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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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it's hard for he am to believe he was shot in the back by a grown man. >> difficult to hear that, especially for us with young boys and young sons at home. we want to thank alberto romero, stephen's dad and his family. condolences and blessings go out to that entire family. the second of the three victims, young girl by the name of keyla salazar, also from san jose, keyla was separated from her sister and her mother during the carnage and panic yesterday. her sister and mom ended up going to local hospitals and they did track down their 13-year-old daughter keyla, but she was dead. she lives in san jose and there were prayers for her as well.
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and the third victim, trevor irby, 25 years old, he was a recent graduate of a college in upstate new york. he was here in santa clara in gilroy visiting the garlic festival along were his girlfriend. she was not injured, but he, trevor irby, 25 years old, did not survive. that's the emotional part of it. there is sochi motion here, but there is also an active investigation going on as we speak. the fbi director here in charge telling me earlier tonight that they continue to search for a possible second suspect in this case. as for the primary suspect, the gunman who is now is a dual state investigation now. a investigation here in california and in nevada. we'll show you some video of spel ts and sheriff's deputies in mineral county, nevada. this is about 75 miles southeast of reno. very rural. in fact, just a couple hundred people live in the small town. they searched what they believe is where the gunman might have been living most recently.
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as for where that gunman grew up, well, right here in gilroy. 19-year-old santino legan, he lives two miles from the garlic festival grounds. we know he broke in through the fence and went on his rampage. an account deleted under his name, he recommended a book racist manifesto popular with white supremacists. he wrote on the instagram he was critical of overcrowding in the south bay with what he described as silicon valley whites and people of mixed race. he identifies himself on instagram as italian and iranian. there is a lot to uncover not juingst to forward several days. among the people that were at the vigil with all of us tonight were some of the other victims who did survive. for that let's bring in nbc bay area cheryl hurd who joins us right here in gilroy. cheryl. >> reporter: raj, as you know, people came here tonight to be with one another. there was a lot of crying and a lot of hugging and there were also stories of survival.
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♪ i remember you when i feel ♪ >> reporter: at tonight's candle light memorial, emotions filling the air as hundreds of people came to remember three people killed in the gilroy mass shooting. >> a 6-year-old boy who should be splashing in sprinklers. a 13-year-old girl who should be experiencing her first crush. a young man in his 20s beginning his career. >> reporter: lives lost and a crowd full of stories of survival. like stories from becky valdez who was at the garlic festival and helped rescue a 5-year-old girl. >> i'll never forget her face and i'll never forget the fear of her crying for her mom. holding their pretty deep marks. >> reporter: especially justin bates's mother. >> i saw him cock his gun and
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fire the first bullet. >> reporter: he says he stared the suspected gunman in the face and was shot several times as he helped pull his best friend's girlfriend to safety. >> my heart is grieving for the families that lost loved ones. i can't imagine what they're going through. i'm happy my family is not going through that. >> i want to be here for the three victims and let their families know that they're in my prayers. >> reporter: for 41 years the gilroy garlic festival has put this city on the map and raised millions of dollars for charity. tonight there has been some talk of cancelling this event, but the people i talk to tonight say it's way too soon to talk about that. reporting live in gilroy, i'm share hurd, nbc bay area news.c. those are conversations for later, not tonight. we also have with us nbc bay area's roz plater. she joins us about 40 miles north in san jose at valley med, that level one trauma center that saw so many patients that were rushed to that hospital
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last night. ros. >> reporter: indeed, we're talking about a husband and wife who remain here in intensive care tonight. the husband had been shot three times. tonight their family says they wanted to tell their story and express gratitude to those who helped save them. from sky ranger, you can see the area where the honey ladies company set up their booth. behind it is where christine first spotted the gunman climbing over a fence. >> the first thing she did was run and confront him. she got right up within 10 feet of him. she told him a few choice words and said, you are not going to do this here. this is not going to happen. he then shot her. >> reporter: she said her brother-in-law came running and the gunman shot him, too. >> she said he walked up to her and her husband and stood above them and asked them, are you okay in a calm voice. >> reporter: she says the couple played dead fearing he would try to finish them off. then the suspected shooter's gun
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jammed. >> he then dropped the gun magazine right next to her head and loaded another and just opened fire on -- towards her booth and everywhere. >> reporter: the granddaughter of one of the workers likely saved the life of the couple's 3-year-old son. >> thank god for that little 10-year-old girl who saw him running for his mom and dad on the ground and snatched him up and put him under the table with her and laid on top of him to shield him. that was the bravest thing i've ever heard. >> reporter: with the couple down, a friend tried desperately to stop their bleeding until paramedics arrived. >> i pulled my shirt off and tied it as a tuourniquet on his upper thigh. >> we are grateful foll had multiple surgeries, face many more and a long recovery. friends and family have set up a gofundme account to help.
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in san jose, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> roz, thank you. we are learning the hard way these mass shootdings can happen anywhere at any time, even in our own backyard. we are going to rejoin you in just a few minutes. for now we'll send it back to you, jessica. we'll tell you where you can pick up those gilroy strong t-shirts. we'll tell you about local restaurateurs who are feeding the first responders who continue to work throughout the night. jessica, we'll see you in a few minutes. >> so hard to hear the pain in those people's voices. thank you, raj. several people wounded in the shooting have been released from the hospital. that's good news. tonight seven people are in the hospital. one person that was in critical condition has been upgraded to serious condition. that patient along with four others are being treated at valley medical center. two others are getting treatment at stanford. now, governor newsome visited the shooting victims at santa clara medical. along with this girl, 12-year-old, got separated from her family when the gunshots rang out.
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the governor expressed his sadness and frustration over what happened in gilroy and what he says is happening in the country. governor newsome urging the white house to push for tougher gun laws. we have the gunshot where the shooter purchased the rifle. the home is located in fallon, nevada. it's called big mike's gun dealer. it's an ak-style weapon and it was purchased for $700. while the shooter did legally buy that gun in nevada, that assault rifle is illegal here in california. the owner of the gun store, big mike, posted an apology on facebook. he said he's heartbroken. and then he went on to explain saying, quote, i did not know that this individual who ordered the rifle off my internet page. when i did see him, he was happy, acting and showed no reason for concern. the story is developing by the minute as you can see. stay with us for updates on air and online at we promise you to have more on
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today in the bay at 4:30, and again on the today show, which begins at 7:00 in the morning. we're back in 60 seconds with a stunning story making headlines around the world. details on two bay area teens arrested for allegedly killing an italian police officer. and are you one of them? the latest data breach impacting more than 100 million customers. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the fog, it's continuing to cool our temperatures right now. we'll show you how widespread that fog will be for tomorrow morning coming up in about 7 minutes.
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more than 24 hours after that mass shooting, the city of gilroy grappling with those killings as neighbors bond together to offer each other some sort of support. we go back to raj which joins us from downtown gilroy. and, raj, it really is in these moments that we see so much humanity.
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>> we do. and just when things get so heavy and so emotional, whether you're a journalist, community member or politician, whoever you are here watching or on-site, there are times when you just want to break down in tears. there are also amazing times when you just want to hug someone. we met two gentlemen tonight who are doing what they can, asking no money. they are getting their friends and family to help them. they're local restaurateurs and they are literally feeding all the first responders and the volunteers who are still on-site. take a look. the first one, kris sid, he owns evo prep meals in downtown gilroy. it's also a restaurant. he's packing up all these salads. in fact, he packed up 150 meals just today and late last night to feed the first responders and volunteers. he's going to be doing the same thing tomorrow. across town in goilroy, the locl straw hat pizza, the local owner there lives in the east bay and hayward, but he came down here to check in on his store. he started baking all sorts of pies with his friends and family.
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again, distributing those pizzas, the straw hat pizzas in gilroy to all the first responders. they both just want to help. >> i was sleeping in bed and i couldn't, you know, sit there and not do anything. i understand we can't go out there and hetch olp out and ass so i do my part. got to feed the guys who are actually, you know, helping us out. >> i think i speak on behalf of everyone helping tonight, thank you to them for feeding the volunteers and first responders. here's one of the powerful things we're seeing in gilroy, #gilroy strong. they're selling these t-shirts, they are printing them overnight. they're going to be selling them tomorrow right here in downtown gilroy. we're at the location, wind mere real estate. they'll be selling it at wendemere real estate. gilroy strong, all the proceeds going to the victims fund. there are t-shirts and hats.
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make you proud to be here from gilroy and the bay area. jessica, that's going to do it for tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. >> the new mantra for all of us in the bay area. thank you, raj. our coverage of the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival continues online. there we posted images and stories from last night. all you need to do is head to now to a developing story, a shooting inside an east bay restaurant, it happened just before 6:00 inside the popeyes off hillcrest avenue and lone tree way. officers arrived, they found a popeyes employee shot. witnesses say the shooter was a fellow employee. victim air lifted to a nearby hospital. officers arresting the suspect -- suspected shooter at his home. well, we have new information tonight in the case of those two young men from marin being held in rome, italy, for the killing of an italian police officer. the mill valley police chief says neither of them had any run-ins with the law as adults. tonight international media, though, is arriving in the bay area to find out more about those teenagers.
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nbc bay area's terri mcsweeney joins us live at the mill valley police department with what we know. terri. >> reporter: police chief also telling us tonight that he cannot comment on anybody's juvenile arrest record or to even say if they have such a record. but get this, a short time ago i'm over at tam high where the two suspects graduated last year, i run into a man, a journalist from italy working for a newspaper on this case which itself made headlines last weekend. journali journali journalist giseppe ar > i would like to newspaper which published this >> reporter: he works for the picture which has not been independently verified by nbc news, showing american 18-year-old gabriel natale hjorth blind folded in custody. it's causing outrage in italy.
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>> everybody has the right to be treated fair, so that was totally unacceptable. all the italian people are thinking in this way. >> reporter: natale hjorth graduated from mill valley's tamme high last year. police say the two got into a fight with planed clothes officers over a drug deal gone bad. elder stabbed an officer 11 stiemz. mill valley police chief would only say this. >> we have no contact with either of these gentlemen as adults. and as you well know, i can't comment on whether there are any juvenile contacts whatsoever. >> reporter: mourners gathered in the streets of rome today to say good-bye to 35-year-oldolic, nbc bay area news. >> new at 11:00 tonight, capital one says data on more than 100 million customers has been exposed when exposed by a hacker. it says the hacker stole personal information from credit card applications dating all the way back to 2005. capital one says it will notify
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impacted customers. so if you're one of them, expect a call or a notification. they will also be offered some credit card monitoring. at least one person, though, has been arrested for the theft. san francisco's mayor just picked the site of the next homeless center. she wants it to be in the bay view district. the city's first planned safe navigation center is still working its way through the koertsz. that's on the embarcadero. that one triggered a backlash from neighbors that filed a lawsuit. as for the bay view district, that would feature 200 beds and a community space. mayor london breed has ple dmel year. all right. let's bring i meteorologist jeff ranieri, and boy, did we see a change from 100 over the weekend, to maybe what, 80s? >> upper 70s even in a few spots. down 20, 25 degrees cooler so that made it a lot easier today. the good news, we're going to see weather like this continue in the next couple of days. then eventually we do have another warm up moving on in. let's take you to the micro
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other climate forecast. let's start with the weather headline, all about the milder system developing off the north. the key thing this has done is taken all of that hot air from this weekend and pushed it well off to the east. so we can say good-bye to that heat and we'll be left with some morning fog and then some sun for the afternoon. so overall i think some comfortable weather trends, especially as we move into tomorrow. so let's get you ready for tuesday. we'll see that fog back in the peninsula, 59.cover. but certainly the most widespread fog chances here would be acros the east bay. san francisco in the north bay with these chilly 50s. so once we get over the morning i think we have sunshine coming our way through the afternoon and temperatures that aren't going to be too hot. in fact, a few numbers here actually below average as we move into the afternoon. 77 in cupertino. 79 right there in downtown san jose. after low 100s in east bay, we're back down to 82 in concord. 80 in livermore. back by the bay even feeling a
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little chilly in oakland at 67. the peninsula 78 in palo alto. you head up to the northern part of the peninsula, and we're down to a chilly 63. it's going to be a lot colder here in san francisco than you have seen lately as well, and that's just because of that colder ocean breeze out of the west at 21 miles per hour, widespread 60s froe marina right down to the ingles side and more off to the north. heavy at 81 in santa rosa, 79 in sonoma and 76 in mill valley. my extended forecast in san francisco pretty simple here. morning fog, afternoon sunshine, 60s as we head through the next seven days. warms up a little as we move into the weekend. inland valleys right now, i have you staying in the 80s all the way through friday. so that's the good part. this weekend it heats up but not too hot right now. low 90s saturday and sunday and into next monday. so got you ready for that bay area forecast, but i want to get you ready for doing any traveling. maybe you're going to hawaii.
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we have two tropical systems. erica is a hurricane right now. should move south of hawaii this week. it's tropical storm flossy we're keeping an eye on. once we hit sunday, monday and tuesday, this could actually have direct hawaii impact so start thinking about that if you have vacation in hawaii early next week. we'll have updates as we learn more about those storms. >> that would have to mean adjustments to travel plans. >> right. >> thank you, jeff. up next, not so on a plane that happening now, virtually every upcoming berry event is reexamining its plans. the fremont festival is taking place. they are contacted the police to discuss whether they should be making changes. if you want more details on how they plan to make the festival safer, visit we're back with more in a moment.
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okay. tsa members come across a
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variety of bizarre things people try to bring on the plane. but this is a new one. a missile launcher. a military member tried bringing it from kuwait as a souvenir. yeah, i'll take this with me. agents gave it to the fire marshal to allow for safe disposal and allow the passenger to make the flight. it was not a live device as you imagine. siri, are you eavesdropping? a a new report says yes, she is. huni with apple voice's siri. apple crarecordings are anonymous. your phone settings. being another startling study shows how hard it is for new home buyers to actually crack the bay area market. home prieszs in the bay area have been climbing four times faster than local income. clever real estate says a typical family needs to nearly earn nine times the average household income to actually be able to buy a house.
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that's the nation's highest ratio. in comparison, in the 1960s buyers paid about twice the annual median income to buy a house. now it's nine times. well, stan standing in soli outh bay, the 49ers honored the victims of the gilroy festival. that's coming up next.
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well, 49ers training camp began with a very somber
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powerful moment. gm john lynch led the team along with fans in a moment of silence for the shooting victims. as you can see, a lot of the players went down on their knees. others just bowed their head in silence for 30 seconds. lynch says the 49ers wanted to send a message to the south bay community saying that they really did have the community's back. okay, let's try to turn to a lighter story today. red hot giants taking little break from the diamond, no game today. that didn't stop the players, though, from building on their team chemistry. giants had a theme for the flight to philadelphia. every player dressed up as pablo sandoval. check it out there. that meant loud clothes, some big jewelry, big glasses. you can see the panda in the middle smiling and enjoying the whole thing. he had a white button down shirt, some gold chains. he said it was cool to share the flight with 24 other pandas. very cute. we're back with more in a moment. here's one you guys will like.
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we want to share a final update with you before we go. it has been 30 long difficult hours now since that gunman opened fire on the gilroy garlic festival and the people that were there. the community, as you can imagine, is in deep mourning.
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many of them came to find some solace at a vigil at city hall. others leaning on their faith. hundreds of people packing saint mary's church to go there to pray for the victims, to pray for their city. as for why the gunman would do this, we still have no answers tonight. earlier in the evening, this evening, investigators searched the suspect's car. tomorrow gilroy police chief is expected to hold another news conference. that police chief really showing the leader of his community, coming out and talking to all of the community and really giving us all the details of what's happening tonight. a leader in his community for sure. of course, we'll have that news conference and we're going to continue to bring you latest on air and online. a couple difficult days ahead. >> so hard to comprehend everything everybody is going through now. >> that's going to do it for us this evening. the next newscast is today in the bay. that starts at 4:30 in the morning.
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