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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  July 14, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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there is a dangerous and threatening storm. >> i submitted by resignation to the president. >> it's time to come together. good morning welcome to sunday "today" on this july 14th i'm willie geist millions of americans are getting drenched this morning by a storm named barry. barry has been downgraded from hurricane to a tropical storm. but the rain and catastrophic flooding are the big problem now. barry causing a serious levee
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breach as it moves inland from the gulf coast we'll take you there live the power is back on in new york city after an outage crippled midtown it forced broadway shows to close, and putting us in the dark at "30 rock". we are live in the streets of manhattan. and later, a sunday sitdown with one of ththe brightest you stars in hollywood aqua feign that from viral video star to full-on movie store. in crazy rich asians, and the phone call that changed her life >> i couldn't believe it i was probably not wearing pants, walking around. and i get a call this is going to happen. i was like, what, no >> the sunday sitdown with aqua fina and a life well lived a little bit later in the show we start with tropical storm
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barry soaking the gulf coast kerry sanders is live in new orleans with the very latest kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. yeah, barry is still here, moving so slowly you can jog faster than the storm is moving. 153,000 people are without power in both louisiana and mississippi this morning and for residents who decide to go out and wade in those rising waters, a warning that in those waters there are snakes and, yes, even alligatorseven alliga. >> reporter: this morning they called in the heavy this morning they have called in heavy artillery and sandbags to plaquemines parish >> we have a losing battle we have wind and water >> this is a neighbor's downstairs room. >> reporter: barry no longer a category 1 hurricane the slow-moving system continues
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to drench portions of louisiana. in some spots it is expected upwards 20 inches will have fallen before this is all over >> the longer this aoefblt take place, the more dynamic it comes in terms of road closures and bridge closures. >> reporter: saturday in terrabonne, two people and a dog were trapped by rising waters. >> do you wish you had evacuated? >> no. >> because >> i have comfort. i'm comfortable where i'm at >> you don't want to be in a shelter? >> no. no >> reporter: grand isle may be the hardest hit. the flooded barrier island and the 600 residents who stayed behind still cut off from the mainland this morning. and while this weather is making so many miserable, barry did prt
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prevent steven and sell seu from getting married saturday their forecast, happiness. hurricane barry the ultimate weather crasher. as for barry now, a tropical storm, it's currently about five miles west of peason ridge, louisiana. by tuesday, the midwest will see torrential rains and can expect some sort of flooding. meantime, here in new orleans, as i am standing on famed canal street, a rare sighting on a sunday morning today completely empty willie >> serious for a lot of people in the state kerry sanders, thanks so much. power is now fully restored to the heart of new york city after a major outage put midtown, including times square, and the upper west side in the dark, forcing broadway shows to close their doors but not stopping
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their songs. kathy park was out on the streets throughout the blackout. she is back out there this morning. kathy, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you this is something you don't see every day. thousands of lives were interrupted. iconic buildings like "30 rock" behind me went dark. traffic lights went out. the governor of new york calling the situation unacceptable this morning much of manhattan back to normal after a widespread power outage shut down the city for blocks and hours. the usually lit skyline went dark >> initially i thought it was an apocalypse situation >> reporter: thousands rushed outside, sharing it on social media. #blackout trending on twitter. at one point, 72,000 customers were without electricity >> you may find damage that we are not currently aware of but we are sitting on a path of
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restoring all customers by midnight >> reporter: the bright lights of times square dimmed j. lo's concert at madison square garden cut short. >> i am obviously heartbroken and devastated here we go >> reporter: even our studios at "30 rock" had generators kick in to keep us on the air. >> if you see something flickering here behind me while we're on air, you will notice why. >> reporter: new york governor cuomo said a transformer was to plame and calls the incident unacceptable he is directing the department of public service to investigate. >> this could have been much worse. >> reporter: while there were moments of confusion and panic >> everyone since the power went out, screamed. >> reporter: some people chose to get creative. at carnegie hall, the show still went on, only outside. and over on broadway, the cast
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of haitis town outside as well and the anniversary of a 1977 blackout lasted two days with looting and rioting. this time around, new yorkers were able to find a bright spot. >> to identify what may have caused this. >> cheers, cheers. >> the lights just went on behind you >> reporter: the widespread outage part of a larger investigation. officials have ruled out foul play as well as a larger infrastructure problem con edison is looking into equipment failures willie >> new york city once again singing its way through a blackout kathy park, thanks so much appreciate it. president trump announced this week that beginning today immigrations andnd customs enforcement would rry out what he called a major operation,
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making door-to-door arrests of undocumented immigrants. this as vice president mike pence came face-to-face with hundreds of immigrants at a pair of detention centers in texas on friday chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press" chuck, good morning. good to see you, as always so, the raids, as president trump promised, will be carried out today over nine cities at least, maybe more. we don't know. i.c.e. hasn't made any official announcement vice president pence face-to-face at a tprepbs whife screaming no showers, no showers. >> he always wants to get caught trying to essentially limit immigration in some form whatever that means in the moment you know, for instance, announcing the i.c.e. raids, you have to ask yourself, why would you announce it? if you were in law enforcement, you would think, well, what the
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heck are you doing to me if you're serious about law enforcement, you wouldn't announce this. if you're looking for political credit, you would. so i think that that is -- only adds to some of the poison in a well that is just extraordinarily -- got extraordinarily harder to drink from, either congressional democrats or the president there's just no trust there. and i do think it does matter that vice president pence saw conditions that were deplorable and the fact that he also acknowledged it was tough to see. this week was the week when republicans finally acknowledged the conditions are as bad as democrats have been describing you thought, well, maybe that's a step forward but i think these raids and the announcement of the politicizing of the raids has probably made that harder. >> you remember the last time the president announced raids he bailed on them using them as leverage in the negotiation. let's turn to the field who want to defeat president trump next year a new poll this week showed joe biden still on top with 26%. elizabeth warren, moving way up
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to 19% kamala harris, bernie sanders tied at 13 pe mayor meet buttigieg at 7. 30 points over kamala harris was there damage done in the debate what do you read into the new polls? >> no. the biggest takeaway is elizabeth warren gained more than kamala harris while she i think did some damage to biden, warren is the other big story in this poll you have half the party wants major transformational change and the other wants pragmatism biden leads 20 points among those who want a more pragmatic approach warren is the leader, by double digits, of those who want more of a transformational approach you have a warren/sanders
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primary on is one side and biden, buttigieg and harris o other side >> meanwhile, other democrats in congress, chuck, crazy infighting going on this week. it came to light in stark relief in some media this week. speaker of the house nancy pelosi sort of being dismissive of a group of freshman congresswom congresswoman. they are saying they have their public whatever in twitter world, that they didn't have any following. they are four people and that's how many votes among them. ocasio-cortez said it was just outright disrespectful talking of nancy pelosi. the singling out of a newly elected women of color what's going on here >> well, look, i think we're focused on the personalities i would say it is the same thing we are seeing in the presidential race. you inside have inside, outside.
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biden and pelosi are defenders of the inside. sanders, warren and aoc agitating from the outside all part of the same dynamic that impacted trump, the outsider paul ryan, the insider so it is a similar dynamic i think right now, though, aoc's power appears to be almost exclusively on social media. less so inside congress. the freedom caucus on the right actually did get some power at least to deny the establishment republicans from doing some things pelosi doesn't have that problem, yet >> plenty of fodder for your conversation as always chuck, thanks so much. we'll look for more on "meet the press" when chuck is joined by the breakout star of the world and a cool start right now. 54 degrees in san francisco. we have that marine layer, so much so, we are seeing a little bit of drizzle on our live cams.
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we can expect to see low clouds clear up by the afternoon. once that does happen, we'll warm up once again into the upper 60s/low 70s for san francisco, and we continue to see the 90s in through the tri-valley. 92 degrees in concord. 85 in san jose. 83 in palo alto and 76 in oakland. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including your standard traffic stop involving a bottle of kentucky bourb bourbon, a can of uranium, and a rattlesnake. plus, the scene that looks like it was straight out of a summer action movie the breathtaking moment when a coast guardsman jumped on top of a moving submarine to stop it. we'll explain what's going on here later, a i new look at a case that's back in the headlines this week. a young woman convicted in the death of her 18-year-old high school boyfriend was implicated by text messages she sent him. should they have empathy for
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michelle carter? >> i think we should have empathy for almost everyone. >> it's all coming on sunday "today". and our photo of the week. megan rapinoe, of the u.s. women's national soccer team, striking her famous triumphant pose in the victory over the netherlands. this time with alex morgan jumping on her back. morgan, by the way, will be our guest in a couple weeks on sunday "today" the team returned home with the cup in hand to a week-long hero's welcome from an infection, human papillomavirus i knew that hpv could lead to certain cancers. i knew her risk for hpv increases as she gets older. i knew there was a vaccine available that could help protect her before she could be exposed to hpv. i knew. so i talked to my child's doctor. now that you know that hpv can lead to certain cancers, don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. whooo!
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morgan radford has our sunday's closer for the show. she was up late covering the black out. did you sleep at all? >> i slept already. our first high -- >> stop the boat they're
6:19 am
yelling. the man attempted to intercept a drug trafficking submarine in the eastern pacific ocean. the sub is not slowing down. one guards man rides on the submarine and pounds it for the crew to open up. perhaps understanding what kind of guys they are up against. if you watch this in a movie, you would find the stunt is too far fetch. this is all real. inside that sub, 17,000 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of $232 million. the dramatic stop and seizure was part of a larger effort that stopped 14 smuggling vessels carrying more than half a billion dollars worth of drugs. i can't behawatch it enough. >> it looks like something out
6:20 am
of "queen of the south." >> those guys gave up pretty quickly. >> high of the day quite literally. our first logos to when a police officer stopped did you know why i stop you. i can't say for shoe but i am driving a stolen car with an opened bottle of bourbon and a live rattlesnake? that moment actually took place in oklahoma, a man named steven jennings was pulled over for an expired tag. he informed the officer, he had a rattlesnake in the backseat. police searched the stolen vehicle and found the rattlesnake along with a gun and nearly full bottle of whiskey and radio active uranium. he needs the uranium to test. the substance he was carrying was benign.
6:21 am
>> the rattlesnake in a stolen vehicle and firearm. when that happens, we call in the company that deals with that specifically. uranium is the wild card in that situation. >> it really is the wild card in any situation. jennings are arrested, not prior to the uranium and the rattlesnake, this is still america as all. the combination of a rattlesnake and kentucky bourbon and uranium. >> our next high could have come straight out of a movie but nobody would have buy it. the los angeles angels honored their beloved team, who died at the age of 27-year-old this mopt. t month. friday's home game was the team's first since his passing.
6:22 am
tyler's mother threw out a perfect strike and every member of the team wore tyler's number 45 with his name on the back. t tyler's fellow pitcher, felix penya carried a combine in the 9th inning and the final out. >> he fires the first. the angels have no hit. the yes, a no hitter on tyler skaggs. the number of batters the angels faced saturday night, 28. you can't make this stuff up. tonight was to honor him and he was definitely looking over. the angels left their jerseys on the mound. the guy died suddenly. what an unbelievable tribute to
6:23 am
him. >> he was born on the 13th day of the seven months. our final low, the common doorbell camera of his house is a sophisticated retina scanning device that unlocks the front door. dad cruises up the house to visit his daughter and husband. he's been told to get that retina right up in the bell to open the door. oh, let me get here closer. after making direct contact with his iyoeye ball. that just means it is also hysterical. >> you will do that here at nbc id card on sunday. >> nobody wants to see that. >> morgan, we'll see you in just a minute. >> coming up next our sit-down >> coming up next our sit-down with awkwafina on her
6:24 am
before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... a peaceful night sleep without >> coming up next our sit-down with awkwafina on her frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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we are going to start you off with a live look out at san jose. you can see the sun starting to rise there, looking nice. thank you for joining us. i'm ali wolf in for kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at your microclimate forecast, with some sun in san jose but that depends where you are. >> absolutely. we're waking up to this marine layer, in through san francisco. it's not as pronounced hugging the entire coastline yesterday but there's still areas of fog. that is a live picture there. we even have a little bit of drizzle in through san francisco, so the city is somewhere behind there. meanwhile, look at downtown san jose, we've got plenty of sunshine.
6:27 am
your temperature trend through the afternoon, talk about a lot of clear skies, we'll get much better clearing this afternoon, a lot quicker, too, 11:00 a.m. in the upper 70s. very, very slight warming, that high pressure that warmed us up into the 90s through yesterday is trying to trek east. however, even though we're going to be a little bit cooler, we're still expecting to see 90s through the interior valleys and areas like concord, antioch and livermore. monday, the gradual warming will turn into a greater difference especially for interior valleys. i'll talk about what you can expect headed into your work week, of course, and tonight as well, coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> vianey, thanks so much. ready for the race? high tension across parts of the bay area. people wait for i.c.e. to make a move. the aclu is taking action against i.c.e. in court. the group filed for injunction that would prevent u.s. immigration and customs enforcement from blocking legal service providers from meeting with people swept up in raids.
6:28 am
it would also force i.c.e. to allow these people to have access to counsel before being processed. activists spoke at sfo trying to spread the word that free legal services are available. >> we've been able to stop raids in the past and we've been able to stop people here in california and we want to send this message to the immigrant community that now, more than ever, because of the leadership and the mobilization of immigrants, we are in a position to fight back these raids and to stop these people. >> the complaint was filed in the u.s. interest court on behalf of pandilla legal services. it specializes in deportation defense. what police are saying about these two men and asking for the public's help in finding them. adam renfro and robert brown from bay point. those two killed a man in concord friday night. the victim was shot and killed at a motel 6 on clayton road a
6:29 am
little after 11:00. officers say they tracked brown to a home in bay point early yesterday morning. concord s.w.a.t. team served a warrant at the home. they spent much of the day in what they believed was a standoff, but when that team entered the house, braun was not inside. the police are warning if you see either of those suspects, do not approach them. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," taco bell is not your average bay area fast food joint. we'll take you to this weekend's grand reopening. we'll that plus your top stories coming up at 7:00. for now, we'll head back to "sunday today" with willie geist.
6:30 am
here is what you need to understand, it is not about getting eleanor to like you, it is about getting her to respect you. right now she thinks you are undeserving, clueless, gold digging, trashy unrefining banana. >> that's actor, comedian, rapper, awkwafina in a scene in "crazy rich asians" which made nearly a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office. awkwafina has been on quite a ride over the last year or so. in addition to the high energy
6:31 am
comedy, she starred last summer in "ocean's eight" alongside with sandra bullock and rihanna. she has a busy movie-line up including her latest. awkwafina and i got together this week here in new york for a sunday sit-down. >> first thing first, we just met. >> yes. >> what do i call you? >> do i call you awkwafina or how does this work? >> it is really based on how you feel. >> really? >> some people will call me nora, i will call you willie. >> she created her stage name and alter ego, awkwafina in high school as a way to build confidence.
6:32 am
that strategy seem to have worked. >> do i look at the camera the whole time. >> she attended laguardia high school of music and performing arts. on the strength of her talent with a trumpet but then she found hip-hop. >> i started making beats obsessively and that was born. awkwafina. >> how did you pick that name? >> it means fine water. >> that's good. >> you flow like fine water. >> thank you. >> we saved it. >> imagine if you said that and i was like -- [ laughter ] in 2012, the 24 years old aspiring rapper hosted a raunchy song but catchy on youtube. the viral video has more than 4
6:33 am
million views today did not impress awkwafina's bosses. >> i didn't know what publicity meant. >> i lost that job. >> she may have lost her 9:00 to 5:00 but she launched her career. >> everything comes back to that. my first movie, "neighbors two." >> seth rogan and nick stiller saw that video and asked me to audition from there. that was the moment. >> since then, awkwafina has become a bona fide movie star with scenes stealing role in two of last year's biggest movie. "ocean's 8" and "crazy rich asians,". >> people are so posh and snobby. >> last fall, awkwafina became the second asian american lady
6:34 am
to host "saturday night live." >> have you thought and breathe and look back at what just happen last year. >> not really, it has been busy. i spent a lot of my career sitting in a bad apartment wondering what's going to happen. >> what was it like to be on a poster with "ocean's 8" with people like that and to have people coming out of the movie, great cast, she's funny. keep your eyes on her. >> confusing and shocking. i could not believe it. i was in that same bedroom i was talking about probably not wearing pants, walking around and drinking and i get a call that's like this is going to happen. i was like what? >> after two months after that here comes "crazy rich asians,"
6:35 am
it is one of those movies and it is on hbo and you stop and watch it. >> i will play it. it is embarrassing, too when people realize what i am doing. >> are you like -- >> there was periods where both movies were on the plane, i would go up to people, only one person put together that i was that girl. they thought i was a crazy person, asian girl, yes, i am asian. one woman that watched "ocean's 8" and "crazy rich asians" had no idea. okay. she did that to me and i was like okay -- >> so this energy and sense of humor. i am interested in the origin of it. >> i derive from joy from
6:36 am
others. that's where i run on. that starts after losing my mom, it was a way for me to make things light. >> awkwafina was just four years old when her mother died of hyper tension. her grandma stepped in. >> hi grandma did everything. she taught me. >> grandma-fina has made cameo and fully supporting her daughter. >> she was a fun woman? >> no joke was ever too dirty for her. >> her grandma inspired her to take her latest role in "farewell." >> the dramatic lead as a departure for the comedian who were drawn to the movie by its reminders of her own relationship with her grandma.
6:37 am
>> it seems auspicious. >> in the film, awkwafina plays billy, whose beloved grandmother has cancer but kept in the dark with her prognosis. >> not to tell someone they are sick so she goes to china and they fake the wedding and still have not told her grandma. i had to confront something which is not wanting to confront and the idea of losing my grandma. >> you tell eloquently of representation and making your family proud and the entire community proud. >> it is something not a lot of other groups have to do. i have to set a good examples of that. the story i tell reflects them well. that's important to me. >> so with all that in mind, what does your grandma say or
6:38 am
father say? >> they're proud. yeah. >> grandma, i compare them to drug dealers, they're pushers. that's what they do. i got something that you want and the question is do you want it? >> i love your grandmother. >> you should meet her sometimes. she would love you. >> she would be like, what's up? some dates, woudo you have a minute? >> i would love to meet grandma-fina. "the farewell" is in theaters right now. to watch awkwafina and me share her favorite dumplings while we talk about the long list of odd jobs she had, check out on
6:39 am don't forget to sit down with our podcast to hear the whole interview and as you can tell it is a fun one. you can find it on our apple broadcast. coming up, morgan radford and i will ask your questions, use the we've already got the sunshine in san jose. a live look right now, your temperature trend into the afternoon by 11:00 a.m., expect some upper 70s down through the south bay. we'll remain in the mid 80s today for slightly warmer temperatures, but still warm in through the tri-valley. concord 90 degrees. oakland 76. if you're headed into the city in san francisco, we do have that marine layer right now, so it's going to be a little cloudy in through the afternoon. we'll get good clearing along the coastline. >> next on "sunday today" the
6:40 am
trial that grab everyone. killing her ex-boyfriend because of a series of text messages. surviving the notorious pit ball of the music industry. we'll be back in just 60 we'll be back in just 60 seconds. ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste...
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...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. starts with looking buiat something old,nk and saying, "really?" so we built capital one cafes, with savings and checking accounts you can open from here in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? this week, michelle carter filed an appeal with her conviction with the united states supreme court. carter you may remember found guilty two years ago of involuntary man slaughter and sentenced to 15 months in a massachusetts jail. for her role in the 2014 death of her 18-year-old boyfriend. the story captures national headline and now it is the subject of a much discussed of
6:42 am
hbo's documentary. our sunday's spotlight. >> reporter: when the film maker is behind the camera, she explores how a thought becomes a crime. her latest hbo documentary reopens one case, a suicide by death. conrad roy and michelle carter were searching for something. when they found each other in 2012. the high schoolers were geographically separated and intensely connected. that chemistry soon became toxic. i love you now die. spells it out in their own words. one haunting text after another. in the chilling final few, michelle urge conrad to take his own life. you can see very carefully and gently that michelle is pushing him towards doing it. it is devastating and distu disturbing. >> she's persuasive. >> she is.
6:43 am
>> i love you now, die. ask questions about mental illness or digital behavior and accountability in a digital age. >> this is a film about isolation. it is about loneliness it is also about conrad roy. >> a judge decided that michelle's behavior causing conroy his death. >> michelle would not talk to you. her family, they would not talk to you at all. >> i tried so many time times -- should we have empathy for michelle carter? >> i think we should have empathy for everyone. you are not going to morally condone what she did but you can understand her and that means you understand the crime better. >> i love you, now die, casts
6:44 am
off a true triology. >> i want to use people's communications to touch on their greater humanity. >> we are very alone. we are talking on our phone and we think they talk back to us. the compare and despair that's with social media is insane. i participate in it. >> exploring how social media impacts our world is inn erin carr's blood. >> my father was one of the most profound relationships i ever had in my life. when i think of conrad and michelle, it is about the connection, on a foundfoundatio level, it interacted with every part of my work. >> you can encourage someone to
6:45 am
die via text and you can commit a crime with your text. >> i love that i can make films of crimes that are interesting and talk about male and female relationships. >> from sund"sunday today." >> thank you very much. next on "sunday today." taylor swift watched last month as someone else bought control of her life's work. a writer in nashville is helping that from happening to them. >> i am fighting for my space and my voice, i will get shouted over. >> later, a life well lived. >> later, a life well lived. the granddaughter of [upbeat music ♪] you got this. you got this. you got this.
6:46 am
you got this. ♪ ♪ (avo) getting dressed can be rough on sensitive skin. downy free & gentle has no perfumes, no dyes, and softens clothes for sensitive skin. the only one trusted by the national psoriasis foundation.
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6:48 am
last month, taylor swift, one of the most powerful and wealthest artists in the world could only watch as someone else took control of her music. power house manager scooter braun fought the right to swift's. upset over the news, swift wrote on social media, hopefully young
6:49 am
artists or kids with musical dreams will read this and learn how to better protect themselves in a negotiation. one nashville based nonprofit is changing those artists in music and business. morgan is back with our sunday's closer from music city. >> reporter: inside one of nashville's oldest recording studio is one of its youngest singer/song writer and producer getting ready to make music magic. >> oh, i really like that. >> reporter: 13-year-old tyanna williams, her lyrics come from a personal place. ♪ >> reporter: tell me about the song you are performing in the studio. >> it is based on my story. "a great life" is not easy.
6:50 am
>> reporter: you have boy problems already, in eighth grade? tackling boy problems or any problems through music is encouraged at girls' rights nashville. a nonprofit organization with music's greatest gift, working song writers. these girls including many don't otherwise have access to music education learn the skills and the confidence needed to survive the industry where women make up less than 22% of artists. 13% of song writers and 2% of producers across all genres. >> raise your hands if anybody told uh-you are bossy and they
6:51 am
meant it as an insult. >> reporter: why do you think at this age and in this particular industry that confidence is such a key component? >> my experience is if i am not going into fight for my space and my voice then i will get shouted over. >> we create this leadership experience for the girls where they're sit ng the producer's chair and they are telling the band of adults what their vision is and to have that being met with respect, we hope that becomes their new normal. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: what's more, each girl in the program owns the publishing and recording rights to their music like this 14-year-old song writer, titled "silence." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i knew she had it in her. i can start letting go more and letting her fly on her own.
6:52 am
>> it is all thanks to these song birds a, encouraging the nt generation to raise their voices and write on. ♪ >> boy, there is a lot of talent in that program, morgan. taylor swift's case reminds us to get the rights to your music at that age is a big deal. who can all get into this program? that's my favorite thing of this program. it is completely free. they chosen to remain nonprofit so any girls can join. working in the control room and producing their own music and own it. >> what a cool program. let's see more of this will pop up in the country. >> morgan, thanks so much. we'll see you again in just a few minutes. this week we highlight a life well-lived. marian spencer's excited young
6:53 am
boys were watching and asked mom if they can go. they were not welcomed because they were black. so began one of many civil rights fights that had flags flying half staff for marian spencer in cincinnati this week. she was born in ohio and lived with her grandfather, a freed slave, marian joins the naacp, she persuaded her local ywca to open its cafeteria and swimming pool to both white and black people. she wushpushed the national to the same. after the incident of her children at koni island, she protested the parks segregation.
6:54 am
by 1955, coney island was desegregated and six years later soto was its pool. spencer was the first ever elected to city council there. she led the effort against toxic wastes dumped in poor minority communities and led to super fun legislation. marian spencer, the granddaughter of a slave who spent her life fighting injustice of america died on tuesday in cincinnati, she was tuesday in cincinnati, she was 99 years old. this is not just a headache. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours.
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morgan and i checking out our mails as we take your questions from twitter and instagram. our first question comes from shawna. when there is no power, what is your go-to activity? >> i had to work. if i were not working, i would have played spades. yeah, what's yours? >> you may joy the broadway cast. our final question is from tanya on twitter, what's your guilty pleasure tv show? >> i love "90 day fiance." >> mine, i have no guilt "fixer upper." everything on hgtv. we got your piures. ks and keep them coming.
6:59 am
we'll be back here on
7:00 am
good sunday morning. it is july 14th. we're starting you off with a live look outside in san jose. you can see it's beautiful, blue skies there to start your sunday morning. thank you so much for joining us ti . i'm ali wolf in for kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at your forecast. beautiful skies over san jose this morning. >> gorgeous blue skies. thank you for waking up early with us on a sunday, ali, on the weekend. we're still seeing low cloud cover in through the golden gate bridge, but at least you can see part of the golden gate bridge. sometimes you can't make it out. 'a little breezy along the coastline. we have drizzle this morning on our live cam, but meanwhile, the temperatures overall remain in


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