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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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now. good evening. protesters are ng us. blocking streets in san francisco. they are voicing anger over the immigration raids that are expected this sunday. >> it's not just san francisco either. nbc news has confirmed sweeps will hit ten cities nationwide with a goal of arresting more than 2,000 undocumented immigrants. we have live team coverage for you on these controversial raids in san francisco with those protesters. sam? >> reporter: hey, jess camp right now there's probably 300, 400 protesters and that's been a stable number for the last hour or so. acting ice director ken cuccinelli says these raids will actually move forward but it's evidence of being here for more than two seconds that this protest is the about so much more t raids. look at the signs that run right now. not just stop i.c.e. raids but stop persecuting asylum seekers and tormenting children and families, following orders. this is a commentary on traditions right now at
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detention centers, i.c.e. raids and an amalgam of immigration raids that's driving people into the streets here of san francisco. i realize it's a little loud right now. they have been chanting from this truck in the middle of the street for about the last 45 minutes. these protesters on one side of the street and the city has closed off traffic on the other on this one block. we'll seat effects on traffic and, of course, the protests on policy in days ahead. live from the sfngs district, sam brock, parts of the bay area. citizens or not, these raids impact a lot of people. >> there really is the fear factor. li ithe south bay are telling us they will spend the weekend locked in their homes. damian trujillo continues our covera san jose. damian, people don't know where the raids are exactly going to happen and that has people taking precautionary measures.
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>> kids and adults, jess camp i'm here at the guadalupe church here. i've been to spanish sunday mass here, and it's usually packed of the right now the 5:30 daily mass is under way, but you're likely to see far fewer parishioners here this coming sunday. the scheduled i.c.e. action has this entire immigrant community on edge. ♪ many families at the tropicana center in san jose are getting in their shopping while they can. come sunday some in this immigrant community say they will be staying indoors. you're staying home? >> maria dejesus says her family doesn't have any choice but to stay home. they feel it's the best chance to avoid i.c.e. immigrant realizing their clientele might not be visiting their stars. >> children are devastated by this. >> the pending immigration sweep today's
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meeting of the rapid response network at san jose city half. the team is providing for the worst. providing mental health by children who might be left orphaned by deportation and preparing parents for that potential reality. >> helping families create family emergency plans, basically a plan that lists all the children's important information, like medical history like who is going to be the guardian of the kids. >> reporter: shops across san jose are putting up posters alerting families what to do if they see the border patrol. for maia dejesus it's a dale worry. maria says she spends every day trembling at home until her husband returns from work, not knowing if immigration agents have taken him away. think youhere do not post see i.c.e. in your neighborhood. it only creates panic in all your followers.
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insteady this ask you to call the hotline and many time they see i.c.e. activity and it's not even i.c.e. at all. we're live in east san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> will be a tense weekend. santa rosa police are looking for a driver who hit a toddler and took off. happened this afternoon not far from the mall. police are looking for a white van. paramedics did lift the child to children's hospital oakland. take a look. it's a wild ride. cameras caught this high-speed chase right through the san jose international airport. overnight you can see a car hit one of the speed bumps right there and actually go robert ho joins us from the terminal where the chase took place with the exclusive video. robert? >> reporter: that's right. two pe custody but the search ins this exclusive video, roared
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through this main stretch in a high-speed chase that started all the way from a car stop on the east side of the city. on airport security cam you can see in the distance, sheriff's units chasing a stolen car entering the terminal area shortly after 11:30 last night. the high-speed chase reportedly up to 110 miles per hour is startling as they zoom through going airborne with sparks flying. the chase was also caught on a phone camera by an airport worker. >> it did lead deputies into a high-speed pursuit throughout the san jose area for the potential neighborhood, going through red lights. that could have easily injured themselves or someone else. >> oh, my god. that's insane. >> reporter: it's crazy to think that just it really makes you wonder what people are thinking when they do something like that. >> reporter: clues were found after the chase ended near southwest expressway where as you see two suspects were caught, another fled the scene.
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18-year-old anthony ysabela was booked on numerous charges, including felony evading, a 14-year-old female cited and released to her guardian. a bystander was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a search dog. inside the vehicle, deputies found stolen driver's licenses, passports, credit cards, a key and an aerosoft pistol. >> the aerosoft pistol that was recovered could have easily been mistaken as a real gun. it could have been used, for example, in a robbery or any other kind of violent crime. >> again, the search is still on for a third suspect described as a thin latino male with an afro haircut, and at this time investigators are also looking to track down the oerlive at sa airport, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. nearly 400 years in prison, the sentence a judge handed down to a man convicted of sexually assaulting six women.
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demao evans was a club promoter in san jose. a jury found him guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting several women in 2016. evans must now serve at least 65 years before his sentencing can be reviewed. >> the jury in the ghost ship trial weeks away of deciding the fate of the defendants. today was almena's last day on the stand. melissa colorado joins us with more on his testimony. >> reporter: for more than two months we've not heard a peep from theamyembers of the victims in the courtroom, but today we actually heard them laugh. they were scoffing at derrick almena when he says he doesn't blame anybody for the fire and him.ords from the past came deputy district was played where almena said the
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whole point of his defense is pointing and blaming and he also claimed that no one ever warned him the warehouse was a death trap contradicting what a construction work said on the stand two months ago. grace kim lost her cousin in the fire and said it was frustrating to hear almena lie on the stand. >> we have to sit here listening to these two people who can't tell the truth and i hope that the jurors see that, and we want justice. >> of course, they are comforting him and saying you did good, you did as well as can be done under the circumstances. >> okay. melissa, closing statements begin tomorrow night. how do we expect the attorneys to wrap it all up? uld four days. the prosecutors will bring in the opening statements saying
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all 36 victims had no exit, no notice or time to escape the burning warehouse. the defense, on the other hand, is probably going to say that firefighters, police officers knew about the warehouse, knew that people were living inside that wearhouse and because nobody ever red-tagged the building that essentially gave max harris and carrick almena the green light, but i can tell you just by looking at the jury, you can see the fatigue is really starting to set in. you get the sense that they are ready to start deliberating soon. >> very good. thank you very much, melissa. it's take two for b.a.r.t. they are using another gate to block fare evaders. this new test gate went up in the fruitvale station. now it's a different design than those that were heavily criticizt kristi smith is in oakland this evening with b.a.r.t.'s latest adjustment. >> reporter: the installation sunday with a, a test of fare gates that don't look all that different than the gates that b.a.r.t. uses now with one key change. a small pop-up barrier that
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looks like a blade but isn't sure. >> it gives an additional four inches of height over them because of what people do when they fare evade is they jump over the fare leads so if we increase the height it the might deter that behavior. >> reporter: is it enough to deter those who hop gates without much care? this is video from the richmond station yesterday where another gate is in place. a teen was slipping through and then scuffling with police as police try to stop them and they have been stopped by disabled riders. >> there isn't enough time for me to always get through. >> reporter: before the end of the pilot program four different gate styles will be tested. all have the same goal, let paying riders in and keep fare evaders out. >> we're seeing how they are orking, and that's going to nemesis tim sfwhooid in the fall b.a.r.t. will go before the fin.
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we're tracking some breaking news in oakland. investigators are looking for this rifle. the fbi says someone stole from an agent's car last night in the parking lot of the hegenberger parking center in oakland and they also took a loaded magazine and fbi jacket. the feds are offering a $5,000 reward for any information. up next, what happened to tristan? the death of a perfect healthy third grader in the south bay has doctors baffled tonight. >> also a warning. when a wildfire sparks. the community in contra costa county that's the first in the state to use sensors to alert fire crews. chief meteorologist ranieri. plenty of blue sky right here across the east bay in lafayette, but you've got the fog in the coastline that's setting up lots of temperature extremes. we'll go over what to expect for tomorrow. details next in about eight minutes. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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this one is heartbreaker. it started with what everyone thought was just a common cold and then a trip to the hospital for dehydration, and it ended with a 9-year-old milipitas boy's death. tonight his family is struggling towns how the common cold could have killed their child. nbc bay area has more live from palmer elementary school after talking with the family and what a sudden and tragic turn for that family. >> reporter: jessica, it is unbelievable. this is where he went to school and where he had just finished third grade, and now his family is saying this entire community is mourning. mark and belle ang tried 14 years to have their first child and finally had their son terroristan. the couple said the first nine years with him were perfect until their healthy, vibrant and athletic son died suddenly one night. now the most stunning part of the story is y.doctors think
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tristan may have died from a rare complication of the common cold or adeno virus. >> they said that, unfortunately, one of the complication that it can go to the brain. >> waking up every morning is a struggle for us. you sleep at night. we cannot sleep. >> reporter: tristan's parents explain it all started one week before one of tristan's tae kwon do competitions. the third grader who attended marshall pomeroy elementary school is a big fan of the sport and black belt. his dad tells me tristan became a little weak and a little tired with a headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. doctors send them home from the hospital though saying he was just dehydrated, but a few days later he started looking dazed and struggled to say his own name. >> we went to the emergency room again. >> reporter: once in the icu, terroristan's brain started swelling and soon after his heart four times. >> that's when the doctor told
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us that he's dying. as nurse i know but as a dad i don't want to believe it. >> reporter: within three hours this beautiful boy his parents describe as kind hearted and generous passed away. mark and belle both nurses themselves couldn't believe it. >> we're blaming ourselves. what did we miss? >> god loves him so much that he wants him by his side. >> reporter: and a family friend has set up a gofundme page for the couple an their two other children. we have posted a l website. repoing live in minute as, an 0 shah rasta. >> a man appeared in court accused of plowing his car into a crowd of people. he ran down eight people with
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his car in what's described as a hate crime. at 13-year-old girl was seriously injured. investigators sail he thought the group was mussly. his lawyer claims he suffers from ptsd after serving in iraq. it's ground breaking technology that could be the key to stopping wildfires of this before they get out of control. think of it as an early wildfire warning system and it's been rolled out right in our own back-yard in contra costa county. it has 200 fire sensors planted across its high-risk zones. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is there where the technology is being put to the test. >> reporter: i'm told sensors w like your household thermostat but these battery-powered devices are programs that catch fire. >> the flames start licking the bottom of the sensor and the temperature spikes. >> you're looking at a newly
6:18 pm
developed tool lives. wireless battery-powered sensors designed to detect a wildfire as it ignites. >> so the sensors measure temperature and humidity and if the threshold is reached then we get a notification. >> reporter: the fire district has teamed up with berkeley-based tech company to develop the sensors. fire chief dave winnaker says he's been brainstorming how to protect the heavily wooded and high-risk community. >> they recognize the similarity between this area and areas with catastrophic fire and it was a real pressing demand from the community about what to do. >> reporter: i got the alert email. >> firefighters put this to the test as they put is a acres of dry weaveriggered it sends out an alert to the fire district along with projections that the fire's growth and evacuation recommendations. >> you want the people closest to the fire to be notified first
6:19 pm
and get out before everybody else. otherwise you're going to have gridlock. >> reporter: there's already 200 sensors in place there. the chief thinks it's technology that should be used not just in contra costa county but statewide. >> what's compelling about this technology and system is that it's available right now. >> reporter: you're looking at the area where the fire department tested out those devices today. in fact, you can see them out in the middle of the charred out-field. we're told that several other cities are looking into installing and using death vices. i can tell you there are representatives here today from san matteo and trucky ee to see how they work. they work perfectly. i'm jodi hernandez,ing nbc bay area news. >> you can see how cry it looked behind jodi. >> going to get hot this weekend. >> the humidity is already dropping. certainly excited about that technology and really great if any kind of fires do break out and we'll see how fast it
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spreads there across the bay area. at least the sensors are getting installed very, very interesting. i'm sure we'll putting that report up on the twitter page as well. i'll be trying to re-tweet it here if you want to see more on that. get a look at our temperatures today versus the average. we went from below average temperatures the past couple of weeks to, well, now above average. you can see in santa rosa that was one of the warmest at 90 degrees and the average 83 and also up to a hot 90 in concord with the average at 87. now, we'll take you out to one of the warm nest concord, and you can see lots of blue sky right now. currently checking in with 84 degrees so we're beginning to drop and eventually we'll get some 60s in here by sock and 11:00 so the cool ocean breeze will be working for us tonight so hopefully your air conditioning doesn't have to work too hard for you as we head into the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. i want to get you a closer look at the fog map, and we do expect patchy areas of fog. for the morning it doesn't look super thick, but in san
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francisco right down the peninsula, also for areas near berkeley, oakland, hayward and fremont, expert areas of high clouds. lots of sunshine away from the coast tomorrow, and that's going to mean temperatures warm up another degree or two. i do think we easterly stay out of the 100s and it's 89 in morgan hill and closer to the bay, you seat numbers drop o.848 here in san jose and 82 here in palo alto and 28 in san francisco. a look at the weekend forecast and a look at tropical storm barry coming up in about 25 minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you then. up next, it's going to be up to the voters. will the ban on e-cigarettes in san francisco be reversed?
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a bizarre downtown palo alto. a man was attacked with a skateboard. it happened right on university avenue. police say tristan mcrest seen here punched a man in the face and knocked him to the ground and then beat him with a skate board. the victim was able to get free
6:25 pm
but he threw rocks at him as he ran away. police found him wandering the streets and promptly arrested him. the search is on for the crew hitting homes in upscale peninsula neighborhoods. hillsboro police say the man that you're about to see there broke into two homes right now right behind the elementary school. surveillance video picked up the men on a nearby street. they broke a glass window on the back of one home to get in. there's also surveillance video of the men walking away from a home ten minutes away. if you recognize these men call police. it's official that voters will get to decide whether e-cigarettes will be banned in san francisco. vaping advocates say they received enough signatures to put the issue on the november ballot. it would overturn the city's recently passed ordinance that bans the sale of e-cigarettes. if passed it would allow companies like san francisco-based juul to continue selling vaping device and nicotine cartridges in the city. much-needed boost for affordable housing in the south bay. the city nearly
6:26 pm
$42 million to build 1660 new affordable apartments. the new build also go up in the roosevelt park community. people within walking and biking distance with public transit and some of the money will be funded for the transportation district. up next at 6:30, dropping his bid but not his fight. the move president trump is making after the court blocked his plan for a citizenship question on the 20 to census. and it looks like a two-person race. the results of a new nbc poll showing the top democratic presidential candidates and where california senator kamala harris stands. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or >> hi, folks, we're back. if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you don't have an attorney we have legal professionals standing by to let you know what your case is potentially worth. rob, tell the viewers who should be calling in right now.
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>> anyone who has been injured in an accident and it's not your fault and do not have an attorney call us right now. we'll let you know what your case is potentially worth. >> thanks, rob. call now. >> right now at 6:30, bypassing the supreme court to sort out issue of citizenship. president trump issues an executive order to try to get the answer he was blocked from getting on the 2020 census. now the president's order goes into effect immediately. he's asking every federal agency to turn over their numbers regarding undocumented immigrants. >> that's not all. as we mentioned earlier in this newscast the president also ordering a deportation sweep for this sunday including the bay area. janelle wang joins us with the latest developments and a lot happgonight and this weekend. >> as you mentioned that raid was supposed to happen last month but the trump administration postponed is at the last minute and now it's back on and so is the president's fight to determine who is in the u.s. illegally.
6:30 pm
>> from the white house this afternoon. president trump issues an exutat gn. >> i'm hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and non-citizens in our country. they must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately. >> the president's executive order comes after the u.s. supreme court barred his citizenship question on the 2020 census because the government's justification is unsieve. >> we will leave no stone unturned. we'll leave the right for the american population to know everything about citizens and non-citizens in america. >> reporter: the president also telling i.c.e. to go ahead with mass deportation raids in ten u.s. cities this sunday, including san francisco and chicago. >> today we're seeing true fearmongering tactics coming together. >> reporter: republicans support
6:31 pm
raids. >> these are individuals who have crossed the border in recent years and either received a deportation order from a judge or failed to appear before a court. >> reporter: democrats are furious. >> shame, shame, shame on this awful administration. >> these families are hard working members of our communities and our country. this brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart. >> reporter: critics say president trump is trying to rally his anti-immigration base with both of these actions. this sunday's i.c.e. raid will target 2,000 families across the u.s., and as we mentioned earlier in this newscast, san francisco, san jose and oakland says everyone has rights no matter their status and local police departments will not help i.c.e. with this sunday's raids. raj >> vice president joe biden and senator elizabeth warren are on top according to the first nbc news/"wall street journal" poll for the presidential race. biden has the support of 26% of likely voters, 19% for elizabeth
6:32 pm
warren. senator warren. they are followed by senators kamala harris and bernie sanders who are died at 13, but with just 12% of voters saying their minds are made up, there's a lot of room for the race to change obviously. >> tonight we have new details in that shooting at the taco bell restaurant in livermore. investigators just released a picture of a white volkswagen. they believe the driver of this car was in the parking lot at the time of the shooting and they believe what happened. the man was shot and killed at the taco bell and the suspect is still on the run and dangerous. moseby a popular student at livermore pd. a notable win for governor newsome. the california senate passed a plan to change the way wildfires are paid for. the bill creates a new $21 billion fund for people who lose their homes to wildfires trirlgd by power lines. about half of that money will come from customers. the rest money is paid for by
6:33 pm
utility shareholders, and the plan also requires utility companies to get yearly safety certifications. this bill comes as pg&e has filed for prints after power lines sparked some of the state's largest recent wildfires. >> there's new information on pg&e and the electrical power that likely sparked the worst wildfire in state history. pg&e recently turned over documents to state regulators and showed it missed many opportunities to catch and change those problems. here's investigative reporter jackson vanderbeken. >> reporter: back in 20 so an outside consultant wrote in this report that pg&e's aging transmission structures posed a growing risk of fai.nvestigatio warning went unheeded. quanta technologies was most worried about thousands of steel transmission towers that were already at least 80 years old. quanta urged the utility to have
6:34 pm
inspectors climb the oldest towers, like those on the caribou/palermo transmission line where the deadly camp fire started last year. >> pg&e should have done that, and it's really remarkable that even after that they failed to properly inspect and maintain their equipment. >> reporter: instead, pg&e continued to rely on cheaper helicopter patrols and ground-based inspections. mark toney is head of the utill watchdog group turn. >> the only way we'll reduce wildfires is for pg&e to do the job we pay them to do. >> reporter: in 2017, pg& missed another chance to catch approximate on the care bow/palermo line. in this internal document, the cap sat on the strategy to ramp up tower efforts, but attention was on towers in coastal areas prone to crow rose. the company assumed inlanders to like the ones in view county
6:35 pm
could last 100 years. so, again, records we reviewed showed pg&e opted not to climb and inspect those towers. it was only after the camp fire that pg&e crews finally climbed caribou palermo's towers, uncovering 18 potentially deadly problems, like the one tied to the fire. in all, inspectors found 250,000 problems across the system in high fire risk areas. tony says the sheer volume is staggering. >> on the one hand, i'm glad pg&e has found them and fixed them. opened, i'm sitting here wondering like everybody else what has penally been doing with ra ratepayer money they have received year after year maintain their equipment? where has it been going. >> reporter: pg&e sent a statement saying in part it's accelerated inspections, and while the number of safety issues we have identified on our electric system is small by percentage, it's unacceptable.
6:36 pm
jacksonin vanderbeken, nbc bay area news. the subject of fires and the camp fire 40,000. that's how many people were impacted by the camp fire in the first few hours after it broke out, a scale that california has never even see. >> we have a large fire in that area. >> no, this is new flames, lady. >> you're listening to some of the 1,700 calls that came in that day. it's hart of a new youtube documentary called request into the fire" produced by cal fire. the 16 mintz film is a window into what first responders encountered. >> it wasn't so. wall of flame that was chewing through the landscape and eating homes as it went, blizzard of embers being driven by the wind and hit on the ground, whether they were forest floors or pine needles in gutters or on roofs. >> "into the fire" depicts a lot of heroism, but it's mostly about the improvisation and creative that firefighters employed to rescue people from
6:37 pm
those flames. the bay area's housing crunch has a far-reaching impact. as prices rise, many minority communities are moving east. new numbers show that in antioch, for example, latino students now make up about 45% of the school district's population. for context here that's up 35% since the 1970s. school administrators said changing face of antioch benefits the community. >> we've really moved and changed and seen a diversity because it's not just people from here but from other countries, and that's making our city very enriched. >> the new numbers come with a new warning for political and communities leaders. diversity advocacy groups say cities don't often pay enough attention to their changing populations which can lead to minority communities feeling marginalized. kurpto is now officially one of the most valuable buildings in the world. apple's spaceship headquarters
6:38 pm
worth more than $3.5 billion. the building is massive and less than half the size of the pentagon and unlike the department of defense apple has to pay taxes of around 1%. apple shells out $40 million every year to santa clara county. up next in the bay area to the world stage, the local dance group featured in one of the hottest music videos on youtube.
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6:40 pm
>> he stole my idea. that's what the brother of a deceased drug kingpin pablo escobar says about elon musk. he claims the silicon valley entrepreneur stole his idea for this, a flame thrower. this all started back in 2017 when an engineer for musk went to visit roberto escobar in colombia. escobar claims the about a flame thrower in the family's compound and a year later in 2018 musk launched what he called not a flame thrower. escobar has his own flame thrower and is thinking about taking legal action against musk
6:41 pm
and musk says his product is not a flame thrower. a local dance team is once again in the international spotlight. ♪ take a look. the dance family from fairfield is featured in this record-breaking music video by indian rap star bad sha for his new song "toggle" set a new record for most youtube views in 24 hours. get this, it's been watched nearly 81 million times and it features some of our local dancers right there. >> that's a jam. a milestone moment for a woman who has witnessed more than 100 years of history. today san francisco's lucy mirajen turned 113. she and her family celebrated at john's grill. she happy and is team. of wine. well deserved one. she even it with a glass she was born in 1906. there she is with her chardonnay. just a few moments after the big earthquake. by the way, the oldest person in the world is 116.
6:42 pm
you go, lucy, with your rum. i'm happy for you. >> 113 candles on that. >> still living la vida with that glass of wine. >> 113, so good. weather forecast outside looking good today, too. lots of blue sky here. jose currently 75 degrees, and we'll be dropping into the low 60s tonight. some progress to report in the fight against robocalls. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. more next. long after the moments have passed.
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. well, nbc bay area responds to complaints about robocalls every weekend. >> we get them every day. >> my gosh. for more than a year our teahes. let's bring in our consumer investigator chris chmura.
6:45 pm
>> i'll temper the hope a little bit but for a couple of hours at a summit today in washington the cellular companies and the fcc hand out a fix that is in the works, something to stop and silence those robocalls. the good news is we learned they are on schedule to meet a december deadline. the bad news is it might not fully fix the problem. washington is well aware that your phone is constantly ringing. >> we detect about 300 million illegal and unwanted calls a day. >> reporter: today we watched a live stream from d.c. as industry leaders, tech experts and phone company reps brainstorm with the fcc about stopping illegal robocalls. they shared their latest weapons in the war. the biggest gun is still built. it's called shaken/stir. it should alert you when a number is spoofed like when scammers make your caller i.d. read irs. >> it doesn't necessarily tell you the intent of the call.
6:46 pm
verifies the solidity of the caller number. >> reporter: shake and stir is on track for rollout by january 1st, but they caution it's no silver bullet. >> it's not going to stop robocalls in itself. >> could still be the devil itself calling from a verified name. >> we'll need help from government authorities as we identify the bad actors and prosecute them and stop them. >> reporter: if you're disappointed you're in the alone. >> the situation with robocalls is out of hand. >> reporter: that's fcc commissioner. we met with her earlier this year. she admits that her agency is not doing enough to fight robocalls. >> we have got to be far more aggressive than we've been and i keep on pressing my colleagues at the fcc to do so much. i think they have been slow on the take. >> reporter: phone companies have until the end of this year to voluntarily implement shake and stir. if they don't. the fcc chairman says he'll make it mandatory. >> we are prepared to go to rules here in the fcc in early 2020 if major providers don't
6:47 pm
meet the end of the year deadline. >> and if that does or does not happen you'll find out about it right here first. we want to help you fight the fraudsters. we created the special digital video to help you and your family avoid robo call scams. it's on our website can you share it, and we encourage you to do just that. while you're on the website you can also tell us about your consumer problems. do you have a favorite robocall that you get every day. >> the chinese ones every day, and now i get one hey, it's paul. don't hang up, and then he says his spiel. >> i get the social security fraud ones all the time. >> free cruise. i really want the free cruise. >> without the call. >> thanks. >> see you guys. parts of the gulf coast are preparing for what could become the first hurricane of the season. tropical storm barry marching towards louisiana. outer bands of the slow-moving storm already flooding parts of ew orleans.
6:48 pm
levees. >> you have to prepare yourself. >> inspectors believe the levees but worry will they be high enough? so many people in that area have ptsd from what they have been through before. obviously their concerns and fears are legitimate. >> and a lot of people aren't taking chances. we heard on "nightly news" how they are already evacuating because they have had 9 inches of rainfall in the past 48 hours and could look at thundershower -p inches in the sameand much ot storm system starts to head their way. an update on the track here coming up in a couple of minutes. you can see now across the bay area. much more beautiful weather. lots of blue sky from our sutro tower camera and looking back to oakland and that fog is starting back in. it's because of this beautiful fog that you can see in this view right now that we did not get into the 100s today.
6:49 pm
again, thank that fog for helping to keep our temperatures down. as you move into tomorrow morning i do see some fog beginning to roll back in. it doesn't look super thick but expect bachie clouds in the peninsula and 6 had in the dry vale and mostly sunny for the south bay and 62 chance of that fog, of course, would be san francisco at 54 and we'll start off with a cool 5 a for the north bay as well. as we bush through tomorrow i do see hotter weather moving in. i do think we'll stay out of the 100s but everything is on track for this stronger area of high we've seen like in.the first rh this in probably over a month. lately a lot of weaker systems moving into the pacific northwest to keep our temperatures down and not the case right now. warmer air on the way for tomorrow. i think overall in the south bay you'll probably be able to handle it just fine here as we're keeping most of you in the 80s, but we will get up to 90 here in gilroy and over to east
6:50 pm
jose 86 and 84 in kurpto. winds breezy and out of the west at 16. lowering humidity across the east bay to reduce our fire danger, and while you're notice it in your skin and your hands feeling dry and your lipped chaps, low 90s from concord to pittsburgh and also right over to antioch and closer to the bay ere'e looking at 75 here in that humidity down t e8%, close that number is tohe a spread. wide spread temperature extremes. the bay breeze keeping us at 76 in san matteo and that's why you're at a colder 61. right through san francisco. 67 for the mission, go to the outer sun set here at 62 and across the north bay up to the 0 in santa rosa and 90 in napa and down towards mill valley. a little bit of breeze off the bay and also the ocean and that's why you're at 828 tomorrow. my extended forecast keeps it nice in san francisco through
6:51 pm
the weekend. upper 60s and we drop off a few degrees and no big issues. the next seven days into the 90s but it doesn't last look as we're back down into the 80 early next week. tropical storm beary will stay offshore. winds at 70 miles per hour. likely a landfall early saturday, movement the big thing again would be flooding. 7 to 20 inches poebl possible for louisiana. so it's less about the wind strength and more about the flooding, and, of course, we'll have more reports right through this weekend. up next a blockbuster trade in the nba and superstar russell westbrook on the move. how l that impact the warriors? >> the show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
raded to russell westbrook the houston rockets. in return the rockets will send oklahoma city chris paul, two first round picks and two pick swaps. the deal would reunite westbrook with his former oklahoma city teammate james harden, and, yes, the nut-look rockets will cause a big headache for the warriors next season.
6:55 pm
>> the biggest tennis star in the world in familiar territory, serena williams headed back to the wimbledon finals. >> this is cool. serena facing off barbora strycova. took her less than an hour to win the semifinals. this would be her 11th finals and if she wins she will become the oldest woman ever to win a wimbledon title. she's 37. she will face simona halep saturday morning in london. >> okay. from the all england tennis club to france. the sixth stage of the tour de france, the toughest yet. 99 miles and a tough uphill climb. can you do 99 miles uphill? >> on a stationary bike? >> yeah. >> not sole cycle. the bellian won and the italian giulio ciccone is the overall stage winner. >> just got real for the sharks. joe pavelski just put his home
6:56 pm
up for sale for 3.6. the grounds feature an infiniti edge spool and spa. after 13 years he's headed to the dallas stars. >> and if you buy the house you'll be neighbors of brent burns. >> i like it. >> how much is it? >> 3.6. >> that's a good deal if have you 3.6 million laying around. >> i like the furniture. >> i like the outdoor furniture. >> i would keep that with autographs. >> we'll pool our money. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. s
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ now on "extra" -- score! the women's soccer stars rock the espys with sandra bullock. >> they are the women's national soccer team! >> new video inside their coast-to-coast race, glamming up
7:00 pm
for the show. >> getting beautified up here. >> who they brought as dates as we go inside their love lives off the field, and break down all of the espy couples. >> we are with the hottest couple. >> "extra"! at more babies? >> she looks good pregnant too though. >> miley's new marriage confession, ad relationship with liam confusing and complex. plus, heidi klum's secretly marries. meghan markle mom shamed.


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