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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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that you want. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus. let's get a check of your weather on this monday morning. >> good morning. it's another warm one in the inland areas, while the coast stays cool. let's head out the door in pleasant hill, if you're going to the b.a.r.t. station it's cool to start with mid-60s and heating up again today. so short sleeves, feeling summer-like all throughout the afternoon, and as we look at our south bay high temperatures, morgan hill reaching the upper 80s, but we have some low 80s in downtown san jose. more on this in a few minutes and mike, you're tracking a crash in fremont. >> that's right, kari. overall green sensors around the bay, a nice smooth drive. over in fremont, 680 around the mission grade we have reports of a crash and there's a big rig on the shoulder. it doesn't sound like there are major injuries but i'll watch updates from chp. no slowing on the sensors yet. a smooth drive through contra costa county, emerging with alameda county at the bay bridge, that's a smooth flow of traffic and 580, expect the
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volume of traffic could be substantial and it is moving at the speed limit out of the altamont pass and in here through dublin. back to you. developing now, we are waiting to see if there are going to be i.c.e. raids today in san francisco particular. i.c.e. claims it would target as many as 2,000 undocumented immigrants who have already been ordered by the courts to leave the country. >> "today in the bay's" craig boswell live in washington, d.c. the raids are leaving communities certainly on edge. >> scott and laura, good morning, and that is what critics say is the goal of these raids is to stoke fear in immigrant communities. as promised by president trump, or really as advertized by president trump, immigration officials begun raids targeting some 2,000 undocumented immigrants, as you mentioned those ordered by the courts removed from the country or those with criminal backgrounds. the raids possibly ten different cities getting under way but getting under way a whole lot slower than advertised by the
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administration. there's not this video evidence of any arrests, and critics are saying that these raids are different from those in the past and undocumented immigrants around those targeted may also be rounded up, not just those targeted and that goes into what critics say this is stoking fear in the immigrant community. on the sunday talk shows, the acting i.c.e. director ken cuccinelli defended the raids. when asked if families would be separated, if children would be removed from families, he would only say that families are part of those that may be targeted for i.c.e. agents. that's all he would say, saying it was an operational part of that. but keep this in mind, guys. in 2018, according to i.c.e. statistics, there were some more than 256,000 people deported, so 2,000 is a very small number. that plays to the critics saying that this is just strictly
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intended to stoke fear in the imgrant community. back to you. >> craig, reporting in washington, thanks. back here in the bay area, immigrant groups say they're not letting their guard down yet. >> sharon katsuda is live in san francisco to show us why immigrant groups are still on alert. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the i.c.e. office here behind me will open at 7:30, but some say that the undocumented immigrants here in the bay area are still living in fear, wondering when and if i.c.e. will come knocking on their door. at the mission district yesterday, it was noticeably quiet. immigrant support groups say for the past few weeks, because of the possible raids, they've warned the communities to call and report any i.c.e. activity, and warned immigrants about their rights. in san rafael, i.c.e. was reportedly spotted over the weekend, but so far, no word of any raids or arrests in the bay area. >> we were ready not only this week but we were ready weeks before. we thought if i.c.e. is going to strike they'll strike on a day
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not announced by the president. >> we have could do something. if i have to stand out in the hot sun and hand out flyers, i'm going to do that. >> reporter: they're not necessarily undocumented, they have through the courts. that's the target of the raids. i.c.e. made a handful of arrests in new york yesterday. these i.c.e. raids are expected to take place throughout this week, so some immigrant support groups are telling us that people are still having high anxiety of what may happen later this week. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, thank you much. of course we will continue to follow the latest on all of these stories. for the most up to date information on immigration, head over to our website, it is 5:04 and happening today, sentencing for the sonoma county man investigators believe killed a young couple on a north
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bay beach 15 years ago. sean gallon entered a no contest plea last thursday. authorities say he shot and killed two young camp counselors from ohio on a secluded jenner beach in 2004. the two were engaged. he's also accused of trying to kill a plan in guerneville and later killing his brother in forestville. in exchange for the no contest plea, prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. a 4-year-old girl was pepper sprayed during a sprite. >> it happened at a 7-eleven at monterey. kris sanchez joins us live with what witnesses saw. >> reporter: hi there, laura and scott. this is the 7-eleven where it happened, last night before 11:00 when it happened and one of the witnesses was the employee who was working inside that store at the time. now this is video from right after, when the police started investigating. they were investigating an argument and how it escalated between two women, to the point
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that that child was sprayed with pepper spray. at this point, it is not clear if the woman who sprayed the pepper spray intended for the child to be hit. the little girl and her mom or the woman she was with ran into the store looking for help, looking for water to wash out their eyes. >> two girls were fighting and one girl pepper sprayed the other one. she was all red and the other girl pepper sprayed her and they ran inside to grab some water. >> reporter: now police were asking questions both here at the 7-eleven store on monterey road and at an apartment complex nearby. if anyone is facing charges at this point, police have not told us that but we will keep asking. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> that will be frightening for that family, thank you, kris. prosecutors expected to present rebuttal witnesses in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial.
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last week, defendant derek almena wrapped up his testimony. almena was at times remorseful, at times defiant. he also placed blame on the city of oakland and the owners of of warehouse for the deadly fire. once the rebuttal testimony concludes, a break will begin until the week of july 29th, when closing arguments are scheduled. also happening today, amazon, other retailers hoping to set off a bit of a summer shopping frenzy. >> amazon's fifth annual prime day sale is under way. the online retailer is promising more than a million deals and hopes to avoid a website crash that hindered sales last year. to capitalize on the deals you have to have an amazon prime membership. dozens of other retailers including target and walmart running some sales today in that big effort to compete. the race for spending comes as traditional retailers face a tough year, more than 7,400 stores have closed their doors so far in 2019. >> amazon created this new spike
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and massive implications for retail in other retailers have to have their share of that wallet. if that wallet share goes on, i think it's going to see target and walmart and best buy suffer even more. >> several employees at an amazon plant outside minneapolis plan to strike today, calling for better wages and working conditions. however, amazon says it will not have an impact on operations. the "today" show will have much more about all the deals being offered, that's all coming up at 7:00 a.m., right after "today in the bay." what will the weather be like for the amazon delivery people? let's check in with kari. >> it's going to be nice and sunny and really hot in the valleys. drink lots of water throughout the day. a live look at dublin as you get ready to head out the door. we're seeing a lot of people on the way to work on this monday morning. if you're going to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, it's going to be a comfortable, cool start, with some lower 60s, but it's going to heat up fast, going from 60 to 80 degrees by 11:00, and then going up even more from
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there. as belook at all of our high temperatures for this afternoon, we're going to see antioch reaching 90 degrees, mostly upper 80s for the inland areas, and some 60s continuing for san francisco. we'll take a look ahead, see the rest of the week's forecast in a few minutes. mike, you're seeing slowing through the tri-valley. >> i am kari because of the crash we talked about. over the last few minutes chp has only got the one crash incident reported, that's the only spot with anything but green but as we zoom in over here, kari, you showed 580 and all that traffic coming through dublin and potentially cutting down toward 84, where it does join with 680, just before the crash. let's check with our partners at waze, where i've seen a bunch of reports come in over the last few minutes. a smooth drive up into the area but once you get there, waze reports there's a big backup around highway 84 and we've got about ten reports coming in over the last ten minutes from our wazers. we thank this unnamed wazer who did give the report over the last two minutes in the backup right there on the approach, you saw it turn from yellow to red,
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that is the flow is jamming you up and we'll calculate some travel times and show you what shapes up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 5:09. coming up, there's a new miionaire in the bay area and no, is not because they own stock in a tech company. south bay liquor store that sold a really lucky winning ticket. and -- ♪ >> and the beatles are sort of back together, where the mini reunion of paul mccartney and ri ringo starr happened. we'll tell you all about it coming up. show me the crown.
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good monday morning. another nice day ahead. right now at 5:13, but it will be heating up and quickly. here is a look at martinez for your day planner. with some mid-60s at 7:00 but going from the mid-60s to the uper 80s by 1:00 today. try to get out there early. we'll talk about the rest of the forecast in less than five minutes. we see traffic starting to pick up the volume toward the richmond-san rafael bridge westbound of course is this drive. west at the bay bridge, we see more of a crowd as well. we'll show you that and update the crash going on through the fremont sunol area. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open slightly higher this morning, despite data out of china showing growth in the world second largest economy slowed this spring. the markets are coming up
5:14 am
positive friday that saw the dow nasdaq, and s&p 500 posted fresh record highs. on the watch list, data, retail sales, manufacturing, housing and the consumer. earnings season gets under way with citigroup's numbers this morning. actually they just posted the numbers about five minutes ago. american airlines will keep the boeing 737 max off its schedule until at least november 3rd, two months longer than it had planned. american is canceling roughly 115 flights per day. the airline is confident the max will be recertified by the faa. united has extended cancellations until early november. the "wall street journal" reporting that fixing the max's flight control software and completing other steps will likely stretch into 2020. and barney's, new york, is exploring a bankruptcy filing as it struggled with high rent and changes in consumer taste. reports say that the nearly 100-year-old store could file for chapter 11 in the coming weeks. barney's has 15 flagship regional and boutique department stores in the u.s. including on madison avenue here in new york, beverly hills, san francisco and chicago as well, this would be one of the highest profile victims of
5:15 am
the downturn in retail. sears, toys "r" us and jamboree also filing for bankruptcy in the past year. scott and laura, back to you. >> so many big names. thanks a lot. we have no idea who holds a million-dollar powerball ticket purchased in san jose for saturday's drawing. >> you can probably assume they want it that way, right? at any rate the winner correctly picking all five winning numbers, except the powerball. they bought their ticket at the 7-eleven on moore park avenue in san jose. the store gets up to one-half percent of the prize value, it amounts to about $6,000, maybe $600,000. as parents can attest, coaxing little ones into the pool for their first swimming lesson can be a challenge. >> it helps to have experts on hand. rush park sacramento, some real life mermaids made things easy. swim lessons were part of the california mermaid convention, an event that's only been around
5:16 am
for five years in sacramento but everybody seemed to agree it's making waves. >> the mermaid convention but in sacramento. not really in oakland. how do they get there? it's a mystery. >> good question. >> train. >> it was so hot outside. >> you were in the pool anyway. we can make this into a convention. >> s.s.minnow. >> it's going to be another day like yesterday, where we see a wide range in temperatures and as we take a live look in oakland as the sun rises, no clouds to start out and we are going to see it heating up quickly again today. so as we get a look at our park forecast, if you're going out to some of the parks, playgrounds, enjoying your summer in oakly, it will be in the morning starting out clear, nice, upper 60s, but it will already start to warm up by 9:00. we're at 82 degrees at 11:00, and it's going to be a hot afternoon.
5:17 am
89 degrees at 1:00 p.m. but before you step out there, make sure you take the allergy medication's eshl medication especially if you're allergic to the tree pollen. everything else is fairly low at this point, a lot of tree pollen floating through the air. let's go throughout our day for all of our microclimates and see how our temperatures shape up. so in danville, at 9:00 we're at 66 degrees. san francisco right at about 60 degrees. heading into the upper 60s at noon, while we start to see a few low 80s in spots like concord and fairfield. also in san jose going into the rest of the day, there will be a couple of spots reaching the low 90s at 4:00 to 5:00, and then cooling down as we approach sunset, feeling much more comfortable, and we'll all drop back down into the upper 50s and low 60s. this is our typical summertime weather pattern, with high pressure across the desert southwest, and as we go throughout the rest of the week, no major changes here, but there will be an area of low pressure approaching the pacific northwest. it could bring in some slight
5:18 am
cooling for the weekend but it doesn't look like major cooling at this point. we're looking at some 80s for all of our inland valleys and even a few low 90s a couple of days especially to start out this week. as we check out san francisco, some upper 60s over the next several days. and then as we head over to mike, you're saying there was a problem on 680. >> kari, it's that crash at sunol into fremont. in the corridor of the tri-valley. everything else is green. changes at the bay bridge. traffic coming out of the altamont no surprises through dub lib but the cut-through for 84 as well as 680 south, those merge just before the crash, and that's the big issue. you see the slowing on the sensors here. our friends at waze timed things out using their technology and we're looking at a couple of similar drives over here. now the blue drive, that takes you right down 680 through the area with the crash and the backup, takes 48 minutes from dublin and san ramon area in toward fremont but watch this.
5:19 am
the purple route which looks the same from our view here, waze times it out with a ten-minute advantage, 15 minutes better now. it's a subtle difference. waze will guide you along that way. nbc bay area is the team that will reveal it right there and the team i hope you'll join. we'll track the changes and the timing. back to our other map system the bigger view, the drive through concord, and walnut creek, a smooth drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza where we see the shift. we have the cash lanes and the fastrak lanes slowing down. the left approach still showing a lighter drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. next and new, an intense search for a woman missing east of fresno. she was camping. her husband and family asking for help this morning. the reason they believe she was abducted. but first our team is always on social media. check out this photo of a san francisco sunset on our instagram page. follow nbc bay area on facebook, instagram and twitter. you're watching "today in the bay." you can't fake the goodness of real strawberries.
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welcome back. it is 5:22. the search is on for a missing woman who disappeared in a california campground. 60-year-old sheryl powell's husband said he dropped his wife and their dog off in a remote campsite friday. he went to turn the car around and when he returned, he said they were gone. powell says he searched for his wife for 45 minutes before sending out a distress signal.
5:23 am
numerous search and rescue teams are looking for her. powell's children say their father is distraught and refuses to leave the campsite. >> we're appreciative of all the efforts that the search and rescue team have been doing and there's great people out there, and done an effective job searching the area nearby. >> the family says it's unlikely their mom would get lost or hike th on her own. a happy update on a dog stolenfrom outside a market in san francisco. >> surveillance video shows a stranger walking up to a dog, a golden retriever named lily. he calmly unclips her, and then just leads her away. it all happened saturday in japantown. this morning the dog is back home with her owner who spent a frantic weekend searching. police tell us an officer saw a dog matching lily's description walking with a man and a woman near union square. police say the man did not match
5:24 am
the description of the man in the video, but lily and her owner were later reunited. one kitten in the south bay appears to be moving pretty quickly on using a few of its nine lives. a family in sunnyvale had adopted her on friday. one day before fire broke out at their home. initially firefighters only managed to rescue an adult cat but six hours later, firefighters found the 9-week-old kitten, she's already checked out just fine. the family now talking about renaming her smoky. happening this week, hugh jackman is coming to the bay area. his first world tour starts at s.a.p. center on wednesday, called "the man, the music the show." it will feature jackman performing shows from "the greatest showman," "les mis," accompanied by a live orchestra. prince harry and meghan
5:25 am
markle met american royalty in london, spotted with beyonce and jay-z over the premiere of "the lion king." meghan markle's her first movie premiere is a royal. beyonce is the voice of the lion nala in the movie. "the lion king" opens on thursday. there was a mini beatles reunion in l.a. over the weekend. pretty rare you get to see half of the beatles performing together on stage, but that's just what fans were treated to at dodger's stadium. ringo starr joined paul mccartney near the end of his concert. ♪ ♪ sargent pepper's lonely hearts club band, we hope you have enjoyed the show ♪ >> ringo played the drums for
5:26 am
two songs. i was lucky enough to see mccartney last wednesday, that would have been a treat. here are the stories we're working on for 5:30, a live look at sfo, the improvements you'll notice the next time you fly. and a coast guard ship getting ready to dock in the bay area. its crew going viral for stopping a submarine with stolen drugs. what else it caught. a ride share driver scheduled to be in court today accused of preying on riders. we'll tell you about the crimes he's charged with. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a very good monday morning to you. 5:28, quickly approaching 5:30. a live look outside, a beautiful distant look at the golden gate bridge there. picture perfect i'd say. so many people come from across the world to see the beautiful bay area, expecting nice day ahead. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. let's get a check of your monday morning weather with kari. good morning. >> good morning, and we are seeing all clear skies across the bay area, not even fog at the coast, so even as we look at this live look outside, we are starting out with some cool temperatures, getting ready for another hot day in the south bay, starting out with some low 60s at 6:00. 72 degrees at 10:00. at noon we're at 80 degrees, eventually reaching the upper 80s in parts of the south bay. a few spots will reach 90 today. this is a very typical summertime pattern, so we'll
5:30 am
talk about any changes ahead. mike, you were saying that problem still continues for the tri tri-vall tri-valley. >> most of the bay predictable. unexpected slowing for those who just joined us, it's about a 20-minute delay from 680 down out of pleasanton through sunol past highway 84, why we have the slowing on the merge coming down out of pleasanton and livermore and also south out of pleasanton itself. the crash one middle lane blocked and people on the shoulder, a big distraction. that will be a problem for the tri-valley. toward the bay bridge this crash on the east show freer way we wi will. a developing story, anxiety is high for undocumented immigrants. the expected widespread i.c.e. raids didn't pan out in the bay area yesterday. >> "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at the immigrations and customs office in showing to show us why
5:31 am
immigrant groups are still on alert. good morning. >> reporter: good morning you guys. the i.c.e. office is closed right now but some say undocumented immigrants are living in fear, wondering whether i.c.e. will come knocking on their door later this week. immigrant support groups say for the past few weeks because of the possible raids they warn the communities to call and report any i.c.e. activity, and warn immigrants about their rights. in san rafael, i.c.e. was spotted over the weekend but so far, no word of any raids or arrests in the bay area. >> we have to do something. and if it means that i got to stand out here a few hours in the hot sun and hand out flyers, i'm going to do that. >> the fear of the raids is almost as powerful and disruptive in people's lives as the raids themselves. >> reporter: one i.c.e. official says they're really not undocumented immigrants, because
5:32 am
they have through the court system and they're the target of these raids. we're hearing that i.c.e. made some arrests in new york yesterday, and these i.c.e. raids are expected to take place throughout this week, so we're told that many undocumented immigrants are concerned about what could happen later this week. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, sharon. in mexico, they're now saying they'll welcome any i.c.e. related deportees with open arms. >> the people, the mexicans who are going to be deported are going to find in mexico an opportunity for a job, and support from the mexican government. >> over the weekend, the mexican foreign minister said he's expecting 1,800 deportees. he also plans to hire 300 attorneys and 100 consultants to help assist all deported mexicans. of course one big part of the immigration debate continues to be those conditions at u.s. detention facilities.
5:33 am
bay area woman anna eshoo toured a processing center in mccallum, texas this week end and describes what she saw as inhumane adding so many detainees were sick she wore a mask during the tour. 40 young man forced to stand shoulder to shoulder for hours in cramped holding rooms designed to hold only eight people. >> very difficult to see human beings like that. the stench alone was repelling. no showers. cold food. they were putting little notes of paper up against the glass saying "help me." >> congresswoman eshoo visited the same facility last year. says it's much more overcrowded now. president trump maintains the allegations of poor conditions at the shelter are overblown. >> 5:33. in just a few hours from now, coast guard station alameda will welcome home one of its cutters after it seized more than a half a billion dollars in drugs.
5:34 am
>> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in alameda. bob, the same ship involved in the takedown of a sub, video of which we've seen on the internet going viral. >> reporter: correct, scott and laura. later this morning the u.s. coast guard cutter "monroe" will return to its home port at coast guard island in alameda. you'll recall that last week, the coast guard released this very compelling video. take a look at it, it shows the point of view of the crew members from the coast guard cutter "monroe" as they approached a narco sub in the east pacific ocean last night. what is remarkable is watching the men jump on top of the semisubmersible vessel, pound on the hatch and force the drug smugglers to surrender. five people were arrested, 17,000 pounds of cocaine seized. one of 14 busts made by the crew "the monroe" and two other cutters during their 98-day counter narcotics patrol. the group seized a total of 39,000 pounds of cocaine, 933
5:35 am
pounds of marijuana, this was off the coast of mexico and central and south america. street market value $569 million. "the monroe" off-loaded the drugs thursday in san diego. the "monroe" is a fairly new ship commissioned in 2017. this was its first deployment to that area. reporting live in alameda, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> what a haul there. some work from firefighters kept a small grass fire from spreading near livermore. they posted some of the pictures of the fire, it started around 7:00 near north livermore avenue and hartford avenue. about three acres burned. no structures or livestock were threatened. san francisco firefighters managed to knock down a small grass fire in mclaren park near visitacion valley. it started about 5:30 yesterday in the afternoon. the fire burned about four acres.
5:36 am
no buildings damaged there. new this morning, a vallejo woman wanted for outstanding warrants is behind bars. officers pulled over lynette williams for a traffic violation last week in hercules. police say she gave them a fake i.d., insisting she was someone else. later, she admitted her real name, and that's when officers found out williams was wanted for seven outstanding misdemeanor warrants for crimes in solano and napa counties. while searching her car, officers found several credit cards, licenses and social security cards. improvements will soon be coming to bay area airports thanks to recently approved federal funding. the department of transportation recently signed off on funding for four bay area airports. sfo will receive about $15 million for runway reconstruction. oakland airport is getting $3.5 million for road repairs. nearly $4 million will go to concord's buchanan field for the runway and lighting improvements. livermore airport getting $300,000 to help repair a taxiway. it's 5:36.
5:37 am
let's check the other kind of taxiways out there, the roadways and mike's got all kinds of green. >> thank you, always a safety reminder, seat belt and put your mask on the adults first. over here toward most of the bay, looking good. along the water no problems. the issue is first of all, i told you we'd give you the update on the east shore freeway and tri-valley. east shore freeh i would the last five minutes have been good on the sensors. speeds are restoring back to normal. i think the debris from the earlier crash eastbound 80 counter commute at hilltop i think that's cleared. there you go, now we see a little bit of focus there. that must have been a traffic break going on there. slow drive as well southbound 680 coming toward the merge with 84, both 680 and 84 shows speeds improving there as well. chp we're calling them trying to get an update. they can only get what they're told from the field. looks to me on the sensors again like they may be clearing that crash coming through the tri-vall tri-valley. we'll check on that, all this traffic headed through that
5:38 am
area. >> no kidding, we're expecting a warmup in the bay area a little later today. boy, that heat wave under way in southern california. the animals at the l.a. zoo working to cool off. pretty great footage here, showing how some of the animals -- >> oh! i could watch that all day. >> right, felines on the slide, staying cool and hydrated. the zoo tweeted out this video reminding visitors to drink plenty of water, stay in the shade and take advantage of some of the indoor exhibits as well. isn't that great? >> i would just be okay with otters just playing all day on the news. that would be okay but just in a loop, like a little window or something. >> in the corner, yes. >> in the meantime, let's check your weather. >> maybe if we went to sfan francisco zoo, it will stay cool over the next few days. it stays very warm into the weekend, as we look at our inland valley forecast, some low 80s there, while san francisco stays in the 60s. at times some clouds and fog
5:39 am
rolling through. a live look at squaw valley this morning, headed into the mid-70s for this upcoming weekend so still some really nice weather in the sierra, and for monterey, keeping it steady here with some mid-60s each day, at times some clouds and fog drifting by and for napa valley, it's going to start to cool off, headed toward the end of the week, so we're looking at some upper 70s on friday. saturday and sunday some low 80s. so also some nice weather there. and if you want also some cool beach weather, head to half moon bay, we only reach about 60 to 61 degrees there from friday into the weekend. l.a. is going to keep the 70s in the forecast, as we see some hot weather in the inland areas, around downtown going to keep it in the low 70s. as we check out our forecast, and try to make some weekend plans, let me know where you're headed, what you're doing. i can help you out with the weather there. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram. i'll have more in three minutes. coming up, a sad turn for a
5:40 am
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good monday morning. it is 5:42, and a beautiful start, with a clear sunrise in walnut creek this morning. we are going to have some mid-60s at 6:00. headed into the low 70s at 9:00, and 85 degrees at lunch time. it's going to be hot again. we'll talk about that, and the week ahead, coming up in less than five minutes. >> and right here, kari, san jose sun is coming up, and the commute we see that build, the first slowdown of the morning. things should ease up over the next 15 minutes and kick in over the next 45. we'll track that, so far on schedule but big delays for the tri-valley to talk about. >> happening today, a suspected bay area serial rapist who investigators say posed as a ride share driver is due in court. >> investigators say orlando lazo disguised himself as an onduty lyft driver to prey on intoxicated victims who got in his car by mistake. today his defense attorney is asking the judge to throw out the case based on how
5:44 am
authorities obtained their dna evidence. lazo faces four counts of rape and other assault charges tied to crimes over a five-year period. 5:43. new today the ceo of san francisco based juul is apologizing to parents for the teen vaping epidemic. in an all new interview with cnbc kevin burns acknowledges ecigarettes were not made for teens since launching in 2015, juul quickly came to dominate the ecigarette industry with roughly 40% of the market. according to the fda, 21% of high school students vaped last year. the interview is part of a new cnbc documentary "vaporized: america's ecigarette addiction" premiering tonight. pleasant hill police looking for three robbers who beat and robbed a man last night. it happened right near downtown in pleasant hill on cleveland and boyd roads. the officers say the three robbers in their 20s mugged the man and took the cell phone and
5:45 am
wallet. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. developing now in southern louisiana, utility crews are working hard to restore power after hurricane barry rolled through that state. at least 27,000 people still without power. rainfall levels were short of early predictions and widespread flooding in new orleans never materialized. fema officials say they'll continue to monitor water levels as barry moves north from louisiana toward mississippi. >> the forecast has rain again all the way up the lower mississippi valley. that rain will get into the valley and come back down to louisiana, so we want to make sure that we watch the water levels. >> national guard troops spent yesterday preparing the area with sandbags. new this morning, authorities in southern oregon now believe they've recovered the body of a veteran tv actor first reported missing a week ago. charles levin was a character actor who appeared on "seinfeld" and "law & order" and "hill
5:46 am
street blues." searchers found his car near an impassable road in grants pass and found the remains of a person and a dog not too far away. they've not confirmed the identity of the remains, but it does fit the description of levin and his dog. 5:46. happening today, attorneys for billionaire and registered sex offender jeffrey epstein will ask for his release on bail after new criminal charges. epstein last week pleading not guilty to charges of sex trafficking crimes with minors. his lawyers have filed a recommended bail package worth $77 million. they propose he be allowed to remain under house arrest while wearing an electronic monitoring device. prosecutors call epstein a flight risk. they want him to remain in jail without bond. just in, the 49ers should not have to worry about missing field goals or extra points next season. espn says the team just resigned kicker robbie gould. the two-year deal worth more than $10 million includes an
5:47 am
option for two more years. gould set a team record last season hitting 33 of 34 field goals. new today, the star-studded cast of "once upon a time in hollywood" is sharing what is expected as the movie gears up to hit the big screen. nbc's harry smith talked with actors brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio and mar goe robbie of what it's like to work with famed director quentin tarantino. >> you guys have worked with this guy before. was there ever a moment in the films that you worked on, or on this one where you said to quint quinton, you want me to do what? >> ha, ha, ha, no. no. you know what you're getting into. ♪ >> true. >> i want to see who are of the hullabaloo scene. it hits theaters july 26th. the full interview is coming up on the "today" show this morning after "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. also trending this morning,
5:48 am
an all new look at how much time we all spend watching popular shows on netflix. >> according to nielsen figures, my netflix does this, buffering, buffering, 10%, 20%. >> you're waiting. >> 52 billion minutes of "the office" billion with a b, 52 billion. over 32 billion minutes of "friends." the new numbers revealed, both shows are leaving net flick. "office" moving to nbc's new streaming service, "friends" moving to hbo max. >> i can say i've watched about five hours in the last year. >> really? >> i don't have time. >> wow. >> it's true. i watch a lot of youtube and those little quick hits of interesting facts and history and that kind of stuff. i started "stranger things" but i am not into it the way i was maybe in the last couple seasons. >> hmm. >> what about you? >> i don't watch netflix at all. >> see? working busy moms. we have a lot to get done. >> i don't bother with the whole login and all that stuff. i'm just like okay i don't have
5:49 am
time. >> i watch a lot of traffic cameras. >> literally, i saw you doing that a little while ago. we want to head outside where the weather is so great. >> it's going to be another nice day. a live look in san jose, it's an all clear start and we are seeing clear skies even through the coast, so if you're going to be out there today, we're going to have some really nice, sunny weather. getting out the door in san jose, maybe headed to diridon station, it's going to be at about 62 degrees at 6:00, and then at 9:00, we're at 70 degrees. if you're thinking of headed outside for lunch, it will warm up. we'll be at 81 degrees at lunch time today and looking at our south bay high temperatures, gilroy we're going to see a high of 88 degrees. that's still pretty hot. milpitas reaching 82, so a little bit more comfortable there. upper 80s and low 90s for parts of the east bay. vallejo reaching 80 degrees and hayward tops out at 74. we'll see some mid-60s in half moon bay and redwood city reaching 80 degrees today.
5:50 am
san francisco westerly winds, really picking up again today. up to about 68 degrees, and the north bay reaching 85 today in napa with santa rosa up to 87 degrees. so as we go through this forecast, this is our typical weather setup, where we do start out with the times of clouds drifting by the coast, and some warm temperatures in the inland areas. heading towards the end of the week into the weekend, we will start to see an area of low pressure approaching the pacific northwest, and that's going to bring us the stronger onshore wind flow, and some slightly cooler temperatures, but it's not a huge change here. so we are going to reach into the mid 80s. a lot of mid 80s widespread today, and we'll see the same going throughout the rest of the week, but by the weekend, we're just bringing it down just a few more degrees, and san francisco seeing more of the same at times some clouds and fog, but nice to see the sun right now. mike, you're tracking some changes for the better through sunol. >> i think so, kari. we have a two or three reliable
5:51 am
sources for our speed sensors, but they don't agree right now. so we're going to show you what i believe is the most reliable read-out for your drive through the tri-valley and the rest of the bay. overall things are moving smoothly. i showed you the backup through san jose clearing on schedule and pretty much everything else on schedule for two spots, we have an exception. here you notice all the green, where it was originally red and orange. we've seen this continue to improve over the last 15 minutes, including my last report. i do believe they've cleared at least the lanes but not all the vehicles. they may be on the shoulder and a distraction. folks coming off of 84 doing better and general slowing for vallecitos off isabel. slower drive pleasanton 068 but the sensors don't show the same clearing on one of my other sources so i'm giving you caution there for the tri-valley. eastbound 80 approaching hilltop drive that report of a crash and debris still in the system, and no updates. we've seen the speeds start to improve a little bit, but still
5:52 am
slow for a distraction. there's at least something going on, on the center divide or median there, and looking toward the bay bridge toll plaza, where we have the predictable backup, all the lanes are filled. fastrak lanes are visibly moving. we'll take that and send it back to you. scott? >> happening now mike in the uk, alan turing is the new face of the 50 pound note. he was a key figure, britain's top secret german code breaking facility during the second world war. you may have seen movies and books it. he developed a machine that could help crack the german's code. the new note should enter circulation in 2021. coming up next on "today in the bay," hidden fees popping up everywhere. the new way you can fight back. you're watching "today in the bay." this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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welcome back, everyone. our team is always on social media, even when we're on vacation. yeah, i had the wind-blown look as i took my vacation. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. thanks for the viewers who are writing to welcome me back. >> we need a fan over there. that would be great and rerning. one of the most frustrating part of a service is hidden
5:56 am
fees. >> when you learn at the check out or when it's too late the price you thought you'd be paying is far from the money you're actually shelling out. here are some details from nbc's chris clackham. >> about the hidden fees we usually don't see until after we get the bill, "consumer reports" asked for our opinion. and got an earful. when they went to buy tickets or pay a phone, cable, car rental, hotel or airline bill. >> 85% of people said in the last two years, they'd noticed a hidden fee in a bill. >> reporter: there were so many complaints that they launched a new website, asking consumers to share their hidden fee horror stories and the new round-about rage is getting results, just last week, marriott was slapped with a lawsuit by the attorney general in d.c. accusing the
5:57 am
hotel giant of charging deceptive and misleading resort fees. >> the thing called the resort fee is lumped in with taxes and other fees. >> it's not just one company acting badly. it's a marketplace where consumers are losing power. >> reporter: what advocates want from retailers is full disclosure, up front. >> to require them to put the total amount you're going to pay right up front, so people can make that decision and in the calmest way possible. >> reporter: those advocates are lobbying government to require disclosure, just in case retailers don't do it voluntarily. chris clackham, nbc news. >> all right, chris, thank you. i've done this and it drove my mother crazy to see pictures of it, spain's famed bull running festival is over, ended yesterday with eight more people getting hurt, three gored. tens of thousands of people visited pamplona for the century's old tradition. each morning more than half a
5:58 am
dozen bulls run the narrow streets. people dodged horns and hooves. there is an obvious danger to all of this, but some don't blame the runners for getting hurt. >> the problem is of course that the bulls are so fast now, when i started running in the '60s, '70s and '80s, the runs were four minutes long. you could pick up bulls. now the runs are two minutes, two and a half, very hard for the bull runners to become good bull runners today. >> you may recall nbc news talked to one san francisco man gored in the neck a beweek ago. he is recovering but expected to be okay. >> it looks so thrilling and exciting. >> let me be clear, i did it mostly from the balcony. saturday is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. >> there will be a lot of events to celebrate. here is one celebration at the "uss hornet" sea and air space use each in alameda. it was used to recover the apollo 11 astronauts after they splashed down in the ocean following their historic mission. if you've never been there, make sure you visit. so many history there.
5:59 am
the statue of the first man to walk on the moon, neil armstrong, new this morning at a museum in his native ohio. one is of him as a young boy holding a model airplane. the other showing armstrong in his flight suit. armstrong's son commissioned the statues in his father's memory. neil armstrong died in 2012 from complications of heart surgery, but his name will certainly go in the history books. right now 6:00, we're tracking a developing story this morning, i.c.e. raids have started in parts of the country, we're still waiting to see what's going to happen in the bay area. we've got live team coverage in just minutes. and new overnight, a fight breaks out at a south bay 7-eleven, a young girl is pepper sprayed. we'll tell you all the details. plus, it's amazon prime day. huge deals online, but other stores also getting into that summer shopping season. we're going to break it down for you, so you don't have to waste your time. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. we've got mike and kari here. let's get a start of your monday morning forecast. >> it starts out nice and clear across the bay area. no fog at the golden gate bridge so as you get ready for your drive this morning, grab some sunglasses. as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge, it is a clear, beautiful sunrise. toward fremont, going out to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station it will be 62 degrees stepping out the door, and some low 80s by early afternoon. so a nice warmup for parts of the bay area but then feeling hot in others. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike, you're talking about that morning commute, only a couple of problem spots. >> that's right, only a couple of problem spots, one of them just came in with more detail. we start off talking about the bay bridge toll plaza. standard summertime commute but here on the upper east shore freeway the change in the traffic pattern, there was a


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