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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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second try at getting her real i.d. the office rejected her certified copyopefully they'll original. >> reporter: she brought her original signed by her parents and the doctor and again it was rejected. >> i did not expect to have this much troubl ld his dmv task force report prompting $240 million and 1,900 more workers to accommodate as many as 28 million people who will be applying for real i.d.s before xt weave a real challenge ahead of us. emphasis real. and that's next year. >> reporter: now, as reported, all 172 field offices at the dmv will be closed until 1:00 tomorrow as people here and at every other office are trained. the dmv was not able to tell us what that training would include, but we can help you with the requirements for the real i.d. we've got a link to the real
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i.d. website posted at back to you. >> mark, thank you. we're also tracking some developing news in the silicon valley. some of the biggest tech companies are at the center of a federal investigation. the department of justice making the announcement today the investigation will focus on whhe companies have stifled competition or harmed consumers. specific companies were not named but "the wall street journal" is reporting that facebook, google, amazon and apple are beingaryhe feds. the last time the doj filed antitrust charges was back in 1998 againstro firefighters made quick work of a fire in the east bay this afternoon. this is a look from nbc bay area skyranger. it began just before 2:45 on dublin boulevard in livermore. it burned just off 580. before the fire was out, our traffic cameras caught the plumes of smoke in the air. the fire burned about three
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acres. no one was hurt. we want to just y valley. containment also at 65%. and caltrans just announced tha canyon road willnine homes in tl in place. so far no buildings or homes have been damaged. this wildfire season a bit different this year, and that may be a good thing. been more n no shortage of spread out and firefighters say that's allowing them to use a strategy that's not normally possible. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live on the scene of a recent fire to explain for us. damian? >> reporter: well, janelle, neighbors here tell me they had to pull a few lot different than in years weeks calgo cal fire tells me this year is a before. they're able to throw everything at a fire.
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fire crews up and down the state are rested and ready. that's one of the reasons several tankers were able to rush in and target the canyon fire in napa. cal fire says so far the fires have been spread out enough that they've had the resources available to attack each one from every direction. >> right now since it's been kind of slower, which is -- is unusual for the past three years based on our activity, we have a lot of resources available to us right now. >> reporter: by this time last year, fires had already swallowed more than 153,000 acres around the state. by comparison as of sunday, just over 21,000 acres have burned this season. >> 1673. >> reporter: crews say comnicat hill in san jose hope they've seen the last of the close calls for awhile. >> we're keeping an eye on it. making sure it doesn't get any closhero of july for cs week is expected to get progressively warmer. today the smokey meter already shows a very high fire danger in
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south san jose. >> the weather's going to dictate everything that we do, pretty much. >> reporter: so far this year, the weather has been cooperating. the question for firefighters is for how much longer? santa clara county also has a wildland task force so they're able to provide mutual aid wherever cal fire needs it. live on communications hill in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. this just int swarming an oakla neighborhood right now. it's happening at stanford avenue and adeline street. police say a chase ended there and the man at the center of it is believed to be hiding inside a home. this is the view from skyranger. no word if that man is armed. a south bay woman has died after being assaulted inside of her own home. her son is now being charged with murder. police say last thursday 35-year-old ryan garner seen here severely injured his mother inside their home on cortezi circle in san jose, right near
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the san jose country club. investigators say garner drove his mom to regional medical center, dropped her off and drove away. he was located by police later that night in south san jose and arrested for attempted murder. that charge has now been changed to murder. once his mother was taken off life support. a deli in contra-costa county is back open. we first told you about the story over the weekend and now it's escalating. it started with the controversial post on facebook by the deli owner in clayton. it stems from president trump's comments recently to "send her back." today a lot of people showed up to support this deli. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in clayton with the new developments. jodi? >> reporter: raj, this is the first time canesa's brooklyn's heros deli has been open since the controversy broke out online. the restaurant is closed right now, but i'll tell you, there was a long line out the door all day. the controversy started when the deli's owner posted a comment on his facebook page offering a
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free side to customers who say "send her back." it came just days after president trump sent out a series of tweets telling four congresswomen of color to go back to where they came from. while there was an immediate backlash online with calls to boycott the deli, today supporters made it clear they have no plans to do that. >> if this man had a special and he had a side of impeachment, right, like if you said impeachment and you gave him a side, would this be happening? no, he'd be a hero. >> reporter: now, not everyone is backing the deli owner. the town's mayor is among those who do -- who think his post is hateful and went too far, and several people told us today that they plan to start having lunch somewhere else. reporting live in clayton, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. like so many bay area cities
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the homeless population in oakland is skyrocketing. a new report from alameda county says the number of people living on the streets went up by nearly 50% in the last two years. that means oakland has a higher per capita homeless population than san francisco. during a one-night survey in january, volunteers attempted to count every homeless person living on the street, in cars and in shelters. the everyone counts report, that's what it's called, found oakland has more than 4,000 homeless people. when people were asked why they were on the streets, most said it happened after they lost their jobs. the mayor of oakland, libby schaaf, isn't surprised by the staggering numbers. >> i talk to our unsheltered residents in our parks and sidewalks, i meet people who went to the same high school i went to, who actually grew up in the very neighborhood where they are now living in that local park. >> the mayor says the city plans to open a six cabin community near the border of chinatown and jacquelin square later this
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year. she's called for a more regional solution. county supervisors recently held a meeting with all the mayors of alameda county to address the homeless crisis. we are just about 12 hours away from robert mueller's testimony before congress. he will be questioned about his report on russia election meddling. the house judiciary committee will question himtellence commi 400-page mueller report to watch the tv version. >> get mueller to say in his own words exactly what he found in the hopes that that will shift public opinion. >> our great attorney general read it. he's a total professional. he said there's nothing here. there's no obstruction. >> the pew research center says nearly 2/3 of americans and a majority of republicans believe mueller conducted a fair investigation. tomorrow morning, nbc news will have a special report on robert mueller's hearing. you can watch live coverage starting at 5:30 a.m.
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oh, my gosh. is it that time again? get your passports ready for tokyo. the olympics begin one year from now. the athletes are getting ready. we're getting ready here at nbc bay area and of course japan is getting ready to host the world. last time tokyo hosted the olympics, 1964. this time around, a lot has changed. more than 11,000 athletes will be competing in these games. four new sports will debut. karate, rock climbing, surfing and skateboarding. and we have a winter olympics legend who is converting to the summer games. snowboarding gold medalist shaun white is competing in skateboarding. >> oh, my goodness. i'm so excited for the sport of skateboarding. you know, it's amazing. i was front row to see what happened with snowboarding and how it changed the sport forever and i think it's so amazing what's going to happen to skateboarding.
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it's really going to bring that attention of the world. >> it will. especially here in the bay area. we've seen shaun white grow up through all these years and now skateboarding. in addition to those four new sports, a couple of familiar ones are returning, baseball and softball are back. we have a lot more olympics coverage in just a few minutes. we're going to introduce you to a badminton star from the bay area. we'll also have a bunch of olympics extras on our website, including this interview we did with mike tricot, hosting our prime time coverage in tokyo. mike gives us the inside scoop on what we can expect. still to come here at 5:00, demanding changes after a tourist is killed while crossing the street near union square. the upgrades activists are calling for in order to protect pedestrians in san francisco. plus, one of silicon valley's most exclusive parks. you can only get in if you live in palo alto. now there's a push to allow more people in. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. widespread temperatures this afternoon. anywhere from 61 in san francisco to a hot 96 in concord. we'll show you how much hotter tomorrow and for the upcoming weekend in about eight minutes. and as we go into break, a look at one of our bay area olympic hopefuls, diver kassidy cook who graduated from stanford. she went to rio in 2016, but this year she's hoping to bring home a medal.
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we'll set the table for robert mueller's testimony to congress. how democrats are preparing and what the justice department says it can't talk about. plus, teens addicting to vaping and the golf the government's new salvo against e-cigarettes when we see you on "nbc nightly news."
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today dozens of people gathered at san francisco's city hall to talk about how to make the streets safer for pedestrians. the rally was called after this weekend's deadly tesla crash near union square. today the crowd carried signs to honor every person killed while walking or riding bikes this year. benjamin dean was killed sunday when the driver of a rented tesla ran a red light and triggered a chain reaction crash. ultimately dean was killed and his wife severely injured. the two were visiting from the fresno area. today state senator scott weiner says more work needs to be done at the state and local levels to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. >> we're trying toen-- >> reporter: benjamin's wife, you see her here, remains in
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critical condition. a big rig rolled off an embankment. you can see the truck at the bottom of the hill. first responders took one person to the hospital. officials have not issued a hazmat warning in that area. if you've never heard of foot hills park, it's understandable unless you live in palo alto, you are not allowed in. as the sign states, the park is open to residents only. however, they may bring guests. tonight palo alto parks and recreation commission will consider changing that rule. something else that might surprise you, the park's address is actually in los altos hills. years ago they asked them to help them buy the lane, but when they backed out, palo alto set the rules it could only be used by palo alto residents. hey, back to our olympics coverage. we've been mentioning we're now exactly one year away from the start of the 2020 summer games, and the host city of tokyo is almost ready. organizers say japan's capital
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is the best prepared host city ever. the olympic stadium where the opening and closing ceremony will take place is more than 90% complete. fans are already gobbling up tickets as sales are way ahead of projections. >> the olympics are right around the corner? >> i know. i can't believe it. we love it. the u.s. is expected to send its largest group of athletes ever to the upcoming games. >> no doubt a bunch of them are going to be from right here in the bay area. garvin thomas joins us now to introduce us to one olympic hopeful in badminton. >> you name an olympic sport and chances are there is someone from the bay area with a good chance to make team usa. like crystal tan and her dream to represent her country on the badminton court. >> reporter: the good ones always make it look so easy. watching crystal pan with a badminton racket in her hand, it can be easy to forget just how hard a sport like this is to play and just how much of a commitment is needed to make it to the top.
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it's a journey the 20-year-old has been on since she was just 7. >> so when i started out, i was the tiniest in my whole group. by wasn't very good when i started, but i definitely worked harder because i was so tiny. >> reporter: crystal says she realized that hard work was paying off when she won her first junior national championships in 2010 at the age of 12. at that point, the olympics were certainly a possibility for crystal. >> united states of america. >> reporter: but they didn't become a passion until 2016. >> i saw the u.s. team marching down. i just thought that was so majestic. >> reporter: and just how would crystal feel if she were one of those walking behind the american flag in 2020? >> all the hard work that goes into this, like, it would be worth it, you know? it's hard, like, even now because i'm away from my family
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so much. >> reporter: that's because crystal moved to china two years ago where there are more resources for high-level badminton training. she's barely been home since then. it's the kind of commitment necessary to be among the very best. >> even if i don't make it, i think i'll have grown so much that i look back and i think it was worth it. >> reporter: in newark, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> good form. good footwork. >> you see the knee brace there. there are some serious injuries. >> you think about it as a lighter sport, but when you see them playing. >> such a workout. we have a prop. >> whoa! >> just in time to talk about our forecast. >> i like it. >> jeff, so you don't feel left out, this is for you. >> oh, nice. i like it. i don't know the proper way to -- >> you did it really well. how did you do it? >> it's just the flick of the wrist. >> i definitely am not that quick. i'm not even going to try. but, you know, these fans definitely will come into play quite a bit. >> yes. it's going to heat up.
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>> lots of heat and humidity for tokyo. we did want to give you our one-year outlook here what the average weather is in tokyo because it is very, very interesting. so let's go ahead and take a look. average high in july, 83 degrees. notice the low for this time of the year. only goes down to 72. so some really mild nights. the entire month averages 5 1/4 inches. so certainly the chance of some rainfall. when you take a look at the climate, the way it's classified, humid, subtropical. we are expecting humidity to impact the games. people visiting, tourists, athletes alike will no doubt be impacted by that humidity and it will also be typhoon season in effect. there is a chance there could be some typhoon action happening when the games are going under way as well. they're making all those preps behind the scenes for possibly some of those emergency plans, but the weather's going to keep it interesting. of course i'll be here to keep you up to date on that forecast as the games get under way. back to the bay area.
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a little humidity and hot air coming in from this area of high pressure through tomorrow. the temperatures are going to increase. now, a little shred of good news, the hottest weather we've seen so far this year was on june the 11th. up to 104 degrees in concord. i don't think it's going to get that hot tomorrow, but we're certainly going to see it surge up there. and because of that, we're going to start off milder tomorrow. tri-valley 69, peninsula 65 and the south bay at 68. over through san francisco, do expect some early fog and temperatures in the 50s. but by the afternoon, go away from the bay, away from the coast and it's going to warm up about 5 to 7 degrees hotter. and i do think right now it will be good enough to get us up to 93 in east san jose, 96 in gilroy. notice, pittsburg 99, antioch, 98, concord 99. by the bay, the cooler breeze will have us down to 78 in oakland. san mateo at 80 degrees.
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palo alto 86. san francisco, a little bit of warmth in the mission at 70 but the outer sunset will remain cool at 64. that's from the chilly westerly wind at 19 miles per hour. low 90s from novato, sonoma and in to napa. tomorrow is hot with sun, but we do want to let you know we have clouds increasing thursday. some humidity from the south and thunderstorms close by. we're watching two things, a weak system near the bay area and tropical storm dalia. so, again, thunderstorms over the sierra and a little bit of humidity and cloud cover by thursday's forecast. you'll see in san francisco this does have a mix of 60s and 70s right into this weekend. it looks warm. and for the inland valleys, 97 tomorrow. >> whoa. >> yes. this weekend, dangerous heat on saturday and sunday. low 100s. >> fan me, raj. >> yes. this i f you. >> wait, is that my fan? >> this is your fan. >> befoorrowing it. i put mine away. fun fact, did you know raj has covered five olympics?
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>> oh, my god. oh, no. >> by the fireplace, raj. >> how did you let me have that hair? next story. >> i love this. i could watch this all day. >> abby fernandez joins us to talk about his favorite moments. >> embarrassing. we'll leave you with a look at one of our favorite bay area olympic hopefuls. fencer alexander massialas.
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hey guys, i'm abby fernandez, the host of our instagram show "synced in." it's a great way to get caught
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up on the most talked about stories in the bay area. this week it's all about the olympics because we're one year away from the tokyo summer games. i know. did you know our very own raj mathai has been to five olympics? so we sat down and talked about it. >> okay. of which one that you've covered, what was your favorite? >> hands down london 2012. >> why? >> the city of london was spectacular. >> okay. >> the people. the olympics. the games. the competition. the weather was nice. it just was done great. >> oh, my goodness. >> i remember that. i was here when you covered that. >> london was great. >> do you think tokyo will top your list now? >> you know what? i think tokyo will. we talk about, tokyo is ready to go right now. we're going to have some sushi and sake. >> and guys, i also gave raj a little quiz about the olympics he's been to. you can see which questions i asked and how raj did tomorrow when i post the full "synced in"
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episode on our instagram. you can watch it there. the handle is @nbcbayarea. the latest episode will pop up. it's a fun one. >> i felt like i was doing the s.a.t. again. >> pop quiz. i love it. good job, abby. b.a.r.t. station soon to become a historical landmark. we'll show you why. before we go to break, here is another olympian, swimmer simone manuel. >> graduate from stanford. she brought home two silver and two gold from rio. she wants to do better in tokyo. back in a moment. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me!
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. okay, b.a.r.t. riders, did you know san francisco's glenn park station is the best in the transit system? from an architectural standpoint. that's why california's historical commission will vote next week whether to add to the national register of historic places. it was built in the '60s. it's actually from a french term for raw concrete. good look with that vote next week. >> lester holt is next with "nightly news." thanks for joining us. >> bye. breaking news tonight. the victory for 9/11 victims over a decade in the making. >> the bill is passed. >> the senate late today passing a bill to make sure the 9/11 fund never runs out of money to care for victims and survivors
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after emotional pleas by comedian jon stewart and first responders >> we can never repay all that the 9/11 community has done for our country, but we can stop penalizing them. >> tonight the measure on its way to president trump's desk. bracing for impact, robert mueller just hours away from his highly anticipated testimony, answering questions for the first time about the russia probe. what will congress ask, and what will he say? the shocking twist in the murders of an american woman and her boyfriend. li


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