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tv   Today  NBC  July 25, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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live local news update. >> you don't want to miss our mid-day show coming for you at 11:00. you don't want to miss it. until then, have a great morning. >> keep cool. ♪ ♪ good morning, breaking news. jeffrey epstein found injured in his jail cell with marks around his neck the convicted sex offender discovered semiconscious and in the fetal position so was it a suicide attempt or was the attack we'll have theatest. also breaking overnight he resisted calls for his resignation for weeks but this morning the embattled governor of puerto rico finally gives in and agrees to step down. protests turning to celebration in the streets we're live in san juan. fallout, democrats and republicans split along party lines in the wake of a reluctant robert mueller's testimony democrats doubling down on the key question surrounding president trump.
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>> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> while president trump claims vindication. >> this was a devastating day for the democrats. >> but is the battle still far from over -- those stories plus final images police release video of ally kostial from the night of her disappearance. tiny stow away, a young boy recovering this morning after sneaking onto a conveyer belt at the atlanta airport. and trouble in paradise. why dwayne "the rock" johnson is lending his star power in the fight against a massive telescope in hawaii, today thursday, july 25th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" and thanks for joining us on this
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thursday morning, craig melvin, alongside kristen welker, who is filling in for savannah this morning >> a busy news day. >> busy indeed let's get to the breaking news overnight involving jeffrey epstein found injured inside his new york city jail cell this morning. investigators are looking into several possible explanations including a possible suicide attempt. nbc's stephanie gosk has been covering the story what do we know? >> reporter: we know jeffrey epstein is said to be back in a jail cell on suicide watch the incident comes just days after a judge ordered he remain behind bars until his trial on sex trafficking charges. investigators working out to figure out what happened this morning conflicting accounts about what took place inside jeffrey epstein's jail cell sources close to the investigation say he was found in a secure area of the metropolitan correctional center, semiconscious, in a
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fetal position, with marks on his neck two sources tell nbc news that epstein tried to hang himself. with a third person noting the injuries were not serious. it may have been an attempt by epstein to be transferred to another facility but the possibility that epstein was attacked by someone else is also being looked at another inmate, a former police officer, charged with murder, was questioned according to a fourth source. an attorney for that inmate says his client had no involvement. this week epstein's attorneys appealed the decision to keep the wealthy financier at the jail until his trial the judge ruled there was clear and convincing evidence epstein is a danger to the community, a point echoed by two of his alleged victims who spoke in court. >> he will never stop sexually abusing children until he is in jail. >> he fought for house arrest at his $77 million new york city mansion. his current home, a temporary high security stop for hundreds of inmates, including accused terrorists and white collar
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criminals. another former inmate at the jail, notorious mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman recently described his detention there as torture and inhumane. epstein has been there since his arrest nearly two weeks ago. the 66-year-old has pleaded not guilty to federal se trafficking and conspiracy charges. he faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted. we reached out to epstein's attorneys for comment but have not heard back >> stephanie, keep us posted. a stunning reversal in puerto rico. overnight the embattled governor announced his resignation. touching off wild celebrations on the island after two weeks of protest. gabe gutierrez was there as it all unfolded good morning, gabe. >> reporter: kristen, good morning. it was an incredible scene,
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thousands of protesters packed into the street. they have been expecting the governor to resign all day but rumors were swirling it might not happen then came the moment so many here had been calling for. overnight puerto rico danced like it never quite had before. >> my skin is just like -- i can't even describe it we've been waiting for this for so long. >> reporter: just before midnight came the alert from the governor's office that he deliver a pre-taped message on facebook protesters scrambled to find a cell phone signal. others gathered around a restaurant patio's speakers. to hear governor ricardo rossello -- >> they waited for word of his resignation all day. they just heard it seconds ago. >> reporter: overnight pop star ricky martin posting this video, puerto rico we did it and we did
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it in peace with no guns in the last few days hundreds of thousands of people have been calling for the governor to step down police had tossed tear gas at some protesters, all in the wake of hundreds of pages of private chats between rossello and several close aids that were uncovered and leaked to the public the messages including derogatory and homophobic comments, even jokes about the dead after hurricane maria rossello's support evaporated as demonstrations spread from the island to new york but here, this scandal was more than political it was emotional. >> everybody very sad with the government because everybody needs, and they're doing nothing. >> reporter: teresa had no water or power for seven months after the hurricane. this was the moment when the island of 3 million american
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citizens was heard rossello's successor will be wanda vazquez, who is controversial herself. many protesters here on the island, they say that this is more than just about one scandal. they see this as a victory over a long history of corruption kristen, craig >> gabe, thank you for that report. turning now to the fallout from the muller hearings president trump said it was a great day. but democrats say even with those short answers from the former special counsel, his much anticipated testimony helps their case we've got all angles covered this morning and we start with nbc's justice correspondent pete williams, pete, good morning. >> craig, good morning mueller for the most part obeyed his own plan, sticking to what's in that 480-page report. he did frustrate democrats who were hoping his testimony would bring those pages to life and he pushed back against republican attacks on his investigation and
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the special counsel staff. after watching robert mueller sometimes hesitate during five plus hours before two house committees. >> i'm sorry, what's the citation, sir? say that again, if you could i would have to look at the quote from the report if you have it. >> sure. >> reporter: president trump gave him a negative review. >> the performance was obviously not very good. he had a lot of problems but what he showed more than anything else is that this whole thing has been three years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country. >> reporter: but mueller said his investigation uncovered the depth of russia's election meddling, stealing then revealing hacked emails from hillary clinton's campaign and spreading phony social media posts seen by millions. >> would you agree that it was not a hoax, that the russians were engaged in trying to impact our election >> that was not a hoax that aspect of our investigation that has and would have
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long-term damage to the united states that we need to move quickly to address. >> when donald trump called your investigation a witch hunt that was also false, was it not >> it is not a witch hunt. >> reporter: mueller resisted efforts by democrats to get him to read parts of his report laying out potential acts of obstruction by president trump, declining to answer questions nearly 200 times but he pushed back at how president trump and his defenders characterized mueller's work. >> the president has repeatedly claimed that your report found there was no obstruction, and that it completely and totally exonerated him but that is not what your report said, is it? >> correct, it is not what the report said. >> and what about total exoneration, did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no.
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>> republicans pounced on that answer and said the report took away president trump's presumption of innocence. >> donald trump is not above the law. he's not but he damn sure shouldn't be below the law. >> and despite the claims of obstruction republicans said the president never stopped mueller's investigation. >> were you ever fired as special counsel, mr. mueller >> no. >> no. were you allowed to complete your investigation unencumbered? >> yes. >> reporter: but mueller said president trump refused to be interviewed by special counsel investigators, instead submitting answers in writing, though he didn't answer every question. >> where he did his answers showed he wasn't always being truthful >> there -- i would say generally. >> pete, you've covered bob mueller for a long time, as i understand it. the mueller that we saw and heard yesterday, was this the bob mueller that you've come to know >> reporter: well, he wasn't a forceful witness, as he was when he was the fbi director. he's older now
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he turns 75 in two weeks and he did struggle at times. but he didn't allow himself to be used by the democrats and he was like that earlier bob mueller when, for example, he defended his team saying he never asked anybody who worked for him about their political affiliation, craig. >> pete williams for us there in washington pete, thank you. let's bring in chuck todd, moderator for "meet the press," and former democratic senator claire mccaskill great to see both of you. >> good to see both of you guys. chuck, you said something on the air yesterday that got attention. substance, democrats got what they wanted. on optics it was a disaster. >> if the point of the hearing -- i think part of this is what was the point of the hearing? that has not been -- was it about to try to galvanize the country around the idea of impeachment? was it about trying to -- and, i think that in some ways that not knowing full -- if you come at this assuming this was about building the case for impeachment and you needed mueller to do that he didn't do that that was the point of that on the substance, though, they got mueller to confirm what they wanted to do it's interesting if -- the house democrats wanted
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to declare mueller a success yesterday regardless of how he testified they would have announced last night the next step is opening an impeachment inquiry. they didn't do that. they're sitting there hand wringing again that's something they need to be careful of the more they hand wring, the more political that looks. >> senator pick up on that point if you would, this was a contest for impeachment. did it add any fuel to that battle or did it suck the life out of discussions >> the idea, i think, was to bring the report to life no, that did not happen. it was very difficult to follow because he was such a reluctant witness. now, i can dress this up and say, listen, you can tell he wasn't out to get anybody. this was not a flame thrower this was somebody who was not trying to, you know, win the day for one side or the other. he was clearly reluctant, cautious and conservative in his answers. i do think that it is very difficult now to do anything with this president other than defeat him in 2020 we have a republican senate, and
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that's what nancy pelosi's always been thinking about whatever the house does, as chuck well understands, you get on the senate side mitch mcconnell won't even bring up the election security for a vote. >> you think yesterday should end it, the mueller yesterday should end democrats talk of this >> i don't think it should end it i think they should continue to focus on getting the evidence in and one of the things we talked about is opening an inquiry does give him more legal standing to get the information they need from the white house it overcomes the executive privilege. it gets the documents that the white house is now stonewalling on. >> the white house acknowledges they would have to turn over a lot more documents if, in fact, they did open an impeachment inquiry. chuck, the president took a victory last night no surprise, he said hey, i'm going to win in 2020 now. >> he took the victory lap because he thought that yesterday gave nancy pelosi the coverage to stop impeachment he doesn't want impeachment. he is afraid of it, he claims in some ways politically i could benefit.
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he's afraid of it whether it's for his own vanity or whether it could put more legal jeopardy. one more point about history there's a reason mueller's report, volume one came before volume two if you're trying to bring a book to life, don't do the second half of the book first and then the first half. >> it made no sense. >> you can't understand the obstruction if you don't understand the initial crime the obstruction would have been more startling to people yesterday had they heard about the initial crime first. >> one of the things that seems to have gotten lost, and also struck me yesterday because i felt like this was the one point where bob mueller really came to life, when he talked about the fact that while we are sitting here, the russians are
7:15 am
interfering in our elections. >> bipartisan message. >> do we think that that came over at all during the hearing yesterday? do we think that was a takeaway? >> he was very clear about it. and by the way he said it not just in the afternoon but in the morning. >> yes. >> that in all of his career he has never seen a more serious threat to our democracy than what russia did and what they're doing right now. so that is why i think there will be pressure building. this bill in the senate is a bipartisan bill. for hardening our election processes. if the republicans continue to block that that's another signal to independent voters that they really like russia putting their finger on the scale for donald trump and that's what the hearing showed clearly yesterday. the russians tried to win that election for donald trump, and i don't care what donald tweets, what the president tweets, that fact was very clear yesterday. >> and mueller said they are trying to attack our elections as we sit here, very powerful. senator mccaskill, chuck, thank you to both of you. north korea fired at least two short range missiles into the sea early this morning, kim jong-un's first launch since meeting with president trump at the dmz last month
7:16 am
the projectiles flew about 267 miles, u.s. officials said there is no indication the missiles posed a threat to the united states or its allies it comes on john bolton being in south korea for talks on several issues, including denuclearization let's get a check of the weather, al, good morning. >> thank you for getting your first national weather from us how about a nice high from canada cool, dry, crisp air, the dew point, the amount of moisture in the air. there's a lower dew point in houston than there is right now in raleigh 56 in new york that's nice and comfortable. in fact, we're looking at morning lows that are three degrees within a record for 28 cities, 14 cities may tie or break their records, including tupelo, mississippi. for today temperatures are pretty much where they should be at this time, starting to warm up in detroit, chicago, buffalo but cooler than normal in cincinnati and charleston. tomorrow the warmth continues to build. we're looking, as we get into
7:17 am
the weekend and the beginning of next week, temperatures back up a little above normal. 90 in hartford by monday, 90 in cincinnati and st. louis, and blocking pressure systems. we're seeing this more and more with climate change and it's happening again in europe, sizzling with records possible, all-time record highs for france, spain, italy, germany and england. in fact as you look at temperatures today 107 in paris. paris will be warmer today than cairo, egypt, that's how hot it is madrid 99. even in london getting up to 103 degrees. we're getting to your local forecast in 30 seconds be warme egypt. madrid with 99 and getting up to 103 drees. we'll get to your forecast coming up.
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good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in san jose. sun shining and a few clouds moving in and you're probably feeling that humidity. we're going to have some very humid air and the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms across parts of the bay area between tonight and early tomorrow morning. temperatures reaching the low 90s tomorrow and then up over 100 degrees for the weekend both saturday and sunday will be hot. san francisco milder weather with highs in the 70s over the next few days. craig? >> new images of ole miss student ally kostial from the night she was murdered. the wake of the dramatic
7:19 am
bison attack, officials warn summer tourists to leave t wildlife alonehe
7:20 am
7:21 am
new questions how a toddler was able to sneak on a conveyor belt meant for luggage. also, al sits down with the one and only paul mccartney. >> a dream come true you will be amazed at what he talks about. >> can't wait to see it. >> first, your local news.
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try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra. good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. in the last hour an update released confirming a man died in an overnight drowning in san jose. this happened in the guadalupe river. this morning rescuers pulled the man from the water and performed cpr and unconscious when paramedics put him in the ambalance. rescuers did manage to save another person. they said the two may have been friends. we're still working to find out what led to that drowning. let's get a look at those temperatures today and, kari, another hot one. >> hot one in san francisco. we can see a very solid layer of fog and that is going to heat up as we go into the day with temperatures there reaching into
7:27 am
the low 70s. as you make your way inland reaching into the mid-90s for this afternoon and then it dwge even hotter for the weekend reaching over 100 degrees for both saturday and sunday. it will come down early next week into the mid-80s, but san francisco we're looking at low 70s today and then some 70s for the weekend with mostly sunny skies and start to feel a little bit cooler as we see the fog returning and the winds picking up early next week. let's head over to vianey for a look at the commute. >> very busy. issues on the south bay along northbound 101, but the big issue still remains in the east bay. two crashes that are still working to recover near exit 29 and slowly remain blocked and recovery happening along the southbound side between earlier crash at 23rd avenue and they have to clear those out and residual delays and the drive time westbound 580 towards richmond bridge about 15 minutes and westbound towards the bay
7:28 am
bridge about 15 minutes. marcus? >> all right, thanks, vianey. another local news update coming up in 25 minutes.
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7:30 now on this thursday morning, july 25th, 2019 on what is shaping up to be quite the beautiful day here in new york. >> sure is. >> we are happy to see all those smiling faces outside on the plaza. we'll get outside in just a bit. >> look forward to that indeed. let's get a check of the headlines, jeffrey epstein is on suicide watch after he was found injured inside his new york city jail cell.
7:31 am
he's being held on federal sex trafficking charges and the incident comes days after a judge ordered he remain behind bars until his trial sources say he was found semiconscious in a fetal position with marks on his neck. two sources tell nbc news that epstein tried to hang himself. a third person says the injuries were not serious and may have been an attempt by epstein to be transferred to another facility. the possibility he was attacked by someone else is also being looked at. also breaking overnight embattled puerto rico governor ricardo rossello has announced his resignation after nearly two weeks of massive protests against his administration thousands of people took to the streets of san juan to celebrate the news he's been under fire over leaked private chats filled with profanity, anti-gay comments and jokes about death caused by hurricane maria. the governor vowed to stay in office on monday despite growing pressure. now to frightening moments for a georgia mother and her 2-year-old son as they checked in for a flight at atlanta's airport. it was all caught on camera. take a look at this as the young boy climbs onto the baggage conveyer belt. terrifying his mother says she took her
7:32 am
eyes off him for a few seconds while she printed their boarding passes the child traveled down for a few minutes. he suffered a fractured hand spirit airlines says they're working with tsa and airport officials to find out how this happened scary. we start this half hou with new details on a story we've been following all week here as investigators gather evidence in the murder of ole miss student ally kostial, a group of her lifelong friends is remembering the young woman whose life was cut far too short. nbc's blaine alexander remains in oxford, mississippi for us with the latest on the case. blaine, good morning. >> reporter: well, craig, good morning to you we now know more about the way that ally kostial died and more
7:33 am
about how the main suspect in her murder was arrested. but investigators still have a number of questions, and so do the friends who knew ally best this morning for the first time we are seeing what might be some of the final images of ally kostial alive. oxford police say this surveillance video shows the 21-year-old outside of rooster's bar just off the campus of university of mississippi where kostial was a student. she walks to the door, but never goes in. then leaves. the next morning her body was found near a lake about 20 miles away officials say she was shot multiple times. >> in a ford f 150 black tags. possibly armed >> reporter: police arrested brandon thiesbelt monday morning 80 miles away at a memphis gas station. he was brought back to mississippi and charged with murder his father says he believes his son is innocent. the now suspended ole miss student has had other run-ins with the law four years ago he was cited for underage alcohol possession. then in 2017 he was charged with public drunkenness and having a fake id. records show that drunkenness
7:34 am
charge was dropped theesfeld is seen in a photo with her >> the room would light up. >> yes, for sure. >> her energy was so radiant. >> reporter: for ally's closest friends back home in st. louis it's a nightmare they never expected. >> i just feel like i'm going to wake up and everything's going to be back to normal it just doesn't seem real. >> reporter: they did not want to talk about brandon theesfeld but they say ally mentioned his name before. >> she always wanted to look for the good in people i don't think she ever thought anything like this would ever happen to her. >> reporter: but ally's legacy, they say, should be her radiant life, not her tragic death. >> she lived life to the fullest in every way possible. >> reporter: blaine it looks like the defendant is making
7:35 am
changes to his legal team. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: he is actually beefing up that l am we know that in addition to the attorney who's been representing him he's now added two high powered attorneys to his legal team, tony farese confirmed he is representing brandon theesfeld and he told our affiliate he plans to plead not guilty. >> emotional to hear from her friends. blaine alexander, thank you for that. >>7:35 now, good time to check the weather, mr. roker. that front that brought us the nice cool air is causing problems for our friends in florida. good news, no drought in the state of florida, first time in a while. bad news, everybody's got spanish moss growing on the north seed we're looking at a lot of wet weather continuing with that front pushing south. bringing in the rainstorm from miami, on into jacksonville for today as it stalls out and tomorrow more downpours over the florida peninsula with localized flooding possible. some areas could be picking up anywhere from three to six inches of rain before it's all
7:36 am
over the rest of the country we're looking at severe storms making their way to the northern plains heavy rain in the four corners area of the southwest, dry and less humid for the eastern two-th good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it is humid and we're already feeling warm weather out there. live look over the south bay and we'll see a mixture of clouds and sun throughout the afternoon and feeling a little bit hotter than the actual temperature because of that monsoonal moisture coming in. so, we're going to see the highs in livermore reach 93 degrees and up to 79 in santa rosa ait gets hotter in the valleys throughout the weekend reaching over 100 degrees for saturday, as well as sunday. that's your latest weather craig? >> al, thank you. coming up, troubling news for women with breast implants, concerns about cancer and a new recall, what all women need to know this morning. move over millennials, surprising new research on the generation doing the most
7:37 am
distracted driving, putting everyone at risk on the road. and al roker, sitting down for a rare interview with the one and only sir paul mccartney. and not going out anytime soon. >> two legends. up next, a new warning for all tourists this summer in the wake of that scary bison attack. that's right after this. blue buffalo lizzie gets purina dog chow ever read the ingredients? could you read a few? sure. of course. deboned chicken whole grain corn chicken meal meat & bone meal brown rice corn gluten meal barley animal fat oatmeal soybean meal while both foods provide complete and balanced nutrition. 9 out of 10 dog chow feeders prefer the ingredients in blue buffalo. and get your dogs delicious blue treats. the tasty treat you'll feel good about giving. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, blem. and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do.
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this is medicare that cares back. this is the benefit of blue. this morning, in depth today, new warnings about getting too close to wild animals. >> if you're heading out to the great outdoors on summer vacation, keep your distance from wildlife. a bison charged at a 9-year-old a few days ago nbc's steve patterson is there. >> reporter: it caused a firestorm on social media. even though the young girl wasn't badly hurt park rangers are renewing calls for proper etiquette around wildlife in some of the world's most beautiful places here in yellowstone national park tourists come to see bison roam free. but park rangers warn it's not at all a place to be brave when
7:42 am
it comes to approaching the powerful creatures that can weigh up to two tons tuesday's now viral video of this 9-year-old girl being attacked by a bison was a stark reminder. >> they're wild animals and they're hugere within five to t the they can kill you. >> reporter: about 50 people were within five to ten feet of the charging bison during this incident rebecca roland works for the national park service. >> bison are the ones that injure the most people they're agile, can jump six feet high, turn on a dime and run 30 miles an hour. you can't outrun a bison >> reporter: rangers say the lure of taking up close videos and photos of animals are the most common and the most dangerous reason people get too close to them.
7:43 am
what is it why do people do this? >> you know, i don't know. i think it's something inside of us that wants to connect with that wildness. but it's not safe. >> reporter: the general rules are to stay at least 25 yards away from big animals like bison, elk and moose and more than 100 yards away from bears and wolves >> reporter: if you're 25 yards away from a bison and it becomes agitated by your presence you're still too close. >> reporter: authorities say that 9-year-old girl was treated and released from the local clinic she was taken to following the attack so far park officials are not issuing any citations against the girl's family as the investigation here continues back to you. >> steve, thank you. i've seen that video a million times. it's just as terrifying every time i watch it. >> i don't think people -- they're more worried with the wildcats and tigers getting chased down or bears these bigger animals -- >> oh, yeah, 35 miles an hour. >> they can move, they're agile. >> terrifying. up next, trouble in paradise protests in hawaii over a controversial telescope project. those protests are getting star power from dwayne "the rock" johnson. we're going to tell you why right after this ♪ oooh oooh aaa ♪ i'm discovering, i'm discovering ooooh ♪
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7:48 am
>> the demonstrations are making headlines around the world. >> they really are this story reminds us, guys, that local communities matter even if you're an international scientist looking at the stars it's like a scene from the movies putting technology against tradition. the lead actor now played by dwayne "the rock" johnson who's currently filming a movie in hawaii and spent part of his youth there. the star is now weighing in on the controversy. >> reporter: this morning the hawaiian government between the rock and a hard place. >> the protests are so peaceful but they're so powerful. and no one's going anywhere. so i'm optimistic that something positive is going to come out of this. >> reporter: dwayne johnson, the world's biggest movie star, visiting with protesters trying to prevent the construction of a giant telescope on hawaii's tallest mountain it's a land some native hawaiians consider to be sacred.
7:49 am
>> respecting a culture and respecting the people, and doing things the right way. >> reporter: a years long battle pitting technology against cultural preservation. >> we are committed to finding a way forward in a peaceful manner, and certainly looking forward to the dialogue and much conversation that will be required as we move forward. >> reporter: the telescope scientists say could help them look back in time to just after the big bang, the location chosen back in 2009 after a five year worldwide search for the perfect site protesters first disrupted a ground breaking, and hawaiian blessing ceremony back in 2014, sparking years of protests gathering for this demonstration after officials announced they were closing the road to start moving construction equipment to the top of the dormant volcano the state's lieutenant governor addressing the protesters
7:50 am
earlier this week. >> i don't want to see anyone suffer and we will see people get sick and die if they're forced to spend three weeks, three months or god forbid three years blocking this road. >> the world is watching and the world is saying we should take a pause and this is where care and decency and love and respect for not only culture but for humanity comes into it. >> reporter: there are some observatories at the site, some workers there have been evacuated and unable to return so, guys, these protests now are affecting the science that these scientists consider safe. >> the fact the rock is getting involved elevates this conversation. >> it really does. and makes it tougher for this observatory to be built. >> do they have a plan "b" >> took them five years to find this one. >> you have to find a location -- >> that's it, the only spot they can see back to the big bang >> they're looking for a plan
7:51 am
"b" right now. >> i would not bet that that telescope -- >> that road's not opening. >> thank you, keir, always good to see you in person coming up on a thursday morning, al's dream, sitting down with sir paul mccartney who admits he has to relearn some of the old songs before heading out on tour. >> sometimes when you're relearning them do you kind of look and go, you know, this is pretty good? >> i do. i really do. that's one of the joys of doing some of the old songs. i say, oh, that's clever i wouldn't have done that. >> more amazing stories from sir paul and uncle al after your local news your your local news. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses.
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[sfx: bottle opening] [sfx: water noises] [sfx: bottle opening] [sfx: water splashing] [sfx: crackling noise] [sfx: bottle opening] [sfx: whistling noise] [sfx: cracine]
7:56 am
good thursday morning. right now at 7:56. we're seeing the hazy conditions over san francisco right now as you get ready to head out the door. we are going to see a lot of warm weather and temperatures getting even hotter. in the tri-valley today, we're going to see the highs reaching into the mid-90s and we're up to 89 degrees in san jose and morgan hill reaching 94 and the hottest temperature will be in ukiah up to 98 degrees while san francisco stays in the 70s, extended forecast shows it gets hotter going into the weekend. we're feeling that humidity now. that does come down, but our temperatures go up. it will be dangerous to spend long periods of time outside for both saturday and sunday in the inland valleys and for san francisco, you're going to see a little bit more sunshine and highs reaching into the mid-70s and then cooling down early next week as that fog returns.
7:57 am
let's head over to vianey for a check on the commute. >> gotten busier this morning. some issues to tell you about. the westbound side of the bay bridge and the center lane remains blocked due to a crash. the heavy delays through berkeley, as well. surface streets unfortunately, no way to get around it. if you need to take the big bridge, oyster point boulevard and also have two blocked lanes. happening now, three people are injured after a high-speed overnight crash in san francisco. the car split in two. closing third street in the bay view district when our twitter feed linked to the full story including the dramatic video of the aftermath. police in san jose telling us that a man pulled from the guadalupe river this morning has died. the second person the name of the man who died has not been released. on our home page, linked to the
7:58 am
whole story. i'm marcus washington and i'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. tracking a spike in temperatures across the bay area. >> plus, the road closures you can expect as the san francisco marathon takes over the city this weekend. >> join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. today on "california live" ross is glamping in big sir. >> how to swing dance in ten seconds right here in studio on "california live."
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up breaking overnight, jeffrey epstein found "coming up breaking overnight, jeffrey epstein found injured in his jail cell. the billionaire being held behind bars on sex trafficking charges. so, what happened? we're live with the latest. plus, health warning, the fda now recalling a popular brand of textured breast implants after discovering a link to cancer we'll tell you what this means just ahead meet the beatle. >> is it as much fun now, are you enjoying it as much as you did then >> yeah, it's completely different. >> al sits down with sir paul mccartney to talk about making music on his own and his new
8:01 am
project off the stage. >> when i think children's authors, i wouldn't have thought paul mccartney. >> no. i mean, it was one of my grandchildren one day said, hey, granddude -- i thought that's kind of cool. >> today thursday, july 25th, 2019. city. >> from wash ♪ never really over >> i'm turning 10. >> from oklahoma city. >> from washington. >> tampa, florida. >> we're celebrating our 23rd anniversary. >> it is my 53rd birthday. >> clara warren from alabama. >> we're the davis family and -- we love "today." and we love you. welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning we appreciate kristen welker
8:02 am
being with us as well. >> i appreciate being here. >> anytime we can pry you away from that white house. >> always happy to be here fired up crowd outside. >> we'll get outside in a moment we want to get your news at 8:00 first. there's a lot going on, accused sex trafficker jeff re-epstein is recovering this morning while suffering a mysterious injury while locked up in new york city stephanie gosk is joining us this morning with the latest. >> there are lots of questions multiple possible explanations according to sources epstein was found this morning in a secure area of the metropolitan correctional center he was semiconscious in a fetal position with marks on his neck. according to sources close to the investigation. two sources tell nbc news that epstein tried to hang himself with a third telling us his injuries were not that serious and may have been an attempt to be moved to a different
8:03 am
facility the possibility that he was attacked is also being considered another inmate, an ex-cop who is charged with murder was questioned but his lawyer says his client wasn't involved and that he and epstein actually got along epstein is being held without bail after pleading not guilty to sex trafficking charges his attorneys were who are not commenting on this incident are in the process of appealing the judge's bail decision. guys >> steph, thanks. >> thanks for that, steph. and there were celebrations in the streets of san juan overnight after puerto rico's governor ricardo rossello announced he will step down next week the decision coming after weeks of protests and days after the governor insisted he would not resign frustration over alleged corruption exploded two weeks ago with the leak of offensive private chat messages from the governor, containing anti-gay slurs and even jokes about the victims of hurricane maria puerto rico's justice secretary will take over as governor.
8:04 am
president trump is declaring victory but democrats are refusing to back down following wednesday's testimony by former special counsel robert mueller during five hours mueller says his investigation was not a witch hunt he also said it did not totally exonerate mr. trump of possible obstruction of justice however, the president called it a great day for the republican party. >> i think robert mueller did a horrible job, both today and with respect to the investigation. but in all fairness to robert mueller he had nothing to work with. >> democrats are vowing to continue their own investigations and speaker nancy pelosi who has resisted calls to start impeachment proceedings, is refusing to rule out that possibility. touch screens and other tech features built into new cars can help you find the nearest gas station or your favorite music but the latest research from aaa finds they can also pose a risk, especially for older drivers here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: they're among the most common causes of fatal accidents. from 2012 to 2017 nearly 20,000 people died in distracted driver
8:05 am
related crashes. now new aaa research suggests older drivers may be more at risk from in car technology. >> stop sign, stop sign. >> reporter: researchers who rode with drivers 55 to 75 years old say they took their eyes off the road more than eight seconds longer than younger drivers when programming navigation, tuning a radio, or using infotainment technology. >> please say a navigation command from the displayed list. >> gas station >> calculating route to home. >> even voice assist programs can cause drivers to lose focus. >> nearby gas station. >> please say again. >> taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles the risk of a crash. >> here is more information for
8:06 am
4001 nebraska avenue northwest. >> william horrey is the head of aaa traffic research while all drivers love new technology older drivers sometimes get overwhelmed. >> it also took them longer to do the tasks as well. >> multitasking. >> yeah.ted differences. it's important to note that these are not just age-related differences. these are kind of effects that are over and above the general effects of aging. >> reporter: aaa is callin on manufacturers to make it more intuitive for all drivers while encouraging older drivers to get the know the technology before ever heading out on the road in a new car or rental car. for "today" tom costello nbc news washington. >> i feel like that navigation gets overwhelming for me at times. >> oh, yeah. >> so you can see, you know, if you're not used to dealing with an iphone every minute of every day it's even more confusing. >> 10 and 2. >> that's right. morning boost at 8:06, a big wish came true when this little's boy's parents surprised
8:07 am
him on his birthday and they could not have asked for a sweeter reaction than this one. >> why are you crying? happy birthday, that's your birthday present. >> thank you, daddy. >> why are you crying? >> tears of sweet joy. that little boy had been wanting a puppy for a long time. and this looks like the start of a beautiful friendship, doesn't it >> it sure does. just precious. i love that he appreciates it. >> oh, yes, yes, he does. >> fantastic. coming up next a warning for women with breast implants the popular brand of implants is being recalled because of a link to cancer. you want to hear this. also, al sits down with sir paul mccartney and finds out if he can remember all 1,000 songs he's written over the decades. that's up next right after these messages this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy.
8:08 am
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one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. so i really navigate the world by touch. when dove asked me to try out this body wash... ...i was excited that it was foam. it was so light... ...and soft... not sticky. it's light. it's different. it's foam. ♪ ♪ hoo - don't let an amazing adventure pass you by. tripadvisor makes it easy to book your tours, attractions, and experiences ahead of time. so you never miss out on can't miss adventures! book things to do on tripadvisor.
8:10 am
belvita breakfast biscuits to get you through your nine, ten and your eleven-a.m. team mixer. made with a delicious blend of grains. get 4 hours of lasting energy to outlast your morning. made with a delicious blend of grains. [upbeat music ♪] you got this. you got this. you got this. you got this. this morning on "today's" talk, major health news this this morning on "today's" talk, major health news this morning hundreds of thousands of american women get breast implants every year. now after a request by the fda the company allergan has recalled its textured breast implants because of a risk of cancer >> that's right, the risk of developing a rare type of
8:11 am
lymphoma is six times greater in women with these textured implants dr. natalie azar is here to explain all of this. good morning to you. >> good morning, kristen. >> help us understand why this brand. >> the best way to conceptualize this is to have the timeline of what happened. the fda has been following the story since 2011 when they first identified a possible association between textured implants in general and this rare type of lymphoma in the breast in march of this year, they held a public hearing and said, yeah, we think this lymphoma is caused by textured implants, but they stopped there and didn't specify any particular product in their subsequent analysis, they have determined these textured implants confirm a higher risk compared to other textured implants available in the market and the u.s >> allergan says it's taking an action as a precaution and
8:12 am
emphasize that patient safety is a priority as you mentioned they've been following this link for several years now. why the voluntary recall now >> i think per their statement, and i can't necessarily speak for them, they have basically said we have specified a particular product from a manufacturer that appears to directly be related to patient harm and even death. that's what prompted the recall yesterday. >> what are some of the symptoms that women should be looking out for? >> kristen, importantly, and again the symptoms of this lymphoma, or the lymphoma tends to occur roughly seven to ten years after an implant is placed, on average sudden swelling of one breast versus the other, pain, masses, lumps, rash, or itchiness in the breast should definitely be brought to your doctor's attention. >> to be clear we're talking about textured implants, not the smoother implants. forgive my ignorance here. >> no.
8:13 am
>> why would someone get a textured implant versus a traditional? >> versus traditional. the idea behind a textured is that because of the rougher surface it is less likely to move, less likely to rotate. but the issue there is, of course, that the idea is that it irritates the woman's skin it becomes basically enmeshed with the woman's skin and that could incite an immune response that ultimately in the right scenario could lead to lymphoma. >> important information. >> dr. natalie, thank you. to learn more about that recall head to mr. roker, good time to check the weather, sir. >> let's start off with not a lot happening today with the exception of florida heavy rain there some showers are making their way through the northern plains. we've got cooler, drier air around much of the country today, just going to be a gorgeous day throughout a lot of the u.s. we're looking at, though, hot conditions through the southwest into southern california cool side in alaska, 50 degrees. temperatures in the 50s throughout the states. 80s in hawaii. 70s in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. so much less humid
8:14 am
that is that much more comfortable. heavy rain in the southwest. some o good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's already starting to warm up across the bay area. we can see hazy skies over the tri valley. a live look outside in dublin and 580 right now. our temperatures are heading into the low 90s in livermore. we'll see mid 90s in antioch today, and upper 90s in ukiah. most of the bay area will be in the 70s and 80s. a little bit of a breeze. there will be a lot more humidity today. and that could trigger a few thunderstorms near the region and then excessively hot weather in time for the weekend. and you can't worry about missing the "today" show, you don't have to worry if you go to today show radio sirius xm channel 108. >> thank you, sir. >> jbh is here. >> you know what that means. >> pop start. >> let's do it. >> clipped carson daly.
8:15 am
>> we're going to start jennifer lopez, celebrated the big 5-0 last night did it in style. looked amazing as she arrived with her fiance alex rodriguez, party being held at gloria and emilio estefan's estate. celebrated with a ten tier cake and even performed at her own party. from the looks of it she had a really good time rocking out with a lot of other artists at the party so happy 50th to our friend jennifer lopez wow, can only hope it goes that well -- >> that's the way to celebrate. >> it never looked good. >> never looks better than that. >> my father's 50th party was nothing like that. billy eichner sat down with seth meyers last night to talk about "the lion king," attended the premiere in london with the rest of the cast where he got a
8:16 am
chance to meet the duke and duchess of sussex. billy and meghan markle were classmates at northwestern university, but had never met. >> we didn't know each other but in the midst of all this pomp and circumstance, and at that premiere literally we're in a receiving line with prince harry, meghan markle, beyonce, elton john, me, obviously. and in the middle of all that meghan and i are having a casual conversation about who our acting teachers were at northwestern she said congratulations on your career and i said congratulations on your career. and she said, well, it took a little turn. >> there you go. de ja vu. >> de ja vu. billy eichner shared a similar story with jenna on the 10:00 hour too. >> practicing it on the 10:00. >> i love billy eichner. he can do no wrong.
8:17 am
>> good story. >> that game you guys played was very funny. >> he and seth rogan steal the movie. there's been oscar talk of -- >> they're great together. >> oscar talk that he started. >> somebody's got to start it. >> let's keep it going. >> one more story, beyonce in 2018 giving an epic two-night performance, went vegan to get in shape for those shows after giving birth to her twins. now in a new video she's giving us an inside look how she got into shape >> everyone's nightmare. my weight. 175. long way to go let's get it. >> i'm back. on the stage after giving birth to twins i was a woman that felt like my body was not mine. it's time to work. so i have to get in that zone and it's like a different head space. me getting the weight off was so much easier than getting back in shape and my body feeling
8:18 am
comfortable. >> inspired. >> follow the 22 days nutrition plan designed by her trainer she is a spokeswoman for his plan even writing the foreword in his book issuing behind the scenes as to what it took to get ready for those performances. >> incredible that she's still on it. she's like the starting point. >> 22 days, impressive. >> that's fast right? >> that's fast. >> that's determination, for sure. >> how about the daily clip? >> we've seen our fair share of gender reveal fails over the years. the balloons not popping pinatas falling to the ground. what's the harm in showing one more >> uh-oh. >> three, two, one [ cheers ] >> oh, god. >> oh, oh. >> wow, he ended up with pink eye. >> not what was supposed to happen or maybe it was. >> no. >> i don't know, that was a
8:19 am
little premeditated. >> the best part, she runs toward her mom doesn't even give him a hug. >> we have a favorite. one of our all-time favorite gender reveal fails. >> going to show it again. >> never gets tired. >> one of the better ones. >> three, two, one >> here we go. >> luckily that's their last child. >> at least they got one boy out of the deal. >> once you see that gender reveal fail nothing compares. >> that was probably the 40 seconds. >> he's still recovering, poor guy. >> mr. daly, thank you for that. >> my pleasure sir paul mccartney, living legend, undeniable he's been dominating the music charts for an astonishing 50 years. but his newest project is something special he's created for some of his youngest fans and our guy, mr. roker caught up with the former beatle for a rare interview he does not sit down and talk to a lot of folks. >> he wasn't planning to either, i just surprised him it's a bucket list interview for
8:20 am
me i got the chance to talk to him before one of his final concerts on his freshen up tour he did not miss a beat we talked about the magic of the beatles, his hugely successful solo career and a new passion project he's created for his eight grandkids. >> i've got a feeling we're going to have a little bit of fun here tonight. >> reporter: at 77 years old sir paul mccartney is still rocking and rolling. as part of the beatles and wings, and as a solo act mccartney's been performing to sold out crowds for nearly six decades. over the course of his career he's written around a thousand songs. but now he's tackling another kind of writing. when i think children's authors i wouldn't have thought paul mccartney. >> no, it was one of my grandchildren one day said, hey, granddude. i thought, that's kind of cool,
8:21 am
you know it got me thinking so i wrote down some little stories. hey, granddude is about a granddad whose grandkids call him granddude. he calls them chillers they have adventures growing up i loved reading to my children at bedtime. i loved being part of that experience. >> do your grandkids -- when they were younger, did they have an idea that granddude was this world famous musician? >> no, no, they didn't you know, i say, people come to see me, people pay to come and see me i'm famous yeah, all right. >> whatever. >> yeah. watching tv, they gradually get the same thing they get things like people always wanting a photo of me but they're very cool with it. >> mccartney is no stranger to fame, just 21 years old when the beatles took america by storm on the ed sullivan show 55 years later his latest studio album, egypt station, is his first solo record today but at
8:22 am
number one an honor not lost on the rock legend. >> you're making music or 60 years. is it as much fun now, are you enjoying it as much as you did then >> yeah, it's completely different. >> how >> because i'm a grown up. i think back to when we were kids doing our first sessions. >> and you were kids. >> we were kids. i mean, early 20s. so we were wide eyed so it was that kind of wonder. it was like wow. recording studio now, you know, after 60 years, it's not that. it's a different kind of thrill. writing the music is still a thrill because out of nowhere you produce a rabbit, you know and wow. and if you get one you like it's a great feeling. but it's a completely different vibe from the kids knocking out
8:23 am
a record. >> is this true, that sometimes you have to relearn the older stuff? >> yeah. i have to relearn everything i've written an awful lot. so you can't retain them all we go into rehearsal and i learn them, you know, oh, yeah, that's how it goes. >> sometimes when you're relearning them do you kind of look and go, you know, this is pretty good? >> i do. i really do. you know, that's one of the joys of doing some of the old songs i say, oh, that's clever i wouldn't have done that. >> a lot of people would say, you know, it's time to slow down a little bit what is it that keeps you doing it >> mainly because of the audiences. >> is that one of the best parts? >> yeah. you come on, and it's like, wow, they like me and it's a thrill. it's a big thrill. >> come on, you've got to know people love you. >> well, i mean, hey, listen, it doesn't get old. >> yeah. >> you know, if people love you, people love you. >> yes.
8:24 am
>> and that's a great feeling. >> ringo star. >> at his recent concert in los angeles beatles fans got an unexpected blast from the past when he was joined on stage by a surprise and very special guest. >> it's really exciting to think that that still works. we thought we had five, ten years maximum, really. >> yeah. >> i mean, we were a little rock and roll group from liverpool. that was beyond the expectations but then five years came, ten years came and we were still rocking. and then it just kind of kept going. self-perpetuating. >> after a lifetime filled with music and memories he says he's still not ready to take that final bow. >> more studio music >> hopefully i've got to think of it first. i'm thinking right now. >> are there more adventures of the granddude. >> people like it and people want it. i'm sure i can think of some more. >> we hope so.
8:25 am
>> thank you, al. >> thank you. >> great to meet you, al. >> you too, thank you so much. ♪ people wouldn't have had enough ♪ >> i've got to tell you, what was wonderful in the through point between him and ringo is that they are such generous people with their time, with their emotions it was really a terrific moment. >> fascinating. >> he actually doesn't have to think too hard about new music because he famously ad libs when he's in the studio him and the band will make up all these songs. apparently they've collected thousands of new songs that he's thinking about putting out >> he's co-written at least a thousand songs, kind of incredible. >> incredible. >> it excites him just as much. >> really. on the third hour paul mccartney tells us what legendary beatles song came to him in a dream. >> in a dream. >> we should also point out his children's book is available in the united states and, of course, in the united kingdom as well on september 5th. looking forward to more of that conversation next hour. coming up, one of ou favorite segments of the day,
8:26 am
steals and deals jill's in the house to talk tech trends everyone will want, a chance to buy a vacuum, fancy wine opener, perhaps, a roll-up keyboard but first, your local news >> she has it all. a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia. an update from police confirming a man died in an overnight drowning at the guadalupe river at old almaden and fox worthy. around 2:00 rescuers pulled the man from the water and performed cpr. he was unconscious when rescuers put him into the ambulances. rescuers did save another person and believe the two may have been friends. still working to find out what led to the drowning. let's check the morning commute. how is it looking? >> it's gone busy especially traveling through the south bay. looks like a crash reported on
8:27 am
northbound 101. the right-hand shoulder is blocked. it is causing heavy delays backed up to the 880 interchange and also another crash in mill pita and the number three lane is blocked. heavy delays. may want to take warm springs boulevard and avoid the area. we have recovering traffic following a crash along the westbound side of the bay bridge. the center lane was blocked. they've cleared it. residual delays all the way through berkeley. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a pretty busy morning but should be a okay after that. >> thank you very much. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ oh, ♪ oh, hello. >> what? >> wait a minute. >> 8:30 on this thursday morning. july 25th, 2017. that's not magic it's the magic of science. hot hand the magic of science courtesy of kate the chemist, showing us some more amazing, extreme experiments. >> you guys like that? >> we liked that that kind of scared us. >> i was scared for her. >> one of could actually die. >> how about a crowd moment? >> i am looking for kellen that's convenient.
8:31 am
roker, make room for kellen. how old are you, kellen? >> 11. >> yes you from? >> spokane, washington. >> that's a heck of a drive. >> i know. >> is it true you've already been to the plaza once this week >> i have. >> their rare that we get the two visits in one week, guy. >> i love it here. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> an anchor. >> you want to be a news anchor. >> yeah. >> you want to sit at the desk a news anchor on "today" >> sure. >> we'll break you free from this barrier and take you inside so you can sit at the desk. >> so cool. >> we'll do that after this. okay don't go anywhere. are you here by yourself >> that's my dad right there. >> is that okay, dad >> absolutely. >> we'll let dad come in too high-five, buddy. >> he could fill in for the 10:00.
8:32 am
>> we've been trying to reach that younger demo. >> future anchor coming up. also coming up and we cannot wait for this one, our msnbc friend jacob soboroff and katy tur with a look at their documentary, big money in politics and who's behind it all. the big tech items you need, flexible keyboard to a fitness tracker and a whole lot more. coming up on the "3rd hour of today" when we say she made it we mean it, the woman who's building dream homes and conquering an industry dominated by men and more on my interview with paul mccartney. plus new york's newest dance fitness craze. >> what's that >> anybody want to dance >> are you going to do it? >> sure. i may dance just straight to the hospital. >> you look great though how you feeling? >> feeling -- feeling big.
8:33 am
>> looking great. >> thank you. >> before we get to all of that we had a huge celebration this week to mark one year out from the tokyo 2020 summer olympics but we're not the only ones getting ready. yesterday team usa athletes joined the boys and girls clubs of america for the peacock games aiming to inspire the next generation of olympians. there was even a surprise appearance eye julieanne huff. it's hot in paris today. >> 103 109 i should say. >> we're getting a break. >> hotter in paris than it is in cairo, egypt closer to home weather for the weekend, well, for tomorrow it's going to be nice along the east coast, although heavy rain down through florida, heating up in the central plains, sunshine along the west coast, but more rain in the southwest, sunny and warm out west, showers and storms through the gulf, hot in the midsection of the country, sunshine in the northeast. sunday, sunday, it's going to be more humid in the east, stormy conditions through the upper
8:34 am
great lakes and look for sunshine along the wes good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are enjoying sunshine. live look outside in san jose. our temperatures are heating up fast. it is reaching into the upper 80s in south bay. palo alto will reach 86 degrees for a high. antioch 96 and 91 in napa. for the inland areas it will be hot as well as humid tomorrow with highs in the low 90s. then over 100 degrees for the weekend while san francisco hopefully stays in the 60s and 70s. and don't forget you can always get the "today" show wherever you go, just go to today show radio siriusxm channel 108. and coming up, science >> all right thank you, mr. roker we're joined now by two familiar
8:35 am
faces, nbc news correspondent katy tur and jacob soboroff. they've got a big special project to share. >> they sure do. we're so excited they're here. they're anchoring the new four-part msnbc series, american swamp, an in depth look at political dysfunction and corruption that's making life tougher for everyday americans. >> the total amount of outside money spent in the 2018 midterm, so not by any candidate at all, $1.3 billion. >> super packs. >> llcs. labor unions the most money ever spent in the midterm election, florida, $90 million. missouri, $76 million. arizona senate $66 million. >> but, see, when i look at this, and maybe i'm idealistic, i look and think that money could be spent in better ways. >>aty tur and jacob soboroff are here, great to see you guys. >> great to see you guys. >> katy, you were on the campaign trail every single
8:36 am
second of it, you heard candidate trump say drain the swamp a million times by your latest count. >> probably. >> what did you find out in this is the swamp getting drained >> no, the swamp's not getting trained. it's not a partisan thing. frustration with american politics and with the government is not just democratic or republican or independent. the majority of americans don't trust the government to do what's right what we wanted to do was go and figure out why people felt that way and whether it was warranted. it turns out it is. >> not to give away too much but, i mean, what did you find in terms of the root causes for that distrust that permeates so much of our political system >> we talk about it all the time which is there's a disconnect between what happens in everybody's everyday life and the perception of what everyday life is in washington, d.c and i think there's a huge distrust of that which is why it was so important for us and so different from what we normally do and actually get out and spend time we have known each other 20 years. we've been friends since high school go out on the road, hang out
8:37 am
with each other and get to talk to people about when they watch us on television why it doesn't normally always reflect their everyday lives >> get out of the daily news cycle. it's not about the mueller investigation, or whatever donald trump tweeted today. >> out of the bubble, right? >> we're getting out of the bubble and talking to real people and talking about their frustrations and also finding real life examples for some really complicated topics. >> can you guys pick up on that point though, you have known each other since you were teenagers? that brings something so unique to this series you're just talking to each other. >> the prius that we used to drive around in when we were in college, getting in trouble in los angeles, is the same prius i still drive today, with 115,000 miles. >> i've been in it recently and it smells the exact same way. >> it's why we wanted to do this together, to go out on the road as two friends, not just two reporters. to try to relate to people in that way so in the first episode we go to arizona. to look at the disconnect
8:38 am
between washington and everybody's everyday lives the quick short story i'll tell you about arizona, it's the sunniest state in the union but less than 10% of people use solar power there. why is that? it turns out the massive amount of money that's poured into the political system regularly is the cause. we tried to get to the bottom of it. >> can we say, by the way, it's good to have katy tur back with us. >> took the words out of my mouth. >> i'm technically still on maternity leave. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much and we love seeing you. >> love to be back. >> congratulations on it it premieres this sunday night at 9:00 p.m. on msnbc. up next, steals and deals goes high tech. >> the same prius for 20 years >> we're going to chew on that. >> you're not a volunteer. >> they don't pay him enough. >> my god, man stick around for more on that but first, this is "today" on nbc. . but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:40 with a brand new
8:41 am
edition of steals and deals. lifestyle contributor jill martin joins us with her top tech trends. innovative gadgets you will love at exclusive discounts jill, here we go. >> i feel like jacob, we need a prius deal the best i could do today is five great products everybody can use. starting with this vacuum. the retail is $199 on. it has -- this is easy, powerful, that's to get into little crevices. look at this one, try this one on it has -- >> that's powerful. >> eight speeds. look at this cheerios on the floor. up to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning time with a single charge it's cordless. >> how do you turn it off? >> press it three times because it has three different speeds. and what was that again? so the retail $199 the deal is $77. that's 61% off and super convenient because it's so lightweight as well. >> this is my favorite gadget of
8:42 am
the day. >> really cool, comes in this little pack. smart tech bluetooth keyboard, retail $69.95. it's spill proof and water resistant. it will hook up to anything with bluetooth. >> anything? >> except jacob's prius, anything with blue tooth it will hook up to and you can use it wherever you are it's a cordless keyboard and it works like a regular keyboard. you have to get used to it >> a little smaller. >> great colors. >> but it has the same setup, you get used to it built in battery, lasts up to 80 hours, four colors, spill proof and water resistant. the deal is $13. 78% off. >> $13, pow. >> isn't that great? >> ever last watches, boys and girls watches here. >> this is the activity tracker. but i like oversize watches. feel free, that's the in trend now, get the men's version of this the retail is $79.99 it's a two piece set so it has steps, calories and distance
8:43 am
it will record on the tracker. and then this is a sports watch so it's really just the style that you want. and this is used by many professional athletes. we have all the different styles on the retail is $79.99 the deal is $22. that's 72% off it comes in this gift box with the bright colors. add a bow if you need a great gift. >> my wife lindsay and i were looking for similar to this a while back and could not find one. >> i think this is what you're thinking of a splitter that you can both listen to at the same time. >> yes. >> that's not what this is. >> what is this? >> it's a phone splitter, $34.99 one side you can listen to your music. >> yeah. >> the other side you can charge at the same time because often you have to choose one at a time. >> oh. >> so i know what you're looking for, a splitter and i will look into that, that you could both listen to. this one you can charge and you can listen to your music at the
8:44 am
same time. >> got it. >> four in a pack so if you have a family everybody gets one. it works with anything, you should know from iphone 7 and up i just got rid of my five. $34.99, $9 for all four. 70% off. >> i don't understand this one. >> the wine opener, red or white. and preserver. so $87.99, retail. look at this this -- >> it's a wine opener. >> but it's really a wine opener some of these you use, they don't work comes right out and then it comes with all the pieces to preserve wine. and then this will take the air out of it so that it will keep and preserve the wine. the retail, $87.99 the deal $39 that's 56% off a really good one and a great gift. >> cheers, indeed, not bad wine for 8:45 on a thursday morning jill, thank you. once again the products are vacuums from ready vac, watches and fitness trackers from everlast
8:45 am
phone splitters. >> you can find all these deals at today we'll make a small share of revenue from your purchases. >> always good to have you, jill. mr. daly, you're outside, what's happening >> is it okay to be downdraft of this up next we're playing with fir te the chemist is here and we're going to have some fun hopefully we're going to blow some stuff up. it's going to be safe and fun. and it's next. this is "today" on nbc
8:46 am
8:47 am
this morning we're kicking this morning we're kicking off a fun series, summer science today. this is a schools out or summer, doesn't mean the kids have to stop learning. here to teach us all a thing or two, the always energetic dr. kate -- kate the chemist last time you were her
8:48 am
you amazed us with explosive experiments. craig remembers that. >> yes, he does. >> you're back to do it again. >> i am. >> but just -- you have such a great personality. >> thank you. >> you have so much energy that you bring to chemistry what do you love so much about chemistry? >> especially with demonstrations you can actually show people these fundamental principles of chemistry. you can show them what's happening. it's so hard to visualize. i want to do one for you guys. >> dry ice. >> this is a twist on dry ice bubbles. start for me, guys you're wearing gloves and jump it into your soda bottle for me. it's an indicator. >> wearing special gloves. >> yours just worked. >> how about mine? >> yes, exactly. keep going, more, more, more as much as you can. s, exactly. keep going, more, more, >> as it goes into the solution we go from carbon dioxide to acid, more acidic. >> is this something you can do
8:49 am
at home? >> the only one you can do at home. >> stop with that. now top itso take the gloves off if you want. we're funneling the gas coming out. we're going to put it into our bubble bath solution. >> look at the bubble. >> oh. >> smoke bubbles. >> and then. >> wow. >> isn't that awesome? cool, right? >> very cool. >> staying with cryogenics, dry ice to now liquid nitrogen we're making dippin' dots. vanilla, chocolate, go right there. perfect. dot dot dots perfect. perfect.
8:50 am
so come back for a second here craig, can i give this to you? >> there you go, craig. >> reluctant participant. >> trust me, i'm not going to drench you this time. >> hold right there, perfect. >> whoa. >> now, you guys are horrible a dippin' dots makers. give it a shake shake shake. >> they're more like small craters. >> grab a spoon. and you can eat it if you want. >> it's like popcorn. >> isn't it cool >> there you go. >> how do they taste >> it's good ice cream of the future. so anytime. >> fire? >> yeah. >> all right let's do fire. >> you get out of here where's craig? >> put these on?
8:51 am
>> take those off. we're doing fire we have small balls. i'm missing someone, craig, get back here. open up the little bottles put the alcohol all the way in craig, you're pouring it in here. >> shake it up. >> pick it up. pick the whole thing up. put your hand on the bottom of the jug. turn it on the side. now -- on the side. >> oh, god. >> hip action, shake it up have some fun. >> most important part, invert it, upside down, turn, turn, once you feel the like wide, turn it around put it down palm on top. now what we're going to do is go down the line. the first one here is methanol one carbon i'm going to come like this. i need the handle and go one, two, three, al, run away, got it, one, two, hold on, one, two, three, run, run. here it is did you hear that. it's still going
8:52 am
>> look at the bottle. >> is that supposed to happen? >> yes, that's supposed to happen one carbon so you have two carbons. you're going to run. let me get my fire run. >> did you see the color in that one. you have three carbons some of it was on the ground here make it work back up. we have a backup we might need a backup one can't get it to light. >> we got a backup shake shake shake. >> three carbons, guys. >> it's on there it is. >> that was great.
8:53 am
awesome. >> isn't that awesome? >> that is awesome i don't know what i learned, but it's amazing. >> you learned science. >> everybody do their mad scientist laugh. [ laughter ] >> science. freaking out >> amazing >> fantastic. >> my 16-year-old self is freaking out i got to do science with the host of trl >> great work. >> thank you, thank you. >> back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
8:54 am
i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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welcome back we have a special guest. >> future anchor sitting right here. >> one of the big jobs is reading the teleprompter with you read what it says >> next on the third hour of "today," more of al's interview
8:56 am
with sir paul mccartney and which iconic song came to him in a dream. >> he's on his way. >> will you stay around for the fourth hour? you can read more teleprompter. >> we'd love to keep talking to you. >> better than my first day, by far. >> better than my monday. >> we'll work on his contract. >> we're back after your -- >> local news. a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia. it is a potential change in leadership for b.a.r.t. as board members today plan to vote on a new general manager. the decision will take place as part of b.a.r.t.'s board of directors meeting in oakland. back in april the current general manager announced her plans to retire. at today's meeting transit leaders are also expected to
8:57 am
discuss expanding the elevator attendant program continuing to provide so-called pit stop rest roomes and their homeless outreach program. happening now, our reporter is at that meeting and will join us with an update on the midday newscast. police in san jose tell us a man pulled this morning from the guadalupe river has died. rescuers did save a second person. the name of the man who died is not yet released. on our home page you can link to the full story. three people are injured after a high speed crash in san francisco left the car split in two. the car sheared off a fire hydrant for a time closing a third street. we'll have a local weather update in an hour and of course join us for our midday news.
8:58 am
the road closures you can expect as the san francisco marathon takes over the city this weekend. >> join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. today on california live,
8:59 am
camping in big sur. >> we'll teach you to swing dance in ten seconds here in the studio. all happening on "california live" this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. live from studn
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> and a good thursday morning welcome to the third hour of "today." craig here along with dylan, of course, al roker, our good friend willie guy the on vag we get willie. >> this is only for the days i'm here. >> yes >> it's only for you >> i can't even lift it. >> it's unwieldy. >> if you were looking for us yesterday, a number of you apparently were. you couldn't watch this because there was a much talked about robert mueller hearings in


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