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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 29, 2019 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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. everybody running and screaming. >> somebody running get down, everybody run. get down go, go. >> we all started running. >> had his whole life to live. he was only 6. >> just a horrible thing to experience >> we have some witnesses reporting there may have been a second suspect and we don't know if that suspect was engaged in any shooting heartbreak and horror in california three are killed, a 6-year-old among the victims after a gunman opened fire at a food festival we're live at the scene of the crime where investigators are looking for a possible second suspect at this hour "early today" starts right now
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good monday morning, i'm frances rivera. >> i'm philip mena chaos erupted at one of the country's largest food festivals in gilroy, california. three victims confirmed dead and a suspected gunman was killed by police a 6-year-old boy, steven ramiro, has been identified as one of the victims. >> i lost my son nothing i could do besides try to be with him until i could put him in his -- his resting spot, wherever that is >> nbc's molly hunter joins us live from gilroy what more do we know about this investigation thus far >> >> good morning. we're in front of the police station. what we heard from the police last night is that they were trying to find a motive. they were not identifying the shooter yet and what we heard from that police chief is that
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they're looking possibly for a second suspect not necessarily a second shooter, but possibly a supporter, accomplice. take a listen to what the police chief said last night. >> we have one suspect we know that is down we have some witnesses reporting that there may have been a second suspect, but we don't know if that suspect was engaged in any shooter or whether they may have been in some sort of support role for the person we have accounted for >> now, witnesses described total chaos as soon as the shooting started they describe a shooter wearing a tactical vest and camouflage pants and a shirt and shooting at random. he was shooting randomly left and right. you mentioned one of the most food festivals in the country. the 40th anniversary of the garlic festival. the shooter entered the festival
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using a fence. everybody else had to go through a bag which ec the shooter started shooting around 5:41 and police took him down and took him down a minute and a half which means, you guys, he shot all of those people within such a short amount of time you mentioned that three people dead, including a 6-year-old 11 other people have gunshot wounds and four or five others were either trampled or hurt or wondered in the mayhem that followed >> such a tragic situation in california, molly, thank you. another week, another shakeup at the white house dan coats is stepping down in august following a rocky relationship with president trump throughout his tenure. the president will also announce that he will nominate john radcliffe to replace coats >> reporter: dan coats oversees 17 different intelligence agencies but his tenure was
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often at odds with president trump over issues with issues like white house and north korea. >> vladimir putin is coming come to the white house in the fall >> say this again. >> vladimir putin coming to the white house -- >> did i hear you? >> yeah. >> okay. >> that's going to be special. >> reporter: coats also -- >> north korea will seek to mape tain its wmd capabilities and unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities. >> reporter: the president announcing coats' replacement, john radcliffe >> donald trump is not above the law, but he shouldn't be below
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the law. >> reporter: doubling down on attacks against a baltimore congressman calling him racist but cummings getting support in his hometown saying this is a president that will debase himself. >> it has absolutely zero to to with race. >> reporter: frances, a little about john radclife united states attorney in eastern texas and he does sit on the house intelligence committee so he's familiar with the issue. but going in front of the senate intelligence committee tough questions during confirmation hearing. isturbing new details abou the italian teen accused of killing a police officer they are accused of stabbing an
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officer to death in an alleged drug deal gone wrong joining us now claudia disturbing images of one of the suspects blindfolded what more can you tell us about that >> good morning, philip. yes, definitely that picture came out and shows one of the two teens accused stabbing to death one of the policemen here in france last week. presumably on the night of the arrest last thursday that caused an outrage in the united states and in italy where it is against his human rights that is why there was an investigation launched right away and the police officer who is responsible to have blindfolded him immediately identified and transferred to another role and another police station. but this picture also divided the leaders. many politicians, of course, condemned as an acceptable the
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treatment. but at the same time, one of the government leader, the government leader we're talking about the interior of minister considered the leader of this country warned against the victimization saying there was one victim in this story and it was the policeman who was stabbed to death last week here. >> claudio, thank you. canadian police have expanded the manhunt for two teenagers who police say murdered three people the army and air force joined the search and they are believed to be hiding in the small town near gilham. door to door clearing hundreds of homes >> we are activating all necessary resources to protect the public. >> reporter: the targets teens cam mccloud and brier who police say may be hiding in the woods
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near in the small town of gillham. an area for flies, mosquitos and even polar bears >> this is very challenging terrain. this is a large area, lots of dense bush, forest, swampy areas. >> reporter: the childhood friends wanted for murder last seen in this surveillance video. the pair taking their time to casually walk through a hardware store captured a week murdered d and adventurous soul as her family called for justice. >> i have absolutely nothing to lose and they're anything. >> reporter: police say deese was on a road trip with hed whed shot outside their van the two suspects are still o ch.
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the unrest in hong kong is showing no signs of slowing down as protesters took to the streets for the eighth weekend in a row it started peacefully and took a turn when tens of thousands of demonstrators started clogging up major roadways. in a press conference overnight, officials in beijing condemned the violent protests saying th hong kong's image. a spectacular show from mother nature. mt. lava two airports were forced to close briefly. it can burst into action several times a year b any damage. parts of the midwest are on high alert after severe weather after reports of a tornado
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touched down just outside of the twin cities. no serious injuries reported let's check now with nbc bill karins with a look at the alaska wildfires >> the temperatures have been off the charts in areas like alaska and no surprise that the wildfire season has been very active up to this point along with the heat wave and dry conditions alaska all the way through northern canada. normal to have fires this time of year and we're having more of them and all part of the warming planet th be by oneecord. today not too bad. anchorage 68 degrees no 90 will feel refreshing
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in sacramento and yesterday was 104. that's a look at your monday forecast >> bill, thank you. the oakland a's newest player is only 8 years old austin was signed to the a's on saturday thanks to a make a wish foundation after a pres t in the locker room gifted austin with a itch during a columbiain the toe france a teenage gamer made $3 million off of fort nite that's next. gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand
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tour winner in 110 years, he's the first from colombia to claim victory. crisscrossing france he beat his teammate by one minute and 11 seconds. leading the news, former red dozens protesting his replacement vazquez. meanwhile vazquez admits she doesn't want the job she has does not want and his lt day in office is this friday he resigned following protests david ortiz has been released from a massachusetts hospital after seven weeks he underwent three surgeries after being shot in his native dominican republic they believe ortiz was not the intended target and the shooting
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was the case case of mistaken identity they will update on his health later this week. imagine going back to school after summer break saying you won $3 million playing video iends after winning the fortnite world cup the tournament was held at the sold out arthur ashe stadium the prize pool for this world cup set an esports record. a whopping $30 million were given out at this event. >> big question. are those going to be going to college funds for the kids trip adviser breaks down the best theme parks in the world. and the high life on the high speeds. how you can score your own apartment on a cruise ship
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welcome all of you to the new "tonight show. >> talk to me, kokomo. pick your word >> he smells so nice >> doesn't he? that's me. >> oh. >> on this day in 1957 the always witty jack parr took over as host of "tonight show." that first night he proved his conversational skills by chatting up the "today" show's pet chimp, kokomo. all eyes on the fed as the
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central bank considers its first interest rate cut in over a decade cnbc's steve sedgwick with that and your chance to live on a cruise ship. good morning, steve. >> yeah, we'll come to that one. that is really interesting he had the first time since 2008 a whole host of traders in the market who had never seen a rate cut. get one this week and the federal reserve due to get one are they going to give more clues about another one to come in september maybe the jobs figures on friday will give us a few morues about that, but good gdp numbers on friday. you know what a cruise is about. apparently this one is the world first sports fitness cruise lines. offering apartments. 40 apartments and i think we should all get one 2.4 to $3.4 billimillion in the
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mediterranean. trip adviser has named the top 25 amusement parks in the world. as you might suspect, orlando, florida, dominating the top five magic kingdom park number two, number three universal studios florida. shot out for number five apologies france for my accent it's a historical theme park breaking into the top five dominated by orlando theme parks. >> i never heard of that one in france >> me neither. >> thank you, steve. >> four out of the top five orlando getting it done on theme parks. not the best way to cool off this summer. how a driver wound up in a neighbor's pool. yiks she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b
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prime minister the issue hits news stands on friday. next time you head to the pool, make sure you get out of the car first. fire crews were called to a home in massachusetts to pull this car out of the water a 91-year-old driver lost control and drove into the pool. luckily the driver was not injured. we'll be right back.milk delicious. now, i've heard people say lactaid isn't real milk. ok, well, if it isn't real then, i guess those things over there can't actually be cows. must be some kind of really big dogs, then. sit! bad dog. if your mouth is made to amaze, let philips sonicare give its care a raise. get a months worth of manual brushing in just two minutes. philips sonicare, next-level clean, next-level care.
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there's always a way to make life better. philips sonicare. finally, an eggo thick and fluffy waffle all to myself, whoa. karen, karen you've got to try this. breakfast in bed? major. husband. points. would you l'eggo your eggo? giant redwoods of california could hold the key to combatting climate change nbc's anne thompson with more on how one farmer is using the ancient trees to build a better future >> reporter: here in nature's cathedral, a ray of hope to combat climate change that's
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only found by going up and up. jake, why come all the way up here to get it >> we access the top of the trees to get the best that we can for propagation. >> reporter: that's where arborist jake malark begins cloning these ancient trees. >> it's close to 1,000 years old. it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: amazing when you consider the decimation this northern california redwood forest has survived. from this vantage points, the forest looks lush and dense, but it's not what it once was or what some say should be. >> pretty much all of it was harvested in the last century, in the 20th century, by humans for use in houses and other commercial uses. >> reporter: but among the 5% left are what jake's father david calls champion trees >> every time i walk through an old growth redwood forest it never ceases to amaze me >> reporter: like, david speaks
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for these trees, touting their ability to absorb the gas fueling climate change >> they are sucking up and lifting out of the atmosphere ten times the co2 of normal trees. >> reporter: he takes the tree cuttings and clones them in this northern michigan warehouse. >> you are holding a 2,000-year-old redwood in your hand >> reporter: it doesn't look 2,000 years old. >> that's because we set the clock back you're holding a tree that started its life when christ walked the earth >> reporter: he clones oaks -- >> who wants to learn to make another black willow >> reporter: black willow, giant sequoias and redwoods and plant. >> the rebirth of climate change this tree could really help the future for our grandchildren around the world isn't it a beautiful thing >> reporter: spreading his gospel, sharing what he and jake see. do you ever just take a moment and look around and appreciate what this is >> yes, i do and very thankful and grateful >> reporter: for the practical and essential beauty of trees.
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anne thompson, nbc news, california >> that is incredible. >> it is really, really cool not a bad view on a day at the office there, too, from high above. >> yep itsc w zoo and gardens this past weekend. the ten week old penguins teaches them to swim, socialize with caretakers, and of course they learn how to eat whole fish >> that's nice wait until they go to apply for college now. what's next? >> graduate school, all that"fos
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been our annnual family reunion...and it is such a sad....that this happened." live pictures from gilroy on
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