course, were stuck in the room watching the stuff and consume it quite a bit. he is incredibly talented. and that made for tv franchise did well and he was great i actually had to explain to my 10-year-old son, i read this news me and my wife were just so taken aback by it and so sad for the family i had to explain it to my kids he was very much in their universe >> wow >> let's try to figure out more about epilepsy and what may have happened here. for that, we turn to our medical contributor dr. natalie azar so i think we all know that epilepsy is serious. i did not know how often it can turn deadly. how often are we talking about how does it happen >> the epilepsy foundation says the risk of dying from epilepsy is about one and a half to three times that of the general
8:13 am
population it's normal to think about that. we think about accidenta drownings or hitting your head but there is this entity called sudden unexpected death in epilepsy or sudep that is actually responsible for about one in 1,000 and honestly, to the epilepsy foundation is considered the most common reason of seizure related deaths as the name implies, it happens usually in the middle of the night. that's one of the major risk factors as well as having uncontrolled generalized seizures it's unexpected and unexplained by an accident or another cause. >> so if you're living with epilepsy, you say, middle of the night that, is terrifying. how do you guard against it? but are there things can you do to reduce the risk >> the main risk is having seizures so the number one thing to do is to control your seizures and make sure you're religious about taking your medication you want to make sure you're avoiding triggers. avoid excess alcohol
8:14 am
if the medicines are not controlling the seizures, adjust them you need to avoid sleep deprivati deprivation. it is also a good idea to have the adults around new your life being trained in seizure first aid so if it does happen and witnessed, you know, it can be life saving. >> oren that point, i heard that there is people think of seizures and epilepsy as the violent shaking, the dropping, but then there is 30 different types of seizure how important is seizure recognition for people who have somebody epileptic in their life >> that's incredibly important also to hit home it's these generalized seizures, grand mal seizures that is the greatest risk for having is sudep phenomenon occur if a seizure lasts more than five minutes and you are witnessing it, you should be calling 911. >> natalie, useful information there. >> you bet >> thank you as well. >> al is out in los angeles and has a check of the weather he has his eye on a big storm. >> that's right. this is the latest from the
8:15 am
national hurricane center. it's still not named yet we can get a lot of damage even if it doesn't. winds at 35 miles per hour, moving west at 5 miles per hour. 115 miles south-southeast of the mouth of the mississippi river here is the system coming in before saturday like around 1:00 a.m. you can notice it's to the west of new orleans that's not great news for new orleans. that puts them in the quadrant where the most damage can happen in fact, the impacts torrential rain and flooding numerous roads closed. flood control barriers levees may be breached upwards of 20 inches of rain possible with this storm surge, three to six feet major beach erosion. strong rip currents and destructive winds. the highest winds to the west of new orleans. but considerable roof damage, large areas with power outages already, the mississippi river is stressed because it has been a very rainy year to date. heavy rainfall this weekend increasing the levels further.
8:16 am
storm surge raising rivers to near record heights. look at this we are talking about a record that was at 21.3 feet. 20 feet is where the levees will get topped that's very possible coming up this weekend we'll continue to track this all weekend long that's what's going on a i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look at the golden gate bridge with low visibility. drizzling in san francisco. the inland valleys are all clear. a look in dublin this morning as the sun shines. we'll be slightly warmer this afternoon reaching the upper 80s in the tri valley, concord today reaching 89 degrees. palo alto and san jose expect a high of 80 today. our temperatures are heating into the 90s this weekend but gradually cooling off next week. and that's your latest weather, guys. >> mr. roker, thank you very much carson is here jbh is here. >> sheinelle is here. >> sheinelle is here
8:17 am
>> i see you jbh and i raise a sheinelle. >> you know what that means. >> let's go. >> pop start >> contain your excitement, ladies and gentlemen first up, babies' day out for the duke and duchess of sussex's son, little archie thank goodness pop star correspondent sheinelle jones to my right has the details >> i'm honored good morning the newest royal was born a few months ago we have only seen him a couple of times each one arranged by the palace. proud mama meghan took him out to watch dad harry play polo yesterday, the first time he's been seen in public. royal baby archie out and about with his parents mom, meghan markle was all smiles as she snuggled her now two-month-old. mother and son out to watch prince harry play polo, going head to head against brother william for a charity match. it was a family affair meghan's sister-in-law duchess kate there with prince george, princess charlotte and prince louis.
8:18 am
kate was busy running after 1-year-old louis and making a picnic for all three, showing meghan what life may be like when archie gets moving. archie's cousins seemed delighted, louis attempting to blow him a kiss. this is archie's second outing this week. days ago, archie was at windsor castle for the christening, though it was a more private event. the sussexs released only two images unlike the christenings of will and kate's children where the press were free to share a glimpse of the royal babies harry and meghan took the unprecedented step of keeping the identity of the godparents secret. >> the christening is a church of england event eventually the godparents should be published in documents by the church of england. we'll find out eventually. some people thought it seemed unnecessarily secretive. >> reporter: meghan has been on maternity leave since archie was born two months ago but has
8:19 am
recently been appearing more frequently in public her first royal engagement was to attend the queen's annual parade marking her official birthday she made a surprise appearance with prince harry at the major league baseball game in london between the boston red sox and the new york yankees last week she attended wimbledon to support her close friend serena williams. the appearance sparked controversy when meghan's bodyguards asked fans not to take photos, even selfies of themselves or photos of the match. >> it begged the question how can meghan have a reasonable expectation of privacy on court one at wimbledon with press photographers there, thousands of spectators in the crowd. >> reporter: yesterday, the only thing meghan seemed to have on her mind was cuddling her baby and cheering on her husband. the duke and duchess of sussex are trying to make archie's life as private as possible it's nice to get a glimpse as for harry and meghan's next public appearance, we can confirm they are attending the london premiere of "the lion king."
8:20 am
beyonce should be in attendance. perhaps music royalty will meet real life royalty again. >> can we see that piece again i missed something >> it was too short. >> rerack it. >> turning into "dateline". >> i feel like lester holt i feed it up and our correspondent. great job, sheinelle up next, the stars came out for amazon music's prime day concert. last night was hosted by jane lynch. good music becky g was there. dua lipa, cizza was there. closing out the show, taylor swift performing old hits and new music from her upcoming album. however it was this moment that got fans talking here it is >> just think. while you've been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world you could have been getting down to this -- sick -- beat. ♪ >> those are lyrics from swift's song "shake it off." craig knows. >> i know. >> this was her first
8:21 am
performance since the public feud between her and scooter braun, so fans believed the words were directed at him specifically she seemed to have a little extra emphasis on that >> she did. >> you can watch it on demand for a limited time on prime video. seth rogen sat down with jimmy kimmel to talk about his role in "the lion king." he plays pumba it stars beyonce and donald glover the entire cast attended the world premiere for the film on tuesday night. kimmel asked seth rogen if he got to meet beyonce. >> did you speak to her at all >> i did i saw her backstage. she came up to me. >> oh! >> i wasn't going up to her. mostly for fear that last time i tried to approach her was at the grammys 11 years ago and her security knocked me so hard that i spilled my drink all over myself >> no. >> i know. it was terrible. i was wary of going near her
8:22 am
i look like someone you want to keep away from beyonce >> he said beyonce did approach him and joked that his beard got caught in her sequins. "the lion king" hits theaters on july 19. >> roker saw it and said seth rogen, scene stealer >> roker is worldwide, you know? >> oh, yeah. >> he's already seen "the lion king" of course. >> interviewing paul mccartney. >> that's why he's in l.a. >> we cannot keep up with him. >> knows when it rains. >> on a good day >> there he is. >> look at him in his glasses. >> he knows we're talking about him. >> he's always watching and listening. >> he's our yoda. >> he's exhausted from killing it every day. >> he wears glasses in 280 different colors. >> he's perfect. >> and he still matches the map. >> perfect >> do we have time for the daly click? >> thank god he's ours
8:23 am
>> quickly, the internet loves a viral challenge. from the recent kicking of bottle caps which i don't understand to the ice bucket challenge, that was a great one. this morning, there is a new challenge for a great cause called dance or donate it's the creation of lily tardakoff. she dedicated herself to a fight against cancer since her husband's death from the disease 22 years ago her goal is to raise money for the united cancer front. the idea is simple record a video showing off your best dance moves for 15 seconds and challenge 15 other people to dance or donate. the cause is near and dear to hoda kotb and she's jumped on board to help launch this. >> i'm so excited to be part of the dance or donate challenge. it's all about fighting cancer i will donate this to my friend little lea still who battled canter and won and is thriving
8:24 am
my three challengers are, number one, guthrie okay savannah guthrie, you. jennifer lopez, you're challenged and thomas rett. are y'all ready? i think you'll like the song ♪ >> i'm getting ready ride your horse. ♪ gonna take my horse ♪ to the old town road ♪ i'm gonna ride 'til i can't n more ♪ ♪ gonna take my horse to the ol town road ♪ ♪ gonna ride 'til i can't no more ♪ >> only hoda can pull that off if i danced like that you'd punch your tv. >> she looks amazing >> i have so many things to say. she's reverse aging. she's 25 now >> she's wearing jorts and a jean jacket. >> she's benjamin button >> a jean suit. >> her hair is swinging. >> she's whipping that air horse into submission. >> you forgot to say you have been challenged. >> i have been challenged. i have to dance or donate. maybe i'll do both.
8:25 am
>> okay. >> when are you going to do it >> are you a good dancer >> i'm not but i have a patented side clap. >> that's a lo 15 seconds. >> now is the time. >> do you want to do it with me? >> no. i wasn't challenged. >> not dancing you you record it. then you pick three people >> this could catch on. >> what's the over/under that savannah picks roger federer >> that's a good idea. >> i think she's hoping he does it shirtless >> you can do it tomorrow. can we tease that you'll do it tomorrow >> no. i need to plan this. >> challenge jbh she can spank the baby >> no, no. >> spank the baby. >> there it is >> the baby really wasn't spanked. >> i'm writing a check for that. >> incredible. >> we're going to hold you to it >> post your video and use the
8:26 am
hashtag # danceordonate. you can head to we have so much more that now in slow motion. >> spank the baby. >> we could do our aerobics dance. >> you have to do a real dance. >> that was a real dance it meant a lot to us
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 on a thursday morning. it is july 11th. it is 2019 and what a good looking crowd. got some girl scouts here. we have birthday celebrations. you happy? excited? >> yeah. >> mr. daly, do you have a crowd moment >> come down here and say hi to
8:31 am
everybody. hello there. nice to see you. come on down we have a camera around here you're already here. hello. >> good to see you how are you? nice to see you. jill martin, steals & deals. awesome segment coming up. look at these guys it's the heart and soul of laredo, texas, in the house. south texas is here. how are you? >> we're in new york >> good to see you he has the al roker glasses. >> we love al. >> we all love al. the problem is al is not here. he's in l.a. >> but al is here right there. can you see him on the tv screen >> yeah. >> love you. >> a little group here >> we love you from laredo, texas >> he is sending love right back
8:32 am
we hope you guys have a good time here. you enjoying it? >> love the frames love this colors thank you for being here >> we love you. >> all right back over to you >> all right >> carson, thank you >> carson gave us a preview. jill having a summer blowout steals and deals filled with everything you need for summer fun at the pool, backyard. ten deals coming up. >> plus, are you ready to lose our judges are ready for the big burger battle. each of us are going to build a burger and our experts are going to decide which one is the best you know you're very confident some might say overconfident. >> i'm confident in my burger, yes. >> what is your specialty? >> i have a secret ingredient. it will stay secret until the big burger battle. >> okay. >> all right >> thank you >> also looking forward to tomorrow we mentioned yesterday maggie rogers will be here for live summer concert. >> come on back. >> yeah. >> coming up, in the third hour of today, female entrepreneurs thriving "shark tank" star barbara
8:33 am
corcoran is going to share how she's helping women succeed in business before we get to all of that, once again, mr. roker, al from l.a. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by target at the store or to your door target run and done. >> and as we take a look at what is happening around the country. severe storms along the east coast. tropical weather in the gulf heat advisories in the lower mississippi river valley strong storms in the plains. sunny and hot in the west. we move into tomorrow, the heat continues here in the west the strong storms in the plains as well. barry most likely it will be named, tropical storm. and we're looking at a lot of wet weather through the southeast. that's what's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of coastal fog and low visibility over the golden gate bridge right now. as you get ready to head out it is drizzling in san francisco while clear for the inland areas. we're going to have some slightly warmer temperatures today reaching into the upper 80s in parts of the east bay and
8:34 am
north bay valleys. by tomorrow, we're seeing more widespread upper 80s and low 90s for the inland areas for the weekend. we will gradually cool off early next week while san francisco still keeps the temperatures in the 60s. that is your latest weather. savannah >> thank you so much just ahead, we'll get to jill martin and the big summer blowout. steals & deals bargains. but first, this is "today" on nbc. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on
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all right, we have a special session of steals and deals. all right, we have a special session of steals and deals. we have double the deals this morning. top ten of the ultimate summer essentials good morning >> it's a blowout and blowup we blow up the wraps >> i mean, this says instant fun. >> it does >> i love all of these it comes in a set. you get a bundle let's concentrate.
8:37 am
pat in the nightshirt behind me said this is a narwal which is a type of whale. this is one set you can get. >> i thought it was a unicorn. >> i know. my dad makes up facts, too so i looked it up. you have the whale, llama or the unicorn. it comes set of four so you get the big float, you get this little float that holds. >> i call this the drink float or the carson float. >> yes you get a beach ball >> and a noodle. the retail is 85 the deal is $29.60 >> for four floats that's so cute very cool. that's a party >> okay. the underwater camera. that is a cool idea. >> yeah. i feel like this is also a carson thing this is underwater and on land this is awesome. because the retail $199.95 it not only goes underwater but you can use it on land it links to an app on your phone is you can make it so the pictures show up >> right to the phone. i love that.
8:38 am
>> that's amazing. >> no fuss >> then no card. >> and it comes with all of this so you really -- you get the directions you get the camera it takes great underwater pictures >> that's fun. >> the retail, $199.95 the deal, $59. 70% off. >> it's a screaming deal, jill now what's this? >> a blanket >> this is awesome christine our producer was just in italy she brought it with her. sh is also great for travel. the beach road beach sheet $49 retail here's the deal. it comes in a little bag it opens to a two person almost like towel but you can throw it in the washing machine. >> it's thin it's not like a blanket. it feels like a sheet. but it's thicker >> it's a beach sheet. it's resistant to the sand you can shake off the sand and it won't stick it is water resistant. this is really awesome for the beach. it packs flat and also a great hostess gift retail is $49. the deal is $19.61 >> they should make an outfit out of that. >> the cooler bag.
8:39 am
>> yeah. that's next. >> i'm so excited. >> the cooler bag is great it comes with blue tooth speakers in it and holds 24 cans. >> what? >> retail, $69.99. you see the different patterns clearly on the speakers link up to an iphone. >> does it sound good? >> sounds great. and can fill the beach with music. retail, $69.99, the deal, $24. that's 66% off >> we have to have some shades we need our sunnies deal >> right. >> so this is the mark by andrew mark sunglasses. retail, $75. those look good on you >> you always act shocked. >> last time i didn't think. so but the aviators are a good shape for you. retail is $75. we're showing a few styles here. but with the deal like this, it's great to go online and pick something you wouldn't normally pick >> take a risk >> i don't believe in one shape face for one pair of sunglasses. it's what you like so the retail $75. the deal, $21.
8:40 am
72% off. >> wow that is a good one >> okay. now what's this? >> all right this is our neon crew behind us. all right. this is a real mojito. retail, 50 to $53. now here's what's cool it is for every part of your meal so the steak is seasoned with the seasoning. and then the drinks, there is a drink seasoning. and then a dessert seasoning you can give actually to somebody as a house warming gift so the retail is $50 to $53, the deal, $19.99, up to 62% off. >> and you get four spices >> can you go on to to find out which is in which this is pink lemonade cane sugar. it spells it out there are recipes too. moving on. >> outdoor >> to the frog hill dishes and serve ware retail, $129 to $169 what's great about this is you're done if you want to get everything in terms of serving
8:41 am
it's plastic >> it looks nice. >> so you get three piece serving or the place set and it's really awesome. obviously it won't break really good looking looks like this >> yeah. >> and different patterns. we're only showing a few here. the retail, $129 to $169 the deal is $39. up to 77% off. >> go to to figure out what you get in each set >> okay. napkins. expensive. retail, $38. this is a great deal there are four of them they're machine washable you can match them up to the plates we're only showing a few here. different patterns and styles on it's really nice when you have a dinner party to use nice napkins. >> you get a set of four how much >> the retail is $38 the deal is $14. 63% off. >> i love a good candle. is this an outdoor candle? >> you could use it outdoor. the candle set, retail $76 set of two
8:42 am
these are designer candles but really, i like these >> they're great and stylish you can use them as an art piece. in your bathroom or guest room retail, $76. the deal is $27. this is great to keep in the house for gifts. >> now this is fun this is a little hammock >> yes >> we are not going to get in, but trust us this works so this hammock that you can carry the hammock, it comes in this bag and then it expands to a hammock. i want to say it doesn't come with a stand >> that's my question. >> but you can link it up to two trees. you can link it up to sand if you're at the beach. so really be safe with it. details are all on it comes in this tiny bag. so it's great to travel with the retail, $108 the deal $43 that is 60% off. >> a fun one to take to the beach. let's go through the deals there are so many of them. we have the pool floats, camera,
8:43 am
the beach sheets, sunglasses from mark by andrew mark, coolers from gabby goods seasoning set, serve ware from frog hill. napkins from garner thiebault and candles and kammock hammock. and can you find all of these deals on and just so you know, today will make a small share of revenue from your purchases. >> all right thank you so much. with my friends over here, we're making burgers it's a battle. an epic battle of the burgers. who has the best burger and buns on this set? we'll find out but first, this is today on nbc. >> buns? >> oh, yeah. on nbc. >> buns? there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression.
8:44 am
like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop.
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because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. we're back. we're back today'food is finally game time, ladies and gentlemen all morning long we've been talking about a little burger
8:46 am
battle here. we're ready to go head-to-head each of us have assembled what we think is the perfect burger the perfect topping and side dishes we'll drop them off with the judges they're ready. we have the chefs here they're ready to roll. before we hit our food stations, all right. >> all right. >> chef, there you go. that's mine. savannah craig? >> so nice >> all right perfect. >> i guess i should take the trays. >> all the burgers >> oh, yeah, here's mine >> that's right. thank you very much. >> vote for savannah >> i don't think you're supposed to sway the judges >> chef matt, what do you say? >> my preference in a burger is start off with really good meat. whatever that blend might be something really, good really fresh, really high quality
8:47 am
then the right bun the bun has to be the right ratio. it can't be too thick or dense it has to be squishy sweetness to it. >> how about you >> basic or bold >> i want bacon on it. i want some avocado on it. >> that's where this is going. >> i love it >> yes >> and i love this size. great size >> all right let's go savannah, let's start with you >> it's simple but a classic it's the bacon cheeseburger. i like to put the delicious patty right on the bun i put some great cheese. >> what is that? >> good all american cheese. i like a white american cheese i didn't specify bacon can't go wrong then get some avocado. can i give you a pro tip salt your avocado. >> that's a good idea. a little salt on there to really nail it. now here, this is a delicious burger you may be asking yourself, self, why does she have two sides? and i'll tell you why. because you take these -- >> no. no >> oh, yes you do. >> that is bold. this is delicious.
8:48 am
>> what do you think >> that's a gamble that could have paid off right there. >> i think it feels like a desperate last minute burger >> wow >> they like it. >> all right doing well take your burger much like myself, it's a simple burger >> patty, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato >> oh, brioche >> pepper jack it's simple now. >> a little bacon. always have to add bacon bacon there. i like to cross my bacon like that you get a little bacon on the side a little lettuce, tomato, ketchup. i think that the sides are just as important as the burger so hand cut fries, a little cajun seasoning. have you ever been to bo jangles? >> oh, yeah. >> of course >> best fries in the world i tried to replicate the recipe. cajun seasoning. >> old bay >> simple burger boom
8:49 am
there you have it. not fancy. but i like it. it's tasty >> i think it's delicious. i love the heat and the pepper jack in there. >> i do. i respect your philosophy about sides. i feel the same way. these are epic >> jenna >> all right >> do we have any texans in the house? >> i'm making a special texas burger that we used to make back in the day my mom made it with green chilies, actually. but first, i start with queso which is a texas word for delicious. queso here i like to put it on both sides of the bun >> wow >> i put queso or everything. >> who doesn't like queso on everything >> there were people that said they did and knew guam mole and now guacamole. you my think this is too much. >> this seals the deal my guacamole always has a little red onion and then tomato. and then if you like spice, now
8:50 am
if you don't, okay, bring it, lady if you like spice, you put a couple of jalapenos right there. >> i serve it always with guac and tortilla chips >> very texas. very jenna >> queso on anything, can you never go wrong >> does a burger and queso work together >> it's magic. >> it's cheese >> it keeps it moist it really adds sauce it is salty and messy. >> oh, please. >> i'll end it the gastro pubs got fancy with niche burgers. i'm harkening back a good old-fashioned american budweiser is my side american cheese. this is the american blt burger. bacon, lettuce, and tomato we'll put it up right here on top. my side is going to be a pickle. i have avocado on the side and
8:51 am
cold beer. guys, all american burger. >> i like it what do you think? >> nothing wrong with that >> i also have to say a good pickle with any burger is a great side component >> i think the pickle makes it i seem to be missing the side of beer >> what happened there >> craig intercepted it. >> there you go. there is your beer. >> thank you >> so we heard from the judges >> did they vote >> no, we're giving them a minute >> so deliberate now and for you at home, we want to know what you think after watching the burger stuff you can vote for your favorite at we'll reveal the results tomorrow >> tomorrow? >> yeah, we're going to give the viewers a day to think about it. if they want to make the things tonight. >> texans, i hear you. so we'll have the online vote tomorrow for now, we turn back to the chefs. alejandro, matt?
8:52 am
do you have a clear winner >> we don't want to skew the online results, but we do seem to have a favorite among the two of us. do we say it >> jenna, i love the texas burger >> oh, my gosh >> thank you, everybody! >> the first ever burger battle. >> we'll never hear the end of this >> thank you thank you. >> every time. >> thank you so much >> i want my beer back darn you, queso. >> i'm sorry >> all right thank you to our judges. at home, go to the site and vote let the popular people vote. >> i want the popular vote too >> we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. happy grilling this is "toy" on. this is "toy" on. da ha ♪ ♪ this is "toy" on. da ♪
8:53 am
this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
8:54 am
we're back with the end of an era volkswagen has rolled the last beetle off the end of the
8:55 am
assembly line. i might cry. >> that car has been on the world roads for 81 years >> love bug. >> gaining massive popularity, especially in the 60s in the united states. you think it's going to stick? it went away once before it came back >> a great prize fighter for and encore >> remember the "herbie" movie the love bug >> did you ever play punch buggy when you were little >> my kids still do. remember the convertible beetle? i wanted that so bad >> yeah. >> look at it. of course. >> amazon will buy it and bring it back. >> by the way, we have a lot for you still coming up at if you haven't seen this video make it a part of your day it is an unbelievable way that a hike -- the entire school honored a graduate that has autism it will reinstate your faith in humanity >> and the cast of "american pie" reuniting i can't believe it
8:56 am
but it's been 20 years how is that possible >> how is that possible? >> man >> third hour of "today", childhood friends who turned a passion for cooking into a business >> we'll have two lucky ladies that get awesome ambush makeovers. >> that's right, thursday. >> with the hottest celebrity looks. >> congratulations again >> thank you >> we'll see what the viewers say tomorrow. >> exactly >> we need to do a burrito off live from rockefeller plaza, good morning. it is 8:56. the push to stop b.a.r.t. fare evaders is leading to other problems. take a look at some of the proposed gates scheduled to be installed. those are flaps with increased pressure and then a pop up that tries to stop the evaders from hopping over. yesterday our cameras captured people sneaking through a
8:57 am
different version of the gates a the richmond b.a.r.t. station. when police tried to retain them things turned violent. the new modified gates are being tested at the richmond station. b.a.r.t. will test out different designs before they make a final decision about which device to install system wide. happening now the immigration raids president trump warned about could start this sunday. nbc news confirmed san francisco could be one of the ten major u.s. cities targeted. the raids were scheduled to happen last month but were postponed. the man that police say now has admitted to plowing his car into a group of people in a hate-motivated attack in sunnyvale is due in court to enter a plea. he is accused of hitting and injuring eight people as they walked in a crosswalk. it was later determined he thought the group was muslim.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 12a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of in the today". >> this morning we have third hour "today" cousins bill martin, willie geist is sitting with us. good morning to you. >> no big deal she is in a golf tournament. >> with justin timberlake. >> and she is doing well >> american celebrity golf tournament she will bring you that tomorrow so she is having fun >> she had a heck of a round, by >>e way.


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