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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 19, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has had the week off. we're headed into the weekend. let's get a check of your traffic and your weather. >> the weather looks really nice, starting out with some clear skies, a little bit clearer as you head out this morning, from the north bay in to san francisco, golden gate bridge is looking nice. and so we're just going to see a few clouds for the next couple of hours and then clearing out. if you're headed out the door in fremont, expect some low 60s. headed into the upper 70s by early afternoon, with our highs today anywhere from 90 in ukiah to 65 in half moon bay. i'll sort it out as you make weekend plans. mike, you're seeing a south bay slowdown. >> i am. north 101 just north of 680/280, the overpass there is. i just saw an ambulance flashing lights travel past us, up toward presumably mckee, with reports of a crash involving a motorcycle but the detail in the report says the rider is in the center divide area, moved out of the lane, and so it does sound like the driver is able to get around. we'll track that, minor slowing aside from the camera shot.
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the issue in sunol and another by the san mateo bridge. i want to you to see you can live it up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. back to you. >> thank you, mike. an overnight standoff in the south bay is over but not before a man held police at bay for four hours. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in milpitas with the details on what was understandably a chaotic night for residents there. >> reporter: yes, hi there, scott and laura. you can see the window here behind me, that is where the flash bang grenades went in before the s.w.a.t. team could go in and take that suspect into custody. officers had to toss in that flash bang grenade in order to get the s.w.a.t. officers inside to get that man. it happened about 3:30 this morning on north temple drive off east calaveras boulevard but it started around 11:30 last night when a woman was attacked with a large knife just down the
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street from here. when officers arrived at the suspect's home to question him, he just refused to come out. >> after four hours, we were able to finally make contact with him through a window of the apartment. he refused to come out, and our s.w.a.t. team members were able to make entry into his room and safely take him into custody. >> reporter: the woman who was attacked earlier is going to be okay. she has non-life-threatening injuries. officers are still questioning that suspect as we speak. they say at this point, they don't know why that man might have attacked that woman or what connection they might have, but at this point t seems like they didn't know each other. in milpitas, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> interesting. thanks so much, kris. it's 6:02. president trump facing more fallout from those "send her back" chants that broke out at his rally earlier this week. this morning he's trying to disconnect himself from what happened. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with the latest. good morning. >> scott, good morning.
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he's also tweeting this morning that the warm and huge welcome that congresswoman omar received, one of the targets of the chants, the target of those chance, that that warm welcome was staged. meantime, the president suggesting that some of his own supporters may have taken it too far. >> i was not happy with it. >> reporter: president trump distancing himself. >> send her back! >> reporter: from "send her back" chants at his campaign rally wednesday, aimed at congresswoman ilhan omar, a somali refugee. >> i disagree with it but again i didn't say that. they did. >> reporter: the president tweeted that omar, an american citizen, should go back to her country. instead -- >> welcome home ilhan. welcome home, ilhan. >> reporter: she went home to this explosive welcome in minnesota. >> when i said i was the president's nightmare, well, you're watching it now, because
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his nightmare is seeing a somali immigrant refugee rise to congress! >> reporter: back in congress lawmakers are split over whether the trump crowd crossed the line. >> the chant was offensive. it's just wrong. >> he never joined in it and you want to try to hold him accountable? >> the president put millions of americans in danger. >> and every time i hear him say things like "go back where you came from" i literally can feel the same pain that i felt as an 11-year-old. >> reporter: new words bringing up old fears, leaving president trump on defense. now the president said he tried to talk quickly when the chants broke out but the video shows it went on for a full 13 seconds before he did. scott? >> 13, all right, tracie, thank you much. >> it is 6:04 right now. new details in the case of an off-duty ride share driver charged in a string of sexual
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assaults. police call orlando vilchez lazo the ride share rapist. they say he preyed on intoxicated women who thought they were getting into lyft or uber cars they ordered. it happened in san francisco. the judge this week heard testimony on whether dna obtained by authority should be allowed as evidence. instead of issuing a ruling, the judge called for more hearings and plans to make a decision at a later date. we're following developments on a disturbing discovery in the south bay. san jose police officers were doing a trespassing sweep along the river in guadalupe river park yesterday and discovered a woman's body. police say this is being investigated as a suspicious death. right now, a search is on for a man who stole an amazon delivery van in the east bay. chp says the van was taken from el cebrante last week. there were about 70 packages in that van. officers eventually found the
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van outside a house with all but one package gone. someone believes they helped unload the packages is now under arrest but looking for the man who actually stole the truck. there say follow-up in the fight to bring a homeless shelter to the embarcaderembarc. according to "the examiner" a a sacramento judge declined to grant an immediate injunction to a group of neighbors fighting that plan. the judge sent the lawsuit and request for a restraining order back to a san francisco court. the board of supervisors last month denied an appeal from the group. neighbors are concerned the center will bring drugs and crime to the area. some days you just gotta bounce and you'll have the chance to do just that this weekend in morgan hill. the biggest bouncing house in the world is in the bay area this weekend. it's in the "guinness book of world records." it will be at the outdoor sports center starting today through sunday. you have to buy tickets but if you can't catch it this weekend, big bounce america will be in san francisco next month and santa rosa in september.
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even though you may be in your midst of your summer vacation, back to school in some cases already on the front burner with families starting earlier and spending more than ever before. this according to retail services company deloitte. parents will shell out a record $3.6 billion on technology like smartphones and wearables and data plans. retailers racing to lure in shoppers with early campaigns on school supplies. amazon is always ahead of the competition. they've launched storefronts and they'll do that all summer. >> because of prime day, back to school season has started to shift earlier and earlier. >> the 48-hour sale this week amazon topped more than 100,000 purchases of lunch boxes and laptops. >> i wasn't in the mood so shop but i did need school supplies so i kind of contributed. >> i am so glad to have almost all of that over. >> i do it times three. you should see my target. >> i'm still paying tuition.
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>> wow. don't even talk about college. my mind is gonna blow. >> haven't even started thinking about buying school supplies and all that stuff. i'm still in summer mode, and i think our weather is, too. here is a live look outside in dublin this morning, as you get ready to head out. looking a little hazy, if you're headed to the dublin b.a.r.t. station. you'll still need some long sleeves to start out this morning, but it will be very nice and warm day, reaching the low 80s by 1:00. let's check out all of our microclimates in your high temperature today. we'll reach 72 in oakland, palo alto 81, and san jose reaching 84 degrees. let's head over to the east bay, mike, you're saying it's starting to slow down. >> but not where folks might predict. the bay bridge toll plaza looks great. it is the richmond to san rafael bridge the fastrak lanes have the most slowing. cash lanes indicating a lighter flow of traffic today. friday shows that there and especially at the bay bridge, where we don't have the metering lights on. it's only slow off of the nimitz overcrossing. that's where you see anything but the green and yellow there.
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a smooth drive coming through contra costa county. we have a crash west highway 4 at san marco approaching the concord area and willow pass road. we don't have any major problems but there is slowing at the scene. sunol a disabled vehicle south 680 around highway 84. sounds and looks like everything is off to the shoulder from the speed sensors. we have a build toward the san mateo bridge toll plaza from hayward, the crash, it's a fedex truck on the shoulder. if you expect a package early morning, it may be a few minutes delayed over there. nice flow of traffic, that crash in san jose over on the shoulder. i'll show you the live camera because it looks green from this shot, might be a little slow. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," the expensive move boeing is making this morning, after deadly crashes and mechanical malfunctions. when we should know some more. and later, not your traditional airbnb. the famous vehicle you can rent for a night or two, but there's a "ketchup." get it? you're watching "today in the
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>> and we do have a slowdown, i couldn't wait to show you, a preview of the slowdown through the south bay, this is san jose. we'll show you how widely spread this backup is. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up in the green this morning. investors are keying in on comments from a top official at the federal reserve. in a speech yesterday, he said the fed should "act quickly to tackle any signs of a slowdown in the economy." the markets taking that to mean the fed will be aggressive cutting interest rates starting with the meeting later this month. the spokesperson for the fed downplaying the comments saying that the speech was purely academic and not a signal what the fed is likely to do. boeing will take a massive charge of nearly $5 billion on its quarterly earnings due to the grounding of the 737 max. the company is bracing for possible payments to airlines who canceled thousands of flights since march and delayed delivery of the planes.
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boeing is scheduled to report earnings results next week. it's unclear when the planes will fly again. boeing projects the max to return to service by the end of the year. general motors unveiling a totally redesigned corvette. it's a splashy tribute to the iconic sportscar as gm is facing mounting pressure in a sluggish sales environment. the eighth generation of the vet dubbed the c8 has a v8 engine with 495 horsepower and dual clutch. laura knows all about that. it can go from zero to 60 in under three seconds. gm says the starting price will be less than 60 grand. the previous version of the corvette has sold more than 100,000 units in the u.s. since 2013. i think people on social media are impressed by laura's car knowledge. >> oh, frank, let me jump in and explain this. everyone has to tune in earlier. about an hour ago, laura was throwing down all of these facts about cars and it was amazing. >> hey, girls know things about cars, too. >> of course i know about double clutches, too, off the top of my head, they're fundamentally described as two separate
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transmissions with respective clutches in one housing working as one unit. >> there you go. >> just off the top of my head. >> totally off the top of the head, scott. totally off the top of the head. >> i say we take it for a test drive but i get to be behind the wheel. >> definitely. >> thanks a lot, frank. want to drive this one around? relishing a romantic getaway? this may not be on your menu, but if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation, look no further than a stay on the weiner mobile, oscar mayer's 27 foot long hotdog on wheels soon to be available for a short term rental on airbnb. there's a little ketchup or two, they're only offering one-night stays and rent it out during the lollapalooza best i feel in chicago. it comes with a fridge full of has dogs. hold the mustard. bookings will not open until next wednesday. >> don't hold the mustard. hold the ketchup.
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mustard goes on hotdogs. >> ketchup no ever. >> ketchup and relish. i would rent that, that would be fun for the kids. they'd love it. >> you were just talking about a corvette. >> we were talking about weiner mobiles and all these fast vehicles and so as you make your weekend plans and may be hitting the road, that's a live look out there at the golden gate bridge. hey, we can see it today. it's not as foggy as it was yesterday and the clouds are a little higher. we'll see some clearing skies today, and even into the afternoon. you won't see the fog near the coast, and all of our bay area beaches will clear up later on this evening so make plans to head out there. looking at the inland areas it's clear and sunny. checking out the forecast if you're about to go to work go to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. it will be about 61 degrees. it will be in the upper 60s at 10:00 and 76 degrees at noon
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today. here is a look at our high temperatures for today, and very nice in morgan hill, reaching 82 degrees, while concord reaches 84. upper 70s for santa rosa and napa. it's still going to be hot in ukiah today reaching 90, while half moon bay tops out at 65 degrees. as we enjoy some milder weather, here is a look at the high temperatures for the rest of the country. about two-thirds are dealing with some sweltering heat and also really high heat index values over 110 degrees. so if you will be traveling over the next couple of days, you will have to deal with some unbearable heat, while we have our cool beaches, that's a look at santa cruz, and our temperature trend for today reaching up to about 67 degrees during the middle of the afternoon, with mostly sunny skies. our inland valleys will be slightly warmer for the weekend. saturday and sunday reaching the upper 80s. we don't see a huge spike in temperatures but just slightly warmer for next week, with san
6:18 am
francisco enjoying more sun throughout the weekend and upper 60s by next wednesday into thursday. mike, you're tracking a jam in san jose. >> but even that is lightening up. we have traffic starting to break up, all this traffic that was slammed down for a few minutes north 101 just past alum rock just shy of mckee. the animation shows traffic lightening up, based on the volume predicted based on the speeds northbound 101. that's the only short stretch of slowing we have, just pass the interchange and by the time you reach alum rock things loosen up toward the rest of silicon valley. 280 no slowing. 85, 87 a great drive. also good news the crash over there at the san mateo bridge toll plaza is clear, all lanes clear. same thing over here for 680, the disabled vehicle cleared out of sunol, so the nice smooth recovery, easy drive out of the altamont area, easy flow out of antioch and just some mild slowing around san marcos, an
6:19 am
earlier crash is cleared from lanes and the walnut creek interchange upper east shore freeway in the green zone, changes across the bay bridge, mild slowing there and also the richmond-san rafael bridge, this has the most wait for the cash lanes because the bay bridge is clear. no metering lights. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> thanks. still ahead on this hour on "today in the bay," connecting contra costa county. at 6:30, the new money and new possibilities for people there. billing errors, broken solar panels and free ice cream. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" next. but first you can always find all of our teams on social media. check out the love kris sanchez is finding in her coffee. she shared this on instagram. follow kris on safacebook and twitter as well. you're watching "today in the bay."
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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new video shows the growing tribute in japan for people killed in that deadly fire at an animation studio. mourners are gathering in kyoto today to lay flow we ares outside that studio, which was torched by an attacker. 33 people died. 36 more injured some critically. the suspect has been identified as a 41-year-old man who did not work for the studio. he was taken to the hospital. so far, police are not indicating if they've learned the motive. it is now up to a jury to decide if southwest airlines is to blame for the death of a cnbc financial analyst.
6:23 am
the widow of richard ilcheson is suing for $53 million in damages. he died in 2014 after suffering a blood clot on board a southwest flight from oakland to southern california. the orange county sheriff's report says flight attendants heard ilcheson's groans and crying in the restroom. the crew mistook that for bizarre behavior and thought he was barricading himself in the restroom. he died the next day. >> four flight attendants that didn't do their job. >> what happens in the air is different than what you see on the ground. >> southwest attorneys say a two-foot-long blood clot killed ilcheson and not the flight crew. going green, by driving around the world, a dutch environmentalist completes the longest ever journey in an electric vehicle, completed it in new zealand today after a three-year drive. took him through more than 30
6:24 am
countries. he set off from the in thor lands in 2016 what he calls the blue bandit. the 62,800-mile trip took him through eastern europe, iran, india, southeast asia, before traveling around australia, and then to new zealand. >> so i wanted to do my bit to promote this technology and show sustainable mobility is a fine way of transport. i wanted to do something that speaks to the imagination, which is driving an electric car from amsterdam to literally other side of the world to show it can be done. >> wakker relied on the support of strangers across the globe for food and place to stay, obviously a place to plug in his car as well and a couple of boats as well. nbc bay area responds to consumer complaints all over the bay area, including years. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here to tell us about recent wins for our viewers. >> good morning. this week we hit more than 2,000 consumer complaints so far this
6:25 am
year. we're proud to say we've helped many of those bay area viewers get their money back. for example, let's talk about april. april in the east bay had an insurance dispute and we helped her get a $1,200 refund. ycidro in san jose had trouble with newspaper delivery and a $312 refound and roberta in saratoga called with us a solar problem, the installer reimbursed roberta $650. got a consumer complaint? share with me in person tonight from 4:00 to 7:00 at the giants game. i'll be handing out ice cream with garvin and kari. if you can't make it, give us a call, 888-996-tips or visit have a great weekend. see you tonight. >> since we're talking about ice cream, let's talk about doughnuts as well. vacaville police officers embracing a certain stereotype,
6:26 am
this is a new video of them in a doughnut eating contest. the officers attempting to gobble up doughnuts without using their hands, this is happening tomorrow as part of a community event at city hall. it will start at 9:00 a.m. pretty good sports there. >> they ask who has got the handcuff keys? wait, you have them? the stories we're working on for 6:30, a key hearing in oakland in the city's fight to get money back from the nfl. the role the justice department is now playing. adding connections in contra costa county. the new money to study rail and roads and possible ferry service being considered. plus live to houston as we get ready for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30 taking a live look from the south bay down town san jose. the sun is arriving on this friday morning. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington who has had the week off. kari is hard at work redikting your weather. >> looks good this morning as you get ready to head out the door, the clear sunrise from sunol, temperatures in the upper 50s to start and here is a look at our high temperatures. it will be warm for the inland areas but not too hot, ukiah we reach 90 degrees. we'll be in the upper 70s in napa today. antioch up to 86 degrees. 84 in san jose, and keeping those 60s along the coast and in
6:30 am
san francisco. we'll talk about what's going on this weekend coming up and mike, you're seeing a problem headed into sf. >> that's right, kari. it is n the bay bridge toll plaza itself, where there are no metering lights, have not been any all morning. it is on that stretch in toward treasure island, just past treasure island getting close to one of the first exits, reports of someone with a flat tire that may be sticking out into the slow lanes. watch for a crew headed over there to help push them off to the first exit. no other issues as you look at the big map. a little bit of slowing, a tiny bit highway 4. see that bay point and also crossing at the richmond-san rafael bridge. south bay recovery earlier 101 at mckee. 6:30 right now and later this morning, thesky of oakland will face off against the oakland raiders in court regarding the team's decision to move to las vegas. the raiders have an unexpected ally that the city isn't too pleased about. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live this morning with the details.
6:31 am
pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the unexpected ally is the department of justice siding with the oakland raiders when it comes to this case. the city of oakland isn't too happy about it. here is what we know. according to the latest court filings it shows the city of oakland is objecting to the submission by the doj, which argues that oakland shouldn't be permitted to recover lost tax revenues through anti-trust laws. tax revenues aren't related to commercial interests or enterprises of the host cities which in this case oakland. the city of oakland disagrees saying this precedent would allow sports teams to reap taxpayer financed benefits and claim immunity to things not beneficial to the host cities. now the motivations for the doj stepping in are really unclear at this point. the court filings indicate the department stepped in last month. but that federal court hearing
6:32 am
reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." a suspicious fire inside a parking garage in san rafael, police officers were driving by an third street and saw the flames inside the b street garage. firefighters were there in minutes to put it out. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. new this morning, a new attempt to expand transit options to connect cities in eastern contra costa county. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in antioch and bob, what are they looking at? >> reporter: transportation leaders are finding better ways for people to travel between antioch and brentwood and they're also trying to build on the success of the recent antioch b.a.r.t. extension. the "east bay times" reports the contra costa transportation authority has received a $755,000 grant for a two-year study to look into how to improve connections to
6:33 am
the capitol corridor, ace rail services a long with a proposed ferry service between antioch and martinez. they're also trying to find ways to work with the existing antioch b.a.r.t. station, and tridelta local bus service, looking at fast mini shuttles running in the medians and express buses. the study begins in the fall. reporting live here in antioch, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll keep following it, too, thanks, bob. 50 years ago today three americans changed the course of history. michael collins, neil armstrong and buzz aldron becoming the first men to land on the moon. >> the apollo 11 mission ended the space race. the historic journey is being remembered across the country including at the air and space museum in washington, where jay gray is live this morning. good morning, jay. >> reporter: hey, good morning, laura. good morning, scott. you know, they celebrate apollo here every day, the lunar lander just behind us, a big part of the history here, but this week is different, and special, just
6:34 am
like the men who were a part of that historic flight. >> it's one small step for man -- >> reporter: a footprint that leaves an impact even now, half a century later. the mission carried out by more than 400,000 people from 20,000 companies in every state, working around the clock for nearly a decade. >> liftoff. >> reporter: but with the rocket leaving earth, the lunar module racing through the great unknown and the lander settling in the sea of tranquility. >> okay, neil, we can see you coming down the ladder now. >> reporter: the focus narrows to just three men. astronauts neil armstrong, buzz alron and michael collins. >> i'll be outside at night walking down the sidewalk and there's some sort of illumination over my shoulder and i turn around and look, it's the moon. the moon! oh, i've been there. >> reporter: it is the unique perspective of a group of heroes, at the time completely locked in on their historic jumpy. >> we didn't sit around and high
6:35 am
five one another. we worried about what next? get that checklist out. >> reporter: still he could not ignore the magnitude of where he was and what he was seeing. >> it was a magnificent sphere, magnificent. >> reporter: but it was the view looking back that now leaves the strongest impression on collins. >> the whole show was the earth, tiny little earth. it projected it to me a feeling of fragility. i could not explain that at the time and i can't explain it really now. >> reporter: 50 years later, and a world away. you know, what an honor and privilege to talk with mr. collins, spend a little time with him. he said that he still has a lesson that lingers from that historic trip, one we've got to continue to explore space, but also take better care of what he continues to call our fragile planet. scott, laura? >> jay gray, thank you ever so much. a lot of the men will not be around much longer.
6:36 am
my son has met buzz aldron. >> i interviewed him. >> have you really? >> yes. >> imagine telling your grandchildren and great grandchildren you met buzz aldron. >> i know, very cool. >> like christopher columbus. >> i felt honored, such a big part of history as well. i'm going to post something on facebook, great for people to share where they were during that time. many not born yet either, we understand, like you, mike. >> i was born, just not able to process the magnitude of that, and now i understand, i can relate buzz aldron and buzz lightyear. kids won't have that connection in future generations. preserve that. keep it up. >> we'll talk about it. talking about silicon valley, we continue to develop all the technology to move us forward, these folks are moving forward much better. 101 jamming up right at that 680/280 interchange but recovery and smoothing out as the recovery from the crash at the top of the screen there, the northern edge, we have the volume building up from capitol expressway and that's really all the issue in the south bay.
6:37 am
87 shows a little build through curtner north of capital expressway, a traditional pattern. look at the green, a very light drive. the crash at the san mateo bridge cleared from the toll plaza and no drama for b.a.r.t. or muni. not like yesterday, a smooth drive. and cal train the last train that leaves after the giants game will be at 12:35 tomorrow morning. >> i feel i should knock on wood, it's under the glass. >> it's not really wood. >> okay, i should be knocking, too, because the weather has been perfect. >> this is going pretty well. >> i'll be giving out free ice cream tonight before the giants game, 4:00 to 7:00. i hope so from 4:00 to 7:00 at lefty o'dhoul's plaza. 71 degrees, cooling off as we approach time for first pitch.
6:38 am
then the treat truck moves to walnut creek tomorrow. if you want to get ice cream there, temperatures will be warmer in time for the chevron family theater festival, it will reach into the upper 80s the middle of the day and cool down tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at our microclimates and saturday forecast. we're reaching into the mid-60s for the coast. the bay up to 83 degrees, and 86 degrees inland. we'll see more of the same on sunday, just a wide range in temperatures. if you're going to be at the brews and blues festival in pleasant hill, low 80s there during the middle of the day at the time the music starts, and if you're going to be out there throughout the evening, maybe bring a light jacket. it will start to cool off fairly quickly for the late night hours and for lake shasta, it is going to be hot there, reaching into the low 90s throughout the weekend, getting even hotter sunday. we keep the cool weather at half moon bay today with some clouds at times moving by. i do think we'll see some clearing at times today with the
6:39 am
highs reaching up to 62 degrees, and some warm weather in pa paso robles but not too hot, sunday up to 89 degrees there. the best day will be today as they top out at 79 degrees. i'll have the details of where i'll be on facebook, twitter and instagram. i'm @karihallweather. come join me. we'll talk more about that and today's forecast, coming up in three minutes. still ahead this morning on "today in the bay," a busy night for police in contra costa county. the situation we're following this morning. and new this hour, a big first for google, where the bay area company's making a big investment in journalism in local news. ♪ it's so easy to leave me >> queue the memories or maybe night players for some. our first look at the star-studded "cats" movie, and people are having some pretty funny reactions. let's take you out to the big board in new york city. the dow industrials up about 85
6:40 am
points. the head of the fed said he may not have enough room in interest rates to help us recover from a recession. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:42 am
it's 6:42 on your friday morning, as we get started, we are enjoying some mostly sunny skies in the south bay. that's a live look outside in san jose. as we head over to campbell, it will be 60 degrees at 8:00, and going from 60 to 78. our highs today right where we
6:43 am
should be, reaching into the low 80s, but a slight warmup in the weekend forecast that's coming up in less than five minutes. right now the nimitz looks great. you never hear me say that. it looks great past the coliseum. no metering lights at the bay bridge. a smooth flow for traffic most of the bay. we'll show you where there's a little bit of slowing going on. mike, new overnight, we're still waiting for word from deputies about this scene in contra costa county. a lot of police activity, including several streets shut down in bay point on riverside drive, just north of highway 4. details are slim. does seem to be an investigation into a death. we've certainly been talking with contra costa county sheriffs department and we are waiting on more information, and we will continue to cover this throughout the day. happening today, peru's former president now staring down extradition. he will appear in a san francisco courtroom. u.s. marshals this week took alejandro toledo into custody.
6:44 am
he's tied to a massive corruption ring that's already brought down many former brazilian politicians. peru claims he took more than $20 million in bribes while in office. toledo is living in northern california and briefly studied at stanford. he'll be in court today asking for bail, while his extradition case plays out. palo alto police searching for someone who robbed a man at gunpoint following a road rage argument on arboretum road yesterday morning. the dispute started when a man threw a cup of cold coffee into a victim's car. the victim then pulled into the parking lot of the shopping center, walked over to the man's car to confront him, and police say that's when the driver, who threw the coffee, flashed a gun. when the victim went back to his car the gunman followed him and then ended up stealing the victim's phone. 6:44 right now. authorities hope a new set of images help lead them to a man wanted in the deadly shooting of a popular high school student.
6:45 am
the suspect 22-year-old jorge luis tejas, accused of shooting and killing 16-year-old manuel mosbey out in front of a taco bell. livermore police are working with other agencies to try to track down the suspect. >> we appreciate the help we've received from the public and all the tips we get are a direct result of what we put out on social media. >> family maebz members say the victim moseby was an aspiring rapper and standout football player at livermore high school. a look at the quiet struggle men and women face in the heat. some u.p.s. trucks are not air conditioned leading to temperatures up to 150 degrees at times. one worker tells nbc in a new investigation it got so bad, he called for help. >> reporter: you must have been feeling pretty lousy to make that call. >> i absolutely was, but the bottom line is that my vision
6:46 am
was blurred. i was seeing stars. i was throwing up, and i couldn't. i just honestly could not drive that vehicle safely anymore. >> he's not alone. an nbc news investigation found 107 reports in 23 states of u.p.s. employees being hospitalized for serious heat-related illnesses since 2015. u.p.s. points out this is a small percentage of its workforce and says air conditioning would be ineffective in the trucks but provides employees extensive health and safety training. full details ahead at 7:30 on the "today" show. it's 6:46. google is getting into the local news business. the tech giant announcing that youngstown, ohio, will be the first city in its compass experiment, a joint project with a newspaper publishing company to revive local news. the goal is to develop sustainable business models for local news. google plans to launch digital platforms in three mid sized communities with youngstown going live this fall. >> it is 6:46.
6:47 am
the fur-tastic experience of "cats" is coming to the big screen. here is a first look at the trailer for the film which features several hollywood stars. ♪ look a new day has begun >> among those in the movie, jennifer hudson, taylor swift, idris elba, judy dench and james corden. many are purring about the remake but some are also pouncing on it. the video was published on youtube and is getting nearly as many dislikes as likes. some say they're excited but others are taking to twitter to say the film looks terrifying. one twitter user wrote "who green lit this? i want names and addresses. this is terrifying." another swapped out the music from music from the horror film "us." >> people are getting so good with the spoofs. that cat thing looks like
6:48 am
they're really making a movie out of it. >> some people like "cats" and some people like musicals. >> you don't like either one? >> i bless you for enjoying that. >> that's a live action one. >> that is live action. >> the music is great, we can agree on that. >> yes, we can. >> all right, we'll start out this morning with a nice view of the bay area. let's head over to walnut creek, as you get ready to head out the door. looks a little hazy. our temperatures in the low 60s, and a few passing clouds that will clear out, as we head through late morning. at noon, we're at 76 degrees and warming it up into the low 80s. let's get a look at our microclimates and go hour by hour. here we are at 10:00, and fremont is going to be at 68 degrees, and in novato 66 degrees there, while san francisco is at about 60. at lunch, it's going to be in the mid to upper 70s in some of the warmer spots, and we will see for the east bay and parts of the south county will reach into the mid 80s this afternoon.
6:49 am
at 5:00, concord is at 84 degrees. while we have some upper 70s in santa rosa, in san francisco at about 64 degrees. overall a really nice day. we can't complain about this. there will be a wide range in temperatures though from the coast to the inland areas. and the reason why we can't complain, because there is sweltering heat for much of the country. look at the high temperatures and factoring in the humidity it will feel like it's 120 degrees today so the humidity is going to be really high for much of the east coast. as we look at our forecast here at home, we have a lot going on this weekend to enjoy the more comfortable weather. you can check out the apollo 11 50th anniversary at the "uss hornet" in alameda. temperatures will stay in the 70s throughout the day after a start at 65. and our inland areas warming up a few more degrees for the weekend and even into next week. but it's definitely going to feel like summer, with highs up to 90 degrees by next wednesday.
6:50 am
and for san francisco, no major changes here, but i do think we'll see much more sunshine today. mike, you were talking about the bay bridge metering lights. >> yes and they're not on, although i know over the last couple of minutes i've seen a little bit of backup building and then clearing over here at the fastrak lanes. if the fastrak lanes built up, that would indicate immediately the metering lights should be turned on but it's not going to be a big problem right now. we are tracking that, a pleasant drive. the bigger backup is north of there, richmond headed toward san rafael, the cash lanes here, fastrak still an advantage for you and the biggest advantage pretty much all toll plazas is if you carpool. let's look at a nice drive, contra costa builds a bit for highway 4, pittsburg, pbay poin and concord. a little bit of slowing at the bottom of the screen north of 238 headed up into san leandro. a little build for the volume toward that san mateo bridge toll plaza, and a crash clearing right around chess getting toward foster city.
6:51 am
a costco off to the shoulder is where it is and the south bay moves nicely. no major problems for silicon valley. we have to go all the way down here to morgan hill to show any slower sensors. actually very short and mild sensor slowing up toward coch n cochran, clear by the time you pass that. santa cruz mountains also very nice and we talked about the slowing we saw, the san mateo bridge is a volume thing and mild volume considering this span. look at that moving nicely. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:51 and happening now, a child is recovering in an illinois hospital after two carnival rides collided last night. according to witnesses, the child was struck by debris from the ride. a nurse practitioner stepped in to help. the child was taken to an area hospital where his condition is unknown at this time. next on "today in the bay" a quick look at the top stories including a very late night for baseball fans. the giants game ended overnight, the eye-popping number of innings, and how it turned out. but first --
6:52 am
a dramatic ending overnight in milpitas in the south bay standoff. the man police arrested. we're back in just two minutes. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
6:53 am
it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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try garnier micellar is your cleansing well? it's a pure way to cleanse. micelles work like a magnet to remove makeup without rubbing. cleanse without rinsing. refresh without residue. it's cleansing, reinvented. micellar water. by garnier, naturally. 6:54. welcome back, here are the top stories we're following on "today in the bay." an overnight standoff in the south bay ended after four
6:55 am
hours. this is a live look at the scene in milpitas. a man had held police at bay. s.w.a.t. teams tossed flash bang grenades into the apartment around 3:30 this morning. police say it started around 11:30 last night when a woman was attacked with a large knife, just down the street near north temple drive and east calaveras boulevard. when officers arrived at the suspect's home, he refused to come out. officers used flash bang grenades to stun and arrest him. police say the injured woman's life is not in danger, but they don't know the motive for the attack. later this morning, the city of oakland will face off against the oakland raiders in court, relating to the team's decision to move to las vegas. however, the raiders already have an unexpected ally, the department of justice. last year, oakland filed an anti-trust suit against the raiders and the nfl for $240 million, but this week the doj argued oakland should not be permitted to recover tax revenues through anti-trust
6:56 am
laws. they argue the anti-trust laws in general do not apply to the host city commercial interest or enterprises. the nfl is asking for the case to be tossed out. whatever happens, this case will not likely stop the raiders will from leaving for their new digs next season. 6:56 on your friday morning and we're following developments on a disturbing discovery in the south bay. san jose police officers were doing a trespassing sweep along the river in the guadalupe park yesterday and discovered a woman's body. police say it's being investigated as a suspicious death. new details in the case of an off-duty ride share driver charged in the string of sexual assaults. police call orlando vilchez lazo the ride share rapist. they say he preyed on intoxicated women who thought they were getting into lyft or uber cars they ordered in san francisco. the judge this week heard testimony on whether dna obtained by authority should be allowed as evidence. instead of issuing a ruling, the judge called for more hearings and plans to make a decision at a later date.
6:57 am
there's a follow-up to the fight to bring a homeless shelter to the embarcadero. according to "the examiner" a a sacramento judge declined to grant an immediate injunction to a group of neighbors fighting the plan for a new navigation center. the judge sent the lawsuit and request for a restraining order back to a san francisco court. last month, the board of supervisors unanimously denied an appeal from that same group. neighbors are concerned the center will bring drugs and crime to the area. also new this morning, a new attempt to expand transit options in eastern contra costa county. "the east bay times" says transportation leaders are green lighting a two-year study aimed at establishing more connections between antioch and brentwood, funded by a $755,000 state grant. the county's transit authority will look into how to improve connections to the capital corridor and ace rail services along with a proposed ferry service between antioch and martinez. also new this morning, brentwood may get a new fire
6:58 am
station. "the press" report there says the city council signed off on a plan for the city to move forward with building the building. the new station would be built on city-owned land on grant street and empire avenue. however, funding to staff the station with firemen and firefighters remains up in the air. currently all firefighters are situated in rented yasareas in brentwood city hall. new video to show you this morning, a suspicious fire inside a parking garage that happened in san rafael. police say officers were driving on third street when they saw the flames inside the b street garage. firefighters did arrive within minutes and put that big fire out, but the cause is under investigation. new overnight, the red hot giants took the mets to task in 16 innings. this finished close to midnight and the giants won 3-2. >> fans are tired but happy. so you know the saying treat yourself. kari hall, garvin thomas and chris chmura will be helping you
6:59 am
do just that today. we're giving away free ice cream outside of oracle park from 4:00 to 7:00. the giants game starts at 7:00. you can also watch it right here on nbc bay area. >> and what sort of weather will we have for kari's ice cream? >> perfect. >> perfect. >> really nice, and the inland areas are still going to keep the fairly mild weather today and heat up for the weekend, with some upper 80s. for san francisco we're staying in the 60s. a lot more sunshine today, and also throughout the weekend. >> all right, and it's looking pretty clear out there for a friday? >> perfect. i'll use kari's word. it's great. a smooth drive, nice slowing a little bit out of san jose and that's about it for silicon valley. the crash cleared in san mateo, and look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just starting to see a little bit of slowing. no metering lights all morning. >> like a holiday. >> people getting a jump on the weekend i suppose. we'll try to do the same but we'll be here for the midday newscast and every half hour with local news updates as well. >> when we're not on air, check
7:00 am
us out on twitter and have an absolutely wonderful friday. good morning. good morning weekend scorcher one of the most dangerous heat waves in years about to get even worse. >> feels like i'm sitting in a sauna. the good morning weekend orcher one of the most dangerous heat waves in years about to get even worse. >> feels like i'm sitting in a sauna. >> from the midwest to new england, some of the highest temperatures seen in a decade. al's forecast just ahead. tensions rising. the pentagon says the u.s. navy has downed an iranian drone in the middle east after a close encounter. iran denying it ever happened. what's the next move we're live with the very latest. tale of the tape chant, directed at a democratic congresswoman. >> i didn't like that they did


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