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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 17, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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and a very good morning to you. it is wednesday, july 17th, as we take a look at the beautiful bay bridge, with already some traffic on it. good morning, everyone. everybody got up early today. thanks for joining scott mcgrew. marcus washington did not get up early today. >> we hope he did not. he's off. i'm laura garcia. kari, it's a little cool this morning. >> it is, a live look at walnut creek, it's all clear. temperatures will dip in the lower 60s in the next several hours and things clearing out as we warm up today and all of our
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microclimates heating up as we approach noon looking at low 80s for the north bay, east bay and south bay. mike, you're tracking a small fire. >> one of the minor reports coming in to chp. green sensors around the bay and out of the altamont. minimal slowing. the fire reported over here toward 580 westbound, castro street on-ramp toward richmond and headed toward the toll plaza of the richmond-san rafael bridge. a small brush fire reported. i look at my cam camera, we don't see the construction crews and don't see any smoke through the area, just some low clouds in the distance, so we'll continue to track this, but while we're in this area you have breaking news. >> i do, good morning. we start with the possible shooting in that area in richmond. happened in 18th and chancellor. this is new video coming in to ou
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the ground as well. we've reached out to richmond police to find out more information. we i wheny and earthquake in the bay has people still feeling uneasy this morning and thinking about what could happen next. >> the epicenter of the 4.3 magnitude quake was just outside danville. here is a map that shows the reports that the usgs received. many people feeling it across the bay area from san francisco to san jose. "today in the bay'"''s" jean el talked with seismologists. >> reporter: scientists at the usgs are monitoring earthquake activity in the east bay. >> the monitors started shaking. >> reporter: lots of people felt the quake centered about six miles east of blackhawk. the greenville fault is a lesser known fault. it runs about 44 miles from the last a 5.8 in 1980. >> at first there was a shake, .
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>> reporter: the usgs says the jolt was followed by three smaller aftershocks, but on the heels of the 7.1 ridgecrest earthquake in kearn county, some are wondering if a bigger one is coming. >> we had one in the south and one coming up. probably not worried but curious if we get a bigger one. >> reporter: gio physicist brian kilgore says it's highly unlikely the greenville quake is related to ridgecrest. it's possible a larger event would follow a smaller quake. >> a 1 in 20 chance the earthquake will be followed byu. still no word if there's an grass fire in eastern contra costa county that destroyed a home. the fire in oakley, not far from highway 4.
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flames reached a big rig, destroying its cab. fire crews were able to contain the fire before flames could spread further. sheriffs deputies detained a man suspected of starting the fire. no word if he was arrested. another grass fire also in contra costa county, this fire breaking out yesterday at the intersection of highway 4 and 680 in pacheco. the flames spread to a storage facility. 27 units destroyed or damaged. nobody hurt and no word on the cause. a troubling discovery at stanford. counselors for the summer say they spotted a noose hanging frompus dorms. the program has several minority students and they believe the noose was a message for them. sharon perkins, one the young women who spotted the noose, said it left her fearing for her own safety. >> my immediate thought was just nothing but fear because i had never actually physically seen a noose. so i was jusdistraught and didn't know how to feel and
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immediately, to be honest, i got on southwest and looked for plane tickets. >> stanford released a statement saying "the incident is currently under investigation as a suspicious circumstance, but if additional evidence comes to light, it may be reclassified as a hate crime." >> 4:35. voters may decide the fate of a mural at a san francisco high school. the 1930s mural at george washington high depicts scenes of slavery and colonialism. last month, the san francisco school board voted to paint it over after complaints from people who found it offensive, but some art history preservationists and free speech activists say it's an important reminder of america's history, and they plan to put the measure to preserve the mural on the ballot in 2020. now to the decision in 2020, the latest candidate to join the crowded field of democrats vying to b'r visiting san francisco today. tom first campaign stop
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since announcing his bid for the white house. in the mission district that event starts at 6:30 tonight. the u.s. census bureau is sending out nearly a quarter million questionnaires to households across the u.s. that does include a question about citizenship. you'll remember the supreme court ruled earlier this month it cannot be included in 2020. this test was designed and printed before the decision, and while it's not clear if or how the government will use the data, it is not the official census. another quarter million households will receive surveys that don't include the question to see what impact the question might have on response rates. new this morning, it's alarming new information from california's auditor. some personal information collected by the state might not be protected. it finds certain departments have weaknesses in their data security and lack external oversight, among other issues. the report is not saying exactly which departments are vulnerable. it did say those in the judicial constitutional offices were all
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included. also new this morning, a new legal fight under way over home marijuana deliveries in california. a cannabis company is suing santa cruz county claiming the county is violating state law by banning out of county retailers. it allows home marijuana delivery statewide even into communities that banned pot sales. the town of beverly hills, santa cruz county and about two dozen other local governments have sued the state to overturn that rule. and in just a few hours, an important moment in bay area history will be remembered. >> today marks the 75th anniversary of the port chicago disaster. a ceremony is scheduled near the military ocean terminal in concord near that port. in 1944, more than 300 people died. it was a massive explosion. many of them african-americans. 50 black sailors refused to go back to work due to unsafe
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condit,ay congressman mark desaulnier added a bill to a federal defense amendment that would ex-on rate those convictions. just this week, it passed the house. it still needs to be approved by the senate. it's 4:38. coming up on "today in the bay," a major data breach for sprint customers. how hackers were able to exploit a flaw and steal information. and another feature for google maps. the way the app can help you get around on two wheels. live to the bay bridge toll plaza, where already things are beginning to well get a little busy. you're watching "today in the bay."
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. desaulnier. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set for a slightly lower open this morning. stocks ending a touch lower yesterday. the dow had a fresh all-time high during the session but closed in the red, snapping a four-day win streak. today's watch list a report on housing and earnings from bank of america and netflix. prin is informing customers of a serious data breach. hackers may have gained access to billing address, phone numbers, device type and i.d. by exploiting a flaw in a samsung website. the site advertised an add a new line feature for active sprint custom customers. sprint was told about the breach in late june. it reset p.i.n. codes on affected accounts.
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google wants to show you where bike stations are in several cities. it displays how many bikes are available and whether there's an empty space to dock your bike when you reach your destination. the new feature has been tested in new york for the last year and expanded to two dozen more cities around the world, including the bay area, chicago, l.a., toronto, montreal, madrid and berlin. laura and scott, back over to you. >> good tour. >> get a scooter, a bike, keeping us in shape, thanks, frank. coming up on "today in the bay," a check of your wednesday forecast with kari hall. >> another day, as the weather we've seen recently repeats itself today. we are going to start out with some clear skies, and some cool temperatures in palo alto. upper 50s as you head out the door. we're looking at 73 degrees at 11:00, and some low 80s again today. we'll talk about that and all of our microclimates coming up next. and we're looking at a clear drive and a clear view of dublin here for 580 westbound, with the headlights, eastbound with the
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tail lights. we'll talk about all directions for your commute and show you the changes in theine. east bay. people make mistakes, that includes doctors. california law does not require doctors to carry malpractice insurance. same goes for dentists. now the office or hospital where they work might require malpractice insurance but the state does not. you have a right to ask your doctor if he or she carries malpractice insurance. if you don't like the answer, you can find another doctor. call us with your consumer complaints. 888-996-tips or online at
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good morning. one houston father has a lot of long nights ahead of him. >> he posted a video to instagram of himself, his 1-year-old daughter getting into an argument that can only be described as adorable. take a look. >> who are you talking to like this? hey, look here -- hey look here, hey, you need to chill chill ou. >> so instagram argument. some advice toeen years. >> these are going to be the trend now, talking to the kids. i o videos. the triplets used to bark at
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each other all the time, things go viral. >> get a check of your wednesday. >> we're headed closer to the weekend, but still the same weather. here is a live look in dublin, as you see a lot of people already on 580 headed out the door. at least the visibility is clear, no foggish au issues in tri-valley. we've cooled off a few degrees from yesterday so you need a jacket to start. we have mid-50s to start out and we'll be in the mid-70s by 11:00, and another very warm day. our south bay high temperatures heading up to 85eg for in walnu creek, while oakland today will see a high of 73 mid-70s for s redwood city 80 will be theh san francisco back where we've seen temperatures reaching into the upper 60s and low 90s for ukiah today. sonoma reaches 87 degrees. still pretty warm and mostly
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clear, especially for the inland valleys. grab the sunglasses, short sleeves and it will be a very comfortable day. it won't be as windy. here is a look at our wind speed forecast going hour by hour. here we are at noon. look at how light the winds are, only coming in at about 2 to 4 miles per hour and then as we go into the evening, normally we see the winds picking up right at about 5:00 in half moon bay, 15 miles per hour compared to the 30 and almost 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts we were seeing a couple days ago. it won't be as windy today and warming up to 87 degrees. there will be some slight cooling for tomorrow and friday, but then we're back up into the upper 80s for the weekend, reaching 87 degrees, slightly warmer temperatures on sunday, and we'll see wmth continuing into 66 degrees. nothing but minor changes over the next couple of days. mike, you're giving us another look back at the bay bridge. >> kari, i know scott showed this picture earlier and there were a lot ofclustered at the b.
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things are clearing up back to what i expected for this wednesday morning so a smooth drive through here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will start to see the build, though, over the next 20 minutes. we'll see more folks start to gather and the metering lights like to turn on in the next half hour. the brush fire just off of 580 at castro street doesn't sound like a problem. no updates and no developments there, that's the good news. no one is sending out with urgency. contra costareat headed down to walnut creek and concord and looking toward the dublin rc in the westbound commute through the corridor toward the san mateo brll over the bay. i want to c palo alto the earlier construction did clear up, and we have a nice smooth drive, all lanes open as you pass both directions past university. no delays for the b.a.r.t. system or any other transit agencies. the longer ride for capital corridor, ace train and cal
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train moving nicely. kari paused a second while showing you this shot a few seconds ago, eastbound 580, we saw some flashing lights but there was nothing else going on there so everything's clear. new details about the life of late rap star and activist nipsey russell. the "new york times" reports he was under investigation at the time of his death. the l.a. police department and the city attorney were looking into whether his clothing store was the center for gang activity. hussle was killed outside the store in march. "the times" says the investigation continued after his death. the lapd would not go into specifics but said they were negotiating with hussle's associates to try to mitigate crime issues at the store >> it is 4:51. l.a. county is paying $53 million to settle a lawsuit alleging invasive strip searches of women inmates at a jail. the class action suit was filed nearly ten years ago. the inmates claimed deputies shouted degrading comments while
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they stripped. the settlement applies to more than 93,000 female inmates. since the lawsuit was filed the county implemented body scanners and added privacy curtains. one of san francisco's most popular parks is getting to get a bit more space to walk and play. according to "examiner" supervisors voted to close a portion of octavia street near patricia's green, the goal is to provide more space for pedestrians and bikers. the project would include adding a bike lane along octavia. heads up for you if your commute takes you through contra costa county. construction begins today along taylor boulevard and lafayette. crews will be working on a stretch a half mile north of rancho view drive, repairing a disconnected concrete storm drain and pavement section. construction is expected to last until a week from tomorrow. temporary lane closures are expected. if you haven't gotten a chance to check out the popular
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daffodil hill in the sierra, neva nevada, you are out of luck. it will be closed indefinitely. they cannot handle the overwhelming number of visitors. daffodil hill has been open to the public for 80 years. >> looks pretty. the temporary escooter pilot program in san francisco is about to end. will the scooters stay or go? we'll tell you what county leaders are saying, next. rescuers working to rescue people trapped in a collapse building in mumbai. ten people are dead, eight others injured. rescue operations are being done by hand. you can see a lot of people that were just removing all the rubble with any tools that they could get. the building was said to be about 100 years old. local authorities listed it as dangerous in 2012.
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good wednesday morning. a live look outside, you might feel the cool temperatures in the south bay. this is a live look at san jose this morning. kari has a full look of our forecast. don't worry, summer's still around. 4:55 right now. happening today, an event aimed at making sure truck drivers are ready for new state it's all getting under way in oakland. the truck and bus regulation law aims ated toxins exhaust. starting in january next year the dmv will only standards. the california board will hold inspections to go over the regulations and offer information on financial assistance. the scooters are sticking around san francisco. supervisors voted to make a temporary pilot program permanent. it was set to end in october, a
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year after it was put into place. when that happens, supervisors tell "the examiner" they're going to invite more scooter companies into the program. sfmta says one of the requirements will be to indicator to low income communities outside of downtown. the agency will also draw a map of where escooter companies can and cannot operate in. we've beenkingbout the giants lately and they are indeed red hot. >> which is nice, what looked like a lost season just a couple of weeks ago has become a season of hope for giants fans. the team is playing its best baseball in more than two years. giants in denver taking on the rockies last night. would go into extra innings. in the tenth, the giants bats broke loose scoring four runs, including the game winner from alex dickerson. they beat the rockies 8-4. giants have won 9 of their last 11 games, just three games behind securing the second wildcard playoff spot. what a change there. let's hope the trend continues. >> giants are hot, a's too.
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they were in a dancing mood in the stands there as they hosted the seattle mariners at the oakland coliseum last night. all-star matt chapman had a big night, his 22nd home run of the season. a's crushed the mariners 9-2. 13 wins in 16 games. the a's and mariners go at it again this afternoon in oakland. first pitch 12:30. >> keep the baseball going. coming up next on "today in the bay" we'll have a check of the forecast. >> and we're going to have another hot day for the inland areas, and martinez starts out nice and cool. now is the time to let the house cool off before we head into the low 80s at noon. we'll talk more about this and the rest of the forecast coming up next. kari shows 80, i show 92. the san mateo bridge westbound, someone changing lanes safely after signaling. no problems on this span. we are looking at the bay bridge coming up. and the submarine mystery solved. the hollywood actor who brought the vessel to the bay yar. we wi
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how the dramatic vote played out. and a mystery solved. the once famous child star who brought this submarine to monterey bay to the delight of many. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. already half way through our work week. i'm laura garcia. >> and inice,


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