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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 17, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew, marcus washington particularly enjoying his summer, he has the day off. but kari hall is in, telling us about summer. >> i vote for 4:00 start of the school day. at 4:30 i'm here. >> drop the kids off at school, go to work. >> right, that would be great, but not for them. so let's get started this morning with a live look outside from emeryville, looking toward the bay bridge, and we are starting out with some clouds here and there. your morning commute in antioch starts out clear. low 60s. nice and cool now but it's going to heat up again today. we'll have some low 90s there, so i'll talk more about that. mike, now you have a new crash at the bay bridge? >> i do. we heard about a new crash somewhere in this stretch. i don't see it on camera. it may be closer to the toll plaza but i've been watching all lanes. they do move right now been we'll track it. the bridge crew can usually clear lanes quickly despite the big backup here. we'll track that, but there is one crash reported at the toll
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plaza, another crash in the center divide as folks are heading off at harrison, sorry, the split and that will be a distraction. overall, a smooth, easy drive. right there, concord is the other really tough spot but we're seeing recovery now. they cleared lanes about five minutes ago, south 242 has recovery now, more traffic headed down through walnut creek interchange. highway 4 and south 242 now will show more traffic flowing easier. scott, back to you. racist, that's what more than half of congress has decided about president trump after he told four female lawmakers to go back to their countries. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with how this could play out on the campaign trail. good morning. >> hi, good morning. remember their country is the united states because they're all u.s. citizens and that was a big part of why there was such an uproar about this, scott, but now the president is headed to north carolina this evening for a rally, where he will take with
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him the label given to him by the house of representatives of racist attack, which could actually embolden some of his supporters down south. >> the resolution is adopted. >> reporter: but not without a fight. >> i request that the gentlewoman's words be taken down. >> i abandon the chair. >> reporter: the house of representatives, including four republicans, formally condemning president trump for telling four of their colleagues, women of color, all americans, to go back home to their countries. >> those comments are racist. >> i know racism when i see it. i know racism when i feel it. >> the president is not a racist. >> reporter: president trump declared on twitter "i don't have a racist bone in my body!" the house speaker rebuked for personally attacking the president. the senate's top republican urging everyone, including the president, to dial it down. >> it's about time we lowered
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the temperature all across the board. >> reporter: president trump insists it's these four lawmakers whose words should be condemned. >> you look at what they've said. i have clips right here, the most vile, horrible statements about our country. >> reporter: tonight, he campaigns in north carolina, the deep south, where racism has a long and painful history. >> there's still a lot of seeds that are fermenting in this race issue that donald trump waters. >> reporter: in washington -- >> it's all politics. >> reporter: lawmakers are trying to get back to work. now on their agenda is impeachment, articles of impeachment filed by a texas congressman right after that contentious vote, but scott, we don't know exactly where they're going with that. >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. bay area congresswoman
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jackie speier and mahershala ali spoke out about religious tolerance during yesterday's event in washington. she said it is important to draw attention to the issue. >> it's an opportunity for us to recommit to it in the united states and around the world as well. >> the discussion also included testimonials from survivors of religious persecution. 6:04. protests at fremont city hall at a meeting where the council is considering creating a navigation center to serve the homeless population. some folks there are saying not near my home. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us close to one of those proposed sites. it's actually i understand right behind city hall? >> reporter: yeah, this is the parking lot behind city hall. you can see city hall behind me. there is a gentleman already living here at this site, but as you might imagine, neither this site nor the other site are sitting well with a lot of folks who live nearby. hundreds of people did show up in person to talk to the city
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council to protest outside and then to speak inside the council chambers and in fact, there were so many people that they didn't even fit inside. the city wants to do something to address a homeless population that they say grew 27% in the last two years. this navigation center would house up to 45 people for six months or less, while they receive on site services, and transition into more permanent housing. the parking lot behind city hall where we are on capitol avenue is one site. the other is a city owned lot on decoto road near reagan nursery. as you can imagine, there are strong opinions on all sides. >> i don't want homeless people running around here tipping my towards when i'm not home. >> everybody says it's a great idea, but not in my neighborhood, so that is the challenge is finding a place that's going to be most acceptable. >> you have to ask yourself is, if you were down and out, and in trouble, wouldn't you want the services to be offered to you?
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>> reporter: the city council didn't take any action last night because in fact the navigation center item wasn't even on the agenda. so what's next is that the city will hold public outreach, two meetings in august, and they hope to pick a permanent site or not a permanent site but finalize the site in september. in fremont, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, thanks so much for the latest, kris. >> it's 6:06. a man accused of killing two men in san mateo county is expected in court for a motion hearing today. malik dasuki pleaded not guilty. he is asking to represent himself in trial. prosecutors say he killed a taxi driver and a towing company employee, both on skyline boulevard. this happened last month. dasuki allegedly killed the taxi driver after a ride to skyline boulevard. the next day he called a specialty towing for help and then stabbed that employee, say police. >> 6:06. the oakland city council passes a ban on facial
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recognition within city limits. the council president says multiple studies show the technology is flawed and biased. a few months ago supervisors banned the use of that technology by all city agencies. critics say the ban makes it harder for police to track down criminals. new this morning, san francisco will help more students go to college for free. the board of supervisors voted to add $15 million to the free city college fund. the funding is expected to last ten years. mayor london breed introduced the resolution working to save that pilot program. it was set to expire this month. >> it's hard to believe, back-to-school season is right around the corner. one marin county school district is at odds on when students should show up for class. according to "the marin independent journal" the tamalpias union high school approved sending a letter to the state opposing a state proposal mandating later school start times. the district says the decision should be made locally.
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if approved high schools would start no earlier than 8:30 in the morning, middle schools no earlier than 8:00 a.m. we're getting to the bottom of a mystery floating in monterey bay. >> it's a submarine, getting a lot of attention. many people perplexed as to what it was, how it got there, who it belonged to. the owner traded in home improvement for water safety. terrance smith plays tim the toolman taylor's youngest son in the '90s comedy "home improvement." he works with a berkeley based company to help teach people how to pilot the submarine. he promises that's all the submarine is there for. >> you want to help people experience what the true beauty and wonder that is under the ocean at all times. no, we're not smuggling drugs. we're not attacking the u.s. we're all just californians here having a good time. >> probably wouldn't hurt to fly an american flag in the back there. the company says before you become a certified sub pilot and go on dives, you have to take a
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shore-based class that costs about $200. >> i'm not normally claustrophobic but that might make me feel a little. >> i'd love to see the fish in monterey bay. i might have to get over that a little while to see the fish. >> i need a bigger sub. >> right out the door this morning, and as we start out in pleasant hill, nice cool stemp tours as y temperatures to the b.a.r.t. station. low 60s through 8:00 and then warming up. it will be another hot day. already by 1:00 we're at 85 degrees. if you're headed out to the park today on the peninsula, maybe around san mateo, it will start out mostly cloudy, a cool morning and at noon it's becoming sunny, 69 degrees and a comfortable afternoon headed our way. so as we check out all of our high temperatures for this afternoon, up to 92 in antioch today, 91 in ukiah. those are our hottest spots. we keep it in the low 60s in
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half moon bay. mike, you're hearing about a very serious crash. >> that's right. let's look at the speed sensors. we'll focus on the commute, just the data right now looking at green sensors almost all over the bay. your typical pattern for heyward and slowing starting once again for the south bay. we'll take to you the very serious crash over here in richmond, as eastbound 580 we have just your slow lane from what i understand blocked but there's an investigation. at the cutting boulevard off-ramp a pedestrian presumably crossing the off-ramp or walking onto the freeway i'm not sure. the pedestrian was hit several times by vehicles traveling off of the richmond-san rafael bridge and in toward richmond on the east shore freeway. because of that, the investigation will continue for at least 45 minutes, maybe 90 minutes, judging by past activity and how long that's taken. plan on some slowing counter commute from san rafael over in toward the east shore freeway. westbound as we follow that in the newsroom the traffic will show a typical build westbound for the richmond to san rafael
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bridge as well as the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. next and new, a serious data breach for people who use a major wireless carrier. the information the company says might be exposed. plus -- >> it is a beautiful alligator. >> it's beautiful, from a distance. this little gator taken to chicago and the internet by storm. next and new this hour, reaction from the rap superstar who happens to be the animal's namesake. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:14, let's head over to los gatos with our temperatures in the low 60s at 8:00. a few clouds here and there, but overall, a lot of sunshine in this forecast, and look at how warm it's going to be. at 2:00 we're at 85 degrees. we'll keep the hot weather in the forecast inland. more on that coming up in less than five minutes. the traffic building westbound from the richmond side of san rafael headed across the bridge. eastbound way over on the right, light traffic. a traffic alert causing unexpected slowing, someone killed on the freeway and the update we have from the chp. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set for a
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slightly higher open this morning. stocks ending a touch lower yesterday. the dow hit a fresh all-time high during the session but closed in the red, snapping a four-day win streak. today's watch list a report on housing and earnings from bank of america and netflix. sprint is informing customers of a serious data breach. hackers may have gained access to information such as billing address, phone numbers, device type and i.d. by exploiting a flaw in a samsung website. the site advertised an add a new line feature for active sprint customers. sprint was told about the breach in late june. it reset p.i.n. codes on affected accounts. but it is still unknown how many customers are affected. google maps can show you where bike sharing stations are in several major cities. the feature is available on android and ios devices. it displays how many bikes are available and whether there's an empty space to dock your bike when you reach your destination. the new feature has been tested in new york for the last year and expanded to two dozen more cities worldwide, including the bay area, chicago, l.a., toronto, montreal, madrid and berlin.
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anything that makes biking just a little bit easier. >> sure. we'll get one of the bicycles made for two, as long as i can be on back. >> really? you'd be on the back? >> sure, you don't know if i'm pedaling or not. >> she would totally steer. frank, thanks. trending this morning, the out of town guest who has become talk of the town in chicago. >> that's right. a gator, captured in a lagoon being nicknamed chance the snapper. the animal was on the loose for over a week after he was first spotted in the park. a specialist from gator central, florida, where gators belong, helped nab that alligator. last night imy fallon asked chance the rapper how he felt having a gator named after him. >> you got any words for chance if he's watching? >> yeah, man, keep your head up. they got you locked down. they could have your body but they can't have your mind? >> chicago's resident reptile awaiting a new home in a zoo or a sanctuary, and his paw pint on
6:17 am
t print on the walk of fame. >> before he was caught we have video of people going to the park to see the alligator. don't do that. run far away. >> in case you're unfamiliar with alligators, don't go near them. >> exactly. by chance, he could get you. >> i used to live in louisiana. we would all the time go to where the alligators are, and take pictures and you know, they say if they run toward you, just zigzag. >> goodness. >> or just run faster than somebody else. >> this is what we do. >> i'll take this california sunshine. >> we have a beautiful sunrise. let me show you as you get ready to head out as you start out on this wednesday, maybe you're meditating. let me show you this view. it is beautiful. we have a little bit of fog drifting across san francisco. at times we'll see this blocking the view along the coast while the inland areas will be clear. this is the view in san jose,
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also very nice sunrise this morning to get you started. if you're headed out to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station expect low 60s. still a jacket needed but later on today comfortable. oakland's high temperatures reaching into the low to mid-70s. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates. here we are at 10:00, starting to see a few low 70s in the east bay, even in santa rosa, we'll be at 71 degrees at 10:00 this morning and then going in to noon, if you want to take lunch outside, it is going to be really nice, starting to warm up though in concord. wr we're at 81, one of the warmer spots for the early afternoon and then going into this evening and maybe headed out for your commute headed home from,in the low 90s in antioch but mid 80s for the tri-valley and at 8:00 as the sun sets we're in the 60s and 70s. so our weather set up very typical, really no changes from the past few days and even the weekend. we've seen some cool coastal
6:19 am
temperatures and warm valley temperature this is wes this we. it will be hot but a slight onshore wind flow. next week there could be some relief as we see the storm system approaching the pacific northwest that could bring us cooler temperatures. as we look at the seven-day forecast our numbers don't change too much. our little bit of a break where we come down another three to four degrees tomorrow as well as friday but back up a couple more degrees for the weekend in the valleys in san francisco, keeping those 60s throughout the next several days with breezy winds and fog at times. mike, do we have a crash investigation going on now? >> we do. it's continuing, kari, over in richmond on the itch are mond si richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. we show the is ensource around the bay right now, mostly just fine. look at the green sensors. that's great, light easy drive. there's recovery through concord from the earlier crash south 242 recovers, so does westbound
6:20 am
highway 4 out of bay point. this will continue to be a problem for the time being and the build continues to grow eastbound 580 as you approach cutting boulevard. a chopper is en route. we probably don't have a good shot but if we have any shot whatsoever, we'll show it as we travel toward that scene. we'll show what you we can. there's been a deadly crash involving a pedestrian so we may not be able to show you much picture there. we want to of course also mind the traffic flow though and that is moving smoothly for your commute direction. westbound bay bridge earlier crash at harrison, which was a distraction. there was some slowing out of lanes. the slowing eased up and so has the build toward the toll plaza. we have the metering lights on and the left approach easing up at the bay bridge toll plaza itself. back to you. >> mike, thanks. 6:20 on your wednesday morning. here is a question, as you eat breakfast, how late is too late for tacos? the petition against a food truck here in the bay area.
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a lot more ahead. you're watching "today in the bay." a true match means...
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6:24 am
>> did i make the wrong decision into moving to walnut creek? i want to believe otherwise. >> i am speaking to you not just as a police chief, but as a community member but more importantly as a father, i'm devastated and heartbroken for your loss. >> the city's police chief is promising the public will have access to more information in the investigation within the next few months. a san francisco neighborhood pushing back against a taco truck's plan to serve late. the business called street meet has applied for a permit to operate from 10:00 at night to 2:00 in the morning several days of the week on union and buchanan. some people who live there worry about trash and noise. they signed a petition trying to prevent it. others are on board with the tacos. >> it's terrible. it is garbage, bottles everywhere. >> there's a lot of people out and about, always hungry and i think having a food truck here will be a lot more sanitary. >> the business owner says he simply wants to grow his
6:25 am
business in an area filled with bars but no late night food vendors. a public hearing for the approval of the permit set to happen over the next few months. >> 6:24. this morning an out of the world tribute, the smithsonian air and space museum is turning the washington monument into a life-sized rocket this week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of man's first moon landing. until thursday, the 363-foot saturn v rocket will be projected on the washington monument for two hours every night. >> that is so amazing. >> isn't that a cool tribute? >> looks authentic. spectacular. as we've been mentioning this week, it's marking the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission to the moon and there are so many stories to tell. >> our emmy award winning documentary series looks at how hard the bay area worked in playing a significant role in that mission. nasa ames in mountain view has been the center of space innovation for nearly 80 years.
6:26 am
engineer harvey allen, a stanford graduate, made a historic break-through in human space flight. his idea to shape space capsules a certain way is a break-through, still in use today. join us this weekend. >> that's one of the things that we helped develop here at ames was the ability to re-enter the atmosphere, returning either crew or cargo back from space. >> join us this weekend or set your dvr, "bay area revelations ex-pouring space" airing this eight at 8:00 p.m. a deadly crash in the east bay. nbc bay area sky rangeler give us out first look at mike has been following the traffic and impact and how it affects you. an aremember laing alert from your state auditor. your personal information collected may not be secure. 75 years later, we remember a world war ii tragedy right here in the bay area. did you feel it? earthquake still the talk of contra costa county. we are live with a look at why
6:27 am
yesterday's shaking was so rare. plus reaction from people there. you're watching "today in the bay." show me the crown.
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all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. quickly approaching 6:30. let's take a live look outside overlooking city by the bay. the sun is up warming things up today. kari has a full look at the forecast coming up. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington is off.
6:30 am
mike inouye has breaking news. >> richmond we continue to follow the investigation that's going on. we have this video from our chopper which was just over the scene for a couple of minutes. the fog made them leave the area for safety sake but enough to show you the area with the activity right here. you see the traffic flowing here on eastbound 580 getting off the san rafael to richmond bridge, forced off at harbor as this is a tough video to see. let's get out to the maps. chopper had to leave the area because of low clouds for their visibility, that was a safety factor. for you, you have to get forced off of the freeway so expect the slowing as you approach richmond from san rafael. this deadly crash involved a pedestrian, either on the freeway or trying to run across the off-ramp at cutting boulevard. so we'll follow that investigation. meanwhile, the traffic impact means you're off of the freeway at harbor. you'll probably have to jump on somewhere around marina parkway. watch for the surface streets just in that immediate vicinity. meanwhile your commute direction is westbound, that slows toward
6:31 am
that richmond bridge toll plaza, but nothing major and nothing unexpected. same thing for the approach toward the bay bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza, and the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic as well. we have a new crash reported 101 near san mateo and third. looks like it's southbound side from the pattern but everything shows a smoother, lighter drive around the bay, kari. that's good news for the start of your day. >> we have a nice clear sunrise, as we take a live look outside in walnut creek. we are going to start out with temperatures in the low 60s, and then reach into the mid 80s. it is going to be another hot day, as we see the high temperatures in parts of the east bay reaching the low 90s. we'll still keep the low 60s for the coast. we'll talk about the weekend forecast, that's coming up in about six minutes. we have brand new news just in. the aclu asking a federal judge to block president trump's new asylum rule. that request was filed this morning in court. the aclu is seeking a hearing on the issue tomorrow in san francisco.
6:32 am
the new rules went into effect yesterday and prevent most migrants from seeking protection as refugees if they passed through another country first. we are continuing to monitor aftershocks and anticipating maybe another earthquake after a magnitude 4.3 quake shook parts of contra costa county yesterday. >> here is a map that shows where it was felt, widespread in the bay area, all the way to the north. some people as far south as san jose felt it. "today in the bay's" t"''s"''s'n is live in blackhawk. >> reporter: the last time this fault line had a sizeable earthquake was back in 1980, that was a 5.8 magnitude. this was centered about six miles east of where we are in blackhawk right now. it's on the greenville fault line, which stretches from livermore to the diablo range, about 44 miles in total.
6:33 am
three smaller aftershocks followed that main quake. despite all the seismic activity, though, usgs geophysicist tells "today in the bay" this is all normal scientifically speaking, but it does come after that 7.1 earthquake in ridgecrest in kearn county and the other sequence of quakes there. some people are concerned enough that they're preparing just in case there's a larger event. >> we had one in the south and one coming up. probably not worried but curious if we get a bigger one. >> we're headed to costco to get a bunch of water. >> reporter: the usgs recorded six quakes across the state yesterday of 3.5 of greater and more than 500 aftershocks following the ridgecrest event over the july 4th holiday. this morning a group of west coast u.s. senators is fighting
6:34 am
to maintain the nation's high speed earthquake alert system due to what seems like constant seismic activity recently here in california, and in washington state. in fact, 20 senators in total have now signed on this morning to that letter to the fcc, urging the fcc to make sure that they maintain what has become a pretty quick alert system as the fcc moves forward with plans to upgrade the country's cell tower networks. we're live in blackhawk, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest. >> good reminder for all of us to be ready. thank you, thom. another grass fire also in contra costa county, this fire breaking out yesterday at the intersection of highway 4 and 680 in pacheco. the flames spread to a storage facility. 20 units destroyed or damaged. nobody hurt and no word on the cause. >> 6:34. new information from california's auditor. according to a new report, some
6:35 am
personal information collected by the state may not be protected. the auditor found certain departments have weakens in their data security and lack external oversight, among other issues. the report is not saying exactly which departments are vulnerable. it did say those in the judicial branch of government and executive offices as well. the u.s. census bureau is sending out nearly a quarter million questionnaires to households across the u.s. that does include a question about citizenship. you'll remember the supreme court ruled earlier this month it cannot be included in 2020. this test was designed and printed before the decision, and while it's not clear if or how the government will use the data, it is not the official census. another quarter million households will receive surveys that don't include the question to see what impact the question might have on response rates. later this morning in contra costa county, a commemoration will take place to remember the lives lost in a deadly explosion
6:36 am
75 years ago and the mutiny trial that followed it. >> it was big bay area history. pete suratos has this report from concord. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. today marks the 75th anniversary of the port chicago disaster that took place in concord, and the majority of those who died in this disaster were young black sailors. as far as what took place, the explosion took place on july 17th, 1944, killing 320 people. 202 of whom were young black sailors. they were ordered to load and unload explosives onto ships with no training and also had inadequate equipment. a week after the explosion, surviving sailors were ordered to report to nearby mayor island in vallejo to resume the dangerous work, loading the explosives. when 50 sailors, all african-american refused to do the work because of concerns they were convicted and sent to prison on mutiny charges. they led to the desegregation of the u.s. armed forces and early step for thurgood marshall, who was then chief counsel for the naacp. toward becoming a supreme court
6:37 am
justice. nbc bay area did speak with william ross, who was among the black navy sailors stationed at the base when the port chicago disaster took place. >> it was a terrible thing. i mean, you wondered, is this it? is this it? is it going to explode? >> reporter: one of the 50 men were pardoned by then president bill clinton, but a campaign is being led to have the remaining 49 pardoned as well. all 50 of the men are deceased. today's commemoration event, that will take place at 10:00 a.m. in concord, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. other news a carpool crackdown in contra costa county. 75 drivers were caught breaking the law yesterday, this one probably takes the cake, chp contra costa county tweeting this out, a mannequin riding shotgun so the driver can use the carpool lane. they got caught. chp calling the mannequin angel
6:38 am
based on the sweatshirt. i'm surprised they caught that. that would be tough to catch. >> we do these stories all the time, every once in a while. people still try to get away with it. >> 75, yes, great, we got 75 violations but i see perhaps 75 every week. >> oh, yeah. keep cracking down. keep the carpool. >> keep it safe out there folks as well. cars are supposed to be on the roadway, not pedestrians, but unfortunately sounds like we had a pedestrian in richmond and that's the scene of our traffic alert. we'll show you there's a full closure of eastbound 580 as you exit the area, coming over from san rafael and off of the bridge, headed into richmond. the freeway is closed about harbor way because of someone who was apparently in the fast lane, that means they went all the way across the freeway into the fast lane area when they got hit and killed earlier this morning. the investigation continues. we have some video from our chopper able to stick around for a bit before the clouds became an issue. the flares getting off eastbound
6:39 am
580 on to city streets that will conjest the area as they make their way probably toward marina way, the best way back onto the freeway. keep that in mind coming from the san rafael side it will be anner uo eissue off the bridge. the rest of your commute looks very light around the bay, with just the bay bridge metering lights of course. >> all right, half way through our work week. looking forward to the weekend. mild temperatures? >> nice and mild but it depends on where you are. we're still going to have the wide range so let's start out with some free ice cream at the giants game this friday night. i'll be out there handing out ice cream at left field plaza. come see me, get free ice cream, we'll be in the low 70s and it will be nice and in time for the game, it will be right at about 66 degrees so starting to cool off. as we make saturday plans, we'll still have some 60s along the coast, and mid 80s in the inland valleys and a lot of sunshine to go around and no major changes
6:40 am
on sunday, with the bay reaching up to 84 degrees. and so if you're planning to head to menlo summer fest, both weather in the forecast, reaching into the upper 70s for the afternoon and mostly sunny skies. if you're planning to go to lake tahoe this weekend, that's a live look. we'll see the temperatures reaching up to 82 degrees on sunday. that's the warmest day of the weekend, and so we are also going to have some great hiking weather there, just a little warm, but if you want it cooler, head to monterey, where it only reaches 67 degrees each day for the weekend, reaching the upper 60s there, but we'll see some upper 60s as well in muir woods this weekend. i think that's perfect hiking weather. we'll talk about what's going on today in our forecast, that's coming up in three minutes. >> thank you, kari. next and all new this morning, a horrific accident in northern california. what led to this little girl's deadly electrocution inside a backyard pool. the race for the white house comes back to the bay area
6:41 am
today. billionaire tom steyer making his first campaign stop. and later -- ♪ whoa, spirit >> beyonce's new music video for "the lion king" is the top trending clip on youtube overnight. but it's the partial grand canyon shutdown to shoot the video that has a lot of people talking this morning. >> taking out live to the big board, dow industrials losing 19 points, nasdaq sup. cnbc says ebay is going to sell stubhub. you're watching "today in the bay." introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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it's 6:44 on this wednesday morning. let's head to martinez to check out our temperature trend today starting out with low 60s, a few clouds this morning, but all clear the rest of the day, as we feel another hot one reaching 88 degrees at 2:00. and we keep this kind of weather in the forecast, but we'll talk about the wide range in temperatures, as you make plans, that's coming up in less than five minutes. and look at this view of the pleasant east bay and north bay commutes. the problem though is in the middle, counter commute eastbound 580 still closed as you exit the area from the richmond bridge. we'll talk about any progress chp has to report, and remind you why we have this closure. >> 6:44. new overnight a possible shooting is under investigation in richmond. >> this happened on 18th and chancellor. this is video from earlier this morning. you can see several police
6:45 am
officers there on the scene marking the shell casings on the ground. we're talking with richmond police to find out more information as they get it, and we will update you throughout the day. new today a tragedy in citrus heights near sacramento after a 9-year-old dies in the family swimming pool. mackenzie kinley was swimming in a pool when she was electrocuted. the accident was caused by a wire attached to one of the underwater pool lights under repair. friends and family describe mackenzie as an outgoing student who liked cheerleading and soccer. they say they're devastated. >> i just fell to my knees. i mean, it was just as bad if it would have been my own granddaughter. >> i can't imagine. mackenzie was getting ready for the fifth grade at loomis grammar school. quarter to 7:00, moving on, switching gears definitely. now to decision 2020. the latest candidate to join the crowded field of democrats vying to be the next president visits
6:46 am
san francisco today. tonight tom steyer's first campaign stop in his hometown since announcing his bid for the white house. he's expected to take part in a q&a, meet voters at the manny's in the mission district. that event begins at 6:30 tonight. escooters are sticking around san francisco. supervisors voted to make a temporary pilot program permanent. it was set to end in october, a year after it was put into place. supervisors tell "the examiner" they're going to invite more scooter companies into the program. sfmta says one of the requirements will be to cater to low income communities outside of downtown. the agency will also draw a map of where escooter companies can and cannot operate in. a party keeps popping up in an eastern contra costa county town but this one the neighbors don't want and police seem powerless to stop it. here's why. hundreds of teenagers partying outside a house on the street, this was two saturdays ago outside of a home on cool crest
6:47 am
drive in oakley. police spoke to the owner of the house the next morning but a week later, it happened again. here are some concerned neighbors. >> i mean, in the hundreds, just wandering around the streets. >> makes me feel unsafe to live in this beautiful neighborhood. >> we wonder why they keep coming back, because there's no consequences. >> the police chief says the owner will eventually be held responsible for the cost of police coming to her home, but the home is actually in foreclosure, and the owner says she's in the process of moving out, so it could be weeks or months before she's called in to court. >> 6:47. new this morning,byian say shutting down parts of the grand canyon for a video shoot. the video requests spirit" promotes "the lion king." it debuted overnight. she filmed at the base of havasu falls. many tourists took to facebook to complain beyonce's presence
6:48 am
likely kept permit holders from hiking the most well-known waterfall. >> but then she went over there, took selfies with her and they're okay. >> if it would only be so easy. >> it's the circle of life or circle of light for the lighting. >> let's get a check of your forecast. >> it's a good start to our wednesday morning. we are going to have another day where our weather pattern is where we normally see, not too hot and not too cool. here is a live look outside from emeryville and our camera looking toward the bay bridge in san francisco. all clear there yesterday. this was all covered with fog, so it's nice to see the sunshine there. if you're about to head out to the park around san mateo, we will see a few clouds moving by, temperatures in the upper 50s. if you want to go out to the park around 10:00, it will be at about 66 degrees, so still kind of cool, but the sunshine at noon will start to warm things up, and a comfortable day ahead with mid-70s. let's get a look at all of our microclimates, and our hour by hour forecast.
6:49 am
we take it from 8:00 to noon, we're going to see the temperatures in the upper 70s by some of the east bay and also 77 degrees in downtown san jose, but look at santa rosa, we're already up to 83 degrees, while staying in the 60s along the coastline. going into the rest of the day, valleys heating up in the 80s and low 90s. in fremont at 77 degrees so this is the time a lot of people are getting off work, getting ready to head home and as we head out for the parks this evening, it's going to be really nice and comfortable, and not as windy either, as we go into today. so if you're about to head out the door this morning, you see that view out the window. grab the sunglasses, and short sleeves will be comfortable into the afternoon. as we look at our weather pattern, what's happening here, high pressure sitting over the desert southwest and the cool temperatures along the coast continues. what's happening into the weekend and early next week an area of low pressure moving into
6:50 am
the pacific northwest, so that could provide a little bit of relief from these warm temperatures inland, going into next week, but no changes here over the next seven days, just some slight cooling for tomorrow, as well as friday, and then into the upper 80s for the weekend. san francisco not changing here either, just times of fog, and some mostly sunny kskies for th afternoon. mike, you're concerned about two crashes. >> that's right, we have more than two crashes on the grid but i'm concerned in particular about two crashes. this one over here the heyward and city border and the traffic alert we'll talk about, continuing in richmond. south 880 as you head out of hayward toward union city whipple road, there's reports of a crash involving a motorcycle in the middle of the freeway. always concerned about the safety of the riders and the crashes. the traffic alert has been going on for a while tracking it,
6:51 am
holding steady with traffic jamming up off of that richmond bridge, coming over from the san rafael side, and head toward the east shore freeway. but the freeway is still closed at harbor way, cutting boulevard, somewhere around the two exits, you're forced off of the freeway. chp will guide you on your way. to get around that, waze is calculated times. there's about an 18-minute delay, 15 to 20 minutes to be safe there as you come off the bridge. we've mapped out three different areas. notice the longest route takes 32 minutes. the quickest route which is just along the freeway, the purple route waze times that at 14 so it's saving you half the time right now. nbc bay area wazers, follow that, you'll adapt as the commute changes if you're headed over there. we're back out to the maps and you can use waze wherever you're driving, whenever you're driving throughout the weekend, even if you're in unfamiliar areas you'll still drive like a local. it will help you out. back to you. >> good to note. thanks, mike. 6:51. rescuers working to find people trapped in a collapsed building in the indian city of mumbai.
6:52 am
ten people are dead, eight others injured. rescue operations are being done by hand. a lot of people that were just removing all the rubble with any tools that they could get. the building was said to be about 100 years old. local authorities listed it as dangerous in 2012. next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including hey, did you feel it? earthquakes still the talk of contra costa county. a look at why yesterday's shaking was so rare. plus reaction from people there. and -- heated it he bait from a proposed navigation center in fremont. where it would go, where things stand and what the people who live there are saying. we're back in two minutes. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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welcome back. before you head out the door, here are some of the top stories on "today in the bay." >> breaking news we've been covering this morning, lanes of eastbound 580 in richmond shut down after a woman is struck and killed on the freeway. it happened about 5:40 this morning. this is video of the backup that our nbc bay area sky ranger just got. eastbound traffic is being diverted at cutting boulevard. no word on when the freeway will be back open. mike will have more on the backup coming up in just a moment. also just in, the aclu is asking a federal judge to block
6:56 am
president trump's new asylum rule. the request was just filed this morning in court. the aclu is seeking a hearing on the issue tomorrow in san francisco. the new rules went into effect yesterday and could prevent most migrants from seeking asylum protection as refugees if they've passed through another country first. 6:56, an earthquake in the east bay on a little known fault is making a big impact. the shaking happened in the east bay yesterday afternoon. the magnitude 4.3 quake was centered about east of blackhawk, the greenville fault is actually a lesser known fault and runs from livermore valley to the diablo range. the usgs says the skroejolt was followed by three smaller aftershocks. on the heels of the 7.1 earthquake in ridgecrest, some wonder if a bigger one is building geofizz fist brian kilgore says it is possible. >> it is a 1 in 20 chance that earthquake will be followed by
6:57 am
an earthquake as big or bigger, and so a larger aftershock is certainly possible, but unlikely. >> the last significant shaking on the greenville fault was a 5.8 and that was back in 1980. a man accused of killing two men in san mateo county expected in court for a motion hearing today. malik dasuki pleaded not guilty. he is asking to represent himself in trial. prosecutors say he killed a taxi driver and a towing company employee, both on skyline boulevard. this happened last month. the oakland city council passed a ban on facial recognition within city limits. the council president says multiple studies show the technology is flawed and biased. a few months ago supervisors banned the use of that technology by all city agencies. critics say the ban makes it harder for police to track down criminals. the fight over how and where to house the homeless hitting the east bay. fremont city council narrowed it
6:58 am
down to two sites for homeless navigation center. one is next to the reagan nursery on tagoda road and the other in the back parking lot of city hall. some say that proposal is closer to transportation and services. some who live near dacodo are worried about increasing crime. >> i don't want homeless people tipping my doors when i'm not home. >> if you were down and out and in trouble, wouldn't you want services to be offered to you? >> the city says they have to do something about the problem. numbers are up 27% since 2017. did you know that today is world emoji day? >> time goes so fast. >> apple and google adding new characters to your devices. among the new emojis, interracial couples, as well as same-sex couples and people with diabetes. there are new options, waffles, garlic and butter, animals, including the sloth, flamingo,
6:59 am
orangutan and a skunk. >> i could see many of those, but garlic and butter, i'm trying to think of a situation where that would be like oh, yeah. >> butter, oen my tweet that i put in, the one with the zucchini i put on facebook this morning, i probably could have used a butter. >> garlic and butter, very good. >> i threw that in there. >> and the saute pan. >> there you have it. >> good day for your garden. >> yes, sunny and warm. areas reaching the upper 80s, slightly cooler but not a lot as we go through the next couple of days and warming up again for the weekend. >> we have two traffic alerts out there? >> we have the deadly crashes we look at the map, the one that occurred as someone was crossing the freeway eastbound 580, both on this map, getting off of that richmond bridge from san rafael, so it's closed at harbor. chp will escort you off the freeway counter commute. causing unusual and unexpected slowing. this is your commute direction at fremont. the earlier crash finally got a tow truck trying to clear the truck so it closes the fremont
7:00 am
exit for a few minutes but hopefully if you're leaving the house now in the next couple of minutes it will be okay by the time you get there. >> we'll have a local news cut-in at 7:25 to help you along. >> see you at 11:00. good morning the heat is on brutal temperatures across the nation as the dangerous summer heat wave intensifies. jaw-dropping temps on the maps in dozens of states. 230 million people from the southwest to the northeast in the hot zone relief is nowhere in sight breaking overnight, chaos on capitol hill after a ruckus debate, a rare move by the house, voting to condemn president trump over his


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