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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 17, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. . right now at 11:00, a major development in the b.a.r.t. station killing of neil wilson. a judge decides the suspect john lekkel is competent to stand trial. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew, marcus washington has the day off. that is the suspect john lee cowell accused of stabbing the women. the 28-year-old suspect is competent to stand trial despite his mental illness. the attack created controversial all over the bay area, some believed it to be racially motivated but a mive h never been given.
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he will be back in court on 2nd for a plea hearing and we'll continue to bring you updates as they come in. >> our other top story, working to improve safety today, transit officials in the north bay will discuss ways to deal with transit-related deaths following a string of incidents in the past month. >> pete suratos joins us live from san rafael with details. >> reporter: good morning to you. and the board of directors will discuss this issue during a board meeting this afternoon. in fact we're standing in front of the san rafael station as one of the smart trains pulls up behind us. none of the recent incidents took place at this station. they happened at other stations. but there was a string of deadly incidents in this past month. now since the end of june there have been five train-related deaths involving individuals hit by a smart train. three incidents are believed to be suicide. all of the incidents happening along train tracks further north in santa rosa and rohnert park and that is why officials are
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proposing solutions such as adding extra security measures at train crossing to installing emergency phones similar to freeway boxes along the train tracks. now we did get a chance to speak with passengers and riders here in san rafael this morning and here is what they are saying. >> there have been smart train personnel out watching to see to look in every way possibly they can to make it a safer train and i just don't know how much more that you can do. >> well, i think the safety is fine. i think it is a matter of people not paying attention to what they're doing and/or being an attractive nuisance as far as people who want to take their own lives. >> how you could prevent people that want to jump in front of the train. because i see it very well -- see people in very well-mannered leaving, but i don't think -- unless you could bury yourself
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along the tracks. >> reporter: you could expect the board members to address issues regarding the mental health of individuals with some indicating it will take more than upgrading safety measures to deal with this problem. live to san rafael, you see the sign that says watch for trains but it will be discussing during the meeting at 1:30, live in san rafael, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, a connection deadly pawn shop robbery in vallejo happening way back in 2016 captured on surveillance camera. police say the suspect opened fire, killing the owner and a dog. the clerk who was in a wheelchair was also critically injured. cassius nelson andelia sunrise are facing attending murder and armed robbery and all three are in jail in solano county. a terrifying robbery in
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hayward. the surveillance posted to facebook. you could see a man park and get out and get robbed by two men at gunpoint. this happened saturday in front of the victim's home as he was getting out of his car on xavier avenue. hayward police are on the case. more seismic activity this morning along the west coast. a 5.4 magnitude earthquake near the tourist destination of bandon, oregon, at about 8:00 this morning. it was a deep craig and about 140 miles out to sea but this is after yesterday's 4.3 quake in the blackhawk area in the east bay. our shake map gives you a -- a good idea where people felt it as far south as south bay. we are live in blackhawk near the ep center of the 4.3 magnitude earthquake. people felt it at the shopping center where you are. >> reporter: they did. i talked to a assistant manager
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here in blackhawk and he told me that employees here really did feel it at the grocery store. felt the shaking. it was a 4.3 magnitude like you were talking about so far less powerful than ridgecrest over the fourth of july holiday with two powerful earthquakes including that 7.1 magnitude. but the epicenter was only six miles east of here so they felt it. in fact, reports of shaking from san jose to the north bay. but the store employees here only found a couple of bottles of wine on the floor which didn't even break and no other damage to report. they felt smaller quakes here before so they're not all that uncommon because they're close to the hayward fault. but this latest quake was centered about six miles east of blackhawk on the greenville fault which runs parallel to the hayward fault stretching about 44 miles from the livermore valley to the diablo range. three smaller aftershocks were also followed by that 4.3 but an
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expert with the usgs said scientifically seeking this much activity is not abnormal. >> there is a one in 20 chance of that earthquake will be follow followed by an earthquake big or bigger. so a larger after shock is possible but unlikely. >> reporter: in fact, the usgs record the six quakes across the state yesterday and 3.5 or greater and five aftershocks following the ridgecrest event following the fourth of july holiday and the latest earthquake off the oregon coast this morning and then this one here yesterday with those aftershocks. if not the damage that we saw in southern california, and in earlier earthquakes, at least a good reminder for everybody that there is a big one out there that is coming eventually and you need to stay prepared. live in blackhawk, thom jenson, nbc bay area news. and right after the quake hit we broke into programming.
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i was in the newsroom with breaking news. also tweeting on social media. follow me at laura garcia, nbc and of course nbc bay area to make sure you're always in the know. a live look at capitol hill. lawmakers taking a step on the vote of articles of impeachment against president trump later today. now any member could file for impeachment in this case it was texas congressman al green. the house could vote to table or basically kill the resolution. but no matter what happens, it would put lawmakers on the record about impeachment. lawmakers could also vote to refer the resolution to the judiciary committee which is the way an effort starts. nancy pelosi just spoke. >> this is about our country, our constitution and the separation of powers, obstruction of justice and issues like that. so i would say that, again, it's about patriotism. let us listen and see where the facts will take us and let us have this be a dignified as our
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constitution would require. >> this comes after president trump was formally condemned by the house for the tweets targeting four american congresswomen of color. that vote in the house coming at end of the a chaotic and unprecedented session. peter alexander was there. >> reporter: house democrats denouncing president trump. >> without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: passing a resolution joined by four republicans and an independent condemning the president's tweets attacking those democratic congress women of color with a racist trope arguing they should go back to the crime-infested places from which they came. democrat john lewis evoking his experience in the struggle for civil rights. >> i know racism when i see it. i know racism when i feel it. and at the highest level of government, there is no room for
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racism. >> reporter: president trump insisting his tweets were not racist. writing, i don't have a racist bone in my body. one of the lawmakers he targeted, alexandria ocasio-cortez, firing back. you're right, mr. president, you don't have a racist bone in your body, you have a racist mind in your head and a racist heart in your chest. the president for a third straight day amplifying his attack on those progressive congresswomen known as the squad. questioning their patriotism. >> they can go whenever they want or stay and they should love our country and not hate our country. you look at what they said. i have clips right here. the most vile horrible statements about our country and israel and others. >> reporter: the top aide kellyanne conway also making headlines for this exchange with reporter andrew feinberg outside of the white house. >> if the president was not telling these four congresswomen to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring?
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>> what is your ethnicity? >> reporter: why is that relevant? >> because i'm asking you a question. my ancestors are from ireland and italy. >> it is not relevant to the question. >> no, it is because you're asking about -- he said originally. he said originally from. >> reporter: conway tweeting later in the day this was meant with no disrespect. we're all from somewhere else originally. i asked the question to answer the question and volunteered my own ethnicity. it comes the same day conway's husband george conway released a scathing op-ed in "the washington post" titled trump is a racist president. meantime top republican mitch mcconnell fended off his own questions about the president's comments and his spouse, transportation secretary elaine chao. >> if someone were to say to her she should go back to her country, wouldn't you consider that a racist attack. >> well the secretary of transportation came here at age eight legally and not speaking a word of english and realized the
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american dream. >> the aclu is asking a federal judge to block president trump's new asylum rule. the request was just filed in court this morning. the aclu is seeking a hearing on the issue tomorrow in san francisco. the new rules went into effect yesterday and prevent most migrants from seeking protection as refugees if they pass through another country first. so let's talk about the weather. let's take a peak outside. a live look at san francisco this midday. kari hall is tracking our forecast. a nice day. >> it is a nice day. it is nice to see the sunshine out there. even in spots where we haven't seen as much sun. we're heading up to the mendocino coast with a live look outside. temperatures in the upper 60s there. nice day to go to the beach. and then as we head down to san jose, all clear skies as our temperatures heat up again into the low to mid-80s. we'll hit 86 degrees during the middle of the day with our high temperature right at about 3:00 this afternoon. as we look at all of our
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microclimates there will be low 90s in a couple of spots like ukiah and antioch and concord up to 89 degrees. oakland is cooler with a high of 73 and palo alto reaching 82. so a wide range in temperatures, we'll talk more about this and what is ahead in the weekend coming up in the full microclimate forecast. sentencing day next on nbc bay area, how much time el chapo guzman will spend behind bars. and the race for the white house comes back to the bay today. where billionaire tom steyer is making the first campaign stop. plus cashing in on prime day. all new numbers show just how much money was spent on amazon during the big event. we'll also show you the items that were the most popular. this racquet doesn't care who holds it.
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welcome back. new details, mexico drug lord joaquin el shappo guzman is sentenced to life plus 30 years. the charges are for smuggling drugs into the united states. his wife arrived at courthouse in new york this morning ahead of the that long-awaited sentencing. a jury found him guilty on all counts during an 11-week trial in february. one person is dead after shooting in richmond on 18th and chancellor avenue at about 11:00 last night. this is video from the scene. so far police say a motive isn't clear and no suspects have been arrested. a man accused of killing two men in san mateo expected in court. the suspect has pleaded not guilty. asking to represent himself in a trial. prosecutors say he killed a taxi driver and tow employee company on skyline boulevard last ma. the suspect allegedly killed the taxi driver after a ride to
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skyline boulevard and then the next day he called specialty towing asking for help and stabbed the employee that showed up. the second oldest justice to ever serve on the u.s. supreme court has died. john paul stevens suffered a stroke on monday. he died yesterday at a ft. lauderdale, florida, hospital, with his daughters by his side. he was apointsd by republican president but by the time he retired he was leading the court liberal wing. here is pete williams. >> reporter: gerald ford's only nominee john paul stevens was a moderate conservative. >> i thank the president for his expression of confidence. >> reporter: but he became an independent-minded justice and the court's most prolific dissenter. he insisted his legal views never changed and said it was the court that shifted around him. >> i really don't think i have changed. i still consider myself quite conservative. >> reporter: at first skeptical of affirmative action in government contracting he eventually supported it in college admissions. he voted with the courts
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liberals to restrict police powers to given prisoners better rights and a high wall between church and state and abortion but he sometimes voted with the conservatives, a decorated code breaker dissented with flag burning and let a unanimous court in ruling that the president could face a civil lawsuit while in office. allowing a sexual harassment suit to proceed against president clinton. he underwent heart bypass surgery and had four children and nine grandchildren and divided his time between washington and a home in florida, communicating with his law clerks electronically. he remains fiercely loyal to his native chicago even throwing out the first pitch at a cubs game as an 85-year-old right-hander. at age 90, justice stevens retired in june of 2010 after 34 1/2 years on the court. now to decision 2020 and the
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presidential race. new numbers show indiana mayor pete buttigieg is raising more money than california senator kamala harris in california. a flood of cash from silicon valley and hollywood is helping propel buttigieg to the front of the democratic pack. he's raised $3.45 million and harris raised more than $3 million. >> and the latest democrat vying to be the next democrat visits san francisco today. the event marks billionaire tom steyer's first campaign stop in the home town since announcing the bid for the white house. he's expected to take part in q&a and voters will meet in the mission district at 6:30 tonight. [ bell ] and a quiet day on wall street. we did learn that e-bay will sell its ticketing company. we didn't realize that but heard that from cnbc. i have not followed up.
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i'm just realizing. new at 11:00, amazon prime day was bigger than the company's black friday and cyber monday combined. members worldwide spent more than $175 million. it was the biggest event in the company history for the devices. the echo dot and the fire stick with alexa remote and the fire stick 4 k with remote were among the best-sellers. prime members in the u.s. saved tens of million dollars by shopping at whole foods reportedly as well. >> i did not realize it extended to whole foods. not that i could afford it any way. >> i think if you went to whole foods over the weekend you got a little kick back, like $10 to spend on amazon. an important moment in bay area black history being remembers. >> today is the 75th anniversary of the port chicago disaster. a sharm is going on at concord near that port. in 1944 more than 300 people
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died in a massive explosion. many of them african-americans. 50 black sailors refused to go back to work due to what were called unsafe conditions. they were lated convicted of mutiny following a trial. they added a federal bill that would exonerate those convictions. just this past week it passed the house. but it still needs to be approved by the senate. but a big part of bay area history there. >> it looks like they'll have beautiful blue skies in order to have that ceremony. >> which is nice. nice remembrance. my dad was a little boy in port chicago when all of that happened so they remember the explosion. they said you could hear it and glass and just the way it blew out of windows. nice remembrance at least that they're having. a lot of sunshine now. very comfortable temperatures. but we are still seeing that wide range from the inland areas to the coastal temperatures. as as we take a live look outside in dublin, warming up with hazy conditions. toward humiditiesberg it is 73
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and the sunshine and toward woodside, the peninsula getting clear skies now compared to yesterday when this shot was all clouded over even at this hour and we're going to see the temperatures starting to head up. and in palo alto will be in the mid-70s at noon and then some upper 70s at 1:00 and oofbtly making it up to about 82 degrees during the middle of the day and it won't be as windy as yesterday. we've really had some gusty winds picking up during the evening hours. i do think today that the winds will be lighter. check out the seven-day forecast. it is already up at the bottom of the screen. as we look at our south bay high temperatures for today, east san jose reaching 85 degrees. and 87 in gilroy. and some spots still having to crank up the air-conditioning like in the east bay with pittsburg reaching 91 degrees. meantime it does feel very comfortable in oakland. highs there reaching 73 degrees and hayward today going to see a high of 76 degrees. we're up to 82 in palo alto
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today. and san francisco up to about 67 on the embarcadero. the north bay reaching 91 in ukiah with novato today going to see a high of 86 degrees. if your planning to head to santa cruz today, you want to go to the beach, it will be a nice one as our temperatures reach into the upper 60s there. and it looks like we'll see more sun there today compared to yesterday and the past few days but we do still have the very typical summertime weather pattern with high pressure building across the desert southwest. we have cool and at times cloudy conditions for the coast. and some very warm valleys. not really a lot of changes here except for there will be a stronger ocean breeze by tomorrow into friday. and this weekend it heats up just a few more degrees. but there may be some relief in the next storm system moving across the pacific northwest that could provide cooler air for us by the middle of next week. as we look at our highs for the inland areas, up to 83 tomorrow in some of the warmer spots in the inland valley and then some upper 80s for the weekend.
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but you can see that there are temperatures that don't change that much going into early next week. so our weather pattern that will stay about the same with some breezy winds at times, skies clearing for the city and anywhere from the 60s to the coast to 90s in the inland valleys, scott and laura. >> thank you. celebrating world emoji day. next on nbc bay area, new characters google and apple will add. plus -- ♪ >> beyonce's new music video for the lion king is trending overnight but it is the partial grand canyon shut down. and susan manheim will retire at the end of the year marking the end of more than 30 years in law enforcement and the city planning to launch a nationwide search for a new
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police chief. the selection process is expected to take several months. we're back after the break. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish,
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prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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beyonce shut -- more importantly -- zucchini. we're talking about zucchini because we're always on social media. kari hall posted a picture of a beautiful zucchini she grew in her garden with her green thumb
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and then asking for recipes. this is one of them. you made a stuffed zucchini there. >> yeah. >> a cookbook coming out soon? >> enough to attract beyonce. >> follow kari on social media. she's on instagram and twitter and the works. beyonce, meantime, she shut down the grand canyon and her crew filmed last week at the base of halva sioux falls. a lot of tourists took to facebook to complain that her presence kept permit hikers from visiting the most well-known falls. today is world emoji day. to celebrate apple and google adding these, interracial and same-sex couples and waffles and garlic and butter and animals including sloths and flamingo and aranga tang and skunk. >> i need a mom emoji with three kids. >> they're working on that now.
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nice cool weather continuing for san francisco but hot in the valley. >> sounds good. >> one with the big eyes. have a goodday. ay area, dot com. have a great da y.grand canyon grand canyon gra
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canyon grand canyon grand canyon grand canyon. right now on "
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live," all hands on deck. we're in the bay on an aircraft carrier. >> we're about to get on the uss hornet. >> and then ham ber is off to the races in san diego. >> it is opening day in del mar where the surf meets the turf. and kim is sharing some hero ink with tattoos that touch the heart. >> we are celebrating national tattoo day with first responders and here is billy taylor. >> plus j lo is working the pole. >> what if somebody calls the cops. >> and says what? >> i think $5,000 at a strip club will help. >> and we're helping you clean out your clutter. it is all happening right now on "california live."


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