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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 26, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, it is getting hot. we're tracking that trend of sizzling temperatures for the weekend across the bay area. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. so prepare for sweat, if you plan to do any activities outside this weekend. and it is going to be a busy couple of days. u got the garlic gilroy festival, starting today. and then the san francisco marathon on sunday. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking all of the hot weather that we can expect. but the good news is there is relief in some areas. >> there will be some relief, especially in san francisco along the coastline before the inland areas it is very hot. and as we take a live look outside in walnut creek, skies
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are clear and nice and mild as you head out for the lunch hour. our temperatures are mostly in the 60s and 70s across the bay area with brentwood at 75 but 59 in half moon bay and san francisco in the upper 60s. and actually what we're feeling right now is anywhere from about four to 14 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. so this is our day to take it in, enjoy it and get out there and enjoy some of the outdoor festivities. we're seeing the clouds and fog near the coast, this will keep it cool for a little while longer. and think that fog will linger throughout the day. as we go into the afternoon, we're looking at our inland valley temperatures reaching into the low 90s in a few spots. but mostly 70s and 80s for today. we cool off tonight back into the 50s and low 60s but then watch what happens tomorrow. our temperatures go way up and some spots in the inland east bay will reach over 100 degrees. so that is the reason why we do have the excessive heat watch in effect for these areas as it
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will be much hotter than we've seen in quite a long time. so i'll talk more about that. also the events going on this weekend. that is coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. >> and our weather app is a great tool to keep informed about the heat we can expect in the bay area this weekend. make sure to download it today and get your personalized forecast to keep track of where the hot spots are. we continue to follow a developing story in the east bay as another project goes up in flames and investigators are trying to figure out what happened. pete suratos joins us live from oakland. and pete, you spoke to the owner of the building this morning? what did he say about it? >> reporter: you could imagine, laura, he's not too happy. one of the owners, the family owns this plot of land. i'll show you what is left of the construction project on the 900 block of stanford in oakland. this is set to become a number of live slr work units in
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oakland but here is cell phone video from the scene. the structure fire began around 10:00 p.m. and smoke crews arrived from the front of the three-story structure and embers from the fire did cause two small fires nearby but crews were able to successfully put out those fires. but as i mentioned we did speak to an owner named tony wilson and he said he and his family own this structure and began building this structure back in 2017 and they were in the process of requesting permission from the city of oakland to expand this project. but that request has been pending for close to nine months. so construction is, for the most part, put on hold ever since and with the history of similar fires, he admits there was always a level of concern. >> i'm 90% sure it was intentional. it wasn't spontaneous combustion. fundamentally it makes me sad that it seemed somewhat -- i
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don't know -- unstable person would have done it. i doubt it was just sort of malicious -- just lots of people around upset by the world and -- i don't know. sad really. >> reporter: as i mentioned, this area is no stranger to construction fight fires and in 2016 and 2017 a construction site on the oakland/emeryville project went up twice and in 2017 we were on scene for the four-alarm fire on vald eds street in oakland, that was a mixed use project of homes and retail space. as we go back out live to what is left of the structure. the owner said he will pass along surveillance video to the investigators on the scene. >> that looks like we lost our live shot but they'll press on
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that surveillance video to investigators to get a lead on what starts the fire. washington -- >> nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez posing for a picture. >> the speak ser working with aoc on things that matter to the american families. here is the picture. tweeted out by pelosi t morning. we're working together to meet the needs of our district and fairness in our economy and diversity in our country said the speaker. that is this morning. and then a press conference where the reporter asked if the two had buried the hatchet. >> i don't think there ever was any hatchet. >> [ inaudible ]. >> that is the political arena. >> now in the meantime the house has dismissed for the longest break it will take. they're back in september. which really deflates of the urgency some democrats have with taking action against president trump before it adjourned the house passed a spending bill.
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which if passed by the senate would prevent the government from shutting down and weighs the borrowing cap and spending and the grows the already record deficit. president trump tweeted this, i'm pleased to announce the house passed our budget deal. great for our military and vets. a big thank you. what president trump isn't saying there is a vast majority of the republicans in the house voted against the bill saying it was spending too much. >> well speaking of two presidents and decision 2020 and that presidential race. senator kamala harris unveiling a new plan to invest in historically black universities if elected and under it $60 billion would go toward colleges and planning to release a separate plan to spend $12 billion on entrepreneurship programs aimed at the black community. harris is one of two dozen democrats led in a field by joe biden and she has been polling behind biden among black voters.
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an update to a scandal still unfolding in contra costa county. happening today, assessor gus kramer is expected to be arraigned. he's accused of making unwanted sexual remarked back to 2013. kramer said three separate investigations exonerated him and his police officer plans to file a motion asking the district attorney to bow out of the case. if that happens the state attorney general could take over the case. new at 11:00, the search is on for a stolen tortoise in fremont. the pet was taken out of walking out of a front yard gate that blew open in the wind. the security showed a white truck stopping in the area. it is not clear if the driver took the tortoise or not. we're reaching out to fremont police to try to find more information. many runners will be off to the race this is weekend. the 42nd annual san francisco marathon is on sunday.
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>> there is a map of the course and here it is for you now. the golden gate bridge will be closed from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tens of thousands of people are expected to pack the streets to run or walk or watch. many road closures throughout the city that may have impact on weekend plans and keep in line the muni lines are impacted by the race. we put everything you need to know about that race and what is going on around it on our website, in the south bay, the 41st annual gilroy garlic festival starts today. we have a live look at christmas hill park where you could see the festival well underway. more than 100,000 people expected to attend a one-of-a-kind event and we're not just talking garlic scampi. they have garlic fries and garlic posta, garlic ice cream and more. this is 41st years since they hosted the first garlic festival back in 1979 and this morning a special surprise for one family who helped out every year. take a look.
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[ applause ] >> isn't that nice. air force senior airman jake garvin reached out to the festival to set up the unexpected event. that is his dad who ran up to embrace him and much of his family watched and cheered on and they were in total shock. he's been stationed in germany. he said his dad was speechless about the surprise. >> i haven't seen him a lot so -- it's been at least a year. >> that's good to see. garvin was worried about making it on time but that christopher ranch reached out to help pay for travel expenses. bi garlic distributors there in the south bay. >> so cool to see that. to see families reunited. so father, we understand why you were choked up. coming up here on nbc bay area news at midday, if you can, you might want to buy your
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holiday flights right now. the reason the prices probably won't be going down, we'll tell but that coming up. >> and more than a dozen marines in trouble with the law. the serious charges they're facing. plus a live look at the jamba juice in mountain view. see familiar faces there? yep, they're putting together backpack for students. thousands of kids need supplies for the school year and we'll find out how you can help support our schools.
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welcome back. and happening now, protesters in hong kong are taking their cause to one of the busiest airports in the world. kehm on straighters dressed in all black filling the arrival hall where they greet international visitors carrying banner reading free hong kong. for more that an month residents
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have been calling for democratic reforms and withdrawal from an extradition bill in china. now to a major bust at camp pendleton. 16 marines accused of being involved in illegal activities including human smuggling and drug-related offenses. miguel almaguer is following this story. >> reporter: 800 marines were taking part in the early morning battalion when investigators carried out a sweep. eight plucked from the group for questioning part of a large-scale ongoing criminal investigation. >> basically it is a shock to the system. >> reporter: the junior enlisted marines were arrested for involvement in various illegal activities, whiching human smuggling and drug-related offenses. in a statement the marine corp said it is committed to justice and the rule of law. and will continue to fully cooperate. >> these crimes look like organized crimes, but these were not organized people.
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>> the arrested came on the heels of another human smuggling investigation. earlier this month two marines were arrested and charged with transportation of certain aliens for financial gain. investigators say they agreed to transport three citizens over the border for $8,000. >> if they are, in fact, found guilty of the crimes, they'll be held accountable for that. >> reporter: the marines are in custody and still being questioned by ncis investigators. miguelal mal air, nbc news. in southern california, investigators trying to figure out why a man shot six people in three locations killing four. police arrested the suspect after the last shooting which happened yesterday afternoon on a city bus. witnesses say the gunman killed a passenger sitting next to the exit door and then walked off the bus. earlier in the day, he shot his mother, brother, and father at
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their home and only his mother survived. then at a gas station he shot and killed his girlfriend. the shooting took place over about 12 hours in an area around canoga park and san fernando valley. don't expect higher travel costs to go away any time soon. that is according to experts who say fires are getting squeezed from several directions. southwest will extend the grounding of the max 737 jets until the end of the year. some travelers have seen a difference. >> it is a inconvenience and i may look at other airlines but for right now, i think it sounds like they're doing something safe and i would like to stay with them for being careful. >> fewer planes will also likely mean higher ticket prices. so look at fares now for the winter holidays and if you see a deal, grab it before it goes away. [ bell ]
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and the opening bell of the new york stock exchange where the dow is up 16 points right now. you know the s&p 500 and nasdaq hit fresh record high as alphabet and twitter gain on earnings. thousands of pencils and rams of paper and stocks of notebooks. >> we have gathered all of that and more this week for kids in need during our supporting our schools backpack drive. chris chmura live in mountain view where we set up a backpack dropoff. how is traffic? need to get more people out there. >> reporter: yeah, we need more people. but we've had several who saw us this morning on "today in the bay" and this is how it worked. you come down and pick out a backpack and make a donation and fill it up with supplies for the needy kids around the bay area. this is not the first time. just this past weekend we were out in the east bay in walnut creek where we had a backpack drop set up and it included royalty your kids might recognize. >> cinderella is no longer here.
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>> reporter: make-believe was in the air. along with countless bubbles and colorful balloons at the chevron family theater festival this past saturday. as fairy tales took shape with story book songs and gowns and crowns, one booth set up shop with a more common and yet vital display. here family giving tree pulled a page from reality. >> what we're trying to do here today is encourage people to donate. >> volunteers ask the princesses and parents and grandparents to think about the bay area bat toll make ends meet. >> it does seem that it is just so much harder to live here. >> reporter: inm kids won't have school supplies to a lot of people filled book bags for them. >> it felt good. >> reporter: these particular backpacks are special. they're for cambridge elementary in concord. 97% of cambridge students are part of low-income families.
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that is 500 kids who likely need help. >> there are schools like this all around the bay area and we feel fortunate to be able to help this one today. >> reporter: the little ones who donated to cambridge were especially aware that having the right tools to learn is important. >> really important. >> reporter: not having them sets their classmates back. >> you can't write anything down or anything. >> reporter: kids helping kids have a school year that begins and ends happily ever after. >> feels good. >> reporter: so you could help out too. we're here at el monte avenue right outside of the jamba by pizza my heart and our lawyers don't like to talk about bribery too much so i can't really bribe you but let's call this afacilitation payment. if you come down and donate you have a free slice of pizza and free juice from jamba. so for your generosity and come down and say hi to me and
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telemundo 48 is here as well and speaking of royalty, saz i understand it, raj mathai might be here later. so come down and visit and donate for the needy kids in the bay area. back to you in the studio. >> what did you call that? >> i forgot about that. hold on a second. if you can't make it down here, please go to the website at you could donate there. you could pay off the backpack and you don't have to come down and visit us. but we would love to see you either way. laura, back to you. >> i would say. the pizza and the jamba. >> and raj mathai. i'll see you later. i'm on my way. >> reporter: perfect. see you soon. >> sounds good. you sit down and wait for the forecast. >> i'll have to take this jacket off if i'm going out there. >> i'll tell you about the supporting our schools online. it is so easy. you get to pick the backpack and then check out with paypal and then done. >> it is a great deed. >> so skip the heat. >> yeah. and enjoy the air-conditioning in the office. and that is what we're doing
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today before we head outside. that's a live look outside in san jose where the sun is beaming down. that is in the bad compared to where we're headed tomorrow. we're going to get outside today while we do still have some cooler weather. live look outside in oakland before you step out for lunch take it outside today. tomorrow you really don't want to spend any time out there. and let's check out concord because we'll be reaching into the uner 80s and slightly cooler than yesterday, mostly sunny skies. and then at 8:00, as we get ready for sunset, this is when people are going out for a walk in the upper 70s, and then 73 degrees at 9:00. maybe you'll go out for a late dinner or a movie. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates and napa at 4:30 at 85 degrees. that is during the evening commute. some spots will still have to crank up the air-conditioning today with upper 80s and low 90s. but it does cool down nicely tonight. and we're going to see those temperatures coming along with
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some breezy winds and feeling good. now we start out tomorrow morning with some of the cool temperatures as well. but look at how fast it heats up as we take it through the timeline. at 4:30 in concord, we're up to 104 degrees. it is going to be dangerous to be out there. especially during the middle of the day. this is when you want to make sure you're checking on your elderly friends or if children playing outside, make sure they're okay. if they're drinking plenty of water and get them to air-conditioning. and in danville tomorrow, 101 degrees. while fremont is in the mid-80s. that is still going to feel very warm. and san jose some low 90s while the valley at 95 degrees. in santa rosa at 93. we'll also be warmer in san francisco tomorrow. but we're not expecting a really big warm-up because we do keep the fog just off the coast. going into saturday night, the cooldown happening more slowly for some of the inland areas, but we are going to have a more of a cool night before it heats
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up again on sunday. so that is the reason why we do have the excessive heat watch in effect for the inland east bay, for saturday and sunday. so we're going to have two days this week with really hot weather in the east bay valley. and we've also had a surge in monsoonal moisture that sparked up showers and lightning across part of the sierra but now dry air is starting to move in as the heat ramps up. so if you are out there, drink a lot of water and take a lot of breaks. and it does help to put a cool towel on your neck inside of the car it will be 30 to 50 degrees hotter than outside and don't forget to take care of those pets. and if you want some cooler weather, head out to the a's game this evening. it is going to be in the mid-60s at first pitch. cooling down to the low 60s. so i have you taken care of in those spots where it will be much nicer for the weekend. laura and marcus. >> thanks, kari. coming up, a dino discovery. what a biology college student found on his first dig has so many people excited.
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but first, happening now, the department of justice is announcing an agreement on the megamurther between t-mobile and sprint. the deal is worth $26 billion. as part of the settlement sprint will divest boost and virgin mobile and sprint prepaid phone business but it can't be finalized until a pending lawsuit from 13 states are resolved and california is suing to block the deal on anti-competitive grounds. we'll be back right after this break. who's dog is this?
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our team is always on social media. check out this throwback video. bob redell showing an old-school vw bug. you can follow bob on your favorite social media platform. he's on instagram, twitter, the works. we all are. well a prehistoric discover ji proves to be lucky find for a central valley student. paris durant is a fifth year biology student and recently on a pallientology dig in north dakota when they came across a trisarah tops school and it was his first dig ever. >> now we dig on the side and that is when we started uncovering the horn. when we uncovered the horn we knew we had something special. >> that skull roughly 65 million
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years old into new video showing the best played lands rarely live up to expectations. we've seen bears and talk about them in tahoe but this is a bear in lions, colorado, figuring out how to push open a fence into the dumpster and near a pot dispensary so he takes it with him. >> i'll take you with me. >> wildlife workers said the bear came away empty handed, or empty pawed or empty stomach. he wanted whatever was in there. >> probably some edibles. i'm just saying. >> are you guys going to the garlic festival this weekend? >> maybe. >> i've been before. >> it is hot. >> i think today is the best day because this is saturday's forecast. it is going to reach up to 102 degrees. so get there early if can you. >> okay. >> if we go, we'll go early. >> yeah. just like we wake up every day
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early. >> and you could smell the garlic from the south bay. >> whatever you do, have a great, safe weekend. we hope you join us on monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00 and midday at 11:00. >> see you then.
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right now on "california live," an all new honey booboo. >> do you recognize me. >> then oprah makeup man is revealing secrets. >> we all want to get closer to oprah and you're right in her face. >> right in her face. >> plus we're taking you to a wellness bar for your dog. >> wait until you see what we're mixing up to help with your dog's anxiety and depression. and a new york housewife is kicking up her heels of steel. >> this could be a movie or tv show. >> you could play me. >> oh -- >> it is all happening right now on "california live." ♪ ♪


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