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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 16, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the president today. and 10,000 problems, that's what pg&e discovered while inspecting power lines. are the problems fixed? that's still ahead. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us right now. thanks for joining us so much on this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. we'll get a check of your traffic in a second. we'll start with kari and the weather. >> if you liked yesterday, you'll like today, but if you would like some cooler weather, just wait until the weekend. that's a live look outside in walnut creek this morning. our temperatures start out in the low 60s, and will go up quickly again today. at 9:00, 73, and 82 at 11:00, so get ready for a hot day. mike, we're a little misty-eyed in patches. >> rub the sleep out of your eyes so you can see the mist on the windshield in richmond and the richmond side. it's starting to look a little bit better right now. traffic holding steady with a
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light flow there. same thing at the bay bridge. you have folks waiting in the cash lanes but they probably just opened that last cash lane in the last couple of minutes. no other delays. back to you, scott. on capitol hill the four american women of color in congress who president trump told to go back where they came from are calling for his itch peoplement. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with reaction and what's next. good morning, tracie. >> scott, good morning. what's next is tonight the democrats in congress are voting on whether or not to condemn president trump for what he said, but he's fighting back this morning on twitter, accusing these women of spewing some of the most vile, hateful and disgusting things ever said, questioning why democrats won't rebuke them. the house of representatives will consider a resolution to condemn president trump for telling these four freshmen democrats to go back where they came from, but they want more.
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>> he's committed high crimes and misdemeanors and it's about time that we start the process and impeach this president. >> reporter: president trump not backing down, calling the women un-american and anti-semitic. >> if you hate our country, if you're not happy here, you can leave. >> reporter: the lawmakers all americans, all women of color, three of them born here, call this a blatantly racist attack, a deliberate distraction from how his administration is handling migrants at the border. >> a disruption and a distraction from the callous, chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration. >> he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally. >> take action to impeach this lawless president today. >> reporter: more than a dozen republicans have joined democrats condemning the president. >> frankly, it was very wrong.
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>> reporter: but republican leaders haven't said a word. >> where are you? >> reporter: some defend the president. >> come on, of course the president's not racist. >> reporter: others like lindsey graham, agreed but urge him to "aim higher." the other concern here is who is listening to the president, concerned that white nationalists are signing on to what he's saying about these members of congress. the president said no, that lots of different people agree with him. scott? >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. back home, and new overnight, san jose police investigating a shooting that apparently left one person hurt. it happened late last night at a home near cottage grove avenue, west of south first street. so far, police not commenting on the case, but video from the scene shows someone taken away on a stretcher. a woman who lived in the neighborhood for eight years says she was in bed when she heard four shots fired a little bit before midnight. >> it's scary because i have children, you know?
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and this is my first time that i heard this neighbor, that happened. >> police are so far not confirming if the person taken away by ambulance was shot or if officers identified a possible suspect either. just in, a 12-year-old missing girl on the peninsula is safe. valerieia martinez was reporting missing from a redwood city neighborhood last night. investigators are not saying where the teen was. security or privacy, the discussion regarding the future of facial recognition continues tonight after san francisco passed a version of a ban on that technology. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with a look at some of these details. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. oakland city council is going to discuss this topic later tonight. as you mentioned, san francisco banned this facial recognition back in march. san francisco became the first city to ban the use of facial
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recognition by police and other city departments, the first u.s. city. as part of a bigger legislation regarding city departments to establish policies to use the surveillance technology, but some critics such as public safety groups, stop crime sf say this could hurt police who need all the help they can get. yesterday in san francisco a protest over facial recognition took place with protesters calling on amazon to cut ties with immigration and customs enforcement saying amazon is collaborating with agencies to detain and report immigrants by providing the homeland security department with facial recognition software. >> we know that they're collaborating with i.c.e., that they're using their facial recognition technology and their amazon web services to hold data and information about undocumented immigrants and targeting them so that i.c.e. can detain and fort people. we do not stand for that. >> reporter: amazon says it's up to the companies and governments to use technology responsibly,
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and lawfully. as for oakland, the city council will discuss the topic at 5:30 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the details, pete. we'll continue to follow that one. 5:05. pg&e reportedly unearthed nearly 10,000 problems while inspecting its lines and equipment for fire danger. since late last year, the utility has been closely examining some 750,000 powers, and substations. the utility posted latest data on parts broken or damaged. "the chronicle" added up the numbers of problems needing immediate action to be considered safe. pg&e says most of the problems have already been fixed. 5:06 on your tuesday morning. a bay area man who argued roundup weed killer gave him cancer will get less money from the manufacturer. in march, jurors awarded $80 million to edwin hardiman of santa rosa. they determined monsanto's roundup caused his nonhodgkins
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h lymphoma. yesterday the judge reduced the $75 million punitive payout to $20 million. bayer, the owner of monsanto, plans to appeal. new this morning, the search is on for assault and robbery suspect at san jose state university. take a look at the surveillance photos which show the two suspects. it happened about 11:00 a.m. yesterday at the west parking garage. campus police say the men took the victim's backpack and shoes before taking off. also new overnight, a car slammed into a home in the south bay. the driver took off as well, this happened about 1:30 this morning near brockway and yerba buena road in san jose. this is video just into our u.s. in room. minor damage to the home and the car as well. police searching for the driver. not clear if anyone in the car was hurt or what caused that crash. new hope for people still trying to recover from the north bay fire storm.
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sh sonoma county created a new housing fund. it will start with $10 million in seed money to assist with home loans. this isn't your average gone fish story, a big catch in the middle of the bay captured national attention. >> it's hard to believe but it played out live on social media. take a look. >> woo! >> that's a great white! we got a great white! [ bleep ] a great white! >> some local fishermen pull in a great white shark near alcatr alcatraz. the boat's captain tell us they had no idea what was on the line until the shark surfaced. >> never in a gazillion years i would have thought i'd hook that in the bay, never. >> the fishermen say the shark carried their boat about two meals. it took over an hour, and seven people to reel it in. it was a catch and release. ooh, who gets that little prong thing out of the mouth? it is illegal to fish white sharks in california, but as they say, they weren't expecting
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that big catch. >> holy cow. you know what they need, kari? >> what? >> a bigger boat. >> okay. i tried to tell my husband that there were sharks in the bay. >> yes, there are. >> alcatraz in the city, wow. >> he won't be doing the alcatraz swim any time soon? >> no, if he tried, i wouldn't let him. so as you get ready to head out the door this morning, we have some low 60s in pleasant hill. mostly clear skies. we'll see a few clouds between 7:00 and 9:00 and it will be warming up again today, we'll be cranking up that air conditioning. as we go hour by hour to check out temperatures for all of our microclimates, here we are at 9:00, and still in the 60s, whatever you have to do, get it done early, especially for the east bay, parts of the north bay, where it already starts to heat up into the 80s by noon, and this afternoon, we're in the mid to upper 80s. a few spots reaching 90. we'll talk more about this in the forecast. mike, we may have a new crash.
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>> that's right in san francisco. overall a smooth drive for the speed sensors. we'll zoom in toward this critical part of your commute, westbound 80, the bay bridge, exiting at harrison, just around that exit, a report just came in to chp about a crash. no lane information, but no slowing showing up over the last five minutes. we'll continue to follow those reports, but so far, we only have a little backup over here at the bay bridge toll plaza, forming in the cash lanes off to the right and now starting to build as far as the volume goes, so we will see the metering lights on, probably in the next five to ten minutes, right on schedule, with the smooth flow. there we go, the fastrak lanes and lanes off to the right. the left lanes still clear. back to you. >> thanks. 5:10, coming up, late fees could be a thing of the past at the san francisco library, but there will be a new way to hold offenders accountable. we'll tell you what it is, next. and looking for a house, under a half million dollars here in the bay area. ugh. coming up at 5:25, meet the real estate agent who says that is actually possible.
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right now at 5:13, outside in palo alto with a look out there at highway 101. everything is looking good. clear visibility and our skies stay clear throughout the day. our temperatures heating up this
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afternoon. upper 70s pi noon. we'll reach the low 80s there but much hotter in the valleys. we'll talk about that coming up in less than five minutes. headed over to the peninsula shot, west 92 picking up the volume. you can see the lights on the high-rise as well. we'll show you what's going on at another westbound bridge. i think you know what i'm talking about. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set for a bit of a mixed start to the trading day. but improfs improving a short time ago, looking positive now. yesterday stock eked out small gains, enough to push the dow, nasdaq and s&p to new record highs. today's watch list, data on retail sales, import prices and manufacturing plus earnings from two big banks, jpmorgan chase and goldman sachs as well as johnson & johnson. and all three already reporting beating wall street estimates. executives from amazon, apple, facebook and google will all be on capitol hill today testifying before a house committee on the tremendous
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market power they have. it's the first high-profile encounter between silicon valley and congress since the trump administration targeted these companies over potential anti-trust behavior. the hearing could set the stage for more regulation but unlikely to generate the buzz of previous hearings when facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and google's ceo sindhar pachai were grilled over data and privacy issues. tesla is shaking up its line-up once again, killing off the standard versions of the model s and model x and will now only offer a long-range and performance version, that means the model s starts at 80 grand and the model x at 85,000. tesla's also cutting the base price on the model 3 by $2,000 to roughly $30,000, when incentives and tax cuts are included. one more change. tesla's also making the ludacris package which allows the model s to go from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds by standard option. so law camera, i think when you're headed to tahoe, that will get through.
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>> i was just thinking i won't be so late to work anymore. a little pedal to the metal there, frank. >> thank you, frank. 30,000 doesn't sound bad for a model 3. 5:15. as soon as today, san francisco may become the latest city to turn the page on overdue fees. earlier this year, the city's library commission pulled the trigger. today supervisors vote on whether to approve it. if a plan does get approved and fees go away, people would no longer be allowed to borrow new materials if they're late on something else. if you're headed out to fill up your tank this morning for the commute, be ready to feel some pain at the pump. just the last week, gas prices have increased at least five cents, due in part to higher crude oil prices and robust demand in the summer. according to aaa, average price for regular gas in san jose is $3.71. in san francisco, $3.82. in oakland, $3.79. happening today, we hope you're hungry for breakfast.
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ihop celebrating its 61st anniversary today with a sweet deal for customers. the breakfast chain is serving up short stacks of its original buttermilk pancakes for 58 cents in honor of the chain's founding in 1958. less than what a short stack originally cost when ihop opened its doors the dine-in only deal is good from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> i didn't know pancakes could be taken to go in the first place. caught on camera, a huge waterspout off the coast of corsica. take a look. a waterspout is a tornado that forms over water. they're relatively common on the french island, which has been hit by recent severe storms, but nonetheless, an interesting picture there. >> isn't it? it's interesting. >> it's huge. >> from a distance. >> a lot of water spouts are a lot smaller than that. that was really wide. >> perspective. >> exactly. >> because of social media, we're seeing everything these days. >> for sure. >> hopefully you snap a picture
5:18 am
of the sunrise this morning. >> there you go. >> if you can't see it in san francisco, it's because we have a camera above the fog, and so it's a beautiful shot this morning from our sutro tower camera. i can watch that all day. let's head inland to unit lin. a lot of people already up and out the door, going to work, and it's all clear here in the tri-valley. it's also going to be another hot day, so as we check out our temperature trend, if you're on your way out the door to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, it is only about 60 degrees and then if you're heading out later, it will be about 71 degrees at 10:00. at noon it is 80 degrees and warming up more from there with our south bay high temperatures reaching up to 87 degrees in gilroy. for the east bay, 92 in pittsburg. vallejo reaching 81, and we'll see some mid-70s in san mateo today, while palo alto reaches 82. the embarcadero today up to 66 degrees, and the north bay reaching 88 in santa rosa. so it's feeling like summer.
5:19 am
we're stuck in a pattern. head somewhere cool like the a's game this evening, and they're playing the mariners today so it's going to be at first pitch at 67 degrees, really nice and comfortable, a lot of sunshine, cooling down as the game goes on. if you're wanting some cooler weather, you have the day off, you want to head to the beach, santa cruz will only see the high temperatures in the upper 60s later today. so we have our weather pattern set up with a cool and cloudy coast, and the warm valleys. throughout the week, no major changes here. as we go toward the weekend, it's going to start to cool off just a bit. we'll see a storm system approaching the pacific northwest. for us that means a stronger ocean breeze, but it only cools us down a few more degrees. this is our seven-day forecast with temperatures inland holding stead y in the mid to upper 80s. san francisco looking at more 60s in the forecast so nothing really changing here but i think we'll take it. headed over to mike, updating the crash off the bay bridge. >> that's right.
5:20 am
all the folks will take for the rest of the bay, it's good. we have speed sensors in green all around the bay, in tri-valley. the only slowing out of the altamont, typical and clear toward livermore proper. as we zoom toward the city we have the crash west 80 at harrison getting off that bridge. no lanes affected. that crash has cleared. someone was just reporting a hit-and-run. if you saw anything in the area, go ahead and call that in to chp or san francisco pd. a little slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza as the volume builds. right now it's just about the time they turn the metering lights on. they probably have because all the cash lanes i can tell by the stackup they have opened. one other factor we watch the clouds descend upon the bay bridge. this is the san mateo bridge, the low clouds are touching the tower. i'll show you that shot coming up. great shot getting to work on time if you get to transit on time. back to you. coming up, meet a bay area real estate agent who says he can get you into a house for under $500,000. that should be interesting.
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plus an air race like no other. more of this pretty incredible video, coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay." this racquet doesn't care who holds it. it's equality in my hand. it's not a boy thing, or a girl thing. it's everything. give your kids a sport with a level playing field for all. join net generation.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:23. happening today, singer r. kelly will be back in a chicago courtroom. he remains in federal custody
5:24 am
after being indicted on sex crimes and obstruction of justice in both illinois and new york, last week. today's hearing is expected to address a matter of extradition to new york to face the charges. 5:23 and happening today, notorious mexican drug king pin el chapo learns his fate. a judge in new york expected to sentence joaquin guzman. in january a federal jury convicted him on all counts tied to his notorious drug cartel. those counts included drugs trafficking, weapons trafficking and money laundering. prosecutors are asking for a life sentence, and it's believed the judge will agree to that. billionaire and registered sex offender jeffrey epstein is going to hear if he can leave jail as he waits for trial. epstein faces new sex abuse charges. yesterday his attorneys argued he should be confined to his house until his trial. prosecutors call him a flight risk and two accusers testified they think epstein should remain in custody.
5:25 am
a judge is expected to announce a decision on thursday. all right, so if you're a first-time home buyer, you probably know the chance of landing a $400,000 house in the bay area, that's got to be impossible. >> but one expert tells us it doesn't mean there's none out there. nick guzman works mostly in the san francisco and east bay market. he's familiar with zillow's latest eye-popping numbers, not a single $4 225,000 in san francisco or san mateo county. there's one in all of santa clara county but alameda county has more than two dozen such homes. he says there are deals out there, if you know who to talk to. >> i have a lot of relationships with a lot of other people and sometimes i am able to kind of take a look at the properties pre-mls, you know, and that way i'm able to identify the kind of properties that will match up will some of my clients. >> i think i want to see this house. >> hmm. well, there's more hope. the bay area did see 1% year
5:26 am
over year decline in median home prices in march. it was the first decline in seven years, before a second downtick in may. a little slowing down. but it does pay who you know. in the meantime, brentwood time is ticking down, until the town gets a brand new clock. according to "the press" which posted this photo online city leaders voted in favor of adding a 12-foot-tall clock earlier this week. brentwood mayor bob taylor said it will be put near a gazebo through the city park. >> throughout the country there's always been a clock at a park. i said you know, this is the icing on the cake. >> the time has been set for the clock's arrival, estimated to cost between $18,000 and $22,000. all right, take a look at what's going on here, these are air racers showing their stuff. it's the red bull air race world championship. this is on sunday in hungary. only the most expert flyers of
5:27 am
course. australian matt hall performed best under pressure keeping his title hopes alive winning by 0.1 of a second, with a run just under one minute. >> 5:26. coming up next, top stories we're following for you on this tuesday morning. a possible upgrade for your commute. a discussion happening today on the new b.a.r.t. station in the east bay. we'll have a live report on how you can have your say as the planned irvington station in fremont plays out. and ntsb investigator is expected at the hayward airport thursday morning after a person was killed in a helicopter crash. and we're keeping tabs on your morning commute. mike's got a look at the backup on the bay bridge and kari has a look in the forecast, what's in store for the weekend as well, all coming up. it's 5:27.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. a very good tuesday morning to you. let's take a peek outside. look at that. the sunrise. we're above the clouds this morning. early bird gets the worm and you get this great view as well from high up above. >> that is gorgeous. >> nice start to our day. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off but kari is hard at work looking at the clouds on the radar no doubt. a beautiful sunrise behind you. >> nice sunrise in the south bay. we don't have to go above the clouds because there are none. as we start out this morning, a nice clear view, as we start out
5:31 am
in santa teresa. it feels nice and cool, and you are going to enjoy the cooler temperatures for a few more hours, before it starts to heat up. at noon we're at 77 degrees, and not a bad day, san jose reaches 83, but there will be some low 90s again this afternoon while the coast stays in the 60s. so a wide range in temperatures continue. we'll talk about the weekend coming up, and mike, it is a tuesday coming up. >> yes, you showed beautiful sunrises. look at this alternate source of lighting, all these have lights at the bay bridge. it is tuesday. a more concerted build at the toll plaza as they turn the metering lights on. they are on. i told you, i'd show you the span of the bay bridge. thor uis we had lower clouds earlier today but now we see the entire span itself. you can see clouds in the background but visibility is not a problem here. maybe across the golden gate bridge, as patches of clouds continue to drift through the area but so far, the speeds look great all around the bay. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. developing right now in the
5:32 am
east bay a deadly helicopter crash during a lesson. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the airport with the latest on the investigation. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, to you, scott and laura. when the ntsb arrives at hayward executive airport in a few hours from now, they will head out to the runway, where that wreckage still sits and they will try to figure out whether this crash was the result of a mechanical error, pilot error or something else. the aircraft on your tv screen was a four-seater helicopter, a robinson r44. it went down around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, landed on its side in the grass just off run of the runways. two men were on board, a flight instructor and his student. the flight instructor, he was 62-year-old wayne prodger, of sunnyvale, he died in the crash. his student was critically injured, but was still able to walk over to first responders
5:33 am
who put him on a gurney and transported him to the hospital. >> it's my understanding they were hovering, something unique to helicopters where they're in the air, stay in one place and it's one of the things that you work on as a student pilot. >> reporter: we have been told that the robinson r44 is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to helicopters. wayne prodger, a flight instructor was well-known in the bay area as an avid motorcycle rider who was very active and considered to be an all-around great guy. reporting live here in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> very tragic. let's hope they get some answers. thank you, bob. 5:33 right now. a public hearing on a proposed b.a.r.t. station in fremont 40 years in the making. the proposed irvington station would be a stop between the two executive fremont b.a.r.t. stations. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from fremont this morning with more on this proposed project. a lot of people have been waiting for. >> reporter: a lot of folks have been waiting for a very long time, laura, and you can hear
5:34 am
the b.a.r.t. train going on behind me. they just pass through here at this point but the earliest there could be an actual b.a.r.t. station here at this location would be five years, but when you're talking about a project that was first floated 40 years ago, it kind of seems like it's right around the corner. i want to show you a map of the area that we're talking about, this is the proposed site for the everyonington b.a.r.t. station, south of the washington boulevard overpass on the west side of osgood road in fremont, and it would serve the area between the existing fremont station to the north and the warm springs b.a.r.t. station to the south. today the fremont city council will hear public comment on the station area plan, that is the plan for the streets, the parking, the residential development all around the station site. b.a.r.t. first studies this location in the 1970s but only approved it back in 2003 so that part is a done deal. the station is coming. the funding became available in 2014, when alameda county voters aproved measure bb. so today's meeting is not about the station.
5:35 am
that conversation is over. it's about what happens after the station, so really a big concern for folks who live in fremont, and perhaps for b.a.r.t. commuters who are passing through and maybe would like to be able to stop here. the meeting is tonight at fremont city hall at 7:00. in fremont, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, it's a busy one in fremont. thank you, kris. happening today, fremont city council will vote on a controversial plan for new navigation center. flyers are being passed out requesting residents flood that meeting to voice concerns. the center will be either at the parking lot behind city hall in downtown or on surplus city property next to a plant street in the northern part of the city. under the plan, about 45 homeless people would be able to stay at the center for up to six months at a time. also new this morning in san francisco, a proposed safe place to park for people living in rvs. this would be located on geneva avenue at balboa's upper yards across from the b.a.r.t. balboa park station. according to "the examiner" the facility would offer social
5:36 am
services, security and bathrooms. for overnight parkers, they'd be allowed to stay for 90 days. a community meeting on the proposal is saturday, 11:00 a.m. at balboa high school. preparing for a power outage. 9/11 east bay cities taking action before pg&e cuts off power during high-risk fire periods over the next couple of months. east bay mud is placing portable generators and pumps in multiple cities to ensure the area is able to maintain water service during the outages. it also allows fire crews to access flowing water. here are the nine cities where the emergency generators will be placed. east bay mud plans on keeping those generators in those cities through november. in the south bay the search tn continues for the men stealing gardening equipment out of a triller. it happened in south san jose last tuesday. did you see that white truck pull up to the home? that's when three men got out,
5:37 am
took a blower, hedge trimmer and a lawnmower, and then just took off. new details over 1 million people claim they will storm area 51 in search of aliens in september. the idea started out as a joke online, but the number of people signing up on the facebook event continues to grow. now the u.s. military says they are monitoring this situation. air force asking people to stay home. do not come to the nevada desert. today marks the 50th anniversary since apollo 11's mission launch. >> on july 16th, 1969, nasa rocketed three men from the surface of the earth towards the moon. it wasn't as easy as nasa simply building a rocket and heading into space. astronaut michael collins found himself sitting on top of 1 million gallons of rocket fuel next to neil armstrong and buzz alare on. >> i got nervous easily and it seemed like a suitable occasion
5:38 am
to be nervous. >> i'll say. another milestone five days later when the crew made man's first mark on the moon. quite remarkable. 50 years, mike. >> sounded like a suitable time to be nervous? yeah. an understatement. much less of a journey on our roadways. we'll look over here for the morning commute, with traffic flowing smoothly for most of our sensors. you see a little build for san jose, typical over there and we'll zoom up here toward the approach toward the bay bridge. everything is looking great. we have no major issues but i want to show you the live cameras we have reflecting what may be an issue for some drivers here. the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge there's a little mist on our lens, likely on your windshield as well. you use a wiper or two and make sure you have fluid to clear off the smear over here, a smooth drive golden gate bridge, we're not strangers to the fog over here. >> i will admit, i've used coffee in the past. >> wow. >> you have to stop the car and
5:39 am
pour it all over. >> if you're going to stop the car, pull over and really clean it. >> you get the windshield wipers going. >> wake me up in the car as well. >> my gosh. let's check the forecast with kari. >> as we head into the weekend, it's going to basically be the weather we've seen all week long. the mid 80s for the inland areas, and for san francisco staying cool. times of fog, with the highs reaching into the mid-60s there. let's head over to yosemite. there is a live look as the sun rises, we have some great weather there for the weekend. a little warm, reaching into the upper 70s and low 80s, but still really nice with the sunshine. and we also will have some hot weather in the tri-valley, reaching into the upper 80s by the end of the weekend but a lot of sunshine. if you get out early or later in the evening, it's going to be much more comfortable. in russian river valley, we're slightly cooler here with some mid-70s on friday and saturday. on sunday, we're going to see the high up to 80 degrees, a few
5:40 am
clouds mixing in. heading down to santa barbara, we're going to get some sunshine and cooler this weekend, compared to last. we're going to reach the upper 60s for saturday. let me know where you're going or what you're doing. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram. today's forecast coming up in three minutes. >> thank you, kari. coming up and all now, the missing california hiker found alive and safe. speaking out about her ordeal. >> he came out as a big guy, burly, bald-headed. >> the scary encounter she escaped from that led her to being lost in the wilderness. and here's something you don't see every day. a wedding on b.a.r.t. we'll tell you how the couple pulled it off and on which b.a.r.t. line. hmm. and maybe why. how romantic. your calling was always to make a difference and
5:41 am
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good tuesday morning. right now at 5:43, it's a clear start as we get a live look outside in the south bay. let's head to east san jose to evergreen with our temperatures this morning in the low 60s, as you start out the door, and as we go throughout the day, it's going to feel very nice. a lot of sunshine, upper 70s and slightly above normal. we'll talk about what's ahead going into the weekend, in less than five minutes. and we'll stay with that south bay look. here's 101. that volume from the first burst of traffic easing off right on schedule. we're looking for another
5:44 am
6:20/6:30 build for the south bay proper. we'll show you how things are building up farther east and north. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. 5:43 right now. dramatic, new details from a southern california hiker rescued after being lost in the see yierra wilderness for four . >> she talked about an attack that led to her disappearance. rescuers yesterday found 60-year-old sheryl powell in the montenegro springs area near the nevada border. powell and her husband are from huntington beach. friday setting up to camp. she walked off, she says. she tells the "today" show she became lost, when a man with a knife tried to attack her, and she and her daughter took off running. >> just really surprised me and scared me. i thought my dog was going to be hacked up by him. got a chance to take off with my dog and ran and he was pursuing me. >> powell disappeared into the
5:45 am
wilderness. she says she could not get the attention of rescue helicopters that were looking for her, but once rescuers found her dog, they found her soon afterwards. powell says she never again saw the man who first threatened her. quarter to 6:00 right now. tense moments for some people in the east san jose foothills when a fire raced up a hillside. it destroyed a mobile home, a cottage and nearly 50 acres yesterday. maybe you saw the smoke in the south bay if you were here. the good news this morning? the fire is 100% contained, but firefighters are watching out for hot spots. mimi nguyen owned the cottage that burned and also lost her dog bubby. bubby was rescued from hurricane harvey, who was inside a crate. >> that's my life right there that just got burned down. >> the cause is under investigation. >> it's quarter to 6:00 on tuesday morning. we're learning more about the devastating crash in the south bay that killed one bicyclist. 70-year-old johnny chu was
5:46 am
killed by an suv, this happened yesterday morning on vista park drive near capital expressway in south san jose, sort of near communications hill. a second bicyclist is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation and neither alcohol nor drugs appear to be a factor. developing in southern california, a home exploded in murrieta near temecula and a utility worker was killed. a utility worker killed, 15 others hurt. crews came to check out a gas line damaged by a contractor. about an hour after they got there, something set off that blast. neighbors thought it was another earthquake. among the 15 hurt, three firefighters and a homeowner. the gas company says it did not get a prior call from that contractor, which is required by state law. new details in the murder of a college student from southern california. the utah man accused of killing 23-year-old mackenzie louek
5:47 am
appeared before a judge for the first time yesterday. ayoola ajayi faces charges of aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping and obstruction of justice. police say evidence tied to the suspect has been recovered, but they're declining to say exactly what was found. the long-term effort to clear radioactive waste from southern california's san onofre nuclear power plant is moving forward. it stopped for a year after a 50-ton canister got wedged into a spot where it couldn't be removed. crews managed to free that canister yesterday and they have 43 more canisters to move. 3.5 million pounds of nuclear waste is going no underground storage. the names of yosemite's iconic spots are back. the uncovering of the famous sign, the rustic camp curry. it was covered up three years ago in the midst of a lawsuit between the park service and the new owner of many of the park's landmarks. the fight was over those
5:48 am
trademarked names. the legal settlement means the park's legendary hotel will return to its original name, the awani. it had been changed to the majestic yosemite hotel. >> a the lo of people happy about the tradition continuin s southern california. new video from santa monta warehouse. a glitch in lime's app sent scooters back to the hot spot to recharge yesterday. late last night the scooters were picked up by the company. nbc reaching out to lime for comment. so let's get something straight. a win is a win. the giants fans right now can tell you it doesn't always come in quite the same way. >> these are two different games. so yesterday in colorado the giants and rockies played a double header. last night derek rodriguez pitched well in the second game. the giants steven vogt and brandon crawford hit back-to-back home runs and the giants won a close one 2-1. >> that was just the icing on the cake for brandon crawford.
5:49 am
a few hours earlier in the first game he did something no giant has done in nearly 60 years. eight runs batted in. the last giant to have eight rbis, orlando cepeda in 1961. this game was an absolute blowout. get this score, the giants won it 19-2. and maybe there is one more dose of bruce bochy magic in the giants bottle. they've now won 10 of their last 12 games. who needs a limo or a party bus when you have b.a.r.t. to get you there? b.a.r.t. happily pointed out its trains could be the chariot to your wedding. this is laura and jeremy, who along with their entire wedding party took b.a.r.t. across the bay for their wedding in oakland saturday. boarded the powell street station near the hotel and got lots of attention, as they walked from the lake merritt station to their venue but they tell "the chronicle" there were no delays. this was a marriage that was meant to be. >> as we hope all are. >> i don't know if they played
5:50 am
to the story, they didn't talk about this part but i have friends that met on the l in chicago. >> yes. >> that played a big part. they didn't go to the wedding on the l but they met on the commute, saw each other all the time. a little story. i don't know. >> the lesson here, is if you're on b.a.r.t. today or cal train and you have been meaning to talk to that person who is on your train every day, come on, do it! today is the day. >> or stare at your phone. >> there you go. we've got some hallmark channel moments here, i guess. >> take pictures and we'll put it on tv. it's a big circle. all right, let's look at the forecast right now. nice day ahead. >> very nice day, and we are going to see more of the weather we've seen recently starting out with some clouds over oakland, but we will see this all clearing out, with some sunshine later today. we have the fog and the drizzle in san francisco, with temperatures there in the low 60s. it's 60 in san jose, and 59 now in livermore. if you're about to head out to diridon station, it's going to
5:51 am
be in the low 60s. at 6:00, we are going to see a nice warmup, going through at least the morning and then it gets hot for a little while during the middle of the day. if you want to go out to the park in santa rosa, there will be fog for the next couple of hours but as it starts to clear, we'll be at 66 degrees at 9:00, and at 11:00, it's starting to warm up and it's going to be breezy, but very warm there, with some upper 80s. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates. we take you through the morning rush, the morning commute and then it's going to start to heat up around lunch time. if you have a later lunch at 1:00, it is 84 degrees in livermore and in oakland, it's 73 degrees, and napa, 82. but then we go up even more from there for a lot of our microclimates, reaching into the upper 80s for the south county, the east bay, as well as the north bay. so very much like yesterday, and this weather pattern still is set in place. we're not going to see any changes throughout the week.
5:52 am
as we go toward the weekend, we are going to see an area of low pressure bringing us the stronger ocean breeze, and bringing down our temperatures just a couple of degrees, no major changes here. we look at our seven-day forecast for the inland areas and it stays in the 80s for san francisco. at times some fog drifting by and highs in the 60s. mike, you're starting back with a look at the bay bridge. >> that's right, kari. because we did just get a report of a disabled vehicle at this area. it should be right in this shot. you do see a little bit different traffic flow. that's what i studied when i can't see the incident but i don't see any problems. all lanes have moved from time to time so we are still watching these cash lanes just over onto the right approach. they may have cleared already. back out to the rest of your map, we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. we marked the disabled vehicle reported at the bay bridge but doesn't look like it's really affecting the flow of traffic. my flow of words is not so great. 680 a report of a crash there, checking with our waze system as well because we have reporters all over the roadways with our
5:53 am
waze team. as we look out there, we see there is a waze report handled there and 680 southbound through sunol. reported as a major accident. now it may not be quite as bad as that. just one of the categories that gets clicked off when you do have that report. so we'll thank the folks for sending that information and track that of course. oh, nice wig on that wazer. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now a magnitude 5.7 earthquake shook bali and other indonesian islands today. the quake did not have the potential to cause a tsunami. new footage shows damage of an elementary school where the tiles from the roof fell on the ground. school principal says two teachers and a teacher are recovering now from head injuries. indonesia is along the pacific ring of fire, very active seismic area. next and new this morning, netflix giving in to long time pressure to edit a controversial show. the scene the south bay company is cutting in a move aimed to
5:54 am
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>> welcome back. brand new details about the way
5:57 am
doctors may one day treat anorex anorexia. >> the eating disorder may not simply be a psych extra trick problem but linked toe your metabolism. the study published in "nature genetics" looked at nearly 17,000 people with anorexia nervosa and 55,000 healthy controlled subjects. researchers identified eight genetics markers that correlate anorexia to some of the same genetic factors that influence risk for ocd, depression and anxiety. currently most doctors treat anorexia with behavioral therapy. researchers say they want to examine more dna. and new this morning, netflix making a change to one of the south bay's company's most popular and controversial shows. "13 reasons why" is getting a pass for removing a scene from season one which shows one taking her own life.
5:58 am
some studies show an increase in teenage suicides after "13 reasons why" partially filmed in the day area debuted in 2017. the creator was "to tell the truth about the horror of such an act and make sure no one would ever wish to emulate it," going on to say "we believe this edit will help the show do the most good for the most people, while mitigating any risk for especially vulnerable young viewers." as a reminder, if you or someone you know is struggling, there's help available 24/7. call this number any time, 1-800-273-8255. you can also chat with a counselor online at emmy nominations today will be announced in hollywood. "game of thrones" and "veep" are expected to be top nated shows. "this is us" will also likely garner several nominations. the ceremony is in september. the next james bond could make history. >> "the daily mail" reports
5:59 am
actress lashana lynch will take over for daniel craig. you might recognize her from "captain marvel." she'll be the first woman and first black woman to portray 007. movie insiders say they have the scoop. a follow-up for you this morning to a happy story we brought you on monday. >> a missing dog in san francisco was found safe and brand new we're seeing her picture, this is lilly. sfpd released the photos yesterday afternoon. saturday somebody took lilly outside of japantown market. there had been no arrests. here you see the man taking the dog away, but police say an officer spotted the dog in union square, and thought hey, that's lilly, and that police officer was right, and so now the dog is back with her owner. right now, condemning president trump. the house could do that today. a vote nancy pelosi is holding to get republicans on record for those racist tweets.
6:00 am
plus -- >> it's scary. it's scary. >> an early morning shooting in the south bay, what witnesses told us overnight and who police are looking for. banning facial recognition. san francisco already made history. tonight protests erupt over amazon's facial tech. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning, everyone, and thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's check that forecast right now kari. we'll get to that commute in a moment. >> okay. >> your time is coming my friend. the day looks pretty good. >> looks pretty good, starting out with sunshine in the south bay. we have some fog in san francisco, and a wide range in temperatures in our day ahead, and so as we take a live look in san jose, as the sun comes up, our temperatures will be in the low 70s or low 60s at 7:00, and then some mid-70s by late morning, reain


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