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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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temperatures as we head into the weekend. the news at 6:00 starts now. we begin with breaking news. a police officer involved in a multicar crash in san jose. we've been on the story since our 5:00 newscast. we're at the crash site at the intersection of mckee and jackson near regional medical center. what have you learned? >> reporter: jessica, we're learning a lot from witnesses and from police officers. first off, this happened around 4:00. witnesses say that an sjpd officer was north on jackson apparently turned on his lights and science, slowly went through the intersection, was hit by two cars. you can see airbags deployed. he spun around and actually rolled backwards. not rolled on the side but backwards into three other cars. six cars in all were volved. luckily, like you said, this is across the street from regional medical center. multiple people were transported to the hospital. luckily, the injuries are
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nonlife-threatening. witnesses also tell us that that officer was alert and making a phone call shortly after it happened at this scene. cleared up shortly. just waiting on a tow truck. that's the latest from this scene in san jose. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> certainly a relief to the families. thank you, ian. the top story, the weather. if you've been outside, you know how hot it is and it's only going to get hotter and for some people it will get dangerous too. >> as the weekend kicks off, the temperatures will rise. triple digits for many local cities, especially in the east bay. lets bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri and joins us with updated timeline. what are you seeing, jeff? >> it looks like saturday would be the hottest out of the weekend. let me tell you what, it's about the area of hot high pressure over the west. as that moves near the bay area, the temperatures will surge 10 to 15 degrees hotter throu tomorrow. so the closer you are to the pressure shall the hotter the temperatures will be.
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that's why you'll see in the map, it's the eastern half of the bay area under this heat warning for saturday through sunday. from concord down to dublin into gilroy. you got to drink lots of water, remember the pets and don't forget that hot car danger. it can be 30 to to 50 degrees hotter in a car turned off with the windows up. real quick, getting a closer look. by tomorrow afternoon, brentwood, 103, concord 102. a full look in about 15 minutes. jeff, we'll see you shortly. the heat is nothing new in gilroy. this is perfect garlic weather. the annual gilroy garlic festival. first aid tents are set up throughout the parks and ambulances are on site. this is one of the classic bay area events where a lot of people have fun and plenty of water stations to stay cool. >> we ramp up for this with lots of places for people to get water and free water and refill their water bottles.
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we have two rain rooms. we have tons of shade out here at the festival to keep people cool. >> tomorrow's festival will stay open one hour later than usual so people can enjoy it in the cooler nighttime hours. the sizzling temperatures increase the dangers of fire as we all know. here's an example. this is in vallejo, toms park off 80 and redwood parkway exit. firefighters were busy in the benicia area. this is at 680 and marshfield road. the same area of a another brushfire earlier in the week. good news, no damage or injuries in either of the fires. we want to let you know we've got the heat spike covered for you. if we're not on the air, we're tracking the heat online. in fact, jeff ranieri just tweeted a closer look about the heat advisory. you can follow him. if you aren't already, his handle is@jeff ranieri. right at our camera.
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an argument in the south bay escalated into a physical altercation. it happened in downtown los gatos where president trump supporters set up a table. that woman stopped to confront the gripe. but she was no ordinary critic. she's a former staff member to a powerful bay area democratic lawmaker. robert handa joins us in los gatos with the details. robert? >> reporter: there are a lot of twists to this altercation. took place down this road. it included as you heard was involved. the city was getting national air play, what you might expect because this might have political and criminal consequences. >> i got a video. >> it wasn't surprising anymore when supporters and opponents of t lyident trump square off a table set up bip supporters at santa cruz avenue one week ago. cindy sheehan shot it on her phone. >> dear president, [ bleep ] nobody respects you.
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>> the verbal attacksiden bfied continued mocking past statements by the president. >> so back to the country your family came from. >> when she -- rosen went right at the camera. my -- >> reporter: both women accuse the other of assault. so both were cited for alleged misdemeanor battery and released. later it was discovered she was once a staff member for jackie spear. larry gersten says it reflects a polarized nation. >> the interaction between the two is unfortunate. because as bad as she was, the others were goeding her. it leads to trouble. >> he believes the district attorney will have to review the case and discuss about possible criminal charges. >> what makes this problematic is that this incident occurred while the trump supporters were exercising free speech right and
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that makes it much worse than a situation where you're arguing over a parking spot. >> reporter: well, as we said, the video is being shown on at least one cable news outlet. we could not get ahold of rosen and she emphatically declined to comment. at this point, investigators are searching for additional video and talking to possible witnesses. live in los gatos, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. a big break in an unsolved murder. san jose police say they finally arrested five people for stabbing that happened two years ago and three of them are teenagers. stabbing happened in december 2017 in san jose. ultimately killing a 17-year-old. it took investigators ae. but they were able to find the men. the teens. turns out four of them already were either in jail or juvenile hall on an unrelated charge. just yeste fifth pn extradited k
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to san jose and charged with first degree murder. it's happened again. a construction site in oakland up in flames and once again, the question is, are arsonists targeting the construction projects? federal agents and oakland fire investigators are searching for answers after this apartment building caught fire. as part of our breaking news coverage last night in oakland. melissa colorado is in oakland for us with the latest. melissa? >> reporter: raj, i spoke to some of the workers who put up this fence to protect what's left of the property. they told me they found pieces of a chain rock that someone cut open. it's unclear who broke the chain lock. the battalion chief say they know where the fire started, near the front of the building. still no wrsonors to blame. oakland fire says -- he says his vision was to turn an old printing warehouse into seven units of live-in studio
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spaces for artists. wilson suspects someone got in the way of that vision and torched his building on fire. you can't blame wilson for thinking this is a case of arson. there was a string of arsons fires targeting residential buildings under construction in emeryville and oakland between 2016 and 2018. >> it's been sitting there, no doubt, visible to people who are annoyed by its development or whatever. >> there's always great concern. we don't want to see any community this. >> melissa, this happened at about 10:00 p.m. last night. now the camera is rolling. any nearby surveillance cameras capture anything? any clues here? >> reporter: raj, we know that tony wilson owned the warehouse next door. we know that tony wilson is
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sharing that to see if they can spot a suspect. >> the story until the next development. med for us. formally charged with misconduct today. gus kramer accused of making unwanted sexual remarks and racist comments. kramer maintains that three different investigations exonerated him. his lawyer plans to file a motion asking for the d.a. to bow out of the case. but he's not saying why. if that does take place, the state attorney general would take over the case. remember all that smoke last year. the smoke from the butte county fire near se owe. it gave california the worst air quality in the world. that heavy smoke created hazy skies and forcing a lot ofto ou.
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alley wolf joins us with the details. >> reporter: after so many wildfires across northern california, surprising little is known about what's in that smoke that fills the air and how harmful it is for everyone's health. uc davis researchers are trying to figure that out. hoping it could be one positive thing they discover out of the most destructive wildfire in california's history. even during a bright sunny day in san francisco, people remember what they were dealing with almost nine month ago. >> as the camp fire leveled communities in butte county last november, thick ashy air quickly flew into the bay area and lingered for two weeks. >> it's more than we've seen before. >> the intense was a shock, each for the air quality management district. >> we put out out spare the air alerts for 13 straight days and warned people to stay indoors where it was cleaner.
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>> now the smoke has cleared and the research has begun at uc davis. two studies are looking into the long-term health effects of thee smoke exposed individuals have not been done. >> reporter: one study asks anyone who breathed the bad air to take a survey about their health. the second examines the effect on pregnant women and their babies. >> we kept them indoors during that time. >> she was worried about her son who was a baby when the smoke overwhelmed san francisco. >> i was wondering about asthma and any type of side effects the smoke might have. >> reporter: researchers hope their findings help shape how we react to the next ldre >> it will help us determine when to warn people to stay indoors. >> reporter: and for one of the studies, uc davis researchers want to hear from anybody who might have experienced any wildfire smoke after the camp
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fire last year so they're asking anybody to f meantime, as for what they're looking for as far as the health effects, anything from mental health issues to respiratory problems and even cancer. reporting live in san francisco, ali wolf. >> those were a tough couple of weeks, activities and tourism and sporting events were affected. this is from last year. if you want to sign up for the uc davis study, we've posted it on our website, up next, if you live at this apartment in concord and didn't get your mail, this guy may be the reason. he broke in and helped himself to everyone's mail. what we're learning with him and that. he saved a life. he saved her life years ago. now a deputy is making that young girl's -- meeting that young girl again. we're there for the emotional reunion. the warmer air right now is
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turning to cook the pollutants in the atmosphere. that's why it's hazy over the east bay right now. i'll have a look at the air quality, where it will be worse tomorrow and an update on 100-degree temperatures and hotter in about seven minutes.
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check out this video. this is the apartment mailbox. lucrative for this guy caught on camera cleaning out the entire wall mailboxes at concord
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apartment complex. that's a federal crime. one that the u.s. postal inspector tells us is getting common around contra costa county. tom jensen joins us outside the complex. he took the whole bank of mailboxes with him. >> reporter: you saw how easy it was to open all of that. that has some people wondering if possibly he has a counterfeit or lost mailbox key. i did talk to the postal inspector right here today. he told me this is not an isolated case as you said. there are all sorts of break-ins going on. they have been all summer long. not just in concord, but in contra costa county. a mail test unit from the inspector's office has numerous cases they're investigating right now. the video is from late tuesday night. a man is open to an entire section of mailboxes inside the concord 1441 apartments in just seconds. possibly with a key. >> see how he got the whole wall
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open. >> pretty easy. >> it's the first time joseph and other tenants have seen the video. >> i mean, i would like to know that it's not so easy to break into our mailbox. >> one man came here looking for a new place to live after someone stole his mail at a nearby complex two weeks ago. >> because of this, i'm trying to move here. >> a u.s. postal inspector tells nbc bay area, he's not surprised by the video. >> a number of different cities in the county. >> he can't get exact numbers. but there have been, quote, numerous cases over the past two weeks to a month. he says the thief faces serious. penalty up to ten years in federal prison. it's something we take very seriously. >> jeff fitch says if the thief possesses a stolen or counterfeit mailbox key, he could face the same ten-year
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prison sentence. get this. anybody out there who might know this person, that was good video of him. the u.s. postal inspector is offering a $10,000 reward, up to that. to anyone who leads -- has information leading to a conviction in this case or any other mail theft case. live in concord, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. thank you, thom. a different kind of pop-up shop in oakland today at the kaiser center. ensuring that hundreds of oakland's homeless got haircuts to showers to pet care, dental treatment. you name it. all of it free of charge. hundreds of people helped. shuttled in the people and owe o owe food and live music to make it nice. pop-ups are held every two month on both sides of the bay. the group by. the goal is to bring the services to the people who need it the most. th>> very good program. near-death emergency nearly a decade ago brought them
6:19 pm
together. a santa clara sheriff's deputy and a young girl he saved renewed their friendship. >> it's an annual reunion and solidifying their bond. damian trujillo was there when the two met again. a story only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: the little girl's name is isis. this is where she and her family reunited. with the man who saved her life. she began her morning in the hall of justice. she faced a jump who rendered one of his swiftest sentences. a lifetime of fun. >> 9-year-old arrived from texas to visit an old friend. >> what do you mean, yeah. >> the deputy is the reason that she's alive today. >> i pulled over and ran screaming that she's not breathing. >> she had three congested lungs. i ended up doing infant cpr and
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had to grab her and breathe for her and flip her over. smack her pretty hard on the back. cleared her airway. >> that's when she began to breathe again. since then, their bond has only grown. >> uncle -- he's a hero because he saved my life. now he's part of our family. >> today uncle rick, as he's now known brought the family to meet his boss. the sheriff and her entire command staff. >> kids club special deputy i.d. you're officially part of the sheriff's office. they showered she and her family with gifts. it was a celebration of life. >> we know we make a difference every day. we don't always see the product and the after product. just a wonderful,onrful young girl that is alive today because of what deputy the man her life. >> damian trujillo, nbc bay area
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news. >> so cute. >> uncle rick delivering smiles. >> looked so proud. good for them. >> jeff is here to talk about the weather. it's hot in gilroy. we're used to that for the garlic festival. it's par for the course. >> a few reminders to take the heat a little bit easy heading into the weekend. it's easy to forget that water. make sure you hydrate. we don't want it to sneak up on you. the microclimate alert, let you know about the incoming hot weather. you can see a live look out through the east bay. it's very hazy right now. that's because the warm weather over the past couple of days is actually cooking the pollutants in the atmosphere. that's why it's a lot more apparent as you look off through the distance much today, it was warm. not extremely hot. we got up to 92 in concord. right now, dropping to 86. i want to draw your attention to later on tonight. we'll get the ocean breeze back for a little bit. it will drop you into the 60s. if you do not have air
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conditioning, your heat is likely going to retain a lot of the heat through tonight. it's probably going to be uncomfortable. maybe find some sort of way to stay cool. because we're in for another round tomorrow and it's going to get a lot hotter. i do want to let you know, if you have respiratory problems, asthma, emphysema, allergies, we'll have unhealthy air for the east bay and the south bay. limit outdoor exposure. pinpointing the hottest temperatures, contra costa, alameda counties, that is the hottest,. it's scorching in antioch. 103 in livermore and 100 in morgan hill. the coastline, cooler 60s in half moon bay and 70s on average in san francisco. we could have a few 80s as well into downtown. if you are headed to nascar in the north bay, we'll be in the mid-90s for that drag racing tomorrow. real fast, gilroy garlic festival, 103. enjoy the garlic but enjoy the cool refreshing stations that are set up too. we'll be back you, jeff.
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this is a great day here at nbc bay area. we're making sure that kids in need start the upcoming school year with pencils, the backpacks and the stuff that a lot of families can't afford. >> it adds up, doesn't it? >> it does. >> we're here to help. chris chmura joins us with the supporting our schools backpack drive. this is one of our favorite events because it helps so many kids in the bay area. >> absolutely. another favorite part is if you donate it, you can get a free jam ba juice and free slice of pizza. we want to run out of these coupons for the pizza and the coupon for the jamba juice. let's get rid of all of the need isnd 48 fernandez over there. you can say hi. she's hpi wh jake.
6:27 pm
ho show far along goal is to ra backpacks. we're doing well but would love the community to come out and support. we look forward to hit that goal and exceed it. there's 350,000 kids here in the bay area, the greater bay area that need help and support through our programs. i would love for everyone to come out. >> we echo that. you're not done with me. at 6:45, we'll show you how we got royalty involved with the backpack drive. that's around 6:45. back to you. >> royalty? >> wow. >> we'll be here at 6:45. >> thanks, chris. >> don't worry. you can go out there or help each if you can't make it to the event, we can build a virtual backpack online. you pick all the stuff you like and the backpacks. go to of course, we'll check back with chris later in the newscast. find out who that royalty is that showed up. >> up next at 6:30, sound the
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alarm for a missing pet. not a cat or dog. we'll help crack the case. the democrats dilemma. what happens now? the party waiting the process for impeaching the president. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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the brewpub chicken new hwith grilled chicken,. crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? right now at 6:, what after special counsel robert mueller's testimony, they're considering a new
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strategy to impeach the president. democrats are turning gns the court in hopes of getting the evidence they believe allows them to impeach president trump. >> that move cops as congress delivers a dam inning new report with details just how far russia went to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. the response to that report has varied. as you might imagine, depending which party you ask. craig boswell reports from capitol hill. >> democrats on the house judiciary committee have crossed a threshold today. they filed a petion to jury evi6 election. >> the committee is exercise its authority to investigate all these scandals and to recommend and decide what do about them, which could include articles of impeachment. >> house speaker nancy pelosi dealing with a growing number of democrats calling for impeachment proceedings says she'll make the decision. >> she wants to keep what -- we
6:32 pm
need to proceed. not one day sooner. >> to get documents and force the testimony from other witnesses, including former white house counsel don mcgahn. the white house slamming the democrats. >> i don't see in the polling respectfully or anybody's polling here that top of the list is impeachment. there's no public appetite for that. >> all of this two days after robert mueller's testimony on the president's conduct and russian election meddling. >> expect going into the next campaign. >> the election systems in all 50 states were targeted by russia in 2016 and cyber security at the state and local level was sorely lacking. >> in the mueller report and now this new report yesterday, it's a playbook for other actors who want to mess around with the integrity of the american electoral system. >> the report found states should remain in charge of elections and recommended paperbackups for voting machines. craig boswell, nbc news, washington. the man who spebt the most
6:33 pm
money and the most time tried to impeach president trump isn't a lawmaker. he's a presidential candidate. billionaire businessman tom steyer is starting to ramp up his campaign for presidency. last year, he used millions of dollars of his own money to pay for ads calling for the president's impeachment. >> as the democratic party, as a whole, wrings its hands over impeachment, one guy has been consistent on the issue. is there a lean for him to become the impeachment candidate? steyer says candidacy for presidency earlier this month. he has an uphill battle jumping into the race pretty late. you can watch him with chuck todd on sunday at 8:00 a.m. president trump is calling it a victory in his fight to change asylum laws. claiming that an agreement was signed with guatemala, putting coyotes and smugglers out of
6:34 pm
busissgreement would require central american immigrants to apply for asylum in guatemala before they attempt to apply at the u.s. border. the u.s. and guatemala have been negotiating the issue for months. the president threatened tariffs on guatemala if to agreement was reached. he'll give special consideration to so-called, h 1 b visas for migrant workers from guatemala. president trump making headlines in sweden after lashing out on twitter over the arrest of an american rapper. new york native, asap rocky is headed to trial in sweden. he's been charged with assault connected to social media. mr. trump blasted sweden's prime minister on twitter for failing to intervene. the president also said he would personally vouch for the rapper's bond. people who live in stockholm aren't very impressed. >> doesn't surprise me at all. it's like typical trump comment. >> it's typical of him, i would
6:35 pm
say. >> swedish court documents include photos of an alleged victim's injuries and video showing the rapper throwing the man to the ground. asap rocky said he acted in self-defense. 16 u.s. marines in camp pendleton in san diego are under arrest accused of drug charges and human smuggling. it's part of an ongoing crimina after two marines were charged with transporting undocumented aliens for financial gain. investigators say the marines agreed to move three mexican citizens over the border for 8 grand. >> if they are, in fact, found guiltyeld appropriately accountable for that. >> in aarine corps says it's committed to justice and the rule of law and will continue to fully cooperate with that investigation. new at 6:00, he tried to run but fell a little short. police arrested a man who tried to escape after burglarizing a home in mountain view.
6:36 pm
it happened overnight. the suspected thief, this guy. carl carlos privada. the homeowners weren't home but security cameras alerted them of the intruder. when officers entered the home, the suspects began running but they caught them. this is the question they're asking. who took the tose fmont woman b her beloved pet was snatched outside of the home in the middle of the day. yep. >> now she's hoping surveillance video and a little word-of-mouth helps to crack the case. here's more from fremont. she r brought them home, she insists they fit in the palm of her hands. >> had them since they were babies. they're 13 years old. >> 13 years later and her tortoises from africa have become much more than just pets. >> the tortoises are family. i just want them to come home. >> yesterday at 3:30 in the aften, side
6:37 pm
gate at her home in fremont blew open and both tortoises, jack and sham, walked right out of the backyard. in fact, you see them there on her home security video. sham is in front and makes it down to the street. >> a truck comes by and stopped for a very long time. out of view of camera. we could tell-all the cars were backed up behind him. no one was going anywhere. then he turned around and went back the other direction. no more tortoise. >> you don't actually see anyone take sham on video. but she thinks the white pickup truck is involved. >> would you have to have a truck. >> a good samaritan let know that jack was in front of the house. she got him back. both have dog tags and microchips with her information. she's hoping someone will call fremont police if they find sham or see him listed for sale on websites like e-bay or craigslist. cassie hasn't called police just yet.
6:38 pm
she wants to check with neighbors to see if they saw anything else before calling the authorities. anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> free sham. bring it back. still to come, maybe he had the munchies, not uncommon to see bears targeting trash cans. this raid is a little unusual, even by bear standards. that's next.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
berkeley preparing for a wildfire by staging evacuation drills. there's a map where the drills will take place next month. city leaders, firefighters and volunteers will run these drills. the goal pretty simple. to help people to practice the routes they'd use to get out of town if their neighborhood was on fire. the drills are scheduled for august 4th, 11th and 25th. if you want to register to be part of them, go to our website, okay. nothing scarier than trying to wake up your kid for school the day after halloween. what if halloween was always on the weekend?
6:41 pm
a petition going around to change the date to the last saturday of the month of october. organizers of the halloween and costume association say it's time for safer, longer stress-free celebration. it has over 80,000 signatures and growing. if it reaches 100,000, it will be sent to the white house. not sure we've seen this. take a look at the scene in a pot dispensary in colorado. the problem for the bear that entered the grar garbage area. couldn't get the dumpster open. it must be tuesday, trash day. >> take the dumpster with you. >> take it with you. >> state wildlife -- they say the bear came up empty handed at least this time. >> he has the dumpster. not completely empty handed. took it with him. >> that takes a lot of maneuvering. think of how heavy it is. >> got it through the doors really well. he slid it. >> very smart bear. >> impressed.
6:42 pm
>> we thought rats rats were smart. >> bears are pretty cool. >> what do you have for us? >> a lot happening, microclimate in full effect right now. we have a heat advisory in place for the inland valleys. fog and drizzle in san francisco. so you'll need the wipers tonight. wanted to alert you about that. we'll talk more about the 100s in a few minutes. you get a backpack and p penci pencils. you might take these for granted. for some families, these are tough to come by. we'll show you how you can help support the schools. next. ed. it's going ok? ed. great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. uildur own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪
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thousands of pencils, stuffing backpacks for kids in need. it's a great event. >> all this weekend we're supporting the backpack drive. our chris chmura is there with the backpacking team. we're talking a major team. >> take it away, chris. >> reporter: yes. we've been out here since 10:00 this morning. we've got one of these big bins loaded stuff full of backpacks that were donated today alone. thank you bay area for stepping
6:45 pm
up. i hope it was the goodness of your heart, not the free pizza and the free jamba juice that got you out of here today. no matter how or why, thank you for donating. so many backpacks to kids in need. this is not the first time we've done this. we were out earlier this week, over the weekend in fact in the east bay with some royalty. your kids might recognize. >> sin e. cinderella is no longer here with>> make believe >> a piet owe. >> countless bubbles apartment the chevron family theater festival this past saturday. fairytales took shape with storybook songs. sounds and crowns. one booth set up shop. >> pencils. >> more common. >> folders. >> yet vital. >> erasererasers. >> family giving tree pulled a page from reality. >> encouraging people to donate. >> volunteers asks the
6:46 pm
princesses and princes and parents and grandparents to think about the bay area's battles to make ends meet. >> it's so much harder to live mere. >> many kids won't have supplies when classes start. lots of people filled book bags for them. >> it felt good. these backpacks are for cambridge elementary in concord. 97% are part of low-income families. that's 500 kids who likely need help. >> there are schools like this all around the bay area. we feel fortunate to be able to help this one today. >> the little ones were especially aware that having the right tools to learn is important. >> really important. not having them sets their classmates back. >> you can't write anything down on anything. >> kids helping kids have a school year that begins and ends happily ever after. >> feels good. >> reporter: we are wrapping up here in mountain view.
6:47 pm
it's not too late to donate. go online to our website, you can donate there. build a virtual backpack or just make a cash contribution. we hope you will. back to you. >> princess belle, elsa from frozen. you did have royalty. >> it's a good ek yo chris. >> rep deserted on an island, these are the kid you want with you. this is video from minnesota. these two boys wrestle and catch a monster fish. the most impressive part. the kids caught the sturgeon using a rope and their bare hand. >> that thing ishe. the boys took p pictures before releasing the fish into the creek. it caught the attention of state workers who now hope to find the fish and move it to deeper water. >> that's a big deal. >> get together with the bear. they're invincible. that's a big fish.
6:48 pm
>> that's a story to tell for years. >> the big sturgeon. >> i know. exactly. be hard to stop as you get older. >> we've got the video for them. take us outside. weave got hot weather. really dangerous heat through saturday and sunday. the microclimate you on top of the weather so you're ahead of the game. any time we get to a microclimate weather alert, it getsy. i know a lot of you are saying, jeff, we know this stuff. it's common sense here. as that heat sneaks up on us, you might forget it. wa t frequent breaks. that's a good way to stay cool, cool towel on your neck. car danger. the windows are rolled up and the doors are locked. you want to be careful and remember everything everybody in the car. don't forget the pets as well. so the only way to really describe this heat, i think, the best.
6:49 pm
it's like the oven stet set on broil. the hottest temperature you can do and leaving the door open. the closer to the oven, the more you feel the heat. that's what high pressure is doing. high pressure is that hot oven. the closer you are to it, the more heat you're going to feel and that means the areas across the inland east bay and south bay will be near that heat. that's why we have 100s expected here. all of these areas i orange are unr gilroy. we went over the heat tips. generally expect 95 to 105-degree temperatures in this orange zone here. i've posted it on twitter. if you want a closer look at that. how about the temperatures? how do we shape up for tomorrow morning? it's a wide mix. get ready for temperatures. close to the coastline, it's going to be cooler. 64. the inland tri-valley. start off with a mild 70. notice the east bay. i have you between 60 to 70 degrees. closer to the bay near oakland,
6:50 pm
near 60. in the inland valleys, concord, antioch, pittsburg, brentwood, chance here of a little bit of drizzle and 58. pass through the day tomorrow, the noon hour, i think we're in for a 10 to 15-degree heat up. it's going to be noticeable. it's one. days where you get close to the door, you start to feel the heat. you open the door up and head back especially down here to morgan hill at 100. san jose, 94. a lot of you hds. you like the heat during that festival. make sure you stay hydrated early on, by 11:00 in the morning, you're up to 83 degrees already. low 100s for the afternoon. the east bay, i have the hottest widespread heat. 104 in antioch. 102 in concord. 103 in danville. peninsula, well, you got 87 in redwood city. half moon bay for -- 79 in the
6:51 pm
mission. more off to the north. 97 in napa. my extended forecast has great news for you in san francisco. we're dropping down to the 60s moving into next week. for the inland valleys, 100s this weekend. then we're down to the 80s as we move into next week's forecast. a two-day event. then we're looking all good across the bay area. next week looks freezing compared to the weekend. >> pretty muchment. >> up next, the heat cannot stop the 49ers and raiders kicking off training camp. unique storylines. we'll share them with you. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so...
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are you ready for football. 49ers and raiders back in business. that means -- >> are you excited? >> all 49er fans are excited. the quarterback is ready and healthy. the storyline in the first round draft pick, nick bosa. >> he has to do everything except rush the passer. rushing the passer is something he's done his whole life. he's got to get back into practice and get used to nfl linemen. i really don't consider him behind. first round pick out of ohio state. he'll be ready. there is jimmy g after the news conference, he was cleared to
6:55 pm
participate in full training camp activity. but the team says it's not clea healthy going into the season. >> raiders kicking off their training camp and star player came in with a lot of hot air. >> raider nation, i'm here. time to get to work, baby. >> i don't think -- >> that's an entrance. >> we have neveree balloon. yes, that's the new star, wide receiver antonio brown. he's coming into the napa valley in that hot air balloon. that's how the raiders do it this season. under jon gruden. >> impressive sgriefrmts at 11:00 tonight, bracing for a super hot weekend. coming up, neighborhoods without power since wednesday and how they're coping in the midst of this heat. we'll have that for you tonight at 11:00. that does it for us. we talked about the weather going into the weekend.
6:56 pm
the hot air balloon has to be really hot for that raiders player. >> hot air balloons depend on cooler air loft. the hot air balloon thing. we'll check that out. >> good sicientific knowledge. cooler next week. that's the point. thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great friday night. monday on california live, confessions of a serial dater. >> amber wakes us all up. monday morning at nbc bay area.
6:57 pm
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. ♪ extra, extra now on "extra" - fights, ep is ratings gold at "the view." >> you know what, i'm done actually. >> i'm not done. >> today meghan's mccain's new interviewing revealing she is booed by the studio audience and her one big regret. plus, coast host sunny hostin giving "extra" the latest on the on and off camera drama.
7:00 pm
new photos, date night for sandra bullock and her boyfriend. how they're going strong four years in. >> "extra." "the bachelorette" finale days away. three guys left, hannah a runaway bride-to-be? >> i can't do this. >> our finale forecast stars jordan and jojo. >> juicy and drama. >> which means it is good. hours


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